Jewish Russian and USA Communist Connection

12:12:54 PM… It is important to note that the most violent organization involved in the overthrow of the Czar of Russia was The Jewish Bund, headed by Abramovitch and Lieber. The three other revolutionary parties included the all-Jewish Mensheviks (headed by Martov and Dan), the Social Democrats, a front for Gentiles but headed by the Jew Danishevsky and The Bolsheviks headed by Lenin…


More Proven Connections
Between Jews and Communism
in Russia and the USA
Including the Banking Connections
Between New York Jews Financing the Red Revolution

” The Jewish Communal Register” of 1917 - 1918, published by the Kehillah (Jewish communal government) states that Russian immigrant Jews brought “socialism” (meaning “Communism”) to America. It is important to note that the most violent organization involved in the overthrow of the Czar of Russia was The Jewish Bund, headed by Abramovitch and Lieber. The three other revolutionary parties included the all-Jewish Mensheviks (headed by Martov and Dan), the Social Democrats, a front for Gentiles but headed by the Jew Danishevsky and The Bolsheviks headed by Lenin who has only recently been revealed to be of Jewish descent. Note that the Bund sent money back to their comrades in Russia. More important is the remark that the failed revolution of 1905 in Russia caused “a great influx” of Jews to immigrate to the U.S. The truth is that over one million Marxist Jews flooded into the U.S.

Jews Assassinate Tzar

“The Pale of Settlement” as the vast area of Russia in which over ten million Jews were required to live. This order was issued by the Czar in 1772 because of the Jews’ sharp business practices which had brought much misery upon the Christian population. The “Pale” included all of the Ukraine, western Russia, all of Poland and Lithuania. Thus the Jews were banned from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kharkov. Even though the Jews flourished, they were not satisfied and wanted to be able to dominate all of Russia. Thus they formed the “Social Revolutionary Party” to overthrow the Czar.

On March 13, 1881 the Jew Grinevetsky threw the bomb which killed Czar Alexander II. In 1901 they assassinated Bogolepov, the Czar’s Minister of Education. They murdered Sipyagin, Minister of Interior in 1902, Bogdanovich, Governor of Ufa in 1903, Premier von Plehve in 1904, Grand Duke Sergei the Czar’s uncle in 1905, Gen. Dubrassov in 1906 (his soldiers put down the Jewish revolution of 1905.). Peter Stolypin, the Prime Minister, offered vast new tracts of land to the peasants which threatened the Communist Jews of their base of support among poor Gentiles. Thus the Jew terrorist, Mordecai Bogrov, assassinated Stolypin in September 1911. He shot him in the back of the head during a gala in Kiev attended by the Czar and his Court. The Jew tailor Yevno Azev was convicted of heading the assassination squads and executed in 1911. He was also a founder of the Social Revolutionary Party.

Jews Exploit Christians

The new Tzar, Alexander III, was so infuriated with the Jews that he issued the following statement which is quoted from the Encyclopedia Britannica, page 76, Vol. 2, 1947 edition:


“For some time the government has given its attention to the Jews and to the* relations the rest of the inhabitants of the empire, with a view of ascertaining the sad condition of the Christian inhabitants brought about by the conduct of the Jews in business matters. During the last 20 years, the Jews have gradually possessed themselves of not only every trade and business in all its branches, but also of a great part of the land by buying or farming it. With few exceptions, they have as a body devoted their attention, not to enriching or benefiting the country, but to defrauding, by their wiles, its inhabitants, and particularly its poor inhabitants ! This conduct of theirs has called forth protests on the part of the people, as manifested in acts of violence. The government, while on the one hand doing its best to put down the disturbances and to deliver the Jews from oppression and slaughter, has also on the other hand, thought it a matter of urgency and justice to adopt stringent measures in order to put an end to the oppression practiced by the Jews on the inhabitants, and to free the country from their malpractices, which were. as is known, the cause of the agitation.”

(Note: Thus the so-called ” pogroms” by Christians against the Jews were brought on by the Jews themselves!)

Jewish Bankers Finance Revolution In Russia

American Jacob Schiff was the wealthiest Jewish banker in the world as head of the international bank of “Kuhn, Loeb & Co.” Note here that Schiff “floated the large Japanese War Loans of 1904-1905 which made their victory over Russia possible”. At the end of the article we read that Schiff “used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money markets of the U.S.” Also note that Schiff controlled all of the railroads in the U.S. and “suppressed ruinous competition.” [Note: This would be like allowing one person to own all of the Air Lines today and “suppressing all competition.”]  He also controlled the Central Trust Bank and Western Union. Thus, with all this money power, Schiff was able to prevent the Czar from obtaining loans to raise armies for a defense against the Japanese. Schiff formed called “The Friends of Russian Freedom.” Its purpose was to agitate for the overthrow of the Christian Czar. This group, with the help of the Japanese, ran an anti-Czar indoctrination campaign among the 50,000 Russian soldiers taken as POWs during the war. They returned home ready to support the Jewish revolution.

