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Paul Fromm is a tireless Free Speech Activist for Canada and has supported many free speech advocates when they were abused by the law.


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Paul Fromm earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English Language and Literature from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. He did post graduate work at Webster College in St. Louis, Missouri and Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He spent 25 years as an instructor in the Ontario, Canada public school system. He is the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression and a longtime advocate for free speech. He is widely traveled and lectures at events throughout the United States and Canada.

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Regina vs. Radical Press - Update Dec. 4, 2015


February 9, 2016 via email from Paul Fromm

Latest episode of The Martinez Perspective with guest Paul Fromm.

The Martinez Perspective (02/18/16): A Conversation with Paul Fromm

…Published on Feb 8, 2016

On this episode of the Martinez Perspective I am joined by Paul Fromm, a long-time free speech activist, White preservationist and director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression. We discussed Paul’s recent run-in with the “thought police” at the Toronto airport, who, on the orders of the most likely Zionist influence peddlers higher up in the Canadian government, harassed and finagled him in a clear act of state-sanctioned intimidation. Then we touched on some of the finer details of the Arthur Topham thought crime trial in BC, where Zionist hate mongers are seeking to send an elderly blogger to jail for publishing books that are already widely available online.


January 13, 2016

OCLA Intervenes in R v. Topham Constitutional Challenge to Sec. 319(2) of Criminal Code of Canada

Editor’s Note: It’s with a continuing sense of gratification and appreciation that I post the following letter by the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) sent out today, January 13th, 2016 in support of my Constitutional challenge to Sec. 319(2) of Canada’s Criminal Code

The OCLA has been the only civil liberties association at the forefront in Canada in their determined efforts to bring a sense of clarity, fairness, honesty and responsibility to the nation’s legal jurisprudence insofar as it applies to Charter issues and in particular the fundamental issue of freedom of expression as guaranteed under Sec. 2b of said Charter.

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Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

January 13, 2016                                                                                                    By Mail and Fax

The Honourable Mr. Justice Butler
Supreme Court of British Columbia

Your Honour:

Re: Unconstitutionality of s. 319(2) of the Criminal Code (R. v. Topham, Court File No. 25166, Quesnel Registry)

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) wishes to make this intervention, in letter form, to assist the Court in its hearing of the defendant’s constitutional challenge of s. 319(2) of the Criminal Code (“Code”), to be heard in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

The defendant submits that s. 319(2) of the Code infringes on the s. 2(b) guarantee of freedom of expression contained in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, and is not saved by s. 1 of the Charter. [1]

The Supreme Court of Canada has determined and reaffirmed that the Charter must provide at least as much protection for basic freedoms as is found in the international human rights documents adopted by Canada: [2]

And this Court reaffirmed in Divito v. Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness), [2013] 3 S.C.R. 157, at para. 23, “the Charter should be presumed to provide at least as great a level of protection as is found in the international human rights documents that Canada has ratified”. [Emphasis added].

Canada has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (“Covenant”). Article 19, para. 2 of the Covenant protects freedom of expression: [3]

  1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

[1]  Defendant’s “Memorandum of Argument Regarding Charter Issues”, R. v. Topham, Court File No. 25166, Quesnel Registry.
[2]  Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan [2015 SCC 4], at para. 64.
[3]  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 19, at para. 2.



Further, the U.N. Human Rights Committee, in its General Comment dated 12 September 2011, has specified that any restrictions[4] to the protection of freedom of expression “must conform to the strict tests of necessity and proportionality”: [5]

  1. When a State party invokes a legitimate ground for restriction of freedom of expression,it must demonstrate in specific and individualized fashion the precise nature of the threat, and the necessity and proportionality of the specific action taken, in particular by establishing a direct and immediate connection between the expression and the threat.[Emphasis added.] [6]

The impugned provision in the Code does not require the Crown to prove any actual harm, and no evidence of actual harm to any individual or group was presented in the trial of R. v. Topham. There is no “direct and immediate connection” between Mr. Topham’s expression on his blog and any threat that would permit restriction of his expression.

The OCLA submits that the current jurisprudence of the Covenant, including the 2011 General Comment No. 34, represents both Canada’s obligation and the current status of reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society, in relation to state-enforced limits on expression. The process and the jury-conviction to date in the instant case establish that s. 319(2) of the Code exceeds these limits, and is therefore not constitutional.

Furthermore, s. 319(2) of the Code allows a maximum punishment of “imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years”. The Code punishment of imprisonment exceeds the “strict tests of necessity and proportionality” prescribed by the Covenant.

In addition, in paragraph 47 of General Comment No. 34, it is specified that: “States parties should consider the decriminalization of defamation and, in any case, the application of the criminal law should only be countenanced in the most serious of cases and imprisonment is never an appropriate penalty.” [Emphasis added.] In the penal defamation envisaged in the Covenant, unlike in s. 319(2) in the Code, the state has an onus to prove actual harm.

And in relation to state concerns or prohibitions about so-called “Holocaust denial”, paragraph 49 of the said General Comment has:

Laws that penalize the expression of opinions about historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the Covenant imposes on States parties in relation to the respect for freedom of opinion and expression.

Finally, the OCLA submits that the feature of s. 31 9(2) that gives the Attorney General direct say regarding proceeding to prosecution (the requirement for the Attorney General’s “consent”) [7] is unconstitutional because it is contrary to the fundamental principle of the rule of law, wherein

[4]  Ibid., Article 19, at para. 3, and Article 20.
[5]  General Comment No. 34, UN Human Rights Committee [CCPR/C/GC/34], at para. 22.
[6]  Ibid., at para. 35.
[7]  Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46), s. 319(6).


provisions in a statute cannot be subject to arbitrary application or be politically motivated or appear as such. The fundamental principle of the rule of law underlies the constitution. [8]

For these reasons, the OCLA is of the opinion that s. 319(2) of Canada’s Criminal Code is unconstitutional and incompatible with the values of a free and democratic society.

lf the Court requests it, the OCLA will be pleased to make itself available to provide any further assistance in relation to the instant submission.


Yours sincerely,
Joseph Hickey
Executive Director
Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA)
613-252-6148 (c)
[email protected]


The Honourable Mr. Justice Butler
Judge’s Chambers
Supreme Court of British Columbia
800 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2E1
Fax: 604-660-2418

And copy to:

The Honourable Mr. Justice Butler
Judge’s Chambers
Supreme Court of British Columbia
305-350 Barlow Avenue
Quesnel, BC
V2J 2C1
Fax: 250-992-4171

8  For a recent example where unconstitutionality arising from the rule of law was the main issue before the court, see: Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2014 SCC 59 (CanLll); and see Committee for the Commonwealth of Canada v. Canada, [1991] 1 SCR 139, 1991 CanLll 119 (SCC), p. 210 (i).



And to:

Barclay W. Johnson
Barrister, Solicitor & Notary
Counsel for the Defendant
1027 Pandora Avenue,
Victoria, BC
Fax: 250-413-3110

Rodney G. Garson
Prosecution Support Unit
Crown Law Division
Ministry of Justice
3rd Floor – 940 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC
Fax: 250-387-4262

The Honourable Suzanne Anton
Attorney General of BC
[email protected]
[email protected]

The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
[email protected]
[email protected]


via email from Paul Fromm November 17, 2015

HARRY ABRAMS (Complainant in Arthur Topham Case) SPEAKS

Harry Abrams is the Victoria voice of B’nai Brith one of Canada’s leading anti-free speech groups and, as defence lawyer Barclay Johnson pointed out at the recent Arthur Topham trial, a lobby for a foreign power — Israel. So, people associated with a lobby group dedicated to supporting a foreign power make judicial war on a Canadian critic of that power.

 In 2007, when Arthur Topham turned the focus of his website — check it out before the thought police order it taken down — he almost immediately came under attack by thought control freak Harry Abrams. He launched a “human rights complaint” under the notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. CAFE intervened on his behalf. However, before a tribunal could be convened the section was repealed. In 2012, Abrams, now joined by the champion human rights complaint filer under the old Sec. 13, Richard Warman, filed a complaint with the B.C. Hate Squad, fortuitously headed up by another free speech foe and former London thought police cop Terry Wilson. Needless to say, he hopped to it and Arthur was “investigated” and charged under Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code; to wit, “willfully promoting hatred against a privileged minority” — in this case Jews.

Neither Warman nor Abrams bothered to attend the 12-day trial (October 26 to November 12) resulting from their complaint. They just do their mischief and let the cops and courts inflict maximum pain on dissidents.

The following material appeared November 15 on the Anti-Racist Canada website. Here Abrams thanks all the people who helped him persecute Arthur Topham, including B’nai Brith lawyers like Marvin Kurz and Anita Bromberg. Poor Richard Warman hasn’t received the kudos Abrams feels he deserves in the judicial takedown of Arthur Topham. [Boo, hoo, we’ve run out of Kleenex.]

Abrams boasts of a number of campaigns to shut other people down. He’s currently trying to impoverish Vancouver Buddhist lecturer Brian Ruhe for publishing historical revisionist videos. He boasts (elsewhere) of contacting Ruhe’s employers and getting him fire.

Erroneously, Abrams says that the evil book Germany Must Perish was obscure WW II Allied propaganda that no one had ever heard of. It was not Allied propaganda. It was written by a U.S. Jew Theodore Kaufman and was his blueprint for the eradication of Germans after WW II by mass sterilization. Abrams knew  Arthur Topham’s take-off on this book, Israel Must Perish was a satire. He said so, the Arthur Topham trial learned, when he was interviewed by Det. Const. Wilson. The fiery passages Abrams quotes are from this satire. They are meant to criticize the book  Germany Must Perish, not seriously to suggest genocide of Jews. Det. Const. Wilson said he’d been aware of Germany Must Perish. Of course, as Germans are not a privileged minority, this book has never been the subject of prosecution in Canada.

More than ever, free men and free women need liberation from thought control laws like Sec. 319, Canada’s “hate law.”

Repeal all hate laws!

Paul Fromm




Old German-Canadian History Website



Hi all…., here’s a very dynamic radio programme:
with Cdn. free speech advocate Paul Fromm ( and Calif. attorney Don Advo discussing:

- Paul’s recent restriction on his right to travel — he has been going to the U.S. for years with just a passport (like most Cdn’s), but was told this past summer he now must have a Visa.  He applied for it and it should have been granted by the end of Sept, but they are “still processing,” (translation: intentionally withholding) which will cause him to miss an important conference in TN this weekend.  (restriction on the right of travel is a sure sign that tyranny is growing in any country that implements it).

Attorney Barkley Johnson, Mrs. Shasta Topham, Terry Tremaine, Free Speech Warrior Arthur Topham, & Paul Fromm

- Zionist-orchestrated proxy wars in the Middle East with the goal of destabilizing the region, allowing for the Greater Israel Plan (i.e. a land grab and occupation of other countries besides Palestine), zio-bankers making $$$ by funding all sides of the various conflicts, and most heart-wrenching, the inevitable consequence of massive numbers of refugees (many military age males) immigrating into Europe and further destroying the ancient and unique cultures of its various countries.

- and most interestingly, a play by play of free speech advocate Arthur Topham’s trial this week (continues next) in Quesnel, B.C.  A complaint was brought against Topham, by Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith Victoria (a Zionist front group) for promoting hatred against Jews on his webstie  This is a fascination segment of the show not to be missed.  Case in point, someone in the courtroom noticing that the large light fixtures in it are hanging from 4, six foot Stars of David!  Does this give anyone any clues as to who controls the Judiciary in Canada (and all western countries)?  But it doesn’t stop there…., “they” have also infiltrated and control at least 3 other major institutions: 1) the mainsteam media (news and entertainment), 2) the banking system and fiat money, and 3) higher education (i.e. university depts involved in research, advising to Govts, and resultant policies), and professorships (i.e. professors with a Zionist bent to inculcate various doctrines and dogmas into young impressionable minds…, aka brainwashing).


Calls for Acquittal & Compensation for Abuse-by-Process Victim Arthur Topham

Whatcott commentary on Arthur Topham “hate speech” trial

by Bill Whatcott » Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:06 pm
Arthur Topham, Publisher and Editor

Whether one agrees with Arthur or not, Canadians should be very concerned this guy could wind up in jail for promoting his conspiracy theories. Whether one agrees with his conspiracy theory or not, that should not be the litmus test to decide whether what he said is “hateful” or not. Actually the law is not even qualified to know what is “hateful.” My medical facts and theological arguments against homosexuality were found to be “hateful” and notwithstanding a handful of homosexuals have found Christ and repented of the homosexual lifestyle thanks to my ministry the courts over my own vigorous protestations decided I was “hateful” and saddled me with a $7500 fine, lifetime speech ban, and six digits worth of court costs that I couldn’t hope to pay off if I tried……

Sodomite, NDP Director of Communications Shawn Dearn on the other hand wrote: ““Memo to CBC & All media: Stop calling the misogynist, homophobic, child-molesting Catholic church a ‘moral authority.’ It’s not.” (March, 2013) he also wrote in 2010, “Dear Pope Benedict — go f— yourself.” Not only was Dearn not charged with “hate speech” for writing these things, he was allowed to keep his job as Mulcair’s Director of Communications when his nasty social media came to light. In my view Dearn is hateful, but in politically correct Canada where the media and judiciary is firmly in the grips of the left (Arthur would say the Jews) hell would freeze over before Dearn was held criminally liable for his so-called “hate speech”……

Arthur in my view isn’t “hateful.” I’ve read most of his articles on his site ( Arthur is a bit of a publicity hound (most activists are) and he believes he has a calling to save the world from Jewish Bankers and Zionism and fight for free speech in Canada.

I corresponded with the guy via e-mail a little bit and without actually meeting him, I decided overall, I like the guy…..

Though Arthur should not only be acquitted, but indeed compensated for facing unjustified state harassment, thanks to the Whatcott decision I hold very little hope that Arthur will be acquitted. I predict he will be in jail and the media will portray him as a vicious Nazi…..

Few social conservatives and almost no liberals will cry foul that a harmless, perhaps eccentric, man was unjustly put in jail. The last time I spoke on the unjust jailing of a holocaust denier a lawyer and so-called “friend” of 5 + years promptly e-mailed me that he was disassociating himself from me and dropping my cases (they were practically dropped the day he took them anyways) and then after giving me a pompous lecture on “racism” blocked me from contacting him. Meh…….

Politically correct tyrants and cultural Marxist race baiters even have some alleged social conservatives trained to be their lapdogs, and hence why Canada is not so free anymore. Anyways, unless someone can actually read Arthur’s site for themselves (Canada’s media is not a reliable source of information when you are trying to find out about the Bill Whatcotts & Arthur Tophams of this world) and get back to me with an intelligent reason as to why he should be in jail, I will continue to publicize his persecution and call it unjust, even if Amnesty International and so-called conservatives who claim to support free speech in Canada decide he is expendable………

Bill Whatcott






October 26, 2015 Trial Against Arthur Topham by the Jews starts:

Hate Crime Trial against Arthur Topham in Canada - Arthur and the Jews

In a message dated 2015-10-14 4:02:28 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

HP - this is a follow-up to my letter to Brad Lavigne/Levine which is intended for circulation among the campaign planners but probably will be stifled before it gets very far.  Failure to play the Israel card, Harper’s Achilles’ heel, was a god-send for the Conservatives and will have raised questions in the minds of voters who had seen the NDP as a party of integrity and genuine alternative to the corrupt older parties.  IV

—-Original Message—-
From: Ianvmacdonald <[email protected]>
Sent: Mon, Oct 12, 2015 1:48 am
Subject: Fwd: Open, read, forward to 5 friends


To Rebecca and all other NDP campaign managers

Re: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Herewith my letter to Brad Lavigne with an accompanying note to an RCAF veteran and Foreign Service colleague.  Both of us were prepared to give our lives in WWII to preserve our freedom and both are extremely disappointed with the abandonment of the high standard of politics in Canada, once prevailing, to the lobby-driven, unprincipled, self-serving older parties of today who have deprived us of our rights, notably the right to Freedom of Expression.  We saw the NDP as an opportunity to restore the traditional values but now realize that the Party is also in the grip of the Enemy Within, as evidenced by the shameless betrayal of the worthy, principled Morgan Wheeldon for valid criticism of Israel, the war-mongering apartheid state and world crime centre,.  This was a serious error in judgement by the NDP, made worse by scrupulous avoidance of attacking Harper where he is most vulnerable, namely on his embarrassing “love affair” and traitorous alliance with the Jewish state.  The PM’s suspicious adulation of Israel has damaged our image, economy and security, to say nothing of our self-respect,. just as its emulation by the NDP will have damaged the credibility of the Party among millions of otherwise well-disposed voters who seek genuine change, not “Harper with a beard”.

Ian Macdonald

455 Wilbrod Street

Ottawa                                                                       **************************************************************

HP - It would be interesting to learn how Brad Lavigne (aka Levine?) suddenly appeared on the scene and seems to have taken over, judging by his ability to fire the innocent and effective campaigner Morgan Wheeldon who could have been a valuable asset to the Party, even a prospective leader.  Mulcair could have intervened on Morgan’s behalf but apparently condoned the unjust firing. He could have used the criticism of Morgan to great advantage by condemning Conservative smear tactics and ridiculing Harper’s love affair with Israel and the Rabbis, but did not do so, a silence that casts a shadow on his integrity and by extension that of his Party.  If the NDP also is beholden to the Israeli Lobby, which is not wholly implausible since Jews financed Mulcair’s leadership campaign, then the only independent party left is the Green Party, and who knows how long before they are also compromised?  We should take warning from  the Americans’ experience - they have it even worse, with Jews openly running the Government, and practically everything else, for that matter.  IV.  
—-Original Message—-
From: Ianvmacdonald <[email protected]>
To: info <[email protected]
Cc: dewar.p <dewar.p
Sent: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 2:40 pm
Subject: Re: Open, read, forward

For Brad Lavigne, Senior Policy Advisor, NDP                                                                                        PERSONAL - URGENT

Dear Brad,

Re: Spreading the word on the “path to victory”  (“Forward to 5 friends”)

I share your antipathy to the prospect of continued rule by the Harper Government and was a very strong supporter of the NDP as the only hope to restore honest government to the country.  I offered my advice (mainly to Paul Dewar) on issues which would expose the Conservatives to ridicule, and contempt, or worse.  I was well qualified to do so since as head of policy planning for a major Federal department I had access to documents and to other senior officials who were privy to information not available to the media or Opposition.  I also had first hand knowledge of the Middle East and Libya (among dozens of other markets).

My research on our Middle East relations intensified after my retirement.  The most significant finding was confirmation of the astonishing extent to which both the Conservative and Liberal Parties have fallen under direct control of the Israeli Lobby.  Israel is a foreign power, apartheid state and World Crime Centre whose warmongering and subversion have caused Canada many tens of billions of dollars in lost earnings.  Harper’s military alliance with the ScheissStat could cost us much more, including Canadian lives, both military and civilian.

You can imagine my disillusionment therefore when I learned of the arbitrary firing of dedicated and enthusiastic Morgan Wheeldon, NDP candidate for Kings-Hants, N.S., on the basis of an anonymous and irrelevant complaint of a Conservative sympathizer, that Morgan failed to support Israel!. Conservatives would have applauded the action, although it is doubtful that even Harper, no matter how vexed, would have reacted so crudely and cruelly in the circumstances, knowing the traditional Canadian sympathy for fair play and the underdog.

According to the media you, Brad, were the instigator of this monumental faux pas which, as a Senior Consultant, you would have known would alienate many voters, not least of all thinking Jews who found themselves jeopardized and embarrassed by the demonstration of their inordinate influence, even over the Party whose integrity had always been taken for granted.  Since you personally have shattered that image that was the Party’s most valuable asset, I shall decline to forward any message over your name, lest I contaminate my own.

My advice to you would be to apologize for betraying a loyal comrade, urge his reinstatement and resign.  You should have no difficulty in finding a rewarding post with the grateful Conservative Party.

With kind regards,



From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2015 7:54 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: NDP’s lethal dilemma

HP - I wrote to a friend of mine in the NDP over a year ago to the effect that Mulcair’s reliance on Israeli paymasters to win the leadership campaign could compromise the Party, but to no avail, so now we can choose only among 3 Israeli Firsters, with no possibility of a purely independent, honest Prime Minister.  Mulcair should admit his sinister divided loyalty and resign in favour of a 100% Canadian candidate, but that is not likely to happen voluntarily. What a tragedy that Jack Layton is no longer leader.  He would have given us back our integrity, our image, our self-respect and our country.  IV

September 17, 2015

Paul Dewar M.P.                                                                                                                    

Foreign Affairs Critic                           URGENT AND IMPORTANT                      

NDP, Ottawa                                         PLEASE READ AND FORWARD              

Dear Paul

Re: Election Campaign: Exploiting Conservative Weaknesses

I am astonished that, with the election campaign now well under way, the most incriminating and damaging aspect of the Conservative Government’s misrule, namely the scandalous Harper “love affair” with Israel, has not been front and centre of the NDP’s criticism. The Prime Minister debased both his office and the country by his rabbi-infested pilgrimage to Israel and servile homage to Netanyahu. He furthermore violated. the doctrine of separation of church and state and forfeited Canada’s priceless image as an honest broker in international affairs by his partisanship.

Declaring Canada to be Israel’s Ally brings a commitment to involuntary involvement in the Middle East conflict that few Canadians would support. It threatens the security of all Canadians, especially of those traveling abroad. Ridicule of Mr Harper over his infatuation with Israel surely would prompt many voters to seek a more responsible alternative conduct of our foreign affairs. Since Israeli expansionism is the cause of the current Middle East turmoil, failure to propose an equitable solution will confirm cynics’ suspicions about “Harper with a beard”.

I am no less astonished by the sado-masochistic firing of one of the Party’s more promising young candidates running in a Nova Scotian riding where we have many relatives. Apparently the firing was done at the behest of someone in the Conservative Party via one Brian Levine, an NDP policy advisor. It is said that Mr Levine acted on his own initiative without Mr Mulcair’s knowledge but the victim, Morgan Wheeldon, has not been reinstated, suggesting that the betrayal of the upcoming and capable candidate must have been condoned by the Leader. Morgan’s offence was an innocuous comment made on Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank. Simultaneously, a far less worthy individual, of dubious antecedents, who sacrilegiously maligned the Pope and the Catholic Church in the most blasphemous terms, was appointed to a conspicuous post in the Party. These actions, combined with the known fact that Mr Mulcair’s leadership campaign was financed by Israelis, suggest a sinister scenario that should have been avoided at all costs. The NDP should take a strong position on Israeli wrongdoing, including political subversion in Canada, to counter suspicions of a hijacked leadership.

Other issues oddly missing from the campaign are immigration policy and defence planning. The present migrant crisis is very minor compared with what is yet to come when Africa’s population explodes into tens of insupportable billions and Europe closes the door, which will happen soon. Aside from the refugee fiasco, the policy over the past few decades, far from selecting the best, brightest and most compatible to enhance Canada’s gene pool, has been the antithesis of the nation-building merit principle embodied in the old Immigration Act, such that an illiterate, disease-bearing, welfare-prone Somali criminal, for example, in effect has a much better chance of gaining  prompt permanent residence in Canada than a well-qualified, healthy self-sustaining, eminently assimilable Scot. The result has been a social, environmental and fiscal disaster   Re defence, are majority voters really content to remain a junior partner in the despised Washington-Tel Aviv- Ottawa Axis of Evil?   Is Canada really under threat of invasion? If so, by whom? Plenty of opportunities to put the Conservatives on the defensive. Why not seize them?

Kind regards, Ian Macdonald, 613 241 5389





February 18, 2015

Gordon Venner
Director General, Middle East Division
Department of Foreign Affairs

Hello Gordon


You may recall our discussions in 2011 in which I strenuously deplored the NATO destruction of Libya as unwarranted, inhumane and contrary to Canada’s and the West’s best interests, while you showed seemingly implacable complacency over Canada’s involvement in the attack.

Perhaps you now have second thoughts about failing to stand up for truth and justice when you had the chance (if not the duty under your Oath of Allegiance) but if not, please scroll down on this series of videos to the one titled “Libya and Gaddafi - TRUTH NOW”. I think you will be convinced that the Canadian (Harper) Government, advised by your Department, participated in an authentic War Crime and that those responsible should not be allowed to avoid the rightful consequences.

I would be grateful, as a former Canadian Foreign Service Officer active in promoting closer Canadian-Libyan relations over many years, if you would forward this message to others in Foreign Affairs you believe could benefit from enlightenment on the subject. It might serve to forestall further costly misadventures in otherwise friendly Arab countries, to say nothing of “terrorist” retribution!.

Kind regards,


Ian V. Macdonald
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7
613 241 5389…/cia-contractor-we…/



FREE SPEECH CANADA VOLUME II -  from Jan. 19, 2015 on

* * *

“Freedom of Speech
is the one gift you must give
to your worst enemies –
in order to keep it for yourself…”

Defense Attorney Doug Christie’s last words just hours before he passed on.

 * * *

Doug Christie’s Memorial and Highlights from the Zundel Trial


Ernst Zundel

video “Off Your Knees, Germany!” - the “Justice” of Canada! - 2011


Secret U.S. war plans against Canada in 1930

* * *


In issues of Freedom of Speech - Canada


Jan. 17 - 2014

Subject: I am Charlie

HP - I wrote this a week or so ago.  My intuition told me then it was a false flag operation using Arab patsies and after hearing more details it’s obvious the Israelis were behind it, even though some of their journalist collaborators died in the process.  It is surprising they haven’t done something similar in Canada to bring the goyim on side - maybe they haven’t found a safe pretext although, according to the Prime Minister, we are a military Ally of Israel and have bombed Muslims in Libya and Iraq, to say nothing of Afghanistan, and Jewish assassins commonly carry Canadian passports.  IV

January 10, 2015

Editor - NATIONAL POST - Toronto

Dear Sir

He who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind

Anyone murdered because of his or her opinions, whether or not published, deserves genuine sympathy, but there is more than a hint of hypocrisy in the crocodile tears shed for the dead French journalists by the Government and media in Canada.  This country is one of the world’s leaders in persecuting and prosecuting anyone daring to express an opinion, or even ask a question (e.g. “Did Six Million really die?) that seemingly would expose the lies and criminality our Zionist secret political elite. Offenders face stiff jail terms, loss of employment, dispossession, defamation and ostracism, at a minimum.

The National Post, perhaps Canada’s foremost advocate and practitioner of censorship, is the least qualified to condemn the alleged revenge massacre of 8 Charlie Hebdo workers, yet devoted several consecutive front pages and endless verbiage to the incident - far greater coverage than that allotted to the brutal massacre of 3000 innocent Palestinians several months earlier in Gaza, although the massacre was the more reprehensible for having been committed by a racist, occupier government already condemned by the United Nations for its barbarism..  It is not surprising that many Zionist French Jews who had suffered from Charlie’s “anti-Semitic” barbs, were not displeased with the attack.

The Canadian hypocrisy on the part of the government and media had already reared its ugly head recently with the random  killing of several Canadian Servicemen by deranged individuals, portrayed widely, and wrongly, as a symptom of terrorism.. While “terrorism” (aka “partisan warfare” when on our behalf) is the logical, justifiable response of a defenceless, unarmed country or community to a ruthless aggressor and its allies, Canada until now has been spared, confounding the self-serving terror-mongers who had persuaded the Canadian Government to do its best to provoke Muslim retaliation and to spend billions uselessly to combat the alleged incipient threat.

Never mentioned  of course, is the sinister, all-powerful instigator of war and terror spawned in the Middle East and elsewhere, namely the illegal, avaricious ScheissStat Israel whose diabolical scheming and subversion are behind most of the political turmoil and fratricidal fighting, as well as invasions and false-flag ops, notably 9/11 and the WMD scam.  Until Israel has been neutralized, disarmed and her war criminals, large and small, brought to justice, the cancer of political killing will continue to metastacize.

As ever, Ian V. Macdonald - Ottawa


Jan. 14, 2015

University of Toronto Aids Canada’s Zionist Attack on Iran


Jan. 6, 2015 - via email from Paul Fromm

Bill Whatcott’s Latest Campaign for Free Speech at the University of Regina

Whatcott’s “Diversity” flyer for the University of Regina

by Bill Whatcott » Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:00 am

Support real Human Rights!

Bill Whatcott (halo) fighting for real human rights, such as religious liberty, freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech on tax funded university campuses. Dr. Vianne Timmons (horns) abused her position as President of the University of Regina by discriminating against Christians like Bill Whatcott in favour of defending homosexual activism and homofascism on the publicly funded campus.

Dear Students,

Bill Whatcott has now won two legal battles with the University of Regina and one defamation case where the University of Regina settled in his favor. In 2002 the U of R had Mr. Whatcott charged with littering in an effort to prevent students from receiving a flyer arguing for the human rights of unborn children. Had Bill’s flyer had a picture of an abused chimpanzee on it and an argument chimps should have human rights, no censorship would likely have occurred and some academics who support no rights for the unborn would probably have thought it reasonable chimps should have human rights. Bill was acquitted of the littering charge.

In 2006 the University of Regina settled with Bill Whatcott and paid compensation for falsely accusing him of advocating “all sodomites should be killed” when advertising a pro-homosexual “I could not speak my heart” conference.

In December 2014 Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality were cleared of criminal charges laid at the behest of the University of Regina for peacefully protesting abortion and homosexuality on the campus.

All of this repressive, politically correct, and morally wrong censorship is costing taxpayers, the courts and the university needless time and money. In a new spirit of listening and dialogue Bill Whatcott is proposing the University of Regina partner with him in hosting a new conference called “Everyone can speak their hearts.”

Unlike the “I could not speak my heart” conference which was marred with defamation and tolerance for only one point of view, this conference would allow homosexuals, feminists, conservative Christians and pro-life activists an equal amount of time to share what is on their hearts. Bill would like to propose pro-homosexual academic Dr. James McNinch and pro-family activist Dr. Scott Lively be speakers for this event. The conference can be wrapped up with a one hour debate between Bill Whatcott, Executive Director of the Christian Truth Activists and Dr. Vianne Timmons, President of the University of Regina. The topic Bill proposes for debate is: “Are university campuses sufficiently welcoming towards Christian activists, ex-gays and their allies?”

If you would like to see such a “Glasnost” moment on this otherwise oppressive university campus contact:

Vianne Timmons, BA, BEd, MEd, PhD, Office: Administration-Humanities Building 514
E-mail: [email protected], Phone: 306-585-4696, Fax: 306-585-5200

…and ask her to support the hosting of an “Everyone can speak their hearts conference.” Let Dr. Vianne Timmons know that by allowing and participating in such a conference in the year 2015, she could help the University of Regina improve its “F rating” on the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Campus Freedom Index.

In Christ’s Service
Bill Whatcott, Executive Director of the Christian Truth Activists,
Phone: 306-861-6140, E-mail billwhatcott, website:


Jan 3, 2015

Video: German Woman goes Public - Holocaust a Fraud - Canadian prosecuted

Dec. 28, 2014 - Via email from Paul Fromm


REGINA. December 22, 2014. Christmas came early for evangelist and activist Bill Whatcott in a Regina courtroom today. He and U.S. activist Peter LaBarbera were acquitted on a charge of “mischief” for having set up a table to hand out literature and discuss traditional Christian teachings about homosexuality and abortion with University of Regina students earlier this year.

The Regina Leader-Post (December 22, 2014) reported: “Anti-gay activists Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera were found not guilty of mischief in Regina Provincial Court on Monday.

Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera
Whatcott uttered “thank the Lord” after Judge Marylynne Beaton delivered her verdict.

“I’m very happy with the judge’s decision … and of course I believe she’s correct,” Whatcott told reporters.

LaBarbera, who lives in Illinois and heads Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was not present, but “I’m sure he’ll be relieved,” said Whatcott.

LaBarbera and Whatcott were charged with mischief on April 14, after distributing flyers and displaying placards with pro-life and anti-gay messages at the University of Regina campus. They were asked to leave, refused and were arrested.

At the time, U of R provost Thomas Chase called the materials “graphic” and “disturbing.”

But “the validity of (their) beliefs are not in issue,” Beaton wrote in her decision.

“I find that the purpose of (their) attending the University of Regina was to communicate information and their actions were passive and non-aggressive,” Beaton wrote. “The university’s response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers.”

Whatcott said he plans to return to the U of R in January — “you can count on that, unless I get hit by a car” — with a “flyer special for this occasion.” He aims to visit the University of Calgary campus on Saturday.”

Mr. Whatcott commented on his website: “The judgement is 27 pages, I cut and pasted a pertinent section to help you understand Justice Beaton’s reasoning.  Ms Patton is the head of campus security and Dr. Chase is Vice President of the U of R. When the judgment refers to “The Policy” it is talking about the University of Regina’s “Respectful Workplace Policy,” a document the university has been using as its pretext to silence debate on the issue of homosexuality:

Read complete judgment here: … sp=sharing

Ms. Patton and Dr. Chase both testified to the effect that the decision to remove Mr. Whatcott was made to prevent students from feeling discriminated against. This is a sufficiently pressing and substantive objective. Freedom of expression is not an unqualified right. As stated again in the Pridgen decision at para. 124:

The University must be able to place reasonable limits on speech on campus in order, for example, to maintain a learning environment
where there is respect and dignity for all.

