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germanvictims.com - It’s a Bolshevik scheme to make all men slaves to one world government which is led by the most cold blooded humans there are, represented by the likes of Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia. They have no heart, no love, no compassion, only greed and a hunger for power to dominate, hurt, use and humiliate others. Because they know how evil they are, they assume that everyone is evil like them; therefore, the constant accusations of others; other leaders; other countries. Also, their finger pointing is a distraction scheme from their worldwide crimes!




In total, 12,000,000 Germans were murdered after the war, between 1945 and 1950 by the Allied Occupation and their henchmen!



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The Zionist Protocols of World Control

germanvictims: The hidden plan was/is a takeover of Europe by the Bolsheviks, a Jewish Marxist movement. If it had not been for the German soldiers and the European SS volunteers from many countries and a preemptive strike against Russia-sitting ready at the border to attack Germany, the Bolsheviks would have overtaken the center of Europe in 1941, and the rest of Europe would have most likely followed.

Germany and England were the two great powers in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Germany united her kingdoms in 1871 into one great empire which England (main representative of the New World Order) already then viewed with envious eyes. England hated the success of the German empire and wanted to ruin it to get rid of the competition. When Germany built her first commercial fleet and was interested in building a railway connection to Iraq for her international trade, called the Baghdad-Bahn, and then oil was discovered in the Middle East, England started to think “war” against Germany and expressed her desire in newspaper articles. The war threats, of course, were not empty talk because England was seriously aiming into that direction and planted already then the seeds for the destruction of Germany. It was around that time also that the Russian Czar, influenced by the New World Order, started to turn against the German colonies in Russia, primarily in the Ukraine, Crimea, and Volga area, removing some of the independent German culture privileges given to the Germans in Russia when they started to immigrate in ca. 1775.

Churchill went right along with the New World Order of the Jews and the Bankers. He was a Jew and one of the henchmen for the international bankers. Hitler tried repeatedly to get England on his side against the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, even still during the war, knowing that they were a great threat to freedom in Western Europe, but Churchill was out to destroy Germany. Roosevelt, also a Jew, of course, was the greatest friend of the Bolsheviks and provided them with finances and weapons to beat the Germans. Roosevelt had a great number of Communists and Bolsheviks around him in the office with whom he planned the takeover of Germany giving more power to the New World Order.

About the criminals Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, et al, endless praise books have been written by deceivers or unaware people. Why? Because they can! They have the Jewish publishers who promote them. These owners of the mainstream publishing houses and their editors are controlling every book that they publish and commandeer what will be cut from a book and what will be added-namely their own false information. Stalin, most likely a Jew, married to a Jewess, and a mass murderer was honored in Israel not too long ago as a glorious leader, and Putin (the recently glamorized leader) attended the ceremony and ‘bowed’ to Stalin’s bust!!! I think that almost all of the world leaders now belong to the same criminal gang, no matter what promotional deception is proliferated about them to lead the hopeful and gullible minds astray.

The mills of the gigantic world takeover grind slowly in Germany, Europe and the United States, etc., but Bolshevism is what we have now, though still in a hidden form for the most part with the face of capitalism. Like Hitler said, one side is Capitalism and the backside is Bolshevism. Yet, it is becoming ever more obvious now.

Bolshevism / Marxism is Jewish. Its inventor was Karl Marx, a German Jew. In the Western World, this world movement is hiding behind Free Masonry. Adolf Hitler took a stand against both. He recognized the danger. Hitler’s mission was to stop Bolshevism from invading Germany but his vision was larger than that, namely to protect all of Europe from it. There were many volunteers from several countries in Europe that joined the ‘Waffen SS’ and gave their lives for freedom from the red oppression, but it was far too few against the gigantic masses of Russians and their weapons, supplied by Roosevelt. Roosevelt wanted Germany severely damaged and tenths of Millions of Germans to perish. He was a Communist who spoke of God to deceive people. In order to murder even more Germans, Dwight Eisenhower took over the management of the capitulation and murdered 12,000,000 Germans in Europe, including 7,000,000 that he arranged to starve to death.

Germany could have decimated the Bolsheviks, but the international criminal gang, bankers, and lovers of Bolshevism worked against Adolf Hitler, just because he was such a magnificent man and because they wanted the Germans destroyed.

We all would live in a better world now, if the United States would have had a president that represented the American people and Churchill would have represented the desires of the English public, not the NWO. But tragically, the whole Western World is under the control of this BEAST now as a result.

The world was / is deceived by endless media lies, pumped out by those who had the power of the worldwide press. They either wer or are the NWO - or serve the NWO, and it all came very differently than Adolf Hitler had desired and worked for.

