Scalar Waves Used to Control Us

…Who makes the crop circles? The technology used is the most dangerous technology ever invented…SCALAR WAVES




“If the Jews win, the earth will be returned into a wasteland and move through the Universe without life on it.” Adolf Hitler



Das video kann ich nicht mehr finden denn die Verbrecher gegen die Menschheit muessen ihre Verbrechen verbergen.

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Von der Waffe zum Wrack - der Mißbrauch der Erde als Megamaschine

Book for Purchase: Planet Earth - The Latest Weapon of War - HAARP - Man-Made Earthquakes - Weather Manipulation, etc.:


If you can get a hold of the Book by Rosalie Bertell, it will give you the information that pertains to this video. She was an early pioneer in discovering what they are doing with Scalar Waves (HAARP)

Rosalie Bertell, „Kriegswaffe Planet Erde“
Rosalie Bertell, „Planet Earth. The Latest Weapon of War“
Claudia von Werlhof (Hrsg.), Projektgruppe „Zivilisationspolitik“ (Hrsg.): Kann es eine „neue Erde“ geben? Beiträge zur Dissidenz, Nr. 27
Nikola Tesla: Band 6: Waffentechnologie – Theorien und verschiedene Artikel, Edition Tesla
UNO: Environmental Modification (ENMOD) Convention. Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, signed 18 May 1977
UNO: Moratorium gegen Geoengineering, Nagoya 2010, in: 2. Info-Brief,
US Air Force, Col. Tamzy J. House u. a.: Weather as a Force Multiplier. Owning the Weather in 2025
Claudia von Werlhof, Die Verkehrung
Claudia von Werlhof, Der unerkannte Kern der Krise. Die Moderne als Er-Schöpfung der Welt

In this German video above, the German scientist Claudia von Werlhof explains how HAARP (Scalar Waves) can be used against our body, and that it is most likely that HAARP has been used in Haiti to create the earthquake, as a Plasma streak was seen across the sky (a sign of HAARP). It is also believed that the earthquake in Japan was caused by HAARP due to various circumstances, financial oppression, political and physical, such as a U.S. presence. The technology of HAARP has been around for decades. This is free energy used for evil and forbidden to be used for good. WHAT MAKES IT ALL THE MORE FRIGHTENING IS THAT SEVERAL LEADING COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD HAVE DEVELOPED IT AND THEY ARE ALL USING IT VIA CHEMTRAILS. Chemtrails, she says, will never stop, because chemtrails are the carrier in the sky (certain particles) of the Scalar Waves. She has been fighting the government for years to expose the facts, but has been oppressed and harassed. Scalar Waves (as in HAARP) can be used as weapons to create drought, wipe out vegetation (causing starvation), make ill and kill, create ‘natural’ disasters, etc.

Wissenschaftlerin Claudia von Werlhof: Furchtbare Waffen gegen die Erde und Uns - HAARP


Mind control with Skalar Wellen (Scalar waves). “What a frightening world we live in - the devils have taken over… A very, very sinister method for mind control is via TV. In earlier days with Analog TV it went over the sound channel. Today with digital TV it goes via the flickering of the TV picture. In the flickering information can be implanted that controls the mind… the most effect methods for mind control have been TV, mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Here they can program us a lot…” The following explains how they are able to do the mind control.




I’m translating the most important points of the video below on mind control (Bewusstseinskontrolle).

Michael Vogt: 0.38 After WW2 the Americans have done brainwashing of POWs and their own soldiers. –

Jo Conrad: 2:30 You can program someone to murder someone, like the Manchurian Candidate, and he will not even want to do this nor remember that he murdered someone. – Drugs, pain, frequencies, hypnosis, etc., are methods to influence people; the sooner this is done - even with children or fetuses - the more effective the programming is. But 100% control of people is not possible. Even someone who has been brainwashed this way can wake up and say: “I’m not going along with this anymore.” There are examples of this.

MV: 4:46 You made one point, to start very early – if we look at this that at the moment – possibly not connected with this - but we have a method of influencing the children very early in childhood, for example the gender confusion, to destroy identities.

JC: 5:24 A very important topic – there is research on human attachment – the children are very early put into child care centers – given to strangers - to destroy the connection in the early years to the family where children would go through many phases of attachment and learning from the family – first the close relationship to mother and father – these phases develop over years and when we take the children away from the home during these years, from the persons most important to them, then terrible things happen and the children don’t appreciate mimicking family members or learning something from the adults at home – They will later dismiss older people and do not want to learn anything from them. This is not mind control as such but is connected to it. [*germanvictims: It is now used to prepare for further mind control.]