[68] The means used to prevent students from feeling discriminated against was the removal of Mr. Whatcott and Mr. LaBarbera. I do not accept that the accused’s removal, in order to protect students from the accused’s message, represented a minimal impairment on freedom of expression,” — In this case, the University’s response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers and was not reasonable and demonstrably justified.

[69J In summary, I find that the Charter does apply to the University of Regina in this situation. I also find that Mr. Whatcott’s and Mr. LaBarbera’s actions were protected by s. 2(b) of the Charter and that the infringement on this right cannot be permitted under s. 1 of the Charter. Given my findings, Mr. Whatcott and Mr. LaBarbera were acting with legal justification pursuant to s. 429(2) of the Criminal Code.

Colour of Right

[70] The Crown has argued that it would be unreasonable to believe that the right existed, as Mr. Whatcott had been asked to leave by campus security several times over the last few years and was denied space by the University of Regina Student’s Union. He therefore knew that his form of communication was not welcomed at the University.

[71] However, Mr. Whatcott’s testimony left me with no doubt that he believed that he had a right to protest at the University of Regina under s. 2(b) of the Charter. Given that he had been successful before various courts in the past, I have no doubt that this belief was reasonable. His testimony also left me with no doubt that he does not think that the Policy applies to him, or perhaps to anyone. He testified clearly that the Policy is “rubbish” and that several universities, including the University of Regina, have abused their rights to exclude people and so do not have that right. However, if his belief that s. 2(b) of the Charter protects his speech is correct, then the Charter would overrule the Policy. Mr. Whatcott understands this principle.

While, of course, we agree with this judgement, it is frightening that the university seems unable to distinguish between “discriminatory” behaviour and the expression of an opinion. Neither Mr. Whatcott nor Mr. Barbera were providing goods or services and, thus, in any position to “discriminate.” They were offering opinions and discussing with interested students those opinions. And, by the way, isn’t that what a university is supposed to be — a place where ideas are discussed and debated, not an indoctrination centre for the cultural communist views now so in fashion among the intelligensia?

Paul Fromm



Anti-gay activists LaBarbera, Whatcott found not guilty of mischief

Anti-gay activists Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera demonstrate outside the Regina provincial courthouse ahead of the start of their trial on mischief charges on Oct. 30, 2014.


 Dec. 31, 2014 - via email from Paul Fromm

Knights Party claims new sign; Thom Robb says billboard an ad for radio station

Whie Pride Radio

By JAMES L. WHITE [email protected] A new billboard that popped up Monday at the south city limits of Harrison on Highway 65 was leased by The Knights Party based at Zinc and was designed to advertise a web-based radio station.

“Yes, that’s us,” said Thom Robb, national director of The Knights Party, when asked if the party sponsored the sign.

Claude West, owner of Harrison Signs, said he no longer leases out billboard space unless there is contact information on it. When asked for information about the sign, West deferred to the contact information on the sign.

The Internet address listed on the sign

Robb told the Daily Times that he has been working on the web-based radio station for more than a year and wanted to advertise it. He said there was no real reason for the time frame of erecting the sign, which went up Monday.

“We just wanted to wait until the first of the year,” Robb said.

The erection of the sign was first announced on Monday as well. Both Robb’s radio station website and the latter website say they are powered by WordPress, a service that claims to be “the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.”

Robb said he knows who runs that site, but he has no control over content. It lists no contact information other than an anonymous link to comment. Robb said the anonymity shouldn’t be a surprise.

He maintains that the city tried to destroy West’s business in response to two other billboards that went up anonymously and created national controversy, and that people threatened West personally because he declined to name the person who leased that billboard space.

“Look at the hate that comes out,” he said, referring to people who disagreed with the message on the billboards. “That’s why you find that happening sometimes.”

Robb said he also had nothing to do with some fliers that appeared in yards in Harrison last week. At least two people called Harrison Police to report a plastic bag containing rocks and a racially sensitive flier thrown on their yards Tuesday, Dec. 23.

The flier contained an e-mail address. The Daily Times sent a message to that address asking who was responsible for the fliers after a newspaper carrier showed concern that people might think the fliers were in some way related to his newspaper route because they were in many yards where papers were delivered.

“The last thing I think your carrier should be concerned with is that someone might assume the flyer came from the HDT,” the e-mail response said. “Anyone with half a brain or anyone that has ever picked up a copy of the HDT knows better and I think you do too.

“I won’t reveal who was responsible for the fliers but I will tell you that I am unaffiliated with any group or organization,” the response continued. “Although I’m sure some will attempt to tie the fliers to a semi local group. It always seems that people (like you just did) want to know who? who? who? It’s always easier to attack a person than it is to address a message and have an honest dialogue.”

“I have no idea who did that,” Robb said, adding that he and his family had friends over for dinner that night and they called him to report finding a flier in their yard when they got home.

In the announcement Monday, included the statement, “The Harrison Task Force on Race Relations, and the rest of their ilk who proudly crowed about running the racists out, better think twice. Sometimes it is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool, then (sic) to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Robb was asked if he thought that meant the writer of the announcement considered the new billboard to be racist.

He said he had no idea what the writer meant, but he had a question of his own.

“What is a racist? he asked. “Everyone has their own definition of it.”

Robb said the lease on the billboard is for a year.

“We’ll probably redo the lease at the end of the year,” he told the Daily Times.


Dec. 29, 2014

via email from Paul Fromm:

Former Political Prisoner Brad Love Heads Back to Court in Fort McMurray, January 19

Brad Love

FORT MCMURRAY. December 18, 2014. Court today at 1:30 p.m. and the JP, a giddy schoolmarm type would not drop my now 2-month-old charges and refused me my right to cross examine my accusers.  The court room was filled mostly with Natives all demanding remands and legal aid lawyers.  the JP said to me that legal aid will get in touch with me with a lawyer of their choice while I’ll do my best to stay out of touch with them.  Native accused have a female liaison to guide them through court.  She’s attractive, very business like and lives in my neighborhood… actually. Whites have no such privileges.

My trial scheduled for one day is on Jan 19. I am being tried for harassment and sending “scurrilous material” to a number of Fort McMurray media and political people.

Otherwise, I continue with my 70-hour work week in the snow and the cold.  Oil company. layoffs are now a fact of life here due to $65 a barrel oil.  Still none of the sheep up here dare bleat about the billions that Harper wastes on foreign aid, immigration, multicult or trips to sunny Israel.  They’d rather hold a snow ball fight for charity or fly to Kenya to dig some wells.  And these are “adults”?

Canadians will have to suffer before they smarten up.

Two Questions:

1)  Why is it that every time sinkhole Africa develops a new disease (Ebola), I have to pay for it?

2)  And how do all of those protesters in Ferguson, Missouri get so much time off work?

OOPS, one more:  Why don’t all of those wealthy black rappers put a song together to raise dollars for Africa like all of those goofy white musicians do?


OH, CRAP, one more:  Will Revenue Canada deny my charity donation to Hamas. ???




Take Care,



Dec. 27, 2014

CBC – A criminal organization spreading anti-German hatred, by Hans Krampe

A Case Study in Intellectual Dishonesty, False History and Anti-Germanism, by Hans Krampe

Nov. 23, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

German Settlers in Canada & The State of Germany Today

REXDALE. November 20, 2014. Christian Klein, President of the Historical Society of Mecklenburg and Upper Canada,  addressed the monthly meeting of the Alternative Forum here tonight and stressed the huge role of German settlers in the early years of the Province of Ontario.

“In the 1820s, 60 per cent of the population of Ontario was German,” the retired school teacher explained. The Germans arrived in Conestoga wagons in large numbers from Pennsylvania after the American Revolution,  One of the key figures in early Toronto was William Moll Berczy, a German painter and builder from Swabia. He led settlers into Markham Township and it soon thrived with German farms.

He and his sturdy German followers were commissioned to hack what is now Yong Street out of the bush. He was the first to build a bridge over the Don River and a grist mill and sawmill for what was then called “York.” Berczy was also a gifted artist and an architect who designed most of Toronto’s first public buildings and Montreal’s first Christ Church Cathedral.

Turning to present-day Germany, Mr. Klein, who, as a young boy, was one of the 16-million Germans ethnically cleansed from Eastern Europe (in his case, Silesia) warned that, in present day “democratic” Germany, “if you question the ‘holocaust’ you can be fined or go to jail. Over 17,000 Germans have been punished for speaking their minds. In a widely circulated German government about the development of German ‘democracy’, we are told that ‘everyone has the right to free speech,’ but the German government violates that every day.”

He recalled the deprived conditions in Germany right after the war, as a result of an ongoing Allied food blockage to break the civilian population. In 1946-47, he would walk several miles a day for “Hoover Handouts” — relief organized the former U.S. President and humanitaian, Herbert Hoover, and consisting of food, including chocolate.

Mr. Klein had just returned from an extensive holiday in Germany, He found many Germans had imbibed propaganda and crippling guilt. He was told by an American tourist  of a German who had come up to him in Germany and apologized to this complete stranger for World War II. “This guilt is the reason some Germans are ready to allow Third World immigrants to change their land.”

Mr. Klein charged that some of Germany’s leadership has been influenced by the nation destroying ideas of Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, a well connected Austrian, who, in the 1920s, was the architect of ideas for a “New World Order” and the European Union. His goal was to mix people together,through mass immigration so that, in the end, Germany and Europeans would disappear.

He concluded with some comments on his visit to the Italian-occupied South Tirol. “This was part of the mess made by the Versailles Treaty. “There, Andreas Hofer is a national hero. In 1809, he fought and crushed Napoleon’s troops. But, the next year, he was betrayed, captured and executed in Mantua. He is a local hero.” Mr. Klein, a musician, sang a few verses of the national anthem of Tirol, with the stirring lines, “the most wonderful place on earth is my homeland” (heimat).

Nov 16, 2014

RP Interview with hockey coach and truth revealer Christopher Spandau


Nov 7, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Freedom of Speech in Canada? No way! Hockey Coach Fired for Pro-National Socialist Facebook Comments

Free to hold controversial views? Not in politically correct Canada!

Doug Christie often warned: “It doesn’t matter what is written in constitutions or Charters of Rights and Freedoms. You only have those rights you are prepared to fight for.”

Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are very much in peril in Canada today. Many people just don’t get it.

Christopher-Maximillian Sandau posted some of his historical views on his Facebook page. He expressed doubts about the 6-million claim — an article of faith more sacred in political correctness than the divinity of Christ is for Christians. He felt German World War II villainy is exaggerated.

The Langley, BC man’s main love in life is coaching amateur hockey. He never tried to indoctrinate the young hockey players. However, when the contents of his Facebook page became known, the local hockey league promptly dismissed him.

So, the man is fired for nothing more than the non-violent expression of his political/historical views on his own time. Some anonymous (of course!) parent even pontificates:  ” You can’t be a Nazi and coach kids hockey.” Well, what if you’re a communist, a homosexual activist, or a Zionist? Mr. Sandau denies being a supporter of National Socialism, but, even if her were, so what?

More than ever, CAFE and free speech supporters have our work cut out for us in convincing Canadians of the sacred importance of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

“A minor hockey coach in British Columbia has been fired for posting pro-Nazi content on his Facebook page, conceding to one local reporter following his dismissal: ‘I get it, it’s a really touchy subject.’ Christopher Maximilian Sandau was formally relieved of his duties on Saturday, after the North Delta Minor Hockey Association discovered his online activities. He was coaching teams with players the age of middle school students.

‘Hockey has been my life,’ Sandau told The Surrey Now, a paper headquartered about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver. ‘My view on the history basically got me canned. A lot of people have no idea about the other side of the story.’

‘The posts contained extreme and objectionable material believed to be incompatible with an important purpose of our minor hockey association: ‘To promote and encourage good citizenship,’ association president Anita Cairney said in a release. ‘The (hockey association) requires that our coaches present themselves as positive role models for our children athletes.’ …

The Surrey Now quoted an unidentified parent: ‘You can’t be a Nazi and coach kids hockey.’

A Facebook page under Sandau’s name was pulled down late Wednesday afternoon. Before it disappeared, it was a curated library of sympathetic Nazi images and commentary. One of the most recent posts had been made on Tuesday, featuring a photograph of an undated Nazi rally under the caption: ‘Not too many speakers get the attendance of over a million people from far and wide…’

‘I was doing a good job and I wasn’t trying to impose my political beliefs or anything on anyone,’ Sandau told CTV. “From the time I stepped onto the parking lot of the arena to the time I left, I was all about hockey and trying to help the kids get better.”

Sandau, a 33-year-old resident of Langley, B.C., told The Surrey Now he considered himself ‘a big history buff,” and claimed of the Holocaust: ‘There is no such plan, there was no idea.’

‘These people died from typhus,’ he told the paper. ‘The Germans were actually doing their best to save these people. These people were not that evil as we’re told.'” (National Post, November 5, 2014)

Paul Fromm, Director



British Columbia Lawyers Just Voted to Discriminate Against Christians

It should be front page news across Canada: British Columbia’s lawyers have just voted to ban any Trinity Western University law school graduate from practicing law in B.C.

Not because these students would be unqualified.

Not because they have done anything unethical.

The opposite, in fact: it’s because Trinity Western students sign a personal conduct pledge to live by Christian values — including to abstain from sex outside a traditional marriage.

Incredibly, this voluntary, personal ethics pledge is the very reason why B.C.’s lawyers are blacklisting Trinity Western students.

It’s shocking. It’s illegal — the Supreme Court of Canada already dealt with this subject, when the B.C. teachers profession tried to blacklist Trinity Western students before. The Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 in favour of the school.

The benchers of the B.C. law society — that is, the small group of lawyers elected to run the profession — had originally decided to do the right thing, and accredit the university. But a group of anti-Christian bigots forced a province-wide vote on the question. And to the profession’s everlasting shame, a majority of the lawyers who voted, voted for bigotry.

These B.C. lawyers surely know that they’re flouting the Supreme Court’s ruling. But these lawyers don’t care — their own anti-Christian bigotry trumps their belief in the rule of law.

It’s a disgrace.

There are lawyers in B.C. from a variety of religious backgrounds — Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, etc. But only lawyers who follow Christian ethics will be banned.

That’s bigotry. That’s un-Canadian. It cannot stand.

Last night I interviewed Earl Phillips, the executive director of Trinity Western’s law school. He was much more polite than me — maybe that’s his job. But I’m steaming mad.

Here’s the video of our interview

Please watch it, and tell me what you think.

Do you think we should fight back?

We’ve already sent a massive petition to the law society — the largest in B.C. history. But it doesn’t seem to have worked.

I think the next step is to hire a lawyer, to sue the law society, and force them to comply with our Charter of Rights.

We just can’t sit idly by while this discrimination happens right before our very eyes — by the very profession whose mission is to protect our rights.

I’m not ready to announce anything like a lawsuit yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we’ve got to keep raising the alarm.

This is bigger than just Trinity Western. This is about freedom of religion for our entire country. This is about stopping the foul precedent that these law societies are setting, that anti-Christian discrimination is somehow acceptable.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant


October 26, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

IHR Meeting Discusses Censorship in Budapest

Vienna, Virginia. October 11, 2014. Three participants in last weekend’s much harassed Future of Europe Conference in Budapest delivered their accounts and explanations to a meeting of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).

Author F. Roger Devlin and Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, explained the sequence of events. About two weeks before the conference, socialists and the former communist party in Hungary spread wild alarm about the meeting of “White supremacists”.| A media frenzy followed. \

The rightist government of Viktor Orban, facing municipal elections, caved in and ordered its interior minister to take all legal measures to shut down the conference. The convention centre where the meeting was to be held cancelled its contract. The hotel where people who registered through NPI were to stay cancelled reservations.

Although Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik had been a key planner of the event, they quickly folded, announcing that they had not known that the National Policy Institute (NPI), the organizers were “White supremacists,” an allegation which is false. Another organizing sponsor Arktos Books also folded.

Key participants, including Alexander Dugin, a former advisor to Vladimir Putin, were denied visas. On the Monday before the conference, NPI founder Bill Regnery, arriving in Budapest from London, was arrested, deported and slapped with a three year ban from the Schengen countries.

On the night before the conference was to occur, about 50 participants were in a Budapest pub. Riot police burst in and checked everyone’s ID. Some were searched. About 30 were detained and taken to their hotels for further investigation. Richard Spencer, the NPI organizer was taken off to jail, held until Monday and then deported. He, too, has been slapped with an arbitrary three year ban from the Schengen countries — all the EU, except England and Croatia.

Nevertheless, an intrepid Jered Taylor and a Hungarian contact salvaged the conference. A restaurant was arranged or Saturday night. About 100 attendees gathered clandestinely and heard short after dinner talks by Mr. Taylor and Professor Tom Sunic.

Well, concluded Paul Fromm, ” we came to Budapest to discuss ‘the future of Europe’ and we saw first hand that the future will have to be fought for. It is a life and death struggle between the Cultural Marxists who are engineering the genocidal replacement of Europeans by the Third World and nationalists or Identitarians who wish to preserve the national characteristics of their lands and who want to keep Europe European. The methods of the Cultural Marxists involve repression,” he concluded.

IHR Director Mark Weber had also been in Budapest and offered a broader explanation of what had happened. “Before an earthquake takes place,” he said, “there are powerful movements of forces within the earth. Last May’s political earthquake was the election to the European Parliament of a large number of nationalists and Euroskeptics like Marine LePen’s National Front, UKIP in Britain and Jobbik in Hungary, This caused an unprecedented level of anxiety  in the U.S. and European political establishments.”

The election results showed the bankruptcy of both conservative and socialist parties. They ignore chronic youth unemployment and seem helpless before the greed of multinationals. “People sense something is wrong,” Mr. Weber said. “Europeans are dying out and, with each passing year, America is becoming more and more unrecognizable — a Third World country,” he added.

Germany is Abolishing Itself, a recent book by a long-time member of Germany’s socialist party and former Governor of the Bundesbank, Thilo Sarrazin  sold more than 1.5-million copies and set off shockwaves. “This reasoned and logical book and its author were furiously denounced by the media and the political establishment. Sarrazin stresses deep rooted social, economic and genetic problems,” Mr. Weber explained. Germany is threatened by a low birthrate. The Golden Age of German’s post war economy is ending. The income of the average worker has not increased in 20 years.

For the post war years, each generation is one third smaller than the previous one but people are living longer. ‘Germans,” said Mr. Weber, “live self-centred lives. There is a dull fatalistic sense of a future where Germany will decline as will the population’s intelligence and skill. Intelligence is 80 per cent determined by genetics. We know that the average intelligence level in the West has been declining. And the average immigrant to Europe is less intelligent than the average German.”

However, the U.S. works to break down active ethnic solidarity world wide. “The Americanization of Europe means the ethnic extinction of Europe,” Mr. Weber warned. “Without Europeans, Europe is just a geographic designation. There can be no real Europe without Europeans. The central fact of American history is that it was founded and developed by Europeans,” he explained. “If it had been founded by Africans, it  would be like Haiti’. You cannot a society like Denmark with a population of Mexicans.”

“The breakdown of the West,” he stressed, “is the result of radical egalitarianism and individualism. A 100 years ago, the whole world, with the exception of Japan and Ethiopia was dominated by Europeans. Today, Europe cannot or will not even protect its heartland.’

“The end of World War  II was a catastrophe for the West. French author Celine saw the Axis forces as the bulwark of Europe against the egalitarianism of Soviet Communism,: Mr. Weber said.

“A nation that embraces an ideology not rooted in reality will not survive nor does it deserve to,” he concluded.

Source: via email from Paul Fromm 10/26/214


October 22, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Fromm Takes the Pledge (not THAT pledge!) & Backs Proportional Representation

I have always felt that the first-past-the-post voting system in unfair. Some form of proportional representation at all levels of government would yield results that more exactly reflected the will of the voters. I was asked by Fair Vote Canada to respond to a survey on several issues, including proportional representation. I was happy to do so and, as of noon today, became the first candidate for the Mayor’s position in Mississauga to take the proportional representation pledge.

Paul Fromm

Candidate for MAYOR


Frederick Fromm

Council of Canadians, Peel Chapter

2014 Municipal Election Candidate Survey

CETA – Trade between Canada and the European Union – Municipal Procurement

Despite PM Harper’s announcement that the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union has been “finalized”, it is likely that a federal election will intervene before ratification. The NDP are now reticent about this “trade” deal because Canada will be locked in for 20 years. Member states of the EU, such as Germany, are demanding changes and citizen opposition is growing. Similarly, Canadians, who have been largely kept in the dark about CETA until now, are expressing concerns.

For the very first time, this treaty will open up public procurement, not only at the national level, but also at the provincial and local levels. In Ontario, the CETA proposes to cover municipalities, school boards and publicly-funded academic, health and social service entities, as well as, provincial ministries and classified agencies. The only exclusions are energy entities, commercial or industrial agencies and the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation.

More than 70 municipalities across Canada passed motions asking for more information and a greater say in the CETA negotiations. More than 40 of those, including big cities like Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, London and Victoria, asked to be excluded from CETA altogether. These governments are concerned about procurement rules that will limit how they can spend public money to foster local development, create jobs and protect the environment. If ratified, CETA will create pressure to increase privatization of local water systems, transit and energy. Buy Local Food programs will also be impacted.


  1. If elected, will you insist that Peel  Region and Mississauga should be bound by CETA’s rules on procurement and other provisions affecting municipal governments? NO
  1. Will you press senior governments to exclude municipalities from its procurement offers to the EU? YES


  1. Do you think that Municipalities should have the right to choose the best type electoral system to better suit their constituents? YES
  1. Do you support Premier Wynne’s proposed ranked-ballot electoral reform for Mississauga. NO
  1. If elected, will you ask for a public, evidence-based process to determine which electoral system would work best for Mississauga. YES
  1. Do you think that electoral systems, at all levels of government, should achieve an element of proportionality? YES. [However, as there are no formal parties at the municipal level, proportional representation at this level might be hard to implement.]
  1. Would you consider signing the Municipal Politician’s Pledge)? YES. [and I have.  See below.]


Name_PAUL FROMM_ Candidate for MAYOR of the Municipality MISSISSAUGA______________________


Declaration of Voters’ Rights – Municipal Politician’s Pledge



x☐ Mayor (or mayoral candidate) for the municipality of MISSISSAUGA

declare that:

I believe that the current winner-take-all voting system suppresses

Canadians’ fundamental democratic rights;


I believe that the current winner-take-all voting system has contributed to the needless

polarization of our politics to the detriment of our democratic discourse;


I believe that all Canadians should be able to cast an equal and effective vote and to be

represented fairly, regardless of political belief or place of residence;


I believe our municipal councils, legislatures and parliament should have an

electoral system that gives every voter equal weight in determining the composition of

a council or legislature and no ballot is ignored or wasted;


I believe the need for reform is urgent, that Canadians need assemblies that represent

the political and social diversity of Canada;

and therefore I pledge:


1) that, if elected, I will advocate for public consultations to amend elections

laws to incorporate the aforementioned vital democratic rights;


2) that, following this consultation, I will support reforms to add a suitable

element of proportional representation to the election of representatives to our

municipal councils and legislative assemblies.


Signature PAUL FROMM Date: October 22, 2014

Please return signed to Fair Vote Canada:

Mail: Fair Vote Canada, 408 – 283


October 21, 2014 from Paul Fromm

Former Diplomat Offers A Big Raspberries for NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s Birthday

October 21, 2014

To Libby Davies, Deputy Leader, NDP

Dear Libby

Thanks for your reminder about Tom Mulcair’s birthday.

I don’t know whom you have in mind when you refer to Tom’s “always standing up for Canadians like us”.  He certainly was not standing up for any traditional Canadian when he slavishly bowed down before Harper and Israel during the slaughter of innocent Palestinians, mostly women and children, and failed to recommend harsh sanctions on the criminals responsible.

Better he step down and make way for a 100% Canadian who does not accept bribes from Zionist paymasters, who will condemn the older parties for doing so and offer a patriotic, genuine alternative to the lobby-controlled, dual-loyalty Conservatives and Liberals who so eagerly sell out their country for unCanadian financial and media support.  A leader with the courage to stand up for Canada without fear or favour is what the people need and want.  Such a leader can win overwhelmingly while a traitorous ally of the diabolical State of Israel can only lose.

That is my Birthday Message.  I hope the recipient will have the integrity to rise to the occasion and make way for a totally-unconflicted, potentially-successful, successor.

Ian Macdonald

Ottawa ON


In a message dated 2014-10-21 5:28:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

Friend,I sit beside Tom in Question Period, and everyone can see how hard he works.For his birthday this Friday, our team is putting together a card to say thanks for always standing up for Canadians like us.Add your name to Tom’s birthday card.On Friday, we’ll hand deliver your messages to help Tom celebrate.I know it will make his day.Sign your name and leave a personal message if you’d like:,Libby

Libby Davies
Deputy Leader
Canada’s New Democrats


Tremaine Free; Christian Evangelist Bill Whatcott “A Security Risk”?

VICTORIA, BC. October 18, 2014. This morning I received a call from political prisoner Terry Tremaine who had just been freed from his vindictive 30 day sentence imposed AFTER he had purged his contempt; that is, removed or asked to be removed (by STORMFRONT) several dozen postings that had been complained of by his longtime tormentor Richard Warman.

Mr. Tremaine had commented to me several days before his release for civil contempt against a law that Parliament has repealed (Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act): “Those characters is judges robes were determined to give me a custodial sentence. There is terrible overcrowding in Saskatchewan prisons. They were transferring inmates from the crowded jail in Saskatoon to Regina. This was clearly a punitive, political sentence. They should have given me a suspended sentence or an ankle bracelet.”

Political prisoner Terry Tremaine

Political prisoners are clearly treated more harshly in Canada, expense to the taxpayer be damned.

Meanwhile, activist and evangelist Bill Whatcott wanted to visit Mr. Tremaine in prison, partly in support of free speech and partly as the imperative of his Bibilical duty to comfort the afflicted and visit the imprisoned. Unlike many who talk a lot about religion, Mr. Whatcott actually practices what he proclaims. So, he applied to the prison to visit Mr. Tremaine. Mr. Tremaine duly signed an authorization accepting a visit by Mr. Whatcott.

However, no visit ever took place. “Saskatchewan Corrections turned me down as a ‘security risk’,” Mr. Whatcott told CAFE. “I’m not going to break the guy out. He’s only serving 30 days,” he scoffed. “I am not a drug pusher.”

Authorities regularly invoke “security” to justify bullying and repression. Visitors see the prisoners behind a plexiglass barrier.  The notion that the 50ish evangelist would somehow be a danger to Mr. Tremaine or the prison is ludicrous. The “security threat” assertion becomes even more inane when we consider that Mr. Whatcott and I both visisted another political prisoner, Brad Love in Lindsay in May. Ontario’s prisons seemed to have no problem with Mr. Whatcott visiting Mr. Love or another female political prisoner, anti-abortion campaigner Linda Gibbons, then incarcerated in Milton in the Vanier Centre for Women.- Paul Fromm

October 21, 2014 from Paul Fromm

The Coming Dispossession of the European Founding/Settler People of Canada

“…We’re with Olivia…

In Toronto, there are many ways to say “I’m with Olivia.” Commit to vote for Olivia Chow at


Toronto Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow’s Promotional Video, or “How to Marginalize Canada’s Official Languages in 30 Seconds.”

October 14, 2014

HP - among the leading practicioners and advocates of the doctrine of racial purity and racial superiority are the Jews, yet they are by far the most vociferous critics of any other races who adopt the idea, such as Germans in the ‘thirties.  I guess they just don’t want any competition!  IV

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 2014-10-07 1:35:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Nazi eugenics vindicated

October 6, 2014

Editor NATIONAL POST Toronto

Dear Sir,

Nazi eugenics policy realistic (“genes are a key ingredient to success”, NP 6/10/14)

When the National Socialists in Germany during the ‘thirties quite plausibly incorporated  eugenics into their plan to enhance the performance of their citizens and their nation, liberals throughout Western Civilization were horrified.  The Nazis were denounced for their diabolical plan to produce a “Master Race” destined, supposedly, to rule over lesser breeds throughout the world.

The very concept of fostering a race of superior people soon became anathema in academic circles and ignited a veritable hate-fest against professors intrepid enough even to broach the subject of inherent differences among races.  The victims included the conscientious Philip Rushton of the University of Western Ontario who was hounded mercilessly to an early death when his published research revealed Asian intellectual superiority and, unfortunately for Prof. Rushton, significant Negro inferiority.

Today, daringly flouting the taboo, the National Post appeared with an entire page devoted to the subject..  It was authored by three academics, one from Michigan State University which serves a State where the writer was once Canadian Consul.  By coincidence, race relations were very much in the limelight at the time (mid-‘sixties) with the Rev. Martin Luther King in his histrionic prime.  The happily-approving  Department of Foreign Affairs requested that each Consulate in the United States report on the Civil Rights Movement in its jurisdiction, the success of which was a matter of professed gratification to the Minister.

As expected, all Canadian Consulates provided glowing reports, except for the Detroit Consulate that alone was prepared to call a spade a spade and demonstrated in an 8 page despatch that the promised “equality\” and “emancipation” were empty rhetoric impossible of achievement, that Blacks (Negroes) were decisively less intelligent on average than Whites while lacking also the entrepreneurial skills and work ethic which were the prerequisite to capital formation and a high living standard.  With regard to Detroit, the report was remarkably prescient.

There was no response from the Department to the Politically Incorrect, if not iconoclastic, analysis, but it reportedly caused widespread panic at External - not because it was truthful, but from fear that the report would be leaked to the public and (since it was an official External document) the whole Department would be accused of “racism”, which was the kiss of death in those days.  “Anti-racism” still dominates public policy today, especially where it relates to Jews and Blacks, but it has been weakened by open criticism and ridicule on the Internet and, if your article is any guide, may soon find itself under attack in the mainline media..

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald


October 9, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Reacting to “Health in Peel” Briefing by the Peel Poverty Action Group

PORT CREDIT. October 8. Tonight, I attended a briefing on health for all candidates presented by the Peel Poverty Action Group. Only two of Mississauga’s 16 mayoralty candidates attended, along with six candidates for Council and three for school trustee.

Meeting Chairman Jim McDowell of the Peel Regional Labour Council made some good points in highlighting unemployment problems, especially loss of manufacturing jobs. He stressed the need for better dental care, such care being vital to overall health.

The main presentation was by Anu Radha Verma of the East Mississauga Community Health Clinic. She spoke on dental care, surviving without health insurance, newcomer health, health issues for transsexuals,, housing and health.

In terms of policy suggestions, she was very exercised about “people who do not have status” — in other words, illegals — and their problems. She wanted Mississauga to be like Toronto and Hamilton and serve people regardless of their immigration status. My position is clear: These people are illegally in the country and should be deported. Providing benefits to them would be a betrayal of our taxpayers.

She also urged Mississauga to be more LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer] friendly and to provide “gender neutral” washrooms for the transgendered. I oppose catering to already pampered minorities. I am pro-family and oppose most of the homosexual agenda which seeks to transform our society.


October 6, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

In Response to Zionist Pressure the Internet Bigs Vow to Censor “Racism, Anti-Semitism” and Criticism of Israel

Cancelling the odd conference of free thinkers under pressure from the Zionist lobby, as the Hungarian Government failed to do this past weekend in Budapest, is small potatoes compared to the main target. For 20 years, groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti-Defamation League have tried to gag the Internet as a free forum for ideas, well any ideas they don’t like; such as criticism of Israel, serious discussion of immigration and replacement of Whites (dubbed “racism”), and any challenge to the Hollywood version of World War II (dubbed “anti-semitism” of “holocaust denial.”

This is an effort to do away with freedom of speech in the comment sections of just about any and all sites. A trial run for implementing this in the physical world perhaps?  Anyway their excuse is to do stop “racism, hatred, antisemitism, and anti israeli comments.”  Apparently the latter is the real motivation.

Come on, Free Speech Supporters, contact Google, Twitter, facebook and Microsoft and remind them that America still has a quaint concept called the First Amendment. That means FREEDOM OF SPEECH, for the benefit of the politically correct brainwashed. Beyond that, there is the basic human right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. How dare they!

Paul Fromm



Web giants unite to fight online hate

By Marcus Dysch, September 23, 2014
Follow Marcus on Twitter

Internet giants Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have pledged to work harder to tackle online hatred after agreeing a deal with a leading antisemitism watchdog.

The companies endorsed a series of pledges on Monday following talks in California with the Inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism.

Described by one insider as a “game-changing” development, the agreement will see the companies increase efforts to stop the proliferation of racist and abusive comments on their sites.

