Sandy Hook and Other Tricks

The world has gone insane and Western governments are becoming criminal dictatorships, one finger at a time… first the little finger and soon its going to be the whole hand. The Jews have been the initiators of this, subjugating the United States by money control and debased values since 1914. They have also “obliged” many other countries, including the conquered countries with loans so that they abide by the whims of the Jews. While we have been doped with sexual freedom and consumerism, finagled by the Jews, the Jews have pulled our country ownerships from underneath our feet and made them their own through usury - astronomical debts giving away our countries as collateral in exchange for paper money printed, at will, by the Jews on Jewish money printing machines. Arrogant Jews running Amok, riding the U.S.A. turned into a beast, are threatening mass enslavement and extinction…

THEY WANT TO TAKE AWAY ALL OUR GUNS, ONE TYE AT A TIME. (They do things one finger at a time so we do not notice it as much.)  THIS IS WHY THEY CREATE THESE FALSE FLAGS. THERE WILL BE MORE…

If Adam Lanza shot himself with his rifle, then he would have had to get up – AFTER he was dead – and lock the rifle in his trunk!!… 

Sandy Hook Puzzles




What’s the Real Truth about the
Sandy Hook “Massacre”? 

by Lorraine Day, M.D.


The original “Official Version.”

Adam Lanza, a 20-year old “tech geek loner” possibly suffering from some variation of Autism, somehow snapped on Friday, December 14, 2012, shot his mother in the face with a rifle 6 times at home, killing her, then drove her car to the Sandy Hook Elementary School (where his mother supposedly was a teacher), and shot and killed 20 kindergarten children, and 6 teachers with a “long gun” of some sort.  Then he shot himself (with the same “long gun.”) 

This “lone gunman” scenario is similar to the July, 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting and other school shootings around America. 

If the Sandy Hook “Massacre” really happened that way, there shouldn’t be much room for errors in reporting.  However, the “official” version has changed multiple times, and even the supposedly “final” version does not fit the facts of the case. 

There are still numerous legitimate questions for which there are no answers.

1. How did Adam Lanza get into the school?  The doors of the school are secure.  No one can just walks in.  There are security cameras at various places at the front door and around the school property?           

Who let him in?  Who would allow entrance into a school to a man dressed in a face mask, flak jacket, and camouflage pants, carrying several high velocity weapons?   

Why isn’t he seen on security cameras? 

If Lanza shot his way into the school, why aren’t there pictures of a front door full of bullet holes and lots of broken glass? 

Yet, there are none! 

The pictures of the police running toward the front door of the Sandy Hook school show a grass lawn in front of the school.  However, aerial views of the actual school show that there is NO grass in front of the school, only concrete. 

Obviously, the picture of the police running towards the school was not taken at the Sandy Hook school. 

2. The press has reported that there are no records on Adam Lanza anywhere for anything for the last 3 years.  How can that be?  He seems not to have existed for all that time.  Does he even exist?  Did he move to another country 3 years ago?  Possibly Israel – since he IS Jewish!

3. It was first reported that Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, was a teacher at the Sandy Hook school, and that Adam killed her in the school, not at their home. 

Later it was reported that Nancy was not a regular teacher at the school, that she was a substitute teacher (but that “fact” has also been dropped from the official version), and that Adam actually killed her in their home.

4. What has not been reported by the mainstream Press is that Adam Lanza was a Jew, as was his mother.  Is it possible that Adam Lanza and his mother, Nancy, were sayanim (look it up), or even Israeli Mossad agents, as was Chandra Levy (look her up)?

5. The supposed Medical Examiner who was interviewed, was either an actor who knew nothing about the facts of the case or routine medical jargon, or was done by the real Medical Examiner, Wayne Carver, who clearly knew NOTHING about the case. 

His “performance” was that of a Buffoon!  He even joked around in a totally inappropriate manner for such a supposedly heinous crime - probably because he was extremely uncomfortable with his total lack of knowledge about the “bodies” and “bullet wounds.”  First he said the victims were shot with a rifle – 3 to 5 times each.

