The Biological Jew Pt. 2


by Eustace Mullins


During the twentieth century, man has begun to concern himself with the problem of the collapse of world cultures, great empires which rise to their zenith, and then mysteriously decline. We know why they rise. They grow because a people finds itself with a mission, or because it develops techniques for mastering its surroundings. A people takes advantage of favorable conditions, because they have the will to carry out their mission. During the period when the people are able to channel their energies constructively, a nation grows amazingly in size and power, in a geometric ratio. Then, suddenly, it begins to sicken and die. One example was Elizabethan England, which had expelled the Jews. When Oliver Cromwell brought back the Jews, the English people lost their sense of direction, and although their momentum was still sufficient to carry them on an upward course through the Victorian period, today we find that their aristocracy has been dispossessed, and their assets, although greatly reduced, are administered by aliens.

Two scholars have formulated theories, developed through many years of study, to explain this process of the downfall of nations.

The first, Oswald Spengler,1 was a German scholar of unique power and energy. He compiled interlocking records of every known civilization, and carried on intricate comparative studies which today could only be done by an electronic computer, so complex was his mastery of conjunctive of interweaving factors.

Spengler concluded that a civilization is a body like any other, which is subject to the laws which govern natural bodies. He saw that a civilization had its birth stage, a young and vigorous stage, and an old age which left it weak and prey to its enemies. In proposing this biological pattern for civilizations, Spengler was on the right track. Nor was he insensitive to the fact that civilizations develop internal problems which function, like a fatal disease. Only on one point did he seem to be blind, the concept of the parasite. This is not too strange, for Spengler was greatly concerned with the finer aspects of human culture, the greatest achievements of man, his art, his music, his poetry, his architecture. Of course a scholar of this elevated turn of mind did not wish to concern himself with degenerative things which creep and entwine themselves about the reproductive and the excretory organs of man, those parasitic organisms which cause discomfort, disease and death.


A second explorer of this ground was Arnold Toynbee, a donnish Englishman. He was equally reluctant to face the omnipresent and distasteful fact of the biological Jew. He embarked upon a vast study of civilization, which covered essentially the same ground as Spengler, and added little to Spengler’s findings. His sole original contribution was a theory which immediately became popular with the intellectual lightweights of the time, since it conformed to their own prejudices. It was cast in the accepted pseudo-sociological jargon which university nitwits employ to bemuse their students and each other.

Civilizations fall, declared Toynbee, because of a “failure of nerve,” at some point in its development, a civilization, which lives by a system of “challenge and response” fails to respond to some challenge, and goes down before it.

Now, this could refer to the biological Jew, since the parasite is a challenge to the continued threat of the host. However, it is a challenge which no gentile host has ever been prepared to meet. It is a germ which is best defeated by inoculation, or by personal cleanliness and careful attention to matters of health.

Spengler’s history of the decline and fall of civilizations could not be upheld because it did not take into consideration the obvious fact that few, if any, civilizations, had died of old age. Nearly all of them had been murdered, in one way or another, but Spengler was too preoccupied with the fine arts to become interested in the problems of crime and disease.

Toynbee, on the other hand, could not be the detective in this case because he had lived most of his life on a subsidy from the criminal classes. His years of study had been financed by generous grants from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, one of a network of organizations which had been set up by international Jewish bankers as useful pawns in their operations. The sister organization of the RIIA in the United States is the Council on Foreign Relations, which I was the first to uncover as the principal power holding company of the parasitic Establishment in this country. In the first edition of Mullins on the Federal Reserve, in 1952, a biographical note on the back cover announced that I was completing a sequel to the Federal Reserve book which would be an expose of the Council on Foreign Relations. This was the first time that any American nationalist had ever publicly called attention to this organization. A few months later, a New York Jew via Hungary, Dr. Emanuel Josephson, rushed into print with a book on the Council on Foreign Relations, which attempted to show that it was an instrument of gentiles such as the Rockefellers, and not a front for the parasitic Jewish community. I visited him and we talked for seven hours. It was quite obvious that he knew everything that I knew about the Council on Foreign Relations, whose offices were only a few doors from his home, and it was also obvious that he had placed a different interpretation on his findings.

Just as Emanuel Josephson refused to face the facts about the Council on Foreign Relations, so Arnold Toynbee, living on comfortable grants from the Rothschild family, found no evidence of parasitical weakenings of civilizations in his vast work (“A Study of History,” by Arnold Toynbee, Oxford, 1934). Instead, Toynbee superficially studied the nerve patterns of cultures, and the stimuli which affected them, without once mentioning the most vicious enemy of the nervous system, the parasite. When Toynbee says that a civilization failed to respond to a challenge, he asks us to believe that a man who is standing on a street corner, and who is knocked down from behind by a runaway truck, has failed to respond to a challenge. The fact is that he has been killed.


