National Socialists (NS) - Nazis = National Sozialisten  - but in the enemies’ mouths these honorable people have been turned into monsters, so the word Nazi evokes a bad feeling for us Germans.


A Man of Incredible Love and Courage

He threw the jews out of temple.

Adolf Hitler Handsome

This has been instigated by the Media. Not because of what the Germans supposedly have done, which is 97% lie propaganda that we hear, but because of the defilement of all the good and honorable ways of the Germans by the Allies and the New World Order. Everything that was treasured and was beautiful in the German people, in their culture, in their land, etc. has been besmeared with filth, burned up, bombed, destroyed, raped, robbed, tortured to death and murdered by mentally perverted, all people-hating, warmongers.

Deutsche Maedels II* * *

Hitler Youth Boys


* * *




Mike Walsh


“Paula,” he sighed as though lost in thought; “She was born into the most distressing of circumstances and it weighed heavily upon her.”

I wanted to say something but hesitated. I got the impression the old man didn’t want his train of thought interrupted. Then, as he absent-mindedly poked the fire’s embers my brooding friend found the words he wanted to say.

“Still a child, she had never known what it was to have a full stomach, wear a new dress, or to know happiness. They were hard times for everyone.”

“I imagine,” I smiled sympathetically.

“There was no self-worth, no dignity to life, and no hope. Her family was heavily in debt. Sure, her parents worked hard. To be honest a plantation slave likely lived a better life.”

“Was there any improvement in her situation?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” the old man brightened up. “Something happened in Paula’s life that changed everything. At nineteen-years of age she was gifted a brooch; upon it a symbol that changed everything. You know, son, she always wore that brooch and swore it brought her good fortune. From that point on she was transformed into the loveliest and liveliest creature imaginable.

“Brimming with confidence she owed not a penny to anyone. Paula had a great job and everything to look forward to.

“Fantastic,” I murmured.

The old man’s shoulders shrunk. “It didn’t last, son. Her success brought her enemies, jealous rivals who would do anything to ruin her, to steal what she had earned.”

“I can’t believe it,” I replied but knew my friend was telling the truth.

“Rivals hated her and never missed opportunity to lie about Paula; constantly threatened and tried to harm the young woman.”

“It must have had a terrible effect on her,” I ventured.

The old man smiled. “Not really. Why should it? She had much more than they had so how could they harm her?”

“But they did?”

“Yes, Paula when 25-years old was ambushed.”


“No, far worse than that,” my old friend muttered. “Paula was very badly hurt. Her home was attacked and plundered, her family ~ well, who knows what happened to her family?”

“You’re serious?”

“I am afraid so.”

My friend smiled but bitterness tightened his lips. “Paula was repeatedly raped, her clothes torn and shredded, her cupboards were laid bare, and her prospects destroyed.”

“The sympathy for her plight must have been overwhelming.”

“On the contrary, her attackers and their accomplices, even those who hadn’t benefited from her ruination applauded. Her assailants accused Paula of attacking them and claimed she had it coming to her. The poor girl was denied opportunity to defend herself. You know, all these years on and they still celebrate the Rape of Paula.


“Ah, yes, her real name was Germania.”


The Case for Germany: A Study of Modern Germany

The Myth of German Villainy - Video_Audio

Buy the book:


Israel Blackmailing Germany for Decades with Their Holocaust Lie

A short version of the 25 Points:

PPShow The 25 Rules of Government by Adolf Hitler

There are a lot of false Nazi-Quotations and they are made transparent on following web-site:

The Reichstagsfire is used by a lot of people and political groups against their political opponents as a false flag-operation of the Nazis which gives them the justification to toughen up laws. However there is the eyewitness-account of the former British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’, namely Sefton Delmer, who was minutes after the fire at the scene.