That alone is extraordinary, because that would mean that the perpetrator, reported to be Adam Lanza, fired and hit his small – obviously rapidly moving victims (they would be running away)  - 100 times (5 X 20) just to kill the children (not including the teachers).  The whole event took 3-5 minutes.  That is an “amazing” feat by a young geeky kid who apparently had no military training.  Obviously, that aspect is also part of the Big Lie!

6. The Medical Examiner said later that some children had been shot 11 times, making the story even more unbelievable.  How would there be enough time, or ammunition, to do that?  And why would any single victim be shot 11 times.  It would be hard to hit a small (6-year old), moving target even once, let alone 11 times, and if the small victim was disabled on the floor with the first shot or two, why waste 8 or 9 additional bullets when just ONE would finish off the dying victim? 

When this is all put together, Lanza would have had to shoot at least once per SECOND – even more, if any victims actually were shot 11 times! 

Of course, adding these outrageous elements makes the event seem more violent and horrific – just what is needed to confiscate all the guns of Americans – which is the primary goal of this HOAX!

7. The Medical Examiner (ME) first said that the children were all shot with a “long gun” – presumably a rifle,.  However, no rifle was reported to have been found near Lanza’s dead body or any other place in or near the school EXCEPT the long gun that was found locked in the trunk of what was claimed to be Adam Lanza’s car. 

That would mean that Adam Lanza would have had to shoot all the children with the rifle, then lock it back in his trunk BEFORE he killed himself – or maybe “after” he killed himself!!

The Medical Examiner (ME) stated that Lanza shot and killed himself with the rifle, something that is not easy to do.  Then, immediately, the ME changed his story and said he didn’t know what caliber of gun Lanza used to shoot himself.

If Adam Lanza shot himself with his rifle, then he would have had to get up – AFTER he was dead – and lock the rifle in his trunk!! 

8. Amazingly, only ONE victim was reported to have been injured, but not killed.  All the rest were supposedly Dead at the scene!  Again, that is extraordinary precision shooting on the part of Adam Lanza who had no military training whatsoever.

9. And, of course, the “Lone Gunman” supposedly ended up shooting himself, so he cannot be interrogated at any level – whether by the police or by the courts in a trial.  It’s all “tied up with a neat little bow” so the “official version” will stand with no possibility for anyone to determine anything different – unless of course, they use their common sense!

In real shooting incidents, this is always the Modus operandi when using  mind control “Manchurian candidates” – to kill themselves - so they can never be questioned.

10. How did Adam Lanza happen to have his brother, Ryan’s, I.D. on him when the brothers hadn’t seen each other for a year or two and Ryan apparently hadn’t reported his I.D. missing.  Also, why would Adam have a false I.D. if he was planning to kill himself anyway?

Even more, why did Adam Lanza wear a mask to hide his identity if he was going to kill himself, which would allow EVERYONE to know who he was? 

And why would he wear a flak jacket, ostensibly to keep him from being killed, when he knew he would be shooting at unarmed 6-year old victims? And if the police were called, which they were, why would he care if they shot him when he was planning to kill himself anyway? 

And since he was planning to kill himself, why would he totally destroy the hard drive to his computer before he left home, something that the police and press reported he did, because after he would be dead, there would be nothing for him to hide. 

11. Why was Ryan Lanza, who the police admit was not involved in the shooting, and who was working in Manhattan – 75 miles away, kept in custody for several days after the shooting? (To keep him from speaking truth?)

12. Why was it reported BEFORE the Sandy Hook slaying that the police were investigating a murder in Hoboken, New Jersey, where a body had been found at the home of - - - Ryan Lanza! 

An older “confirmed” version of events had RYAN, not Adam, traveling that morning to murder his father before going to the school in Newtown, Connecticut to kill the children.  Other variations of the story had Ryan AND Adam going to both their divorced parents’ homes and killing them both before going to the school to shoot the children. 

Were the real perpetrators of this False Flag Operation initially trying to frame both Ryan and Adam Lanza?