Has Toynbee ever heard of biology? Has he ever heard of parasites? We find no evidence of it in his encyclopaedic studies. Does he have any inkling that civilizations allow foreign bodies to settle in their midst, to flourish and operate without supervision and control, no matter how pernicious their influence may be? How could Toynbee spend twenty years in the study of ancient civilizations without knowing that the Jews opened the gates of Babylon to the Persian invaders, without knowing how the Jews brought Rome to its knees, without knowing how the Jews subjected Egypt to a terrible dictatorship for three hundred years, until the Egyptians rose and drove them out? Only a great intellectual pervert, in the pay of the parasites, could conceal such information after having uncovered it. A comparable deed would be Pasteur destroying the records of his rabies vaccine after discovering it, or Jenner concealing the formula for his smallpox remedy.

1 The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler, English edition, Knopf, NY 1926.


The study of the biological parasite reveals a pattern, a set of characteristic and interweaving facts of nature: 1. the parasite prefers a healthy organism as a feeding ground; 2. the parasite’s life cycle depends upon its finding a host upon which it can feed; 3. a healthy organism which is invaded by a parasitic organism is inevitably injured and often dies from the evil effect of the parasitic presence. Most often, the parasite causes the host to lose its sense of direction, so that it becomes helpless and is unable to defend itself against its exterior enemies.

This pattern embraces a set of factors which have been common to every great civilization which has suddenly sickened and died. Was Mr. Toynbee, in his decades of concentrated study, unable to discern a single one of then? Apparently, the answer is yes. We see a state of affairs in which a people has built, through its own efforts, a great empire, whose ships trade with far-off lands, whose armies are invincible. This people is strong, self-confident, and aware of their virtues. Why should they fear a few shabby, furtive aliens who have drifted in from unknown places, and who establish themselves in the heart of the city so unobtrusively that it seems they have always been there? These aliens are willing to do anything, they perform any sort of distasteful task which the natives feel is beneath them. The aliens traffic in the bodies of girls, set up gambling dens, clear in stolen goods, lend money, establish houses in which one can perform every imaginable type of sexual degeneracy, and provide assassins for hire.


In a short time, the aliens know every secret of the peoples’ leaders, and they have established holds over them. The colony of aliens multiplies rapidly, and soon a once healthy people finds itself helpless, because their native virtues of strength, courage and honor, which have made them great, are of no avail against the newcomers. The host does not understand the parasite, which is like a creature from another planet, because they do not have the same goals, nor do they respond to the same stimuli, as the host people. They even seem to have different nerve patterns. As the pernicious influence grows, the army is demoralized, the native leaders are murdered or exiled, and the wealth of the nation swiftly passes into the hands of the aliens. The people are plundered of everything, and most of all of their self-respect. No member of a host people is allowed to preserve his self-respect or his privacy, once the parasite has taken command.

One morning, the ships of a rival nation appear in the harbor. In exchange for certain guarantees, the parasites welcome them. The host people does not resist, an empire is gone. Now, this process is not a typical life pattern of a culture a la Spengler; neither is it a challenge and response a la Toynbee. The host people could have repelled any other attack by an armed invader, but they could not fight against the onset of a furtive parasite and the inevitable decay which he brought with him, a disease which affected and paralyzed the entire organism of the people.


The theory of the biological parasite explains for the first time the fall of Egypt, of Babylon, of Rome, of Persia, and of England. A prosperous, healthy people allows a foreign body to establish itself in their midst. The foreign body paralyzes and destroys them. This new concept of history brings both Spengler and Toynbee up to date. It also offers a civilization, for the first time, an opportunity to escape the fate of its predecessors.

The serious student may find himself appalled by the more repulsive aspects of the study of the biological parasite. He finds that one type of fish in the South Seas has a long, tapering body, and that it enters the rear of larger fish, and feeds upon the feces within. Man is plagued by a tapeworm which enters his body, hooks onto the large intestine with a hook which he has developed solely for that purpose, and begins to absorb the nourishment from the food eaten by man. Various forms of lice secrete themselves around the reproductive or the excretory organs of man and cause him extreme discomfort.

