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Disclaimer: There is a lot of nonsense on many websites I am posting or linking to; example whale.two, along with good articles stating the truth. Since some websites are like a labyrinth, I have no control over lies told along with the truth. I have no time to ferret every lie out. Adolf Hitler was not a Jew and not involved in banking with the Jews. The money that ran into Germany was through German-Jewish bankers for the Jews and Communists to turn Germany into another Soviet Union and to pay assassins. Whenever they want to accuse Germans, they call German Jews “Germans.” When they want to be victims, they call Jews in any country “Jews.” If it was a Jew in Poland who committed a crime, they will call him a Pole.

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WILL ANYONE HAVE COMPASSION FOR THE GERMANS? NOT AS LONG AS THE THREE OUTRAGES LIES EXIST: JEWISH HOLOCAUST; CRIMES OF THE GERMAN SOLDIERS (even depicted by the Jewish-German government in a travel exhibit); AND GERMANS ARE AGGRESSIVE WARRIORS. And that is why these three main lies have been invented, to destroy the love for the German people, the core race of all Aryans.

Russian Rape

Controversial: The statue depicting a typical occurrence of a Soviet soldier raping a pregnant German woman with the gun in her mouth was removed in Poland’s Gdansk


Polish town tears down statue marking the rape of millions of German women by Russian soldiers

• Statue called “Komm Frau” appeared in Gdansk on Saturday
• Artist is Jeremy Szumczyk is a student at Gdansk’s [formerly German city of Danzig] Academy of Fine Arts

Polnischer Kuenstler

• He said he felt compelled to create the sculpture after reading about Red Army soldiers raping millions of women between 1944 and 1945

By Tara Brad

PUBLISHED: 10:09 EST, 14 October 2013 | UPDATED: 17:18 EST, 14 October 2013

A statue that shows a Soviet soldier raping a pregnant woman as he holds a gun to her head has been removed and the artist arrested by authorities in northern Poland.
The statue, entitled Komm Frau (Come Here Woman), appeared on Gdansk’s Avenue of Victory on Saturday evening.

Artist Jerzy Szumczyk told Polish Radio he had researched the subject of rape by the Red Army as it made its way across Eastern Europe between 1944 and 1945 towards Berlin.
The fifth-year student at Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts was so emotionally affected by what he read he felt compelled to express his feelings through art and created the sculpture.

But the Polish artist’s attempt to pay tribute to the victims was short lived and the statue was removed this morning. Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Siewert said: ‘The artist was detained and released after questioning.

‘The matter will now be taken up on Monday by the prosecutor’s office.’
Before Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Gdansk was a free city and more than 95 per cent of people living in Gdansk at the time were German. But millions of German women were raped by Red Army soldiers between 1944 and 1945 during the dying days of Nazis Germany.

Polish women and even Russian women released from captivity were also raped with numbers reaching 100,000.Artist Jerzy Szumczyk said he felt compelled to make the statue after he researched the rape of women by the Red Army between 1944 and 1945.
The Nazis invasion of Russia, Operation Barbarossa, resulted in 30 million inhabitants of the Soviet Union losing their lives while more than three million starved in German prisoner of war camps.

[HERE THE NASTY DAILY MAIL (as always talking out of two sides of its mouth) TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO SNEAK IN A FALSE ACCUSATION OF THE GERMAN SOLDIERS AND PUTS IN A BIG LIE AGAIN! THE GERMAN SOLDIERS DID NOT RAPE AND MURDER. THEY LEAD WAR ACCORDING TO THE GENEVA CONVENTION AND THEY WOULD BE SEVERELY PUNISHED FOR AN ATROCITY! THE ALLIES AGREED NOT TO FIGHT BY THE INTERNATIONAL LAW BUT LED A GORILLA WAR AGAINST THE GERMANS, LED ON BY THE JEWISH PRESS AND THE JEWISH PARTISANS IN THE EASTBLOCK AS WELL AS THE WESTERN PRESS. WHEN THEY SNEAK THIS LIE INTO AN ARTICLE THE SPEAKS TRUTH, IT MAKES IT BELIEVABLE; AND THIS IS THE TRICK.] Rape and murder [as well as torture to death perpetrayed by the enemies of the German soldiers and the partisans, is how this should read; but the sentence has been purposefully twisted to say the opposite] were common elements of the Nazi advance through Russia. However, the Germans also suffered a similar fate when Russian troops retook their land and swarmed into Germany.

During the Battle of Berlin more than a million German soldiers were killed, or later died in captivity.

The rape began as soon as the Red Army entered East Prussia in 1944. In many towns, every female between 10 and 89 was attacked. Soviet soldiers often carried out the assaults in front of their husbands and family as an added humiliation. A Red Army War Memorial in Berlin became known as the ‘tomb of the unknown rapist’. RED ARMY ATROCITIES: RAPE AS A WEAPON. It is believed that as many as 2 million women were raped by Red army officers, many of them several times over.