13. According to Connecticut State Police Commander, Lt. Vance, the police were on the scene “instantaneously” and the shooting had already ended.  Listed among the slain school teachers and administrative staff was the school principal, 47-year-old Dawn Hochsprung. 

But here is a BIG PROBLEM:  The Newtown Bee, the local newspaper, said that Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – shots that went “on and on.”

That would mean that Ms. Hochsprung was giving an interview to the Newtown Bee AFTER she had been killed: 

Below is a copy of that newspaper story, with the information reportedly given by Ms. Hochsprung – after she was dead?

14. And here is another BIG PROBLEM:  It was reported by the officials initially on the scene on Friday, that the bodies of the victims would not be removed from the school until Sunday – three days AFTER the shootings.

That is absolutely absurd – and would never happen!  The 26 bodies would start to decay – and stink – and it would be much harder to autopsy them.  In addition, it would be outrageous and terribly disrespectful to both the victims and their families to purposely let the bodies begin to rot in the school. 

And there would be absolutely NO REASON for the bodies to be left there. 

But then suddenly, the “officials” changed their plans and said they had removed the bodies during the night on Saturday night, thus eliminating ANY pictures of the bodies being removed from the school, AND eliminating any pictures of the bodies arriving at the morgue, since there were no journalists around. 

Why would the “officials” remove the “bodies” in the middle of the night, 2 days AFTER the shooting.  It makes no sense at all, unless there were NO bodies.  There were NO bodies because there were NO victims because the school had been vacant for years, awaiting demolition.

According to Ryan Lanza, he removed his Facebook page shortly after the shooting, but another Facebook page in his name was posted, a Facebook page that Ryan says is not his. Who posted the False Facebook page of Ryan Lanza? 

15. Why did the New York Post publish a detailed “interview” with Ryan Lanza when Ryan says he NEVER gave an interview to the New York Post?

16. Why has a deputy been assigned to EVERY family whose relative was killed at Sandy Hook?  Why have none of the real relatives been allowed to speak to the press?

17. The “Parents” who DID talk to the press were obvious actors – who completely faked it, as the YouTube video of “Robbie Parker,” a supposed parent, proves.  Before talking to the press, he is laughing and smiling, not the actions of a father who has just had a young child brutally murdered.  Then you see him approach the microphone, change his demeanor, and “get into character” to speak like a grieving father.

Total Fakery!

Also, the other “families of victims” are also actors who, no matter how hard they try, never shed a real tear.

There is a website called where one can hire actors to stage crisis situations such as fake terrorists drills.  Check it out.  Obviously these actors were from that organization or one similar.

18. Another BIG PROBLEM:  Why were none of the parents allowed to see their dead children, and only shown pictures of them instead – pictures that could easily have been Photo-shopped.

The explanation given by the authorities was that the children were too badly injured, so the officials were “protecting” the parents from the gruesome scene of seeing their children.

Obviously, that is Hogwash.  Every parent has a right to make that decision.  This proves that something very “fishy” is going on!

19. Why did the police, when finding Lanza’s long gun in the trunk of what was identified as his car (belonging supposedly to his mother), handle the entire gun WITHOUT gloves, destroying forensic evidence (fingerprints)?

20. Why was the car purported to belong to Adam Lanza’s mother, the car Adam “drove to the school to do the shooting” actually registered to a Christopher Rodia, a criminal with a significant police record.

Who is Christopher Rodia?  And what was he doing at the scene of the shooting?

21. How did the Newtown, CT area just happen to have an “empty” school nearby that can accommodate the 600 students from Sandy Hook who can go to another school immediately after the Christmas break?

22.Obviously they will destroy the Sandy Hook school where the shooting took place so no forensic examination can take place.  The debris will undoubtedly be shipped abroad, just like the debris from the destroyed Murrah building in Oklahoma City, and the debris from 9/11, so no one can examine it.

By the way, that Sandy Hook school apparently was 53 years old and was scheduled for demolition anyway.

23. And just watch: they will undoubtedly then build on the ground where the school has been demolished, a “memorial” to those “killed” in the shooting – so everyone will “NEVER FORGET.”  (Just like the slogan for the Holocaust Hoax!)