Parasites find that the waste matter excreted by humans is a fertile breeding ground for them, because the human is a higher form of life which uses large quantities of food and excretes much of it with the food values intact. These excretions provide rich food for the parasite, but his attachment to it poses health problems for humans. Consequently, humans try to dispose of their waste matter so that it will not become a breeding ground for various obnoxious forms of parasites. The parasite considers this to be very cruel and unjust, and he endeavours by any means to reach it. If he endangers the life of the human, so what? A fly on a manure pile is not concerned as to whether he poses a threat to the health of humans.



It follows that the parasite which has established itself upon the gentile host does not care how much it injures the host. Its only goal is to lead a parasitic life at the expense of the host, and its natural objectives are usually the reproductive and the excretory organs. Throughout history, we find the Jew entwined about the reproductive organs of the gentile host like a parasitic vine which is slowly strangling a healthy tree. The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an apostle of sexual perversion, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community. When the title of “America’s largest pornographer” was bestowed by police investigators, who was the holder of the title? One Irving Klaw of New York, who carried on a vast business in nude photographs and other items of the trade.

Other Jews, of great intellectual aspirations, have become writers, transforming our literature into dreary recitals of sexual acts, and making it impossible to publish anything which fails to conform to their standards of depravity. Other intellectual Jews have created a new profession, one so characteristic of them that it is known everywhere as a Jewish profession. This is the profession of psychiatry, an outgrowth of the parasite’s obsession with the reproductive and excretory habits of the host. What is the basis of the “science” of psychiatry, as it has been formulated by its Jewish founder and patron saint, Sigmund Freud? The basis of psychiatry is the “anal complex,” the theory that an obsession with the anus is the principal influence in our emotional development. Many millions of words have been written on this subject, despite its distasteful connotations, and learned speeches about the anal compulsion are delivered by scholars before the world’s learned bodies of distinguished men.


With the anal complex setting the tasteful tone of the parasite’s obsessions, the Jew has gone on to develop other theories about the processes of human excretion. The most important influence in the modern school of progressive education is the science of toilet training, while much of modern art is based, and easily recognizable in its origins, upon the feces complex, or the handling of its stool by the pre-school child. Other important contributions of Jewish psychiatric thought, which have been hailed as major intellectual developments of tremendous depth and scope, are too filthy to be repeated here.

When one contemplates the spectacle of a great hall, filled with well-dressed and well-educated men and women from many countries, who are listening intently, and occasionally applauding, a little Jew in a tuxedo who is delivering a learned dissertation upon the anal and excretory habits of mankind, we realize yet another aspect of the Jew. No matter what he does, the Jew is so fantastic that he becomes a comic figure. When the former Premier of France, Mendes-France, announced that his nation was surrendering the huge French investment in Vietnam to the Communists, one hardly knew whether to laugh or cry, so comic was the bulging-eyed black- jowled image of a rag merchant howling “O-o-o-l-l-d-d-r-a-a-a-a-g-g-z-z-uh” through the streets.

The poet Ezra Pound once observed to me that when he began to suggest to people that Jews were exercising undue power in the gentile world, no one took him seriously, because everyone knew that Jews were only clowns. As usual, the Jew used this impression to fix his position upon the gentile host. Charlie Chaplin, with his racially characteristic gestures, employed his typically obscene movements to be hailed as a great comic genius by the indefatigable international Jewish claque. He made millions of dollars by wagging his behind at the audience, scratching frantically at his buttocks, and exhibiting the usual run of the parasite’s age-old preoccupations with the reproductive and the excretory organs.

In his own right, Sigmund Freud is an even greater comedian than Charlie Chaplin, because the Freudian theories of human behaviour, as the great gentile psychologist, Carl Jung, reminded us, are based upon the biological parasite’s enormous misconceptions of the nature of his gentile host, and Freud’s theories are even more comical than the gyrations of Charlie Chaplin. Yet we laugh at Chaplin, and study the theories of Freud seriously.


Another obsession of the parasite is that it must force its way into every aspect of the host’s existence. It cannot endure the thought of a group of gentiles discussing anything without the parasite or one of his shabez goi agents being present to make notes. Thus, the Jew campaigns to force his way into every gentile organization, whether it he social, religious, a private school, a club, or a neighborhood, anywhere that the gentiles might be able to gather and talk over things which the Jew wishes to know .

This obsession is due to the fact that the Jew can never know any real security in his parasitic existence. He lives daily with the terrible fear that the host will cast him off, and even when he has obtained control at every level of the gentile’s life, the Jew still feels insecure. If the gentile manages to keep him out of anything, the Jew becomes wild with rage.