Sefton Delmer wrote an eye-witness-report and stated that the Nazis did not start the Reichstagsfire. Not bad for the Anti-Nazi - British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’:

Then you heard about the Reichskristallnacht or “Night of broken Glasses” and it is made public opinion, that Hitler ordered it. Ingrid Weckert refutes this in her book “Flashpoint”. She wrote that only some Jewish Synagogues in some German Cities were torched and up to now nobody knows who gave the orders to this. Also today we do not know who gave the orders for 9/11. Weckert is tracing the orders to a group of Zionists underground-figures working against Nazi-Germay:

Mark Weber, M.A. wrote a review about the book:

Not many people know that International Jewry declared war on Germany when Hitler was just a couple of months in charge of the country. Their declaration was printed in leading English newspapers and you can find about it on following web-site:

APP_Revisionist - Life in the Third Reich

Why the Name National Socialists?

“You cannot be true nationalists without being socialists; You others (referring apparently to the competing Socialist party) cannot be socialists, without being nationalists.

To be a nationalist means to love his own people more than all other peoples und to ascertain that it can stand up for itself against those other nations. But in order that this folk can even stand up, protect and defend itself against infringement by other nations in the struggle for the basics of life, I have to want and ascertain that each member of the society is healthy, and that each individual, and in that, the whole entirety, is as well off as possible. In that I am socialist!

I cannot be a socialist without employing myself for the cause so that my people can protect themselves against transgressions of other peoples and without investing in the greatness of my people and that makes me a Nationalist. Because the power and importance of my people is the prerequisite for the wellbeing of each individual.

In that you are both, National Socialists.” – Adolf Hilter (Excerpt from “Tatsachen und Luegen um Hitler,” 1932, Verlag Franz Eher, Nachf., G.m.b.H., Muenchen)

About George Lincoln Rockwell – His great awakening to the wisdom of Adolf Hitler and Germany’s National Socialism:

* * *

Newspaper: Voelkischer Beobachter

Editor: Adolf Hitler

Date: March 1, 1933

Location: Berlin

Heading: We had enough!

We are initiating merciless proceedings!

Communist arsonists setting congress building (Reichstagsgebaeude) on fire – The center quarters with the large boardroom destroyed – Communist arsonists arrested – That is enough to ignite the Communist Revolt - Severest measures against the terrorists – All Communist deputies under arrest – all Marxist newspapers forbidden

The fire of the Reichstag was to be the climax to the Bolshevik revolt -


The Teaching Plan Of the SS and Police

SS Officers Inspired by Teutonic Knights-Deutsch-English

The Law and Honor of the SS Man-Deutsch-English

The Worm in the Apple-posting

National Socialism Will Rise Again

Contrary to the lies, Germany’s National Socialists were Strong Christians

Kindle Book purchase $3: Abolition of Interest Enslavement - Gottfried Feder

What was National Socialism in Germany really? (there was also “socialism (nearly communistic)” in Germany, but that was abolished by Hitler)

Was Hitler Trying to Conquer the World?

Kindle Book purchase $3: Abolition of Interest Enslavement - Gottfried Feder



Capture Helm Hakenkreuz


The coup of 1923 - The march to the Feldherrnhalle Muenchen:

Capture Marsch Feldernnhalle Muenchen Putsch 1923*

Capture 9 Nov 1934

Above: Hitler, Hess and other old party members.

Reich Party Day Oct 1933Reichsparty Day October 1933

Hitler Youth Movement

A 14-Year Battle

Murderer of our Leaders

Gen. Major Otto Remer*English

“Stolen” Art

Book to purchase: The Blond Knight of Germany – fighter ace Erich Hartmann


Many free books on my website, but here is an opportunity to purchase specific books:

scriptorium: WWII and Reich History books to buy offsite: Here you will find alternatives to the standard view of history. Draw your own conclusions, independently of what’s officially decreed.