24. What about the 2 other shooters who were apprehended at the scene, including one we watched on TV from a helicopter view.  The suspect is being chased by police through the woods, and apprehended, “proned” and handcuffed, and put in the Police car – reportedly in the FRONT seat?  (Criminals are ALWAYS put in the back seat.  Was this person actually working with the police – and therefore known to the police?)

And why was he subsequently RELEASED by the police with no explanation whatsoever?

25. Why are those who still LEGALLY support gun ownership having their Facebook pages removed against their will?

26. Why did Newtown Police Chief Vance say publicly that those on social network sites who question the “Official Version” of the incident (HIS WORDS) will be prosecuted?  Whatever happened to Free Speech?

27. Isn’t it a “coincidence” that the Sandy Hook “shooting” took place in the state of Connecticut, where Joseph  Lieberman, a Jew, is the Senator, and also the CHAIRMAN of the committee on Homeland Security – the group that wants to confiscate all the guns?

28.Isn’t it a “coincidence” that both the words “Aurora” and “Sandy Hook” are prominently displayed in the 2012 batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”?  In that movie, the name “Aurora” is displayed in bright red neon letters about 20 feet high on the top of a building.  And the name Sandy Hook – in very large letters, about 7 inches high, is seen on a map that an actor in the movie is displaying.  His hand and pointed finger move over the map, and then come to rest right at the words “Sandy Hook.”

The Aurora, Colorado “lone gunman” shooting took place in July, 2012, and the Sandy Hook “lone gunman” shooting occurred in December, 2012.

This is referred to in occult illuminati “jargon” as “The revelation of the method.”  Or, in simpler terms:  “We of the illuminati Jews believe that you goyim (meaning: lower than beasts) are so stupid, that we’re going to tell you beforehand what we are going to do to you.”

29. Emilie Parker, supposedly a first grader at Sandy Hook, whose “father” was smiling and laughing before his interview (just 1 day after her brutal “murder”) is seen on President Barack Obama’s lap in a picture taken TWO DAYS AFTER the Sandy Hook shooting, at the Memorial service for the Sandy Hook victims.  She is alive and well and wearing the SAME clothes as she was wearing in the picture with her parents supposedly taken BEFORE she was “murdered.”

Also, Emilie Parker does not appear in any of the school pictures from Sandy Hook school.  Obviously, she was not a student there.  She, like all the other “families” interviewed, is an actor – a total fake.

30. Why are virtually ALL the people in the “Robbie Parker family picture making occult, Satanic hand signs?  The mother and father are only showing 3 fingers on the hands that are seen in the picture.  Both babies are giving Satanic baphomet signs with their hands.  And the young girl identified as “Emilie” appears to be photo-shopped into the picture because neither parent has their arms around her as they do the other two children.

31. The Sandy Hook Elementary School where the supposed “shootings” took place is an UNOCCUPIED school.  Satellite photos taken between March 2011 and October 2011 show the school to be UNOCCUPIED – with NO cars in the parking lot?

Could it be that the satellite photos were taken during the summer while school was not in session?

Nope!  The trees have no leaves, showing that it is NOT in the summer.

Could it be that the photos were taken in the evening when everyone was gone?

Nope!  The photos were obviously taken during the sunniest part of the day.

Could it be that the satellite photos were taken on the weekend when school was not in session?

Nope!  In the same satellite photo as the one showing Sandy Hook Elementary school, there is another school nearby that is clearly in session with the parking lot filled with cars, while there are NO cars, nor people, nor any activity at the Sandy Hook school.

Clearly the Sandy Hook school was an unused, unoccupied school building at the time of the Sandy Hook HOAX “shootings.”

32. What a coincidence that the SAME Lt. Paul Vance who was the spokesperson for Sandy Hook is also seen as the Spokesperson for a terrorist drill at Oxford school in CT, just a short distance from Sandy Hook.

