Lubavich Jews Setting Up Armageddon

If you have not gotten sick to your stomach yet, here you can: Yes, Hitler was right. He indicated that if the Jews win the world as it is will be destroyed, perhaps even life on earth will end. He vowed to drive the Freemasons [a Jewish implementation] out of Germany. There is something about the Jews that loves destruction. Destruction of our culture, of our beauty, of our values, of our faith, of our morals, of our health, and of our lives, as proven Millions of times. This Chabad Loubavitch group is the same group that set up the law in congress, signed by Bush, to kill the American Christian for idolatry, namely praying to Jesus Christ. Rabbi Sneerson was there leader at that time, I believ. Eggert

“The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands. Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, printed in La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928



satanic baphomet

Freemasonry has two branches to it, 1) the benevolent branch that does a lot of good in society and 2) the occult branch, running parallel to it and hiding. Each has very, very different plans and duties. It looks like the benevolent branch is a smokescreen for the Satanist branch. This was extensively researched in Germany by General Ludendorff and his wife starting in the early 20th century.

The agency for the world disaster has been and is Freemasonry where they have many powerful upper class gentiles entrapped who have to do the will of the Jews or they will die a horrific death. The Jews and their henchmen will probably hide out in bunkers while we will be exposed to physical destruction. Their Messiah is a Jewish Ruler over the World. Good luck with your shitty Jew world!

The Following video is in German. I hope to translate more of the video sometime soon:

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Wolfgang Eggert, Historian specializing in religious political movements:

Paraphrased from his video “Erst Manhatten dann Berlin” (first Manhatten then Berlin. He also wrote a book by the same title.):


THEY ARE LITERALLY PLANNING ARMAGEDDON FOR MANKIND SOONER THAN LATER, FOR THE PURPOSE OF RINGING IN THEIR MESSIAH, AN EARTHLY JEWISH LEADER whom they will elect, BECAUSE HE WILL NOT COME (ACTUALLY BE INSTATED BY THE JEWS ON EARTH) BEFORE MOST OF THE WORLD IS DESTROYED. [*gv: These people are the devil! Their god is Satan, as they have said so many times. They worship Satan on the Wall in Israel, moving their body back and forth simulating having sex with some Satanic female. Fact!]

THE WHOLE INSANITY FURTHER IS, THEY ARE USING SOME KIND OF NUMEROLOGY, EXTRACTING DATES FROM THE BIBLE WHEN CERTAIN THINGS ARE TO OCCUR. [*gv: after all the Old Testament was hatched together by them from the mythology of the white man, which they stole.]


Deutsch: Religious Extremes Historian Wolfgang Eggert – Freimaurerei und die Jewish Lubovich group

Google Translation of video:

Eggert: I had at that time quite specifically a process in Russia illuminated, a Trotsky process where one of the accused has made statements where he concretely provided information that there are groups on the fringes of governments, on the margins of society, on the fringes of the religions that had very strong influence on the 2nd as well as the 1st World War. That has surprised me so because it was in 1938, in 1937, a little ways until the Second World War. This man gave very concrete information, was very prominent; he had to actually know what he was talking about, it was Karl Radig, Lenin’s representative for Central Europe during the 20’s, and he said there is a secret, a mystery in politics regarding these groups that have strongly allied.

And this secret would have been in the 20’s in the hands of Lenin. So I then returned to Lenin and have seen what Lenin had actually basically to do with it. And Lenin made statements on Freemasonry immediately before he fell in Abbonnie (?) and retired from politics. And these statements related concretely to the genesis of the creation of the 1st World War. Lenin said, these groups have been behind the release of the 1st World War. And so I went to 1914 and have looked at how it came about, the assassination of Sarajevo. And the assassins of Sarajevo were almost all Freemasons, known also in the trial of Sarajevo as they were brought to trial for their deeds, and they said ‘we were Freemasons and as Freemasons we acted.’ The heir to the throne from Austria we had murdered because he was sentenced to death in the Lodge.

Fundamentally important for me was that there was a second political power along the secular political action that ties strongly to religious rules. Today we hear much talk of fundamentalist circles - especially with regard to Islam - groups aiming their interests very strongly into the past. In addition to these groups, there are also messianic circles with the aim of destinations into the future. These are the people who are very strongly associated with the Apocalypse and the prophecy of the Bible. And I believe that these groups have a very strong influence on politics. An influence which has been hitherto never illuminated.


For me, the  Occult journey starts in politics in around 1492, 93, 94. It was the time when the Jews were driven from Spain. In occult Judaism or kabalistic Judaism, Judaism which greatly deals with apocalyptic questions and with secret, coded messages of the Bible, there is a secret doctrine that calls itself Kabala.

And this secret doctrine gives the student a second message which is hidden behind the Bible message considered by us as real or more important. And, he can discover through encryption and decryption of the Bible topics a second reality, news, and prophecies. These people deal with this quite concretely. And these circles have up to this point tried to deal with the Bible message as they have perceived it, internally. It was a contemplative Kabala. So they’ve tried to cope with the message that came from God, or they think came from God to cope with internally. From 1492 on when the Jews were driven out from Spain, everything changed. At that moment it was an apocalyptic event for the Jews. And the Kabala was changed from a contemplative to an order of active-political methods to bring about the bible prophecies. This moment has Judaism, or the occult Judaism, cabalistic Judaism, imagine to have a job to do to put the prophesies you read in the Bible into practice. There is a very interesting fact, if you look at the cabalistic circles of Judaism: In mainstream Judaism the doctrine from the Messiah is known.