Many had to have abortions or be treated for the syphilis they caught from being raped by different men. Children born out of the abuses were called Russenbabies and most were abandoned and left to die. [They were probably abondened for the most part because the mothers had no milk because there was no food. 7 Million Germans were purposely starved to death after the war.] Stalin explicitly condoned rape as a method of rewarding the soldiers and terrorising German civilians. [Many girls and women took their lives to avoid being brutally raped. Whole families took their lives to avoid the Russian brutalities. But it was not much different in the West. German women were ganged raped in the American zone for many years where I grew up. Germans purposely had no police protection. The U.S. MP was the “protection” which was like the fox guarding the hen house. ]

His [Stalin’s] Police chief Lavrenti Beria was himself a serial rapist, a number of testimonies exist detailing how women and girls were grabbed off the streets and bundled into his limousine. It is believed that more than 100 school-aged girls and young women were drugged and raped by Beria who ran the NKVD, the feared forerunner to the KGB. The Red Army’s atrocities against women in Dresden in the spring of 1945, a city that had already suffered heavily from Allied bombing, were carried out in a particularly sickening and systematic manner.

Women were dragged out of their homes and raped in the street in front of their husbands who were forced to watch. Then more often than not the men were shot.

As well as the estimated two million rapes in Germany, there were between 70,000 and 100,000 in Vienna and anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 in Hungary, as well as thousands more in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

There are even accounts of women who had been liberated from concentration camps, emaciated and still wearing prison uniforms, being raped by Russian soldiers.
Richard Evans, Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, wrote a book on the topic in which he recounts the extreme violence of many of the encounters. He wrote: ‘Rape was often accompanied by torture and mutilation and frequently ends in the victim being shot or bludgeoned to death. The raging violence was undiscriminating.’

from (a lying media telling some truth in order to spread their lies!)

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Mass Rape of German Women & Girls



Unbelievable Cruelties - Books by Joachim Nolywaika “Die Sieger im Schatten Ihrer Schuld.”

In mid Aug 1939 the Poles started to arrest Germans [ethnic Germans]. On 24. August, 8 ethnic Germans were just simply shot. (Jong, L. D.: „Die Deutsche 5. Kolonne im 2. Weltkrieg”.) Referenced in the German White book No. 2 [*Accusing simple farmers by the hundreds of thousands as a fifth column - this was an easy way to create hate in the locals and murder the Germans.]

In document Nr. 396 - it’s the government offices who issue the liquidations of ethnic Germans. 5,000 Germans were eliminated by Polish patriot unions.


Mid August 1939 - 75,535  ethnic Germans fled Poland. 20,000 death of ethnic Germans in Poland shortly before and after begin of WWII. (Seraphim, Maurach und Wolfrum: „Ostwärts von Oder und Neiße”.)

The ethnic Germans were beaten to death, stabbed to death and mutilated before they were murdered.

Most of the murders were done by Polish soldiers and policemen; but also by civilians. (Jahn, H. E.: „Pommersche Passion”.)

Because of this, more than 1 Million ethnic Germans fled from Poland to escape the terror. Up til 1934 the ethnic Germans had a judicial recourse, but after that the Poles were allowed to drive them off, steal their property without punishment.

In return for the abuse, the Polish state expected these ethnic Germans who belonged to Germany before the Versailles Diktat  to be loyal to Poland.

Hitler tried to protect the ethnic Germans with a non-attack / friendship pact with the Poles but the Poles did not want to.

At the begin of the war, the ethnic Germans were the first victims of the Poles. Using lists for years, between 15,000 to 20,000 people were kidnapped and brought into the east of Poland. Then they called them “a 5th column!” More than 5,000 were murdered in the first days of the war.

In Bromberg a brutal orgie takes place called “Blood Sunday,” 3 Sept 1939. Horrific mass murders took place. But also in many other provinces such as Posen, Pommerellen and wherever there were German minorities.

As soon as German troups marched into Bromberg they got to know the extend of the mass murders. The Wehrmacht called in military inspection groups and General Counsel Dr. Hans Bötticher along with military advisers to works with witnesses.

In Bromberg 593 witnesses were examined. The protocols of the cruelties are in the archives of the Bundesarchivs/Militärarchivs zu Freiburg i. Brg.

The numbers of dead are approximately 5,000. (Auswärtiges Amt, „Die polnischen Greueltaten . . .”, page 346.)

The Polish news admitted the deeds and encouraged all Poles to do similar crimes against humanity and murder ethnic Germans.


Bromberg was occupied 6. September 1939 by the German Wehrmacht - other former German areas on 12 Sept 1939. („Deutsche Rundschau”, fr. „Bromberger Tageblatt” vom 12. September 1939.)

Historian Alfred M. de Zayas, New York: „The Polish soldier mob also stole all valuables in the homes and totally destroyed them.”