The first “Soviet” seized control of the city of St. Petersburg on March 14, 1917, while the nation was in turmoil over their defeats by the Germans during World War One. “The New York Times” of March 24, 1917, reports that Jacob Schiff sent the following telegram to members of his “Friends of Russian Freedom”: “Will you say for me to those present at tonight’s meeting how deeply I regret my inability to celebrate with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual reward of what we had hoped and striven for these long years.” (Schiff was obviously referring to the spreading Communist revolution in Russia.)

Quote from “Jewish Communal Register”, 1918:

Title: Schiff Finances Enemies Of Czar

Kehillah (Jewish Community) of New York City 356 SECOND AVENUE New York City

“Schiff, Jacob Henry, was born In 1847, at Frankfort on-the- Main, Germany. He received his education in the schools of Frankfort. In 1866 he came to America, where he settled in New York City. Here, he joined the staff of a banking house. In 1873, he returned to Europe where he made connections with some of the chief German banking houses. Upon returning to the United States, he entered the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, New York of which he later became the head. His firm became the financial re-constructors of the Union Pacific Railroad, and since then is strongly interested in American railroad.”

Mr. Schiff’s principle of “community of interests” among the chief railway combinations led to the formation of the Northern Securities Company, thus suppressing ruinous competition. The firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. floated the large Japanese War Loans of 1904-5, thus making possible the Japanese victory over Russia. Mr. Schiff is director of numerous financial companies, among them the Central Trust company. Western Union Telegraph Company, the Wells Fargo Express Company. He has been several times Vice-president of the New York Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Schiff has always used his wealth and his influence in the best interests of his people. He financed the enemies of autocratic Russia and used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money market of the United States.

When last year, Mr. Schiff celebrated his seventieth birthday, all the factions of Jewry in the United States and elsewhere united in paying tribute to him.

[end quote]

Trotsky and Schiff

Leon Trotsky (real name: Bronstein) was exiled from Russia and came to New York City on January 13, 1917. The Russian Jews who owned Vitagraph Movie Studios in Brooklyn gave Trotsky a job. He appeared in three films including “My Official Wife” starring Clara Kimball Young. Ironically, Trotsky played the part of a Russian revolutionary.

While in New York, Trotsky met with Schiff who saw in him the perfect revolutionary. Schiff had his “Friends of Russian Freedom” locate 267 other Yiddish speaking Russian Jew exiles. He arranged for President Woodrow Wilson to give them U.S. passports so they could not be refused entry into Russia. Also, Schiff gave Trotsky $10 million (that is in 1917 dollars, which today would be worth hundreds of millions). Later Schiff would transfer another $15 million to Lenin.

[quote from “The Jewish Communist Register” of New York’s Kehillah (community government), 1918. Edition.]

“THE JEWISH SOCIALIST FEDERATION OF AMERICA” By Frank F. Rosenblatt, Chief of staff, Bureau of Philanthropic Research.

“The birth of the Jewish Socialist Federation in 1912 must be recognized as the most important landmark in the history of the Jewish Socialist movement in this country. The Federation was the outgrowth of a previous organization, the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau, which for a period of seven years led a precarious and inconsequential existence. The Agitation Bureau was organized at a time when the idea of Jewish nationalism began to spread its roots in the minds of the Jewish workmen. It is to the glory of the Jewish Socialist Bund in Russia that the question of nationalism, which in the minds of the Socialists of the older generation was synonymous with oppression and subjection, was forced into the foreground. The idea became ever more popular that nationalism and internationalism are by no means mutually exclusive teens, and that genuine internationalism is possible only when all nations are guaranteed full and equal rights.”

Jewish Bund Organizes In U.S.

The heroic fight of the Bund against the old Russian autocracy caused thousands of its members and followers many of them exiles to Siberia or under rigid surveillance by the gendarmes, to flee to this country! But they would not resign themselves to inactivity, and as a result a net of Bund branches was spread throughout the United States and Canada. For a number of years these branches, whose primary object was to collect funds for the Bund in Russia, were the most active and influential bodies in the Jewish radical world. Their members formed the vanguard of the Workmen’s Circle (Arbeiter Ring).