The game plan by the international criminal gang was to destroy the German empire, the great ideals and values of it, and then rob it blind, and not to destroy the Bolsheviks, because they are the Bolsheviks themselves, in whatever form. So this was not done because of anything Germany did (portrayed in a deceptive game played before the public), but because it was long planned to get rid of the competition on the world scene AS GERMANY STOOD IN THE WAY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. To justify destroying the German empire, murdering millions of Germans, and enslaving the German people since 1917 under Allied and Jewish control, they had to first ruin the reputation of the Germans. After WWI, a Bolshevik takeover of Germany was planned, and Germany’s resurrection under Adolf Hitler was unexpected. His election in 1933 put the Jewish Communist party in Germany out of business. Immediately, the Jews reacted, and all the German Jews and World Jewry declared war on Germany in the spring of 1933. Treason!!!

And the open war against Germany proliferated in the press to the extreme. And the New World Order, the real rulers of the world who are Bolsheviks and Communists and their henchmen and profiteers, destroyed the beautiful, blooming, happy home of the German people by pushing Germany, as planned and instigated by Poland, into a war again. The false accusations of Germany since 1900 were all part of the plan to destroy the German empire.

England was a driving force for WWI and WWII to destroy Germany as it wanted to remain the world ruler. World Jewry with the “Declaration of War against Germany in 1933” and the Poles played the role of instigators and promoters of hate against Germany in this deadly ‘game.’ Theirs was a strategy to destroy the successful German empire and gain more Bolshevik power in the world, and rob more people of their possessions. It was in the plan for WWII, to drive 20,000,000 Germans off their homes and land with often just the clothes on their backs. All their property went to the “governments” of those countries who were primarily Jewish Bolsheviks.

But before the world, there was a false drama played about the Germans and the Jews, orchestrated and staged by the Jews. All hogwash! The German Jewish issue was not about race, it was about Germany against the control by a New World Order. Hitler stood against the Freemasons, and he said so. Specifically, Germany was against 1) the usury enforced upon the Germans by the often Jewish bankers who squatted in Germany since the end of WWI; 2) the often immoral, Godless culture of the Jews forced upon the defeated Germans after WWI; 3) the Jews having taken over all important offices in the German government, commerce, education, medicine, etc., forcing the Germans out of jobs in their own country and 1 Million starving to death and hundreds of thousands taking their lives due to no hope in employment. The Jews often had between 40-60% of the jobs in all important areas of commerce and government in Germany; yet in 1933, the Jewish population was only 500,000 out of about 80,000,000 Germans. In 1939, the Jewish population shrunk to far under 1 percent. 4) The Communist / Bolshevik takeover of Germany attempted by the Jews. 

Now the Bolsheviks and Communists, who have international interests only, are fully running the United States and Europe, China, probably Korea, and of course Russia. Communists, Bolsheviks, deceivers, assassins and weaklings are the leaders of the Western countries. Sure, the New World Order often had and have front henchmen in many positions to do their dirty work, but even those are replaced more and more by their own types. And we all have noticed that our leaders in the U.S. are less and less serving the people but instead more and more international controllers. It is clear now to the Americans also that this earth is in the grip of a dark power. It is coming at us in an avalanche. This is what Adolf Hitler stood up against! Unfortunately, the destroyers, have twisted it around with deception and lies and the German people were made into the aggressors, when in fact they had the least wars of all great nations. They were on place number 6, I think.

Why the hate and accusations toward Germany in the 20th century? Germany had a great reputation-her people, her culture, science, literature, and commerce. This brought her much success in international business. But, in order to negatively influence Germany’s trade, Britain, with her many hateful media agents-many of them run by Jews-started to defame Germany already before 1900 to bring her popularity down. Once Britain and “the world media” started to defame Germany, an endless avalanche was set in motion to defame the Germans around the world in order to destroy their commerce and so their power. And of course, the way people are, the general public babbles whatever they have been told in the media; so it does not take long for false information and hate to take root worldwide. The instigators in the media know this very well. Germany’s product could not be attacked as it was significant; so they attacked the German character as that is not something that could be scientifically proven. This is the filthy trick these heartless and lying people have played destroying 60 Million people in World War II alone. It means nothing to them. We non Jewish people are lower than animals in the Jewish mind (see the Talmud).