The “men of the family” from 13, sometimes even 10, to 80 year old men, were murdered in the most bestial ways. In most cases they beat in their faces until they no longer looked human with crowbars, rifle buts, clubs. In other cases the family had to watch this murder of family members and then the same happened to them. In Tarlowa near Kolo, the Polish military hunted down the families with machine guns. 130 dead were found across a meadow. (de Zayas, „Die Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle”, unveröffentlichte Akten über alliierte Völkerrechts-Verletzungen im Zweiten Weltkrieg.) (The Wehrmacht Examination Board, un-published government documents of allied crimes against humanity in WWII.)

Why did so many murders happen? It was 3. Sept 1939, the day the French and English declared war on Germany.


Why such hate of the Poles against the Germans? Polish chauvinism! As soon as Poland became a state again, it lead a war against Russia (1920/21), three insurgencies  (1919, 1920, 1921) in Silesia against Germany, war against the Ukraine and Litauen, and oppression of the German minority in their  power region.

Telegram of the ethnic German unions in Posen 12 Feb 1919 to Weimar, Germany: “Polish gangs in our area - daily German blood flows under bestial attacks.” Gustav Stresemann in 1925  informed about the problem. (A. Schickel, „Deutsche und Polen”, Seite 170 und 189.)

Besides Bromberger in the province Schepanowo 48 ethnic Germans were shot. From the town of Thorn a few thousand Germans, including a child of 4 years, were put on a death march to a concentration camp across Alexandrowo and Kutno to Warschau. The march was 350 KM long. Food supplies and water were rare. Countless people fell by the wayside into ditches or were just shot. The murderer was the infamous captain Drzewieke who personally finished off women who fell over with a neck shot or stomping them to death with his boots. He was highly decorated in Poland. 200 people died on this march alone. The people were stabbed to death, beaten to death, shot or just left to die on the road.



Flight, Expulsion and Murder of Germans 

12 Jan 1945 - Russian troops in Baranow, Magnuszew and Pulawy in the direction of the German Koenigsberg, Breslau, and the upper Silesian industrial area: The German military was too weakly distributed as they had to fend off the West and the South in addition. Unfortunately, because of the Ardennen Offensive in the West, there were not enough German tanks. An avalanche of Russian tanks rolled in. Robbery and rape were the order of the day.


Because the Russians moved so fast, their crimes could not be communicated to the West fast enough and advice the population to flee. The colonies of refugees who did take off were overtaken by Russian tanks. [*from a letter I have translated from a German refugee from Poland fleeing and pursued by Russian tanks, I heard that the tanks just rolled over the fleeing ethnic Germans from Poland.]

Because some of the cities were surrounded by the Red Army, all escape routes became plugged up. All treks then flooded back to Danzig (by the sea) and Gotenhafen (Goten Harbor) inside of Poland trying to catch a boat at the harbor to escape on a sea route. On March 27 both of these cities fell into the hands of the Red Army.

48 hours of plunder, beating to death, murder, kidnapping for the Gulags, and rape by the Red Army before they moved on. Thousands of documents exist about  these crimes. Four hundred German cities had the same atrocities happen to them. 4 Soviet Armies entered East Prussia.

On 20 Oct. 1944, the 11th Garde-Tank army of the Soviets came back and reached Nemmersdorf. The German unit  5. PD under „PD-Hermann Göring” were pushed back by the Russians. When the German tanks managed a counter attack and drive the Russians back, they came across a picture of horror in the town of Nemmersdorf. Women were nailed to barns in a crucified position. Children were lying in the ditches and in the cesspools with smashed heads.


War crime judge Paul Groch und military physician Dr. Werner Rose were the first to reach the town   to see this massacre. A commission of doctors documented this crime for all times.

Eye witness Dr. Heinrich Amberger said the following: “Everywhere on the street curbs and in the yards and in homes there were massive amounts of bodies of civilians who were murdered. Massive amounts of women were raped as noticed in the condition of their clothing and executed by a shot to the neck. Some times children lay next to them.”

The Geneva Courrier announced on 7 November 1944 via a an eye witness: “… mutilation and execution of the civilians - almost complete decimation of the German farming community.”

In Gumbinnen a soldier witness: The Russians put the Germans who could not flee in time into a yard and murdered them in the most bestial way. In the barn there were 6 burned skeletons and a young girl next to it with almost no clothing - raped - bloody private parts - two shots into the breast and one into the belly. In the shed another girl in the same condition.

These were not singular cases but the norm. In countless villages in East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, etc. one saw these cruelties. For example in Metgethen, here a report from commandant of a German Tiger tank unit in the counter attack over Metgethen:


“Mutilated and beaten to death civilians were laying beside infants on the streets of the villages, in the houses and lined up in the gardens.

