Caucasians Heading for Extinction Unless…Millard

… If we do nothing else, we must devise ways to increase our birthrate. To do this, we may have to throw out the false morality that has been layered on our people like cheap paint and get back to what is authentic, natural and life giving.

The Recessive Race

by H. Millard (c) 2002

Last week, I passed a blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned woman on the sidewalk. She was pushing a stroller containing her two negro babies. The babies weren’t black exactly, but more of a brown. Their hair was kinky, but it was kind of a relaxed kinky. Their hair color was lighter brown than is normal for blacks. They had brown eyes. They had negroid features. They weren’t completely this, and not completely that, though they were more negro than anything else. They certainly had more than a drop of black blood. They were Tan Everypeople.

Jump now to a recent news item about some scientists in Germany who have concluded that if things keep going as they are now, natural blondes will become extinct by the year 2202. This is one of those types of stories that smarmy TV personalities like to pick up and joke about. And, more than a few did. Then the story was forgotten. Too bad. Too few people seem to understand what this supposedly fluff story was really about.

By way of offering a clue to those who didn’t get the real message behind this story, let me repeat two sentences from above. Last week, I passed a blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned woman on the sidewalk. She was pushing a stroller in which she had her two negro babies.

Sure, on the surface, the blonde story out of Germany is only about blonde hair disappearing from the human gene pool. But, the deeper story is about white people becoming extinct. And, this isn’t funny, except to those who hate white people-and this includes a fair number of white people themselves, who are seemingly possessed of a dominant stupidity gene.

Blondeness is caused by a recessive gene. This means that in order for a child to have blonde hair, it must have the gene on both sides of the family in the grandparents’ generation. Or, in simplest terms, blondes who mary blondes tend to produce blonde children. Lands that were once all white or almost completely all white, and where blondes live in the greatest numbers, are now being invaded by brown and black people who are mixing into the white gene pool and creating fewer blonde on blonde mating choices.

You may be thinking that most white people aren’t blonde anyway so this is no big deal. The problem is that blondeness is just one uniquely white characteristic that is being blended away. What about blue eyes? They’re also recessive. Okay, so soon we won’t have any more blonde and blue eyed people. Hey, lots of white people don’t have blonde hair or blue eyes. No problem.

What about white skin? That is also recessive. Soon, we may not have any more blonde, blue eyed, white skinned people. Now there’s a problem, because without white skinned people you don’t, by definition, have any white people. Of course, we need to be careful here to avoid getting things mixed up. When we say “white people” we really are talking about a lot more than skin color even though skin color is the major outward manifestation of the genotype that we call white. White people are white from their genes on up. Whiteness is not like a paint job over a standard model human. Just about everything is a little different between different races, not just skin color.

This no-more blonde story is about the whittling away of white genetic characteristics, until soon there will be nothing left. That’s the real meaning of this story on blondes: the total extinction and genocide of white people. What makes us a distinct people is all these unique characteristics/ Rid us of them and you destroy us as a distinct people.

The reality of our existence is that most things that we consider to be characteristics of white people are recessive. Some people believe this is so because white people may be a later evolutionary development on this planet and are at that fragile infant stage in their existence where they have not diverged enough from other human types to be immune from being pulled back into the brown mass of humanity where their differences will be blended away. Poof! In the blink of an eye, in terms of the time life has been on this planet, nature’s attempt to raise a people above itself will be gone. Whites, themselves, are recessive. It’s the Bell Curve played out with genes instead of I.Q. scores.

Since white people are only about 10% of all humans anyway, our survival is precarious even under the best of circumstances, and today we do not live under the best of circumstances. The blessed isolation that we once knew, is gone.

Whites are the victims of our own minds. We may have outsmarted ourselves and doomed ourselves to oblivion. We have done this by inventing many of the very things that have overcome our geographic isolation. There has been an intersection of nature and technology and we may be the big losers. We are also the victims of our own world views that have overcome our psychological isolation.

Things we contrived for our own people are now leading to our extinction in a world that is not full of our own people. Our own cleverness is helping destroy us. We’ve started anti-tribal forms of government that value inclusion rather than exclusion and we have become removed from our essential genetic natures and the genetic ties that bind us to each other as a people, and which give us the psychological defenses built on the sure knowledge of Us and Them.

Many whites don’t even know that we whites are a people. We’ve elected leaders who are alienated from their own genes and from their own people by false beliefs. These leaders are leading us to our destruction as surely as a Judas Goat leads other goats to their slaughter. And, we follow. Oh, do we follow. As a people, we seem to be incapable to seeing our own potential future of nothingness, and we live each day as though we are always going to exist. We are not. Not at this rate, and not unless we have a sea change in the thinking of our people.

If we are to survive as a people, we need to depart from the old anti-racist world views, religions, and philosophies and we need to believe in ourselves as a distinct and unique people. We need to cherish our unique characteristics. And, we need to believe in our destiny and self-determination as a genetically unique people. We need to realize that genes are what make us, and that we need to preserve and propagate our unique genes. We especially need to preserve those rare blonde hair, blue eye and white skin genes that are only found in our people. We need a faith whose holiest of the holies is our sacred genes and where mixing them with others is considered the highest sacrilege and the greatest insult to our God.

As we face the very real prospect of our genocide, we need to question our basic assumptions about personal freedom and whether our genes are ours alone to do whatever we want to do with them or whether we are just their carriers and that we are supposed to be their protectors and propagators. If our genes are not really ours but are the property of all of us who are of this genotype, then we need to rethink many of the assumptions upon which our civilization has been established.

If we do nothing else, we must devise ways to increase our birthrate. To do this, we may have to throw out the false morality that has been layered on our people like cheap paint and get back to what is authentic, natural and life giving. We may have to start with the old ideas about things as basic as marriage, and we may have to become polygamists and do a lot of things differently that we have in the past. We need to encourage all those things among whites that will increase our birthrate. Ending abortions among our people? Will this increase our birthrate? If so, it’s good. Polygamy? Will it increase our birthrate? If so, then it’s good. That is the litmus test: Will this, or that, increase our birthrate? If the answer is yes, then it is good and moral. If the answer is no, then it is bad and immoral.

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