MV: 7:04 But it starts here because you do not let identities develop - Then you have early sexualization where they confuse the children about their gender – it’s then easier to control them later – Do we still need torture today, or can it be done on a very refined way that’s more effective?

Henning Witte: 7:33 – Torture leads to multiple personalities and then with hypnosis the various personalities can be programmed to do one thing or another, to kill someone or whatever – and then they need someone who directs this tortured person – it’s a one-on-one method. This is, of course, impractical for 7 Billion People on the planet, and so they need technology managed by computers to affect a large group, maybe even the whole planet, or maybe to stop a demonstration – that’s why now they are using waves directed at our brain. The body is a bio-computer for the soul, and when someone understands this, incredible things can be done to man.

When I started to report mind control experiences in 2011, it was because the victims’ suffering seemed more important to report on than what I had planned on All the victims were not mentally ill at all, instead there was a similar thread going through all of their experiences. I got a secret tip from the Secret Service: “Henning, they use Scalar Waves on them (Skalar Wellen) for mind control.” I’ve never heard of this before. There is Lieutenant Tom Bearden (sp? Byrden?) in America, retired, who already in the 80s talked about Scalar Waves but still cannot speak too openly as he is still attached to the U.S. military and then there is Konstantin Meyl from South Germany, Physics Professor. This knowledge all goes back to Nikola Tesla and his theory of the Scalar Waves.

One victim of Scalar Waves drove to a coal mine 700 meters below the earth to protect himself from the Scalar Waves and voices in his head but it did not help at all even though he had no mobile phone with him. Other victims hope to get relief on international air trips and they have no relief either. Some have protective gear with lead and aluminum, but that does not work for Scalar Waves. Tin foil and lead help for electromagnetic waves but not for Scalar Waves. These Scalar Waves go through everything. Tesla discovered the ELECTRICAL scalar wave that was faster than light (free energy - but he was oppressed by the authorities) – Einstein totally lied here because there are things that are faster than light, including Scalar Waves. Then there was the big discovery by German Professor Meyl over 20 years ago, that there is not only the electric scalar wave that Nikola Tesla discovered but also a MAGNETIC scalar wave that distributes itself in the direction of the magnetic field pointer. And this is the one that is biologically important – it’s the one we use in our body – all the cell communication of our body works with it. The cells correspond with each other in a speed faster than light. This can only be done with a magnetic scalar wave - One needs to understand this to protect oneself against the technology used on us.

MV: 13:14 You mentioned Konstantin Meyl and what he currently does with his experiments and also in medicine – here we have free energy in areas that would be exceptional for mankind if they would use it for good– but they do not want to use it for ‘FREE ENERGY’ but for the dark side, and one of it is in mind control.

HW: 14:00 – To pilot 7 Billion people, it has to be run over a computer – computers are programmed to send magnetic Scalar Waves to humans to influence all kinds of things with them – it’s not just in the brain where they can read minds and influence thoughts like changing the will to elect another political party as one really wanted, etc. without knowing that this is happening to oneself. They can erase memories and implant false memories and they can get to the rest of the body. They can cause cancer or any illness they want – I have many female victims who had orgasms without being touched by anyone – they can influence someone to change their sex or pick another religion – I know several victims who suddenly changed over to Islam – all this is done through mind control – [*gv: Horrific!]

MV: 15:07 – Could they do an experiment and reprogram the whole Swedish population if they wanted to convert them to Islam or do they need the individual act?

HW: 16:00 – Whole groups, large or small, on the whole planet can be programmed with whatever they want. However between 10 – 15% of the population cannot be controlled. I do not know what the reason for this is. I am assuming it is the maturity of the soul, but it could be something else. Only very, very few can be controlled 100%. Those are the types that killed the Swedish Secretary of State. I know many victims who tell me: “I hear a voice to kill this one or that one but I do not want to do this,” and they fight against it – but, we had one case in South Sweden, a soldier who murdered his own family he loved very much and later tried to rescue them – he described in detail how he fought against it and in the end could not resist.