When we arrived in Metgethen, our blood curdled. Deeply shaken we saw what the Russians did by end of Jan 1945. At the railway station there was a refugee train. In it were women and girls who had been raped and then murdered. The same horrors we saw in the village Gross-Medenau on 23 Feb. People of all ages mutilated and beaten to death. Civilians were laying around mutilated as well as infants on the streets of the villages, in the homes and in the gardens.

This was no Goebbels propaganda as they always claim. The German soldiers saw it with their own eyes, and it was worse than anything they heard.

Sodier B.H. of the 1. and 561. Infantry division about Metgethen, suburb of Koenigsberg):

1. During 19 to 24 Feb 1945: In many homes we found women and children from ten to eighty raped and murdered. We collected about 200 dead for identification.

2. On the tennis courts there was an explosive funnel with about 10  meters in diameter and 4 Meters deep. Inside the funnel, next to it, on the fence, on the trees and branches hang dirt smeared bodies and body parts of about 50 men, women, and children, 3 soldiers, and a few men in police uniform. Further there were horse carcasses and horse cars with torn refugee goods. Other bodies and body parts like knees, arms and hands, etc. we found 200 meters around the tennis courts.


They were all pushed into the area of the funnel with the horses and carts put around them and then a bomb was ignited.

A sergeant showed us a girl and two German soldiers found in the church. The girl was crucified and the 2 soldiers hung as pendants on the left and on the right.

These innumerable brutalities and inhumanities occurred when the Russian Army of monsters moved in from the Balkans to the Eastern Sea. This is what happened to a column of [German] refugees as they came across Polish partisans and a Soviet tank lead:

On the road I had to take, there were bodies of civilians everywhere. The men were usually finished of with a shot to the neck and the women were all naked, raped, and then in the most bestial ways murdered with bayonets and rifle buts. The children had their heads bashed in or their little bodies riddled with knife stabs.

From the clash of a refugee column and the Polish  partisans and the Soviets: “Sofie Jesko and her group were overtaken by their fate. They had a long, hard refugee march behind themselves which was made even more difficult due to the conditions of the roads and the biting cold. Some were exhausted and just gave up; others moved on thinking only about one thing, to get to their destination [Germany] as soon as possible. In the south of the city Schroda they were overtaken by a column of German trucks. The trucks stoppped and the drivers jumped down. To their horror, the refugees discovered that the drivers were not Germans at all…but the enemy…


With threat of their guns they stopped the refugee column and went through their luggage. The unhappy and resigned refugees had to watch how the little they had salvaged by dragging it with them was now taken from them.

Shortly thereafter, they heared a rythmic droning sound. Soviet tanks coming at them.

Flight, expulsion and extinction of the Germans – Joachim Nolywaika – “Die Sieger im Schatten Ihrer Schuld”

On 12 January 1945, the Red Army troops advanced in a massive numerical advantage from Baranov, Magnuszew and Pulawy for their great and last offensive. Their attacks towards Königsberg, Breslau, and the upper Silesian industrial area pushed through everywhere because the German defenses were too weak, as they had to defend also the fronts in the West and South against overpowering opponents. Now it impaired the Germans that they moved their units from the eastern front because of the Ardennes offensive in the West. This gave the Red Army the chance to move in with an avalanche of tanks. … Breslau held up until May 7, 1945. But on that day the Red Army entered into the shattered city, which the Russians gave over to their men for plundering and raping.


As the horrors and brutality committed by the Soviet soldiers became known relatively late due to their rapid advance and prompted the civilian population too late to run away, many refugee columns and treks were overrun by the Soviets, and indescribable scenes took place there.

On 30 Jan., Koenigsberg was encircled, and on 1 March the Red Army reached Koszalin at the shores of the Baltic Sea. Kolberg was defendet until the last refugee and occupation of the city was saved. The escape route over land was now cut off for all refugees from Eastern Pomerania and Gdańsk. All treks flocked back now to Gotenhafen and Danzig, to escape the pursuing Soviets across the lake. But these two cities fell on March 27 to the Soviets. [… detailed description how various cities fell - but omitted…]

In these places people were beaten, kidnapped, killed, and desecrated. This has been established in thousands of documents. Already on October 16, …the Soviets reached German territory of the Reich at Eydtkuhnen. Four hundred German villages and towns were lost in this first rush, including also Wirballen, Rominta and Goldap. There were a total of four Soviet armies that stormed into East Prussia.

On October 20, 1944, the 11th guard tank army of the Soviets reached Nemmersdorf on the evening of the following day. When this Russian unit was thrown back by the “5th PD” and the “PD-Hermann Göring”, and German Panzer men came into Nemmersdorf they came  across a scene of horror. Women were nailed in a crucified position on barn walls. Children with shattered skulls were laying in ditches and cesspools. War court


advisor Paul Groch and medical officer Dr. Werner Rose arrived first at the site of this massacre. A medical Commission which maintained records of these crimes followed them.

