Cured of Cancer All Israelis! Gentiles Must Die!

Deutsch-English. I have no idea if this works, but I believe in Dr. Hamer 100%. I am not a medical scientist or doctor, but I am merely paraphrasing what Dr. Hamer claims: Pure Jews in Israel get cured of Cancer, per Dr. Hamer, at a rate of 95-99%. They are using Dr. Hamer’s method (forbidden in the West) and no chemo and no radiation. But the gentiles are “slaughtered” with chemo and radiation! (Chemo and radiation CAUSE CANCER.) The Cancer DEATH RATE in Germany WITH chemo and radiation is 98%, says Dr. Hamer (and similar in the U.S.) so just the reverse of Israel. The Israelis are applying the greatest discovery of mankind by German genius, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, his “Germanische Heilkunde” (New German Medicine) and that is the natural process of the body to heal without ‘medicine treatment’ but biological conflict resolution which caused the cancer in the first place. But it’s forbidden to be practiced by a physician in Germany, Europe, USA, etc. But in Israel it is ordered to be practiced, says Dr. Hamer! All of this has been kept a secret to the world by ‘eliminating’ German genius, Dr. Hamer, from the playing field in medicine for decades.

But the treatment and rate of cure in Israel only applies to ‘pure Jews, he says.’ The so-called ‘animals’, the goyim (per Talmud), the non-Jews, possibly the mixed Jews? in Israel get the mainstream medicine treatment with probably a similarly high death rate as Germany, and the U.S., of course, says Dr. Hamer.



It is acceptable to kill a non-Jew. Abhodah Zarah 26b

A Jew is not allowed to cure a non-Jew of any illness. Iore Dea 158, 1

With the medical industry vastly controlled by the Jews, what result will this have for us? Jews make sure Gentiles do not get well?

Realize, so-called Gentile, a larger percentage of doctors in oncology and in leading policy making positions in Medical centers and doctors’ offices are Jews. This scares me! The Jews say many things that indicate that they have our death in mind so they can be the only ones living on this planet, except for a few slaves. Jewish Hate Speech

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To put it simply (but it’s more complicated than this), there is a natural growth stage in the so-called ‘cancer’ and there is a natural disintegration stage. It’s a 2-stage natural process that Dr. Geerd Hamer has discovered and is the same in all diseases. One follows the other like daylight follows night time, unless there is medical interference. Good bye doctors and good bye pharma!!! It appears that’s why the Jews forbid medical doctors to practice it and ruined Dr. Hamer by defaming him and by pulling his medical license but heal pure Jews from cancer (for a long time secretly) with Dr. Hamer’s ‘New German Medicine.’  I have a German video by Dr. Hamer and a Journalist talking about the treatment in Israel on this site that proofs this. With medical treatment, things go haywire and more cancer cells grow or grow again if they were already beginning to disintegrate or would have disintegrated because chemo and radiation CAUSE CANCER (Dr. Lorraine Day).

That’s why all people who either unconsciously already dissolved the shock that caused the cancer in the first place or who consciously solve the shock they are hanging on to, will heal, says Dr. Hamer. If you believe in preventive medicine, then when they discover, for example, a ‘dot’ in your breast, and you take action against it, you are most likely setting yourself up for endless cell growth which they call cancer due to repeated psychological shock and shock to your body by treatment (interrupting the natural cycle of a disease process), and it is basically a death sentence. If you did not know about this tiny lump, the ‘dot’ most likely would have disintegrated some time down the road, even after cell growth for a while.  Dr. Geerd Hamer has discovered this natural body process after he had cancer (and after he had it cut out). His shock was the death of his son.  Resetting our minds about cancer and trusting this process requires full knowledge of the 5-biological laws (on this website) and a trust in one’s body’s intelligence instead of doctors’ ideas that often are only theories, says Dr. Hamer. Most people probably need some guidance and loving assistance from a person who understands and believes in Dr. Hamer’s “New German Medicine” in case of cancer or other serious illness as not to become discouraged when the symptoms of the illness become difficult to handle. Some pain medicine may become necessary but Morphine, for example, is not allowed, says Dr. Hamer, because it stops the healing and throws the person back to cancer cell growth. I’m not an expert in this, and might not fully grasp the basics of Dr. Hamer’s New German Medicine, so it’s necessary for the readers who are interested in this to fully educate themselves and take my words only as a GENERAL GUIDELINE to encourage the readers to further study this. If I had cancer, I would be very scared because of all the media about it for decades and so many people all around me dying. But I believe, from what I know, that rather then going to chemo and radiation, I would go for the natural treatment. I have a very strong believe in the body being able to heal itself for the most part.



