Did You Know?


Did you know that Germany is a U.S. occupied country for 70 years now and is not allowed to speak history truth in many areas of the Reich and WWII? That the U.S. corporation “Bundesrepublik” MUST represent the lies of the Allies about Germany, dictated by the Jews and the U.S. government? That the plan was and is, since 1871, to destroy the successful German empire and a large percentage of its people and bring the Jews closer to world rule while making the Germans the sacrificial lamb for this hideous world-destroying strategy. That any lie will do, because Jews are taught in their Holy Book, the Talmud, that they should lie and deceive gentiles if it benefits them. And does it not?


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That there is a Jew-U.S. Law established to execute American Christians? Dr. Lorraine Day wife of former Congressman:


That Communism is a Jewish invention and not even an ideology or a philosophy but a scheme to mass murder people, take their property and land and to overthrow governments? And that our children are taught in school that Communism has gone away, when in fact, Communism has INCREASED but has gone underground in globalization? That it’s weapons are now global control with high tech against the people in each country by their own, undermined government, including the U.S.A. government? People are spied on on their cell phones, on the internet, by their Televisions and computers, in the airport and in many public places? And that ‘important’ people “die”, become “ill with cancer,” “have a deadly accident,” are called terrorists and are executed, “go down in planes,” etc? People’s electronic equipment is attacked with viruses and Trojans, and so much more.

That people who speak historic truth have their account blocked by Facebook? That they call truth speak hate speech!

That globalism IS Communism? That the Sovereignty of many countries is being destroyed bringing it under the New World Order which is nothing but the power of the Jews, the Communists?

That the chemtrails (long trails you see that cover the sky) are made up of the most deadly chemicals that we are ingesting in the air, our plants, food and water? That the chemtrails, some researchers claim, actually stop rain clouds (cumulus clouds) from forming deliberately causing a drought in the U.S. West?  They are destroying the farming there!

That they are by geo-engineering putting the deadly chemicals to kill insects inside of our fruit and vegetables, making them part of the food that we eat? That this will not only make us ill but destroy our brain as it is very sensitive to chemicals!

That I believe the purpose of their SEED BANK is to have good seeds for the enemies of mankind after they have killed off most of the world’s population with poisonous seeds? Of course people do not drop dead suddenly but they become ill over the years and their offspring will be weaker and weaker generations and populations will therefore be reduced.

That I believe they are purposely creating fruits and vegetables without seeds so in emergency times we cannot grow food to survive if we rebel against the Communist system?

That American citizens die in prisons “of complications.”

That the Jewish Communists overthrew the Csar in Russia, murdered his family, and took control of Russia and murdered 66 to 120 Million innocent people? Yes, those poor Jewish “victims” did! They made up lies about all those Russians they killed and documented the lies in their Soviet government records in order to have prove for the murders for their government bosses up the ladder step by step.

Did you know that the Jews, murdering the Russians by the Millions, wrote in papers around the World: “Help us, Millions of Jews  JEWS  JEWS  are being murdered by the Russians!

That the Jews have been hiding the fact that they murdered tens of millions of Russians for a hundred years now by destroying books about this crime? That the Jews have destroyed the books by Russian Solzhenitsyn who said the Jews killed 66 Million people in Russia. You cannot find the book “One Hundred Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn in the libraries any more, and if you find it on the internet several chapters, the chapters that are specific about the Jewish crimes, are missing? That the Jews accused Solzhenitsyn to be an anti-semite (old trick) and ruined his reputation? But he is highly honored by people who know the truth. However, only ignorant sheep fall for this “anti-semite” trick and the masses are kept busy and ignorant!

That Martin Luther King was trained by the Jews as a Communist and to lead the hate of the blacks against the whites in the U.S.? That he wrote the foreword to an American book that called on the Blacks to murder the Whites? That he was not a Christian at all but a whoremonger? That he raped a lot of women?

That Nelson Mandela was a mass murderer and a Communist run by the Jews?

That all journalists in the West are now prostitutes of the Jews?

That the Jews have more power than the government of each country in the West because they have indebted almost every country into interest slavery? With some countries, they first have the United States destroy a country and then they go in, take over, give the country loans for REBUILDING and have control from then on? First the Jews and their henchmen sell weapons to destroy and then they and their henchmen sell the material to rebuild. They make Billions in a war.