The technology firms are all members of the ICCA’s working group on cyber hate. The Anti-Defamation League is a co-convenor of the group. The taskforce has been leading collaborative efforts with politicians, lawyers and the business world to force racism and hatred from the web.

Digital help

An IT professional with over 30 years experience has launched an initiative to fight antisemitism and anti-Israel activity on social media.
The DJ First scheme offers free training courses for members of the community on how to use social networks like Twitter.
Gary Simon, who set up the project, explained that social media could be harnessed as a weapon against antisemitism but the community was suffering from a knowledge gap in the area.

Under the agreement, the companies have committed to introduce more user-friendly reporting systems, and will respond quicker to allegations of abuse. They will also enforce tougher sanctions against those who post abusive messages.

More work will now take place between the companies to develop further ideas on tackling online hate speech and create educational materials.

An ICCA spokeswoman in London said: “This is very significant. It’s the first time solutions have been found. If we have the big players then the others will follow. It’s not too much to say it’s a game-changer.”

British members of the working group travelled to Los Angeles last week to strike the deal. Labour MP John Mann joined Superintendent Paul Giannasi, of the Ministry of Justice’s Hate Crime Unit, and Mike Whine of the Community Security Trust, in California.

Mr Mann, ICAA chair, said: “We welcome this development and will continue to work with the industry, governments and parliaments to implement these best practices and work against the spread of hatred on the internet.”

Mr Whine said: “The internet has facilitated and encouraged the spread of hate speech. The impact is of mounting concern to governments, their criminal justice agencies and civil society alike.

“These new agreed best practices are a significant step forward. They follow five meetings in Silicon Valley which CST helped prepare and facilitate.”


September 26, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Majorial DebatePaul Fromm (second from left, front row)

Catch Paul Fromm in The Mississauga  Mayoral Debate — Schedule of Showings

MIRANET Mayoral Forum last night in the Rogers TV studio!  We appreciate everyone’s goodwill and contribution to the discussion.

The Forum will be rebroadcast on Rogers TV (Channel 10 in Mississauga) at the following dates/times (more may be added):

Friday, September 26 @ 2:00 PM (just wrapping up!)

Saturday, September 27 @ 5:00 PM
Saturday, October 04 @ 9:00 PM
Sunday, October 05 @ 10:00 PM
Tuesday, October 07 @ 4:00 AM
Thursday, October 23 @ 10:00 PM


October 3, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm:

Quesnel Cariboo Observer runs front page story on OCLA support for Arthur Topham 


Arthur Topham

October 1, 2014

Quesnel Cariboo Observer Arthur TophamDear Reader,

October 1, 2014 was another great day for free speech in Canada with the welcome news that my local community newspaper the Quesnel Cariboo Observer had published a front page story outlining the Ontario Civil Liberties Association’s (OCLA) support for myself and for free expression across the nation. I was also able to contribute my comments on the OCLA petition and support statements which was an additional bonus.

When a person is normally charged with these types of offences the usual modus operandi of the mainstream media is to join ranks and play up the charge of “hate” so as to vilify and slander the victim of these specious “crimes”. Then, after stigmatizing the person, they usually turn a blind eye to the accused’s side of the story, shroud the case in silence until the trial commences, and then begin the same process all over in order to curry further ill will and antagonism toward the alleged “hater”.

That form of demeaning, one-sided, biased approach to journalism I am happy to say has not been the way of Quesnel newspaper has treated one of its local citizens and I’m very proud to say that this fair and impartial treatment of myself and the case is a shining example of independent journalism; one that we can only hope the remainder of the msm, over 90% of which is Zionist controlled in Canada, would emulate.

Thanks to the article entering the mainstream OCLA has added this story to their online petition which will only enhance its stature and reinforce the seriousness of what the OCLA initiative is striving to accomplish.

I would once again ask readers, if they haven’t already done so, to consider reading and signing the petition which at this point has garnered around four hundred signatures and dozens of highly informed, cogent comments from individuals around Canada and the world. Every time a person signs the petition and leaves a comment, a copy of that comment goes to the Attorney General of British Columbia, the Honourable Suzanne Alton, reminding her to remove her consent from the charge laid against me.

Please let’s keep the ball rolling on this and support the fine efforts of the OCLA. They, like myself, are risking much in standing up to these obscene, intrusive and highly unjust “Hate Propaganda” laws that were designed with one purpose in mind – to censor and penalize any and all criticism of the state of Israel and the ideology of political Zionism, thus allowing the crimes of this rogue, apartheid state to go on unhindered and unchallenged.

Click HERE to go to the petition. And click HERE to read OCLA’s public statement on this matter.

To read OCLA’s letter to the BC Attorney General asking her to withdraw her consent for this prosecution please click HERE.

For Truth and Justice for All,

Arthur Topham


Canada’s Radical News Network

“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″

OCLA Letter to Ontario


October 2, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

My [Paul Fromm] Campaign is Opening Up the Immigration Debate

From: Craig wilson <[email protected]>

[To apparently Paul Fromm]
Subject: traffic

Message Body:

I am very interested in hearing how stopping immigration would somehow lower the amount of traffic in Mississauga? I would like actual data if you can provide any, and I’m not interested in your opinion  which seems to be based on nothing factual. Would you also stop “immigrants” from moving to mississauga after banning new ones? If not, how would you lower the amount of cars in mississauga if you dont also ban people from coming here from other places in Canada? Would you ban drivers from other provinces who don’t live here? How about tourists? Also I would like to know how you would deal with effects of a falling population level in Canada if we stopped immigration? What type of tax increases are you suggesting to make up for the lost revenue if you plan on continuing the same level of  basic civil and social services with a falling population? So far it appears to me that you are basing your platform on nothing but misguided views, no facts or evidence. I would sincerely appreciate even a short reply to any of my question.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on A WordPress Site (

Paul Fromm <[email protected]>
to Craig

Mr. Wilson:

From your tone, I think you’ve already made up your mind.

Traffic gridlock is a result of two factors — massive population increase (now mostly driven by immigration) and a failure to build or expand transportation infrastructure. According to stats published on-line by Peel Region, Peel will grow by 71,000 more people over the next four years.

An effective approach to traffic gridlock requires dealing with both factors. A five year moratorium on immigration — to Canada, not just Peel — would alleviate most of the anticipated growth. A massive spending commitment mostly by the Province would be needed to build the transportation network necessary just for the population already here. Other less expensive measures — synchronizing green lights on major thoroughfares, better use of the Go Trains — would provide some short term relief.

Don’t be silly. Of course, tourists and other Canadians would be free to drive to Mississauga. I am talking about population increase. We have freedom of mobility in Canada and immigrants already here and other Canadians would be free to move here.

I don’t think we can reduce the number of cars in Mississauga. We can, however,  try to stop further population and car growth here.

I have heard about the scary “falling population” bogeyman since the mid-1970s. For one thing, population will not begin to decline for another couple of decades. The key issue is jobs. today, Canada has 1.5-million people unemployed; a further 900,000, according to Statistics Canada are involuntarily in part-time jobs. Thus, we have nearly 2.5-million unemployed or underemployed Canadians.  There are not enough jobs for our existing population. Immigration simply heaps more misery on the unemployed. There are not jobs for the newcomers. Until we approach full employment — effectively a 2 per cent unemployment rate — immigration is folly. It keeps Canadians unemployed and disillusions the newcomers, many of whom cannot find the good jobs they’d hoped for.

You ask: “What type of tax increases are you suggesting to make up for the lost revenue if you plan on continuing the same level of  basic civil and social services with a falling population?” Well, first, if there is a declining population, surely there will be a declining demand for “basic civil and social services”. Sp So, where is the problem?

I have heard the ageing baby boomers and potential declining population argument since the mid-1970s. There has been no such decline. We were once told that we needed hordes of immigrants to pay for the pensions of the baby boomers. This all but admitted that CPP was a Ponzi scheme, The immigration lobby seems to have withdrawn from that blackmail argument. In the early 2000s, then Finance Minister Paul Martin put the CPP on a more actuarially  viable basis. The notion of immigrants supporting future social progrrammes is highly problematic. The vision of young, high wages immigrants paying hefty taxes to support the ageing baby boomers just doesn’t jibe with reality. Actually, the average immigrant is slightly OLDER than the average Canadian.  Immigrants age and they, too, will make increasingly demands on social services.

The fact is since the 1980s newcomers have done very poorly economically. A C.D. Howe Institute study found that newcomers were 20% more poorly off than comparably qualified Canadians five years after arrival in Canada. They face twice the rate of unemployment as Canadians (not surprising, considering our high unemployment levels). Clearly, these people will not be contributing to the tax base. A devastating 2011 study by Professor Herb  Grubel, a former Reform Party MP and economist at Simon Fraser Institute, showed that the cohort of immigrants arriving from 1984 to 2005 were an annual net $25-billion detriment to the Canadian economy. He studied the taxes at all levels the paid as against the services they used from the tax pool. In sum, they took more than $25-billion a year than they contributed.

Interestingly, if we had a moratorium on immigration, and gradually returned to full employment, young people might feel an increasing sense of optimism and confidence — as their grandparents did after World War II — and start having more babies, thus addressing the declining population fear you raise.

Paul Fromm

Candidate for Mayor


Sept. 29, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm:

From the Campaign Trail — Two

Hostile Media Interviews

Monday, September 29. Today was taken up with organization, literature distribution and two media interviews.

The first interview was with  Jeanylyn Lopez, editorial contributor to  Mississauga Life. As you can see from the cover of the current issue, they’ve already made up their minds that the major candidates are two former Liberal MPs Steve Mahoney and Bonnie “Leverage Diversity” Crombie. Their visages grace the current issue.

The other 14 candidates, I guess, are just fringies. However, our interview will be on-line Miss Lopez assured me. The interview was pretty straight forward until she decided to ask me about being fired from the Peel Board 17 years ago for my political views expressed on my own time, off school property. Somewhat apologetically she also asked the tired old question: “Are you a White supremacist?”

“No, I do not want to impose anything on foreign countries. I want a secure homeland for the European founding settler people of Canada” We’ll see how it turns out.

This evening, I rushed over to Rogers Cable Channel 10 to tape Cable 10 Live, a half hour show which will be repeated several times. Michael A. Charbon, the host or hatchet man was one dressed in a garish orange and purple patterned tie and a pocket handkerchief the size of a face towel. From the first moment, I knew this was ambush television. The host seethed hostility. “In 1981, you founded the Canadian Association for Free Expression. You wanted to cut off foreign aid to all Third World People.”

Well, actually, it was Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform and we wanted to reduce foreign aid because much of it went to corrupt governments. Yes, almost all foreign aid went to the Third World.

Then, he read some anonymous description of the free speech

work of CAFE — defending the rights of racists, holocaust” deniers and anti-Semites. I patiently pointed out we defend the rights of all Canadians and all non-violent points of view, including homosexual/lesbian Little Sisters bookstore back in the 1980s when Customs Canada was repeatedly harassing them.


He then charged  I had said on my website that I want to represent White Canadians in Mississauga. I had said no such thing and told him so.

I kept trying to focus on Mississauga issues and gradually gained control of the show. He repeatedly interrupted me. However, I was able to bring forth my message of “respect for the taxpayer” and “fighting traffic gridlock.”

‘How can you run for Mayor if you oppose multiculturalism?” he demanded shocked.

“I oppose multiculturalism as a policy. It breeds chaos and disunity. We should emphasize our Canadian core values,”  I shot back.


Sept 28, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm:

Busy Weekend on Campaign Trail — Mayor of Mississauga

This was a busy weekend on the campaign trail with extensive literature distribution in many parts of Mississauga.

Elect Paul Fromm, Mayor of Mississauga,


Facebook: Elect Paul Fromm Mayor of Mississauga



The Motorists’ Friend Unveils “Fight Traffic Gridlock – A Transportation Policy for Mississauga”


PORT CREDIT.  September  29, 2014. This morning mayoralty candidate Paul Fromm unveiled a transportation policy for Mississauga entitled “Fight Traffic Gridlock.”

For at least the last five years, polls have shown that residents of Mississauga consider traffic gridlock the major issue. “If elected Mayor, I will make it my number one priority,” said the former educator and foundation director. “I will camp out at Queen’s Park and on Parliament Hill to drive home to these other levels of Government that urgent action and funding are needed.”

“Traffic gridlock frays nerves, wears cars out prematurely and costs Ontario over $6-billion annually,” the candidate who bills himself as “the motorists’ friend” added.

“Traffic gridlock is the result of two factors,” Mr. Fromm explained: “Huge population growth in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), mostly due to immigration, and the neglect over the last 40 years to adequately build transportation infrastructure. This is largely a failure of the Provincial Government. The network of roads in the GTA was excellent in 1980. In the meantime, federal policies have stuffed more than another 3-million people into the GTA, Mississauga has ballooned from 300,000 in 1980 to 754,000 today. With the exception of Highway 407, almost no new infrastructure has been built.”

Mr. Fromm contended: “Mississauga cannot deal with traffic gridlock in a vacuum. In many ways, our gridlock problems are wash back from the total congestion of Toronto, especially on the Queen Elizabeth Way, Highway 401, Highway 403 and Highway 427. Unsnarling traffic gridlock in the GTA will depend to a large extent on solving Toronto’s problems.”

“I am committed to exerting dynamic leadership to keep solving traffic gridlock on the top of the agenda,” he vowed.

Action must be taken nationally, regionally, and locally.

Nationally, the Dominion Government must be urged to declare a five year moratorium on immigration. This isn’t just to give the GTA and Vancouver breathing space to address traffic gridlock. The fact is that, with 1.5-million Canadians unemployed, another 900,000 involuntarily consigned to part-time jobs and the loss over the past decade of 300,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario alone, there is no economic case for any immigration at this time. There just aren’t jobs for our own people. Immigration at this time is unjust to our own unemployed and to newcomers, whom study after study have found are not doing well at all economically.

Immigration is the major driver of growth in the GTA, including Mississauga. It is estimated that Peel region will grow by an additional 73,000 over the next four years. Region of Peel Social Services notes: Immigration is a major driving force behind the growth of Peel’s community. Immigrants accounted for approximately 80% of the growth in Peel’s population between 2001 and 2006.

Regionally, Toronto must address traffic gridlock. Proposals for this go beyond what we can discuss in the current election in Mississauga. Detailed proposals can be found at

However, existing Hydro right-of-ways could be used to build the network of expressways that would ease the pressure and back up on the QEW, the 401 and Highway 427.

A key regional priority should be the extension of the subway through Sherway and on to Square One.  Existing railway lines could be used for most of this line.

We should lobby for two-way service every 30 minutes on the GO Kitchener and Milton lines. This would provide many Mississaugans with a viable alternative to driving to Toronto.

Locally. “I stand unabashedly for the motorist. We must get Mississauga moving again. It is Government’s role to give people what they want and need – better roads and improved traffic flow,” says Mr. Fromm.

  1. Traffic lights should be synchronized green on major thoroughfares like the Dundas, Eglinton, Burhamthorpe, the Queensway, Hurontario, Cawthra and Erin Mills Parkway. The aim should be to move, not slow, traffic.
  2. The original 1966 plan for the 403 was to take it along the hydro right-of-way to join up with Highway 427. If such a spur were built, it would take a lot of pressure off the 401 as it passes through Mississauga.
  3. The proposed LRT down Hurontario is folly. Few people want to move north/south from Brampton to Port Credit. The major flow is west/east toward Toronto. The LRT is slow and, worst of all, will seriously reduce room for traffic on Hurontario. More buses should be added.
  4. Transportation plans should be based on demand, not on manipulative notions of directing people.
  5. Timely road maintenance should be a high priority. Mississauga roads should not be allowed to fall into the deplorable state of many Toronto roads – the result of years of neglect and penny pinching.
  6. Enforcement should be geared to safety rather than “revenuing.” Motorists should be respected. Threatening letters from enforcement officials should be signed and a contact number or e-mail provided.


Sept. 25, 2014 email from Paul Fromm:

A Busy Media Day — Surviving “Diversity”

Exciting day on the campaign trail. I taped a five minute commercial on Rogers 10 Cable TV this afternoon. Tonight I participated in a two hour debate with 9 other mayoralty candidates sponsored by MIRANET (the Mississauga Residents’ Associations Network). It was broadcast live on Rogers 10 Cable TV. I stressed fighting traffic gridlock. I opposed a suggestion by an Urdu publisher and candidate Khan that the city put employments ads in his paper. “English is the language of this country. Advertizing in Urdu or Chinese only encourages ghettoization,” I said.

It was all I could do not to heave up my supper when candidate Bonnie Crombie, a former MP and now city counsellor, battered our ears with a string of platitudes: “We must challenge ourselves to be more diverse; we must leverage our diversity: Mississauga is dynamic and diverse ….”
Photo: Exciting day on the campaign trail. I taped a five minute commercial on Rogers 10 Cable TV this afternoon. Tonight I participated in a two hour debate with 9 other mayoralty candidates sponsored by MIRANET (the Mississauga Residents’ Associations Network). It was broadcast live on Rogers 10 Cable TV. I stressed fighting traffic gridlock. I opposed a suggestion by an Urdu publisher and candidate Khan that the city put employments ads in his paper. “English is the language of this country. Advertizing in Urdu or Chinese only encourages ghettoization,” I said.

It was all I could do not to heave up my supper when candidate Bonnie Crombie, a former MP and now city counsellor, battered our ears with a string of platitudes: “We must challenge ourselves to be more diverse; we must leverage our diversity: Mississauga is dynamic and diverse ….”




Sept. 19, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm for Mayor of Mississauga: Campaign Update

This has been a very busy week:

MONDAY. I spent a lot of time working on my campaign website: and on my Facebook site:

TUESDAY: I took a couple of campaigners out and we did some leafleting in Port Credit. I also filmed a short video on a pedestrian crosswalk over the Queen Elizabeth Highway to discuss traffic gridlock. The sound was a bit of a problem because of the noise of the traffic.

About to record a video about traffic gridlock

WEDNESDAY: I am beginning to get an enthusiastic response from people across the country. Many are telling their friends in Mississauga to vote for me. I investigate banner signs. I order election business cards. I respond to media queries. A profile of my candidacy appears in the Mississauga News. The website is attracting volunteers.

THURSDAY: I appear on the Don Black Show (STORMFRONT) on Rense Radio and discuss my candidacy. I get positive response from a number of Canadian listeners. Later I give an hour long interview with Brandon Martinez of the Non-Aligned Network. discuss freedom of speech and my candidacy. I do more leafleting in Port Credit. People are beginning to volunteer to help me. I do an online interview with Arthur Topham of

FRIDAY: I pick up my business cards and they look great. I finalize plans to start by banner ads on Mississauga – the online outlet of the local paper. I am directing people to our website. More leafleting. I drop in on some local contacts and introduce them to my candidacy.

Residents or Ontario who wish to help the Elect Paul Fromm campaign should send donations by cheque to P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3 and make the cheques payable to “Elect Paul Fromm Mayor”. All donations will be receipted.

Sept. 24, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Huge Development: Ontario Civil Liberties Association Backs Arthur Topham in Internet “Hate” Case & Calls on B.C,. AG to Withdraw the Charges

Arthur Topham is the victim of eight years of judicial persecution for the non-violent expression of his anti-Zionist opinions on his website

First, he was the object of a complaint by B’nai Brith Harry Abrams under the old Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship). The case was heading toward a tribunal hearing. However, Sec. 13 was stymied by the Marc Lemire ruling. Then, Parliament, after much pressure by free speech supporters, repealed Sec. 13.

So, Abrams and his new ally Richard Warman (the instigator of numerous Sec. 13 complaints) regrouped. They complained to the BC “hate squad” and Arthur Topham was charged under Sec. 319 of Canada’s Criminal Code — the notorious “hate law.”

He could go to jail for two years simply for the non-violent expression of his political or historical opinions.

CAFE has backed him from the start. We were granted intervener status at the planned Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearings. We have continued to back him during his latest judicial torment.

He has now attracted the support of the influential and prestigious Ontario Civil Liberties Association. this is huge. This group is calling on B.C. Attorney General Suzanne Anton to “withdraw her consent” to these charges; that is, drop the charges. Under the “hate law”, a charge can only be laid with the consent of the provincial attorney general. If she takes a second look at this disgraceful case of harassment and abuse by process and withdraws her consent, that will be the end of Topham’s torment.

It is vitally important that you sign this online petition initiated by the OCLA for Arthur.

Paul Fromm

You don’t have to be a Canadian to sign this petition and I humbly ask that everyone who values the right to self-expression please sign it and if possible add a comment as to why you did. As well, please pass this on to anyone else who may value freedom of speech.

Hon. Suzanne Anton — Retract your consent for the criminal proceedings against Mr. Arthur Topham.

    1. Petition by

Ontario Civil Liberties Association

Join the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) in defending the civil rights of Arthur Topham. No one in Canada should be jailed or criminally convicted for saying what they believe, or for stating an opinion, ever. No proven and caused actual harm to an actual identified person, no jail, and no criminal charge!

Please sign the petition.


The Ontario Civil Liberties Association vigorously advocates for authentic and unqualified freedom of expression of individuals, on all topics and in every form, in accordance with the right to free expression enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Civil rights and legal context

The threats to civil liberties caused by the hate propaganda provisions (sections 318 to 320) of the Criminal Code of Canada affect all Canadians.

The said sections define offences resulting in prison sentences of up to five years for speech that need not be proven to have caused physical or psychological harm to any person. The sections define crimes of expression in which the Crown is not required to prove that there was a victim, or that any person suffered actual harm.

The said sections are applied at the discretion of the Government, since no proceeding can be instituted without the consent of the Attorney General. As such, the use of such a proceeding as a political instrument is an inescapable feature of the law.

The political nature of charges made to date under the said sections is evident. Powerful individuals calling for or condoning wars of aggression that are actually carried out are never charged. The accused are typically politically isolated ordinary bloggers and publicists, who express highly unpopular views that attract the political opportunism of influential lobby groups.

At the Government’s whim, the accused is confronted with the unlimited legal resources of the Crown, and the investigative resources of the police – who will typically make a home-invasive seizure of all storage and communication equipment and agreements (mobile phones, computers, account statements, stored emails, books, etc.).

The arrested individual must apply for bail release. If released from custody, bail conditions can include a partial or total gag-order about the proceedings and about the impugned expression.

On-going Arthur Topham prosecution

Mr. Topham is a peaceful married man, a father of four, grandfather of eight, and a small business man in a rural community, who has not previously been charged with any crime. In 2012, he was arrested in front of his spouse, detained, and has been subjected to a broad house-invasive seizure, and to many preliminary court proceedings, in which he is now self-represented by necessity.

Mr. Topham has a website on which he publishes his critical views and those of others. On this website, as explained by the Crown in a preliminary court hearing held in January 2014, Mr. Topham has:

1)       re-published the 1941 book by Theodore N. Kaufman, entitled “Germany Must Perish!”;

2)       published his expressly-satirical piece entitled “Israel Must Perish!”, in which he solely changed “Germany” to “Israel”, “German” to “Jew”, and “Hitler” to “Netanyahu” in parts of the original book by Kaufman;

3)       re-published “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, (first published in Russia in 1903);

4)       re-published the 1967 book by Eustace Mullins, entitled “The Biological Jew”;

5)       re-published the 1964 book by Elizabeth Dilling, entitled “The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today”;

6)       published a blog post by himself, entitled “Karen Selick: Just Another Hate-mongering Germanophobe Jew”.

On the basis of such internet materials, posted to a website, the BC resident is being prosecuted pursuant to section 319(2) of the Criminal Code:

—-Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.—-

Mr. Topham is a passionate communicator with unpopular views about society. Mr. Topham is open, authentic, and honest, as is evident from his postings about the proceedings against him.

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association believes that the proceedings against Mr. Topham are systemically political in nature and should not be consuming public, police, and judicial resources. We believe that the proceedings are harmful to Canadian society, in addition to being unacceptably unjust towards a citizen.

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association knows of no scientific basis (sociological or psychological) whereby the emotion of “hate” can be causally and deterministically induced in a person by a communicator of words posted to a website.

The next court hearing, in Quesnel, BC, is scheduled for September 29, 2014.

We ask that the Attorney General retract her consent for the proceeding against Mr. Topham, in the interest of preserving a just and democratic Canada.

Hon. Suzanne Anton, Attorney General of BC,[email protected]

Hon. Suzanne Anton — Retract your consent for the criminal proceedings against Mr. Arthur Topham.



“Diversity Committee” – No Way, Says Fromm

Elect Paul Fromm, Mayor of Mississauga

P.O. Box 332,

Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3


Facebook: Elect Paul Fromm Mayor of Mississauga


 Diversity Committee” – No Way, Says Fromm

Mississauga, September 25, 2014. “Diversity is a code word for discrimination against people of European origin,” Mississauga mayoralty candidate Paul Fromm said today.

He was reacting to a Globe and Mail report (September 12) that rival candidate Bonnie Crombie had “proposed a diversity and inclusion committee to ensure staff and council ‘reflect the diversity of the city.’” Her proposal was made at a forum sponsored by the Social Justice Collaborative, Thursday evening.

“If reported correctly,” Mr. Fromm said, “Miss Crombie’s proposal is illegal, discriminatory and absurd. Voters determine the makeup of City Council.”

As for city staff, he added, “we should hire strictly on the basis of skills and merit. There has been far too much ‘employment equity,’ which means discrimination against European, traditional Canadians, especially White males,” said Mr. Fromm, who is in demand as a speaker in Canada, the U.S. and Britain for his contrarian views on immigration.

Residents or Ontario who wish to help the Elect Paul Fromm campaign should send donations by cheque to P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3 and make the cheques payable to “Elect Paul Fromm Mayor”. All donations will be receipted.


Sept. 18, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

CBC Mission: Manufacturing Consent

The CBC Formula for Political Panel Discussions

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

 Noam Chomsky, American linguist and U.S. media and foreign policy critic.

After all these years, and the CBC has stuck to the same formula. To keep up the pretence of representing “all strands of public opinion”- to borrow a phrase from the BBC mandate—in the early 90s, CBC radio host Peter Gzowski would host a mock political debate between three leftists, Dalton Camp, the Red Tory, Eric Kierans the left-wing Liberal, and Stephen Lewis, the New Democrat.  Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-Dumb, and Tweedle-Dumber.

Now, instead of the incestuous troika of Dalton, Kierans and Lewis, CBC TV’s “The National”, viewers are habitually introduced to a cozy political panel of “Chantelle”, “Andrew” and “Bruce”, three peas in a pod. The fourth pea is the facilitator, news anchor Peter Mansbridge.

All support mass immigration. All support Multiculturalism. All love population growth and a bigger Canada.  And all are part of the imagined “consensus” that PC journalists believe Canadians support.

This what the CBC calls “diversity”. 

If, as the CBC motto claims, “Canada Lives Here”, Canada must be a very small place indeed. Small enough to fit into a shoe box. But the truth is, most Canadians don’t “live” in the CBC. In fact, they don’t even tune into it— or tune into its ideology. Yet their tax money is conscripted to pay for it!  Hmm. It’s almost as if Mother Corp believes that all those Canadians who live in the CBC wouldn’t voluntarily pay the rent. Hence the extortion.

I must confess, however, that I do watch “The National”. Why? Because I regard the CBC as an infallible guide to what is not happening in the world.  In other words, for me, the CBC is like a  compass. When I want to go north, I go in the direction that the CBC compass designates as south—and visa versa. And why do I watch their ‘political panels’?  I am a voyeur. I like to eavesdrop on Cultural Marxists having a family quarrel.

Tim Murray

September 18, 2014


Sept 21, 1014 from Paul Fromm via email:



Non-Aligned Media Interview With CAFE Director Paul Fromm

CAFE director Paul Fromm

On this second episode of the Non-Aligned Media podcast, host Brandon Martinez is joined by special guest Paul Fromm, a Canadian free speech activist and mayoralty candidate in the city of Mississauga.

Fromm and Martinez discuss the duplicitous nature of Canada’s “hate speech” laws and the malevolent agenda of the political correctness commissars who enforce them. Noted in the show was the Jewish-Zionist origins of the “hate” laws in Canada and the negative influence of that community on Canada’s broader political culture.

Fromm also outlined his political programme as a candidate for mayor of Mississauga in Ontario, which includes fighting traffic gridlock in the city and halting immigration.

Fromm’s websites are  and

Written by Brandon Martinez

Brandon Martinez is an independent writer and journalist from Canada who specializes in foreign policy issues, international affairs and 20th and 21st century history. For years he has written on Zionism, Israel-Palestine, American and Canadian foreign policy, war, terrorism and deception in media and politics. His articles and analysis have appeared on Press TV, Veterans News Now, Media With Conscience News, Whatsupic, Intifada Palestine, Information Clearing House, What Really Happened, and other alternative media outlets. He is the co-founder of Non-Aligned Media with Joshua Blakeney and the author of an upcoming book addressing Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Readers can contact him at martinezperspective[at] or visit his blog at


Sept. 10, 2014 Via email from Paul Fromm

Federal Court of Appeal Sends Political Prisoner Terry Tremaine Back to Prison

REGINA. September 10, 2014. The Federal Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by political prisoner Terry Tremaine. Mr. Tremaine was appealing against a 30 day sentence originally imposed by Federal Court Judge Sean Harrington for civil contempt.

The contempt charge had been laid after numerous complaints by Richard Warman, who brought the initial complaint under the notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, now repealed by Parliament. Sec. 13 involved Internet censorship. The Warman complaint focused on numerous postings Mr. Tremaine, a former lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, had made on the U.S. website STORMFRONT under the name mathdoktor 99.

Canadian Association for Free Expression Director Presenting Terry Tremaine with CAFE’s Free Speech Award, Regina, February. 2013.

Judge Harrington had initially found Mr. Tremaine not guilty after a trial in Victoria in 2010. He held that Mr. Tremaine had not been served with the Federal Court Order (confirming the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal “cease and desist” order.) The Federal Court of Appeals overturned Judge Harrington in 2011 and advanced the novel notion that “cease and desist” required Mr. Tremaine to remove all the impugned posts, rather than not post similar material in the future,. even though the order made no mention of such action.

Originally, in sentencing Mr. Tremaine in 2013, Judge Harrington ordered him to remove numerous posts. If he did not comply, he would go to jail for six months.  Mr. Tremaine complied, but still faced a month in prison. Usually, in civil contempt cases, jail time is imposed only if the accused remains non-compliant.

Amnesty International defines a “prisoner of conscience” or a political prisoner as a person punished for the non-violent expression of his political, religious or cultural views.

Mr. Tremaine expressed disappointment at the Court of Appeal’s decision, noting that the court seemed persuaded by Judge Harrington’s melodramatic denunciation of the gentle scholar and scuba diver as “a villain.”

The decision seems to say, he added: “Screw the fact that the law which was offended has been repealed by Parliament. Screw the fact this is merely civil contempt. As he’s a political dissident put the boots to the guy.”

The decision is not yet available on line. When it is, CAFE will provide a further analysis.


August via email from Paul Fromm

Political Censorship in Canada: The Thought Control Freaks at the Canadian Human Rights Commission Tried to Prosecute Webmaster Marc Lemire for This Satirical Poem

Satire is the use of humour and exaggeration for social criticism. Few creatures on God’s green earth are more joyless and humourless than the politically correct. Even a jackass occasionally cracks a smile. And there are few people more humourless than the Canadian Human Rights Commission thought police. In a Richard Warman complaint (yes, who else, but the complaint champion?), Marc Lemire was accused of exposing privileged minorities to “hatred or contempt” for publishing what has been referred to as “the Immigrant Poem” on his website, The Freedomsite.

This poem [below] in one form or another has circulated around the office water cooler for 30 years. While Marc Lemire was not convicted, that such harmless political satire could ever land a person in trouble shows how bitter is the struggle for the freedom of speech of Canada’s dispossessed European Majority.

Luckily, in June of this year, Sec. 13, the censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, was finally repealed by Parliament.

CAFE played a major role in the battle to rid Canada of at least this weapon of thought control.

Paul Fromm





CAFE, Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3


___    Here is my donation of $_______ to help CAFÉ’s ambitious campaign for free speech across Canada   in 2014, supporting Arthur Topham and other victims of censorship.

___Please renew my subscription for 2014 to the Free Speech Monitor ($15).

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Ken Hilborn Booklets

Professor Kenneth H.W. Hilborn was an outspoken scourge of political correctness. Over a 28 year period, he wrote 13 booklets for C-FAR’s Canadian Issue Series. Here is a selection you might wish to add to your library.


__ The Cult of the Victim $5.00

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I cross ocean, poor and broke.
Take bus, see employment folk.

Nice man treat me good in there.
Say I need to see welfare.

Welfare say, ‘You come no more, we send cash right to your door.’

Welfare cheques - they make you wealthy! Alberta Health Care - it keep you healthy!

By and by, I get plenty money.
Thanks to you, you Canadian dummy!

Write to friends in motherland.
Tell them ‘come fast as you can.’
They come in turbans and Ford trucks,
And buy big house with welfare bucks!