The witness Dr. Heinrich Amberger reported the following: “On the side of the road and in the courtyards and houses massive amounts of bodies of civilians who were killed-not in the course of hostilities by stray bullets but systematically murdered-were everywhere. Among other things, I saw numerous women that had been raped, judged by the situation of the displaced and torn clothes and then shot dead. Some of them also had their killed children next to them.

The Geneva courier published the eyewitness report of its special correspondent on the eastern front on November 7, 1944. It reported: “The situation is not only bad because of the  fierce fighting of the regular troops, but unfortunately also due to the mutilation and execution of prisoners and the almost complete extermination of the German farmers.”

Also in Alt – Wusterwitz – South Gumbinnen similar crimes of the Red Army were reported. Per witness Hans Zirm: “On October 24, I took my convoy with me to an anti-aircraft position in the area west of Girnen, about nine miles south of Gumbinnen. I also came to the village of Alt-Wusterwitz looking for accommodation and had to make the following observation: the Russians brought all civilians that did not succeed in escaping, to a farm were they murdered them in a bestial way. Six burned skeletons were laying in the stable, beside them  a young girl, almost naked, that first was raped (the genitals were bloody) and then was killed by two bullets in the chest and stomach. In the shed there was also a dead girl who had been raped.”

These things were no isolated situations. In countless villages of East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia, these atrocities showed up in the last months of the war. So for example in Metgethen. This is a report of the Commander of a Tiger tank [German], who finished in a counterattack of Metgethen:


„. . . Without tank failures, we reached the first line of the enemy. The baggage train and artillery were ahead on the run. When we reached Metgethen, the blood froze in our veins. Deeply shaken, we saw what the Russians had done there at the end of January 1945. A refugee train stood in a train station. In it, were women and girls who had been raped. Then they just killed them. In the course of the 20th of February, the village Powayen was recaptured by us. Here as well as in the village of Gross-Medenau, taken into our possession on 23 February, the same images. Slain and mutilated people of all ages and gender. Beaten to death and mutilated civilians were laying next to babies on the streets of the villages, in the homes and lined up in the gardens.”

This was not Goebbels propaganda, as the enemy side always sounded. Here, German soldiers saw with their own eyes what was done to the civilian population in unimaginable ways. And it was worse than anything they had heard. The soldier B. H. testified about Metgethen: “In the course of the German attack to restore the land connection between Königsberg and Pillau from the 19th to the 24th February 1945, all soldiers of the attack group observed the following crimes:

*      “In the town of Metgethen, a Western suburb of Königsberg, we found murdered and desecrated in many homes women and children at the ages of ten to eighty years. We have collected and brought with our troop vehicles about two hundred dead for identification. That many in the action strip of the 1st  and 561st  Infantry Division alone!

*     On the tennis court of Metgethen, an explosion tunnel of about ten meters diameter and a depth of four meters was located. Inside, on the border and in the immediate vicinity of the funnel, on the high wire fence of the tennis court and in the branches of the surrounding tall trees were dirt-smeared corpses and body parts from about twenty-five men, women and children, three or four anti-aircraft soldiers and some men in German police uniform. All around the funnel


were horse carcasses and carts with torn refugee possessions. We found other body parts, such as knees, an arm with a hand, etc. up to two hundred meters in the vicinity of the tennis court.”

“To the explanation of this massacre: apparently refugees, captured soldiers and policemen were driven into the crater caused by an aerial bomb in the tennis court. They were surrounded by the wagons of the refugees and an explosive charge was initiated in the center of the assembled victims.  (For all above statements see: Bundesarchiv Koblenz: East books, 1 / 31, 2 / 20, 2 / 14, 2/9, 2 / 8, and others.)”

“A Sergeant pointed to a girl and two German soldiers that had been found in the church. The girl had been crucified and hanged to her left and right from her were the two soldiers.”

“On my way, corpses of civilians were strewn about everywhere up to the intersection after Powayen. While the men were usually killed by a shot in the neck, the women had been completely stripped, raped and then killed by bayonet stitches or rifle butts in brute ways. The children had their skulls smashed with a hard object or the small body had been pierced with numerous stab wounds.” Of these countless brutalities and inhumanities that occurred with the rise of an army of monsters from the Balkans to the Baltic Sea, the depiction of a column of refugees clashing with Polish partisans and a Soviet tank top are here:

Sofie Jesko and her group were met about thirty kilometers behind Posen by their fate. They had a long and arduous March behind them, which was made difficult due to the road conditions and the piercing cold. Some had given up exhausted; the others moved further, possessed by the thought to get as quickly as possible to their goal. Near the town of Schroda, they were suddenly overtaken by a ‘German’ truck convoy coming from South. The trucks stopped and the occupants jumped down. To the dismay of the


refugees, they were Polish partisans, who drove them at gunpoint from the street and immediately began to pillage the luggage of the refugees. These unfortunate ones watched resigned and exasperated, how the little they  had rescued and painstakingly dragged along, now was stolen from them.