This anomaly became particularly striking after the great influx of political refugees which the abortive Russian revolution of 1905 had swept to these shores.

Zionist-Socialism however, was enriched by an extraordinary new force: B. Boruchev, he introduced a theory which was necessarily very popular among the Jewish masses, who were at that time Socialistic through and through. He contended that only through a land of their own in Zion could the Jewish people have a proletariat, and that Zionism ought therefore to join forces with Socialism. Zionism thus received a Marxist basis, and appealed strongly to the masses.

Boruchov, with the assistance of other intellectual comrades — a number of them students took charge of number of periodicals in Russian and Yiddish, which the Russian Government suppressed one after the other. (In Russian: “The Jewish Workmen’s Chronicle” and “The Hammer”; In Yiddish: “The Proletarian Idea,” the “Forward,” and an edition of books called the “Hammer.”)

(Jewish Communal Register” 1918 continued)

Beginning of “International Communism”

At the same time that the party was organized in Russia, sister societies were organized in America, in Austria, in England, and, finally, in Palestine.

The Poale-Zion were, however, recognized as a part of the Socialist party in Turkey, which gave the party the possibility of introducing the international Socialist movement in favor of Zionism and the Jewish national aims.

The most important achievement of Poale-Zion in Palestine was the organization of Ha-Shomer (The Watchman), an organization of heroic young guards who protect the property of the colonies with their lives against thieving Arabs.

In 1907, during the Zionist congress at The Hague, delegates of the Poale-Zion parties of various countries assembled at a conference and organized the Poale-Zion Weltverband (“World Organization”) which watches over the international interests of the Poale-Zion in the Zionist and the Socialist worlds. Funds, which is collected from Jews all over the world, is administered by the “World Organization.”

Through its propaganda in the Socialist International and the English Labor Party the organization” has succeeded in securing a favorable attitude towards Zionist alma on the part of Socialists and labor leaders As a result, a Jewish home in Palestine is one of the points in the peace program of the “International” and of the English Labor Party.

The Poale-Zion In America

In the far-reaching work of the international Poale-Zion movement, the “Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale Zion” of America plays the most important role after the Palestine party. The Russian reaction of 1906-1917 caused the real centre of the movement to shift to America.

“World Organization” presented a Memorandum (“The Red Book”) to the Socialist International.

[end quote]

Zionism is Marxism

Russia’s Jewish population supported one of the four Marxist Parties. However, many supported Theodore Herzl and his new Zionist movement. Herzl’s plan was to found an all-Jewish Marxist state in some foreign underpopulated land. Herzl considered Kenya and Madagascar in Africa, Palestine and Sinai just below the present Israel.

Note that the Jewish Communal Register clearly states that Zionism is a Marxist movement. When they took over the city of Haifa in Palestine it became known as “Red Haifa”. Every May Day the Jews would march through the streets with their clenched fists held high and the Red flag flying. The Soviets were the first to smuggle weapons to the Zionists so that they could wage an underground war against the British and later against the Arabs.

Jewish Bankers Unite Behind Communism

The U.S. Foreign Relations Committee of 1918 released a report on the international Jewish banks which were financing Communism. In each case they were banks owned by Jews. The Jew Olof Aschberg of Sweden’s “Nya Banken” is referred to as “The Bolshevik Bank”. Note that this bank “is financed in America by the Guarantee Trust Co.” This bank was controlled by Jacob Schiff.

Jewish Communism in U.S.

As the Russian Jewish refugee population grew in the U.S. so did their radical Marxist groups. Note the “Communal Register” again. IT lists the four main Jewish “radical organizations”. Their unity meeting took place in 1915 just two years before the Communist Revolution in Russia. We read: “The revolution in Russia, having at a single stroke, emancipated the Jews of that country.”

U.S. Communist Party founded By Russian Jews

[quote from “Jewish Communal Register,” 1918]:

The Four Groups Which Founded The U.S. Communist Party

The National Workmen’s Committee was organized in the early part of 1915, by representatives of the four leading radical organizations, viz.: The Workmen’s Circle, the United Hebrew Trades, the Jewish Socialist Federation of America, and the Forward Association.

The revolution in Russia having at a single stroke emancipated the Jews of that country, the Committee, _ . _ .though continuing its study of the Russian situation, has largely concentrated its attention upon the Romanian Jewish problem and is now engaged, in cooperation with various European organizations, in dealing with it.