Poland, for example, was heavily infested with anti-German talk; children already learned to hate Germans in kindergarten. Is it a wonder then? Apparently the Poles were driven by envy as they were far behind the success of Germans in every area, even in farming; and they hated the success of the ethnic Germans in Poland. But, it was the Germans who lifted up the backward Poles in Poland and helped them build up their country just as the Germans did in Russia! One must take into consideration that Poland had an extensive Jewish population, and that the Jews controlled the media is clear, as they do in every country and have done so for a couple of hundred years. This hate against the Germans can be found even in Poland’s literature. The uneducated Poles, many of them farmers, were brainwashed into hate against the Germans by a controlling NWO force.This hate was all planned decades before the wars on the big world stage. It is interesting to note that in the 1800s the Poles and the many ethnic Germans in Poland got along just fine. The Polish hate against the Germans was whipped up by a third party that is very skilled and experienced in turning people against each other. Therefor the source of the hate of the Poles, and the British, is Jewish and from greedmongers.

When defamation had not worked too well to bring Germany down economically, or maybe it was just to soften up the playing fields, World War I was plotted with England at the tip, France aligning with her (naturally, always aligning with the most powerful ones at any cost), then Russia and Japan following on the side of England. Between these four powers, they plotted to chop up Germany’s great empire and give pieces of it to other countries. Though Germany had already won the war, it was the United States, with whom Germany had no beef, that interfered and stabbed Germany in the back. And then, Germany with it’s resources dwindling, lost the war.

By the bullies of the world, Germany was blamed for WWI, which is false and extremely unjust. But the bullies always have the power and they all stuck together with their lies. Most of them were the whipping boys of the biggest bullies. The bullies decided ahead of time to blame Germany in WWI, as in WWII, and have her pay war reparations, and they did. Reduced to a third world country, Germany was pushed into financial bondage by the Allies with heavy reparation payments which had to be done by loans with interest, which held her enslaved and poor for generations. And many German people lived on very little in Germany for decades after WWI. Hundreds of thousands committed suicide; many by turning on the gas ovens in their homes, as Hitler said in one of his speeches. Over 1,000,000 were forcefully starved to death after WWI due to a food blockade by England.


But after WWI, up rose a man, Adolf Hitler, who looked through the plans of the evil schemers, the Freemasons, the bankers, the Marxists with a capitalist mask on their faces-and he saw that their plan was to make Germany a Communist-Bolshevist outpost in order to totally subjugate the German people and have them become slaves like the Russians were to the Jewish Bolshevik government; a government that had so little concern for its people that it murdered between 60,000,000 to 120,000,000 Russian citizens; millions of them were ethnic Germans, foremost in the Ukraine, in the Volga area, on the Crimea, and in parts of Western Siberia.

Adolf Hitler’s wisdom and foresight can be found in his book “Mein Kampf.” (Watch for falsified translations).

Because Hitler understood what was going on in Russia, this is why he stood up and fought against the Marxist / Communist influence in Germany and overcame them with a spiritual revival of the German people and his National Socialist party. Though the secret maneuverers continued to defame Germany ever more with endless lies, Adolf Hitler, began the battle of his life against the Communist / Bolshevist Party, gaining increasing members for the National Socialist party (NS). This in return increased the hate propaganda and defamation of Hitler and the NS because their enemies had a lot to lose if Hitler came into power as leader of the country, namely the Communist party would lose their control over Germany which they were sucking dry in a parasitical way.


The reason for Germany’s subjugation, financial suffering and losses after WWI, for having WWI and WWII in the first place, was Allied control. And Jews, who often had international interest only, were disproportionately over-represented as leaders in all spheres of German life. They controlled the most important decisions for the country, whilst the Germans often had little to say and many were out of work; kind of how it is in the United States today, were the Jews cover most of the media and have the greatest opportunity to tell people what they want them to believe and hold the most powerful positions in all spheres of American life. After Hitler came into power, he no longer wanted his country controlled by a group of people who pushed Communism and Bolshevism, Jews who only supported each other, had primarily international interests, pushed their immoral values and their culture upon the German Christian people, and drained the Germans with usury. He wanted Germany to be controlled by Germans, which was the majority of the population. The Jewish Population was about 500,000 in 1933 and shrunk to about 130,000 in 1939 after immigration into other countries.

Always good with an evil tongue and having tremendous media power around the world, those who wanted to destroy the spiritual revival of the Germans, turned the very normal and ethical behavior of Adolf Hitler into a “race issue” in the media to defame him and his party members even more.  Hitler had calculated that if the German people would not continue to have a decent amount of children, their race would be going into great recline by the 1980 and they would not be far from extinction. With Germany being purposefully flooded with other races by the Allies to thin out the white race, Adolf Hitler had great concerns for race. He understood, that in a race are the genetic dispositions that differ in all races.  He loved his race and his German people and he understood the accomplishments of the white race. He also understood that the Jewish “race” (though they are of many races) are very different from the German race and the two are not a good match. This is why he had a racial revival for the core white man, the German. The Germans had a full right to be concerned about the survival of their race. Of course today, the Allies under the control of the Jews, have flooded Europe with so many races that all the unique Northern European white races and cultures will eventually be destroyed unless they wake up and make changes, and make them very, very soon.