Shortly afterwards they heard a dull rhythmic rumbling; with horror, they heard it get closer and saw finally it was Soviet tanks that rolled slowly and threateningly at them and then stopped. The tower lid of one of the tanks slowly opened and an officer appeared, asking for German soldiers. As he received no reply that satisfied him, he ordered the tank gunner to liquidate all the suspects immediately.

The soldiers obeyed and fired fog grenades. In the artificial fog, they jumped out of their tanks and at a signal they began the slaughter, plunder, and rape. One heard shots, the cries of the dying, the screaming of the raped women, the cries for help of children and old women answered by the howling and the incomprehensible yelling of the attackers.

How long the Inferno lasted, Sofie Jesko was unable to tell; She reported only that she could save herself thanks to her perfect knowledge of the Russian and Polish language because she told the Soviets she was an abducted East worker. Finally, all was quiet, and the living could count the dead, who were in the majority. The woman [Sofie] was looking for her friend Frau Lange. She found her among the dead with her son, who lay next to the bodies together with the Germans from Penczniew who had fled Poland.

The Soviets had calmed down and equipped themselves to leave while throwing indifferent glances at what they had done. But now the partisans returned, and for the survivors, the next, even more terrifying tragedy came.

Sofie Jesko immediately saw the old woman who sat dressed in an open fur with white hair fluttering in the wind on one of the trucks and looked like a fury. Sofie Jesko was  instinctively grabbed by horror. The young mothers who were spared in the massacre


were encountered with their young children on their arms by the Polish boys and pushed toward the white-haired old woman and had to line up. The woman ripped the mothers’ babies from their arms and struck their heads with all her strength on the edge of the truck. The desperately screaming mothers collapsed and were dragged away.

It only ended when all babies were killed. Then the survivors were ordered under threat of force, to return to Penczniew along the same route, on which they had come, and that was now flanked by the bodies of the shot and hanged just like milestones. They returned to their heavily damaged hometown which no longer was their town.”(Document, d. Vertreibg. d. of Germans from Eastern Europe, Federal )

f. displaced persons, 1954, no. 92, 271, 47, 49, 102, 106)

Could these murders, these inhuman crimes have happened without the knowledge of top Soviet leaders? Was it single crimes and not commands from above that were handed out? (About the terror of the murders to be expected of the Soviets against the German civilian population, even the British Ministry of Information was inaugurated February 1944, well before the events. See chapter I, page 15-17, in this book.) Who even remotely scrolls through the tens of thousands of witness testimonies of the affected population and the soldiers, is convinced that all this was so ordered at the highest level and that the de-humanized Soldateska only too happily followed these instructions that have been arranged in operational commands and calls on them. One might remind people that the soldiers of the Red Army came primarily from the Asiatic areas of the Soviet Union and as regards to cruelty in the fight, these people cannot be compared with Central Europeans. The German Landser, who stood on the eastern front, had to endure four years of this behavior of the opponent until the bitter end. The invasion by the Red Army in Central and Eastern Europe has put Genghis Khan to shame.

In the political departments of the fronts – as the Russian army groups were called – the ground for these crimes were systematically prepared. Army and front newspapers, call outs, for example, that of Ilja Ehrenburg, to murder and defile, to burn and kill, did the rest. The calls for revenge had no Red Army soldiers doubt that it meant that he was prompted to commit all these crimes. This went even so far that troops derailed from their leaders.

The great plundering actions were carried out by Soviet major units. All homes have been swept by them. Those who moved into the conquered towns and villages behind the back of the fighting troops, stole literally everything. And what they could not lug away, was smashed or burned. Every soldier of the Red Army had been allowed once a month to send a package weighing 15 kilograms back to the Soviet Union.  This was enough to make an army of millions a gang of looters […]

Translated from German original text.


The Robbing of Property and Ethnic Cleansing

  1. Though the expulsion was done by the marionettes of Stalin, the roused Polish and Czech street mob, one must not make it a taboo to expose the specific responsibility of the Anglo-Americans for these crimes. The speeches of a Roosevelt and Churchill of years before in their plans, years before the actual crimes were responsible for this.…


…. During the war the victorious Allies were hiding their secret plans to give almost all of East Germany to Poland and Koenigsberg to the Soviet Union. They were afraid that they would rouse the anger of the ethnic German people…

About two thirds of the East German population tried to flee to save itself from the Red Army. Not all of them succeeded. Many lost their lives from enemy actions, from hunger and cold or the strain of the flight, or they were just run over by the enemy. It was almost all just women, children and elderly on this trek. The husbands and grown sons were all in the army trying to hold back the enemy against the refugees for which we need to be very thankful as they were fighting in the last weeks against a brutal and overwhelmingly large enemy. Due to the resistance and commitment of the German soldiers, countless thousands of refugees owe their lives,  and Western Europe was saved from the complete overrun of the Bolsheviks.

