Forcing Germany into War - 1 September 1939: Hitler spoke in an unprepared speech in the Krolloper before the Reichstag where he emphasized that Germany has no interests in the West. Then he said: “Just like recently in just one night there were 21 border invasions, in this night it was 14 and of those 3 are very grievous. This is the first time the Polish army has entered German territory. Since 4:45 a.m. we are shooting back…”


Compiled and translated by germanvictims: When one looks at the following occurrences from the perspective that it was already decided by “England” before 1900 to annihilate the German empire, one understands that it did not matter what Adolf Hitler did, because the goal was to go forward as planned and eliminate the German empire once and for all and to bring the German survivors under the Rule of the Jews and the Allies by forcing them to sign a contract at capitulation to never bring any accusations against the Allies; otherwise, war would come upon Germany immediately. Under those conditions, the Allies were free to do any and all harm to the German people. Nevertheless, the truth must be unearthed and spread. Most people do not know that Germany is not a sovereign state.



1930s: Pole Edward Rydz-Smigly, considering himself the likes of Napoleon, declared that he would show the archenemy Germany his fangs. He becomes the new Marshall of Poland in 1936.

1930s: The Polish newspaper “Liga der Grossmacht” invoked its readers with (3) “War against Germany to move the western border to the rivers Oder and Neisse. Prussia must be conquered all the way to the river Spree. In a war with Germany we will not take any prisoners. And there will be no place for human feelings or cultural restraints. The world will tremble under a Polish-German war. We must invoke in our soldiers a spirit of super human sacrifice and merciless revenge and cruelty.”

24 March 1932: Bernard Lecache, President of the Jewish World Federation: “Germany is our world enemy no. 1. It is our goal to bring about a war without mercy against her.”

24 March 1933: First page of the Daily Express newspaper prints a call for a boycott of German goods, cutting off the livelihood of Germany, an export country. “14 Million Jews are standing together as if one man and are declaring war on Germany.”

8 May 1933: Stephen Wise, influential Rabbi of America: “I am for war.”

Spring 1933: District board member (Woiwode) of East Oberschlesien, Grazinski, declared in a propaganda speech in the Polish Department of Interior: “Exterminate the Germans.”

7 August 1933: New York Times publishes a speech of Samuel Untermayers of the Jewish World Congress, who calls for a “…holy war against Germany, until Germanys’ end and complete annihilation.”

25 January 1934: Vladimir Jabotinsky, a leading Marxist and Zionist writes: “We will unleash a mental and material war of the whole world against Germany.”

February 1936: Murder of German Wilhelm Gustloff in Switzerland by Jew David Frankfurter.

1936: After Marshall Pilsudsky’s death, Edward Rydz-Smigly becomes the new Marshall of Poland

1938: Open Letter by Churchill to Hitler (1): “If England were to end in a national disaster similar to the disaster for Germany in 1918, I would beg God to send us a man of your spirit and strength.”

By 1938: in “Poland” two thirds of German possessions were brutally expropriated which forced hundreds of thousands of Germans to flee Poland.

By 1938:   8,000 Germans were murdered in the most bestial ways, including Catholic and Protestant priests and pastors, women and children. Hounding, terror and government harassment followed.

24 October 1938: Germany presented suggestions to the Polish embassy in Berlin to eliminate the frictions in Poland. The plan was also to release the purely German State “Freistaat Danzig” (free state) from the Polish customs union enforced on 1 April 1922. And West Prussia was to have its own ballot with plans depending on the results of their voting for benefit of either Poland or Germany. The German-Polish Non-aggression pact (“Nichtangriffspakt”) of 1934 with Polish Marshall Pilsudsky was to be extended for another 25 years. After Marshall Pilsudsky’s death, Edward Rydz-Smigly became the new Marshall of Poland in 1936. His Secretary of State, Beck, rejects right out the suggestions of Germany. Warschau rejects 4 more offers from Germany.

The Newly created Poland occupied – due to the Versailler Diktat – the German provinces Westpreussen, Posen and Ost-Oberschlesien (Korridor) which were German for 800 years. Not only that, Poland had plans to occupy German territory all the way to Berlin.

November 7, 1938: Shooting of diplomat Ernst von Rath by Jew Herschel Grynspan, a Polish-German Jew (Greenspan!) who eventually escaped from Europe and could not be processed.