The information we present here on our WebSite is intended to give a glimpse of that little-known “other side of the coin”. Voices that are all too often stifled and hushed up elsewhere - here they shall be heard! Uncomfortable and controversial information that does not fit the mold of politically correct agenda-history, and which for that reason is to remain safely in an Orwellian memory-hole - we sweep it out from under the carpet! ~scriptorium



“Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30 year War.” (Das Morgenthau Tagebuch,The Morgenthau Dairy, p. 11).


“The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labor unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance.We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January,1934)


“No gassing took place in any camp on German soil.”(Nazi Hunter Simon Wisenthal, in his Books and Bookmen, p. 5)


“The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” (Statement by Rabbi FelixMendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942).


“We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.” (Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professorof Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981)


“. . . purposely overstated the number of non-Jewish casualtiesat Auschwitz-Birkenau by many times their true numbers. With the end of communism in Poland and the former Soviet Union, officials at the Auschwitz museum have meticulously lowered the casualty figures in line with the estimates of historians who, for years, have insisted that between one and 1 1/2 million people perished at Auschwitz-Birkenau - 80 - 90% of them Jews. (The Breitbard Document, as published by the Simon Wiesenthal Center)


“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers.Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” (You Gentiles,by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).


“Use the courts, use the judges, use the constitutionof the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction. And whenyou have succeeded you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization, by constant campaigns about the terrors of society, by pretense as to your effectiveness, make the capitalist himself, by his own appropriation, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist conquest of that nation.” (Address of the Jew Laventria Beria,The Communist Textbook on Psychopolitics, page 8).


“Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State. Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war. WallStreet and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides. Zionists are also to blame for provoking the growing hatred for Jews in 1988.” (Joseph Burg, The Toronto Star, March 31,1988).


“There is scarcely an event in modern history that cannotbe traced to the Jews. We Jews today, are nothing else but theworld’s seducers, its destroyer’s, its incendiaries.” (JewishWriter, Oscar Levy, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution).


“In 1890, the first election after the expiration of [Germany’s] Bismarck’s anti-socialist law the Social Democrats amassed over 1.4 million votes…the ideology of the Social Democratic movement interpreted all economic, social, and political phenomena in termsof an all encompassing Marxist theory.”

“… about 2/3rds of the Jews voted for the Social Democrats. Every democratic party received electoral and financial support from the Jews, the Social Democrats getting the greatest share.” (Lucy S. Dawidowicz, The War Against The Jews 1933-1945, pages 55 and 228 respectively, by Bantam Books Incorporated (#13084-6,1979 ed).


In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of Jewish workers in Poland and Lithuania. . . They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them the spearhead of the Party (Article on “Communism” by Harold J. Laski,Encyc. Brit., Vol. III, pp 824-827).


“…(T)here is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself. In the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks. In the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.” (The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1918)


“National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism… under USSR law active anti-Semites are liable to the death penalty.” (Stalin, Collected Works, vol.13, p. 30).


In the Bolshevik era, 52 percent of the membership of the Sovietcommunist party was Jewish, though Jews comprised only 1.8 percentof the total population (Stuart Kahan, The Wolf of the Kremlin,p. 81)


“Soviet Russia is a dictatorship of Jewry.” ArnoMayer (Jewish Professor at Princeton, “Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?”)


“Why then has it (Winter in Moscow) never been republished? The answer may lie in Muggeridge’s handling of what was then called the ‘Jewish question.’…”Winter in Moscow” is acutelyconcerned with Jews… It was of course the case that a very disproportionate number of the early Bolsheviks were Jews and thus of commissars and apparatchiki…” Sunday Telegraph (London), England:Nov. 18, 1990


“There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.” (Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, Feb. 8, 1920)


“The average Pole could not but notice in the Stalinist era that the two most powerful men in the country-Berman andMinc-were both Jewish as was the dreaded security official Rozanski.” Piotr W. Wandycz (Yale University), N.Y. Review of Books, Aug.18, 1983, p. 51).