Especially tragic is the escape of the Germans in East Prussia over the ice when an escape via the land route was no longer possible. They tried to escape over the iced-in harbor  where the ice often broken and the unfortunate people drowned. How great must have been the fear of these people of the Russian army for them to dare such an incredibly dangerous escape instead of fallen into the hands of the Soviets.

Documented are the sinking of rescue ships by the British and the Russians. The sinking of the Goya and Wilhelm Gustloff are the greatest maritime disasters ever. Of 10,000 to 12,000 refugees on both ships, only about 183 were rescued..  compare this with the Titanic where 1,513 people died…


About 5.7 Million Germans that had stayed in the East or returned there as things in Eastern Germany through the Russian occupation were not any different, eventually had to flee again. Before that they suffered years of abuse. Polish and Russian militia plundered and harassed the Germans that led to the death of many… Thousands of Germans were dragged off into the Russian Gulags. More than half of the German prisoners died. All their property was taken. Not only did they take one quarter of the German land, but the most beautiful and richest land of Germany with blooming fields and great woods and incredible industries and mineral resources. German Silica was the land of the poets and writers. Twenty percent of the German Nobel laureates came from there. Silica was designated “the most beautiful perl in the German crown.” 16.5  Million Germans had to leave behind their property taken by the Poles - just like in the Middle Ages. The German history of those areas is older than 700 years… Often the people of whole villages were incarcerated.

The first centrally oriented expulsion was in July of 1945, shortly after Poland locked the Oder-Neisse border. In this one act, in two weeks , 300,000 Germans were driven over the demarcation line into the West. Most of them were living in the East Pomerania, East Brandenburg and Lower Silicia. None of the other mass expulsions were as brutal as this one. Totally taken by surprise, the public was driven from their houses and apartments, collected, and brought to the next train station. In the early morning hours, the militia had surrounded the villages, got the people out of bed  and gave the village 15 minutes to empty, many were often barely clad.  Only very few had some luggage, namely those who had prepared for it in advance. But almost all the time, on the way to the meeting place, their belongings were stolen by the Russians or the Poles, who stormed the trains and plundered the people. Driven together in haste, yet they had to wait endlessly for their transport because they needed documentation that they could leave. They had to sign the following document: That they are leaving by free will (!) that they can never make any demand to Poland, and that they can never return. Like animals they were packed into box cars and without food or medical help went on a ride of many days. After they left, the Polish government destroyed the birth records and church records of the Germans and everything that was German. Especially old people and small children could not handle the stressful journey and had to be buried along the train route.


…If the distance to the Oder-Neisse line (rivers) were not too far from where expelled Germans lived, or if they did not have any trains available, the people were sent off on foot marches where many lost their lives.

President Truman was told that no more Germans were left. But there were still 5 Million Germans left there…


… Poland was brutal against the German minority. Since 1919 until the beginning of WWII, ever escalating brutalities have been committed by the Poles against the Germans. In the first few days of the war 5,000 to 6,000 Germans were murdered. After WWI and before WWII more than 1,000,000 were driven off their homes.  In the twenty years between the wars, more than 20,000 ethnic Germans lost their lives…

Two Polish students, under the direction of the provisionary government claimed 6,000,000 Poles lost their lives. But Alfred Bohmann and Alfred Schickel, after years of research and consideration of American research, established that 570,000 Poles lost their lives; either in the war or in the later Partisan war against the German troops or who were executed by the National Socialists. From the Soviet Occupation, 570,000 Poles died, most of them ethnic Germans who were deported into the work camps in Russia…

The English lost 30,000 people in the bombing and Germany lost 1,000,000…

The Slavic people were Aryan East Germans. They were mostly from the Germanic tribes Wandalen, Wenden and Goten.  Through the teachings of Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803) and August Ludwig von Schlözer (1735-1809)  the Slaves were falsely told they are not German (*Looks like long planning ahead to divide and conquer!). But, there is no such thing as Slavic people,  just a Slavic language. Czechs and Poles were falsely told that because of their separate language, they are different than the Germans. This has lead to Panslawicsm. (Slavic Pride)

After that, the Poles and Czechs demanded all the German areas for themselves on which after the founding of the First Reich (1871) East German Slavic people were living, including all of central Germany, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Sachsen, parts of Upper Franken and the Upper Palatines, even Schleswig-Holstein. After that they wanted Pomerania, West and East Prussia and Silicia as for centuries the East Germans lived there under the collective name “Sclavi.”…


(A very rich description of German / Polish history follows here that I do not have time to translate.)

… In the late summer of 1945, the Poles did another willful expulsion… even against the Potsdam protocols. They expelled 400,000 Germans from the German eastern areas.

In 1946 a commission changed all the names of the German villages and localities: 30,000 village and city names were translated from German into Polish.


