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…Dr Toben, who has been jailed in Germany for his views, has launched defamation proceedings against Senator Milne, The Australian’s editor Clive Mathieson and journalist Christian Kerr over an article from October last year. The Australian is defending the action…


Fredrick Toben Valid

Newsletter Aussies for Control of Politicians_ACP Issue 87 September 2015

Australia’s Free Expression under Threat

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From: Ernst F. Kriesner [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 7:18 PM
Cc: Bro……….
Subject: Fwd: TPP

My response to the call by ” Get Up”
Please follow suite and let your representative in Parliament know about our strong resentment to the dirtiest deal ever heard of as it has widespread implications for:
Environmental Protection
Food Safety
Workers’ Rights
Copy Right
Access to Medicine
and more, much more…………
Spread the word, my friends

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Subject:     TPP
Date:     Thu, 24 Sep 2015 11:44:28 +1000
From:     Ernst Kriesner <[email protected]>
To:     [email protected]

We Australians do not want any part of the TPP.
It is not good for Australia to be beholden to the Money Mafia.

Ernst Kriesner
[email protected]
VIC 3175

Background on Australia’s Hate laws

So, we have here a very small but powerful minority group (representing approximately 0.6% of the population of Australia), who are able to greatly influence the introduction of new Laws into this country, and then use these Laws to pursue their own agendas, namely the protection by Law of the Holocaust Religion/Dogma, and the protection/promotion of the racist, homicidal, Zionist ‘State’ of Israel. -


Sick of the Jewish Holocaust? Here you can see videos that expose and disprove the Jewish Holocaust Lies



January 26, 2015

via email from Ernst: [email protected]

To: Darryl O’Brien

Re: A public Scandal

Dear Darryl of Life,

Mister President of Community???? [ what kind of Community?] Legal Resource Group,

In my “A fair go wanted” message to you on 24/01/2015, my prayers and pleading for a little bit of human consideration and help;

from high above you thunder deliberate and most insulting nonsense into my face, so much so it made me vomit.
Seldom, if ever, have I felt so nauseated and humiliated and I have been around in my 86year old journey on this Planet, have been a POW for 4 and half years, have lived in 7 different countries, have learned their language, customs and culture, and call myself a patriotic Aussie by virtue of the fact as a Veteran of the Snowy Mountain Scheme.

This you say; “we are not Lawyers, and I will remind you that we are only a resource for the law.”

What kind of law, might we ask?
The Law of the Jungle?
Going on you virtually accuse me of being such a moron, so dimwitted and trusting in having consented to an operation.
And having done such a stupid thing the only course of action now is to forgive and look at the damage done as partly my own fault for allowing that person to do such a procedure.

For crying out loud; do get you facts right before you foul mouth such idiotic notions.

As to the facts, let documents speak, we have plenty to show, more than plenty, including the whole of the Hospital report that makes no bones about the ” unexpected” TURB.
I was shanghaied, kidnapped in other words, now if that is not a crime then, indeed the age of lawlessness is upon us all.

We have the statement of the Medical Practitioners Board of August 2009, concocted 6 weeks after they had invited me to come, 25/06/2009, to their HQ in the City for what they did call an “informal interview” before a Panel of three, myself not being allowed to have a witness, the Panel not being bound by any rule of evidence, but walking out on me after 4 minutes because they did not like to accept a statutory declaration that I had taken out the day before, 24/06/2009, at the Dandenong Police Station before a JP, but claiming to have failed to interview me but interviewed Mr. Trung Pham instead.
The document by the MPB of Victoria of August 2009, in short reads;

Dr., suddenly they call him Doctor whereas everyone carrying out any kind of surgery is called nothing but Mister, Trung Pham, when interviewed gave a truthful [not according to the Hospital report] account;
The Panel noted; Mr. Pham did not have Mr. Kriesner’s consent. He should have done so!