[end quote]

“The Roots of American Communism” by Theodore Draper, can be ordered from your local bookstore for $11.95. This is a detailed account of the founding of the U.S. Communist Party. Excerpt from the book:


“Most of the others in the up-and-coming New York Group were more or less of similar background. They included Dr. Maximilian Cohen, a dentist; Joseph Brodsky, a lawyer, and his brother Carl; Rose Wortis, a dressmaker; and Harry M. Winitsky. They had a number of things strikingly in common; almost all were in their twenties, some in their very early twenties; they were mostly Jewish; they came over from Russia as children or were first-generation Americans of Russian Jewish parents; they became active in the Socialist movement in their late teens and were generally about twenty or a little older at the time of the Russian Revolution.”

[end quote]

The overwhelming majority of its leaders were Russian Jews. They were under the direction of the Soviets who also financed them. The chief Jewish leaders were Bertram Wolfe, who operated under the Christian name Albright. He served on the Communist Part USA National Council. The German born Jew, Max Bedacht, represented the Communist Part USA at Comintern meetings in Moscow under the Gentile name James A. Marshall. Israel Amter, a well known pianist, ran the ‘Workers Party”-a Communist Part USA front group.

Amter went under the name J. Ford. In 1917 Benjamin Gitlow, of Russian Jewish parents, was one of the first Communists elected to office (as state Assemblyman from the Bronx). As late as 1945 the Communist Party had two members on the New York City Council. Both were elected from Jewish areas of the city. Two Jews born in Russia were William Weinstone, (of the Communist Part USA Central Executive Committee) and Jay Lovestone, (editor of “The Communist” magazine).

Mike Gold was editor of “New Masses.” Alexander Bittelman served on the Central Executive Committee of Communist Part USA and as editor of the Yiddish Communist Part USA daily newspaper, “Freiheit”. Alexander Trachtenberg fought in the failed 1905 revolution against the Czar. He fled to the U.S. and headed the front group, “Friends of the Russian Revolution. Louis Fraina, a Jew born in Italy, was the chief organizer of the original U.S. Communist Party. He operated under the name Ralph Snyder.

Majority of Communist Party Members Were Jews

Draper writes that the first daily newspaper of the Communist Party was the Yiddish “Freiheit” launched on April 22, 1922. It would be two more years before they would start a paper for Gentiles. The famous ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers, (who exposed Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy), was an early editor of The Daily Worker. He wrote that the party held separate meetings for “English speakers” and for Yiddish speakers (Jews). Chambers said that the Yiddish meetings were always the largest ! They were called “foreign language groups.”

Whitaker Chambers former editor of ‘The Daily Worker ” said that two Jewish college professors recruited him into the Communist Party. Chambers also said that Jews made up the largest bloc in the party.

Draper writes that fewer than 25% of the members were born in the U.S. and only about 10% spoke English only. This proves that its foreign makeup had to be mainly Jewish. One reason being that all Gentile East European immigrants were strongly anti-Communists.

The Communist Party membership built up to over 100,000 by 1939 and from 50% to 75% were Jews. Also, 25,000 members lived in New York City and this group was almost entirely Jewish. Hundreds of thousands of other Marxist Jews supported the party and were known as “Fellow Travelers. ” The party controlled several labor unions including the “Ladies Garment Workers Union” which was made up of some 6,000 Jewish women. They were all Communist Party supporters.

The power of the Communist Party was demonstrated at the Sept. 1921 convention of the Socialist Party. Draper writes: “The final blow to the Socialist Party was the defection of the Jewish federation at a convention in Sept. 1921. The entire group defected to the Communist Party. The Socialist Party membership fell to its lowest point 11,019.”

Jewish Communists Today

The Jewish leaders of the Communist Part USA were always very careful to choose Gentiles as the “public heads” of the party. The first was William Z. Foster, then Earl Browder, Eugene Dennis and today, Gus Hall. Reading the “Communist Weekly Word” easily reveals their support of the Democratic Party and Clinton. Communists say that they have “found a new home” in the Democratic Party. In fact, Clinton has appointed three people to senior positions who have been connected with the Communist apparatus Arnold Leese. A great British expert on the Jewish problem wrote in 1938: “When the Jews leave Russia Communism will collapse.” World Jewry is today relocating in America. Thus the real threat of Communism in our country has just begun.

Communism is not dead by any means and in fact is far more of a threat today than ever before. The Communist Part USA infiltration of the Democratic Party has been a meticulous operation. Herein lies the present danger of a Communist takeover of America under the name of their newest communist front which is the modern National Democratic Party.