JC: 16:55 The multiple personality who had experienced horrific things through torture can easily be controlled through a certain word – e.g. Casey O’Brien – presidents use this for their sex slaves – they use target words or situations and the victims are willing to do those things – I think the programming of individuals is done via pain to make it effective but in a beaming of rays on the general population there can be people who with their free will can overcome the orders. I think if they work on someone with all the methods at the same time, pain, drugs, plus Scalar Waves, then they can bring someone to do the things they want, but I also believe that through our consciousness we have the ability to fight against the desire to do the wrong thing and tell ourselves: “I do not want to kill someone”– and I believe this is more powerful than the waves. The highest frequency in a man is his heart frequency, and this frequency cannot be reached via this manipulation [*gv: I guess this is just his opinion, it seems. I hope he is right!]. That means when we are in this frequency, we cannot be reached. But you have to do this consciously – many people would think it’s the gut feeling that counts, but it’s not because we can be manipulated over the gut which is the seat of the emotions – but the heart connection cannot be manipulated. Go to your heart when you hear voices and you feel you are being influenced. [*gv: The question I have is what does it mean to go to your heart and how do we go to the heart?]

MV 20:40 The order of murdering someone due to mind control is only the tip of the iceberg, but it is also a way to put the masses into agony, into dumbness, blind them to what is going on in our economy, and blind them to how we are destroying our planet so that we, as humans, just say: “I’m fine, I’ve got my potato chips and my beer, we live in an orderly state system, I have a good job and can go on vacation, everything is just fine.” Is this not an area where the manipulation takes place?

HW: 21.53 – Of course, yes! One more thing about the torture method programming, when people get into their 30s the programming no longer works and they see what’s going on. So they are pre-programmed for suicide. Some wake up later, for example Michael Jackson, and they must be gotten rid of, so they do not talk. – Or, for example, did they program people not go to the movie “Baltic Storm” (a movie by HW et all to show that the Estonia was bombed)? The lack of attendance was a very strange thing to happen after we had done so much advertising. Anything can be done with this horrific weapon. – The connection between computer and man must go via an interface and best of all a chip that can be implanted in various ways [*vaccinations] – today they have a Nano size chip of 1/1,000,000 mm. [*gv: That’s why I will never get a flu shot!]

JC: 23:57 There is an interview on the internet where a moderator shakes the hand of a guest and then he says: “I just gave you a bunch of chips.” In other words they are so small that you won’t even notice them, and this can happen to any of us.

HW: The newest is that the chips come down with chemtrails. [*The white streaks you see in areas where commercial planes normally do not fly, but are put there by special airplanes that distribute deadly chemicals and chips into the air to come down on us for us to breath in. [*gv: These so-called contrails are not the normal airplane contrails, but are the white chemical trails that do not go away but spread like cotton gauze pulled apart over the whole sky over hours. Sounds crazy but if you research it you will be shocked. There was a court session in Shasta County with experts. On this web site.] These chips then have to merge with tissue and that’s how the interface is established.

MV: 24:24 In other words you need a connection between the computer that sends out the Scalar Waves and the physical structure of man – so I must eat, swallow, breath in, or whatever, these structures or have them implanted.

HW: In vaccinations they also have chips. Another method is to obtain the DNA of a victim [*I guess they get it when people get a test to find out their racial makeup!!!] Our DNA is an antenna for magnetic Scalar waves as a sender as well as a receiver. That’s why in Sweden, all new born babies must donate blood so they can immediately steer one into their direction if the child becomes an irritation. Sweden is the test run for mind control - after Russia and the USA they are leading in this technology. The only exception where they might not stir an individual could be due to the maturity of that person. It’s all not as bad as it sounds but it is bad enough. [*gv: Seems very bad to me!]

MV: 25.46 The chemtrails are used as transport method of such information for mind control. And is HAARP than also part of it?

HW: 26:22 Yes, with HAARP mind control can be used both for individuals and masses, especially if you add the massive antennas as in North and South Sweden and in other countries – strangely enough they interconnect with Russia even though we are supposed to be enemies. There are terrible things that can be done with this. What is very important is to know that the information for mind control can be sent by a satellite, possibly from the moon, from some military bases, they can be distributed via the chemtrails, and, importantly, they can be used via the mobile phone technology. That’s why Erikson in Sweden became so successful because all the mobile towers and mobile receivers work with scalar waves – they are not like electromagnetic waves – they change back and forth and information can be built into them to control minds.

