Democracy and Deception - Our cities, states and nation are poor in spirit. All else that is wrong necessarily follows. All but the most unredeemable two-party junkies know that our families and homes are now the only remaining bulwark against tyranny. All else, for now, is lost. Since the tide of democracy has swallowed freedom, it has become all important for us to understand the plague that besieges us.

Democracy and Deception


Our cities, states and nation are poor in spirit. All else that is wrong necessarily follows. All but the most unredeemable two-party junkies know that our families and homes are now the only remaining bulwark against tyranny. All else, for now, is lost. Since the tide of democracy has swallowed freedom, it has become all important for us to understand the plague that besieges us. The great deception is that democracy equals freedom.
This deception is unveiled in the vast and growing legal armies: bureaucrats, administrators, clerks, lawyers, legislators and judges. We no longer have a just judiciary but a swarm of black-robed priests sworn to administer the dark, collectivist designs of esoteric political orders. Their task is to keep a lid on genuine political debate by maintaining the facade of an integrated society. Theirs is “the great experiment” that never ends. Don’t you squirm when they speak of our nation as an “experiment?” The Founding Fathers ordained a perpetual order of security for their posterity, not some “experiment” to be tweaked by Pharisaic lawyer-legislators and Marxist social “scientists.” No longer do we have informed, propertied, white male jurors but mad, multiculturalized masses. In the National Journal, Stuart Taylor, Jr. notes that the stunning O.J. Simpson acquittal “seems less aberrational now that President Clinton has soared to new heights of public approval in the face of convincing evidence.”1 The new standard is the total reversal of morality and justice. The sad fact is that the white race’s insistence on the existence of absolute truth is being used against us by alien races whose cultures hold that every “standard” is relative for self-serving purposes. Thus the origin of “social justice.” Taylor goes on to say:
The Simpson trial illustrated that our legal culture had become decadent The Clinton saga shows that the worst features of that legal culture have seeped into our popular and political cultures.
Taylor has it exactly backward. The debaucheries that long ago ripped our white, Christo-Western social fabric are now evident in striking daily examples. The troubles that have ensnared us are not reversible in a system that is no longer ours.
The Simpson trial verdicts have been repeated many times over in minority-dominated jurisdictions, from New York to D.C., from Miami to San Antonio, from Denver to Los Angeles. Consider that Professor Armando Navarro of the University of California at Riverside teaches his students that Mexicans must reconquer the American Southwest and rename it Aztlan. ‘We are in a state of war,” he says, and the Mexican-Latino/Latina-Chicano/Chicana Reconquistadoras will use any means necessary to achieve their ends.2 It is a strategy first proposed by black Islamic revolutionary Malcolm X and re-proposed by the notorious black film director and basketball aficionado, Spike Lee.
“By any means necessary” means temporary adoption of the English language and of certain commercial features of American society, such as professional sports, in order to increase the popular appeal of their cause. “By any means necessary” means turning the moral order on its head through the collectivist union of civil rights, sodomites and socialist activists. Ever notice how those particular groups are always allies for each other’s respective causes? We should be outraged. We must expose their revolutionary agenda, which is the destruction of the white race and all the spiritual and moral traditions motivating this destruction.
For this league of anti-white, anti-Western revolutionaries, participation in a society is a ruse for ultimately destroying it. Yet they continue to be welcomed by most Americans as merely more “democratic” voices in the “democratic” process. How could we have fallen so low? How is it that hard-working, well-intentioned, middle­ class Americans have let things get so far out of hand? The answer is that most Americans have voluntarily assented to the revolution-in the name of “democracy.” Vivian Gornick explains:
The time is roiling with democracy, everyone under the sun calling out, “Me too”. . . .Daily, we are all being formed and deformed, tracked and sidetracked, focused and deflected by a set of shared influences not one of us can escape, and not one of us can puzzle out very much better than can the man or woman standing beside us on the subway.3
In other words, most Americans have come to reject thinking and replace it with feeling. The most popular “feeling” of all is the acceptance or toleration of all others. We must be tolerant of all. Journalist Julia Duin calls them “Generation Oprah.” It is not that they cannot distinguish good from evil. It is that they call evil “good” and good “evil.” Democracy, like mass culture, gradually replaces local governments, as the masses come to rely on public largess and policy-by-force. The mass media, mass government, mass deception, mass culture and democracy were made
for each other. They perpetuate each other.