“The forces of reaction are being mobilized. A combinationof England, France and Russia will sooner or later bar the triumphal march of the crazed Fuhrer. Either by accident or design, a Jew has come into the position of the foremost importance in each of these nations. In the hands of non-Aryans, lie the very lives of millions…and when the smoke of battle clears, and the trumpets blare no more, and the bullets cease to blast! Then will be presented a tableau showing the man who played. God, the swastika Christus,being lowered none too gently into a hole in the ground, as atrio of non-Aryans, in tone a ramified requiem, that sounds suspiciously like a medley of Marseillaise, God Save the King, and the international; blending in the grand finale, into a militant, proud arrangement of Eile! Elie! [This is the traditional Jewish cry of triumph].(The American Hebrew, New York City, June 3, 1938)


* * *

Capture Armee Arbeit und Frieden Reichsautobahnbau


“Jewish influence was one of the chief causes of the disintegration that took place in Germany.  If at the decisive hour National Socialism had not stepped in and brought this process of disintegration to a standstill a condition of strife would have resulted, in which everybody would be against everybody else, and then we would have had that state of affairs which goes by the name of Bolshevism.   Germany came much nearer to Bolshevism than the outside world believes or will even admit.” “Witness to History” by Michael Walsh

Olaf Jordan


Comment about the video “The Truth about the National Socialists:” The Jews were not put into concentration camps until long after they declared war on Germany. Jews were not put into re-education camps to teach them how to work. Only criminals were put into concentration camps and later all Jews who did not chose to leave Germany due to concern of undermining German live and government. Added to the concentration camps later were millions of prisoners of war.

Germans Murdered and Combat

 Anti German Propaganda

Germany is our Problem - Morgenthau

Germans as Exponents of Culture

Immortal German Culture

Who wanted the war?

Capture Hitler Wer wollte den Krieg


Fraudulent Nazi Quotations


The Nazi Hunters

Video: The Truth about the National Socialists

Hitler Supported the Zionists to Move Out of Germany All Expenses Paid!

Video: Were the Germans so Stupid?

German Reich’s History – Carolyn Yeager


What “Total” War?


Never! - by Heinrich Goitsch - read here

 The Injustice of the Nuremberg Trials


“The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused.”

“After the United States gobbled up California and half of Mexico, and we were stripped down to nothing, territorial expansions suddenly become a crime.  It’s been going on for centuries, and it will still go on.”

“Hitler was our sovereign.  It would have been intolerable for me to have him standing before a foreign court.  You men knew the Fuehrer.  He would be the first one to stand up and say, ‘I have given the orders, and I take full responsibility.’  But I would rather die ten deaths than have the German sovereign subjected to such humiliation.”

“The death sentence - that doesn’t mean a thing to me; but my reputation in history means a lot.  That is why I am glad Doenitz was landed with signing the surrender. I would not want my name attached to that thing in future history.  A country never thinks well of its leaders who accept defeat.  As for death - I haven’t been afraid of death since I was twelve or fourteen-years old.”

“Next to my own people, I feel closest sympathy with the English.  Anyway, one thing is clear - Germany must rise either with the English or the Russians and the Russians seem to have the upper hand.  They are clever, too.  Fritsche tells me that they keep asking about me.  Maybe I would be better off in their hands.”

“The Russian atrocity film was a fake.  Many of these pictures were probably taken during their own revolution, like the baskets of heads.  Those fields covered with bodies - such pictures are easy to get any time in war.  And where did they get the fresh corpses to photograph? They could not have come right in ready to take the pictures.  They must have shot those people themselves.”

“The colonel gaoler ought to bear in mind that he is dealing with historical figures here.  Right or wrong, we are historical personalities - and he is a nobody.”

“The only allies who are still allies are the four prosecutors, and they are only allied against the twenty defendants.”

“I still don’t recognise the authority of the court.  Bringing the heads of a sovereign state before a foreign court is a piece of presumption which is unique in history.”

“Yes, I still maintain my loyalty to the Fuehrer - in difficult times as well as good.”