The year of the greatest expulsions was 1946. In this year 2,000,000 Germans were expelled. The brutalities of the crimes during the expulsion were the same as in the war. The Germans were not allowed to take more luggage than they could carry by hand and not more than 500 Reichsmark. Again, within minutes they had to leave their homes. First they marched into concentration camps were they had to wait for weeks. Arriving in Germany, these people had to stay in refugee camps for many months until they could be housed in German families’ homes. Their was a great lack of homes as Germany was so bombed out. Many Germans from Pomerania were first shipped to Poland and then expelled to Silica, a double stressful journey.


In these never ending transports, cold, hunger and constant mistreatments, many died. By 1946, many of these people were so weakened by hunger, hard labor, epidemics and abuse that they had no more strength left.

The international help organizations and the Red Cross were not available to help these people. Whoever could not handle the stress, ended in a worse way than an animal.

In the cold winter of 1946 which caused many victims, the Poles did not stop the expulsion; they went on without interruption. Some transports were rejected at the German border by the Allies and had to be returned – only to go through the same ordeal later on again. [*Can you imagine!] By the end of 1946, the rest of the 5,7 Million Germans that had stayed were either dead or had been expelled.

In 1947 there was another deportation  of about 500,000 Germans.

… the driving out of the Germans in other European areas such as Sudetenland, Yugoslavia, and Hungary, were just as inhuman, some of them even more brutal. In Chechnya 3,000,000 ethnic Germans were expelled and almost 300,000 lost their lives: they were beaten to death, chocked to death, drowned, stabbed to death, emasculated, trampled to death by a group of people or horses, burned alive, mutilated in various ways, pumped up with sewage, and rolled to death in barrels. Other cases were the murder fury on the Elbe Bridge by the town of Aussig were 2,700 women and children were pushed from the bridge into the river and pregnant women murdered in a way we will not describe here. (E. J. Reichenberger, a. a. O., Seite 217 - Thorwald, a. a. O., Seite 485 ff.; V. Mastny, Seite 334.)

In Jugoslavia, one third of the German population was murdered. (Statistisches Bundesamt, Seite 47.)


The people who were put into the work labor camps were primarily women and children. Women were separated from their children. Those who were unable to work were put into special camps were they were determined to die…

Concentration camp Gakovo with 18,000 occupants had 8,000 deaths. Concentration camp Backi Jarek with 18,000 occupants had 6,400 deaths. Krusevlje with 10,000 occupants had 3,000 deaths. The Red Cross gave a number of 1,562 concentration camps that had Germans…


…The Bloodlust of the partisans [*partisans and partisan leaders were often Jews]

An eye witness reports: In the camp Kikinda: On November 3, 1944, was the first slaughter of a large group of Germans… First, the ethnic German men were undressed and had to lay down. Their hands were bound on their back. Then they were terribly whipped with Ochs belts (leather) and then after this torture, they cut out stripes of flesh from their back, others had their nose, tongue, ears or genitals cut off.. the prisoners screamed and tossed in spasms. This lasted about an hour than the screaming became quieter and then died down. On the next day when we walked over the yard, we found everywhere tounges, eyes, ears and similar body parts and the whole yard was covered with dried blood.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays a mass of people were always slaughtered. Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday and Thursday they filled the camps with more people from the local area. On Friday then always started the new slaughtering spree. I could not longer look at it but we heard everything, how the victims screamed and how the Partisans laughed and made fun of them. (Zitat aus dem Dokumentarwerk von Wilfried Ahrens: „Verbrechen an Deutschen, Dokumente der Vertreibung”, Arget 1983, Seite 304 ff., Dok. 15a.)

Of less than one half Million Jugoslawien-Germans, 135,000 lost their lives in these described ways, for the most part in the most inhuman ways.

The Wochenzeitung „Nedjejna Dalmacija” had an article on 6. Mai 1990 on the ethnic Germans where they stated that the wealth of the Germans at that time was more than 100,000,000 Mark. 97,000 German properties and 638,000 hectare of land were robbed from them…

In the cave of Jazovka at least 1,000 cubic meters of human bones were found. This is were the partisans and the communists murdered after the war injured, prisoners of war and civilians, most of them Germans and German sympathetic Croatians. The world must know the whole truth!

6. The Number of victims.

By 1956 the number of expelled was determined as 16,5 Million ethnic Germans in East Germany, East and Southeast Europe (without the Soviet Union expelled victims in the borders of 1937) This does not include death from bombing or death of the German soldiers.  The numbers that are missing are the ethnic Russian Germans. When Hitler arrived in Russia, about 2 Million Germans lived in Russia strewn over wide areas.

1.5 Million women and children and elderly had to be evacuated from the Reich’s Eastern German area due to bombing. Adding the bombing evacuees from other German areas, it came to 2 to 2.5 Millions evacuees from Germany proper due to bombing.

Adding it all up, 20,000,000 Germans had lost their home!

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Herzog, Johannes. “A Childhood in Siberia of Refugees, Wolves, and Kirghiz.” Heritage Review 35, no. 4: December 2005, 31-41.


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