German Womenhood - …In 1900 there were seven children for each middle-aged adult; today [1933] it is only four. If birth rates stay the same, by 1988 the ratio will be one to one. These statistics make it very clear. They are the best evidence that if Germany continues along its current path, it will end in an abyss at a breathtaking speed. We can almost determine the decade when Germany will fall victim to its depopulation…


Frauen in der NS

Goebbels Speech 18 March 1933 on German Womanhood


This speech was given at the Exhibit “The Woman” for the purpose of creating a new women’s movement aiming to turn women’s focus back into the home and toward motherhood because of a devastating decline in birth rates.

Preface: Not only did a change of government administration emerge in Germany on January 30, 1933, but also a change in principle convictions of the nation. A new attitude of the German people leads to assessments of their values in all areas of public and private life. Within a couple of months of the national socialist government, Dr. Goebbels inaugurated a grand exhibit titled “The Woman,” with the following speech. This new venture initiated a ground breaking women’s movement, advancing under the protection of the state.

The Speech

German Women, German Men!

It is a happy coincidence that I give my first speech to the German women since taking charge of the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Although I agree with Treitschke’s statement that it is men who make history, I do not neglect to realize that it is women who raise boys to manhood. You may know that the national socialist movement is the only political party that keeps women out of the immediate politics of the day. Because of this, they have been experiencing bitter criticism and hostility, which is all unjustified. We have kept women out of the parliamentary-democratic maneuvering games for the past fourteen years in Germany not because we do not respect them, but because we respect them too much.

We do not see the woman as inferior but rather as having a different mission, and we see in her the pursuit of a different purpose than that of a man. This is why we are convinced that the woman, and especially the German woman, who in the best sense of the word is more woman than any other, should apply her strengths and abilities in other areas than a man.

The woman has always been not only man’s sexual partner but also his work companion. Just as long ago she labored with him in the fields, so she moved with him into the cities, entering offices and factories, doing her share of the work for which she was best suited. She accomplished those parts of work that suited her nature with all her loyal abilities, her selfless devotion, and her readiness to sacrifice.

The woman in public life today is not any different than the woman of the past. No one who comprehends the modern age would have the crazy idea of driving women from public life, away from work, out of their professions and bread winning. But it must also be said that those things that belong to the man must remain his. This includes politics and the military. This is not to disparage women but is only a referral of her abilities and natural talents into the areas of work and activities that are best suited for a woman.

Taking a quick look at the past years of Germany’s decay, we come to the frightening-yes, nearly devastating-conclusion that the less German men were willing to prove themselves as men in public life, the more women yielded to the temptation to fill the role of the men. The feminization of men always results in women becoming more masculine. When in an era all ideas of great virtues, defiance, toughness, and decisiveness are forgotten, then no one should be surprised at the end when the man gradually loses his leading role in politics and government to the woman. It may be unpopular to point this out to an audience of women, but it must be said, because it is the truth and will make our position toward women understandable.

The modern age, with all its vast, revolutionary transformations in government, politics, economics and social relations, has not left the woman and her role in public life untouched. Things that we thought would be impossible several years or decades ago, are now an everyday reality. Many good, noble, and commendable changes have emerged but also effects that are contemptible and humiliating. These revolutionary transformations have largely drawn women away from their proper responsibilities. Their eyes have been diverted into areas that were not appropriate for their nature, with the result of a distorted public view of the characteristics of German womanhood. This redefinition was no longer in congruence with the former ideals one had of her role.

Fundamentally, a change needs to be made. At the risk of sounding reactionary and outdated, let me say this clearly and directly: The first, best, and most suitable place for the women is in the family, and her most wonderful duty is to bestow children to her nation and her people; children who continue the lineage of generations and guarantee the immortality of the nation. The woman is the educator of our youth, and so she is the carrier of the future with her pledge. If the family is the nation’s source of strength, than the woman is its core and its driving hub. In service to her nation, the best place for the woman to realize herself is in marriage, motherhood, and family. This is her highest calling. The childless and employed women are not excluded from the great works of motherhood for their nation. They give their strength, their abilities, and their love of responsibility for their country in other ways. We are of the conviction that the first task of a socially reformed nation must be to give back to the woman the opportunity to fulfill her real task, namely that of her mission in the family as a mother.

The national revolutionary government is everything but reactionary. It does not want to stop the pace of our rapidly moving era and has no intention of lagging behind the times but instead wants to be its flag bearer and pathfinder. We acknowledge the demands of this modern, revolutionary age. Yet, that must not stop us from the realization that each age has its roots in the soil of motherhood, and that there is nothing more noble than the dynamic mother of a family bestowing children to her country.


ehret die frauen

Especially in recent years, German women have experienced a great transformation. They are beginning to realize again that they are not happier with more rights but fewer duties. They already understand that the right to be elected to public office at the expense of motherhood is a deceptive recompense and not worthwhile to pursue. One of the characteristics of the modern era is a rapidly declining birthrate in our big cities. Around 1900, there were two million births per year in Germany; and now that number has fallen to one million. This drastic decline is most evident in the nation’s capital. In the last fourteen years, Berlin’s birthrate has become the lowest of any European city. By 1955, without emigration, it will have only about three million residents. This government is determined to halt this decline of the family and the resulting impoverishment of our blood. We must bring about a fundamental change because the liberal attitude toward the family and the child is responsible for Germany’s birthrates to have fallen drastically within just a few years, and already today one can speak of a threat of extinction of our Volk. In 1900 there were seven children for each middle-aged adult; today it is only four. If birth rates stay the same, by 1988 the ratio will be one to one. These statistics make it very clear. They are the best evidence that if Germany continues along its current path, it will end in an abyss at a breathtaking speed. We can almost determine the decade when Germany will fall victim to its depopulation.

