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You might not take Communism seriously, but therein lies the danger of not recognizing that you and your family are possibly on the road to extermination! Don’t think for a minute that you are more valuable as human beings to the enemy of mankind than the Russian citizens were during the Soviet days or the German civilians during the two world wars!


“Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion. Encourage their interest in sex. Make them superficial by focusing their attention on sports, sensual entertainments and other trivialities. Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Encourage government extravagance, destroy its credit. Produce fear with rising prices, inflation and general discontent. Encourage disorders and foster a lenient attitude toward disorders. By erroneous argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues: Honesty, Sobriety, Self-Restraint. Cause Registration of firearms to leave the population defenseless.” Vladimir Lenin, 1921 (abridged)


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 “We Bolsheviks are going to bring the Social Revolution as much to America as to Europe. It is coming systematically, step by step. The struggle will be long, cruel and sanguinary… what matters the loss of 90% by executions if 10% of Communists remain to carry on the revolution? Bolshevism is not a seminary for young ladies. All children should be present at the executions and rejoice at the death of the enemies of the proletariat.” (V.I. Lenin)


“The Russian Revolution was made by Jews. We have created Secret Societies, planned the Reign of Terror. The Revolu­tion succeeded by our convincing propa­ganda and our mass assassinations in order to form a government truly ours!” Hermalin, Jew, Communist, New York, 1917


Why do I expose and harp on Communism?

For two reasons. Because I can see it coming having paid attention, having put 2 and 2 together. And I remember what has been said, and how the United States has been prophesied by the Soviets that it will become Communist. And I remember the people in the United States like Revilo Oliver and Joseph McCarthy who warned about Communist infiltration in our country and were defamed, and those others who were eliminated, frankly, murdered. And I remember the “Russian” connection to Kennedy’s assassination. Kennedy was a good man. He warned of the secret societies that have infiltrated every infrastructure of our country and are extremely powerfull. Senator Joseph McCarthy was also a good man who warned of Communist Infiltration in the United States. He was surrounded by Jews who always looked so very unhappy about what he said. McCarthy was defamed because he cared and because he warned. And he was apparently poisoned. I can see what kind of disgusting leaders we had so far in the U.S. and Obama is definitely a Communist stooge. A man who threatens he can eliminate anyone he wants with a drone is a devil and a Communist!

That Communism is planned for all of us, meaning extreme poverty and slaughter of a large percentage of the American population seems unescapable after all that I have heard them say and do. Unfortunately! All they need to do is instigate a worldwide money crash. And everyone is talking about this. The result will be famine, wars over resources, and, as planned, millions, perhaps billions dead. Worldwide Communism has been announced by the Jews themselves many times over since 1914. After WWI, the Soviet Jew Communists tried to overthrow Germany having already Millions of Germans convinced it was the answer to their plight and poverty due to the war. Had this happened, all of Europe would have been Communist shortly thereafter. The U.S. would have fallen right after that to Communism as the Jews already had the banking of the United States in their hands with the Federal Reserve Bank that was not Federal at all but stolen from our government. We can all be grateful to Adolf Hitler who stood in the way. He saw what the Bolshevists Jews had planned for Germany and Europe, and he knew the Communists enslaving Russia were the Jews. This is why he stood against the Jews. This is why he wanted them out of Germany and later out of Europe. He wanted to save the people of Europe from the demise that appears to now be our destiny. Adolf Hitler said that if the Jews win, the population of the earth might disappear.

The other reason why I am involved in exposing Communism is because my German ancestors and family members in Russia experienced all the horrors of Communism. Alerting people to the danger of Communism is close to my heart. I suggest my blog readers take a look at the page “Communism America+” and Great Mourning on the Black Sea.

Jewish Communism has gone underground and has spread its roots worldwide, but our youngsters in school are deceived with “Communism is dead.” Oh no, it is alive and VERY WELL, it’s better than ever! Even Martin Luther King was Communist trained by Jews to help overthrow the U.S. And only God knows what Farrakhan is up to?! He is an angry man to go off like a rocket at any moment, with his Million Black Muslims behind him. The Jews having lining up their ducks for decades. Yet, I hope that is not so.