“Well, I didn’t cut a pretty figure, did I?  Don’t forget that I had the best legal brains in England, America, Russia and France arrayed against me with their whole legal machinery - and there was I, alone!”

“Mass murder?  I assure you we never for a moment had such things in mind.  I only thought that we would eliminate Jews from positions in big business and government, and that was all.  But don’t forget that the Jews carried on a terrific campaign against us too, all over the world.”

“I wanted to set my people an example that loyalty was not dead.”

“My wife can influence me in a lot of things, but as far as my basic code is concerned nothing can sway me.  She could have her way in the household, in getting me to do lots of things for her, but when it comes to these basic things in a man’s life, it is not a woman’s affair.”

My people have been humiliated before.  Loyalty and hatred will unite them again.  Who knows but that in this very hour the man is born who will unite my people - born of our flesh and bones, to avenge the humiliation we suffer now.

“What the American-controlled newspapers print now in Germany does not count for anything.”

“It is no use complaining, Field-Marshall - these people do not have your breeding.  They do not understand these things.  It is just as I have always told you.”

“No wonder you can’t find any people with real leadership to take the responsibility of administration in Germany.  Do you know why?  Because the best nationalist leaders are in gaol and the rest figure that if they carry out de-nazification laws now, who knows but that in ten years - after America leaves, or a fight between East and West changes the situation - they will be brought before a German national court and tried for treason.
And what do the German people think?  I have already told you; whenever things are lousy, we have democracy!  Make no mistake about it; the people know that they were better off when Hitler was in power before the war.  And don’t forget that Hitler was more than just a person to us.”

“The next generation is finding its own leaders and they will fight for the protection of their own national interests.  So you can take your morality and your repentance and your democracy, and peddle it elsewhere!”

“This is a political trial by the victors, and it will be a good thing for Germany when they realise that.”

“Those who kow-towed to the prosecution and denounced the Nazi regime got it in the neck just the same.  It serves them right.”

“I am glad that it is not a life sentence, because those who are sentenced to life imprisonment never become martyrs.” From Witness to History, 2013, by Michael Walsh


Germany is being spiritually destroyed by the lying New World Order. Yet those who know the truth are proud of those honorable National Socialists.  Unfortunately, the leaders of the Bundesrepublik are under a 99-year contract since 1945 to serve the Allies and that means the International Criminal Gang. So in essence, the German leaders are all representatives of the International Criminal Gang that has destroyed the German empire. So they can never be true representatives of the German people. Is it a wonder that the lies that Germany started the war and caused a Jewish Holocaust and committed war crimes are still haunting the German people, and historical truth speakers go to prison and their books are destroyed or banned??? Anyone who studies the true history, hidden from mainstream media, will find out that it was the Germans that were holocausted, and not the Jews!!!

Farmers in Bueckeberg greeting Hitler:

Capture Farmers in BueckebergHitler and Blue Color Workers:

Capture Hitler und Arbeiter



The Case for Germany - link



Adolf Hitler himself described National Socialism as “the political doctrine of the national community.” Nationalism, he understood as the devotion of the individual to his ethnic community, and socialism as a responsibility of the individual to the national community. Nationalism and socialism were at the core synonyms for Hitler, namely self-sacrifice for the wider ethnic folk: Quote: “I understand by Socialism: the highest service to my people, giving up personal gain for the sake of the whole. The benefits of the whole is essential. The concept of nationalism is in the end nothing but love and devotion to my people.”

The Jewish manipulated Marxist concept of class struggle stands in the way of national unity. Hitler said: “The phrases nationalism and socialism identify contemporary political currents of the age and did not require that new values be created. The lack of sense of community gave way to mutual burning hatred. Today the contrast between bourgeois and proletariat needs to be overcome, because the rise of any nation can only take place under common ideas. We need to close the gap and collect the forces again on a new platform. “Most of the small nationalist groups agreed to merge with the NSDAP after victory of the ‘National Socialist Revolution’ in 1933. The visible expression of absorption of the different groups in the great popular movement was the presentation of the flags of the various national associations and volunteer corps in November 1933.