33. What a coincidence that in order for a school district to obtain federal money, they must participate in a “terrorist drill” with fake blood and fake “injured children” and police in combat gear chasing the fake “perpetrators.”  How convenient to have numerous videos and still pictures available from these “drills” to show on TV when faking a supposedly “real” shooting.

34.Why is Adam Lanza’s DEATH recorded in the Social Security Department as taking place on December 13, 2012 – the day BEFORE the Sandy Hook shootings?

35.Why were there NO EMTs running to the scene of the shootings to administer emergency care and rush the injured to the hospital?  Why were the ambulances hemmed in by numerous cars, unable to move, with NO police managing traffic?  Why were the police the ones to decide if a victim was truly dead and could not be helped by EMTs or doctors?  It’s  the doctor’s job to declare a person dead – not the job of the police!

36. How amazingly clairvoyant the United Way to set up a website for donations for the Sandy Hook families on December 11 – that’s December ELEVEN!

37. Why is there grass seen near the front door of the Sandy Hook school in the video showing police running into the school when aerial views there is no grass directly in front of the school, only concrete?

38. How “thoughtful” of the school (or the government) to print up a brochure to help parents tell their children about what happened at Sandy Hook.  However, there is evidence that the brochure was printed on December 12 – Dec. TWELVE – 2 days before the supposed shooting?

39. What was the goal of the Sandy Hook “Massacre”?  GUN CONTROL!  - the same goal for which the Aurora, Colorado shooting took place, the same goal for which the Columbine Massacre took place, and every other “lone gunman” shooting that has taken place in the last few years: to confiscate the guns of the people.

The Jewish Illuminati who are purposely destroying America financially, politically, and spiritually, are terrified that the people will remain armed as the economy falls further and further into the worst depression that this country will ever see.  They are afraid that the people will wake up and understand who has done this to them.

40. Why were a number of homes in Newton, CT bought for $0.00 with the recording of those transactions done on Dec. 25, 2009, Christmas day, when no city or county offices would be open?

41. It has been determined that no computers were used at the Sandy Hook school for several years prior to the supposed shooting in December of 2012.

 The Real Truth About Sandy Hook!

Now that we have exposed many of the major lies of the “official version” (there are even more) of the Sandy Hook shooting, what is the REAL TRUTH about this event? 

Here is what the evidence tells us: 

NONE of those who were reported as killed in the Sandy Hook incident were shot.  NONE of them were killed at the scene.  There is no evidence that any of them are dead. 

There were no shootings – and no shooter!  The Sandy Hook school had not been used for several years prior to the shooting Hoax.  There is no evidence that anyone named “Adam Lanza” actually exists.  And if he does exist, why are there no records about him anywhere for the last three years.  Neither the press, nor anyone else, it seems, was allowed to see his body.  And the “clown” Medical Examiner knew nothing about what was going on.  It is impossible to believe ANYTHING he has said.  Again, he’s either an actor, or a totally incompetent Medical Examiner who was forced to give an interview about bodies that he NEVER saw.  

The 5 and 6 year old children who were supposedly killed were actually about 10 or 11 at the time of the Sandy Hook hoax.  Pictures of these children when they were 5 or 6 were published as though they were the “dead” children.

In fact, at least some of the children who sang at the Super Bowl in 2014 were the same children who were supposedly “killed” at Sandy Hook.  That’s why the names of the children who sang were not released to anyone, including the press, and their names did not appear in the official program. 

The Medical Examiner didn’t know how many of the children who were shot were boys or girls.  After all, there were only 20 bodies of children that would have been processed into the morgue, tagged and recorded.  That’s his job to know! 

He didn’t know what they were wearing.  His answer to that question was, “They were wearing “Kid Stuff.”  

He said he was saving Adam Lanza’s body for the last autopsy – when that should have been the FIRST one. 

He first said Adam Lanza shot himself with a rifle, then he laughingly changed his story and said he didn’t know what kind of gun Adam used. 

It is painfully clear that the Medical Examiner was lying about everything, and that he never saw even ONE of the bodies of the supposed “victims.”  

