Murdering Goyim For World Power

…With their secret accomplices, the initiated arch-fraternities of the Freemasons, Jesuits, Rosicrucians and other occult lodges, they have since time eternal, like vultures, pounced on the greatest in the host nations that they want to destroy or overthrow, very often with zealous support from power-hungry, cruel priests of Rome…


The Reaper Mozart Luther

The creative minds of the people as a source of strength

Thanks to the same racial heritage in the subconscious of each human being, and thanks to the common language and culture that is in harmony with its heritage -  people have a uniform consciousness in all aspects of life and life’s God-experience. All that we know as ‘capabilities’ of consciousness is achieved by outstanding personalities of both sexes of these people for the entire nation; there are some who are the thinking, others are the feeling, some are the perceiving, and others again are the nation’s will. It is nothing less than a beheading of the nation’s people when one takes away from it these great leaders, these capabilities of a peoples’ consciousness.

The only clear and true knowledge in all the confused superstition, error and misunderstanding of God by the Jews is this knowledge and that they have had ever since. With their secret accomplices, the initiated arch-fraternities of the Freemasons, Jesuits, Rosicrucians and other occult lodges, they have since time eternal, like vultures, pounced on the greatest in the host nations that they want to destroy or overthrow, very often with zealous support from power-hungry, cruel priests of Rome.

Now there are many ways to ‘behead’ people - to take away their personalities. One is to derail them by outwitting them or to make oneself useful directly to them, so that their will and actions are no longer for the preserve of the people, yeah, even for the purpose of their destruction. The other method is to let the obstinate ones ‘die at the right time’ ‘on a beautiful Yahweh day.’ The third method is finally the ‘eternal’ killing. The true character of the great man or woman is distorted by slander, their deeds are disfigured, and their works are forged. So the Great are still murdered beyond their life. The life-supporting model for the people has been taken from them, and just as the awakening works have been destroyed the God-experience has been destroyed with it.

Great men of action are nothing less than the self-preservation will of God in a people. If that is to be removed from the people to ‘kill them,’ it is replaced by a disfigured image of great men so that distrust or even hatred takes place in the Volk. These great men of action, which are the personification of the self-preservation will of the people, can only sustain the people when distrust does not inhibit the actions continually. The Jew knows this! And if ever the Jew senses that despite all the calamities that he sowed the peoples’ confidence is growing again, and a person has become again an expression of the God-united self-preservative will, then the Jew is already prepared with his secret plan ‘at the right time to clear away the personification of the God-given self-preservation will’, or, it is decided - as in the Marienbader Johannisfest of the Freemasons in June 1928 in relation to Ludendorff – ‘by all means stop his activity’ and ‘to make him harmless.’

If the great men of action are the God-united self-preservation will of a people, then the creative poets, thinkers, musicians, and sculptors by their works, are the manifestation of God-consciousness in a people.

Their character and their works remain just like those of the men of action beyond their life a noble and people-sustaining mission. From the parables of godliness that radiate from their life and their works, the God-experience of future generations is kept awake.

When the Jew wants to take this away from the hated goyim, he tries most of all to withhold the works from them by boycott and silence. After that, he encircles the genius and tries to enlist him through cunning to work for the Jewish goal: Jewish world power. The Jews know how to appreciate the ‘powerful pen,’ just as the chisel and brush. If they cannot succeed in their plan, then the works of the great leaders are a sustaining power for the hated goyim. Therefore, the genius, no matter how gentle his works and his life may be, for the reason of his unborn works, will be torn from the middle of his creativity and ‘at the right time’ ‘relieved of body and soul,’ as they cynically call it in the black lodges.


War scene

With impunity does this happen, and so do the successes of unbelievable crimes, and the successful mass murders by these same ‘invisible fathers’ in instigated wars and revolutions on Earth. They have created a Saturnic condition of a moral order today that these leaders and all their accomplices consider to be an everlasting state!

This Saturnic darkness had to come upon the earth in the life of nations; or at least the people of the earth can now recognize in a deep sense this world power of ruthless criminals for what they are in the way they respond to this fate.

For the German people, said to their honor, it will be most difficult to believe the fact that for centuries world history was forged by criminal schemes. It is hard for them to believe that the noble people through their being and works as well as the powerful nations through giving their lives and blood accomplished a strong counter force several times in a generation against the secret criminals; so much power as those mass murderers could not bring forth in centuries.

But the German people, for whom it takes so long until they finally believe the evil of secret powers, also take the responsibility most seriously, to put an end to the Saturn moral order, such as the Jews and their auxiliaries enjoy on our earth today. It demands a world change for the God experience of peoples to preserve the deepest meaning of our being.

Because the horrors of these powers nowhere become more obvious than with the murders of the great creative minds of our people - men who hardly ever interfered in the political phenomena of the day - this will awaken the German people the most. It awakens the holy experience of godly anger and indignation that makes individuals and peoples so like God.

Blunt souls, bread in Yahweh fashion to laziness, are not capable of holy anger nor are the spiteful and stubbornly dull. The one outraged by the murder of a pure creature, who wants to be lifted high to God’s image with this holy anger, be he clear and pure and deep as a mountain lake where the sun penetrates powerfully to the very bottom…

Excerpt from: Der Ungesuehnte Frevel an Luther Mozart Lessing… (The unpunished murder of Martin Luther, Mozart, Lessing…)

Mathilde Ludendorff, Ludendorf Verlag GmbH, Munich, 1931

JF Kennedy on Secret Powers:

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