November 9, 1938: Ernst von Rath dies from his injuries.

November 9/10 1938: “Reichskristallnacht” shakes Germany. Jewish businesses, homes, and ca. 12% of the 1420 synagogues were damaged or destroyed. 36 people died. Thousands were arrested. Hitler was beside himself and said: “My work has been setback 5 years, if not altogether destroyed.” It has been proven that it was not an “order from above.” (2) [*perhaps a False Flag Attack???]

November 10, 1938: Immediate protection of Jews and their properties was put in place by Adolf Hitler.

December 19, 1938: Lecache: “It’s our business to organize the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and to divide this nation into four parts.

21 March 1939: Hitler declares formally the German right to return Free State Danzig (Freistaat Danzig) and an open train and street connection through the Korridor to Danzig by a guarantee and protection contract for Poland. (In 1935 Reichskanzler Bruenigs said in Geneva: “A German government that would surrender all rights to the Korridor would not last beyond 24 hours.”)

23 March 1939: Poland rejects Germany’s demand in a provocative way after calling up a partial mobilization on March 23rd.

31 March 1939: English and French “Guarantee Declaration” to Poland purposefully created to work against Germany’s efforts of a peaceful and just solution.

The Poles declared to expand their borders to the river Elbe and that Berlin is not a Germany city but an old Polish village. Posters showed up everywhere “Off to Berlin!”

25 April 1939: The American journalist Weigand was called to the American ambassador in Paris, Bullitt and was told: (4) “The war in Europe is a done deal… America will enter the war after France and Great Britain.”

This is confirmed through the White House papers by Harry Hopkins, including the following statement during that time by Winston Churchill: (4) “The war will come very soon now. We will enter into war and you, the United States, will do the same. You, Baruch, will do what needs to be done, but I will look after things here.”

April 26, 1939: British ambassador Henderson declared to his Secretary of State: “A passage through the Korridor is absolutely a just arrangement. If we were in Hitler’s place, we would demand at least that much.”

April 28, 1939: The German government responds with the revocation of the German-Polish contract of 1934 and the German-English Naval Agreement of 1935. Germany then took on a wait and see position.

1 May 1939: Mrs. Mrozowicka called on the Polish people: “The Fuehrer is far away, but the Polish soldier is near, and there are plenty of branches on the trees in the woods.” Lists were established and thousands of innocent Germans were arrested under flimsy accusations. A great power such as Germany had been long justified to put an end to this gruesome game. Instead, Germany continued its efforts to come to a peaceful solution.

3 May 1939: (5) During the great parade of Polish troupes during their National Holiday the incited masses screamed to every troop: “Off to Danzig” and “March forward to Berlin.” “The German demand for a transport connection to East Prussia and a return of Danzig to Germany must be answered with war against Germany. The ridiculous German army made up of undernourished generations of the Versailles Diktat with their silly emblems will be smashed up in Berlin.”

Summer 1939: Marshall Rydz-Smighly: “Poland wants war with Germany, and Germany will not be able to avoid it, even if it wanted.”

After this, Hitler revealed to the Press for the first time the persecution of the Germans in Poland. Invitation by Hitler for talks in Berlin were not accepted all the while negotiations were taking place between the Western powers and Russia. Stalin suggested a military agreement for the purpose of a total encirclement and isolation of Germany. In the case of war he demanded free access through Poland and complete authority in the Balkans and against Turkey.

In response to this, in a sweeping speech Hitler implored England to keep peace and emphasized the right of Germany to Danzig and the Korridor. He also offered an alliance with England and German guarantees for the English Colonial Empire. He prophesied the disintegration of the greatest world empire if Britain will go to war. He said that he could not believe that England would be willing to risk its empire because of Danzig and the Korridor.

In response, Lord Vansittart, austere enemy of any settlement with Germany and diplomatic counselor of the Department of State in London declared that just alone a mentioning of the possibility of a German-English pact would have devastating effects for England in the United States.

20 August 1939: Graszynski calls for murder openly: “Beat down the Germans wherever you find them.”

23 August 1939: To protect its back, Germany made a non-aggression and commercial pact with Russia beating the French and British negotiators to the punch. In a secret additional protocol the German-Russian interests in Eastern Europe were established, based on the old Rapallo-agreement of 1922 which Hitler extended in 1933. Negotiations on commercial credit agreements had already started in 1938.