Why The Obsession with Nazism?


The Program of the National Socialists Workers’ Party (NSDAP) also called the 25-Points Program.

The program is the political foundation of the NSDAP and, accordingly, the primary political law of the State. It has been made brief and clear intentionally.

All legal precepts must be applied in the spirit of the party program.

Since the taking over of control, the Fuehrer has succeeded in the realization of essential portions of the Party program from the fundamentals to the detail.

The Party Program of the NSDAP was proclaimed on the 24 February 1920 by Adolf Hitler at the first large Party gathering in Munich and since that day has remained unaltered. Within the national socialist philosophy is summarized in 25 points:

1. We demand the unification of all Germans in the Greater Germany on the basis of the right of self-determination of peoples.

2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in respect to the other nations; abrogation of the peace treaties of Versailles and St. Germain.

3. We demand land and territory (colonies) for the sustenance of our people, and colonization for our surplus population.

4. Only German Volk can be citizens. German Volk are only people of German blood, without consideration of creed. Consequently no Jew can be of the German Volk.

5. Whoever has no citizenship is to be able to live in Germany only as a guest, and must be under the authority of legislation for foreigners.

6. The right to determine matters concerning leadership and laws belongs only to the citizen. Therefore we demand that every public office, of any sort whatsoever, whether in the Reich, the county or municipality, be filled only by citizens. We combat the corrupting parliamentary economy of office-holding only according to party inclinations without consideration of character or abilities.

7. We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for employment and a decent livelihood and way of life for the citizens. If it is impossible to sustain the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.

8. Any further immigration of non Germans is to be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans, who have immigrated to Germany since the 2 August 1914, be forced immediately to leave the Reich.

9. All citizens must have equal rights and obligations.

10. The first obligation of every citizen must be to contribute both mentally or physically. The activity of individuals is not to counteract the interests of universality, but must have its result within the framework of the whole for the benefit of all. Consequently we demand:

11. Abolition of income without work or effort. Elimination of interest slavery.

12. In consideration of the monstrous sacrifice in property and blood that each war demands of the people, personal enrichment through war must be designated as a crime against the people. Therefore we demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

13. We demand to take into public ownership (previously) established businesses (trusts).

14. We demand profit sharing by large businesses.

15. We demand a generous expansion of the provisions for the aged.

16. We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalization of the large shopping conglomerates and them being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, provinces and communities.

17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national needs, provision of a law for the gratuitous expropriation of land for public purposes. Abolition of taxes on land and prevention of all speculation in land.

18. We demand a ruthless fight against those whose activity is injurious to the community. Treasonous criminals committing crimes against the citizens, usurers, racketeers, and so forth, are to be punished with death, without consideration of confession or race.

19. We demand substitution of a German common law in place of the Roman Law serving a materialistic world-order.

20. The state is to be responsible for a fundamental expansion of our whole national education program, to enable every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education and subsequently advancement into leading positions. The curriculum of all educational institutions are to conform with the demands of practical life. The comprehension of the concept of the State must be accomplished by the school [citizenship education] as early as the beginning of understanding. We demand the education at the expense of the State of outstanding intellectually gifted children of poor parents without consideration of their class or professions.

21. The State is responsible for the elevation of national health by a program protecting the mother and child, by outlawing child-labor, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by means of the legal establishment of a gymnastic and sport obligation, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young.

22. We demand abolition of the mercenary troops and formation of a national army.

23. We demand legal prosecution of deliberate political lies and their promulgation through the press. In order to enable the provision of a German press, we demand, that: a. All editors / writers and employees of the newspapers appearing in the German language be members of the German race: b. Non-German newspapers be required to have the express permission of the State to be published. They may not be printed in the German language: c. Non-Germans are forbidden by law any financial involvement in German newspapers, or any influence on them, and as punishment for violations follow the closing of such a publication as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved. Newspapers which are counter to the general good are to be forbidden. We demand legal prosecution against a direction of art and literature that has a destructive influence on our national life, and the closure of events opposing the above made demands.