Not one of the Parents was allowed to see his or her dead children

In addition, NONE Of the families were allowed to see their dead child.  As a parent, you know you would NOT stand for that.  That is one of the reasons a deputy was assigned to each family, not only to “keep them in line” but to prevent them from talking to the press, and to prevent them from watching television where they would see all the fake interviews by actors – NOT legitimate members of the families of the victims. 

It has been reported that $27 Million has been paid to the parents of the Sandy Hook “victims” as well as to other workers , undoubtedly to reward them for their participation in this hoax, as well as for their continued silence. 

 (The cash payments to the families and the others have come, of course, from the U.S. taxpayers’ pockets.) 

So, who is responsible for this crime?

Certainly not “lone gunman” Adam Lanza who did not have the capability of doing any of this. 

We know there were at least 3 people involved, including the two men who were chased into the woods and apprehended by police.  At least one, or maybe both, of those apprehended were summarily released, with no mention of them ever again. 

Again, there is no record of “patsy” Adam Lanza for at least 3 years prior to the Sandy Hook shooting Hoax.

This event has all the “fingerprints” of a U.S. CIA/Israeli Mossad Black Psy-Op False Flag Operation.  Such an operation had to be meticulously planned long before the event took place, just like the Oklahoma Bombing (April 19, 1995) and the destruction of the Twin Towers by controlled demolition on 9/11 and the Boston Bombing hoax.

A False Flag Operation – followed by Slave-inducing Legislation – Again and Again

Oklahoma City Bombing 

Only EIGHT DAYS after the Oklahoma Bombing, On April 27, 1995, a 107 page bill was introduced into Congress.  It was called the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which was nothing more than a major step towards outright Communism, taking away more and more of our rights as citizens of the United States.  The Bill is 107 pages long, single-spaced, and in legalese!  It could not possibly have been written AFTER the Oklahoma Bombing, therefore, it had to have been written BEFORE the Oklahoma Bombing.

Once again we see the pattern of the Jewish Illuminati Globalists:  Create the False Flag Operation to cause the population to accept legislation that will take away their rights – “for their own safety.” 

This bill was signed into law in April of 1996, on the First anniversary of the Oklahoma Bombing.

Destruction of the Twin Towers, etc., on September 11, 2001.


Just 2 1/2 months later, on October 26, 2001, the Patriot Act was signed into law by the President, taking away more of our rights.  The law is literally many hundreds of pages long, and as Ron Paul has written, “The Patriot Act was written many, many years before 9/11.”  

They then had to create the False Flag “terrorist” operation in order to emotionally manipulate the population into accepting the onerous law – “for their own safety.”

Senators and Congressman were not even allowed to read – or even see – the bill before it was passed.

The Sandy Hook “Massacre”


Once again we see a False Flag Operation created by the same perpetrators, the Jewish Illuminati, which most certainly will soon be followed by gun confiscation legislation.  Just watch and you will see!

The truth is that no one was killed at the scene.   In fact, there were no “victims” at all. That’s why the school must be guarded now as a “crime scene” and must be demolished as soon as possible, so no one can examine the building for trajectories of bullets fired or for DNA evidence of the blood of the “victims,” or for any other evidence that would prove or disprove whether anyone had been shot.

Who Benefits? 

Questions such as, “Who are the people behind this Heinous Event?” always must be answered by the additional question, “Who Benefits?” 

Because the goal of this false flag operation is Gun Confiscation (if you are skeptical, just watch how rapidly gun control legislation will appear in Congress). Obviously, the ones who benefit are the ones seeking to disarm every citizen in America.  And who are they?

Answer: The ones who purposely are destroying America, the international Illuminati/Jewish Bankers who stole the money supply of America exactly 100 years ago through the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and who have as their goal the control of the whole world and the eventual elimination of all non-Jews on the face of the earth.

The Illuminati/Jewish Bankers are the ones responsible for the present depression through their successful plans of sending all manufacturing jobs off shore, and by inflating our money supply until our money becomes worthless, and by extensive weather control turning middle America’s farm land into a drought-stricken wasteland causing food to become scare and soon exorbitantly expensive.