25 August 1939: Hitler states to British ambassador Neville Henderson: “The allegation that Germany wants to conquer the world is ridiculous. The British Empire has 40 Million Square Kilometers, Soviet Russia has 19 Million and the U.S.A. has 9.5 Million, whereas Germany has not even 600,000 Square Kilometers. From this it can be seen who has as tendency to conquer.

25 August 1939: British assistance agreement to Poland which re-ignited war euphoria in Poland.

Atrocities against Germans increased. A Schlesien man remembers: “Because of the Polish coercive measures, about 80,000 Germans escaped to Germany in 1938/39. Since May, we the ones who lived near the German border were especially in danger. Townsmen and farmers were attacked, homes were set on fire, and women and children beaten.

27 August 1939: Moving speech by Hitler to French Minister President Daladier: …I, Mr. Daladier, am wrestling together with my people for the rectification of an injustice inflicted upon us, and the others are fighting for the insistence of this injustice. You and I have experience war in its devastating cruelty. We know what unspeakable sorrow came upon the masses. We should do everything in our power not to let it come to another war.”

29 August 1939: Chaim Weizmann (involved in the Balfour Declaration) - Chairman of the Jewish “Agency for Palestine” - since 1948 president of the new state Israel – declared to Chamberlain that the Jews are on the side of Great Britain and will fight on the side of democracy.

30 August 1939: Once more, Hitler issued a document with 16 points to avoid war and to settle the German-Polish conflict. It went to London, Rom and Moscow. Poland rejected to send an ambassador to receive the document. To the contrary, on the same day Poland ordered general mobilization, which according to the Geneva Protocols is the same as a war declaration.

30 August 1939: The German consul Schillinger was murdered in Krakau.
And still Germany did not react with war.

31 August 1939:  Dahlerus: (6) “When on 31 August at 11:00 a.m. in accompaniment of the British Legation Advisor Forbes I visited the Polish ambassador, Lipski, in Berlin to deliver Hitler’s 16 points declared the same that in the case of war there will be German revolts and that the massive Polish troops would march successfully toward Berlin.”

1 September 1939, Midnight: the Polish radio declared: “Poland is on a victorious advance to Berlin and should be there by the weekend. The Germans retreated in chaos on the whole front.” From this it is clear that Poland was the aggressor, and the German shooting started only five hours later.

1 September 1939: Hitler spoke in an unprepared speech in the Krolloper before the Reichstag where he emphasized that Germany has no interests in the West. Then he said: “Just like recently in just one night there were 21 border invasions, in this night it was 14 and of those 3 are very grievous. This is the first time the Polish army has entered German territory. Since 4:45 a.m. we are shooting back…”

1 September 1939: 75 German divisions with 1.1 Million men stood against the Polish army of 1.7 Million men. In short, tough battles, the Polish army was defeated in 18 days.
1 September 1939: the German military: passing the Polish border we found fresh graves of German civilians and their bloody and torn clothing on the roads and curbs.

Inhuman were the horrific scenes of the bloodbath in Bromberg and other places, where Germans were defiled, raped, mutilated and murdered in heinous ways. The German troops marching in from Pommern, Schlesien and Slovakia came upon horrific sights.

3 September 1939: First England declared war on Germany and then France declared war on Germany. The situation in the Reichskanzlei was grave consternation.

3 September 1939: Lord Halifax declares his satisfaction: (7) “Now we have forced Hitler into war so that he can no longer give up one piece after another of the Versailles contract in peaceful ways.” Followed by Winston Churchill on a radio declaration: (8) This war is an English war and its goal is to exterminate Germany.”

17 September 1939: Russian troops occupied Polish territory, but London and Paris did not declare war upon the Soviets, nor did they provide their troops to protect the Poles. It was clearly a break of the agreement and a sign of a coming 2-front-war for Germany to destroy Germany’s power on the continent for ever and to rob it of its freedom and independence!

27 December 1945: US war Minister Forrestal writes into his diary regarding a talk with Joe Kennedy, who said: Neither the French nor the British would have made Poland into a reason for war, if there had not been a constant hustle from Washington… Chamberlain has explained to me that America and world Jewry pushed England into war.”

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Source: “Die geplante Vernichtung” Kristine Kluge

The Forced War - Hoggan

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