24. We demand freedom of religion for all denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger the state or oppose the moral and ethical senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessional to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed on the  framework of: common good before self interest.

25. For the execution of all of this we demand: The formation of a strong central power in the Reich. Absolute authority of the political central parliament over the whole Reich and its organizations in general. The forming of Standards chambers and Professional Associations for the implementation of the framework laws passed in each state of the Reich.  The leaders of the Party promise, if necessary by sacrificing their own lives, to support unconditionally the implementation of the points set forth above.

Adolf Hitler proclaimed the following explanation for this program on the 13 April 1928:


Regarding the false interpretations of Point 17 of the program of the NSDAP on the part of our opponents, the following definition is necessary:

“Since the NSDAP stands on the platform of private ownership it goes without saying that the passage: “gratuitous expropriation” concerns only the creation of legal opportunities to expropriate if necessary, land which has been illegally acquired or is not administered from the view-point of the national welfare. Therefore, this is directed primarily against the Jewish land-speculation companies.”




Hess_sohnMutter mit Kindern

The acronym NAZI has been defamed by the Allies. This is why we Germans do not like to call the National Socialists (NS) by the name of “Nazi.” But because I want to bring honor into this defamed designation, I will occasionally use this expression with what “Nazis” really are.


Tod vom Himmel2



“Just wait twenty years.  Germany will have risen again!”

“Whatever the verdict of this court, I shall be held innocent before the Judgement Seat of Christ.”

“I should do it all again, even if it meant going to the martyr’s stake to be burned.  A temporary defeat in war is nothing in terms of history.  Nothing can prevent the Germanic race from fulfilling its destiny.  When America and Russia have exhausted themselves in war, then will be the time for Germany to rise from the Ashes.” From Witness to History, 2013, by Michael Walsh

Jewish God:

Isaiah 34:2 “For the indignation of the Lord is against all nations, and His fury against all their armies. He has utterly destroyed them. He has given them over to the slaughter. (To the slaughter!) Also, their slain shall be thrown out. Their stench shall rise from their corpses, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.” 

The annihilation program of Yahweh could not be stated more harshly.  - Horst Mahler. 

Dresden Feb 1945 #2


Indeed, Hundreds of Thousands of innocent Germans melted from heat and Phosphorus, burning alive, screaming and threshing about for a long time! 1,000,000 civilians in inner city bombings annihilated!


The Swastika, contrary to the lies, is an ancient, Nordic symbol of love and well-being for all white people. It goes back to pre-historic times. The cross is the symbol of the Teutonic tribes and was there long before Christianity. It was used all over the world wherever Aryans had settled.





Dr. jur. Franz Scheidl:

“To the absurdity of the Annihilation of the Jews:

[…] Before Hitler came into reign, only about four percent of  world Jewry lived in Germany, less than 600,000. Germany had 1 % and Austria and the CSR each had 2% of the country’s population that were Jews. In the year 1939, the numbers of Jews went down strongly due to immigration. Germany had 131,000 Jews and Austria had 43,700 Jews and in the CSR there were 74,2000.

A plan to annihilate Jewry by killing these small amounts would have been - also for political reasons - unbelievably stupid and would have made almost no impact for the whole number of Jewry, looking at it number wise. In addition, it would have been unimaginably criminal and politically just not a possibility. Besides that, just thinking about the idea, it is clear that a massacre of Jews would have been totally impossible in Germany. Even the first attempt at this would have had an open and insurmountable resistance from the German Volk. Just the murder of Jews, let alone an annihilation would have been impossible in Germany; it would have initiated such response of horror in Germany, that I do not even find it necessary to explain what this would be like. […]”






Gestapo and the French Resistance by Vincent Reynouard - Discussion between Margaret Huffststickler and Carolyn Yeager:

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