They come here, we live together.
More welfare cheques, it gets better!
Fourteen families, they moving in,
but neighbour’s patience wearing thin.
Finally, Canadian guy moves away.
Now I buy his house, then I say,
‘Find more immigrants for house to rent.’
And in the yard I put a tent.

Everything is very good,
and soon we own the neighbourhood.

We have hobby, it’s called breeding. Welfare pay for baby feeding.
Kids need dentist? Wives need pills? We get free! We got no bills!
Canadians crazy! They work all year, to keep the welfare running here.
We think Canada darn good place.
Too darn good for that white race!
If they no like us, they can scram. Got lots of room in Af


Minority Lobbyists Cost Canada Billions in Trade Deals, Former Diplomat Ian Macdonald Explains

After I was posted to Beirut and began to line up some serious contracts in the region, including a big one to equip and train the new Saudi Air Force, I was recalled prematurely to Ottawa and the negotiations were stalled.  I was replaced by a bureaucrat who must have been given “instructions” because he ” just sat there for four years”, according to local staff with whom I spoke during a stop-over in Beirut in 1983. 

At that time Beirut had been bombed out by the Israelis and I proposed to the Department that we persuade the Mayor to expropriate and cede to Canadian ownership the whole of the downtown area with the promise that we would finance the reconstruction with a consortium of CIDA, EDC, architects,  engineers, construction companies and private investors.  I’m sure the Mayor and everyone else would have agreed but as usual the Lobby-subdued Ottawa establishment failed to rise to the occasion, foregoing gains of billions of dollars from the real estate alone. 

In the ‘sixties, External interfered in negotiations by a Canadian conglomerate to acquire the expropriated assets of Intra Bank at a give-away price, losing us another billion or more.  Our current bizarre alliance with the genocidal ScheissStat Israel you may be sure will cost us further billions. IV

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 2014-08-20 11:59:24 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: “Bad for business” letter Aug. 20. 2014

August 20, 2014




Dear Sir,

Export controls no benefit to Canada

Rolf Posma (letter 20.8.14) prides himself on having deprived Iraq of spare parts for vehicles purchased in good faith from General Motors Canada in previous years, apparently not realizing the damage he had done to his company and to the reputation of his country as a reliable supplier.  Iraq was one of the company’s best foreign customers, once placing an order for 25,000 Impalas, perhaps the largest ever received.

Any harm done by Mr Posma is miniscule however compared with the damage done by lobby-driven politicians who have never hesitated to sacrifice Canada’s export prospects in favour of domestic pay-offs in cash and votes.  In total, the value of genuine oversees contracts and follow-on sales vetoed by the Canadian Government arguably could even exceed the total of all new business obtained by the Federal Government Trade Commissioner Service since its inception in 1892.

For example, when Ford Canada signed a contract with South Africa for 9000 6×6 2 1/2 ton trucks in the early ’70’s the then Minister for Foreign Affairs (lacking legal sanction) interceded personally with the President of Ford Canada to cancel the contract even though the company and its employees were located in the Minister’s own constituency!  The cancellation was initiated by the British Foreign Office who persuaded the gullible Canadian High Commissioner in London that it would harm Canada’s image to supply trucks that “could be used to enforce apartheid”.  As might be expected, the South Africans, as planned by the self-serving Brits, bought GM Bedford trucks from Britain instead.  The offended South Africans then canceled their negotiations with Montreal Locomotive Works, saying privately “If you won’t sell us your trucks, we’re damned if we’ll buy your locomotives”.  The order was to have been the largest ever placed by South African Railways.

When the Sultan of Oman agreed to buy up to 11 CL41G jet trainers from Canadair, in 1967, the Company was informed by External Affairs that they would not be given an Export Permit.  When the Foreign Affairs expert responsible was asked to explain he replied that the planes “could be used to attack Israel”, which was nonsense.  But not as nonsensical as the explanation of the veto of sale of 31 CL41’s to Kuwait which was based on the “reasoning” that “if Iran could resell Canadian F86 Sabrejets to Pakistan then why couldn’t Kuwait do so, in which case we would be in violation of our agreement not to supply arms to the Sub-continent”. Iran did not sell the F86’s to Pakistan (they were sent for overhaul) but the ludicrous conjecture was good enough for External Affairs.

These scandals in turn pale beside the lucrative sales and concessions in Saudi Arabia and Libya that would have been consummated but for secret foreign subversion of the political process in Canada. They  would have brought hundreds of billions of dollars to Canadian coffers.

In the case of Libya alone, the new Revolutionary Government, in 1970 and 1972, choosing Canada as a friendly non-imperialist partner, offered stunning opportunities to Canada including rights to BP’s former Sarir field production which amounted to 300,000 b.p.d., plus a 50/50 interest in a Joint Venture with the Libyan National Exploration Company.  The messenger who brought the good news (the writer) was accused of “disobeying instructions”, immediately expelled from his Department and recommended for dismissal.  Ironically, Canada finally responded to the offer of friendshIp by spending a billion dollars on Libya - helping to destroy our gentle would be benefactor, on behalf of her diabolical enemies.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald

Former Canadian Government Trade Commissioner,

South Africa and Middle East


Toronto Cops Can Now Wear Burkas and Niqabs on Duty

In the endless, shameless catering to minorities, the latest is that niqabs and burkas are alright as Toronto Police “uniforms.” Duh, didn’t “uniform” mean ONE form?  I wonder whether some burka-wearing chic copette will save us from one of those home-radicalized Moslem radicals when they return from massacring Christians or beheading reporters in Syria or Iraq?

What ?

Not possible in our country you say? Think again.

This has been quietly passed by the Toronto Police Services Board.

Such is the tyranny and sickness of political correctness

(a.k.a. as truth suppression) in our once-proud country.

One day soon,  you could be arrested by a burka-clad female police officer, whose face you cannot see.

God help you (our God),  if you have been drinking, swearing, or eating a bacon sandwich.

If you have beaten your wife, or have committed an honour killing, you may be OK.

See the attached video. Truly frightening.

Does this mean if you are not a Muslim, you can also choose to wear a burka on duty?


August - via email from Paul Fromm

The Occidental Observer

The War Against Whites Is Massively Incentivized

Posted: 25 Aug 2014 01:11 PM PDT

The war on Whites is getting increasingly obvious, to the point that a very mainstream source, Congressman Mo Brooks, stated it and then refused to back down. This war is being carried on with a number of very potent weapons.

At TOO we have stressed the moral onslaught which has inculcated guilt among legions of Whites for actions that have occurred among all peoples (e.g., slavery, segregation) while ignoring morally motivated phenomena that are unique to the West (e.g., the moral crusade that abolished slavery, the Civil Rights movement).

But another main weapon is that displacing Whites often has financial rewards. The triumphant multicultural left has created a context in which many Whites benefit financially from the process of White displacement. Obviously, financial incentives are quite powerful in a capitalist economy where most people measure their self-worth by their bank account.

Whites who co-0perate in their own displacement are handsomely rewarded. White businessmen benefit from immigration because it lowers labor costs — a recurrent theme at Companies like First Data Corporation directly benefit from immigration by taking a cut of remittances sent by immigrants to relatives in other countries.

Another example is the refugee/resettlement program in which money is funneled from the U.S. government to private non-profits, mostly religious groups (Lutherans: “The children are a gift” and we need a second lobbyist in Washington to make sure the gift keeps giving):

[A] GAO report quotes a state official who notes “that local affiliate funding is based on the number of refugees they serve, so affiliates (private contractors) have an incentive to maintain or increase the number of refugees they resettle each year rather than allowing the number to decrease.” …

Refugee resettlement is a self-perpetuating global enterprise.  Staff and management of the hundreds of taxpayer supported U.S. contractors are largely refugees or immigrants whose purpose is to gain entry for more refugees, usually for their co-ethnics.

[As an evolutionist, I am shocked that much of the motivation for displacing those evil, racist Whites comes from people favoring their own group.]  …

According to David Robinson, a former acting director of the State Department’s refugee bureau, writing about the refugee contractors: “the federal government provides about ninety percent of its collective budget” and its lobbying umbrella “wields enormous influence over the Administration’s refugee admissions policy. It lobbies the Hill effectively to increase the number of refugees admitted for permanent resettlement each year ….If there is a conflict of interest, it is never mentioned….  The solution its members offer to every refugee crisis is simplistic and the same: increase the number of admissions to the United States without regard to budgets…” (see here)

In the university White professors who want to move into lucrative positions in administration must be warriors on behalf of non-Whites.  A noteworthy example is Mary Sue Coleman, who earns north of $900,000/year as the president of the University of Michigan and has been a leader in attempting to preserve racial preferences and in promoting the educational benefits of diversity.

But her views are entirely typical in the academic world, and her salary only puts her in 6th place for salaries at public universities as of 2012. It’s inconceivable that one could get a position like this without cooperating enthusiastically with the displacement of White America, favoring affirmative action and cooperating in funding and staffing the infrastructure of the academic left (e.g., ethnic studies departments, gender studies, etc.).  The massive social approval University of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman receives within the culture of the university for her positions on diversity issues is doubtless a positive component of her job.

At a lower level on the academic food chain, one of the most important criteria for professors is whether they can obtain government grants which then pay them extra salary and pay the university for the costs of administering the grant — a major source of funding for the university. Right now there is a lot of money in grants aimed at improving the educational prospects of non-Whites and no shortage of White professors eager to get their hands on that money.

Another lucrative area is forming companies that essentially provide insurance policies for companies concerned about being charged with being “too White” or too insensitive to non-Whites. A lot of this is on display at the White Privilege Conference where firms compete to show that they are on the cutting edge of the guilt-inducing industry. There is clearly a vast anti-White infrastructure centered in the universities (college course credit is available for registrants of the White Privilege Conference) and spilling over into private enterprise. It is devoted to displays of White guilt that are quite profitable. For example, one firm advertises itself by claiming “We will provide the most cutting edge pedagogical tools, training materials, application models and conceptual frameworks drawn from the most current trends in the professional areas in which we work.” Having one leg up on the competition means devising ever more outlandish remedies for the evil of Whiteness. One member of the group, is“trained in Craniosacral Therapy and Global Somatics body work and co-facilitates with Dr. Hackman the ‘More Than Skin Deep: Challenging White Supremacy One Cell At A Time’ workshops examining Whiteness, trauma and healing in the service of ending racism.”

A recent article posted at AmRen, Robert Bloch has provided us with an insider’s look at the incentivization process  for White displacement at large U.S. companies (“Making Money on White Displacement“).

  • The diversity entrepreneur, Jim Malackowski, determined to make money on the increased value of minority-owned companies due to their getting preferences in government contracts.
  • The non-White for whom doors magically open, resulting in a quick rise to big salaries. Fatemeh Hall is “a fashionable, attractive, and articulate Muslim woman …  recently arrived from Iran, and she had a matchless zeal for uplifting African-Americans in particular.” Amazing how quickly non-Whites figure out the rules of the game. Immigrate to evil, racist America and immediately get on the anti-White gravy train.
  • High-level White executives who are entirely complicit. Bloch describes “minority business conferences graced with high-profile speakers and earnest, usually White, and surprisingly senior corporate executives. …    Relentless, ruthless intelligence has gone into minority supplier programs. They are supported at the board level, and thus have significant input from White men. … GM’s Chief Diversity Officer is a White man and a retired Navy Captain, Kenneth J. Barrett. Mr. Barrett was the Navy’s Chief Diversity Officer, and if there are medals for discriminating against Whites he presumably wears them proudly. …  The executives who spoke at Fatemeh’s conferences–top-level White guys, rather than black diversity officers–emphasized that they thought diversity was a desirable end in itself and they were eager to domorethan the government required. I came to believe them.”

Bloch notes that there are market limits on this process — he was unable to get private sector cooperation in a scheme that would have given non-White businesses money upfront on the assumption of an assured revenue stream. However, it’s mainly government that funds White displacementf, so market restraints are not critical to the success of White displacement.

As Frank Salter has pointed out, Whites who fail to attend to the interests of their wider kinship group benefit themselves and their families at the expense of their own ethnic interests. This is especially true for elite Whites—people whose intelligence, power, and wealth could make a very large difference in culture and politics. They are in effect sacrificing millions of ethnic kin for the benefit of themselves and their immediate family.

This is a disastrously wrongheaded choice by all the standard measures of evolutionary success. However, because our evolved psychology is much more attuned to individual and family interests than to the interests of the ethnic group or race, Whites who benefit economically or professionally from adopting conventional views on Race and ethnicity are unlikely to feel unease at the psychological level. (This is especially true of Europeans because we are prone to individualism as a result of our evolutionary history.) Indeed, such people are often praised to the skies for having such enlightened views on race that they actively cooperate against their ethnic interests. They go to bed at night quite at peace with themselves.

It’s the same logic with the many non-Jews who are involved with neoconservatism. We have to face the fact that idealistic motives don’t work with most people, or at least they  can be easily trumped by more tangible rewards. Whites who are financially benefiting from the displacement of their people are not psychologically open to arguments about the dire consequences to America and to people like themselves if things continue like this for another generation or two. They are primed to believe the mantras about diversity as strength and easily persuaded that pessimism about the future is just another manifestation of White racism. Being a foot soldier on behalf of Israel is a great career move for media figures, not to mention politicians, and government workers who can expect a soft landing in neocon think tanks and pro-Israel advocacy organizations if the political winds change. The most recent examples are the Republican groveling before Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jew Coalition in Las Vegas and Hillary Clinton’s interview with Jeffrey Goldberg where she criticized the Obama administration’s Middle East policies and generally said everything that a neocon could hope for (see (Ed Maloney, “Hillary Clinton’s 11th-hour Diplomacy“).

They are not only financially rewarded, they also reap psychological rewards that come raining down from the elite media and from their many complicit friends and colleagues. For so many Whites, the pro-diversity, anti-White policies are seen as morally praiseworthy, thus tapping into a very potent source of motivation for Whites (see above link). They can do well by doing good.

This is a tough combination to go up against. We have to hope that Racially conscious Whites will eventually create an infrastructure that begins to match the multicultural, anti-White infrastructure that is already in place. The money is certainly there and the situation on the ground can only convince more and more Whites that Rep. Mo Brooks is right — that there is indeed a war against them.



 August 27, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Staff at Immigration Minister’s Office Lock the Doors & Flee From Peaceful Protest

AJAX. Monday, August 25, 2014. The heavy police hand and paranoia that have become so much a part of politically correct Canada this morning saw Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s constituency office suddenly lock its doors and its staff slink away part way through an hour-long protest by Immigration Watch Canada.

The peaceful protest was heavily shadowed by at least four squad cars of Durham Regional Police, despite the decidedly quiet Middle Class bearing of the protesters.

Four months ago, Immigration Watch Canada asked both Alexander’s Ottawa office and his constituency office if there were studies that proved that immigration during times of high unemployment was a benefit to Canada. IWC was assured that there were such studies. IWC asked that they be provided with these studies. Despite promises in letter and e-mail to provide these studies, IWC is still waiting.

IWC also asked for an opportunity to meet the minister and discuss these matters. A terse reply indicated that Chris Alexander was busy travelling. IWC organizer Ryan R. told the two dozen protesters that Alexander’s own Facebook tells a slightly different story. He was recently “travelling” to Brampton to schmooze with East Indians and celebrate India’s national day. He also met with East Indians in his own community at another event. “Apparently, he has time to meet with East Indians but not concerned Canadians,” Ryan said.

The protesters challenged the alleged economic benefits of mass immigration and blasted the totally discredited Temporary Foreign Workers permit.

Sharp professionally made signs included: “Save Canada; Cut Immigration”, “Stop Depressed Wages”: “Stop Gridlock”;  “If your business model requires cheap labour, Canada doesn’t need your business”; “If mass immigration produces jobs, why did Ontario lose over 300,000 manufacturing jobs  alone in the last decade. Also, unemployment remains high, 16.5% among youth;”  “There is more evidence of an Elvis sighting than there is for taking in 250,000 immigrants each year!” and “Cheap labour freezes low productivity; Cheap labour equals government deficits.”

Several protesters read from a series of “immigration myths.”

Organizer Ryan promised the IWC protesters will keep returning until they get answers from Chris Alexander.

One researcher in Western Canada wondered whether daily protests outside Immigration Canada’s Ottawa offices might shut the entire department down, as civil servants seem to lock the doors and scurry at the first sign of protests. “That might be the quickest way to stop the immigration invasion,” she joked.

The protest was endorsed by Canadians for a Sustainable Society and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee


August 28, via email from Paul Fromm

Wow! This One’s A Keeper!

He’s a Jamaican with a long string of serious criminal convictions. Why he hasn’t been deported is a serious indictment of Canada’s lax legal system. He and his pregnant, White partner in crime were charged with numerous counts of fraud involving passing counterfeit money. However, the Crown stayed the charges against him so that he will not be deported. Meanwhile his very pregnant wife heads off to prison for a mere month.

Wow! Lucky she isn’t named Brad Love who sent letters critical of Third World crime, was charged under Canada’s notorious “hate law”, Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code and sent to prison for 18 months. Be Jamaican and commit serious crimes, you get a slap on the wrist and the legal system twists itself into a pretzel to keep you here. Criticize black crime and vindictive censors send you to prison.

The wife, Beth-Anne Gosling’s lawyer Chuck Syme said as much: ““You can’t let the guy walk because he’s Jamaican and send my client, a mother of four, to jail,” (Toronto Sun, August 27, 2014)

The Sun report continued: “A Provincial Court judge questioned a decision by the Barrie Crown attorney to withdraw 26 counterfeit money charges against a Brampton man so he wouldn’t be deported. Patrick Bentley, 29, who has a criminal record for robbery, theft and assault, had all 26 counts of uttering counterfeit money dropped last June because a conviction would have had him sent back to Jamaica, court heard. During Bentley’s bail hearing, the Crown said organized crime was suspected.

Bentley’s wife, Beth-Ann Gosling, 29, was sentenced to one month in jail Wednesday for the same offences. Gosling was jointly charged with Bentley but the Crown wrapped up her 26 charges into one single count.

They were arrested in Barrie last March after police had them under surveillance. Bentley would wait in a getaway van with their three young children while Gosling, who is on welfare and expecting another baby, would go into stores to buy items with fake $100 bills and get the change.

They were pulled over in their van after leaving the Bayfield Mall and caught with $710 cash and several prepaid credit cards.

For months, the couple pulled the same stunt in stores in Barrie, Bolton, Bradford, Newmarket, Markham, Beeton and Brampton, court heard.

‘Uttering counterfeit money is a serious offence that goes right to the heart of the economic stability in Canada,’ Justice James Crawford said. ‘I can only guess at the total amount.’

He also called Gosling ‘manipulative’ after she lied and told the judge she was breastfeeding to get out of jail.

The judge expressed concern when he learned the Crown dropped Bentley’s charges in another court.

‘The Crown identified immigration consequences if he were convicted on the utter counterfeit charges,’ Crawford said. ‘Perhaps this is a lesson on the importance of keeping cases together … isolation leaves the system open to issues of fairness.’”

Note that, while the judge scolded that “uttering counterfeit money is a serious offence that goes right to the heart of the economic stability in Canada, and noted that Beth-Anne Gosling had lied to the court about breast-feeding, the “serious offence” merited only a month in jail.

Now, if she’d been Brad Love criticizing serious immigrant crime, she might have gotten 18 months!

Patrick Bentley outside of Barrie court. This Jamaican criminal is now ours, set free to continue to prey on Canadian society.


August 29, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

Should Canada’s European Founder/Settler People Be Replaced?


Sept. 4, via email from Paul Fromm

Another Immigrant “Settlement” Handout to Upgrade Poorly Selected Immigrants

One of the ugly secrets about Canada’s failed immigration system is that immigrants and refugees often get benefits denied to taxpaying Canadians.

For instance, before I was fired after 25 years as an English instructor (after relentless pressure from Jewish lobby groups angry at my expressing my political views on my own time off school property) I spent three years teaching adults seeking to earn their high school diploma.

The location I was at ran a number of programmes. My adult students were outraged to learn that, while they had to pay for daycare (many were single moms), recent immigrants just down the hall taking ESL (English as a Second Language) had their daycare provided free at taxpayers’ expense. I recall one woman, a Maritimer named Pauline saying: “My people have contributed as taxpayers to this country since Confederation. I cannot get free daycare, but some woman just off the plane from wherever who has never contributed a cent to this country, qualifies for free day care. It just isn’t right.”

Here’s the latest. A self congratulatory press release (August 14, 2014) from Citizenship and Immigration Canada announces: “Today, Costas Menegakis, Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, attended the grand opening of a Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) centre and announced an investment of more than $2 million for settlement services.

The new CNC centre will provide newcomer parents with child care services while they take advantage of settlement programs.” So, that’s $2-million in just one community to provide daycare for immigrants taking “settlement” programmes, And Windsor isn’t even a major immigration magnet.

“The Settlement program supports initiatives that help newcomers integrate quickly into our communities and labour market, such as language training, career counselling and orientation information.”  What’s wrong with this picture? Why must millions be spent to upgrade immigrants, to provide them with work and language skills? Why aren’t immigrants  — if we must take any at all in these times of high unemployment (1.5-million Canadians) and underemployment (900,000 involuntary part-time workers) — carefully selected for language and skills so that they can hit the ground running as did the Europeans who came to Canada in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s?

The $2-million for immigrant daycare in Windsor is, sadly, just the tiniest drop in the bucket. The website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada reports that, for fiscal 2012-2013, a total of $875,827,947 was shovelled out to Immigrant Settlement Programmes. It’s a nearly $1-billion industry in itself trying to upgrade the poor and defective choices the immigration department has made. If Canada selected culturally compatible immigrants with language and NEEDED skills this huge annual expenditure would be unnecessary. The “settlement” handouts are a huge growth industry and have  nearly tripled on the Conservatives’ watch!


Sept 5, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm

The Real Costs of Poorly Screened Immigration

Dear Immigration Reformer:

As a matter of policy, we almost never reply to the drivel, half truths, mockeries and defamations on the Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) website. The chief reason is that these “anti-racists” (that is, anti-Whites) hide behind anonymity. While we have a pretty good idea who some of them are, to answer them is demeaning like trying to answer scurrilous anonymous graffiti on a washroom wall. (“Susy, is a slut.”)

However,  Lisa Glatt has written a punchy and well documented refutation of some snarky denunciations on the ARC website of the views of Immigration Watch Canada.

We gladly reproduce her commentary.

Paul Fromm




Hello Anti-Racist Canada

Since I know you most likely filter out posts on your website that in any way may counter what you think, I figured I would send you this email instead.

In this blog, it amazes me how you are quick to name-bash organizations who are against current mass immigration policies but not once, have you made an attempt to credibly counter some of the points being raised on the economic, environmental and cultural effects of modern day mass (mainly third-world) immigration.

Here are some important points being raised on the issue for you to ponder, or even better, credibly counter (in other words; cite and source your information):

- The median earnings of Canadians (in constant 2005 $) increased by 0.1% between 1980 and 2005 (i.e., ~nil).

- The earnings of the poorest quintile fell by 20.6%.

- The earnings of the richest quintile rose by 16.4%.

All recent mass immigration did is redistribute the wealth to the rich (who own the growth-promoting media).

- Less than 20% of immigrants are selected on the basis of skills. The remainder are nuclear family members or fall under the “family re-unification” category (e.g., parents) or other categories.

- In recent decades, the earnings of recent immigrants have fallen far behind those of native-born Canadians or more established immigrants.

- An economic study calculated that recent immigrants receive $18 – 23 billion more in government assistance (e.g., language and skills training, welfare) than they pay in taxes.
(H. Grubel & P. Grady, 2011, Immigration and the Canadian Welfare State)

- Number 1 destination is Toronto. If mass immigration is so good for the economy, why did Ontario change from a donor to a recipient of federal equalization payments?

- Ontario has lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last decade; unemployment remains high; 16.5% among youth.

- Despite continued high unemployment, those labour shortages keep looming in the minds of politicians.
“Those who once made a living wage at places like Heinz, Kellogg’s and Canada Post will be forced to compete with ever increasing numbers of New Canadians, who like them, will be lucky to cobble together part-time jobs at miserable wages just to get by.” (Tim Murray, email 12 December 2013)

(Canada’s Immigration Policy: Where is it taking us? The Need for a Cost Benefit Analysis - M. Wield).
All studies to date show that immigration has little impact on age structure of Canadians:

- S. Loh and M.V. George, 2007, Projected Population Size and Age Structure for Canada and Provinces: With and Without International Migration, Canadian Studies in Population, Vol. 34.2, 2007, pp. 103-127.

- R. Beaujot, 2003, Effect of Immigration on the Canadian Population: Replacement Migration? , Discussion Paper 03-03, Meeting of the Canadian Population Society, Halifax, NS, June 2003

- A C.D. Howe Institute study concluded that to keep the present dependency ratio (65+ versus workers) with the same age distribution of immigrants, there would need to be an immediate and colossal increase in the number of immigrants. By 2050, Canada’s population would be 165 million and it would be taking in 7 million immigrants per year.

C.D. Howe Institute No. 96, No Elixir of Youth: Immigration Cannot Keep Canada Young; September 2006.
- Statistics Canada estimates that for every 10% increase in the population from immigration, wages in Canada are now reduced by 4% on average (with the greatest impact to more skilled workers, such as workers with post-graduate degrees whose wages are reduced by 7%).

Why mass immigration will ultimately destroy our natural resources:
- Only about 7% of Canada’s surface area is in any way suitable for agriculture (classes 1 to 6), only classes 1, 2, and 3 are “dependable” as classified in the Canada Land Inventory (not hampered by severe constraints on crop production)

-52% of Canada’s best farmland (Class 1) is located in Ontario, most in the heavily urbanized southern part. Over 18 percent of Ontario’s Class 1 farmland is now being used for urban purposes. (2001)

(Statistics Canada 2001, Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletin Vol. 3, No. 2)

- By 2001, over 23,200 km2 of dependable farmland were lost to urban and rural settlement and 11,700 km2 lost to transportation and utilities.

- Total permanent loss: 23,200 + 11,700 = 34,900 km2.

- Another 5,500 km2 lost to campgrounds, protected areas, and other uses from which it could be reclaimed.

- The fruit belts in the Niagara peninsula and Okanagan Valley in British Columbia have lost farmland that was used to grow crops that cannot be grown anywhere else in Canada.

(Statistics Canada 2005, Rural and Small Town Canada Analysis Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 1)


Lisa Glatt


September - via email from Paul Fromm

14 Million Refugees-Canada Bound?
14 million Middle East refugees: “…(11 million Syrians, or half the country’s population, and 2.8 million Iraqis, or a tenth of the country’s population)….Many of them will have nothing to go back to… Here at RRW (Refugee Resettlement Watch) I’m wondering whether the State Department thinks 14 million refugees with nothing to go back to, rootless and dispossessed and many filled with a destructive rage beyond our comprehension, are our responsibility, a great pool of potential United States citizens.  I’m wondering if the resettlement agencies see a potential windfall and meat packers see cheap labor without end.  God help us if so.” Judy Warner


Expected Canadian reaction:
Elizabeth May (Leader, Green Party of Canada): “Bring them all to Canada. They will enrich our culture. Multiculturalism is Canada’s Great Project”.

Justin Trudeau (Leader, Liberal Party of Canada) : “Canada is a welcoming, compassionate nation. We shouldn’t worry that many of them might be terrorists, who after all, are just people who feel alienated and excluded from our society. We need to understand them. And we shouldn’t call their customs barbaric. That’s too strong a word, and quite disrespectful and insulting. They are just people whose culture is different from our own, with a lifestyle that we have no right to judge.   Let’s fast-track their applications. Except for the Christians of course, who need to be screened.”

Thomas Mulcair (Leader, NDP): “Bring them into the union. More members, more dues!” (echoing the Canadian Labour Congress). “Regularize them!”

Jason Kenny (former Immigration Minister): “The Conservative Party is no longer a WASP party. We have an aggressive out-reach policy toward ethnic minorities. We would welcome all of these people into the Conservative fold. After all, most of them share the traditional family values which Conservatives hold dear.”

Chorus: “Let’s declare Halifax, Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria sanctuary cities, CBS-free zones, a safe haven where they can avail themselves of all the city services, health care, education and welfare benefits that Canadian taxpayers enjoy! Canada is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants built this country. We need more immigrants. We are a rich nation with lots of room for lots of people.”

Conference Board of Canada, Bay Street, Fast food restaurant chains, home-building contractors, hospitality industry:
“Bring them in. They will do jobs that Canadians won’t do.” (ie. at the wages we pay them).

Brad Wall (Premier, Saskatchewan): “Come to Saskatchewan!  They’ll grow our economy. We’re open for business!”

Irvin Studin, Steve Lafleur: “14 million? Is that all? Canada needs another 65 million to realize its potential and fulfill its destiny!”

Michael Enright, CBC radio host: “I agree! Come back and I’ll give you another 20 minute interview and another opportunity to spread your message!”

Dr. William Rees, Canada’s most esteemed environmentalist: “We have a moral obligation to settle them here because they were displaced by climate change. And Canada is guilty of being, on a per capita basis, a huge emitter of Green House Gases.”

Sierra Club of Canada: “Population growth has nothing to do with environmental degradation. It is not how many refugees we welcome, but how much they consume. We could take in another 14 million and the many millions they subsequently sponsor if only we would move over, densify our cities and live simply.”

Multicultural Industry: “More funding!”

Immigration lawyers, social workers, ESL teachers: “More clients! Higher case loads! More job opportunities!”

Refugee Board: “More hearings!”More work! More hirings! Even higher salaries for Board members!”

CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service): “Higher budgets! More security agents! More surveillance!”

Tim Horton’s: “They can become part of our diverse workforce!”

Diversity Sensitivity Awareness Workshop facilitators: “More native-born Canadians to ‘educate’ ! A chance to inculcate the virtues of respect, tolerance and acceptance of their own displacement!”

Public opinion: No voice. Who cares what the majority of Canadians think anyway?
Published opinion: “Canada is Home to the World!”

CBC: “We will hire them as news presenters, moderators and TV/Radio hosts—-and our programming will reflect their cultural contribution to this country.
Canada Lives Here.”

Tim Murray
September 9, 2014


Sept. 18, 2014

Canadian Freedom Site

Exposing the Misnamed “Human Rights” Commissions in Canada:

Canadian Human Rights Commission Blogspot

Sept. 3, 2014

Complete Text of Canada-Europe Trade Agreement (CETA) draft


August 23, 2014 - email from Ian V. Macdonald

HP - after I was posted to Beirut and began to line up some serious contracts in the region, including a big one to equip and train the new Saudi Air Force, I was recalled prematurely to Ottawa and the negotiations were stalled.  I was replaced by a bureaucrat who must have been given “instructions” because he ” just sat there for four years”, according to local staff with whom I spoke during a stop-over in Beirut in 1983.

At that time Beirut had been bombed out by the Israelis and I proposed to the Department that we persuade the Mayor to expropriate and cede to Canadian ownership the whole of the downtown area with the promise that we would finance the reconstruction with a consortium of CIDA, EDC, architects,  engineers, construction companies and private investors.  I’m sure the Mayor and everyone else would have agreed but as usual the Lobby-subdued Ottawa establishment failed to rise to the occasion, foregoing gains of billions of dollars from the real estate alone.

In the ‘sixties, External interfered in negotiations by a Canadian conglomerate to acquire the expropriated assets of Intra Bank at a give-away price, losing us another billion or more.  Our current bizarre alliance with the genocidal ScheissStat Israel you may be sure will cost us further billions. IV

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 2014-08-20 11:59:24 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: “Bad for business” letter Aug. 20. 2014

August 20, 2014

Editor - NATIONAL POST - Toronto

Dear Sir,

Export controls no benefit to Canada

Rolf Posma (letter 20.8.14) prides himself on having deprived Iraq of spare parts for vehicles purchased in good faith from General Motors Canada in previous years, apparently not realizing the damage he had done to his company and to the reputation of his country as a reliable supplier.  Iraq was one of the company’s best foreign customers, once placing an order for 25,000 Impalas, perhaps the largest ever received.


Any harm done by Mr Posma is miniscule however compared with the damage done by lobby-driven politicians who have never hesitated to sacrifice Canada’s export prospects in favour of domestic pay-offs in cash and votes.  In total, the value of genuine oversees contracts and follow-on sales vetoed by the Canadian Government arguably could even exceed the total of all new business obtained by the Federal Government Trade Commissioner Service since its inception in 1892.


For example, when Ford Canada signed a contract with South Africa for 9000 6×6 2 1/2 ton trucks in the early ’70’s the then Minister for Foreign Affairs (lacking legal sanction) interceded personally with the President of Ford Canada to cancel the contract even though the company and its employees were located in the Minister’s own constituency!  The cancelation was initiated by the British Foreign Office who persuaded the gullible Canadian High Commissioner in London that it would harm Canada’s image to supply trucks that “could be used to enforce apartheid”.  As might be expected, the South Africans, as planned by the self-serving Brits, bought GM Bedford trucks from Britain instead.  The offended South Africans then canceled their negotiations with Montreal Locomotive Works, saying privately “If you won’t sell us your trucks, we’re damned if we’ll buy your locomotives”.  The order was to have been the largest ever placed by South African Railways.


