“We Take Down Whatever and Whomever We Want!

And What are You Going to Do About It?! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!” Whether it is buildings, planes, single persons, or countries around the world, killing tens of millions, Rogue State USA and its Siamese twin, Israel and the Jews around the world, together take them down to destroy them and their sovereignty to further Jewish-American world oppression. This has been going on for good 100 years now! Watch Ken O’Keefe’s video.


Rogue State USA

There is a major attack on Germany now, first with words of aggression from the Jews to destroy German cities, named, with Atomic bombs, then with taking down a German plane killing hundreds of people, then with flooding Germany with hundreds of thousands of men from Muslim countries all in a couple of weeks after having inundated it already with Millions of Muslims over the decades, then “taking down” Volkswagen and Audi. The war against Germany has gone on intensely for 150 years, but  now it seems to be the final blow for Germany, initiated by the downing of the Germanwings plane. When that plane went down I felt: “All out war against Germany has started.” Just a feeling!

Bush and Cheney

* * *

I wonder how the friends and family members must feel of those who died or where maimed?! What years of agony they must have gone through with all the obstacles put into their path and all the lies they had to deal with?!

germanvictims.com: To Ken O’Keefe! Great work, Mr. O’Keefe, on the 9/11 scam. YET, I MUST SAY, WHOEVER HAS NOT STUDIED THE REAL GERMAN HISTORY, SHOULD NOT SPEAK ON IT! AND THAT INCLUDES YOU, DEAR MR. O’Keefe!  You are seriously harming us Germans BY NOT TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT US. It makes me wonder if you are not a double agent? Today, one cannot trust anyone anymore unless one takes the time to carefully watch what they say and write and examine everything one is interested in oneself. You are stating “the Germans were leading  a war of aggression, and Germans were hung for that at the Nuremberg Trials.” This is a Jewish and Allied lying accusation you are repeating. This was murder of our elite, and the so-called trials were a farce to get rid of our most intelligent Germans who could have spoken the truth to the world, if they would not have been genocided. You should know by now that there is an International Criminal Gang that operates on lies and deception. You stated yourself their saying: “By deception we shall make war.”! Our great men at the Nuremberg Trial should never have been in a trial in the first place unless all leaders would have been in the trial as well. For sure, Poland, Britain, France, Russia and the U.S. would have been indicted and Germany set free by a JUST COURT! Our German leaders only did their job of defending their country against the aggressors Poland, England, France, Russia, and the U.S.A! You long know of my website because I have provided it to you. Poland was itching for war for many months attacking the German border - among many other political shenanigans against Germany - and torturing to death thousands of ethnic Germans, then entered German territory “in a war of aggression”, as you call it, attacking Germans on Sept. 1, 1939. So in that early morning the Germans fought back. Fought back is not attacking! Germany defended itself! End of story Poland. Three days Later Britain and France declared war on Germany, “a war of aggression,” and later over 50 countries did the same. Germany never wanted war, nor with France nor Britain, even begged Britain for peace many times. The U.S. attacked our ships for many months before Germany was forced to declare war on Dec. 11, 1941 to defend its ships, after many ships were sunk by the Americans without Germany ever fighting back. The Soviet Forces were lined up on the German border ready to invade Germany, and, thank God, Hitler made a pre-emptive strike, or not just Germany but all of Europe and the United States would have fallen into the hands of a  brutal force of Communism soon thereafter. (Now we still have a mild form.) Or should he have just sat there and let the Soviets overrun Germany and Europe? The same people you accuse now of 9/11 are the same types who tell the lying history about Germany because they can, namely he Allies and the Jews.  They can because they have Germany in a vice grip since 1945 with a gun to her head. What kind of justice and truth and democracy is this??? ~germanvictims.com

911 False Flag - American Traitors & Mossad - Where are the Oath Keepers? - Ken O’Keefe



“Rabbi Dov Zackheim in 2001 was CEO of SPC International, a defense contractor for Electronic warfare, including remote control aircraft systems that can land or crash an airplane anywhere and any time with their notorious flight termination system.” (Ken O’Keefe)

“If the German Wings went down by a “crazy person” or a terrorist, the insurance company gets away with very little compensation, and it’s a good cover up for a terrorist act against Germany. Without any information, I was hit in my gut the moment I heard about it, feeling that it was an act of war against Germany. And this act of war came about a week after an Israeli website declared that Germans cities, named by him, should be attacked with Nuclear Bombs. Well, they are “attacked,” and by Muslims and Negroes being important in huge masses, like 50,000 at the Munich train station, in two weeks without having any housing!!! overwhelming the German authorities and putting the Germans in grave danger. All done on purpose to eliminate the good German people.

The day before, on March 23, the Germanwings plane went down, this picture of a Lufthansa plane going down (Germanwings is a subsidiary) was shown in the German newspaper. We are dealing with criminals and terrorists in all our governments around the globe.

“Rabbiner Dov Jackheim war in 2001 Chief Executive Officer von SPC International, eine Verteidigungsfirma welche Flugzeuge mit  Fernlenkung uebernehmen und abstuerzen kann.” (Ken O’Keefe). Wurden nicht 3 jet fighers am Ort des Absturzes gesehen?! Bild von abstuerzendem Lufthansa Flugzeug am Tag zuvor?! Germanwings ist eine Tochtergesellschaft. 

Kranich absturz* * *


I had to go through the shocking experience that the United States is not Germany’s friend but its greatest enemy because it’s run by the Jews!

Immigrant Invasion in Munich

Rogue State US_William_Blum 2002

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