Please note, the German New Medicine by Dr. Hamer has been HIJACKED by antagonists, and he has been defamed on ‘Jewish media tool’ Wiki. (22,000 agents active everywhere on the internet hired by Israel. - per Dr. L. Day to remove truth and replace it with lies.) These antagonists even wrote books about the German New Medicine by Dr. Hamer with distorted claims and methods that will not lead to healing in order to defame Dr. Hamer and make money at it. We are in an all out psychological war on all ends to destroy our confidence, our hope, our values, etc. There is much at stake with Dr. Hamer’s discovery. The whole Western Pharma industry would go DOWN if Dr. Hamer’s discovery would be accepted by the Universities (often have Jewish leaders). Dr. Hamer presented his discovery decades ago to his Jewish professor at his university in Germany and the Jewish professor rejected his findings. Dr. Hamer’s discovery was then ‘reviewed’ by a team of professors (all Jews) who rejected his findings also. But Dr. Hamer’s method was secretly applied to the Jews in Israel. How about that?! That’s what Dr. Hamer says.

On a personal note, I’ve recently been told by someone that while she was in a vulnerable position in the hospital for surgery of non-cancer, she was told she had lung cancer. (Normally causes a survival Shock syndrome which could cause cancer) She did not believe them and ‘fled’ the hospital. She is alive and well without any cancer treatment for 10 years now. I myself, in a similar position, in the emergency room for very serious non-cancer surgery was told by an emergency doctor who looked at the CT scan that night that I have cancer in another part of my body. (Survival shock syndrome which causes cancer.) But I was not shocked as I already knew through Dr. Lorraine Day about the cancer game that’s being played. I did not believe him (intuitively) and basically told him ‘to keep his cancer treatment.’ It turned out a week later in my follow up appointment with my surgeon that no cancer grows showed up on the organ the emergency doctor claimed had cancer. My intuition about that emergency doctor was right! I totally trust my surgeon. But I must say, generally, I no longer trust the medical system and some doctors, and I am afraid of these diagnostic methods.  Not that all of the doctors are evil, most of them are not, of course, but that they have orders from above to apply certain methods and prescribe certain medications to make money for the medical system, or they are eventually out of a job. And these methods might have sinister aims from above.  In fact, I have to admit that I believe that ‘the methods from way above’ are sinister and about more than just making money of us poor sheep. This is because I  know what was/is really done to the German people in and for many years after WWII and what was done to the Russian people by the Jews to eliminate tens of millions of mostly white people. So I no longer trust Jews; it’s a natural reaction to my knowledge.

The more doctors follow the rules from above, the more medicine they prescribe, the more costly treatments they give, the more successful the doctors are. With interns having education bills that go into the 100 thousands, they are trapped to do what is requested. I’ve had many good experiences with doctors regarding my treatment but also some bad experiences, including what I consider to be torture. Someone else also told me about torture and emotional abuse at the hand of a doctor. One must be CONSCIOUS, informed about the way the body works, think outside of the box, keep one’s eyes open and fight for one’s best treatment, in many cases of illness probably no treatment at all, letting the body go through its healing process. AND MOST OF ALL NO RUSH DECISION MAKING WHEN ONE IS SO UPSET AFTER THE CANCER DIAGNOSIS. ONE HAS LOTS OF TIME SAY ALTERNATIVE DOCTORS TO CHOOSE CAREFULLY. That’s what I believe. Otherwise, with cancer one has a 98% chance of ending up dead, if not right away then after 5 years. (I understand that people who die after 5 years are removed from the death reports which skews the actual numbers significantly.)  I of German blood, must also consider that most oncologists are Jews (at least in Germany - how is it in the U.S.?) and the Jewish Talmud teaches hate against gentiles and revenge. (Not that we have done anything-just the other way around-terrible genocide has been done to us Germans by the Jews or caused by the Jews.) How can I trust a Jew who lives by the murder and hate book, the Talmud, and is taught that we gentiles only live for the ( financial) benefit of the Jews and that we are animals, and that they do not have to help a sick gentile, let alone a German???!!! I’m expressing my ways of thinking and no one has to follow it, of course. ALL THIS HERE IS MY OPINION AND THE OPINION OF DR. HAMER AND DR. LORRAINE DAY, TO SOME EXTEND. Everybody has to check out the facts themselves. They are available on the internet and in books.