That Germany must do whatever the Allies say or it ‘will be bombed?’

That Germany is not allowed a peace treaty in order to keep it a slave to the occupiers Russia, France, England and leader USA who is the main abuser of the Germans?

That Iran has done nothing to us and is a peaceful country (history proves it) and that the Jews with the U.S. military want to destroy it so that they can sell weapons, give it loans to rebuild it and then enslave it to do whatever the Jews want? That’s what they did to Germany! But much more than that.

That hundreds if not thousands of books from truth speakers have been “burned” and forbidden in Germany and other European countries with stiff fines or prison for disobeying this dictate? And that the BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) calls itself a land where there is ‘freedom of speech?’

The ADL is a terrorist organization because it terrorizes citizens with their hate speech laws. That for decades the ADL (Jewish) and other such organizations have been working on taking America’s free speech away and that free speech is only hanging on a thin thread?

That the ADL interferred in an Amish dispute were according to their custom they shaved the heads of the ones to be punished or such silly thing. That the offenders received 10 years of prison FOR THAT because of the ADL, ripping them away from their families? But of course, the Amish are core Germans, and whenever there is an opportunity to do harm to Germans, the Jews are right there.

That publishers, speakers, musicians, and writers who present certain WWII history TRUTH are constantly harassed, dragged into court, imprisoned, haunted down their whole life and often financially ruined in European countries with the imprisonment in Germany?

That the Jews dishonor the dead, by making up horrendous lies about our German parents, grand parents, great grand parents and ancestors? They should be imprisoned for that.

That the Jews, in order to stay in the lime light as so-called victims, keep hunting down Nazis and prosecute them for crimes they have not committed? That Germany has Kangaroo courts run by the Jews on the top and helpless German judges on the bottom rangs, dancing to the tunes of the Jews? That way the Jews get attention in the world and keep the Jewish Holocaust lies alive and powerful.

That the Jews are oppressing the people of the world by forbidding them to discuss the so-called Jewish Holocaust if they doubt it or do not believe it happened? That they fine and imprison people all over the West if they do not agree with the Jewish lies? That most of those Jews who claim Germans ethnically cleansed the Jews by mass murdering them are Communists and Communists always accuse others of crimes the Communists  committed?

That the Jews are AFRAID the truth about their Holocaust lies will spread faster than it does and so they frighten people by imprisoning them and ruining their careers?

That to be a Nazi was not a bad thing at all; to the contrary, the Nazis were the most honorable Germans due to the teachings of honorable leader Adolf Hitler.  That “Nazi” is used in an inverted way as an epithet to call people ‘evil’ and threaten them? Never mind being called a Nazi. I’d be proud to be called a Nazi now.

That if you are German you have more to be proud of than any other nation? And that the great German culture in newer times spans 1,000 years?

That the most prolific people in literature, science, art and music were Germans?

That the Germans lived in Palestine before the Jews? And that the Jews slaughtered the Germans (OT battles) and stole their history / mythology and made it their own and changed the meaning and made it into the bible for their purpose and plan?

That England declared, soon after the German kingdoms united in 1871 into one empire (Reich) that it can chop up the German Empire, hinting at their plans early to make war against Germany?

That England than proceeded to defame the people of the German Empire (First Reich to the Third Reich) with the Jewish press with supposed cruelty by the Germans in former wars to instigate hate against the Germans?

That most of the press in Germany was Jewish, going back centuries? That the Jews had a strong grip on the German kingdoms and the First and Second Reich financially? And that they sucked the lifeblood out of the Germans?

That the Jewish Banking / British Empire / Jewish media proceeded to go on a media binge to destroy the German commerce to eliminate the competition to England by spreading preposterous lies against Germans since German ingenuity and product quality was second to none and impossible to attack?

That Churchill said before WWII that not only the German empire but also the German people must be destroyed because they are too successful?

That Germany was not responsible for WWI and yet it was blamed and punished with unbearable reparations by the Bully Allied Leaders, of which the last payments were only recently paid off for WWI? Not to mention the debt of WWII for Germany for which it was not responsible! And what about the billions of reparations paid for the Jewish Holocaust that does not exist? The Germans have been robbed by the Jews for centuries!

That the Jews had the best treatment in Germany of all European nations? And how ungrateful they were to the Germans, these vipers!

That the Germans were very accepting of the Jews until they found out what the Jews did to them behind their backs?