Debate on Jews in Red Revolution
Usenet, June 19, 1998
Doc Tavish debates Jeffrey G. Brown with Supporting Internet Links

Doc Tavish Says:


Subject: The Russian Revolution: Still inspiring after 80 years (Reprinted from the November 8, 1997 issue of the People’s Weekly World. May be reprinted or reposted with PWW credit. For subscription information see below)

“The Bolshevik Party (later the Communist Party) was the party of the industrial workers in Russia…. After the revolution, all legal restrictions were abolished, and the first Soviet President was a Jew, Yakov Sverdlov.”

Tired of the same old system:

Join the Communist Party, USA Info: [email protected]; or (212) 989-4994;



[Communist Party organ declares first President of Soviet Union was a Jew! The first Chairman appointed to the Soviet State was a Jew, a Jew with an alias of Trotsky. Tavish]

Originally named Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Trotsky was born on November 7, 1879, in Kherson Province in Ukraine, the son of Russified Jews….

The March Revolution of 1917 caught him by surprise in New York City, where he wrote for a Russian newspaper. Trotsky reached Russia in May, quickly assumed leadership of the independent left Social-Democratic Interdistrict Group, and joined the Petrograd (as St. Petersburg was renamed) Soviet. Within weeks, he had gained enormous popularity as the most eloquent agitator of the Soviet left. In July, after being courted by Lenin, he joined the Bolshevik party and was elected to its Central Committee.

As a Bolshevik, Trotsky was elected chairman of the Soviet in September. He sided with Lenin on the need to overthrow the provisional government and devoted all his energies to marshaling support for the armed uprising of the Bolsheviks. With Lenin in hiding, Trotsky was the general in charge, and he successfully directed the masses of workers and soldiers in the November revolution……

[How many of you think that Jew Trotsky’s revolution was bloodless and was a debate of ideas? Notice the first Chairman of the Soviet was a Jew named Trotsky. Trotsky was also the first General and commander of the Red “Bolshevik” Army! Tavish]



“Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Commissar of foreign affairs between 1917-1924.” Let’s see, ol’ Bronstein was the Leader of the Revolution and the Architect of the Red Army too!



Society: Where Judaism and Liberalism Part

by Rabbi Nachum Braverman Aish HaTorah Los Angeles

It’s often considered axiomatic that Jews are politically liberal. This impression has some basis in fact. In 1991, the National Jewish Community Relations Council (NJCRC) identified the public agenda of the Jewish community as activism on behalf of Israel, and Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry, as well as “social and economic justice.” …

[ … ]

Though many Jews are liberal this no more makes liberalism the Jewish agenda than the prominence of Jews among Bolsheviks made Bolshevism the Jewish agenda.

[Notice the Rabbi used the word “prominenence.” Tavish]




The Czar exploits the break-offs. In their struggle against traditional Judaism, Haskala Jews are given some privileges and assistance, sometimes clandestinely. Some get influence in the Bureau of Jewish Affairs and interfere with religious matters…..

A lot of Haskala Jews are ready to give up on Russia. Many channel their energy into creating a home land of their own.

Some Haskala Jews turn to political revolution. The Russian Revolution of the early 20th century will overthrow the Czarist government and it will be led by a disproportionate number of Jews. The Czar that used civil unrest against the Jews will be destroyed by it.

[Notice the “Russian Revolution… will be led by a disproportionate number of Jews…” Tavish]



Among the Jews who remained in Russia, which then included Lithuania, Ukraine (A History of Ukraine, Michael Hrushevsky, Yale University Press, 1941, passim), and much of Poland, were the founders of the Russian Bolshevik party.

In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of Jewish workers in Poland and Lithuania. . . They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them the spearhead of the Party (Article on “Communism” by Harold J. Laski, Encyc. Brit., Vol. III, pp 824-827).

“Individual revolutionary leaders and Sverdlov — played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November, 1917, which enabled the Bolshevists to take possession of the state apparatus” (Univ. Jew. Encyd., Vol. IX, p.668). Here and there in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia other Jews are named as co-founders of Russian Communism, but not Lenin and Stalin. Both of these, however, are said by some writers to be half-Jewish. Whatever the racial antecedents of their top man, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed with Jews. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well understood in Russia. “The White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies” (Univ. Jewish Encyc., Vol. I, p. 336).


I certify that as of this date (June 19, 1998) all of the links above are active and that anyone checking them will find the material I used.



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