Research money for what? The medical system still applies the same barbaric methods of chemotherapy and radiation, both disfiguring and killing. And for that “great treatment” they collect billions through the American Cancer Society.  They have the whole population brainwashed that the ACS is a “great healer.” Well!?  But ask the question: Are they really? With a 98% death rate from the treatment of mainstream medicine already for decades?! In my opinion, a great helper is Dr. Geerd Hamer! But he would bring Big Pharmacy down along with the mainstream medical approach, and the American Cancer Society for failing us! Dr. Hamer’s knowledge cannot be allowed to be practiced for the gentiles in their greed! For profits of billions of Dollars, Millions of people MUST DIE every year! And most likely for other reasons, too.

Of course I could be wrong, but I believe now in he body’s incredible methods of self-defense and healing. For example, it encapsulates cancer growth many times in a lump to isolate it and then dis-integrates it slowly with good bacteria eating away the bad bacteria inside of the lump. This is what Dr. Hamer teaches. (Maybe that’s why Dr. Simoncini claims cancer is a fungus?! See his videos on the Internet.)  Healing takes time and might be very painful in some cases. My experience is, any healing always takes patience and trust in the body’s intelligence and love for survival.  Please watch the English-sub-titled or English videos below and read Dr. Hamer’s English version of the 5 Biological Laws. Best done while healthy due to the shock of being diagnosed with cancer believing one has not much to hope for.

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However, I have some complaints about this video: First of all, some people on this video are not standing by the suffering of Dr. Hamer enough. Secondly, they say that it is not forbidden by physicians to practice New German Medicine in Germany. That cannot be correct, because those who do can be prosecuted for giving the people the wrong treatment, and furthermore all medical centers require their physicians to practice mainstream medicine (chemo and radiation) for cancer.  And only healing practitioners teach the program, not physicians. They cannot apply it, just teach it and guide. That’s ok, as the patient under guidance can practice it. They might be physicians, but cannot practice New German Medicine in the position of physicians. And physicians who belong to a medical center must offer chemo and radiation! So I am unclear as to where this info on their video comes from. I am not in Germany, so I cannot check this out. In any case, I trust noble Dr. Hamer before anyone else. “They” did take Dr. Hamer’s medical license away, threatened his life, defamed him and so ruined him financially, yet they secretly practiced his discover in Israel for decades. He healed many people (actually they healed themselves) by explaining to them the New German Medicine and guiding them through the process of healing, rejecting chemo and radiation. Before his discovery, Dr. Hamer had cancer, which brought him to the path of his discovery. He had surgery but rejected chemo and radiation. That was decades ago.

“Chemo and radiation causes cancer! Doctors cannot cure cancer and get cancer at the same rate as the general population.” Dr. Lorraine Day, who cured herself of cancer through her own program:


Dr Hamer Interview on New Book

Dr. Geerd Hamer


Excerpt from Dr. Geerd Hamer’s German Interview January 14, 2010, (below) with Munich Journalist Hagmann about the Israelis’ 1% cancer death rate versus the rest of the population’s 98% cancer death rate, translated by

[*comments by]

Hagmann: of 100,000 Israeli cancer patients die 150 people!

Dr. Hamer: “Today they published that 125 die.”

They argue back and forth about how many die (1% or 5%) and a woman shows the Israeli embassy document in support of Dr. Hamer. They argue about when the numbers were published:

Numbers are of 14 Jan 2010 by the embassy of the State of Israel; here it says 152 of 100,000 die - published in the Newspaper Haaretz.

Hamer: “Mr. Hagmann’s objection is irrelevant because both the paper Haaretz and the Israeli Embassy say that in Israel the death rate of cancer is under 1%. [They show the document statement on the video.]