They know that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees American citizens the right to keep and bear arms.  Isn’t it curious that just two weeks after the Sandy Hook incident, a New York Times Editorial called for eliminating the U.S. Constitution because it is “out-moded”?  It’s important to understand that the New York Times is also owned and run by the Jews, as is ALL of the media!

The Jewish Globalists also know that as America sinks deeper into a depression which cannot be turned around because there are no jobs in America anymore, that the people will begin becoming angry as they will have no jobs, no money, no home, and no food.  They will be desperate and will begin to fight back! 

At that time, the Illuminati Jews who are responsible for the mess we’re in will be in danger for their life, because the U.S. population is heavily armed.  That’s why it is paramount for them to take the guns away from the citizenry as soon as possible.  They planned to have this taken care of completely by the year 2000, but obviously they are behind schedule. 

What better way for the citizens of the United States to be brainwashed and mind controlled into willingly giving up their guns than for the Illuminati to perpetrate a Satanic attack against young children, manipulating the population into an emotional state where they are no longer able to think clearly, and thus will be willing – even anxious – to have Congress pass legislation taking away ALL the guns. 

However, banning guns does NOT decrease violent gun crime.  In 1996, after a similar false flag shooting in a city in the UK, guns were banned.  By 2003, gun crime had more than doubled in the UK because now only the criminals are armed and they know that the citizenry is unarmed.  It is “Open Season” for the criminals. 

When the city of Chicago banned private gun ownership, the gun crime skyrocketed – again, because now only the criminals have guns.

When guns are banned, gun crime always increases.  

It makes as much sense to ban guns to fight gun violence as it does to ban spoons in order to fight obesity.  


it is the Jews who own all the movie studios who produce pictures filled with gun violence, 

and it is the Jews who own all the television networks who produce television shows that are filled with gun violence,

and it is the Jews who own the video game companies who produce video games filled with gun violence, 

and it is the Jews who own virtually all the pharmaceutical companies who produce drug medications, such as Zoloft, Prozac, and other similar SSRI drugs – prescribed by (mostly) Jewish psychiatrists - that increase the user’s homicidal and suicidal tendencies.  Both Andrea Yates and Susan Smith, who murdered their own children, were on this type of drug, as were the Columbine killers. 

and it is the Jews who run the mafia and the drug trafficking that increases drug use and gun violence, 

and it is the Jews who own and control all the media: newspapers, news magazines, television news, and almost all radio networks.  The only news outlets that they don’t totally own – yet – are the Internet and a few independently owned radio stations. 

and it is the Jews whose goal is to eliminate Christ and Christianity from the American culture causing an exponential increase in lawlessness.

And it is the Jews like California Senator Diane Feinstein, a total hypocrite who promotes gun confiscation, but admittedly carries a concealed weapon for her own protection, who wants to eliminate everyone else’s right to protection. 

Why don’t we start Gun Control by eliminating all the guns of the Secret Service agents who guard President Obama!! 

Conclusion on Sandy Hook: 

The “Massacre” at Sandy Hook was yet another False Flag Operation by the Israeli Mossad/CIA cabal (the CIA is also totally controlled by the same Jews that control the U.S. government) specifically designed to further their efforts to confiscate ALL guns from every citizen in America, to force us into slavery to serve the Jewish Globalists’ One World Government. 

Adam Lanza, also a Jew, was the “patsy,” the school was unoccupied, and no children were killed because none were even present. 

Wake Up America!  Don’t be emotionally manipulated once again by those who want YOU dead! 

Open your eyes and start studying, researching and analyzing for yourself, rather than letting the controlled media fill your mind with lies! 

As Voltaire so wisely said:               

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize!” 

All the documentation for this article is found at:


Source: From the website of Dr. Lorraine Day – truth seeker for decades

Malaysian Plane, MH17

Boings can be remotely guided and brought down; that’s why they sent fighter jets to an airplane that has become a threat.

Source: From the website of Dr. Lorraine Day – truth seeker for decades

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