However, the Panel stated; Mr. Kriesner, on the fact that an intimate, therapeutic relationship existed [I called Mr. Trung Pham openly and publicly; a Crook, a Liar, a Criminal and a real Bastard and want to be taken to task]
Mr. Kriesner is considered to be the personal property of Mr. Pham, a Slave, to be used in any which way provided that everything is done professionally!
There you have it, consent, as John Wilson will have it, is immaterial to any SLAVE.

From the Executive of Eastern Health we received an Apology to having been operated on WITHOUT CONSENT.
Speaking of Hospitals in general, and of the William Angliss Hospital, of Mr. Alan Lilly, CEO of Eastern Health in particular, is it not a fact the all Hospitals have strict rules and regulations as to the admission of Patients
An operation is an operation and should never, EVER, be performed, unless it is the last and only resort!
There also is a long, long waiting list for operations of any kind, the waiting list is more than 2 1/2 years.

So, how than was it possible that a person, I, was taken off the Street, in the afternoon, in his Street clothing, nothing else, no Money, not even a Toothbrush, completely unprepared, and butchered?
Such a crime could only have happened with the connivance of the Administration of the Hospital concerned by aiding and abetting the Urologist in question, and by outright lying to us.
And Lying they did, the Hospital Admin, not once, not twice but four times, to me and my wife, making us believe that we were in for an optical examination lasting no more than 2 hours.

OH yes, a document that came into my possession  together with the rest of the Hospital report, a letter written by Mr. Trung Pham to my then GP, Dr Cukier, proves without any doubt; not a little word ever was said about the possibility of something more drastic and life changing.

As we said before, there is a long, long waiting list, but, without any warning of any kind, I was on the operating table withing 11 days.
Why? For there is Money to be made for rouge Urologists Surgeons, up to 10, 000 Dollars profit, in which the Hospital is sharing.
Yes, I do have more to say, much more………

One more thing you need to know, as word among the Medical profession has got around that I am a difficult customer, it has come to pass that they have barred me from getting medial care and attention withing a 6 km radius from where I do live.
Two have told me so in writing, another 5 have told me to piss off.
Now I have lost another GP because the Medical Clinic some 7 km away is closing down!

Now, dear Darryl of Life, the choice is yours, you can continue to treat me like the proverbial Pest that I obviously am to you, or you can help me to get some justice by bringing my utter misery, suffering agonizing pain, swollen limbs, poor blood circulation to all of my extremities, stress and distress and more, to the attention of the Public at large and by making sure the the CEO of Eastern Health is properly challenged in an open court as he has refused, he has promised, to inform his insurer by stating that I have run foul of the Statute of time limitation.

If I am not worth bothering, you must say so as there is no other way.



Dec. 31, 2014 - via email from saxon…

We are at the opening verse of the opening page of endless possibilities.

Rudyard Kipling

the solution: put the politicians and THEIR families on the front lines of all wars.

That wouldn’t work because they are this color. (yellow)

Soldier ANZAC

The fact is that a soldier’s bravery stands for nothing if they serve the wrong master.

Soldiers like most folk know nothing of who rules and why.

The British Emipe soldiers served the Rothschilds Master via the parliament and fought ungodly and unrighteous wars against Russia in the Crimea and in Zuid Afrika. The ANZAC tradition was born in unrighteousness as it was born in attacking independent Boer Commonwealths in Zuid Afrika, Boer lands that held no threat to Australia or NZ, yet the ANZACs took part in the genocide of a civilized Christian folk and when they failed in killing enough of the brave men of the Boer folk, men who were doing nothing but defending their land from the brutish invassions of an Empire set on paying off its debts to the banks of the Rothschilds, the ANZACs turned on the women, children, and elderly of these once free nations. The ANZACs took part in slaying and starving to death a quarter of the Boer Befolking (population), shot untold numbers of their livestock, burnt their crops and tourched their homes.

I bet that not one who believes in the ANZACs will ever go to the ‘War Against the Boers’ Monuments in Bloemfontein, in Zuid Afrika.