Two months after Adolf Hitler was elected, the Jews worldwide went as far as “Declaring War on Germany” in 1933, telling everyone in the world to stop buying from the Germans. This was treason! Normally, treason requires the death penalty.  (Isn’t that what they had set out to do decades ago anyway - wasn’t it all planned and instigated this way long ago to destroy Germany? Of course!) From then on, things between the Germans and the Jews went somewhat sour. Hitler reacted with a counter-boycott 4 days after the Jews called on the whole world to stop buying from Germany (an export country). He ordered not to buy from Jews any longer and by giving Jews jobs according to their percentage of population, which meant the Jews lost most of their jobs.  Their employment in important positions in Germany then after Hitler’s order went in some areas from 40 to 60% of all top jobs to under 10% or so. Of course the Jews had instigated this change by declaring war on Germany’s economy; and Hitler could not trust them as workers for the German economy any longer. But all this theater created by the Jews was all part of the plan for the advancement of WWII.

Amazingly, this all blew over very quickly as Hitler, for the longest time was very accommodating to the Jews. However, the Germans continued to remove Jews from the most powerful positions and gave some power back to Germans. Many Jews immigrated then for that reason which left Germany with about 130,000 Jews in 1939. (Dr. jur. Scheidl.)

Clearly, the international criminal gang had shrewdly set the stage to advance their desire to destroy Germany in a war, and before that, take advantage of Hitler’s generosity and patience. It seems the whole drama was created on purpose so the Jews would get their way; namely that Hitler would PAY FOR THEIR IMMIGRATION OUT, as many but not all wanted to leave because they knew the bombs were coming. And he did help them to immigrate, to get them OFF HIS BACK AND OUT OF HIS COUNTRY. And he paid for it. He only stopped the immigration when he found out what the Jews were doing to the Palestinians, namely murder them and drive them off their homes and land by the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore the criminal Allied schemers made sure the Jews would be out of Germany when the bombs would come flying upon the civilian neighborhoods and city centers. So they finagled to get most of the Jews into concentration camps outside of Germany!!! Due to the Communist brainwashing in Germany by the Jews, there was of course a large German opposition to Hitler. Many of these German traitors, along with the Jewish German traitors, are responsible for the death of Millions of Germans.

Here is part of Adolf Hitler’s speech regarding the horrors the Jews brought upon the Palestinians. Hitler talks of Human Rights abuses :


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAtfSIp8XZw - copy and paste

How many Jews were in Germany? Right after Adolf Hitler’s election there were 565,000 Jews in Germany as one can see from the below Jewish newspaper article of March 1933, 2 months after Hitler came into power. After that,  3/4 of the Jews in Germany immigrated to other countries.

This newspaper article is an apology by the 565,000 German Jews for their behavior of declaring war on Germany. Very interesting… of course it is all B.S. - just media propaganda to look good before the world. First to do such tremendous damage and then to write an apology in the newspaper, as if that could have reversed the damage. It did not. Of course this apology was all planned as the press knew everything that was going on among the Jews. The deceptive Jews, sure played cat and mouse with the trusting Germans. The German’s goodness is, unfortunately, time and time again his downfall.

565000 Newspaper Jews in Germany in 33

565,000 Jews in Germany in 1933.

And that Number was before Hitler cleaned up their influence and power positions. Many more Jews left as Hitler eradicated Jewish influence with their perverted morality, perverted art, movies, and plays that went against the German Christian culture.



Comment from Dr. Jur. Franz Scheidl:

[…] Before Hitler came into reign, only about four percent of  world Jewry lived in Germany, less than 600,000. Germany had 1 % and Austria and the CSR (Czechoslovakia) each had 2% of the country’s population that were Jews. In the year 1939, the numbers of Jews went down strongly due to immigration out. Germany had 131,000 Jews and Austria had 43,700 Jews and in the CSR there were 74,2000 […]


Considering Dr. Scheidl’s research, how could Germany have murdered 6 Million Jews?!

No matter what Adolf Hitler did, he was  set up for war by the Allied schemers and Poland was the “bad boy” who never stopped being belligerent toward Germany, always provoking her and harming and murdering ethnic Germans in Poland.  Germany ford decades restrained her reaction. But Poland was much more than belligerent, it was fiendishly brutal and tortured tenths of thousands of ethnic Germans to death in 1939 alone. But not only that, Poland had driven out earlier Millions of ethnic Germans that lived on the German land the Poles had stolen from Germany after the war, and took their land and property, and was on an ongoing murder spree for decades against ethnic Germans in Poland.



Whoever stands in the way, will be eliminated.






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