JC 27:37 We all have mobile phones now, but it can also be the situation that a neighbor next to us is sitting there with a suitcase and shoots waves at us – any kind of information – that causes us to become ill or do something wrong – there are many applications. We know that we are spied on and by free will we carry these mobile phones – We must know there is a broad spectrum of feelings and thoughts they can implant in us – for example, so that you become indifferent – I think they are experimenting to find out how the population is reacting – I know that sometimes one has strange feelings one cannot place when one is half asleep or half awake – These things might not be from myself at all but are being sent –

HW: 29:00 In this half sleep stage we are especially sensitive to these waves as we have a different energy vibration –

JC 29:20 It’s important to be aware when one feels miserable that one does not spiral down. We should talk about what can we do.

HW: 29:44 One more important thing. A very, very sinister method of mind control is via TV. In earlier days with analog TV it went over the sound channel. Today with digital TV it goes via the flickering screen of the TV picture. In the flickering, information can be implanted that controls the mind. You can see how children sit mesmerized before the TV and you can’t get them away from it due to mind control. They can even activate the electrical cables in the house, possible even the smart meters, I do not know this yet. But the most effect have TV, mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Here they can program us a lot, including signals of infertility for the girls that destroy their reproduction eggs because there are powers who want to reduce the population.

MV 30:39 – Since Sept. 11 the consciousness of the people has changed and they are more aware. How can you explain that - even though a lot stay in ignorance and dumbness - we notice that people are more aware?

HW: 31:40 This also happens via Scalar Waves. The whole universe is built by Scalar Waves. I am assuming when I talk to God or my guardian angel in a meditation that this transfers via Scalar Waves. The whole universe communicates with Scalar Waves, says Professor Meyl, and the black holes in the centers of the galaxies, for us it’s the Milky Way, they send out Scalar Waves, and they must be faster than light with particles called Neutrinos (?) and these particles have an effect to wake us up. And when we get closer with our sun system to the black hole, then the whole sun system wakes up, and the sun processes these Neutrinos and sends them in its own Scalar Waves to us, and that is the free energy according to Prof. Meyl. That means Scalar Waves are sent that are stronger than what is done here on the earth. WHAT IS ALWAYS THE STRONGEST IS LOVE. I’ve noticed it myself, all my environment all around me, my family, they are of course also bombarded with Scalar Waves to instigate them, but when push comes to shove, love comes through. And things happen that normally would not happen when they sent Scalar Waves.

MV: 33:12 How can we protect ourselves or even free ourselves from this when we are attacked. Heart energy, love?

JC: 33:28 There are a few methods that can be used – but it always depends on consciousness – an alcoholic who does not know that he has an alcohol problem can never free himself – first he has to become conscious. When I know that love and the heart have the highest frequency then I can knowingly decide for love even if all people around me seem to have gone crazy – clear decision making for the positive and to stay with the heart is the way – I feel there are more cosmic positive influences coming upon the earth – for me the positive will win out – What is important is to become aware that we are manipulated and that as human beings we can stand above these manipulations with our heart and love energy. It is where they cannot reach us. [*That seems only Jo Conrad’s opinion. Where is the proof that they cannot reach us?]

HW: 35:22 It’s our creative power. We can create ourselves and we do this with both brain hemispheres. Each brain hemisphere can send out different Scalar Waves that can connect with each other and with that build structure and create. And this is why they put so much fluoride in the drinking water and Mononatrumglutamat (?) (Monosodium Glutamate?) into the food so that the interaction between the right and left brain will no longer work right. And the whole school education is geared that we only use the left hemisphere of the brain so that our Scalar Wave inferometer (infer meter??? sp?) will be destroyed so that we can no longer manifest in a decent way. That’s very important to know.

MV: 36:06 – In the situations with people whom you worked with side by side who all of a sudden changed – is this person a victim or is it their fault?