That the fire of the Reichstag was most likely a Jewish/Communist attack?

That the burning of the synagogues was possibly a false flag attack (Jews set them on fire themselves as they were leaving Germany) to get compensation for the old synagogues? The German people as a whole would have never done this. The Germans are not Jews!

That Communism is a Jewish invention and the master plan to murder people and destroy nations under hidden Jewish direction by using policemen, military, officials of all types and people with power to harass, intimidate, harm, beat, execute, murder, and destroy individuals and the masses under their own government? That the first step is to eliminate free speech? That another step is to take fire arms away?

That Communism has not gone away; to the contrary, it has increased but has gone underground and its murder weapons have changed (mental disabling and killing with chemicals in food, water, and the air. Chemtrails spraying nano-technology to be ingested. Destroying brains with pharmacology.  Increasing cancer numbers. Hidden sterilization with vaccinations. Cancer injected with needles or vaccinations.) That the United States is infested with Communism, and so is Europe.

That leaders like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, revered and promoted as good (by the Jews) were actually communist criminals and deceivers trained to mislead blacks into hate against whites in order to bring about racial wars ‘at the right time’? That the main MO of Communist Jews is to turn race against race, religion against religion, poor against the middle class, the average citizen against the rich, farmers against merchants, Protestants against Catholics, citizens against the Police, etc. Then the Jews hide and watch. When the slaughter is over, they come and take over.

That it was not a Russian Revolution but a Jewish Revolution? That the Jews had overthrown Russia, created the Soviet Union, and orchestrated and murdered since 1916 until the end of the Soviet Union between 66 Million to 120 Million people of many races in Russia, including millions of German-Russians and Germans from the Reich? It was the greatest ethnic cleansing on earth.

That after the Jews created the Soviet Union, they tried to create a Communist Germany and murdered many Germans? And that Adolf Hitler saw what they were up to?

That the Germans founded the farming and thousands of German towns in the Ukraine, on the Krim, by the Volga, and in Siberia around 1800 by invitation of Catherin the Great and built the ‘Russian Bread Basket?’ That the Ukraine alone had 1.5 Million ethnic Germans at the turn of the 20th century?

That the Jewish-Soviet government murdered Millions of Germans in the Ukraine starting in 1916, then in the famines in the 20s and 30s, in the civil wars after WWI, in the massive execution sprees starting in the 30s, as POWs and kidnapped civilians during and after WWII in the Gulags in Siberia?

That the progroms (anti-Jewish laws) in Russia against the Jews in the early 20th century were in response to the Jewish murder sprees where the Jews came in gangs and raped, robbed, murdered and put homes and farms on fire?

That the Jews were planning to overthrow Germany and make it into another Soviet Union at the end of WWI and had accomplished to solicit Millions of war-poor and hungry Germans with promises into the German (Jewish) Communist party?

That Communist leaders Jews Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht who tried to overthrow Germany after WWI and turn it into another Jewish-Soviet Slave State are revered by the “German” (really Jewish-US) government and sorrow faces are displayed at memorials for them, while they never have a memorial for the 6 Million German soldiers who lost their lives in WWII?

That Adolf Hitler recognized in his youth in Vienna that it was the Jews who were Communists and that they set out to destroy Europe and make Germany into another Soviet Union?

That Adolf Hitler had a gigantic heart of love for people? That he was the first who campaigned against smoking as a cause of cancer?  That he was very sensitive toward animals? That he established laws to protect animals in medical research? That he was a vegetarian?

That Adolf Hitler was a Catholic and remained in the church until the end of his life even though he had a few spats with the Roman church regarding some of the Christian teachings that were destructive to the German spirit? He rejected the Old Testament as purely Jewish teaching, not Christian.  That the building of churches was flourishing during his reign? That he was admired by many Christian church leaders? That he was a man of high values and honor?

That Adolf Hitler was fighting the Communist party before he was elected Chancellor of Germany and that thousands of Hitler-supporting Germans were murdered and attacked on the street by the Communists? That even children in the Hitler’s Youth were murdered by the Communists?

That the Communist members’ youth was debased by their elders leading them into early sex and alcohol? Probably prostitution as well. That after the end of WWI the Jews sold our hungry women and children into prostitution? That about a Million Germans were purposely starved to death after WWI by a food blockade?