The ANZAC tradition is stained in the blood of the saints (saint means holy ones, ie Christians). To this day, not one ANZAC has openly said SORRY to White South Africans, let alone someone high up or from the RSL, not one has stood up at a war commemoration and said, ‘We were wrong.” Not one has prayed for forgiveness from the Boer folk. As long as that is not said, the ANZAC tradition is soaked in innocent blood. This is NOT unpatriotic, this is facing facts, and I as an Australian DARE to say, we were wrong. I have visited these monuments and I have prayed for Zuid Afika. How many more dare to say that?

Dec. 30, 2014

U.S.A. - Dangerous Ally for Australia

November 2, 2014 via email

Oz: Anti-Israel Activist Brendon O’Connell has Been Arrested Again

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2014

Brendon O’Connell is an Australian who has been unfairly persecuted for his criticism of Jews and Israel.

Brendon O’Connell, an Australian man who was literally put in jail for offending a Jew, has apparently been arrested again according to a posting on his blog site.  Shaun Surplus, an Australian radio host whose shows are published on my website, has already written a short synopsis of the situation.

According to Brendon, he was arrested by State Security in a warrantless raid and charged with “threatening to kill” and publishing a private phone conversation.  He has since been released.

Te following is straight from his blog:

I was arrested on the 30th of October, 2014. A Thursday, at approximately 16:30 hrs.

Now, this is going to get extremely interesting.

6 detectives from State Security came through the door – no warrant.

I am charged with “threat to kill” and publishing a private telephone conversation. That charge is from when I rang Julie Bishops office and spoke with “Tess” the secretary.

It all stems from this blog posting made 20 days ago –

My laptop, phones, hard drives, video camera etc… all gone. I have just got this borrowed laptop going.

Between this and the recent Garron Helm situation in the UK, it seems as if the Jews are redoubling their efforts to curb free speech.  More and more people are just calling out the Jew for what they are and this is causing them to panic.  These Jew tactics are irrational and are only going to backfire in the long run.


October 27, 2014

Terror Laws Clear Senate:

July 25, 2014

Dr. Töben’s Persecution

Aussies for the Control of Politicians_ACP Issue 73 July 2014

July 11, 2014

Response by to Senator Milne, Australia, regarding Racial Discrimination Act Issue and attack on Fredrick Toben, Australia

June 19, 2014

Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben wants a show trial, says Christine Milne:


Sid Maher

National Affairs Editor Canberra

GREENS leader Christine Milne has used parliamentary privilege to accuse Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben of wanting “show trials” in order to air his “detestable” anti-Semitic views.

Senator Milne, in a speech in the Senate on Tuesday night, vowed to fight a defamation action Dr Toben has brought against her and two journalists.

Dr Toben, who has been jailed in Germany for his views, has launched defamation proceedings against Senator Milne, The Australian’s editor Clive Mathieson and journalist Christian Kerr over an article from October last year. The Australian is defending the action.

Senator Milne had attacked Dr Toben after it emerged Greens MP David Shoebridge had withdrawn an invitation to a Gaza fundraising event to Dr Toben after becoming aware of his ­extreme views. Senator Milne told the Senate: “In 2013 I gave a comment to The Australian newspaper that Toben is a Holocaust denier and that in so doing he fabricates history and is an anti-Semite.

“In spite of calling the Holocaust a lie, in spite of his being jailed in Germany for insulting the dead and in spite of his anti-­Semitic writing on his websites, Toben took these comments to be defamatory and, as a result, I am now being sued for defamation.’’

She said Dr Toben was an undischarged bankrupt. “Having nothing more to lose financially, with the assistance of financial backers he will continue to use the courts as a platform for his anti-Semitic views, to the great personal and financial cost of those he sues and the Jewish community he continues to vilify. He wants show trials,’’ she said.

Senator Milne said section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act needed to be retained to provide adequate legal recourse to protect people from the likes of Dr Toben.


June 12, 2014

Australia targets SyrianGirl:


Dr. Toben (Australia) - Holocaust, Free Speech, Holocaust Conference in Iran