This obsession with security was the real force behind the furor over the Dreyfus case in France during the last century. A Jew named Captain Dreyfus had managed to penetrate the formerly all gentile French High Command. Soon afterwards, he was charged with selling French military secrets to the highest bidder. Although it was an open and shut case, as usual, the Jews launched a frantic international campaign to free him. It seemed odd that so much noise was raised over the fate of one French officer, but the theory of the biological parasite explains the mystery. The parasite had penetrated one of the last bastions of the gentile host. Now he knew all the military secrets, and he was also in a position to inform his people if the army should become involved in a reaction against the presence of the parasites. But the parasite was arrested and charged as a traitor, which he was, because his primary loyalty was to the parasitic community. The tragedy is not that he is convicted, but that the Jews have lost their man in the nation’s security council. At once, the entire parasite community charges to his defense, exhibiting terrible fear and anger. This rejection or exclusion is the fate which haunts the parasite, because, for him, it is a matter of life and death. If he is rejected by the host, he cannot lead a parasitic existence, and he will die. Hence the great furor over the Dreyfus case.


Democratic administrations in the United States have had a plethora of Dreyfus cases in recent years, in which a parasite who had burrowed into the nation’s security councils was charged with disloyalty. One of them was Dr. Oppenheimer, a Jew whose social circle was composed of dedicated Communist agents, most of whom were known as such while he worked on our nation’s most vital defense secrets. He was finally denied a security clearance, due to public alarm over his background, and a terrible clamor arose from the international Jewish community, which went on for years. We still do not know how much damage he did to the nation.

A more celebrated case was a Jew of Russian origins, Walt Rostow. He is only the person in charge of our national security! Yet a few years ago, loyal employees of the State Department refused Rostow a security clearance, not once, but three times, because of his notorious associations. Yet when John F. Kennedy became President, he placed Walt Rostow in charge of our national security!

Drew Pearson recently revealed that it was this Jew who made the personal decision to employ American troops in large forces in Vietnam, one of the greatest victories for Communism since 1917. While Americans were being slaughtered in Vietnam, Russia could sit back and see us bleed to death without the Communist world being weakened at all. In this Dreyfus case, the Jews .have won every round, while the gentile who exposed him, Otto Otepka, is still being persecuted by “our” government.


In France, a few clever gentiles sensed which way the wind was blowing in the Dreyfus case, even if they had no understanding of the parasitic theory. An obscure hackwriter named Emile Zola wrote some fiery articles, such as “J’Accuse,” demanding that Dreyfus be freed, and the international Jewish propaganda machine immediately began to puff Zola as a great writer. He enjoyed great fame and fortune during the rest of his life, although his novels are now ignored.

A pompous little country lawyer, Clemenceau, also found his career in the Dreyfus case. He intervened on Dreyfus’ behalf, and the Jews made him Premier of France. The way of the shabez goi can he smoothed.

The threat of rejection always stirs a torrent of fear and anger in the parasite. This writer encountered an example of this when he purchased a secondhand mattress in Jersey City. Late that night, he was awakened by an unwelcome presence. He switched on the light, and there on his stomach was a fat little bedbug, swollen with its feast, and reluctant to abandon its host even in the light of exposure.

When the light came on, the bedbug gave a furious shriek of anger, and waddled out of sight. At this time, the writer did not immediately relate this episode to the theory of the biological parasite, but he later reflected that this anger of the bedbug, which was carrying on its usual activity, was understandable. We cannot expect the Jew to appreciate any effort of the gentile host to dislodge him, and remove him from the feast. This is why he works day and night to prevent such a thing.


This is why the Jew MUST control our communications; this is why he MUST control our education; this is why he MUST control our government; and most important, this is why he MUST control our religion. If he fails to do this, in any area, he endangers his continued existence as a biological parasite. Even in the Soviet Union, with its idealistic slogan of “From each according to his means; to each according to his needs,” the parasite gains control over gentile workers and sets them to producing goods which he sells, and pockets the proceeds. Fat Jews and their blond mistresses stroll from their luxurious villas on the Black Sea, while intense, dogmatic gentile commissars such as Mikhail Suslov sit in the Kremlin trying desperately to devise a system which the Jew cannot twist to his own advantage. They cannot succeed, because the parasite has always thought one step ahead of them.


When the Jews seized the lands of peaceful Arab farmers by aggression in 1948, many gentiles throughout the world supposed that a new era had begun. These gentiles assured each other, now that they have their own country, the Jews will go there and stop exploiting us. Instead, the parasitic communities in all parts of the world intensified their exploitations of their gentile hosts, in order to meet the vast needs of the new State of Israel. Garment workers in the notorious New York sweat shops, most of them Negro and Puerto Rican women and children, had large portions of their earnings extorted from them by the cold-blooded Jew, David Dubinsky, the fascist dictator of the garment union. These funds were turned over to the State of Israel.