HW: 36:38 – The person is a victim. I hardly judge nowadays anyone any more as I know there is control over them without a break, and I try to educate them to “take a few counter-actions since you seem to be a victim of waves.” The counter-action material we’ve tested out started in the summer of 2011 with ____ (?) These helped about a week or 10 days to protect and then they no longer worked as they had been bypassed. There is also one against depression, called the “Harmonizer,” and this works very well against depression. Certainly, do not take pharmaceuticals! Always heal with physics and frequencies, not chemistry. But this did not help that much either and then I got the tip to use gold against mind control and got the idea that Homeopathic gold is the cheapest and that helped most of them. 80% of the victims tested positive. But only use the homeopathic gold, the Globili (?) In other words not the colloidal gold and other golds. With that we did not have so many positive results. And in Saarbruecken an alchemist gave me alchemist gold which we have tested for the first time on Gotland. The first two days it had an exceptional result on a victim. He said in his head he is completely clear but they can still attack his body. Only the mind was freed. But this did not last longer than 3-4 days. When you use the Homeopathic gold it works. But when you can be physically caught (taken in) then with access to your DNA they develop a counter frequency to your DNA to again attack your mind and body.

The best is Homeopathic Gold. Take several potencies at the same time. You have to test it out with yourself. For example, D12 and D100 and C100 or others. Regarding Globili Content, [*gv: I do not know yet what a Globili is]; each small bottle has 6 Globili, take 18 Globili in the morning and 18 in the evening. [*gv: I’m not sure if I understand the dosage because of the way he runs things together.] Then you build up a good frequency protection.

MV: The important thing to know is that when one has these symptoms, to be aware that it is something other than something coming from self, and not to feel that it is one’s own fault.

MV 40:16: The Frequency of the earth itself, does this play a positive role?

HW: Yes, the Schumann frequency apparently has changed through the radiation from the black hole in our Milky Way, and this has lifted our consciousness, and the more mature the soul is the less it can be influenced by mind control, but I am not sure about this. There is still a lot of obscurity.

JC 40:50: I think we can do a lot with nutrition, be out in nature, sun, movement, the green color in nature, be in connection with trees. Doing all the things that keep us healthy will help us to resist these attacks from those frequencies. Also always be conscious and pay attention. If I have the feeling that everything is going negative then consciously do something that gives you a positive pulsation / vibration – laugh and surround yourself with nice people you like – and build relationships with family and friends – all this is being destroyed on purpose by these powers – they do not want it that people are connected and support each other - they want everyone to be lonely and sit somewhere away by themselves and not talk with each other. You need to consciously work against the destruction and work with healthy music – healthy thoughts, and so forth. These are just general tips but become conscious and do these things for connection. There are of course victims for whom it is difficult to get help. They say: “I am being beamed with rays, I have voices in my head, and I have pain all day long, and I feel helpless because I cannot really do anything about it.” I can only give a few general tips.

MV 42:50 The first step is to make people aware that it could have something to do with Scalar Waves being directed at them. So there could be a different reason why they are depressed. This awareness needs to be the first step.

JC: In other words don’t go to the psychiatrist. Don’t think you are crazy.

HW: 43:20 Psychiatry is part of the conspiracy! They define all the symptoms that come from the technical radiation as symptoms of mental illness. And one very evil group is Scientology. This is a secret arm of the CIA for mind control experiments. That’s why Scientology attacks psychology (I guess to get people to go to Scientology) and gives people more chips. This is how it works, always with controlled opposition.

MV 44:12: The criminals: Why are they doing this? Why are they decimating mankind? What are they getting out of this?

JC: They are Control Freaks. [*gv: Well, in Germany you cannot point out the REAL evildoers, so you call them control freaks.] A normal person would not do this. I would want people around me to be free and develop in their own ways. These controllers are in other words people, or aliens, or demons (one needs to consider this) that live off the energy of others and need to keep us on a low level so they can suck even more out of us because when we are on a higher energy level, when we are free and happy, they cannot control us. Apparently they get their sense of self-worth from how far they have power over others and can control them. Me as a human, I cannot figure this out what motivates them. We can only say we lift ourselves above it, but make ourselves aware of this.

HW 46:03: What’s very important in regard to all of this is that they do not let most people know that they are victims. They do not hear any voices. The classic way is that you are not even aware that you are under mind control. I see this a lot with people where the left eye lid hangs down a bit. That’s because they mainly target the right brain hemisphere – that is the dangerous one to them, the intuition, creativity, that works with the whole personality, etc. The left brain hemisphere steers the left side of the body, not the left eye, but the left side of the body and also the left eye lid. I see a lot of people where the left eye lid hangs down and I tell them: You are probably being beamed with mind control. I see that immediately. I have an eye for this now. And the answer always is: “No I am not under mind control.” And I say: “That’s right off the bat the wrong answer. You cannot know this.” When someone asks me this, then I say: “I do not know this. I am not noticing something with me; it’s possible. I take my Homeopathic gold every day.” It does not have any side effects and is not expensive.