We are not willing to stand by and watch the collapse of our national heritage and the destruction of our blood. The national revolutionary government has the duty to rebuild the nation on its original foundations, to transform the life and work of the woman so that it again serves the nation’s interest in the best way. It intends to eliminate the social maladministration so that once again the life and future of our people and the immortality of our blood is assured.

This is why I welcome this exposition. Its goal is to clarify, to educate, and to reduce or eliminate harm to the individual and the whole Volk community. This is our service to the nation and our enlightenment, and to support it is one of the most distinguished duties of the new government.Mutter mit Kindern

Perhaps this exhibition titled “The Woman” will represent a turning point in this domain. As the goal of the exhibitors is to present a profile of the role of women in our contemporary society, they do so at a time when German society is undergoing the greatest changes in German history in generations. I am not underestimating the difficulty of this responsibility. I know the obstacles that had to be overcome to give this demonstration a unified meaning, a firm mode and a confident representation. Its purpose is to show the significance of the woman for the family, for the German Volk, and the whole existence of the state. Through meaningful depictions of the actual life of women today, every representative will provide the knowledge necessary in graphic ways for everyone to form their own opinions in today’s debates over conflicting values, which were not primarily the result of today’s women’s movement.

But that is not enough. The main purpose of the exhibition “The Woman” is not only to show the current conditions, but its main reason is to demonstrate and open up new possibilities. With easily understood, and often drastic examples, this exhibit will inspire thousands of German women to raise their consciousness and stimulate reflection. It brings us great joy and pleases us men in the new government that families blessed with many children are given special attention as we want to rescue the nation from decline. The importance of the family cannot be overestimated, especially families who have lost their fathers and depend solely upon the care and custody of the mother. Here, the woman has sole responsibility for the children, and she, especially, must realize the responsibility she has to her people and nation.

Deine Mutter_Mother Mary


When the exhibit “The Woman” demonstrates the causes of the German decline to the thousands and hundreds of thousands of visitors, then it has, for the most part, accomplished its purpose. May the suggestions given be of warning to all German women and girls, rousing and alerting them so that they may identify with the national cause and joyfully participate in reversion and rebuilding of our Volk.

Because we do not believe that the German people are destined by fate to doom. We have blind confidence that Germany still has a great mission before the world. We have faith that we have not reached the end of our history but rather that a new, great and honorable period of our history is now beginning. This faith gives us the strength to work and not to despair. It enabled us to make the most incredible sacrifices over the past fourteen years. It gave millions of German women the strength to put their hope into Germany and its future and let their sons participate in the reawakening of the nation. This faith was with those brave women who lost their husbands and so their breadwinners in the war, and with those who pledged their sons for the future of the nation. This faith kept them strong during their need and desperation in the past fourteen years. And this faith today fills them with new hope that the sun will shine again on Germany.

Nothing makes one tougher and more determined than struggle. Nothing bestows more courage than defiance. During the years when Germany seemed destined for decay, under the veneer of a civilization bustle, a new type of womanhood ascended. Tough, determined, courageous, and willing to sacrifice is how German women and mothers have taken on the four years of the great war and the fourteen years thereafter when the German collapse followed. German women and mothers proved themselves as upright companions of men. They endured all the bitterness, remained strong in poverty and danger, and did not fail in their misfortune, worry and distress. As long as a nation has such proud and noble women it cannot perish. These women are the foundation of our race, of its blood and its future.

This is the beginning of the new women’s movement in Germany. If the nation once again has mothers who proudly and freely choose motherhood, the nation cannot perish. If the woman is healthy, than the nation will be healthy. Woe to the nation that neglects its care for women and mothers. It abandons itself.

And so we wish that the concept of the German woman will again earn the honor and respect of the entire world. The German woman will then take her pride in her land and her people, in thinking German and feeling German. The honor of her nation and her race will be most important to her. Only a nation that does not forget its honor will be able to provide for its daily bread in the end.

The German woman should never forget that!

I now declare this exhibition open. May it contribute to reveal past errors and show new paths into the future. Then the world will once again respect us, and we will have cause to affirm the words of Walther von der Vogelweide, who had this to say about the German woman in his famous poem:

He who seeks

Virtue and proper love

Should come to our land.

Here we have much joy.

I want to live here for a long time.


End of Speech.

The speech has been translated by germanvictims from “Signale der neuen Zeit,” 25 ausgewählte Reden von Joseph Goebbels, 1940 (Mit zip gepackte PDF-Datei)

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