When the Sultan of Oman agreed to buy up to 11 CL41G jet trainers from Canadair, in 1967, the Company was informed by External Affairs that they would not be given an Export Permit.  When the Foreign Affairs expert responsible was asked to explain he replied that the planes “could be used to attack Israel”, which was nonsense.  But not as nonsensical as the explanation of the veto of sale of 31 CL41’s to Kuwait which was based on the “reasoning” that “if Iran could resell Canadian F86 Sabrejets to Pakistan then why couldn’t Kuwait do so, in which case we would be in violation of our agreement not to supply arms to the Sub-continent”. Iran did not sell the F86’s to Pakistan (they were sent for overhaul) but the ludicrous conjecture was good enough for External Affairs.


These scandals in turn pale beside the lucrative sales and concessions in Saudi Arabia and Libya that would have been consummated but for secret foreign subversion of the political process in Canada. They  would have brought hundreds of billions of dollars to Canadian coffers.


In the case of Libya alone, the new Revolutionary Government, in 1970 and 1972, choosing Canada as a friendly non-imperialist partner, offered stunning opportunities to Canada including rights to BP’s former Sarir field production which amounted to 300,000 b.p.d., plus a 50/50 interest in a Joint Venture with the Libyan National Exploration Company.  The messenger who brought the good news (the writer) was accused of “disobeying instructions”, immediately expelled from his Department and recommended for dismissal.  Ironically, Canada finally responded to the offer of friendshp by spending a billion dollars on Libya - helping to destroy our gentle would be benefactor, on behalf of her diabolical enemies.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald

Former Canadian Government Trade Commissioner,

South Africa and Middle East


August 21, 2014

Red Ice Radio – Discussion: Canadian Model of Multiculturalism & Degradation of European History - Henrik Palmgren - July 30, 2014

August 15, 2014

The Great “White” North - Canada - 1991

August 8, 2014 - via email from Paul Fromm:

Former Political Prisoner Brad Love Victimized by “Trespass” Charge for Trying to Save An Abandoned Dog

There’s no doubt about it: Alberta’s political police are seeking to make things too hot for former political prisoner Brad Love and, by petty harassment, hope to drive him out of Fort McMurray.

In an exclusive interview with CAFE today, he explained that, at 8:00 a.m. this morning, there was a knock on his door. A policewoman handed him a ticket charging him with “trespass” to a neighbour’s property. If found guilty, he faces a fine of $289.

“This is ridiculous,” he told the policewoman, whom he’d seen before.

Cryptically she answered: “It’s not me. It’s people above me.”

Two weeks ago, on July 27, Mr. Love became aware of the persistent barking of a neighbour’s dog. The barking went on for hours. The dog had been left alone in the heat in a back yard. After 12 hours, Mr. Love approached the neighbour’s house and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

Two hours later, out of concern for the poor dog, Mr. Love phoned the police. The same female policeman answered his call and went to investigate. By now there were some people there. They insisted they were tenants and that the dog was not theirs but belonged to the owner.

The policewoman told Mr. Love there was nothing she could do. In the meantime, the dog has disappeared.

All the policewoman could tell him today when she delivered the summons today was that the neighbours had been “concerned” by his knocking on their door (when they, apparently, were not at home).

Mr. Love heads to court in Fort McMurray on this latest charge on September 27.

August 7, 2014 - via email from Paul Fromm:

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 11: People walk through New York’s Chinatown district on July 11, 2014 in New York City. According to Census Bureau date, Chinese now make-up the second largest foreign-born group in New York City after immigrants from the Dominican Republic. The Chinese community is quickly catching up to Dominicans with growth over the last decade of 34 percent to the Dominicans 3 percent. There are currently an estimated 350,200 Chinese living in New York. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Dana Milbank Opinion writer August 5

The unfriendly airwaves of talk radio this week gave us an inadvertently revealing moment.

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, a Republican immigration hard-liner and part of what the Wall Street Journal just branded “the GOP’s Deportation Caucus,” was giving his retort to the paper’s pro-business editorialists on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Monday: “They need to be patriots, and they need to think about America first,” Brooks said.

Dana Milbank writes about political theater in the nation’s capital. He joined the Post as a political reporter in 2000. View Archive

America First? How 1940! The congressman went on to condemn those who say the Republican position on immigration is dooming the party by alienating Latinos.

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party,” Brooks said. “And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare.”

It was the battle cry of the white man, particularly the Southern white man, who is feeling besieged. I don’t share the fear, but I understand it. The United States is experiencing a rapid decoupling of race and nationality: Whiteness has less and less to do with being American.

The Census Bureau forecasts that non-Hispanic whites, now slightly more than 60 percent of the population, will fall below 50 percent in 2043. Within 30 years, there will cease to be a racial majority in the United States. In a narrow political sense, this is bad news for the GOP, which is dominated by older white men such as Brooks. But for the country, the disassociation of whiteness and American-ness is to be celebrated. Indeed, it is the key to our survival.

This is not merely about a fresh labor supply but about the fresh blood needed to cure what ails us. To benefit from such a transfusion, we not only need to welcome more immigrants but also to adopt pieces of their culture lacking in our own — just as we have done with other (mostly European) cultures for centuries.

This is the theme of my friend Eric Liu’s provocative new book, “A Chinaman’s Chance.” Liu writes about Chinese Americans (Asians, as it happens, eclipsed Hispanics last year as the fastest-growing minority in the United States) but the thesis is similar for other immigrant cultures. Liu argues that the United States needn’t fear China’s rise, because the Chinese have already given us the tools to beat them economically: their sons and daughters.

“America has an enduring competitive advantage over China: America makes Chinese Americans; China does not make American Chinese,” Liu says. “China does not want to or know how to take people from around the world, welcome them, and empower them to change the very fabric of their nation’s culture.”

The son of Chinese immigrants, Liu observes that American culture now has an excess of individualism, short-term thinking and prioritizing of rights over duties. He calls for “a corrective dose” of Chinese values: mutual responsibility, long-term thinking, humility, moral character and contribution to society.

“What Chinese culture at its best can bring to America is a better balance between being an individual and being in a community,” he writes, offering the example of Tony Hsieh, the Taiwanese-American chief executive of Zappos who is pouring some $350 million into reviving downtown Las Vegas: “He’s an American gambler with a Chinese long view; he is supremely confident yet mainly silent; he has so little of the American need to sell himself, so little extroversion, that he jokes even his friends aren’t sure he likes them.”

Part of Liu’s confidence that the United States will triumph over China is that his ancestral land, in modernizing, is losing some of the best aspects of Chinese culture — and acquiring our own excesses. He notes that, as the Chinese extended family frayed, the government enacted a law requiring adult children to visit their elderly parents — the sort of thing Chinese did voluntarily for millennia.

China responds with edicts because it lacks the source of continuous adaptability and vitality that imported cultures give the United States. Creative change is easier here because we pick and choose from among all the world’s cultures. That inherent advantage in the American system will continue — if we don’t get hung up about whiteness.

The tea party movement was a setback because it elevated extreme individualism over collective responsibilities and because it tapped into nativism and further undermined trust in American institutions. Some tea partyers such as Brooks may never be able to leave the bunkers where they defend whiteness.

But for other conservatives and Republicans — and, more importantly, for America — it’s not too late.

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August 1, 2014 - via email from Paul Fromm:

“I killed 13 Palestinian kids today…” —  Israeli sniper

Enough is Enough — Canada Should Boycott Israel!

Stephen Harper, Canada’s 110% Israel first prime minister has proclaimed: “Israel’s values are Canada’s values.”

Let’s hope not.

See the boasts of David Ovadia, a stone cold killer sniper in the Israeli Army, that he killed 13 children in Gaza today: “And you’re next fucking Muslim. Go to hell bitches.”

The slaughter of children is barbaric. It is a war crime.

Canada should:

* Break diplomatic relations with the Zionist state;

* Halt all foreign aid and ban trade in military or strategic goods with Israel;

* Impose a travel ban on key Israeli political and military officials;

* Forbid the sale of Israel bonds or the raising of funds in Canada for Israel.]

An Israeli sniper has admitted to killing 13 children in the Gaza Strip in one day, as Tel Aviv continues its aerial and ground attacks in the besieged enclave.

Posting on an Instagram account, David Ovadia released a photo of himself holding a sniper rifle.

The image with his post, however, was deleted entirely by hackers from an anonymous group. The group has launched hundreds of attacks on Israeli websites over the past two years.

The move was reportedly followed by the group’s cyber attacks on Israel’s Mossad and Ministry of Military Affairs.

The development comes as Tel Aviv claims that its military has been targeting Palestinian fighters from resistance group Hamas and described the growing death toll in the enclave as collateral damage.

Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip since July 8. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17. More than 300 children have so far been killed.

More than 1,370 Palestinians have been killed and thousands of others injured by Israel’s offensive.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel.

Israeli sources have confirmed the deaths of 56 soldiers. However, Hamas says the toll is much higher.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to complete the destruction of Gaza tunnels with or without a ceasefire.

Tel Aviv also mobilized 16,000 reservists for the ground military operations in Gaza, putting the total number at 86,000.

Tel Aviv has targeted hospitals, clinics, and shelters over the past 24 days.


The Real Hero of the Komagata Maru Incident – William C. Hopkinson, Immigration Inspector, Linguist, Undercover Agent and Martyr

His short life would make an excellent movie plot or a gripping dramatic series dealing with undercover work and foreign revolutionaries, schemes to hoodwink the Canadian government and much, much more. Oh, yes, and many shootings and assassinations by a group of newcomers to Canada.

Instead of apologizing for a past patriotic government’s decision to expel a shipload of illegals and instead of issuing a stamp commemorating the radicals of the unsuccessful Komagata Maru immigration invasion of 1914, [See Canadian Immigration Hotline, Number 281, July, 2014.] the Canadian government should issue a stamp honouring William C Hopkinson. He was a gifted linguist and a daring undercover agent who ran a network of spies among Vancouver’s radical Sikh community. He developed much of the information that the Dominion Government used to expel the bulk of the Komagata Maru’s passengers in the summer of 1914. Largely due to his information and the leadership of a rookie Vancouver MP H.H. Stevens, the Canadian government met the challenge of unwanted and uninvited illegals seeking to evade our rules and sneak into Canada. Subsequent governments faced similar challenges and, more concerned about political correctness than in ensuring Canadian territorial integrity, they failed: Elinor Caplan as Liberal Immigration Minister in 1999 with the six rusty ships filled with Chinese illegals and Jason Kenney, in 2010, as the Tory Immigration Minister when faced with a boatload of Tamil illegals.

William Hopkinson would pay the ultimate price for his dedication. He was assassinated by a Sikh radical outside the courthouse in downtown Vancouver, October 21, 1914. It is now the Vancouver art gallery. Many of his agents were also murdered by radical Sikhs. With all the boo-hooing about the government of Sir Robert Borden’s decision to expel the illegals, the toadying politicians and the servile media tell us little of the killings and violence perpetrated by the Sikh radicals within their own community in that Vancouver of a century ago.

We shall be honouring William Hopkinson this October. The following excerpt is from Robert Jarvis’s The “Komagata Maru” Incident: A Canadian Immigration Battle Revisited published by C-FAR Books. It and other immigration related booklets by Mr. Jarvis, including one on H. H. Stevens, can be ordered on the coupon that accompanies this newsletter.

William C. Hopkinson was born in Yorkshire in 1876, the son of William and Agnes Hopkinson.  Hopkinson senior, a soldier in the British army, was transferred to Allahabad, India, where he served as a sergeant instructor of volunteers.  Young Hopkinson showed an amazing ability for languages, becoming fluent in Hindi, and possessing a working knowledge of Punjabi and Gurukhi.  In 1904, Hopkinson became an inspector of police in Calcutta and three years later, he moved to Vancouver, where he was hired by the Canadian government as an immigration inspector and interpreter.  He was still working for the Indian police, however, monitoring the activities of East Indian extremists living in British Columbia.  Hopkinson developed a network of pro-British Sikh informants, and identified [Hussain] Rahim, Kumar and Taraknath as advocates of violence.  He exposed Taraknath in the spring of 1908, going to the Canadian and British press and described how the seditious movement in India was being directed from the Pacific coast of North America and how Millside was a centre of revolutionary activity.  Hopkinson’s actions forced the Canadian government to close the Millside School. Later, Rahim was arrested, and, at his trial, he turned to Hopkinson and exclaimed vehemently: “You drive us Hindus out of Canada and we will drive every White man out of India.”  He was judged innocent at this time.

At a meeting at the Sikh temple, which was located at 1866 Second Avenue West in Vancouver, on December 27, 1913, Hussain Rahim acting as chairman, informed the audience that he had alerted a newspaper to oppose H.H. Stevens, the Dominion member of Parliament for Vancouver and the province’s leading advocate of Asiatic exclusion.  He added that he hoped some of those present, “would fix the three or more traitorous Hindus who are leagued with the immigration authorities of this province.”  Then, Kanshi Singh read a poem written by himself accusing Bela Singh, Baboo Singh, Ganga Ram and immigration inspectors Reid and Hopkinson of being enemies of the East Indians in Canada and calling for their assassinations.

[On July 18, 1914, 125 Vancouver policemen and 33 special immigration officers tried to board the Komagata Maru. They] were met with a fusillade of coal bricks and scrap iron. … Most the East Indians were armed with 10-foot bamboos, others had long iron bars and large knives. Suddenly, four shots rang out. Hernam Singh was firing a revolver, which was souvenir of his service in the Indian Army, at Harry Stevens and William Hopkinson. [Fortunately, his aim was poor. Canada’s government and much of the media have entirely adopted the self-serving propaganda of radical Sikhs who style themselves as victims. The defiant violence of the invaders and of their supporters in the Sikh community has gone down the memory hole.]

While the Komagata Maru and the first wave of returning revolutionaries were making their way back to India, a series of spectacular events rocked the East Indian community in Vancouver.  The Komagata Maru incident was the last straw in the rising hatred against the small group of informants in the employ of William Hopkinson.  By then, they had incurred the wrath of both the revolutionaries and the religious Sikhs, who felt that their intelligence activities violated the spirit of the “Khalsa”.  On August 17, Harnam Singh vanished, only to be found murdered at the end of the month.  He had been an underling of Bela Singh, one of Hopkinson’s key informants.  Soon thereafter, Arjan Singh, another Sikh in the employ of the government, was shot dead by Ram Singh, an elderly, religious man, who had not been highly visible before.  He was tried and acquitted for the death of Arjan Singh.  On September 5, the body of Arjan Singh was cremated.  This was followed by an evening memorial service in the Vancouver temple.  Approximately 50 people participated, including Bela Singh, who sat directly behind Bhag Singh, who was leading the service.  Twenty minutes later, he began shooting, first at Bhag Singh, then at others. Nine individuals were shot.  Bhag Singh and Bhattan Singh were mortally wounded.

A hundred Sikhs crowded into the hearing for Bela Singh, and he was bound over for trial.  The tense situation was exacerbated when Hopkinson’s informants, Gunja Ram and Baboo Singh uncovered a Ghadar bomb-manufacturing operation in Victoria.  As the October 21st date for Bela Singh’s trial approached, plans were made to ensure that Hopkinson would be assassinated. Mewa Singh, one of the Sikhs that were apprehended for gun-smuggling, offered to kill Hopkinson.

At 10:15 a.m. on October 21, 1914, Hopkinson was standing at the Barristers’ entrance of the Provincial Courthouse, his hands in his pockets, when Mewa Singh stepped up to him, drew a nickel-plated .32-calibre revolver and fired from point-blank range.  The inspector sank to his knees, grabbing Mewa Singh around the thigh, only to receive another bullet in the region of his heart. Mewa clubbed him over the head with the revolver, held in his left hand.  Then, he dropped it and transferred a snub-nosed revolver from his left hand to his right.  Still firing, he jumped in the air and threw up his arm each time he pulled the trigger.  The shots were heard by James McCann, the janitor of the court house and Detectives MacDonald, Cewe and Sumstrum, who were standing in a group at the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor, where the shooting took place.  As the men started up the stairway, eight East Indians:  Basant Singh, Sohan Lal, Jowalla Singh, Sundar Singh, Kalvo Singh, Duleep Singh, Isher Singh and Natha Singh, scattered in front of them.  McCann seized Mewa in a grip that prevented him from getting away.  Mewa tried to shoot McCann, but the latter was too strong and several policemen came forward and disarmed Mewa before he could do further damage.  By the time a doctor arrived, William Hopkinson was dead.  Mewa Singh merely said, “I shoot. I go to station.”  Charged along with Mewa Singh as conspirators were Hussain Rahim, Sohan Lal and Balwant Singh.

The body of William C. Hopkinson was cremated at Mountain View Cemetery on the afternoon of October 24, 1914, having been followed through the streets of the city by one of the largest funeral processions ever seen in Vancouver. More than 2,000 people took part as a mark of respect for Hopkinson.  Long before the hour of the funeral, the street in front of the police station was crowded with silent people.  Rev. C.C. Owen and Rev. J. Knox-Wright read scripture and recited prayers.  Rev. Dr. Fraser spoke briefly about the life and the example of the man who had done his duty.  The First Presbyterian Church choir, under the direction of C.P. Hicks, led the singing of “Abide With Me” and “Nearer My God to Thee”.  The singing was taken up by the crowd outside the police station on Cordova Street, until the singing could be heard blocks away.  The procession formed with a corps of mounted police in advance, followed by the 6th Regimental Band and a company of that regiment, to which Hopkinson had belonged.  Next came 180 hand-picked policemen, followed by 100 firemen.  Several hundred members of the Orange Lodge preceded the hearse and flower-laden cars.  The Immigration Department, the U.S. Immigration Department, the C.P.R. police, post office employees and Customs House officials all took part.  The procession traveled up Hastings Street to Granville Street to Georgia Street, then down to Homer Street, where the lines opened and let the hearse and vehicles through.

According to information given to the police by friendly East Indians, a meeting was held in New Westminster the night before the funeral at which a large number of East Indians were present and three of their number were selected by lot to shoot Superintendent Reid and Chief of Police McLennan at the funeral.  Every East Indian along the route was covered by a plainclothes man, with the muzzles of their revolvers bulging in their pockets.  At the conclusion of the funeral, MP Harry Stevens received a telegram from the Department of the Interior ordering that all expenses incurred for the funeral be forwarded to Ottawa where payment would be made.

The trial [of the assassin] was held on October 29, 1914.  Sitting in the dock at the police court, the accused listened attentively to the evidence.  He pondered for a few moments, then declared that he did not wish to retain counsel, but that, if his friends saw fit to do this on his behalf, he would be pleased.  Formal medical evidence was given by the physician who conducted the post mortem examination.  Four bullet wounds were found in the deceased:  In the chest, knee and back.  After a trial that lasted two hours, the jury deliberated for five minutes  Mewa Singh was convicted and sentenced to be hanged on January 11, 1915.  After his execution, his body was taken in a procession through the city and was cremated with great honour.

Today, Mewa Singh, the Sikh terrorist and murderer of William Hopkinson, is hailed as a hero in the Vancouver Sikh community.  The main recreation room in the Ross Street Gurdwara is named in his memory.  The date of his execution is commemorated annually in the Sikh community with a large ceremony and is known as Mewa Singh Martyr Day.”

[This article will appear in the August, 2014 issue of the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE. Published monthly, the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE is available by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or VISA number and expiry date to CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]


July 30, 2014 - via email from Paul Fromm:


Keep in mind… in 2014 the Heinz plant will be closing in Leamington and the Kellogg plant in London …victims of high hydro rates!

THIS IS WORTH READING AND  PASSING ON TO ALL CANADIANS …A Physics teacher in high school once told the students:
That while one grasshopper on the railroad tracks wouldn’t
slow a train very much, a billion of them would.
With that thought in mind, read the following, obviously
Written by a patriotic Canadian:
Shopping in Lowe’s the other day for some reason and just for the fun of it I was looking at the garden hose attachments. They were all made in China . The next day I was in Home Hardware and just for the fun of it I checked the hose attachments there. They were made in Canada !
Start looking. .. In our current economic situation, every little
thing we buy or do affects someone else - even their job.
A quote from a consumer: “My grandson likes Hershey’s candy. I noticed, though, that it is  marked made in Mexico now, instead of Smiths Falls , Ontario . I do not buy it any more”.                        My favorite toothpaste, Colgate, is made in Mexico now. I have switched to Crest. You have to read the labels on everything.This past weekend I was at Wal-Mart. I needed 60W light bulbs.. I was in the  light bulb aisle, and right next to the GE brand I normally buy was an off-brand labelled, “Everyday Value”. I picked up both types of bulbs and compared the stats - they were the same except for the price. The GE bulbs were more money than the Everyday Value brand but the thing  that surprised me the most was the fact that GE was made in MEXICO and the Everyday Value brand was made in – get ready for this - Canada at a company in Ontario …Their Equate Products are also made in Canada, and are very good.
Just to add my own experience on buying Made in Canada , I was looking for canned mushrooms that were made in Canada and could never find any, so I would buy fresh. But recently I found
Ravine mushrooms - made in Canada with a little red maple leaf on the can. A little more money but when I opened the can I looked at mushrooms that look like real mushrooms, not a mushroom that looks like it was cleaned in bleach.Another product I no longer buy is: Del Monte or Dole canned fruit. Del Monte is packaged in Taiwan and Dole is now a product of China.Why should we pay for their fruit when our growers are left with fruit rotting on the trees. E.D. Smith is still made in Canada… buy theirs, at least you will know what is in it and have some quality control.By the way, all pickles with the President’s Choice label and the No Name yellow label [Superstore] are made in India . Think about it, water from the Ganges is used… yes THAT Ganges , the one that the people use as a toilet.

So throw out the myth that you cannot find products you use every day that are made right

My challenge to you is to start reading the labels when you shop for everyday things and see what you can find that is made In Canada .  The job you save may be your own or your neighbour’s! (Your children & grandchildren, also.)

If you accept this challenge, pass it on to others in your address book  so we can all start buying Canadian, one light bulb at a time! Stop buying from overseas companies! (We should have awakened two decades ago.)

Let’s get with the programme. Help our fellow Canadians keep their jobs and create more jobs here in Canada ..

If President Obama insists on a ‘Made in America ‘ Policy, which is commendable of him, to support American workers, we should do likewise.

BUY CANADIAN! Read the labels. Support Canadian  jobs. It is OUR choice.




Would Canada Issue a Stamp Supporting Activities of A “Holocaust” Movement?

So, would Canada issue a stamp supporting the activities of a “Holocaust” party? Absurd, you say. Of course. No matter what you think of the Hollywood version of World War II, even 69 years after the end of hostilities, any group that labelled itself the Holocaust Movement or the Holocaust Party would be beyond the pale. No Canadian government would issue a stamp commemorating, actually apologizing for thwarting one of its activities. However, the “diversity” drunk Canadian government that has never found a non-White minority it won’t apologize to has outdone itself.

To make our self abasement an international humiliation, Canada Post issued an international rate stamp to mark the 100th anniversary this May of the expulsion of most of the passengers on the Komagata Maru. [See “A Tale of Two Ships – A Sort of Truth” Canadian Immigration Hotline, Number 280, June, 2014.]

A May 6 statement by Canada Post announced: “ One hundred years ago, on May 23, 1914, the Komagata Maru, a Japanese steamship, arrived in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet with 376 passengers, all British subjects, mostly Sikhs from Punjab, India. Under the era’s exclusionary immigration policies, the passengers were denied entry, and the ship was forced to return to India. In connection with Asian Heritage Month, Canada Post has issued a new stamp marking the centennial of this event, while also recognizing the strides Canada has made toward creating a more tolerant and diverse society. …

‘This stamp commemorates an important – yet tragic ‒ moment in our history. Remembering this tragedy brings to light how Canada has transformed into a diverse and welcoming country,’ says the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport and responsible for Canada Post.

“Canada Post’s stamps tell the stories of our history. But we don’t just commemorate our heroic events; our nation is also shaped by the failures of its past. Events like Komagata Maru have helped encourage Canadians to make it a priority to build a more free and welcoming society that today doesn’t just tolerate diversity, but thrives by it,” says Deepak Chopra, President and CEO, Canada Post.

The Komagata Maru’s arrival challenged a 1908 regulation that denied entry to immigrants unless they had $200 and had made a “continuous journey” from their home country. … Under the policy, only 20 returning residents, and the ship’s doctor and his family were allowed to enter. The remaining passengers were confined to the ship for two months, after which the ship was forced to sail back to India. Upon arriving in India, many on board were viewed as political agitators. Twenty passengers were shot after disembarking while many others were imprisoned.”

As Paul Harvey used to say: “And here’s the rest of the story.” The Dominion Government in 1914, unlike our politically correct scallawag political class today, actually thought it was important to preserve the European character of Canada. “Diversity” and replacement of the European founding/settler people were not high on their agenda. The expulsion of most of the passengers aboard the Komagata Maru was entirely justified.

The incursion of the Komagata Maru was organized by a radical Sikh businessman named Gurdit Singh as a test of Canada’s immigration laws. It was a business venture. Gurdit Singh, originally from the Punjab but based in Singapore, told associates in Hong Kong that, if the Komagata Maru succeeded in busting Canada’s immigration regulations, he’d bring 25,000 Sikhs to British Columbia. Remember that, in 1914, Vancouver was a city of just 70,000 souls. The passengers had to pay a hefty fare.

Gurdit Singh was an associate of an Indian revolutionary movement called the Ghadar Party. Ghadar is Urdu for “mutiny.” Many Whites could recall the brutal massacre of men, women and children when some units of the Indian Army mutinied in 1857, closer in time than the “holocaust” is to today. The mutiny claimed over 11,000 British troops and hundreds of British women and children. Undesirables:White Canada and the Komagata Maruexplains: In 1913, “the Hindustani Workers of the Pacific Coast, a revolutionary organization,  crystallized … in Astoria, Oregon. It would soon become known, after the title of its magazine, as the Ghadar Party – a provocative name, since ghadar meant mutiny. The new party … advocated the armed overthrow of the British Empire, extolling [sic] Indian soldiers to mutiny once again.”

Husain Rahim, Bhag Singh, Balwant Singh and Sohan Lal, among others were its members.” These four were key members of the Shore Committee which agitated on behalf of the Komagata Maru, raised funds and retained legal assistance. Undesirables, which is fervently for the Komagata Maru cause, adds: Immigration inspector William Hopkinson was “certain that the voyage of the Komagata Maru was part of a Ghadar Party strategy, with Gurdit Singh in on the conspiracy. Singh’s statements to the press on the arrival had confirmed [these] fears: ‘What is done with this ship load of my people will determine whether we shall have peace in all parts of the British Empire.’”

Thus, the minority sucky Harper government’s apologizing for the expulsion of this shipload of illegals – all but a handful –ironically links it to the Ghadar “Mutiny” Party. Will a stamp hailing a “holocaust movement” be next?

Oh, and finally, Canada Post’s CEO Deepak Chopra is described in a Canada Post profile thus: “Mr. Chopra is a passionate supporter of diversity of thought and aboriginal entrepreneurship.” This “diversity” fetishist, in defending Canada Post’s winning strategy of hiking postal rates 33 per cent earlier this year while cutting back home delivery, famously proclaimed that walking to a community mailbox would be good for seniors who need exercise. Chopra pulls in an annual salary of $518,000.

This article will appear in the July, 2014 issue of the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE. Published monthly, the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE is available by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or VISA number and expiry date to CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]


July 28, 2014 - IV:
HP - this is probably what most normal Gentile Canadians are thinking, as the diabolical massacres continue, but don’t dare speak out for fear of the repercussions, like accusations of “anti-Semitism”. “hate”, “Holocaust denial”, etc.
The PM is not a Jew as far as I know but I saw a picture of him a few years ago wearing a beanie and kneeling in front of a Rabbi! 
I wonder how long they’ll get away with it before the voters wise up and elect an uncompromised, truly Canadian government. This could be the NDP’s big chance, assuming they are free to act.  IV 

  Friday, July 25, 2014

Posted by:  Northerntruthseeker

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory…. THIS Is A Must Watch Video That Shows The Treachery Of The Canadian Government And Its Enslavement To Jewish Interests

After Israel started its slaughter of the innocent people of Gaza on July 13th, I was wondering how soon the idiots that run this country, Canada, would show its undying and treasonous support for the criminal Jewish state…. It did not take long with the idiot Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, opening his foul mouth on the 13th of July with a ridiculous statement that “Israel has the right to defend itself against (laughable) “rocket attacks” from Gaza”.   It appeared at the time that the Canadian government was in total lockstep with the United States government and other governments in showing their support for Israeli slaughter of innocent people…

Well, the stupidity of the Canadian government is bad enough, but right now I want to present a video that was supposedly made shortly after the initial Israeli onslaught on Gaza by the Canadian Government to show their “undying love and support” of the Jewish criminal state…. I watch it and honestly I wanted to throw up….I have it here for every one of my readers to view for themselves… It is called “Through Fire And Water” and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Through Fire and Water

Click here:

NTS Notes:  I hope you all had your barf bags ready and handy when watching this piece of filth..

This is not only atrocious and so full of lies, but the thought that this government had the audacity to actually make such a sick piece of filth is beyond words….

This again shows exactly WHO the federal government in this once proud and free nation of Canada actually answers to.   What is surprising is that I found out that they actually had the gall to produce this piece of horse shit and then made sure that only a “select” audience was able to view it…. I am so glad that I was sent the link to this video and now want everyone, and especially my friends and readers in Canada, to see for themselves exactly what kind of sick criminals do run this nation…

I again ask that if that Jew spew shill and clown, Stephen Harper, loves Israel so much to immediately give up his Canadian citizenship, surrender his passport, and immediately board the first flight to Tel Aviv to go and live in his much loved nation that he cherishes so much.  It obviously is not Canada.

Canada needs leadership that supports Canada, period, and nobody else.  It is time for all Canadians to wake the hell up and see exactly what kind of sickness we have in Ottawa.


July 22, 2014 email from Paul Fromm:


(Your Ward News, Toronto, July 22, 2014)

By J.J.

Barbara Hall Justice

Former Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall (94-97) was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission on November 28th/2005. This evil star-chamber represents the worst of Evolved Marxism and many subscribers wonder how and when this virulent strain of totalitarianism entered the body politic. What we know as ‘Political Correctness’ dates back to the Soviet Union of the 1920’s. Like today, Politically Correct Totalitarianism assured that all aspects of life were consistent with ideological orthodoxy. Being a direct descendant of Marxist/Communist terror, brain-washing and criminalization of thought, Canada’s Human Rights Commissions continue the tradition unabated.

Meanwhile, back at Ontario’s very own Human Rights Commission, Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall has advanced the idea of forming a NATIONAL Press Council to protect the human rights of “vulnerable” groups. Every publisher, webmaster, radio and television producer (but not limited to) would be “obligated to join” so that their publications and broadcasts could be pre-approved or rejected. Can you imagine the Barbara Halls of the world determining what you could publish or broadcast? Initiatives like this are a distinctive feature of totalitarian societies. The National Post correctly opined that “Nobody has the ability to judge which speech should be free and which speech should not.”

Totalitarianism does not require a dictator like “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Communism in the Soviet Union was much more than state terror, censorship, re-education camps and gulags. It was a state-of-mind in which the very idea of personal opinion had been eradicated. Once a critical mass of citizens has been inculcated with Political Correctness, the society in question is functionally totalitarian. “Aunt Barb” Hall now has the “sins” of racism, sexism and homophobia as additional tools for control. The charge of “institutional racism” is no different than declaring an entire economic class as an enemy of the people.

The new “isms”, including feminism, are designed to tear traditional family values to shreds, and in turn, to rip society apart. Like the Soviet Communists use of class warfare, the results are the same. Better than that, if a crime can be collectivized, an entire group can be guilty until proven guilty, and a victim group can be compensated without being victimized. In Barbara Hall’s Canada, ancient liberties and the assumption of innocence mean absolutely nothing, especially when it comes to RACISM. An accusation of racism has much the same effect as an accusation of witchcraft in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. Ironically, women like Barbara Hall have become what they claim to fear. Whether it is practiced under the banner of Communism, Political Correctness, Marxism, or any other name, its true name is EVIL. Only the names have changed…. from Joseph Stalin to Barbara Hall.

July 21, 2014

Wake Up Canada! by Arthur Topham


July 21, 2014 via email from Paul Fromm:

So, Where are the Studies, Mr. Alexander?

Common sense suggests that, with 1,500,000 Canadians unemployed and another 900,000, according to Statistics Canada, underemployed being involuntarily in part-time jobs, that further immigration, especially at the current 265.000 level, in addition of 491,000 temporary foreign workers, would be unjustified. Yet, the party line of all five major federal parties is that high levels of immigration are great and that we need immigration to “grow our economy.”