Judaism awaits its savior. Christianity has seen him in the person of Jesus Christ. Judaism is still waiting on this Redeemer. The point is that mainstream Judaism actually knows only one Savior: He comes after the coming end of times after God from Heaven has implemented all the prophesies combined in the Bible into reality. Only then the time is ripe for salvation for the Jews. Cabalistic Judaism, the occult Judaism, knows a different doctrine and says: there are two messiahs. A Messiah Ben David and Messiah Ben Joseph. The Messiah Ben Joseph is the preparer who is in charge here on earth, to transform all prophecies into political action. [It’s clear, there is no God!] Only when he has mastered this task, comes the Messiah Ben David.

We know that the Bible prophecies connect with pestilence, war, bloodshed. They’re all together negative, especially the prophecies that link with the end of times. The occult circles in Judaism, of which I speak, understand this process, these end time, messianic processes as an earth of blood and tears, a kind of delivery room where a birth takes place. The Messiah Ben David comes then when the earth bleeds. The dangerous thing about this position is that these circles believe and intend at the same time that they themselves have the mandate to implement the prophesies of the Bible into reality. They believe themselves to be the Messiah Ben Joseph. [* They are planning to slaughter us! They slaughtered 66 Million Russians, about 15 Million Germans in WW2 through their Allied “mercenaries” and after that country after country is torn and people are slaughtered under pretense by the American military which is a mercenary for the Jews as well.  There are Communist mercenaries from Eastern Europe and Russia all over the United States for decades, being put in place! Once they no longer need the American military, then America will also be slaughtered. That’s what it looks like to me. Why else do Russian mercenaries come here by the truckloads every week?]


A single, specific sect, from a conglomerate of sects, a large network called Lubovich, also Rabat, is so strong that it has billions of Dollars to spend each year, and that it has access at all times to the mansions of Europe, America, Russia and has immense influence in Israel.


1. By Israel Rabat this circuit is in turn to act via lobbies on America. 2. In addition to the Occult circles named as preamble Rassehin, there is in every single religion related sects with exact the same wish. [* The Muslim faith is indeed from the Old Testament.] They also align messianicly and are also convinced that it is given to them to force the history of the world according to biblical requirement and to let then let appear a messianic figure. [*gv: If Americans don’t get their heads out of the clouds, we are done for!] We have in Christianity Freemasonry, the Scottish Freemasonry, the upper grade Freemasons (Hochgradfreimaurerei.)

We have there the Sufie Brotherhood who thinks in Islam the same way and expects that when the time expires, history as it is prophesied in their writings will come to pass. They count on that again in the latter days the so-called Madi, an apocalyptic, messianic figure, will appear again. It was that there have been people in the environment, Occult types. In 1640, when the English Republic was in the time of Oliver Cromwell, there arose the Puritans, a very strong Old Testament, almost Jewish form of Christianity, who have gone to England

9:38 in order to find allies in their mind.

They came to Cromwell and talked with him, saying that England was chosen by the future vision of the Old Testament to its part implement the prophecy of the Bible into practice. [*It wasn’t Christians who did this!]

England had been virtually settled long ago by its own Israeli tribe. And this strain was Isaiah. And Isaiah is more or less a combination of the word Isles of the Sea. And this Isles of the Sea that would be England. England was a lost tribe basically and must take part in this momentous task, in the messianic task. England has accepted this task. It is a fact that the British royal family since then leads back to the root of David. It is a fact that the British royal family, when she walks to the coronation, has under her coronation chair a stone that Jacob had when he saw the heavenly ladder


and looked up to God in heaven. [*Oh, what BS!] There is a very strong biblical connection between the British Royal Family and the ways of Britain, and that is in Freemasonry. In those days,  this connection between the Occult Judeaism and Cromwell was taken up, and was at the same time Freemasonry


showing as the Rasitismus [?]  that occult Judaism, a secret society, an esoteric secret society which greatly explains its actions biblically. The Freemasons Noahides call themselves so they express that they accept the rule of the Jewish spirit and themselves ready to declare a lower folk religion…

I’ll stop the translation here as the essence should be clear. We gentiles are all in grave danger! First of all the Christians, including the ones who are running after the Jews, glorifying them. Sometimes people’s mindlessness is hard to bear!

Noahide Laws: The execution of Americans Coming - Jewish Noahide Laws signed by Pres. Bush [*probably hidden Jew], discovered by American Congressman. Here is his wife, Dr. Lorraine Day, explaining the deceptive Noahide Laws:

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For decades, the Jews rule the American (and worldwide) finances!

3 Decades of Jews running the US Finances

JFK warned about the GRAVE DANGER of the Secret (Jewish) Societies:

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Unfortunately, as many good Americans have, Eustace Mullins has been indoctrinated falsely about Hitler and the National Socialists (called Nazis) in school.  He probably does not read German or he would have long discovered in the old books in Germany early after the war, later forbidden in Germany, et al, that Germany is totally innocent and those who call themselves the victims are in reality the culprits. Communists always accuse others of what the Communists do wrong.

Initial List of 33 Degree Freemasons

 Introduction to Skull and Bones

TheTalmudUnmasked - Pranaitis189274P.

Talmuds Dirty Secret

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