The Australian and American Studies give a 98% death rate of the Americans and Australians.”

So Hagmann does not agree with this but Hamer has the numbers, he says.

So the journalist Hagmann says: “We are not here to discuss numbers… (!?) [*now that he is losing] So why do the Israelis not die of cancer at a high rate while all the others do?”

Hamer: “Because they use the Germanische Neue Medizin (New German Medicine).”

Hagmann: “But they do not say that they use the Germanische Neue Medizin.”

Hamer: “That’s a secret. But they use it. Professor Joav Merrick from the Ben Gurion [*I think that’s what he says] University, Beer-Sheva, Israel acknowledged this.” [They show the statement on the video.]

Hagmann: “So what is the purpose that the rest of the world doesn’t use it [the New German Medicine]?”

Hamer: “It’s my question to you. Why? … Let’s just assume 5% of Israelis die [as you insist]… then I wonder why 98% of all the others [gentiles] must die?! All the others use chemo [*must use it!] and the Israelis use German New Medicine. That is known that the Israelis do this. The upper Rabbi ___________[can’t understand name] announced that in Paris, and the most high Rabbi, Schneerson, ordered it [that all Israelis must be treated with it], already since 1981. [There is long ago correspondence going on between Dr. Hamer and the Israeli leadership in Germany about them using his method and the Germans not being allowed to use it.]

Hamer is repeating the question…”Let’s just say 5% of Israelis die of cancer, then why must 98% of all the others [gentiles] die?”

Journalist keeps side-tracking.

Hamer repeats: “In Israel of the [cancer] patients die 1%… some say 5%, but here [in Germany] all our statistics say 98% of Germans die with chemo. And the Israelis die, without chemo, at a rate of 1-5%. Please answer my question, how can this be?”

Journalist argues… [I can’t understand what he says]…apparently he is trying to get Hamer to say something anti-Semitic by accusing the Jews of something, so Dr. Hamer can be prosecuted.

Hamer: “The Bavarian Radio [All media in Germany is Jewish run] has terrorized me for 29 years from morning to night: They call out: “Magician, charlatan, lock him up, beat him to the ground.” Yes the Bavarian Radio says this, all the Radios, RTL, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, etc., and they said that this [New German Medicine] is all wrong, “He is a charlatan we must use the good chemo.” And now we are finding out the Israelis have used no chemo for 29 years! They have always used German New Medicine. What is this all about?

Now the journalist starts arguing again about the 1% and 5% Israeli death rate to distract because he cannot answer the question. Then he says:

Hagmann: “So what is the German New Medicine?”

Hamer: “It is a “medicine” that does not have a hypothesis. It’s a medicine that has recognized the natural process and we can work as natural scientists. We can reproduce every single case. “Here the video ends. Here is the video in German:

Many of Dr. Hamer’s Writings are available on the bottom of the page.



ENGLISH: Jo Conrad and Harald Baumann:


Here in pdf is the ENGLISH ebook of Dr. Geerd Hamer’s presentation that explains how intelligent the body is and how it creates disease in reaction to stress, etc., cancer in reaction to shock, and how the body dissolves cancer in natural ways when the shock is dissolved but causes pain and discomfort in the healing process, at which time the patient, unfortunately, runs to a doctor and gets medicine which will block the healing and proliferates cancer and illness.

(ebook - English) Ryke Hamer - Presentation 5 Biological Natural Laws GNM (2006)

Learn more here: Cancer-Krebs-Healed-Geheilt

“The Ultimate Conspiracy” by James McCumiskey

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English Website of Dr. Hamer

 Videos YouTube - Harald Baumann - probably all in German

Many videos of Harald Baumann - Teacher of New German Medicine

Cancer Income: What’s 16 Million times 280 Euros per head = 4,480,000,000 Euros

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 Documents - most in German

Germanische Neue Medizin 5 Bilog. Naturgesetze (2006)

Praesentation Germanische Neue Medizin Madrid inkl. Verifikation (2005)

Ryke Geerd Hamer - Eine Einfuehrung in die neue Medizin (2000)

Ryke Geerd Hamer - Vermaechtnis einer Neuen Medizin - Teil 1 (1999)

Ryke Geerd Hamer - Vermaechtnis einer Neuen Medizin - Teil 2 (1999)

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