JC 47:42: Considering that they are irradiating all of us worldwide, then to say it is not happening to me, is a bit mindless. That’s why we have to do all we can to lift our energy up.

MV 48:04: We have the impact on our health everywhere. When you look at illness 50 years ago and today, you’ll notice that what is going on is poisoning across the board and is something that will leave tracks, and now effects our whole organism. A dark chapter in today’s development, as far as the Schumann frequency, is that independent from the personal prophylaxe is it possible that this chapter could come to an end? [*gv: I think he is implying that the Scalar Waves coming from the Universe could be stronger and positive to nullify the attack waves made by evil humans that we get.]

HW: 29:24 I do not know. There could be possibly other technologies that we do not know of. But it will get better; that’s clear. The Litmus test for me is: All the physicists who do not speak of Scalar Waves and not of Prof. Konstantin Meyl, they are most likely under mind control. We know for more than 20 years about these Scalar Waves ([*since Dr. Meyl discovered it], especially in the German-speaking territory. Anyone who is aware, and especially in Germany, and who is a Phycicist cannot deny that Prof. Meyl exists, and that there is a humongous conspiracy against Scalar Waves [*he means for use for the good] since Maxwell described them in the famous Maxwell Equations in the middle of the 19th century. Maxwell, unfortunately, died very young. [*Is it a wonder?!] His students, Heaviside and Gibbs (spy??) did a dirty trick and falsified the formula and set the Scalar Waves part to Zero with the argument: “We have only discovered the Hertz Wave by Heinrich Hertz in 1888. The Scalar Wave was not discovered, therefore it does not exist. [*gv: the evil parasites call many great discoveries nonexistent but use them secretly for themselves; e.g. German New Medine only applied in Israel with a 97% healing of cancer and forbidden in the West.] This is how it is represented in the school books even today.

MV: 50:25 The same methods are used with Nikola Tesla and his discoveries. Here you cannot bypass the work of Konstanin Meyl. Here one should hear from those who hand out the Nobelprize and provide Physics Professorships. Maybe our contribution today is that people get a different idea about all this. What’s very important to me is for people to take a critical look at what is happening to them and ask themselves: “Is there an attack on me?” People who are uncomfortable for the controllers are a target. The masses are also a target because they do not want them to wake up so that the politicians can continue to do their controlling as they have up til now.

HW: 51:53 All media, including the alternative media, that does not bring anything about mind control; they are themselves under mind control.

MV 52:00 : We have not addressed the whole field. There would be a lot that needs to be said. It’s a big field. But for now we just want to make you sensitive to the fact that a technology exists that could be used for the blessing of mankind, but instead is used for the dark side, their manipulation, and for the battle of our brains.

HW 52:52: I forgot something. I was with Simon Parks, and he said that the best method is through psychic mediums to destroy this mind control. He suggests a group of medial gifted people, 6-8, make a circle around the victim, because each medium can see certain chips and implantation but not all of them, that’s why we should use several ones so that there is a full coverage. And then with mental power they can turn off these chips. Mental power, says Simon Parks, is the best way to fight this. [*I must say, I do not like Simon Parks. He gives me the creeps. I do not trust him. I do not think this is possible because it’s a physical thing that is implanted and the mind controllers keep sending waves. So it is ongoing.]

The German video of HW, MV and JC discussing the Scalar Waves


Ich glaube die Feinde der Menschhei haben diese Wellen schon lang von Dr. Meyls gestohlen und tun so als ob sie sie nicht akzeptierten, verwenden sie wahrscheinlich schon im Militaer fuer dunkle Zwecke:

Skalarwellentechnik was man damit tun kann-video-Meyl

The Scalar Waves can be transferred onto the human DNA, says German Prof. Meyl (below in this German video presentation) and some French professor, Lyon Montagne (sp?), and he did the test. [*For some strange reason] these results, he says, are kept from the public and the French Professor, et al, say they have to “work on it further.” Prof. Konstantin Meyl says that the discovery of magnetic Scalar Waves can be used for good and for evil. And they are, as on the report above, using it for evil.

I see, YouTube has removed this fact video also!

German Genius: Konstantin Meyl - Deutsch-Skalarwellen:



Deutsch - Klimamanipulation:


Thousands of Dead Birds falling from the sky-Scalar Waves?

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