That the Communist Jews in Germany had so much power that several leaders in Hitler’s party were shot point blank as they marched toward the government office trying to overthrow it without weapons?

That Adolf Hitler was imprisoned for trying to put a corrupt government out of action in his march with his early party members?

That the Jews were enraged when their Communist party lost and Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts won?

That the Jews planned and instigated and dragged out both World Wars to make us much money as possible with their banking loans and to have as many people killed as possible, primarily Germans?

That two months after Adolf Hitler was elected, the Jews of the whole world, including the German Jews (550,000) declared war on Germany and the German people? And that this was treason?

That even though this was High Treason and called for the death penalty, Hitler did not give the German Jews the death penalty but staged only a very short boycott against them to flaunt the power of the German people?

That 400,000 Jews left Germany after Hitler’s response and about 150,000 did not want to leave?

That the Jewish star to be worn by the Jews in Germany was by the request of the Jewish leadership?

That the Crystal Night was in response to the shooting and killing of a German diplomat by a Jew?

That the Zionists wanted the German Jews to leave and immigrate to Palestine and that many preferred to stay in Germany?

That, yes, Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany and his ‘final solution for the Jews’ was to send them to Madagascar. This plan was interrupted due to the war breaking out.

That all German leaders standing before the Nuremberg Military Tribunal said up to their execution that they did not know of an order to exterminate Jews. Even after 20 years of prison, Albert Speer stood by this.

That Herman Goering said: “The gas chambers are a propaganda swindle. Adolf Hitler would have never given his approval to gas Jews.”

That in 900 typed pages in the Auschwitz Trial 1963 to 1965 that all the people on trial who were involved in some function with Auschwitz said that they knew nothing of gas chambers to murder the Jews and that instead Auschwitz was an exceptionally well-run work camp.

That foreign researchers, historians, gas experts, and even foreigners that have been incarcerated in a German camp wrote about their experience in the concentration camps and proved that the gas chambers are a fiction?

That Adolf Hitler had more than 40 attacks on his life? That there were many Jewish infiltrators and disloyal and sore looser German Communists who worked against him?

That the photos and pictures presented to the public of “murdered Jews” could be from any place in Europe, namely from the Polish camps were they murdered Germans or Russians, from the Russian camps where they murdered Germans and Poles? That there were thousands of Gulag camps in Russia and hundreds of camps in Eastern Europe were for decades and after the war PRIMARILY GERMANS were murdered, but also Jews? The death rate in these camps were 50% to 90%? Did you know that there were 60,000,000 dead bodies in Europe to take pictures of claiming they were Jews?

That many pictures of dead Jews presented with German military personal were collages and pieced together or staged to place Germans in the vicinity of corpses? That some of the most famous Auschwitz pictures are fakes? That it is curious that many of the bodies were naked. It is not German culture or custom to dishonor the dead by displaying them naked in heaps.

That the most emaciated dead bodies who were “supposedly starved to death” in the German camps were the bodies of Typhus victims, and not necessarily in German camps. Typhus is a war disease and transmitted by lice due to war conditions. All people in all camps throughout Europe were de-liced with some type of chemical regardless if the camp owners were German, Russian, Czech, Polish, or any other nationals. This was done to protect the camp personnel and the camp internees from Typhus. It was a protective rather than a destructive measure.

That wanting the Jews out of Germany was a humane reaction rather than having them all executed for high treason on the spot? (550,000 German Jews declared war on Germany in March of 1933!)

That Hitler helped the Jews financially to leave for Palestine and refunded them for all their property in Germany and paid for the journey to Palestine until he found out much later what they did to the Palestinians, and he stopped helping them to immigrate? He also made a speech about that, were he bitterly accused the Zionists of cruelty against the Palestinians!

That Germany was the most successful country in the world during Adolf Hitler’s reign even though it had been reduced to a third world country after WWI, and that the Jews and England and the US could not tolerate such ‘German success’ while they mismanaged their own countries, and their people suffered from poverty and depression because they served the Jewish bankers, the Federal Reserve Bank, a private Jewish bank not federal at all? So they mad Hitler into an evil murderer to wipe out all the good about the Germans.

That per official reports no less than 86,000 people in Germany have been convicted in 8 years for Holocaust doubt or denial under Jew Paragraph 130 (per Ursula Haverbeck). The Jew-US runs Germany, and Germans are made to suffer for having an opinion and for a crime their fathers and grand-fathers never committed. That is truly dishonoring the dead!