Many major countries already have strong, open Communist representation, for example Mexico and several South American countries. Communist Jewish run Cuba is just 90 miles from Florida. Will they all invade us with promises of getting a peace of the pie after they kill us? Besides the blatantly Communist countries Korea, Vietnam, China, and many countries around the world foster Communism underground with Jewish leadership of those who are poor and want more and think falsely that they will lead the good life after they help overthrow their country. They’ll get death by the Jews after they did their robbing and killings for the Jews because no witnesses are allowed for the crimes of the Jews! Information about Communism is so suppressed, and the Russians themselves are oppressed by their Jew president Putin, a Communist!

In Europe, for example Germany, and in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Communism so far only effects some areas of civilian live but is slowly spreading as the Jews are taking over our infrastructure, training the police leadership, etc. It’s done one drip at a time eroding civil rights so people won’t pay much attention because things are still bearable for most people and only extremely unbearable for a few brave souls. Communism for us is always hidden behind democracy and equality. Yes, equality for sure, but not the kind of equality the mislead, mostly less fortunate people, imagine. What’s planned is equality of great poverty for all except for the rulers and that’s the Jews. As the Jews announce in their “holy book” the Talmud: “When the Jewish Messiah comes (an earthly man instated by them), every Jew will be a king and every gentile a slave!” This is their plan. They’ll take all our possessions, like the Jews did in Russia to the German-Russians and Russians. Unfortunately, most of us have not, due to deception, paid attention in the past and most do not pay attention now. Most people are so busy working and “having fun” after all their hard work. People won’t listen when warning them about the Jews. They turn away and call us crazy behind our back. They think we are extreme racists and in their ignorance call us Nazis. That’s because they have been deceived since their early childhood, and their parents, grand parents and great-grand parents as well. They never understood what National Socialism was all about, namely to protect them from the Satanic Jewish dream to conquer the world, eliminate most people, and make all the rest of gentiles their slaves. That’s the result of watching TV, watching Hollywood movies, and reading mainstream books. And most people were not exposed to much else. Even if they had gone to Germany, they would not have gotten the truth because the Germans are gagged with threat of steep fines and years of prison. And 95% do not even know that they have been deceived and blamed for something their parents or grand parents have never done. They think they know the truth when they are constantly told lies by their Jew Communist leaders pretending to be Christians. The Jews are good at pretending! Deceiving and lying to gentiles is the norm for Jews.

Communism is Jewish, and is a way to rob all people of their property, their rights, and independence; in other words make all into slaves of the brutal spirit-destroying Jewish system. Karl Marx was a Jew, who pretended to be a Catholic so German society would accept him more readily. A deceiver! The Catholic church often has their priests “preach” Communism, as if it was a noble, loving community deal. Oh no! Either the church is deceived or the church is in service of the Satanic Communist Jews, purposefully making people comfortable with accepting Communism.

Whoever does not go along with Communist world rule, will be eliminated after millions, perhaps Billions, have already been eliminated without even having had a choice, by wars, famines, health and mind destroying chemicals from the air, in the water, in vaccinations, and so forth. One of their leaders even said, no one will enter into the New World Order without signing up for Satan. Most do not take these outrageous statements seriously; but they have not comprehended the severity of the hate of the Jews against the rest of mankind. Their hate is genetic and cannot be altered. Surely, there are some nice Jewish people, but they do not have any power! And when push comes to shove, as we say, they will be on the side of their bretheren, naturally.

IN EUROPE, Germany, for example, tanks and other military equipment are rolling suspiciously through the country. Foreign military personnel are discovered in the woods, on the meadows. Private farming land has been physically confiscated by force by foreign troops!!! without any legal documentation but just by occupying it for military training and telling the owners ‘to get lost.’ Even farmland! And I hope you know by now, Germany is not sovereign but is an outpost of the United States and other Allied forces and they do with the Germans whatever they want since 1945. The Germans have been abused by the Americans and the rest of the Allies to the severest. After the war Millions of Germans were purposefully starved to death by Jew Dwight Eisenhower, a hidden Communist. Over 2 Million German women and girls were raped over a decade by the occupation in Germany proper. That does not include the Germans in the East.

IN THE UNITED STATES people are now more and more harassed off their land with various legal tricks. Foreign military from all the East bloc countries, in other words Communists that will shoot us without blinking an eye, have taken hold in the United States for decades. More and more Russian special forces are imported every week, said former Green Beret and former Africa Commander, Dan Page, a couple of years ago. Why?

Communism takes all personal rights away. It is total enslavement.

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