Yet, a number of recent studies have, like one from the CD, Howe Institute gingerly found that the cohort since the 1980s (mostly from the Third World) are doing very poorly and, therefore, not contributing much to the tax base. Them, in 20111 former MP Herb Grubel of the Fraser Institute found that this cohort (1984 to 2008) was an annual net drain of $25-billion to the taxpayers, considering the taxes they contribute to the pot as opposed to the money in services they draw from the pot. Grubel concluded that a moratorium on immigration would have a serious and positive effect on poor Canadians — like more jobs and housing.

So, we were interested to read that Immigration Watch Canada is reporting:  ” Several of our members have been trying to reach out to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s office for information (i.e. major studies, statistics) that can justify our current annual immigration intake level (250,000).

We have been told several times by Alexander’s office that such studies/statistics do in fact exist and that copies would be sent to us within a couple of days. We initially requested this information approximately 4 months ago. After dozens of follow up phone calls and emails since, we have not yet received anything.”.

So, where are those studies, Mr. Alexander showing that common sense and many other studies are wrong? Where is the proof that high immigration levels in these difficult times are any benefit to Canada?

Paul Fromm




July 16, 2014 - Ian V. Macdonald

For Paul Russell, Letters Editor

Dear Paul,

Congratulations on your current Gaza coverage.  Given the antecedents of the Post, it must be a challenge for you to resist the temptation of giving the news a pro-Israeli spin!

Btw,  I was in contact regularly with senior Immigration officers in Ottawa responsible for policy and planning ever since the inception of the secret “racial balance” scam.  None, including Ministers, would speak or write frankly but the official statistics (which grossly understated the real Third World inflow) spoke for themselves. My friend, who rose in the ranks to become head of enforcement, became frustrated to the point he had a nervous breakdown and had to retire. He was too conscientious. He is the nephew of a one time Minister of National Defence.


July 16, 2014




Dear Sir,

Belated whistleblowing

Although former Canadian Border Services Manager Reg Williams (NP July 11, 2014) should be commended for bringing the deportation fiasco to the attention of the Privy Council, it is misleading to describe him as a “whistleblower”.  The deportation farce has been well-known for at least 4 decades, as has the scandal of which it is part, namely the subversively-contrived circumvention of the Immigration Act to give effective priority to millions of Third World migrants over far better-qualified people of British and European stock..

This skewed, unfair and destructive practice (it was never a formal policy) was introduced circa 1969 by the new Trudeau regime when the then Minister of Immigration, Jean Marchand, a Trudeau crony, sent a Confidential letter to all Front Line officers stating that henceforth the “goal of immigration policy was to achieve racial balance in Canada”,  that any officer “impeding” the entry of blacks (negroes) would be considered racist and as such would no longer be of service to the Department. Conscientious officers who attempted to enforce the minimum acceptance standards, as laid down in the Immigration Act, were fired or transferred.

As the good news spread through the shanty towns of Jamaica and Trinidad that the gates to the Promised Land had been flung open, hordes of black West Indians arrived daily at Toronto Airport, all waved unexamined through Immigration straight to the Welfare office.  Within a few years, proudly Wasp Toronto became host to the same crime-ridden black ghettoes and universally-deplored race problems that plagued White society in America.

Not surprisingly, because of the Island culture and lack of conventional skills of the unscreened newcomers, many turned to crime. When apprehended, they were ordered deported, the number soon rising to 25,000 at which point the Chief of Enforcement for the Toronto Region complained that he had been given only 30 officers for the task and that the porous border allowed the deportee often to reappear in Toronto the next day.  Then, as now, there was no attempt to reverse the racist process which facilitates unlimited entry of illiterate, unassimilable, welfare-prone blacks, now including fecund Sub-Saharan Africans, but rejects well-educated, productive, compatible, self-sustaining Scots and other traditional would-be immigrants.

All sentient, senior Immigration Department bureaucrats are aware of the problem but from its beginning have been forced to toe the political party line.  A patriotic exception, many years prior to Reg Williams, was a retired Director of Immigration, the intrepid Kim Abbott, who tirelessly published a news bulletin exposing the many irregularities, follies and blatant wrongdoing in the system.  The cause was also taken up by reformist investigator Paul Fromm, whose “Immigration Hotline” is widely quoted.

Canadian immigration policy, as with that of Britain and Europe, to the unenlightened must appear both masochistic and irrational.  In fact, it is a logical, integral and most vital component of the New World Order conquest which requires the destabilization of cohesive Western nations whose patriotic citizens otherwise could repel a self-appointed Global Master.  Since the vast majority of Western “democratic” politicians, the media and the education system are already under the firm control of the Global elite, who possess unlimited funds, it is difficult to envisage a solution to the Canadian problem, short of Citizens taking governance back into their own hands.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald

_________________________________________________________________7/19/2014 via email from Paul Fromm:

Political Prisoner Brad Love to Face Trial for Writing Letters & Phoning Public Officials, January 19, 2015

Fort McMurray, Alberta, July 19, 2014. A victim of Canada’s notorious “hate law”, former political prisoner Brad Love who has served more than 30 months over a 12-year period for writing letters to public officials and then for alleged breach of increasingly Stalinist parole conditions — at one point he was not allowed to write to “anyone” without their express permission — will head to trial here on January 15 on charges of “harassment” and “sending scurrilous material” through the mails for having phoned and written local Oxfam activist Blake Crossley and several media officials over a period of years.

Some of these incidents go back to 2007. And, it seems, “the judge doesn’t want me to question the complainants, including Mr. Crossley.” The  Crown is proceeding by “summary conviction” which could mean a maximum of  18 months in  jail for Mr. Love for  having sent written material and made phone calls to these people. He was also involved in a spirited argument with Mr. Crossley who was in a public centre soliciting funds for OXFAM, which, foreign aid critic Love refers to as “Oxscam.”


July 18, 2014

Canada standing with Criminal Israel

July 16, 2014 - via email by Ian Macdonald

For Paul Russell, Letters Editor

Dear Paul,

Congratulations on your current Gaza coverage.  Given the antecedents of the Post, it must be a challenge for you to resist the temptation of giving the news a pro-Israeli spin!

Btw,  I was in contact regularly with senior Immigration officers in Ottawa responsible for policy and planning ever since the inception of the secret “racial balance” scam.  None, including Ministers, would speak or write frankly but the official statistics (which grossly understated the real Third World inflow) spoke for themselves. My friend, who rose in the ranks to become head of enforcement, became frustrated to the point he had a nervous breakdown and had to retire. He was too conscientious. He is the nephew of a one time Minister of National Defence.



July 16, 2014

Editor, NATIONALPOST Toronto

Dear Sir,

Belated whistleblowing

Although former Canadian Border Services Manager Reg Williams (NP July 11, 2014) should be commended for bringing the deportation fiasco to the attention of the Privy Council, it is misleading to describe him as a “whistleblower”.  The deportation farce has been well-known for at least 4 decades, as has the scandal of which it is part, namely the subversively-contrived circumvention of the Immigration Act to give effective priority to millions of Third World migrants over far better-qualified people of British and European stock..

This skewed, unfair and destructive practice (it was never a formal policy) was introduced circa 1969 by the new Trudeau regime when the then Minister of Immigration, Jean Marchand, a Trudeau crony, sent a Confidential letter to all Front Line officers stating that henceforth the “goal of immigration policy was to achieve racial balance in Canada”,  that any officer “impeding” the entry of blacks (negroes) would be considered racist and as such would no longer be of service to the Department. Conscientious officers who attempted to enforce the minimum acceptance standards, as laid down in the Immigration Act, were fired or transferred.

As the good news spread through the shanty towns of Jamaica and Trinidad that the gates to the Promised Land had been flung open, hordes of black West Indians arrived daily at Toronto Airport, all waved unexamined through Immigration straight to the Welfare office.  Within a few years, proudly Wasp Toronto became host to the same crime-ridden black ghettoes and universally-deplored race problems that plagued White society in America.

Not surprisingly, because of the Island culture and lack of conventional skills of the unscreened newcomers, many turned to crime. When apprehended, they were ordered deported, the number soon rising to 25,000 at which point the Chief of Enforcement for the Toronto Region complained that he had been given only 30 officers for the task and that the porous border allowed the deportee often to reappear in Toronto the next day.  Then, as now, there was no attempt to reverse the racist process which facilitates unlimited entry of illiterate, unassimilable, welfare-prone blacks, now including fecund Sub-Saharan Africans, but rejects well-educated, productive, compatible, self-sustaining Scots and other traditional would-be immigrants.

All sentient, senior Immigration Department bureaucrats are aware of the problem but from its beginning have been forced to toe the political party line.  A patriotic exception, many years prior to Reg Williams, was a retired Director of Immigration, the intrepid Kim Abbott, who tirelessly published a news bulletin exposing the many irregularities, follies and blatant wrongdoing in the system.  The cause was also taken up by reformist investigator Paul Fromm, whose “Immigration Hotline” is widely quoted.

Canadian immigration policy, as with that of Britain and Europe, to the unenlightened must appear both masochistic and irrational.  In fact, it is a logical, integral and most vital component of the New World Order conquest which requires the destabilization of cohesive Western nations whose patriotic citizens otherwise could repel a self-appointed Global Master.  Since the vast majority of Western “democratic” politicians, the media and the education system are already under the firm control of the Global elite, who possess unlimited funds, it is difficult to envisage a solution to the Canadian problem, short of Citizens taking governance back into their own hands.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald


July 13, 1014 - Subject: Hate Mongering by B’nai Brith Canada!

Sunday 29 June 2014

Robert Fisk: How on earth can Israel tolerate this filth from B’nai Brith Canada?

Four million Canadians carrying the anti-Semitic ‘disease’? We’ve heard this kind of despicable propaganda before

Not long ago, I was handed the most outrageous, vile, dishonest and slanderous calumny uttered against the people of Canada. It was contained in a full-page advertisement in the National Post (founder, Conrad Black), a newspaper handed out – free, I’m happy to say – on my Air France flight out of Toronto. Here is the headline: “Almost 4 million Canadians are afflicted by this disease.”

Beneath this title is a half-page, very blurred and uncaptioned colour photo of a large crowd – they could be football supporters, rush-hour commuters in Vancouver, you name it; they are mostly white males but include women and with at least one dark-skinned man close to the camera. Beneath the picture, this incredible ad continues: “Left unchecked, it [the disease] can result in violence tendencies. Many times, those infected haven’t been diagnosed and may pass it on to their children, grandchildren, colleagues or friends. Please help stop the spread of this disease before it contaminates your community.”

This is frightening stuff, of course. Could this refer to some of the six million Canadians who may be living with HIV/Aids? Or the 4.5 million Canadians affected by arthritis? Or the 2.5 million Canadians believed to have diabetes? Or even some of the estimated 7.8 million Canadians treated for depression each year? Nope. This is far more serious. For the “disease” afflicting “almost 4 million Canadians” is “anti-Semitism” and this disgusting advertisement – published without comment by one of Canada’s leading right-wing newspapers – was produced by B’nai Brith Canada and the “Jewish Christian Alliance”.

“At the first sign of anti-Semitism,” this appalling ad concludes, “call the B’nai Brith Canada Anti-Hate Hotline…” In other words, this pro-Israeli Jewish group – whose exaggerations and hateful propaganda have been rightly condemned by Jewish Canadians – claims that four million of their fellow-countrymen and women are sick, racist neo-Nazis. What other conclusion are we supposed to draw if almost 9 per cent of the Canadian population is “diseased”, “infected” and “contaminated”.

Now let’s forget that B’nai Brith regards any criticism of the state of Israel – however justified, however mild, made by Jews and non-Jews alike – as anti-Semitic. Let’s forget previous protests by Jewish Americans against the organisation’s grotesque exaggerations. Let’s even ignore its equation of Palestinians with Nazis, a comparison that led it to publish a bowdlerised version of the infamous photograph of the wartime Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meeting with Hitler – the Nazi dictator was “moved” in the B’nai Brith version of the snapshot about three feet closer to the Palestinian so that Hitler appears to be almost sitting on his visitor’s lap.

And let’s not ask why the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, did not immediately leap to the defence of his own Canadian people when confronted by this disgusting statement of “disease”. For alas, Harper told the Israeli Knesset last January – while archly claiming “criticism of Israeli policy is not in and of itself necessarily (sic) anti-Semitic” – that condemnation of Israeli policies amounted to anti-Semitism. This included those who supported the boycott campaign against Israel or referred to it as an apartheid state. “On some campuses,” said Harper, “intellectualised (sic) arguments against Israeli policies thinly mask the underlying realities, such as the shunning of Israeli academics and the harassment of Jewish students.”

“Sickening,” Harper called this. Yes, the Canadian Prime Minister himself was using the “disease” metaphor employed by B’nai Brith. And why not? Because there’s another reason Canadians can expect no protection from their own Prime Minister, who in his speech might have been a member of the Knesset rather than a guest of its members: Stephen Harper was awarded the “International Presidential Gold Medal” for “his commitment to the Jewish people and the State of Israel” in 2008 – by B’nai Brith.

But what, we have to ask, possesses Israel’s “friends” to publish this pernicious material about 4 million “diseased” Canadians? Does B’nai Brith Canada not realise that these very same despicable lies were used by the Nazis in their hate propaganda against the Jews of Europe? In Hitler’s Germany, Jews were described as microbes. Jews, according to Julius Streicher, were “the carriers of disease and vermin among men”. In August 1941, Goebbels called Jews “the carriers of infectious diseases” and two weeks later referred to Jews as “parasites”. By November, he was calling them “lice”.

But now, 4 million Canadians carry “disease”. Undiagnosed “infections” will be passed on to children and grandchildren. The “community” is in danger of being “contaminated”. If this stuff was not so revolting, it could be laughed off. It’s not just a question of how Stephen Harper can tolerate this garbage. How can Canadians? And – here I draw only on my own experience of visiting Israel itself dozens of times – how on earth can Israel tolerate this filth from B’nai Brith Canada? Disgrace is the word that comes to mind. And it prompts two grim thoughts. If this dangerous material is really supposed to defend Israel, then Israel must be in much greater danger than it believes. And with a Canadian outfit such as B’nai Brith and the National Post as its “friends”, Israel doesn’t need Arab enemies.



7/9/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

Out-of-Control Federal Judge Rules Failed Refugees Entitled to Full Medical Benefits

A Federal judge had decreed that failed “refugee” claimants are once again to have more benefits  than poor Canadians and that taxpayers must continue to PAY for people who chose to drop in and make a “refugee” claim.

The Globe and Mail (July 4, 2014) reported: “The Conservative government’s latitude to choose its own policies was curtailed yet again on Friday when a judge called health-care cuts for failed refugee claimants, and those from countries deemed by Ottawa to be safe, a form of “cruel and unusual treatment” and ruled them unconstitutional.

The ruling by Justice Anne Mactavish of the Federal Court in Ottawa was the latest sign that the executive branch of government and the judiciary are in open conflict. …

So rare is the use of Section 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – “cruel and unusual treatment or punishment” – that neither the government nor the refugees’ representatives were able to identify a single successful claim outside of criminal cases. …

Justice Mactavish said the government’s two-year-old policy of denying health care to certain classes of failed refugee claimants amounted to cruel and unusual treatment because it intentionally targeted vulnerable children and adults. She said it put at risk “the very lives of these innocent and vulnerable children in a manner that shocks the conscience and outrages our standards of decency.” She gave the government four months to restore the health-care funding. …

In this case, the government argued that it had the right to try to deter bogus claimants from coming to Canada, or overstaying, by denying them medical care, except where they had diseases that could spread to others. It said the cuts would save $80-million over four years, and those denied care could turn to charity, emergency rooms or private insurance.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said the government will appeal the ruling. “Failed claimants and those from safe countries like the U.S. or Europe should not be entitled to better health care than Canadians receive.” (The government would need to seek a stay of Justice Mactavish’s order if it wishes to continue with the cuts while an appeal is being heard.)”

Don’t forget these are “failed” refugee claimants. Even under our permissive interpretation of “refugee”, these people have not passed muster. However, as long as they are here, they are entitled to more benefits (like full dental care) than poor Canadians whose families may have been here for 10 generations.

Justice Mactavish’s inane ruling continues the reasoning of the ludicrous 1985 “Singh” decision by the Supreme Court which held that anyone, anyone, who could put his tiny toe on Canadian soil had a RIGHT to make a refugee claim and be given a formal hearing. Furthermore, while here, the claimant had ALL the rights of a Canadian citizen, except the right to vote. That meant the foreign would-be “refugee” was entitled to legal aid, welfare, medical care, public housing and language and job training. And, of course, the taxpayers must PAY the freight for someone we had not invited and who had simply decided to drop by.

Through the requirement of visas for certain problem countries (Czechoslovakia and its Gypsies), the government has tried to stem the flow of bogus refugees, seeking merely an opportunity to collect welfare in Canada for years on end and get their bodies and teeth tuned up through our health care system.

The only real long-range solution is to use Sec. 33 of the Constitution, the “notwithstanding clause” and reverse the Singh Decision and Justice Mactavish’s ruling. A sane immigration policy would stipulate that the ONLY way to enter Canada as an immigrant or “refugee” would be to apply and be vetted abroad.

And tonight, I received this e-mail from John McCallum Liberal Party critic for immigration, clearly showing that the Liberals are eager to make Canadians continue to have to pay tens of millions of dollars to support bogus “refugee” claimants.

Paul —

Last Friday, the Federal Court ruled that the Harper government’s “cruel and unusual” cuts to refugee health care were unconstitutional. Sadly instead of respecting the Court’s decision, the Conservatives have chosen to appeal it.

Liberals have been calling on the Harper government to reverse these cuts since they were first announced.

Join us now: click here to sign our petition.

Canada is known around the world as a place of compassion and a safe haven for those fleeing the most terrible conditions imaginable. But the Conservative government has repeatedly put that reputation at risk with their changes to our refugee system.

Paul Fromm




CBC A Criminal Organization Spreading Anti-German Hatred


7/9/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

April Is The Cruellest Month?

Tinkering with the citizenship test has outraged the outrage-prone crowd. The crowd deplores “citizenship changes, including raising the required length of residency to four out of six years from the current three out of four. [The Tories] introduced new test questions and raised the pass mark from 60 per cent to 75 per cent. … In recent years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has also raised the bar of the language proficiency requirement for applicants between 18 and 54 by demanding approved language test results, completion of academic studies in English or French, or government language programmes. Critics have raised concerns that the higher language requirement would make citizenship more elusive to immigrants who had been less exposed to English or French. [Even so,] immigrants from South Korea and China led the rest of the pack in passing the citizenship test, averaging 90 per cent and 88 per cent respectively. In contrast, those from Sri Lanka and Vietnam had the lowest pass rates, averaging just 70 per cent and 67 per cent. … The number of rejected applicants has also remained consistent, averaging 2,308 per quarter. Flunking the citizenship test accounted for 65 per cent of all refused cases, followed by failing the language requirement (24 per cent) and not meeting the residence obligation (6.6. per cent). The rest were rejected on criminality and security grounds.” (MetroNews, May 15, 2014)

It gets weirder: “Recent changes that have made it tougher to obtain Canadian citizenship may be ‘counterproductive’ to successful immigrant integration, a new study suggests, while a renewed emphasis on military history and British traditions runs counter to the ‘ethos’ of multiculturalism. The study, by University of Ottawa [sociology] professor Elke Winter for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, also raises concerns about the government’s attitude in depicting newcomers as fraudsters and singling out particular religions and cultures as ‘potentially less adaptable.’ … Changes to the citizenship study guide that emphasize the monarchy, new measures to include Canadian Forces personnel at citizenship ceremonies and debate over a bill that would fast-track citizenship eligibility for those who serve in the military, she argues, suggests Canada is headed in the direction of ‘renationalization.’ Furthermore, new references to honour killings and female genital mutilation in the study guide and a requirement that newcomers take the citizenship oath unveiled suggest Muslims have become the ‘group that is viewed as being most urgently in need of cultural compliance.’ ‘The Canadian government is actively engaged in a process of historicizing, culturalizing and thickening Canadian citizenship,’ she wrote. ‘Symbolic politics emphasizing the importance of Canada’s British cultural roots are problematic as they remind us of the period before the introduction of the federal multiculturalism policy — one that was characterized by conformity to anglophone norms and speak-white ideology.’” ( January 16, 2014)

“Dire prognostications notwithstanding, some cities -– some neighbourhoods — are churning out astonishing numbers of newly minted citizens: “More than 3,200 new citizens from approximately 135 countries were welcomed to Canada in Scarborough over the past month—more than double the number of individuals who became citizens in Scarborough in April 2013.” (CIC, May 1, 2014)

At the same time, “Calgary welcomed 1,164 new Canadians from more than 100 countries over the past month — more than four times the number of people who became Canadian citizens in Calgary in April last year when 284 new citizens were sworn in.” (CIC, May 1, 2014)

Numbers fell off a bit in Ottawa, where “more than 700 new citizens from over 45 countries were welcomed to Canada at nine ceremonies held in Ottawa this week. [Still, not bad for the first quarter:] Over 3,500 new citizens have been welcomed in Ottawa so far in 2014–- more than three times the number of newly naturalized Canadians over the same period in 2013.” (CIC, May 16, 2014)

“Today Montréal welcomed approximately 750 new Canadian citizens from 81 countries during three ceremonies downtown. … Almost 17,000 new citizens have been welcomed at 90 ceremonies in Montréal so far in 2014.” (CIC, April 30, 2014) How diverse!

[This article will appear in the June, 2014 issue of the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE. Published monthly, the CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE is available by subscription for $30 per year. You can subscribe by sending a cheque or VISA number and expiry date to CANADIANIMMIGRATIONHOTLINE, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3.]


6/30/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

Happy Dominion Day!

Dear Canada Firster:

Happy Dominion Day!


Isn’t it Canada Day, you might ask? Well, as part of the social re-engineering of our country, Parliament did proclaim July 1 – Canada’s national founding date – as Canada Day. This was part of Pierre Trudeau’s revolutionary mischief as his immigration and multiculturalism policies sought to remake the European country of our founding into a Third World mix-up. He set in place policies – loyally followed by Tory Brian Mulroney and Liberals Jean Chretien and Paul Martin – which will bring about the replacement and gradual ethnic cleansing of the European founder-settler people of this country.

Dominion Day, first proclaimed a holiday in 1879 by Governor General Lord Monck highlighted a term in Canada’s motto “a mari usque ad mare” – a line from the Psalms 72:8: “Dominion from sea unto sea.”

The sentiment is enthusiastic and positive, suggesting the coming of age and sovereignty of a new nation. The European founder/settlers – the British, the French, the Germans, the UELs from the U.S., the Germans, the Russians, the Icelanders, the Ukrainians and others – were developing, expanding and claiming this land, taking Dominion (power and control) from sea to sea.

This is a dynamic vision of Canada, one we shall not abandon. This is OUR Canada, the real Canada.

Paul Fromm


Canada First


The Gazette

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Iceland celebrates Proclamation of the Republic Day on June 17. Ireland has St. Patrick’s Day three months earlier. Germany has Unity Day on Oct. 3. Our American friends, of course, have Independence Day July 4. Several monarchies celebrate their sovereigns’ birthdays. All these national holidays, and many more, have some flavour of the national experience, the national past, the national origins.

So, too, did Canada’s DominionDay holiday each July 1. But in 1982 the Trudeau Liberals, in a wanton act of historical vandalism, changed the name - which had been good enough from 1867 until then - to the vapid Canada Day, a name more reminiscent of Bay Days than of anything in Canadian history.

“The provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick shall form and be One Dominion under the Name of Canada,” said the British North America Act of 1867.

A “dominion” was self-governing, but for some residual lawyers’ technicalities. Until about 1950, the term “the Dominions” referred respectfully to self-governing Commonwealth countries that drew their institutions from British models.

Trudeau never explained the change of name; perhaps he felt his own changes to the constitution eclipsed the original accomplishment of 1867.

“Dominion” is not a French word but the term “Fete de la Confederation” was perfectly suitable.

The old name, in both languages, could even be a modest teaching tool to help young people, immigrants and those who never learned it in school, understand that Canada is the way it is today in large part because of decisions made in the past.

It’s time for Ottawa to reverse the pointless and damaging decision to abandon “DominionDay.” It’s time to get back to our roots. Happy DominionDay!

© The Gazette (Montreal) 2005


6/29/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 2]

Modus Operandi of the CHRC: “simple forced deletion of the message”

by Marc Lemire

[June 29, 2014] Section 13 of the Canadian “Human Rights” Act was a monstrosity since it’s inception in 1977.  It was a piece of targeted legislation to silence one man and his telephone answering machine.  But why on earth was it ever put into the Canadian Human Rights Act in the first place?  The rest of the Act; is about employment, accommodation, services, etc. And the “Human Rights” Act, was remedial; Unlike the Criminal Code of Canada, it was not meant “to assign or to punish moral blameworthiness” to the people involved.

Why would the censors choose a remedial piece of legislation to target people, when Canada has criminal speech prohibitions, which could actually imprison people?  The answer is simple, they didn’t want a Section 13 case to generate any publicity, the way a criminal charge would.  They wanted to quietly censor people, in the back room; without anyone seeing what they were really up to.

In a letter dated November 13, 1975, Ontario’s Deputy Attorney General, F.W. Callaghan outlined some of the problems they faced when trying to “get” a man named John Ross Taylor. In reference to Taylor’s taped telephone answering machine, Callaghan stated:“The messages usually are topical and political and focus on a wide variety of subjects.  However, the emphasis always is racial and federal immigration policies frequently are criticized.”Callaghan continued in his letter: “The messages discuss such matters as immigration, integration and urban crime, all of which clearly are matters of public interest.”The real intent of Section 13 was to silence legitimate non-violent criticism of immigration, crime, multiculturalism and integration.  Ontario’s Deputy AG Callaghan summed up the true motivation behind silencing Taylor using the Human Rights Act:“The simple forced deletion of the message which I have proposed could have a major advantage over a criminal prosecution in that, presumably, it would not be attended by great publicity whereas a criminal prosecution, through publicity and polarization, might promote the mischief which it sought to suppress.”

In other words, Ontario’s Deputy AG wanted silence the messenger behind closed doors, “simple forced deletion” as he calls it; and hoped that no one would pay any attention to the gross infringements to freedom of speech that was occurring.  And sadly for many years that was the case; marginalized people were crushed under the weight of the repressive state apparatus, without anyone standing up for them.

There was some public interest in the John Ross Taylor case, because Mr. Taylor was the perfect media “villain”.   He was totally unrepentant and steadfastly believed that what he was doing was proper and fair; some have claimed that in a criminal court, Mr. Taylor’s charge would be thrown out because he did not have the mental faculties to stand trial.  Mr. Taylor put a notation in the phone book which read “White Power Message-967-7777”.  Certainly most people might have an idea what that message was about prior to calling.

In fact, when Mr. Taylor first appeared before the Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunal, he was totally overwhelmed.  Part of the Taylor decisions reads “It would appear from Mr. Taylor’s cross-examination of witnesses and his argument that he was attempting to establish the truth of what he said about Jews in his tape recorded statements. Strange as it may sound, the establishment of truth is not in issue in this case.”  Yes, strange indeed; this is Canada after all, not North Korea.  Was Kim Jong Un presiding at the Hearing; no worse, it was Francis Leddy!

With Truth is no defence; it is not surprising that the Tribunal ordered Mr. Taylor to stop putting messages on his answering machine and slapped a lifetime speech ban on him.  Mr. Taylor, not one to be pushed around by what some have called a Kangaroo court, left the Tribunal hearing, and immediately recorded a new message on his answering machine.  That led to a Contempt of Court charge, for which Mr. Taylor was imprisoned for a year.  As soon as Mr. Taylor got out, he said a big F.U. to censorship, and recorded another message on his answering machine.  This led to yet another Contempt of Court charge and a one year sentence.  In an odd twist of circumstances, the prison officials actually just let Mr. Taylor out after a few days of his second year-long jail sentence.

By this time, word of Mr. Taylors exploits reached Western Canada, where lawyer Douglas Christie heard about the treatment of Mr. Taylor and was disgusted.  He immediately got involved and represented Mr. Taylor all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.  The ‘Supremes’ narrowly upheld Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act by the slimmest of margins – 4 to 3.  Writing for the dissenters on the Supreme Court, Madame Justice McLachlin found that “Section 13(1) of the Act infringes the guarantee of freedom of expression in s. 2(b) of the Charter.  Where, as in this case, an activity conveys or attempts to convey a meaning or message through a non-violent form of expression, this activity falls within the sphere of the conduct protected by s. 2(b).”

Ontario’s Deputy Attorney General, F.W. Callaghan did not completely get his wish.  Not all Section 13 cases “would not be attended by great publicity” but in fact, most were.  In the years after Taylor, numerous marginalized people and organizations were crushed by the censors.  Terry Long, Bill Harcus, Kevin Lew, Tony MacLeer, Canadian Liberty Net, Charles Scott, Church of Christ in Israel, Randy Johnson, Micka and Machiavelli Emprise Inc., Ernst Zundel, Fred Kyburz, Eldon Warman, Craig Harrison, etc, etc, etc.

Hate laws only exist in Canada because very few Canadians even know about them.  Canadians are perfectly capable of handling the back and forth of debate and do not need the nanny state watching over their shoulders looking for anything that might be “offensive”.  Hate laws are political tools to silence certain people.  That’s why almost 100% of cases are against marginalized White Canadians, of a certain political stripe, which they categorize as “nazi” or “anti-Semitic”.

In the case of the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, 100% of the cases they have prosecuted are against White Canadians.  It is ironic, that the CHRC goes around to various employers and harasses them about the percentage of minorities they hire, but are blind to the fact they are in fact the biggest racists of all, and only accept complaints against one race.  For the CHRC, the only haters in Canada have white skin. It really calls out to file a CHRC complaint!  Over the years, to show the hypocrisy of the CHRC, some people have filed complaints against Muslim haters.  Surprise surprise…. The CHRC did not accept those complaints.

Trifecta against Censorship

While Section 13 was happily censoring marginalized Canadians, three cases bubbled to the surface and changed the entire game.  Firstly, was my case, which started in 2003 and was the definitive Constitutional Challenge which Section 13 had ever seen.  Secondly,   was the case(s) against Ezra Levant.  These were “hate speech” cases filed in Alberta and at the Federal level.  And thirdly were the complaints against Macleans Magazine and Mark Steyn, filed at both the provincial (Ontario and British Columbia) and Federal level.

While there were different complainants in the three cases, the end result was the same.  All three of us were not about to shut up and go away; Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn were journalists who wrote for major publications in Canada and I was a webmaster and writer who published the most critical information on the Internet about the CHRC and their corrupt and abusive methods.

Along with me posting as much source material and documentation on the Internet as I could get my hands on, was my super talented lawyer and Section 13 expert – Barbara Kulaszka.  Barbara is a dedicated warrior for freedom and it was mostly due to her that all the evidence about the corruption, spying, lying and conniving of the CHRC came to light.

Over the next few days I am going to go into detail about the three main CHRC / “Human Rights” cases, which brought an end to Section 13.  Each case was so important in the overall battle; they deserve a detailed look as part of the CHRC’s censorship obituary.

  1. The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 1]:

-Marc Lemire




6/28/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

Canada’s Section 13 is Officially Repealed:

The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 1]

by Marc Lemire

[June 26, 2014]  At midnight tonight, Canadians can breathe a little easier and speak their minds online, thanks to Bill C-304, which officially comes into ‘force’ on June 27, 2014 and repeals Section 13 of the Canadian “Human Rights” Act.  Bill C-304 stripped the censorship powers from the ravenous censors at the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission who dragged hundreds of Canadian’s through a rigged Tribunal process – success guaranteed; a complete 100% conviction rate!

Section 13 of the Canadian “Human Rights” Act was passed into law in 1977, and in the intervening 37 years, it was used and abused by a fanatical band of censors at the Canadian Human Rights Commission to harass and silence Canadians of all political strips.  Originally Section 13 only applied to telephone answering machines, where people could leave an outgoing “hate” message.  That is a pretty odd thing to have covered by a law, but it was carefully crafted in order to silence one man - John Ross Taylor – who was a rather eccentric elderly gentleman that recorded his viewpoints on a telephone answering machine which people could call into and listen.

As is typical with over-paid fanatical bureaucrats, it wasn’t enough to just harass a couple of Canadians who dared to record their thoughts on a telephone answering machine.  Mission creep set in; and the CHRC took it upon themselves to reinterpret Section 13 and claim that the entire Internet was in their jurisdiction because it was part of “a means of the facilities of a telecommunication undertaking within the legislative authority of Parliament”.  In other words, because in the 1990’s you needed a telephone and a modem to access the Internet, the CHRC claimed they had jurisdiction and accepted a complaint against Holocaust Revisionist and (then) German-Canadian publisher, Ernst Zundel for posting on the Internet, which were allegedly associated with him.  That was the very first Internet “hate” case in the 1990.