This illustrates the facility of the Jew for being on all sides, and for always being on the winning side. Chaim Weizmann, the founder of the State of Israel, quotes an oft-repeated saying of his mother, in his autobiography, “Trial and Error,” Harper, New York, 1949, page 13,

“Whatever happens, I shall be well off. If Shemuel (the revolutionary son) is right, we shall all be happy in Russia; and if Chaim (the Zionist) is right, then I shall go to live in Palestine.”


On April 17, 1950, the New York Times announced that the annual budget of the State of Israel had been released. It was composed of seventy percent of donations from abroad, and thirty percent from the sale of Israeli bonds, which would never have any redeemable value, and which could only be described as contributions. No other nation on earth could envision such a budget, for even India, the perennial beggar among nations, with its swollen, mongrelized population, can raise only one percent of its budget from abroad, and that is entirely donated by the United States. Yet the State of Israel confidently envisions a national budget for years to come consisting of charity and the peddling of dubious paper. This is the budget of a nation of parasites, still depending upon the gentile hosts.


The bizarre, unhealthy existence of the parasite, with his trend to degeneracy and his decaying nervous system, places him outside of every known system of morality and human decency. Now he has perfected a Jewish hellbomb, which threatens to destroy the host and himself as well. When Alechsander Sachs, of the international Jewish banking firm of Lehman Brothers, New York, and Albert Einstein, “suggested” to President Roosevelt that he invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the production of a hellbomb, how could Roosevelt refuse? Now they needed a gentile front for their project. Major General Leslie Groves was asked to head the project, but when he found that most of the scientists were Jewish, he asked to be excused, saving that he believed that a Jewish director would be more efficient in this atmosphere.

“Not at all,” he was assured. “We need a gentile as the ostensible head of the project. Don’t worry, we’ll handle all of the responsibility.”

We know that the gentile can never expect any mercy from the Jew. The horrible practice of ritual murder is sufficient evidence of this. The ritual murder of gentile children by bleeding them to death and drinking their blood is the highest symbolic revelation of the theory of the biological parasite.


Primitive man sometimes drank the blood of fallen foes as a symbol of victory, and to absorb some of the strength of the enemy, but another blood-drinking practice, that of ritual murder, is the only one which has survived into modern times. This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host. That is why he refuses to abandon this custom, even though it has brought him close to extinction many times.

When the Jew can no longer symbolize his role by kidnapping a perfectly formed gentile child, spiriting him away to a synagogue, and ritually puncturing his body in the places which they boasted they had wounded the Body of Christ, and drinking the blood of the dying child, then, according to Jewish belief, he is doomed. His prophets have warned him that when this custom can no longer be observed, the Jewish parasite’s hold onto the host will be loosened, and he will be cast off. Even though this ceremony is so horrible that most Jews refuse to participate in it, and all of them deny its practice, it still remains the final method by which the Jewish leaders signify and retain their control over this people. Should they abandon the practice of ritual murder, perhaps there would be a possibility that the Jew could be weaned away from his historical role as a biological parasite, and become a constructive member of the gentile community, turning his back upon a record of five thousand years of bloodshed, treachery and murder, which is his entire history. We say perhaps, because we do not know.


Viewing this prospect from the biological realities, it seems unlikely that the Jew could renounce his past and join gentile society as a contributing member. Certainly we find no evidence of it in the writings of the Jews themselves, even at the present time. From the most religious of them to the most worldly, their attitude towards the gentile host is the same, a fierce, undying hatred. Consider what the high priestess of the modern Jewish, intellectuals, Susan Sontag, has to say in the Jewish house organ, the Partisan Review, in 1967:

“The white race is the cancer of history. It is the white race and it alone – its ideologies and inventions – which eradicates autonomous civilization wherever it spreads.”

These twenty-seven words capsule an enormous amount of information about the parasite-host relationship. First, it is an expression of the undying hatred which the parasite bears for its white race host. Second, it reveals that the Jew has never and will never consider himself as part of the white race, which it regards as a separate species. Third, this passage attributes savagery only to the white race – not to the bloodthirsty tribes of the Congo, not to the mass murders in China, nor to anyone except the highly developed North European civilization in Europe and America. And fourth, Susan Sontag reveals the entire situation in her phrase “autonomous civilization.” What does she mean by autonomous civilization? She means the parasite community, which demands total freedom to attach itself to the host, to rule the host, and to prevent the host from casting it off. And she says here that the white race, because in the past it has reacted against the “autonomous civilization” of the Jewish parasite, is totally savage and evil.


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