That Germany’s financial success was to a great extend based on Hitler rejecting the Jewish banking and usury?

That neither Poland nor Germany started World War II but England and France? Poland started a local conflict with Germany?

That Poland had driven off Millions of ethnic Germans since after WWI from their homeland Poland? That these people did not only lose their home country but all their possessions?

That Poland murdered thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland before September 1939, most of them brutally tortured to death and Adolf Hitler knew this and kept trying to negotiate with Poland to allow Germany access to the former German territories by means of an Autobahn? And that the Poles kept attacking the Reich in the press, kept torturing and murdering the Germans, and mobilized?

That the German scientists were excluded from competing in world science after WWI to keep them unsuccessful and silenced? I wonder how many great Germans in other areas were suppressed or murdered or kidnapped and taken to foreign countries never to be heard of again?

That the conflict between Poland and Germany over free state German city of Danzig and access to former German territory East Prussia just before WWII was local and not a cause for a World War? And that the World War was a plan by the Jews, Britain, Russia, France, and the U.S.

That Poland started the war with Germany and not the other way around? Poland attacked the German border many times during 1939 WITHOUT the Germans fighting back.

That on the day the war broke out the Poles had stepped on German land pursuing fleeing ethnic Germans and killing them. That this is when Adolf Hitler said: “Since this morning, we are shooting back [at the Poles].” (His speech of Sept. 1, 1939) In other words, Germany did not attack Poland, Germany was attacked and fought back.

That Communist Pole, head of the American corporation called “Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, Frau Angela Merkel shamelessly stands before the United Nation and beats up and shames the Germans for “starting WWII?” This is High Treason! Where are the courts to prosecute her?



That the Soviets kidnapped Millions of German men, women and children from the Reich, from Poland, from other Eastern countries and dragged them off to the Russian slave labor camps, the Gulags, toward the end of WWII and many years after it? Most of them did not survive.

That there were many concentration camps in the East Bloc countries like Poland, Chechnya, Hungary, Russia, etc. Also in the West, were Germans were tortured to death AFTER THE WAR  in the most horrid ways, including sexually. And no German government member speaks of it but keeps falsely accusing the Germans of the Jewish Holocaust?  What slaves they are to the Jews and the US leaders!

That the International Criminal Gang (Allies and the Jews) again blamed the war (WWII) on Germany and for 70 years is beating up Germany and imprisoning Germans who speak the truth to keep the Germans shut up and enslaved? Not to mention the billions of reparations the hard working German slaves have to pay again. What ethnic abuse!

That nearly 6 Million German citizens have been starved to death inside of smaller Germany by Supreme Commander Jew Dwight Eisenhower after the war by a food blockade?

That over 1 Million, more recently the numbers claimed are 2 Million, German prisoners of war were living on the ground without any bedding or protection from the weather and deliberately starved to death in the AMERICAN Rheinwiesen Lager (POW camps on the Rhein banks in Germany) by Supreme Commander Jew Dwight Eisenhower to get rid of German men? Not to mention the British, French, Russian, Polish etc. POW camps were most German POWs did not survive.

That while they kept the surrendered German soldiers imprisoned and murdered them, (against the Geneva convention to keep them imprisoned after the war) the German women and children were brutally and repeatedly, ongoingly raped in Germany by the Americans, Russians, British and French occupation forces for many months by the Millions? Many German women and girls were raped for years after the war by the occupation.

That German police and physicians were not allowed in Germany for years after the war? Only Russians, Jews, Americans, Brits, Frenchmen, etc. could “treat” and “protect” our German people; in other words, our enemies.  That the fox (the occupier military) was guarding the hen house, raping, robbing, treating to death, neglecting, harming, torturing, beating to death and executing our innocent and noble German people.

That thousands of our German scientists have disappeared, were murdered, and were executed, along with tens of thousands of our German elite near the end and for many years after WWII?

That thousands of our German citizens have been kidnapped by the Allied enemy nations and put into slave labor camps around the world, and that many of them have never returned home nor have ever been heard of again?

That because the Americans have kept the Germans enslaved with their lies and victory power, the Jews have won world power and are now controlling most governments in the world installing their corrupt and depraved value system calling it Democracy and Freedom? And it is clear, the American government is the co-conspirator in Jewish world dominance! Just look at all the Jews in our U.S. government, and all the Western governments!