The CHRC was beyond pleased that it could scour and others could tame” the internet.  While the jury was still out if the original intent of Section 13 could be applied to the Internet, the Federal Government slipped one line into Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Legislation (2001 – Bill C-36) which gave the CHRC carte blanche to police and censor the Internet.

Once it was clear that the CHRC could police the internet, the CHRC went on a Blitzkriegto shut down websites. Without a ruling, or court order, the CHRC starting writing to Internet Service Providers of people they wanted to Silence.  Amongst those people were Ernst Zundel, UUNET, Ottawa FreeNet, various people on AOL who were critical of homosexuality, and various other websites.

The real problem the CHRC had was that no one was complaining to them.  They had invested all this money; they had a special “anti-hate” team, special “anti-hate” committee, special lawyers, a special Compliance Manual for “hate cases”, policy advisors, etc; but no one was complaining to them.  (Gee, sounds like Canadians could handle free speech on the internet just fine without them).  The CHRC even went around to various organizations begging them to lay complaints (2006:  CHRC head ‘hate’ policy advisor visits “A couple representatives of the Muslim community” to stir up some complaints).  The problem with complaints disappeared when a former employee of the CHRC filed upwards of 26 complaints with the CHRC over internet based content.

100% conviction rate

In the 37 years that Section 13 was a law in Canada, not a single person ever ultimately won a case. Yes, you read that correctly; the CHRC has a 100% conviction rate.  I was the only person to come close – in that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal threw out the case against me, but the wacky Federal Court of Canada reversed it and found me guilty of a single posting on my website, what I neither wrote nor approved of.

Not only is there a 100% rate, there is also a 100% lifetime speech ban rate.  Every single person who has been taken to the Human Rights Tribunal is now under lifetime speech ban.  This lifetime speech ban (called a Cease and Desist order) forces the person to never post material again on the Internet which is “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt..”.  If violated it would mean a “contempt of court” charge and up to five years in jail.  So far multiple people have been imprisoned for violating the lifetime speech ban.  The jail sentences have been up to (and more) than a year for some people.

Section 13 – a Disgrace for Canada (Steyn and Levant)

When Section 13 was just used to attack marginalized and poor Canadians (most people charged under Section 13 could not even afford a lawyer), it was not a major public issue.  But the CHRC just could not leave well enough alone.  The CHRC – drunk with power and a 100% conviction rate – looked to new horizons to expand their censorship powers. This ultimately proved to be their biggest tactical mistake.

The CHRC accepted a ‘hate’ complaint against Macleans Magazine and Mark Steyn.  This coincided with a ‘hate speech’ complaint against Ezra Levant for publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. Well… the preverbal “sh*t hit the fan” and suddenly the backroom censorship of marginal people by the CHRC; their tactics and the corrupt system they operated in; was front page news.

Newspapers and magazines across Canada denounced the CHRC and Section 13.  Mark Steyn was not about to shut up either.  For years, Steyn or the mainstream media didn’t really know or pay much attention to the machinations of the CHRC censors, well… that was all about to change.

Part 2 to follow!

_________________________________________________________________6/24/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

Political Prisoner Letter Writer Brad Love Flown Back to Alberta in Handcuffs & Chains

Curious travellers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last Thursday may have wondered who that 54-year old man, in handcuffs and leg irons being pushed in a wheelchair through departures by two Mounties was. Was he some mass murderer? Was he a rapist and killer Paul Bernardo copy cat?

No, he was Brad Love, the prolific writer of opinionated non-violent letters to media and politicians — more than 10,000 letters over a 20 year period. At huge cost to the taxpayer, two members of the RCMP had flown to Ontario, picked up Mr. Love, who had been scheduled to be released on probation, Sunday, June 15, and flown him to Alberta. The police never showed him a warrant or any documentation, and, Mr. Love marvels, he had no identification on him but still managed to board an airplane and go through “security.”

Having landed  at Edmonton International Airport, Mr. Love was driven to nearby Leduc. The Mounties charged him with missing a court appearance in Fort McMurray last August 7. This charge is bogus and a further piece of political police state spite. Mr. Love missed the court date for the very good reason that he was in jail in Ontario, as of August 1, 2013 serving his draconian 18-month sentence for breach of probation (sending information packages to several Toronto Jewish groups) — a charge that usually attracts a 30-day sentence! However, political prisoners are usually treated more harshly.

Peter Lindsay, Mr. Love’s Toronto lawyer, had advised the court in Fort McMurray that Mr. Love was in jail in Ontario, and, therefore, unable to keep the court date.

The RCMP opposed granting Mr. Love bail at a bail hearing held by video teleconference. They said people in Fort McMurray would be “appalled” if Mr. Love got bail. Also, they added, he has no ties to the community. “I argued that I had lived and worked there for eight years and few people in Fort Mac have ties to the community. They come from out-of-province to work and make money. The JP (justice of the peace) wanted $1,000 cash bail. I said I had about $960.”

“So, I was released on $900 bail. I was turned out on to the street by the RCMP with $60 in my pocket,” Mr. Love told CAFE in an exclusive interview today. “My credit cards had been cancelled. Most of my belongings and cellphone were with a friend in Ontario. I used my $60 to get a cab to take me to a banking machine and I got the money to return to Fort McMurray.”

Mr. Love is seeking to resume employment. He faces his first court appointment — a date to set a date — on June 30 in Fort McMurray.

Mr. Love notes an odd coincidence. One of the public officials he is accused of “harassing” (by sending letters or phoning) is a reporter for Fort McMurray Today. Several years ago, he filed a complaint against this newspaper for running “aboriginal only” employment ads. They blatantly proclaimed racial discrimination in a way that would never be allowed if the ads said “Whites only.”

Similarly, another of those complaining against him is a local OXFAM campaigner named John Crossley. He and his wife are employed by Keyano College. Mr. Love some years ago challenged Mr. Crossley who was promoting OXFAM at a public display, Mr.  Love had argued to a shocked Mr. Crossley that most foreign aid was wasted and that OXFAM should be putting the needs of Canadians first. Mr. Love also filed a human rights complaint against Keyano College for running an “Indians only programme.” Both complaints were dismissed — not unusual for the pathologically anti-White “human rights” industry mindset.

“This has been a set-up from the get-go,” an angry Mr. Love concludes.


6/21/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

Sorry, Justin [Trudeau], I Don’t Want to Donate and Win A Chance to Attend a Barbecue With You!

Dear Justin:

May I call you Justin, since you addressed me as Paul, even though you don’t know me?

Anyway, I received the following fundraising e-mail from you. You want to entice me to make a donation by offering a chance to attend a barbecue with you and get a free copy of your book of barbecue recipes:

Paul —

There’s something truly Canadian about getting together with friends, family and colleagues at a summer BBQ, enjoying an afternoon over good food and talking about everything under the sun.

My favourite summer weekends are when Sophie and I can gather the family outside in the late afternoon, and fire up the BBQ.

That’s why I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about the arrival of our annual Win a BBQ dinner with Justin contest!

Donate $3, or more, and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to join me for a BBQ dinner in your town — plus, you can bring 4 guests with you.

Everyone who contributes will automatically receive a copy of my favourite BBQ recipe.

Liberals have been working hard since last summer, building a team and a better plan for Canada — and I’m eager to talk to you one-on-one about our achievements so far.

Thank you.


P.S. We also accept donations by phone at 1-888-542-3725, today 9am to 5pm ET (if you have trouble getting through, please try again).

Now, Justin, I note that your party is militantly anti-Christian and is opposed to freedom of conscience. I see from the CBC (June 14, 2014): “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says anti-abortion MPs already sitting in his caucus can run as candidates, but will still be expected to vote along pro-choice lines on any legislation regarding abortion.

This is the second time Trudeau has had to clarify his position since telling reporters on May 7 that anti-abortion candidates would have to “vote pro-choice” on any bills. He had said sitting MPs would be “grandfathered. … “But the policy going forward is that every single Liberal MP will be expected to stand up for women’s rights to choose,” Trudeau said Wednesday. … All Liberal MPs, regardless of their personal views, would be expected to vote pro-choice,” Trudeau said.

“I have made it clear that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills. The existing MPs who have been grandfathered in to a certain extent will be respected, to a certain extent, in their choices, but our position as a party is we do not open that debate,” Trudeau said.”

So, Christians — and most mainline Christians, including those belonging to the church of which you are nominally a member, oppose abortion — are not welcome or, if they serve all,  they, must check their beliefs at the door.

I am not interested in the Liberal Party as you are ruling it. You force your MPs and candidates to abandon their consciences if they oppose the murder of the unborn. You, like the NDP, are a death party. You are also anti-free speech.

I can see why you are such an admirer of the communist Chinese, just like your father before you.

Paul Fromm



6/23/2014 email from Paul Fromm:

No Parole For Political Prisoner Brad Love — Whisked Off By RCMP For Another Trial

REXDALE, ON. June 16, 2014. Yesterday was supposed to be a day of rejoicing for free speech supporters in the Toronto area to welcome home local Etobicoke boy, inveterate letter writer Brad Love, Having served over 11 months of an 18 month sentence for breach of probation (sending information packages to four Toronto Jewish groups in 2009), when the usual sentence for such an offence is usually 30 days, Mr. Love was to be picked up by his brother from the Lindsay jail in time for a Father’s Day gathering.

The Alternative Forum and the Canadian Association for Free Expression had planned a meeting here tonight to welcome Mr, Love who has been put through a 12-year ordeal, including over 30 months in prison, for writing non-violent, opinionated letters to politicians, police chiefs, media outlets and Jewish groups.

I wasn’t particularly worried when I did not hear from Mr. Love on Sunday. After all, it was Father’s Day, the first anniversary of his beloved mother’s death, and he naturally wanted to be with family.

A call this morning delivered a boot to the solar plexus and ruined our joys. The collect call was from Brad Love at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay. It was bad news:   “I am being kept here for six more days. The RCMP is going to fly me back to Fort McMurray. I am going to be charged with missing a court date.”

The situation is beyond absurd. The Alberta courts have been contacted repeatedly for proof that Mr. Love’s bail conditions, stemming out of a charge for sending “scurrilous material” to several politicians and media officials, had been amended. They know he has been incarcerated in Ontario since mid-July 2013. The cost to the taxpayers of several airfares and the RCMP escort is atrocious.

A disappointed Mr.  Love observed: “they know I am coming back to Fort McMurray. I live there. I own a home there. I intend to resume my job there and I have posted $2,000 cash bail.”

“They are going to fly me, a letter writer, back to Fort McMurray like a dangerous bank robber. What a kick in the balls. What a system! They caused me to miss my Dad’s Father’s Day and the one year memorial of my Mom’s death.”

Mr. Love will seek bail on this latest near fanatical enmity of the Canada’s politically correct justice system to silence an opinionated letter writer. “I am going to say to the judge, ‘I’d have been here earlier but the RCMP kidnapped me.’|”

Canada’s justice system is increasingly in the hands of Christian-hating cultural Marxists intent on silencing populist opposition to the forced egalitarian agenda.


June 22, 2014

Canada’s PM Glorifies Communist Role in WW2


6/14/2014 from Paul Fromm:

James Keegstra, Dedicated Christian, Free Speech Martyr and Free Thinker Dead at 80

James Keegstra will some day be recognized as a sincere, gentle man, whose politically incorrect views resulted in his being crushed by a media frenzy, a frightened citizenry and a judiciary sharpening the barbs of Canada’s speech repression laws. When, in 1990, the Supreme Court upheld his conviction under Canada’s notorious “hate law” (now Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code) by a narrow 5-4 margin, it became clear — and has with each passing year — that Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a fraud. Far from guaranteeing traditional rights Canadians had enjoyed under Anglo-Saxon Common Law — rights like freedom of speech, —  the Keegstra case helped Canadians see that they had been granted certain privileges by their government which could quickly be snatched away by government, for a good reason, of course.

The year 1985, one year after George Orwell’s year of apocalyptic horror, brought Canada into the eerie age of thought-crimes trials. Three convictions that year – Ernst Zundel in February under the archaic “false news” law, later found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, James Keegstra in July, and Don Andrews/Robert Smith in December, under the “hate law” – saw Canadians tried, convicted, and, in two trials (Zundel’s and Andrews/Smith) sentenced to prison for nothing more than the non-violent expression of their political or religious views which is, incidentally, how Amnesty International describes a political prisoner – a fact that puts Canada in a somewhat embarrassing situation.

Born in 1934 in Vulcan, Alberta of Dutch immigrant parents who were dairy farmers, James Keegstra earned a university degree in education. He moved to Eckville, Alberta in 1968 and began teaching high school social studies. He was also a mechanic. Jim’s quiet demeanor and shyness, seen in many of the photos of his trial, won him a following. Both in his school and the larger community, James Keegstra was well liked. His easy going informality appealed to small town Albertans who soon elected him to the Eckville council and then elected him as mayor.

The Calgary Sun (June 13, 2014) reported that, after a 13 year successful teaching career, Mr. Keegstra ran afoul of his board of education: “Keegstra remained unmoved after being ordered to stop teaching Jewish conspiracy as a fact in social studies class and was canned from his teaching position in December, 1982. While some of his students felt betrayed by the Holocaust denier, most of his pupils rallied around Keegstra, who was then Eckville’s mayor.

But that was only the beginning of a 12-year courtroom odyssey that would test the country’s limits of free speech.Soon after being dumped as Eckville’s mayor, Keegstra was charged in January 1984 with willfully promoting hatred. …

While Keegstra insisted he was defending free speech and the truth, prosecutors argued his poisoning of young, captive minds couldn’t be ignored. After a 70-day trial, the ex-teacher was convicted and fined $5,000 — a decision that was to be overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal in 1988.

That same year, an arsonist using cans of gasoline tried to torch the ex-teacher’s Eckville home, a move he called “an act of terrorism” and an attempt to muzzle his views.

In December 1990, the country’s supreme court upended the lower court’s ruling by insisting the law was constitutional and the case was sent back to the court of appeal.

A retrial was ordered in April 1991 — a decision many in Keegstra’s hometown decried. ‘I think it’s a silly waste of money … Eckville has been taking lumps for this for the past eight years,’ said the town’s then-mayor Bill Scott. …

Said Keegstra: ‘There’s no freedom of speech in the world — we’re all under Zionist and communist control.’ In the summer of 1992, Keegstra was found guilty and handed a $3,000-fine but the defendant appealed by arguing the judged erred in responding to jurors’ questions. But the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the second conviction and again sent the case back to the Alberta Court of Appeal for sentencing.

By now, Keegstra made his living in Eckville as an auto mechanic —a man his lawyer said had been punished enough, impoverished and vilified by the media. In 1996, he was given a one-year suspended sentence and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service — preferably for victims of discrimination.”

In opening his final summation in James Keegstra’s first trail, July 11, 1985, his lawyer Douglas H. Christie, the Battling Barrister, said: “Mr. James Keegstra is a man of 51 years of age. His life’s work and chosen vocation for 21 years was teaching. He is the man who served as Mayor of his town for several years. He was described by all but Robert David as a sincere and honest man. He served what he believed to be God, Queen and country. He was fired from his job. He has lost his career, lost his right to practice his vocation. He has been destroyed as Mayor. He has seen his reputation destroyed, and so has his family. He has suffered all this as a sincere and honest Christian.”

What was James Keegstra’s sin? In their headlines, like the Globe and Mail’s (June 14, 2014) “Holocaust denier who waged lengthy battle dies at 80”, the media flagged him as a “heretic.” The new secular religion of the West is the “holocaust.” To challenge or question it in any way is heresy and heretics must be punished with total destruction. “Holocaust denier” is a vague term that simply connotes evil or heretic. Virtually no one denies that Jews were killed in World War II. However, the term suggests the person so labelled does adopt this absurd view.

Most people accused of “holocaust denial” see the Hollywood version of WW II as a vast exaggeration and, worse, unlike most accounts of history, one that is used today to extract huge sums of money from Germany nearly 70 years after the war and to influence public policy. For instance, in 1999 when six rusting shiploads of Chinese illegals slithered into British Columbia waters, Canada’s Jewish Minister of Immigration Elinor Caplan said she was not going to be a gatekeeper and invoked the holocaust. Thus, if you want to keep out queue-jumpers and gate crashers, you’re a Nazi and want another “holocaust.”

The “holocaust” story is Jewish tribal history. It is, like all tribal histories, self-centred and self-focused. However, under huge pressure, the political elite in the West has adopted it as their own religion. Religion is, essentially, a matter of faith. Those who point to contradictions in the tenets of the “holocaust faith” — for instance, the claim that it was the greatest crime in history, in a century that saw the deliberate extermination of 8-10-million Ukrainian farmers in Stalin’s efforts to break the resistance to collectivization — are branded as “holocaust deniers” or heretics. Debate over.  Fire him. Make it impossible for him to earn a living. Off to prison with him.

James Keegstra was a deeply religious man and a stubborn Dutchman. These were both his salvation and his curse. Mr. Keegstra firmly believed that there had been various conspiracies, including  ones heavily influenced by Jews, that explained much of the history of the past 300 years. As a committed Christian, he felt obliged to convey these truths to his students. He did not compel them to accept his views but sought to challenge them. After some parental complaints, the school board told him to stick to the curriculum. His faith and determined nature led him to continue offering these alternative ideas to his students.

Much is made of Mr. Keegstra’s unusual curriculum. As a former teacher, eventually fired due to Jewish lobby pressure, not for my classroom behaviour but for my political views espoused on my own time outside school property, I knew of many teachers who injected a strident leftist political agenda into their English or history classes. One Catholic high school teacher. in the early 1980s,  insisted that his senior religion class attend and participate in leftist “peace demonstrations.” Some English teachers I knew indoctrinated their students with White guilt and strident “anti-racism.” [What this political agenda had to do with teaching grammar, writing skills and English literature, who knows, and the authorities didn’t care.]

Once the complaints against James Keegstra went public, the media, egged on by self-interested minorities, went into a frenzy. The small town of Eckville didn’t know what hit them. Few journalists adopted a balanced perspective. Like pirhanas in a feeding frenzy, they smelled blood in the water and razor-teeth flashing raced in for the kill.

James Keegstra’s lawyer, Doug Christie, described the process that would be visited upon many of other politically incorrect dissidents — Ernst Zundel, Malcolm Ross, Terry Tremaine,  to name just a few: Demonize, isolate, criminalize. First there is an orchestrated media campaign of denunciation. The victim is isolated. Friends go silent. Would-be supporters note the treatment meted out to the heretic and decide to draw back. They don’t want the same fate for themselves — friends of the heretic are as bad as the heretic himself. Now with the victim thoroughly isolated and virtually friendless, it is safe for the state to move in for the kill with criminal charges.

The people of Eckville who had liked and supported James Keegstra were appalled at the publicity and apparent vilification of their town. They began to draw back. James Keegstra retained a small but loyal following of supporters, many of them Social Crediters. Many of his former students and townspeople stood by him. But others sought a way for this whole thing to go away.

Even if one agrees that a school board could fire James Keegstra for not sticking to its curriculum, what happened next resembled a witch trial. It was not enough that Mr. Keegstra was fired, a vindictive province took away his teaching certificate, and, therefore, his ability to support his family as a teacher. Frightened townspeople voted him out as mayor.

But that was still not enough for the politically correct. A heretic must not just be exiled; he must be destroyed. As burning at the stake had gone out of fashion, a political trial under Canada’s “hate law” seemed the next best thing. By now, Mr. Keegstra was being subjected to triple jeopardy.

An amazing incident recounted by Doug Christie illustrates this point. After the guilty verdict in James Keegstra’s first trial was announced, the foreman of the jury approached Doug Christie and gave him a substantial cheque: “I want to be the first to contribute to Jim’s appeal,” he said.

Doug Christie was flabbergasted. “Why? Why?” he asked. “You had the power to acquit him.”

The foreman replied: “We liked Mr. Keegstra, but all the publicity. You know what it’s doing to this town.” So, convenience led otherwise good people to toss James Keegstra, a man they liked,  under the bus.

I heard much the same thing from my district union leader during Peel Board of Education hearings into my firing. He told me: “Mr. Christie, your lawyer is brilliant. His speeches on freedom of speech are powerful and eloquent, but you’re going to lose.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because,” he answered,” the day after they fire you, the phone calls stop.” In other words, it was not a matter of high principle but merely convenience. If the censors and thought control fanatics can raise enough noise about the heretic, convenience will dictate the sacrifice of the heretic to shut them up.

The long trials reduced James Keegstra to penury. He eked out a modest living as a mechanic and later as a custodian. He died June 2, 2014.

The Calgary Sun (June 14, 2014) reported Mr. Keegstra saying on the eve of his first trial: ““I don’t want to be a martyr, I just want justice,” Keegstra told reporters in February of that year as his case began. “He did not get his wish: He was a martyr to political correctness and he never received justice.”

James Keegstra, as even his tormenters acknowledged, remained unbroken — again his strong Christian faith and Dutch stubbornness. As the great French chanteuse Edith Piaf sang: “Je ne regretted rien.” So too, James Keegstra: “It’s been a long fight and I think it’s been worth it,” he said.

What sustained him? As one who knew James Keegstra on and off for 30 years, I can say that it was the loyal love of his lovely wife Lorraine who stood by Jim through all the abuse and punishment and his abiding faith in God. And, yes, that old quiet Dutch stubbornness and resolve.

My fervent hope is next time bossy boots Canada lectures Russia about outlawing homosexual propaganda and proclaims our attachment to freedom of speech, that President Putin scoffs and whispers in Harper’s ear: “What about James Keegstra? Free speech, ha!” — Paul Fromm


For a copy of Doug Christie’s brilliant summation at the first Keegstra trial, read Thought Crimes: The Keegstra Case(available from C-G\FAR Books, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, for $5.00 posdtpaid.)


Terry Long’s Appreciation of the Life of James Keegstra

Canadian patriot and school teacher Jim Keegsta was prosecuted in 1983 under Canada’s then existing Hate statute for claiming the so-called “Holocaust” was “exaggerated”. He subsequently became the first nationally vilified martyr for Canadian freedom of speech in Canada. That claim was subsequently substantiated when the world Jewish Congress in conjunction with the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland lowered the number of gassing victims at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million in 1990. So for any apologist who says the numbers don’t matter, it did to patriot Jim Keegstra who lost his job as a teacher and mayor of the town he lived in and was continuously vilified and slandered by the national media ever since. As a result, he was defunctionalized socially, politically and economically. Like heretics in the middle ages who denied that the earth was the center of the universe, you don’t deny the state religion of the west and get away with it. The only difference between then and now is that they’ve found a more civilized way of burning people at the stake.

There were other Canadian martyrs before Jim, people like my good friend and mentor John Ross Taylor from Toronto who spent a year in jail in the late 1970s for a telephone message talking about the Jews and their machinations, but Jim Keegstra was the first to really go national in a big way. I guess THEY figured at the time that Canadians had been dumbed down enough that it didn’t really matter what kind of outrage was perpetrated against traditional freedoms, notwithstanding that those freedoms went all the way back to the Magna Carta, and they were right. In fact the Keegstra case was the first one to my knowledge where a Canadian judge in his final address to the jury stated, “The truth is not an issue in this case”. If the truth is not an issue in a court of Law, then what the hell is? I still haven’t figured that one out and obviously Jim Keegstra hadn’t either.

The RCMP even stationed armed snipers on the roof of the Red Deer, Alberta, court house when Jim was being tried. Canada it seems must be protected against heretics at all cost.

Jim Keegstra was a friend and patriot who went out like a man. He will be sadly missed.

Terry Long


June 7, 2014

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Seven Points of National Socialism (National Socialist Party of Canada)

The organization prides themselves on the seven points of National Socialism, they are:

  • I. An honest man can never be happy in a naked scramble for material gain and comfort, without some goal which he believes to be greater than himself, and for which he is willing to sacrifice his own egoism. That goal, for us, is the upward struggle of our race and the fight for the common good of our peoples.
  • II. Society can function successfully, and therefore happily, only as an organism; that all parts benefit when each part performs the function for which it is best suited to produce a unified, single-purpose whole, which is then capable of outperforming any one part, the whole thus vastly increasing the powers of all cooperating parts, and the parts therefore subordinating a part of their freedom to the whole.
  • III. Man makes genuine progress only when he approaches Nature humbly, and accepts and applies her eternal laws.
  • IV. Struggle is the vital element of all evolutionary progress and the very essence of life itself.
  • V. No man is entitled to the services and products of the labor of his fellow men, unless he contributes at least an equal amount of goods or services of his own production or invention to the extent that he is able.
  • VI. It is to the advantage of society to see that every honest man has the freedom and opportunity to achieve his maximum potential by preserving his health, protecting him from unforeseeable and ruinous catastrophes, educating him to capacity in the areas of his abilities, and guarding him against economic and political exploitation.
  • VII. Adolf Hitler  was the gift of an inscrutable Providence to a world on the brink of Jewish-Bolshevik catastrophe, and that only the blazing spirit of this heroic man can give us the strength and inspiration to bring the world a new birth of radiant idealism, realistic peace, international order and social justice for all men.


June 6, 2014 - email from Paul Fromm:

“It’s never right to imprison a speaker for his beliefs” Lawyer Tells Federal Court of Appeal in Tremaine Case

REGINA. May 28, 2014. In what may well be the final act in a nine year torment inflicted on political prisoner Terry Tremaine for the non-violent expression of his political beliefs, defence lawyer Drew Hitchcock made a heartfelt appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal at a hearing here today urging: “It’s never right to imprison a speaker for his beliefs.” Mr. Tremaine is appealing a month’s jail term and orders to remove material from Stormfront and his own website National Socialist Party of Canada.

[*insert by ]

The nine-year ordeal, which has seen Mr. Tremaine essentially gagged for years at a time by various bail conditions or human rights tribunal “cease and desist” orders, was instigated by Ottawa’s  Richard Warman, who has made a career of seeking prosecution of those holding beliefs he doesn’t like. In 2005, Warman filed a complaint under Canada’s now repealed Sec. 13 (Internet censorship) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Soon after, he filed a complaint under Canada’s notorious “hate law” (Sec, 319 of the Criminal Code) with the Regina Police. He complained  about Mr. Tremaine’s supposedly “hateful” political beliefs to the University of Saskatchewan with the result that Mr. Tremaine lost his teaching job. He also filed at least three complaints that some of Mr. Tremaine’s further Internet postings constituted “contempt of court.”

Richard Warman, whose complaint instigated the “contempt of court”,  charge did not appear for the appeal. Drew Hitchcock, Mr. Tremaine’s lawyer, in replying to a remark by Justice Dawson that “there is no right to contempt”, stated: “It is not sufficient to say ‘we’re not punishing this man for words he said but because he won’t shut up.’ The fact of this case is that Terry Tremaine is in contempt of the Tribunal because of his ideas. Have the courage to say he is being punished because he exercized free speech.”

Mr. Hitchcock pointed to the fact that Mr. Tremaine has no criminal record.: “Imprisonment should be the punishment of last resort, especially for someone with no criminal record. Every month, [people are given probation or conditional sentences for theft and crimes of violence where people  really are hurt,” he added.

Sentencing Federal Judge Sean Herrington “did not consider mitigating factors, when he said, at the October, 2012 sentencing hearing in Vancouver: ‘The time has come to punish Mr. Tremaine.'” The sentencing judge should have considered the fact that, as a result of the things Mr. Tremaine posted on the Internet and the resulting Warman-instigated publicity, there was his job loss, health issues, social ostracism and difficulty in making a living.  Mr. Warman wrote the University of Saskatchewan and urged that Mr. Tremaine be fired or he’d go to the media.”

This case is about civil contempt which is less serious than criminal contempt. “Parity is an important concept in sentencing,” Mr. Hitchcock explained. “It is usual in contempt cases for the accused to be given the chance to purge his contempt. Judge Herrington gave Mr. Tremaine 15 days to do so” — by removing some 40 postings from his own website and sending a registered letter to Stormfront to ask them to remove certain of his postings — “but he still gave him 30 days in jail. This is excessive and unfit and was imposed because of the things Mr. Tremaine said.”

“Mr. Warman initiated a criminal complaint under the hate law. The police invaded Mr. Tremaine’s home. They seized his computer. He was held in jail for 22 days” awaiting a hearing on a charge of breach of bail conditions and, in the end, all charges were stayed. Fundamental fairness requires that you recognize those 22 days of time served. He was punished for the same stuff, the same posting, as we are here for today,” Mr. Hitchcock argued.

In the Whatcott case, “unfortunately, the Supreme Court of Canada made it clear that, under human rights law, they can punish someone for ‘hate speech,'” he added.

He told the three judge panel: “Your sentence must recognize that Terry Tremaine has the right of freedom of speech. You don’t make this society freer by punishing this man,” he said passionately rising to his subject. “I don’t believe society will have less respect for the law if Mr. Tremaine is sent to jail. He has no influence, except for the notoriety he gets from this case.”

“You may use mental gymnastics to justify a prison sentence,” he added, “but people out there know he’s being punished for what he said. I am not here to defend his views, but I do think it is wrong to lock him up for them. Personally, I think it is wrong to imprison people for their speech or beliefs.”

He challenged the Appeal Court: “If you deny this appeal, do so by admitting he’s being punished for  his ideas. Don’t gloss over it.”

Then, challenging another part of Judge Herrington’s sentence, Mr. Hitchcock said: “The sentencing judge ordered Mr. Tremaine  to take a passage from Mein Kampf off his website. I can go across the street and get the complete book from the library. It doesn’t make sense. Nor does the order for Mr. Tremaine to remove  the books, The Turner Diaries or the Poisonous Mushroom, from his website. They are readily available on-line. I am asking you to vacate that part of his order and say you don’t ban books.”

Although the Canadian Human Rights Commission had wanted Terry Tremaine to be ordered to take his entire website down, Judge Herrington did not order it taken down.”

Concluding, Mr. Hitchcock said: “It is contrary to fundamental justice to imprison a person for breaching an order under a  law that has been repealed (Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.).”

the three judges reserved judgement.


June 5, 2014 - email from Paul Fromm:

New Brunswick Judge Deals Body Blow to Freedom of Belief and Right to Will Property

The past 24 hours have been violent ones in New Brunswick. A lone gunman, still on the run as of this writing, last evening shot and killed three members of the RCMP in Moncton and wounded two others. This morning Judge William T. Grant of the Court of Queen’s Bench fired a double-barrelled blast into the guts of freedom of belief, freedom of speech and the right of a man to will his property to a group supportive of his beliefs.

With the swipe of a pen, he overturned a bequest to the White nationalist National Alliance in the will of the late professor of chemistry Robert McCorkill, who died in St. John in 2004. After the will had been probated in May, 2013, the anti-free speech Southern Poverty Law Centre objected and insisted the will should be voided as contrary to the public interest. The SPLC had no standing in Canada, but a long-estranged sister Isabelle McCorkell, although claiming poverty, found a pricey Moncton law firm that made an application on her behalf to nullify the bequest, variously estimated as between $250,000 and $1-million. She was joined by the Attorney General of New Brunswick, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Studies (CIJA), and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith as interveners.

The Canadian Association for Free Expression entered the fray in defence of free speech and the right of a man to will his property to the group or cause of his choice.

The application was heard in St. John in late January.

His judgement puts in peril any bequest to a group or maybe even a person whose views are deemed to be “contrary to public policy.”

Judge Grant found: “The purposes of the National Alliance and the activities and communication which it undertakes to promote its purposes are both illegal in Canada and New Brunswick. Consequently, I declare the residual bequest to it in the will of Harry McCorkill to be void.”

Judge Grant noted: “The respondent also submits that the writings of the NA were not in violation of any laws of the United States when they were published. However, they clearly violate the Criminal Code of Canada and this Court takes judicial notice of the fact that in this age of the Internet national boundaries are meaningless for the purposes of spreading hate propaganda such as that disseminated by the NA.”

The ruling is breathtaking in its finding of guilt (of illegality and “hate propaganda”) where no charges have ever been laid. The National Alliance operated in Canada for about a year in the early 2000s. It distributed literature and held small meetings. Yet, it was never charged much less convicted under Canada’s notorious “hate law” or any other law.

Has a New Brunswick court taken us into Alice and Wonderland and the Court of the Red Queen: The verdict is “guilty”; no need for a trial; now on to the sentence!

The judge rejected arguments  by CAFE’s lawyer Andy Lodge that overturning the McCorkill bequest would lead to a flood of other such challenges to bequests to any group  whose views might seem to be opposed to present government policy: “I, therefore, find that the voiding of a bequest based on the character of the beneficiary is,  and will continue to be, an unusual remedy, where, as here, the beneficiary’s raison d’etre is contrary to public policy, it is the appropriate remedy.”