Mass ideology becomes the new mass religion of the deceived masses. If you have ever debated race with a conservative Republican, you already know this truth. In­ dependent thinking and belief is eliminated under an especially ironical, hypocritical, sickening veneer of diversity. Real Christians are ostracized as intolerant, when, in fact, the practitioners of mass culture and mass religion are the most intolerant people of all. They do not tolerate boun­daries of all types (spiritual, moral, political and national). Where do the revolutionaries get their agenda? How do they move forward with it if the effects of mass culture are so debilitating? Noam Chomsky, the intellectual Jew so of­ ten at odds with his tribesmen, wrote a book, On Power and Ideology (1987). Be careful of the people who toss around these favorite buzz words of revolutionaries. Chomsky’s definition of democracy is more correct than not. He states:
Democracy i n the United States rhetoric refers to a sys­tem of governance in which elite elements based in the business community control the state by virtue of their dominance of the private society, while the population observes quietly. So understood, democracy is a system of elite decision and public ratification, as in the United States itself. Correspondingly, popular involvement in the formation of public policy is considered a serious threat I t is not a step towards democracy, rather it constitutes a crisis of democracy that must be overcome.4
Americans readily and publicly accede to mass culture and democracy precisely because they think-wrongly- it is derived from American values and institutions. The elite propagandize in favor of global democracy and promote the presumed equality of all cultures, religions and peoples because it is good for business. For the globalists, commerce is king. Globalists give entrepreneurialism a bad name because of their unrestrained love of money.
Once instituted by mass manipulation and popular demand, democracy is revealed to be nothing more than veiled socialism, by which a nation loses self-government and becomes a highly regulated police state. The inevitable result is that social rot prevails, even as central governments pump confiscated wealth into redistributive social programs. The middle class is broken up and its members reduced to wage slaves of the megacorporate elite. Witness NAFTA and the exodus of the American manufacturing sector to Third World countries. Always remember that the basis for these programs is the presumed equality of all cultures, religions and peoples. Professor Francis Fukuyama of George Mason University says that our society is largely debauched because of “modern cultural relativism” and the idea that human behavior can be molded at will through government social programs.5 He adds:
The view that human nature is limitlessly plastic helped lead to the monstrosities of rationalistic social engineering attempted by Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot6
Modern, democratic legislation is nothing more than social engineering. It proceeds from the anti-biological, anti-scientific view that man is not who he is because of genetics but is shaped by his environment and helpful governmental experts. The only thing separating U.S. democracy from Soviet and Chinese versions is the degree of voluntariness. They all share an Oriental origin. Their underlying assumption is mass control, whether by despots or experts. The fear of genuine independence propelling all democracies is one and the same. Everyone is equal and all are equally afraid to freely live apart from some­ one else’s demands, commands, licenses and regulatory controls.
Multiculturalists such as Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, correctly claim that democracy is impossible with­ out forcing students to embrace pluralism and diverse cultural traditions and histories.
Shine a light on the deception of mass equality and it shrinks away like a fading shadow. In macrocosm, the in­ fusion of alien ideologies into white, Christo-Western culture has led to mass confusion about our identity and des­ tiny as a nation. There are literally thousands of anecdotal samples, but the following one is typical. Chapman University in California is a Christian church (Disciples of Christ) institution. It has, however, dedicated its new All Faiths Chapel to Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca (witchcraft) and American Indian spirituality. Three practicing witches were official guests at the groundbreaking.7 In The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington forecasts a return to ethnic and religious wars because of these problems. On a microcosmic level, our culture and nation are being destroyed from within by the public policy of globalists and multiculturalists accepted by the masses. Huntington warns:
The central issue for the West, is whether, quite apart from any external challenges, it is capable of stopping and reversing the internal processes of decay.
It is long past time that the finger is pointed at the real cause of internal decay, which did not exist until democracy triumphed with forced integration in all sectors of society. Today all we can do is try to rip the veil of deception away. Later, when we have recovered our strength, we may be able to take more positive, mind-rehabilitating steps.

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