The Russian Bread Basket Was German!

Millions of Germans (Russian citizens) lived in Russia since 1800. They built the Ukrainian bread basket and helped build St. Petersburg. 

typical Ukraine landscape###

Not a word do we ever hear about this in any history books in Europe or in the USA! That’s because they were murdered there BY THE JEWS!

The Ukrainian Germans were murdered there in the Ukraine or dumped on the Steppe of Siberia or hauled off to the death camps. The same happened to the Volga Germans, the Crimea Germans, the Germans in the Kazakhstan area and all of West Siberia. Hundreds of Thousands of them were deported to Siberia to die, were executed by the Soviets with fabricated reasons by the thousands at one time in all the thousands of German villages, were starved to death in the 20th and 30th, and were deported into one of the thousands of GULagas in the 30s dotting Russia. Those who remained in place, their land and their homes were taken from them, and they worked for the government for meager food. Any hiding of food was punished with death. Almost any infraction of the harsh rules was punished with execution. That’s Communism!

In 1900 there were about 1.5 Million Germans in the Ukraine alone. People had 8-12 children per family in those days. So when the Jews forced a famine upon the Ukraine and Russia in the 1920s and 1930s, many of the young people had married and had children themselves, so perhaps it was 3 Million Germans then, many who died in the famine.


Not a word is said that Millions of Germans were murdered by the Jews there. Do you think for one Moment that Adolf Hitler did not know this?! Did you think that Hitler did not know for one moment that the Soviet Jews with their Rosa Luxemburg, et all, were trying to overthrow Germany and make it into another Soviet Union. They even said so! And they Jews had already signed up Millions of desperate and starving Germans after WW1 for Communism. Not even the Russian-German organizations in Germany are allowed to say a word that it was the JEWS that were responsible for the death, murder, and executions in Russia. And nothing is said about the Jews by the American German-Russian societies in the United States, either.

When I tried to enlighten one of the American-Russian Associations, they asked me to stop sending them information. I guess for them the German-Russian culture is just a form of entertainment and they do not want to be disturbed in their ‘fun’ enterprise of what the Germans ate in Russia, what songs they sang, and how they celebrated Easter. All nice but that alone is not history. It’s a sad American mindset of picking out what delights them. I went to one of those Russian-American meetings, and I can tell you that I have nothing in common with those people. They are into this for retirement entertainment. If I had brought them the truth, they would have crucified me for disturbing their happiness. Americans don’t like “shit disturbers.” My God! Everybody just wants to believe what makes them feel good and comfortable. The Jews know this and they feed that comfort in entertainment to distract and mislead us. Everybody is afraid of the jews because when truth is told, the Jews try to take down the telling organizations, the businesses, the law firms, or punish the schools. THIS IS COMMUNISM, THE STIFLING OF FREE SPEECH! THERE IS A CONSPIRACY TO PROTECT THE CRIMES OF THE JEWS, BUT THIS IS BACKFIRING AND WILL COST US OUR LIVES, AS THE JEWS ARE PLANNING THE DEATH OF THE FREE UNITED STATES AND FREE EUROPE.




Ukraine’s Own Katyn

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