That the Jews have had a law signed by Bush for the Jews to kill all American Christians?

That the Jews can cheat non-Jews? That they can lie to non-Jews? That they can let a non-Jew die without any attempt to rescue him? That non Jewish women are filthy in their eyes? That it is acceptable to have sex with a 3-year old? That all non-Jews are nothing but cattle? That the best of the non-Jews deserve to die (our elite)? That the next best will then be elevated to the position of “best” and will also deserve to die? Where will that end? That according to the Jews, the non-Jews’ only purpose is to serve Jews? That leaders who collaborate with the Jews have stated that 90 percent of the population of the earth needs to be ELIMINATED? They are not talking about reducing birth!!!

That only about 90,000 Jews died of all causes in WWII compared to 60 Million non-Jews? And that in Germany the Germans of WWII cannot be publicly mourned? In the more recent mourning for the victims of the bombing of Dresden, the demonstrators are harassed and interrupted by counter-demonstrators with the support of the treasonous “German” government?

That the treasonous Communist Pole, Angela Merkel, said in a speech that “…the German people did not deserve a democracy…”

That the Jewish Holocaust is a manipulation tool of the Jews to continue the fabrication that Germany is the ‘bad guy,’ and must be kept down. This they do for several reasons, some of which are: 1) To keep the German empire under the claws of the Jews and the U.S. 2) To exploit the Germans financially - work for them while the Jews-US scoop off the cream from the top 3) To destroy the German race and culture. 4) To destroy Europe. 5) To siphon money off Germany and off the U.S. for the Jews as victims. 6) To make the Jews the victims so that everywhere they go they get special privileges and a ‘handicap’ which has catapulted them into a deadly world power. 7) For the Jews to rule over the non-Jews. 8) To destroy the sovereignty of country after country because the International Criminal Gang has been so successful with ruling over Germany while everyone is blind to it and helps accuse the Germans. 9) To destroy the sovereignty of the United States. - - - It has been working and continues to work until the Jewish Holocaust is fully recognized and exposed by the Americans as a fraud!

That the wolf is walking around in sheep’s clothing PRETENDING TO BE A VICTIM. And that the god Jaweh is NOT the Christian God. It is a Jewish invention for the benefit of the Jews to subdue the non-Jews, and, therefore, not a god for the white race. The white heathen race had many gods and admired and RESPECTED the natural and spiritual world. That the white race itself was the creator or co-creator of a good world and was the leading race in the world.

That through deception by the Jews, the white race was subjugated and murdered and brought to its knees in Palestine before and after the days of Christ.

That all the great implementations Adolf Hitler made to build up an honorable society, the enemies of mankind apparently are using as a guide line to implement all the inverted values with the goal to destroy our society?

That Adolf Hitler was just the opposite of what the mass media tells us? That he probably was the most honorable and humane leader in centuries. Not only that, he was Germany’s savior and an extremely intelligent and personable man. He was an avatar, a genius; some even call him ‘like a Jesus Christ.’ All his actions came from his heart and for the love of his German people.

That because Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were so grand, so honorable, that the lying International Criminal Gang - from Jewish Rabbis to Obama (abusing Germany) to Putin to impersonator Angela Merkel - does all it can to keep the truth hidden, persecuting and destroying good honest people who speak the truth, and hunting down Nazis (so-called bad people) and processing them through a Kangaroo Court.

Not taking any of this seriously because you live in the United States, the “Land of Freedom”? If not now, you will one day when it is too late! The things of the most horrible imaginations might come true right here in the U.S.

Due to the Jews, they have come true for tens of Millions of Russians, tens of Millions of Chinese and Cambodians, and the German people by the tens of Millions, who wanted only peace, started neither WWI nor WWII. From 1944 to the 1950s in West Germany, and in East Germany until the 1980s, Millions of Germans were driven off their ancestral homeland, hauled off to death camps, lived in abject poverty, were severely tortured, regularly beaten and beaten to death, starved to death, experienced most horrific, perverted and violent rapes themselves and saw their children raped, experienced subjugations of many types, were robbed of all property, worked as slaves with no possessions and very little food, and were gruesomely murdered. THAT IS THE REAL WORLD WE LIVE IN! I’M SORRY!

Solzhenitsyn Russia and the Jews

Jews in the 1930s in Russia-Solzenitzhyn