Despite the breezy assurance that voiding the will is only meant to get bad people — the judge found the National Alliance’s publications to be “racist, White supremacist and hate inspired, … disgusting, repugnant and revolting”  — one wonders. Canada has abortion on the demand. That’s public policy. Right to Life groups exist to enact laws to control or limit abortion. That’s contrary to public policy. Would a bequest to them be voided? On a larger level, today’s Green, NDP and Liberal Parties, to say nothing of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, advocate positions clearly contrary to many of the ruling government’s public policies. Could bequests to them be ruled similarly illegal?

Indeed, isn’t any political dissent over laws or legislation an expression “contrary to public policy?”

The ruling will significantly diminish the assets of the bequest. Most of the lawyers, however, will do handsomely: “Ms McCorkell is entitled to her costs on a solicitor and client basis from the Estate [and she will get whatever is left of the bequest.] Mr. Streed [the executor] is also entitled to his costs on a solicitor and client basis from the Estate. The Province has not requested costs and CAFE was not successful in its intervention. While the submissions of CIJA and B’nai Brith have both been helpful, their own purposes were also served by intervening. So, I will award them each a lump sum of $3,000 including disbursements to be paid out of the Estate.”

An appeal of this judgement is being considered by the lawyer for the executor of the McCorkill Estate.


email from Paul June 4, 2014:

Rich Businesses Crank Up Lobbying to Save Cheap Labour Through Temporary Foreign Workers’ Programme

The big business lobby is finally organizing a well-funded lobbying counter-offensive. The Temporary Workers’ Programme, a colossal scam and job stealing cheap labour scheme has come in for a lot of hits recently. For several years, despite unemployment of close to 7 per cent — that’s 1.5-million Canadians out of work — and many more reduced to part-time jobs, we were told the Temporary Workers Programme existed to supply workers for jobs Canadians couldn’t do (a skills shortage) or where no Canadians could be found t o do the job.

None of these explanations for the importation of 491,000 “temporary” workers who, in many provinces are on a fast track to permanent status, stood up to a common sense analysis. Were Canadians really such incompetent dunderheads that there were 491,000 jobs they couldn’t do. People began to notice temporary foreign works flipping burgers at McDonalds or pouring coffee at Tim Horton’s. Surely, Canadians could and wanted to do those jobs.

Over a year ago, concrete evidence emerged that this program is a wage-lowering scam and has nothing to do with  alleged labour shortages:

* There was the Tumbler Ridge Chinese owned coal mine in B.C. wanting to import 200 Chinese coal miner. They cleverly advertised for “Mandarin speaking” experienced coal miners. Few of Canada’s many unemployed and qualified miners could meet THAT requirement;

* Then, there were the bank tech workers being forced to train their temporary foreign worker replacements.

* More recently, there were complaints against McDonalds franchises coast to coast, where former managers reported being told to cut back on Canadians’ hours, not take applications from Canadians (the ones who allegedly do not want these jobs) and to favour the largely Filipino foreign workers being imported.

* A restaurant in  Saskatchewan had fired all its workers and re-hired the foreign workers;

* Temporary Foreign Workers permits had been granted for at least a dozen hockey coaches,. Yes,  hockey, that’s the game Canada invented.

* B.C. helicopter pilots reported being replaced for jobs they sought by cheaper temporary foreign workers.

* A number of economists have reported that there really no present skills shortage and that the Temporary Workers Programme is contributing to unemployment levels in Alberta and B.C.

Jason Kenny, our newly minted Employment Minister, under whose previous watch at Immigration this hideous programme had expanded, reeled under the publicity and pressure and has promised changes.

The Globe and Mail (May 31, 2014) reported: “With potentially sweeping consequences on the line, big companies are anxiously lobbying the Conservative government in the runup to reforms of the temporary foreign worker program. The looming announcement from Employment Minister Jason Kenney, which is expected to impose higher fees on employers and measures to encourage them to offer higher wages, has injected tension into the once warm relationship between the Conservatives and Tim Hortons Inc., one of Canada’s most iconic brands.”

One’s head spins at some of the arguments that will be made to policy makers: “’We are greatly concerned about the serious consequences of the government’s approach on small business franchisees in markets with severe labour shortages,’ Tim Hortons spokesperson Olga Petrycki said in a statement. ‘This has the very real potential to affect jobs for Canadians if access is further restricted in these markets.’” What is she saying: We need to bring in foreigners to save Canadian jobs? Why not give those jobs to some of Canada’s 1.5-million unemployed. Her argument is so lame as to deserve a handicapped sticker.

The Globe report explains that many of Canada’s economic Big Boys are eager to keep wages suppressed and keep the cheap foreign labour coming: “There are currently 83 lobbyist registrations on the issue of temporary foreign workers, up from 73 at the start of the year, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada. The list includes such big names as Honda Canada Inc., IBM Canada Ltd., Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Microsoft Canada Co., Nexen Inc. and Bank of Nova Scotia.

Filings with the commissioner’s office provide a sense of the issues that companies, unions and other organizations are raising with Mr. Kenney and his departmental officials .

Tim Hortons, which contracted Calgary-based Blaise Boehmer on May 15 to lobby on its behalf, is focused on the number of temporary foreign workers permitted entry into Canada, application fee levels and pathways to permanent residency, according to Mr. Boehmer’s entry.

A few weeks earlier, Tim Hortons found itself under scrutiny after the CBC reported on claims by temporary foreign workers at a Tim s franchise in Blairmore, Alta., and another in Fernie, B.C., that they were being denied overtime pay.

In response, Tim Hortons announced it was taking over the two franchises and was expanding its auditing process.”

That’s a lot of lobbying clout! What can you do?

First, contact your MP by e-mail, mail or phone and let your representative know you oppose the Temporary Foreign Workers Programme and want is shut down.

Secondly, if you do business with any of these companies, let them know you are very displeased that they are lobbying to retain this heartless programme that keep Canadians unemployed and wages low.


Tim Horton’s.  — 874 Sinclair Road, Oakville, ON L6K 2Y1.
Tel: (905) 845-6511
Fax: (905) 845-0265

Honda Canada Inc.,

 IBM Canada Ltd.,

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.,

Microsoft Canada Co.,

Nexen Inc.

Bank of Nova Scotia

iGate Technologies


Paul Fromm




                MOV00724.AVI Paul Fromm’s Question: “Keep our workforce Canadian?” MOV00725.AVI Tim Horton’s Answer: Will still use foreign workers


Famous Historian Deported by Canada’s Thought Police

Not too good at stopping hordes of criminals and bogus “refugees” from entering Canada, the Canadian Border Service and part-time thought police caught themselves a real live wire last October 15. They stopped  David Irving, a real live 75-year old English historian from entering Canada. No, he wasn’t trying to sneak in to cadge medicare or welfare; he was in transit en route to Atlanta. Back in 1992, after a campaign of agitation by the Canadian Jewish Congress, author and lecturer David Irving, at the behest of Jewish cabinet minister Gerry Weiner, was  arrested at a Friends of Freedom “George Orwell Award Dinner” (the irony lost on Canada’s grim thought police) turfed out of Canada and has been banned ever since.

This was clearly a set-up job. Apparently, the Canada Border Service wasn’t even alerted to the presence of the dangerous free thinker until he was well over the Atlantic. An armed phalanx of thought police were there to greet him, detain him, and deport him back to London that very evening. Whew, a close one, Canada was saved from the very presence of this “real historian.” Not that he intended to stay or speak or lecture or do anything other than remain inside the secure area awaiting the ongoing flight to Atlanta.

Mysteriously, Mr. Irving’s luggage went missing. When Air Canada finally located it, it had b also, mysteriously, been rifled through and Mr. Irving’s camera broken. This thought police harassment and the ensuing delays meant a very expensive trip back to the U.S. and several days of lectures cancelled.

Next time Prime Minister Harper or Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird lectures President Putin or other Russian officials about Canada’s commitment to “free speech” as they criticize Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda,” one hopes the Russians will sneer and whisper “David Irving” in the ear of the preachy Canadians.

Writing in his A Radical’s Diary, Mr. Irving reports:

Tuesday October 15, 2013
Eton – Heathrow (England) – Toronto (Ontario, Canada) –

MY TWO-MONTH US speaking tour begins today. . The Air Canada plane is half empty, and has excellent movies, so I watch three classics – Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, Billy Wilder’s The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine, and even Daddy Longlegs, a musical starring Fred Astaire and Lesley Caron (right), the dancer I adored when I was young.

Then things go schief. After eight hours in the air, at 2:30 pm local time we land at Toronto, Canada: The Lester B Pearson International Airport, named after a Canadian prime minister we now know (from the Venona transcripts) to have been a Soviet agent. The cockpit asks us over the plane’s loudspeakers to have passports ready as we leave the plane. But I am not visiting Canada!

That is a first, but I apprehend no problems. Man lernt nie aus.

At the airport end of the gangway there are five or six armed Border Service officers, immigration police, waiting for me to emerge, as it turns out. I am taken aside, informed I have “illegally entered Canada” and will not be allowed to proceed to the United State as even a transit stop with a valid onbound ticket is also illegal.

The Border Service chief officer is very amicable, says they received a warning message from London when the plane was already in mid-Atlantic that David Irving was aboard, and “they have many cases of problems like this”. Somehow – I doubt it. Why did Air Canada not make this plain when I bought the tickets?

I say that surely the transit zone is an international zone, but I am not going to argue, as plainly they have instructions to return me to London at once. Force majeure.

This throws a real spanner in the works of the first week or two of the tour. A new ticket to Atlanta will not be cheap either. In the airport building, I am held in the immigration area, and from 3:15–30 p.m I send texts to my [staff].

The officers shortly announce that my bag was taken off the Atlanta flight, but has “gone missing” since. This episode will at very least shorten my Key West time and knock out functions in several Florida cities.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

– Heathrow – Eton (England)

I SHOULD have been in Atlanta by now, at the warehouse, loading up all day today. Instead I am stiff-boned and weary, on a plane, landing back in Heathrow – misty – at 6:30 a.m. I ask the Air Canada desk to forward my “lost” bag to Mrs D.’s home north of Atlanta.

The Air Canada desk checks my baggage tag against their computers, and with the same confidence as their colleagues in Toronto informs me that the bag will be here in one or two days. All’s well that ends well, for the time being.

I realise that the reason they moved “passport control” briefly forward to the plane’s actual exit gangplank, using as it turned out every available Border Service Agency officer in the terminal for the purpose, was so that they could claim that I had crossed the threshold, the border, into Canada and was therefore committing a criminal act; whereas if I had simply turned left into the Atlanta flight’s departure gate, that little ploy would have been less plausible.

As it was, I refused to sign any documents, and asked them to take note that they had conducted me into Canadian territory “expressly against my wishes”.

DURING the day it occurs to me too that my missing bag is obviously not actually lost, but has been spirited away for thorough examination by their security authorities. Meinetwegen. It is 1995 all over again, except that this time the stuff it contains is about Himmler, and then it was Dr Goebbels. “The case was found to contain Nazi propaganda materials,” the 1995 investigators reported portentously. Well, Duh: Goebbels was Nazi propaganda minister, and I was completing his biography.

It will be interesting to see what contents have been stirred up if I ever get the case back, that is. There are 200 pages of my handwritten Himmler manuscript in the “lost” bag – part of what I wrote in solitary confinement in Vienna. I wonder what the security geniuses will make of that – and the disc of captured Reinhard Heydrich files microfilmed in the KGB archives in Moscow. Oh, and six French-language editions of books by me, published by major French publishers, which we are preparing for reprinting.

– The disruption to me is considerable: for a start, everything I need is in that case, including my driving licence and this laptop’s charger, and this laptop is consequently dead all day.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mrs D. says my bag has not arrived there yet, and Air Canada eventually confirm that the bag is actually still held back here at Atlanta airport. That is indeed a miracle. Somebody’s footdragging has actually worked in my favour.

Hertz’s Black manager very agreeably drives me round the airport perimeter to the International terminal, a twenty-five minute trip, and there is my case standing just inside the Air Canada desk. It displays signs of having been forced open – a DVD-case deep inside is totally smashed. I later find the camera has suffered too.


June 1, 2014

From Paul on 6/1/2014 via email:

This Week on the radio:

 * More outrages in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers’ Programme — Canadians fired; foreigners hired

* Houston’s homosexual mayor imposes unisex washrooms

* Sharia “honour killings” in Pakistan. Do we want this “diversity” here?

* “Micro-aggression” the latest anti-White censorship campaign on North American campuses

* Update on the Terry Tremaine free speech case in Canada



June 14, 2014 by Ivan MacDonald:

HP - If you travel abroad, be sure to avoid being attacked and wounded (then jailed for trying to defend yourself) since you won’t get much sympathy from the Canadian Government!  IV

May 28, 2014

Subject: Persecution of Omar Khadr

HP - there seems to be at least a hint of a double standard at work here,  Aside from the case for self-defence, which is accepted as natural law  pretty well everywhere, one might well ask what the American soldier was doing there in the first place, and who gave him the licence to kill, or associate himself with the murderous attack.  The Americans seem to enjoy fishing in troubled waters (especially of their own making).  They killed Omar’s father, a professor at Ottawa U. and shot his younger brother in the spine as he lay wounded, leaving him paralyzed for life, then claimed that young Omar was a “terrorist” and “war criminal”.  Omar is the one who should be suing!   IanVMacdonald

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 2014-05-25 2:20:55 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Subj: Fwd: Persecution of Omar Khadr

May 24, 2014

Editor, NATIONAL POST, Toronto

Re: Suing Omar Khadr

Dear Sir,

The National Post, May 23, devotes half a page to a totally implausible, if not bizarre, lawsuit lodged by the widow of the American soldier allegedly killed by a grenade tossed by boy soldier Omar Khadr, as usual giving short shrift to the exculpatory context of the soldier’s death.

Although constantly portrayed by the media as a “murderer” and “terrorist” , Omar clearly was the victim of the unprovoked surprise attack on a house in which he was residing peacefully and had every right to defend himself by whatever means available..

The devastating attack from ground and air destroyed the house to the point that seemingly no one could have survived.  The faceless attackers then moved to occupy the ruins but encountered the two boys, both badly wounded, but with Omar still standing,. Whether or not Omar then threw a grenade, it is clear that in a fair trial he would have been acquitted.  There was, of course, no fair trial but in its place torture and prolonged false imprisonment to force a “confession”, eventually obtained only through a combination of duress, inducement and the unbearable desperation of the prisoner to gain his promised freedom.

The trampling of the rules of judicial conduct, the malfeasance, misfeasance, blatant dishonesty, duplicity, sadism, hypocrisy and bias on the part of Omar’s captors were well known to Canadian Government officials who, however, far from heeding their duty to protect and save from harm their abused Canadian citizen, treacherously accused him of a “War Crime” and abandoned him to his undeserved cruel fate.  They have now shamelessly compounded their evil complicity by siding with his tormentors in prolonging Omar’s incarceration, even though he is now back home under Canadian jurisdiction.

Had his outstanding act of courage while badly wounded, in the face of overwhelming odds, been performed by a Canadian Serviceman in war, it surely would have been recognized by the highest award for valour.

Self-defence is a legitimate and long-accepted justification for lethal reaction to a lethal threat, and applies in Omar’s case probably better than most where the intended  victim struck back.  Americans who kill with far less provocation have been acclaimed for their pluck.  Omar should be granted immediate release, full pardon, ample compensation for his illegal, sadistic treatment, and an official apology - if not commendation - for his courage, which is matched by few, if any, 15-year-olds in Canadian history.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald

Member, Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion

ex-RCAF, RNFAA,  Canadian Foreign Service rtd

Author “Star Weekly at  War” etc


May 21, 2014 - Message from Paul Fromm:

Fromm & Whatcott Visit Political Prisoner Brad Love

LINDSAY, Ontario, May 15, 2014. Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, and free speech warrior and opponent of the homosexual agenda Bill  Whatcott visited Canadian political prisoner Brad Love today at the Central East Correctional Centre here in the Kawartha Lakes region of Southern Ontario.

Beforee entering to visit Mr. Love, who is scheduled to be released on June 15, Mr.. Fromm and Whatcott had to leave their keys, coins,, wallets, jackets and cellphones in a locker. Although they could only see Mr. Love through thick Plexiglas, neither visitor was allowed to bring pen or paper. These insane rules seem designed to discourage visitors and further isolate the prisoner.

“The real Canada is not what newspapers tell their readers about,” Mr. Love told his visitors. Free speech is fine, they say, if you speak your mind in the Ukraine. Look at the favourable publicity for all those protests in the Ukraine. But not here. If you criticize immigration or Jewish groups, they give you the Brad Love treatment,” he explained.

Mr. Whatcott reported to his supporters:

“The last few days have been interesting and busy. Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression asked me to speak at his Alternative Forum and pretty much gave me unmitigated freedom to say what I wanted to say. Paul also offered to take me to the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ont, to see Brad Love for myself. Indeed when I first heard of Brad Love’s story I was highly skeptical as we are supposed to be living in a Parliamentary democracy after all (with a few problems for sure) and I thought to myself there is no way someone could be in jail for writing letters and expressing views. Surely the guy wrote a death threat or something.

Here is the Central East Correctional Centre where Brad Love is being held for his crime of letter writing. Paul Fromm and I went to visit him.

Well actually Brad Love is in jail for expressing views by writing letters to various elected representatives, the Chief of Police for York Region and a couple Jewish lobby groups. While Brad’s letters could be perceived as offensive to some, perhaps even to me, they were completely devoid of threats of violence, blackmail, libel or any other thing that one could expect to fall into the jurisdiction of a criminal offense. Brad’s letters were rants about immigration and Zionism.

Now for certain not all of Brad’s views are my cup of tea, but that really isn’t the point. Brad Love is in jail for views and only views. His prison sentence is not insignificant either. Brad Love was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his first batch of letters after being convicted under Canada’s so-called “hate” law and then he was given another 18 months (the maximum sentence possible) in prison for probation violation after writing another letter. Unlike other offenders who commit crimes like rape or robbery Brad is not allowed to write any letters while in jail. He is not allowed to write friends, family or even his lawyer.

May 20, 2014 message from Paul Fromm:
Letter from An American Free Speech Supporter to Canadian Political Prisoner Brad Love
20 May 2014
Brad Love [557137416]
541 Highway 36, Box 4500
Lindsay, ON
K9V 4S6    

Dear Mr. Love,

Paul Fromm has been working tirelessly to keep us informed of the Canadian government’s persecution of you.  And by “us” I mean those who can see, i.e., the normal unbrainwashed people of the founding stock who see right through all the system’s politically correct doublespeak and double standards.  Today Paul tells me that you are scheduled to be released, so I hope that this letter finds you in time.
I find it unbelievably sad that Canadian authorities have so lost their way that they join Iran, Cuba and North Korea in incarcerating the non-violent expression of political dissent.  I have written to the Canadian embassy here in the States asking why they have decided to incarcerate a prisoner of conscience I never received an answer – I hardly expected one – but at least they know that their actions are being scrutinized.  Tyranny hates sunlight.

Brad, you are not forgotten.

The PC madness seems to have afflicted all the Western countries, but some worse than others.  In the States they aren’t yet at the point where they can prosecute dissidents for thought crimes, but there is a concerted effort to shut down our conferences and to get our more visible people fired from their jobs.  I think that you have probably paid the highest price for speaking out against the PC madness.  I hope that you are keeping careful notes so that when you are released you can write a book about your ordeal.  I know that I would buy it. 

Someday this PC madness will have run its course, and you will be honored in a free country. In the meantime our movement is growing. We have been harnessing the power of the internet to develop our own media and awaken our people to the looming catastrophe.

I am convinced that eventually I will have the honor of shaking your hand at an American Renaissance conference.  Until then, stay strong.


William E. Fason


May 18, 2014 from Paul Fromm:

Political Prisoner Brad Love to Be Freed, June 15 — Still Not Allowed to Send Mail From Prison

LINDSAY, Ontario. Political prisoner Brad Love, who has drawn repeated sentences for writing letters to MPs, police chiefs, the media and Jewish groups — none of them threatening, all of them opinionated — will be freed on parole, June 15. He will have spent 11 years in and out of prison, mostly for parole violations (writing more letters). At one point his parole conditions had been expanded by now retired Ontario Judge Hogg so that he was not allowed to write to “any person.” That was in Canada with its hollow Charter of “Rights”, not North Korea.

Still the persecution of this opinionated populist working guy and letter writer — 10,000 in over 20 years — contnues in prison.Despite appeals to the Ombudsman, the prison authorities continue to confiscate Mr. Love’s outgoing mail. They tell him it will be in his property when he is released. The Kawartha Lakes Police, who seem to instruct the prison authorities, seem incapable of reading or following court documents. They still maintain that he is under a bail condition, going back to charges last May in Fort McMurray where he was initially banned from “communicating by mail, e-mail or text to any person.” Using material prepared by CAFE, Mr. Love went back to court in July and had these Stalinist conditions amended so that he was only banned from communicating with several media persons and politicians who were the instigators of a “harassment” charge.

Nevertheless, Mr. Love was charged last fall with “breach of undertaking” (bail conditions) for, incredibly, writing to his own lawyer! After several Court appearances and the production of the Fort McMurray Court transcripts, an Ontario court dismissed the charges on February 5. But the police harassment continues. Mr. Love comments: “I have never seen cops look through bail transcripts for something to get you on. Crime and drugs are everywhere, but these losers worry about a writer who doesn’t even live in this shit hole Third World province!”

In another form of harassment, the prison authorities go through his incoming mail with a fine tooth comb. He was recently advised that they were detaining an envelope of newspaper clippings from supporters in Winnipeg. The reason — “too much paper”!

Even worse, Mr. Love reports, “My brother visited me in March and was not let in. He sent me $200 by mail and it was returned to him.

Mr. Love’s own lawyer told him “your case receives more police and judicial scrutiny than bank robbery cases.” But, then, that’s not surprising. Political prisoners are always treated more harshly. They are seen as a real threat. Bank robbers just steal money, drug pushers just sell drugs and the State doesn’t get its cut, but people with political ideas might actually change people’s opinions and lead to real change.

On June 15, Mr. Love will walk free but he will not really be free. The judicial Beast will continue to gag him. On July 12, 2012, Judge Kelly Write imposed the following Stalinist gag order: “”Mr.  Love is to refrain from any political speech or commentary to any media outlet, political, cultural or religious group or organization, or police organization, except with the express written permission of a political or religious organization that welcomes him as a member or associate and with the permission of his probation officer.”

Canadian Political Prisoner Brad Love Arrested at a
Free Speech Meeting in Toronto, 2009.


May 13, 2014 - Paul Fromm:

Tim Horton’s Refuses to Swear Off Temporary Foreign Workers

“Tim Horton’s is an iconic Canadian brand. Our company is to fast foods what hockey is to sports — typically Canadian,” shareholder Paul Fromm said during the company’s annual meeting in Toronto, May 8. “The CEO Mr. Cairo said in his remarks: ‘This is about doing right things right.’ Our CFO Cynthia Devine said: ‘We are about being authentic and part of the community.’ We have heard that a million Canadians trust us and drink their morning coffee at Time Horton’s. So, can I have the assurance from the Board of Directors that in Canada, Tim Horton’s will employ only Canadians and will not make use of the Temporary Foreign Workers programme at a time when 1.5-million Canadians are out of work?” Mr. Fromm asked. He received the only round of applause accorded to any of the 10 persons who asked questions at the shareholders’ meeting held in the Bassett Theatre at the Toronto Convention Centre. There seemed to be some discomfort in the executive ranks at the question. However, the CEO Marc Caira made it quite clear that Tim Horton’s will not be giving up its sugar addiction to cheap foreign workers. “We’ve always hired Canadians first,” he said. “We have over 90,000 Canadian workers, but in some parts of the country, we cannot get Canadian workers. The Temporary Foreign Workers Programme is offered by the government. It is a process. But Canadians first, absolutely.” With such a large number of Canadians out of work, some other shareholders found it hard to believe that there were areas where no Canadians could be found to pour coffee. If there is the odd such place, wouldn’t offering slightly higher wages do the trick? Another questioner elicited the admission that most workers at the coffee and donut outlets start at the minimum wage. A number of directors were questioned about this after the meeting. Paul Fromm talked with senior director and former Supreme Court of Canada Judge Frank Iacobucci who assured him: “We use it [TFW] carefully, but we’d be handcuffing our owners if we didn’t let them use foreign labour.” the meeting had heard that this year is the company’s fiftieth anniversary. Over those years, more than 200 billion cups of coffee have been served, MOV00724.AVI Paul Fromm’s Question: “Keep our workforce Canadian?” MOV00725.AVI Tim Horton’s Answer: Will still use foreign workers.


May 17 from Paul Fromm:

Free Speech Supporters Condemn Anti-Christian Bigotry of the Law Society of Upper Canada

TORONTO. May 16, 2014. About 30 protesters held a noon-time vigil outside the Law Society of Upper Canada in downtown Toronto today. An eclectic group of Christian spokesmen and free speech supporters joined by the Canadian Association for Free Expression denounced a recent decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to not recognize graduates of the planned Trinity Western University Law School because of their fundamentalist Christian principles.

Trinity Western University is an evangelical Christian college in Langley, BC. It requires faculty and students to pledge to follow traditional Christian morality including refraining from sex outside of marriage. Critics say this pledge discriminates against homosexuals. No one is required to attend Trinity Western University. There is a wide variety of secular alternatives.

The proselytizers of the homosexual agenda who have led a campaign, first  to deny graduates of this university the right to teach in B.C.(eventually overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada) and then to deny the planned law school legal accreditation (the move failed) now have pressured provincial law societies in to declare that graduates of the law school will not be granted accreditation. So far, the anti-Christian campaign has succeeded in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

One of the protest leaders Rev. David Lynn, founder of Christian Positive Space ( said much of Ontario’s curriculum is “biblephobic.” He noted that well over 70 per cent of Canada is Christian. “We say to the Law Society of Upper Canada: ‘You have to be more tolerant. You are saying Christians do not have the right to practise law in Ontario,. You are anti-Canadian.”

Gary McHale, an activist who led protests against the failure by the Ontario Provincial Police to enforce court injunctions against radical Indians who occupied and still occupy private (now Crown) land in Caledonia, Ontario, noted there was an effort to ban graduates of Trinity Western from teaching in British Columbia. “The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and they ruled that religious views should not exclude a person from the classroom. Now, the Law Society of Upper Canada wants to exclude Christians from the practise of law.”

The story of Mr. McHale’s battle against politically correct policing — soft on native thugs occupying land in defiance of an injunction, and harsh on White resident merely driving through their own community or trying to counter-protest the occupation — has just been published by Freedom Press ( It is entitled  Victory In the No-Go Zone: Winning the Fight Against Two-Tier Policing.

A contingent  from FreedomPress, led by President Tristan Emmanuel,  also attended the protest.

Bill Whatcott spoke of his campaign to keep radical homosexual material — including discussions of anal sex — excluded from elementary school in Saskatchewan. His leafleting led to human rights complaints, a conviction and a $17,5000 fine. He fought this all the way to the Supreme Court which overturned the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals reversing Mr. Whatcott’s conviction. The Supreme Court , “and shame on them,” Mr. Whatcott said, upheld anti-Christian speech censorship and ruled that truth, intent, sincerely held religious beliefs or political opinions were irrelevant. “It was determined that making statements like this is hate. They acknowledged that although my flyers might be factual, if used for a hateful purpose — and they weren’t — advocating traditional Christian views on sexual behaviour could be censored. I have been left with over $100,000 in legal costs” payable to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Paul Fromm Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, called the Law Society of Upper Canada “Christian haters.”

“The issue here,” he said, “is the decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada to not allow graduates of the planned Trinity Western University Law School to practise in the Province of Ontario. The ironic thing is that Trinity Western has not even  opened its law school yet and hasn’t graduated a single student. That is the definition of bigotry — to make a decision before the facts are in. The LSUC is very much under the control of the homosexual lobby. The privileges of homosexual trump the rights of Christians. It’s wrong. And we’re standing here for free speech.”


2 Men arrested for free speech activity. See this excellent video commentary by Canadian pundit Brian Lilley. This is Bolshevism/ Communism!


May 13 from Paul Fromm:

Christian Football Player Denounced by Stampeders for Objecting to First Openly Homosexual NFL Player

The fanatical establishment hatred of Christianity has claimed another victim — actually several victims. A Calgary Stampeders wide receiver who objected to the hiring by the NFL of an open homosexual has been fined and denounced by his own team. Other players who criticized this past weekend’s selection by the St. Louis Rams of homosexual Michael Sam (complete with a hug and kiss from his White lover) have also been fined and one has been sent to a Soviet-style “re-education” camp.

CAFE has warned that the homosexual agenda which now seems triumphant in Canada and the U.S. will severely restrict freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If you’re not a fan of buggery, you’d better shut up.

CBC News (May 13, 2014) reported: “Calgary Stampeders receiver Maurice Price has been fined an undisclosed amount by the CFL for inappropriate comments about the NFL’s St. Louis Rams draft pick, Michael Sam. ‘The CFL will not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” said CFL commissioner Mark Cohon. ‘Whether it’s race, religion or sexual preference, our values are of acceptance and equality. We fully support openly gay athletes in our league, and in the sports community in general.’” Well, that’s not quite true, Mr. Cohon. You are quite ready to silence and persecute players who proclaim their Christian faith. So much for inclusiveness and tolerance. Believing Christians seem to be neither ‘accepted’ nor tolerated under your regime!

The CBC report continued: “Calgary Stampeders’ Maurice Price now faces a fine after ‘inappropriate negative comments on social media’ towards St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam and openly gay professional athletes.” There’s that vacuous politically correct term of condemnation “inappropriate.” Cohon should have been honest and admitted Price is being punished because he is a professed Christian.

The story continued: “Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team.’My faith won’t let me accept what took place over the weekend. Sorry, not sorry! #AdamAndEve #NotAdamAndAdam,’ tweeted Price.

‘And it’s highly disturbing that under the current constitution individuals have been fined for verbalizing their thoughts.'” Indeed it is! Homosexuals are the new privileged minority du jour. People who might object to publish flaunting of homosexuality, whether for personal or religious reasons, had better keep their mouths shut in the new grim politically correct order. Price is a Negro but this status is trumped by homosexuality in the hierarchy of minority privilege.

Homosexual hero du jour Michael Sam

His own team rudely hurled Price under the bus and firmly solidified its pro-homosexual, anti-Christian credentials: “The Stampeders also condemned the tweets, saying the team was outraged by the offensive comments. ‘The comments are repugnant and in no way reflect the organization’s views or values,’ the team tweeted Monday. Price, an African-American athlete who was born in Orlando, Fla., has played the last two seasons in Calgary.” Of course, Price never said he was speaking for anyone but himself.

However, Price isn’t the only victim of the triumphant homosexual agenda: “There have been other disciplinary actions relating to Sam:

  • The CFL fined Montreal Alouettes wide receiver Arland Bruce in February for urging Sam on social media to “submit fully to God.”
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive tackle Bryant Turner Jr. was fined for a tweet saying “Michael Sam locker-room gonna come with complimentary robes.”
  • In the NFL, Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones was fined an undisclosed amount and will undergo educational training after he tweeted “OMG” and “Horrible” shortly after Sam’s name was announced Saturday. The tweets were taken down a short time later.

Jones apologized for his comments and described them as inappropriate. The Dolphins said Jones has been excused from all team activities until he completes training related to his comments.

Former Mississippi basketball player Marshall Henderson also tweeted that he did not agree with ESPN’s coverage of Sam at the draft and was going to boycott SportsCentre until the network stopped running the footage.”

“Educational retraining?” It sounds like Maoist re-education and indoctrination — all for expressing a politically incorrect thought. And this latter atrocity in the supposed “land of the free.”

Let the management of the Calgary Stampeders know what you think of their anti-Christian persecution of Maurice Price. You can phone or write to them  or e-mail them online:

Calgary Stampeders,

1817 Crowchild Tr., NW Calgary, AB T2M 4R6

Or reach them by phone:

Main switchboard: 403-289-0205’


May 12, 2014 - From Paul Fromm:

Immigration Canada Funds Special Programmes for Homosexual Youth

It’s a slick coloured brochure consisting of cards in English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Tagalog, Tamil, Chinese, Hindi, Russian and Arabic .It’s called ReachOUT Newcomer Network and it provides “multilingual services for LGBTQ youth who are permanent residents and/or are new to Canada.” That mouthful of initials stands for the sexually unusual — Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer. “Our staff team of eight settlement and peer outreach workers are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who can help you  adjust to life in Toronto.”

The brochure continues: ”

ReachOUT Newcomer Network:
offers services for youth between the ages of 14-25 who are permanent residents of Canada and government assisted refugees.

We can help you:
• Find a job
• Put together a resume and gain interviewing skills
• Find a place to live
• Sponsor a partner or family member to immigrate to Canada
• Access Government income assistance programs such as Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario
Disability Support Program (ODSP)
• Access Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) as well as find scholarships and bursaries
• Enroll in college,