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Extreme Electromagnetische Wellen Wissenschaft - zum Guten? Oder zum Boesen?

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WiFi SymbolProf. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl über die Bio-Resonanz (MAI 28, 2012)

Mobilfunk - Gefahr oder nicht?

Das sagt ein hochrangiger Physiker zum Mobilfunk…

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl: Skalarwellen & Potentialwirbel (Definition & Entstehung im 1.TZS)

Skalarwellen in der Medizin - Prof. Konstantin Meyl, Mysterien-Zyklus 2014

TV Gesundheit: Logitudinale Skalarwellen beeinflussen uns

Prof Dr Ing Meyl über SKALARWELLEN - Technik und MEDIENZENSUR - 9. AZK



Bewusst TV - Skalarwellen 1 von 2

Dr. Henning Witte

Bewusst TV - Skalarwellen 2/2

Dr. Henning Witte




Werner Altnickel - Erdbeben - HAARP - 2011

Partial translation, paraphrased: Japanese finance minister accuses on Saturday March 12 (year?) the U.S. to have caused on purpose the gigantic Tsunami in Japan with HAARP technology in 2011, Asia in 2004, earth quake in Japan 1995, China in 2008, Haiti in 2010, Chile in 2010 and New Zealand in 2011. On His website he writes the earth quakes in Japan were planned and executed in the USA, in Mexico and Nevada. The next target is the the New Madrid fault in the USA. These earth quakes come from criminal elements in the U.S. government that are according to the CIA in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada. “It’s all about a world government and the bankers,” said Rockefeller. Then Altnickel talks about the many Nuclear plants in Japan that are damaged. Many countries now have the HAARP tool. [Imagine that what this will lead to!] With the HAARP technology in Alaska (and also placed in other countries) they can shoot into the ionosphere. [I know they have done this and exploded up there many nuclear bombs; this is how destructive the natur of these people are. They are criminally insane.] The natural powers around the earth can be harvested by HAARP technology and used for destruction; [Of course it could be used for free energy, too, but they do not want this. They want to sell oil and electricity. I’ve only translated until minute 9] To make the technology simple: They shoot energy into the ionosphere to heat it up; that creates a bubble of energy collection and from there they can send the “energy”, i.e. the attack, onto a certain location around the globe [what develish idea!]. There are many other things that can be done with HAARP. There is no PROOF for this but this is what seems to be happening. “We have a weapon that can destroy all life on earth.” Chreschev. We have hope because some times Orders have been rejected, and we hope that more of this will happen before the whole earth will be destroyed. Everthing Holger Strom (Atomic energy expert) wrote in “Friedlich in die Katastrophe” has become true. He had to flee to Portugal.

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