Essential Sequence - the general sequence that led to WWII. The conflict between Germany and Poland was local, not international. Poland was the aggressor toward Germany in many instances since WWI. England and France had no business protecting the Poles in their aggression against the Germans. It was highly unjust as Germany had no aggression toward Poland. But the purpose of Poland’s protection was planned to create WWII by Brittain and France. The whole WWII was set up by isolating Germany by using coercion in many countries to follow England because it was the most powerful country.

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This is just a general sequence and might not be in exact order.

Germany’s Success rouses England to War against Germany: 

*In 1871 The many German Kingdoms Unite into one Great Reich - The power hungry leaders of England do not like it

*The growth and success of Germany empire rouses England’s desire to tear up the German empire as announced in the media

*The Bagdad Bahn - Germany’s plan for a railway to Iraq

*England obstracts Germany’s railroad plan to Iraq when oil is discovered and edges Germany out

*The new German commercial fleet for her export - an eyesore to the British “King of the Sea”

*Jewish-led hate propaganda in the British Press against Germany to affect her commercial success negatively

*Hate in the British Media escalates to smash Germany’s commercial success, accusing Germany of evil deeds to create hate in the hearts of people against Germans around the world to prepare for war alignment with England against Germany

*Germany did not start WWI -did not want a war - and Russian troops simply marched into Germany

*Germany won WWI in Europe but the United States interfered in a deal with the Jews and Germany was smashed

*Germany was made the scapegoat per Jewish means of accusing the innocent - an ancient and ever more practiced habit of the Jews to keep Germany weak - it has now been admitted by the Jews that Germany was innocent of WWI

*Versailles Diktat - German turned into a slave of the Allied occupation - Jews and other Allied occupiers having 40-60% of the jobs to keep the German empire weak. Further Germany’s land is chopped up and big parts given away. Germany is occupied to keep her weak. The parasites have settled onto Germany and are sucking her dry. Over 1 Million Germans starve to death due to a British food blockade

*Many territories ripped from Germany after the war and given away - in particular large land masses with Germans on them were given to Poland - but Poland is never satisfied and keeps aggrevating Germany

*Over 1 Million of Germans driven off their homeland in 1918 by the Poles - robbed of their land and homes - fleeing to Germany with just their clothes on their backs

*Russia usurped by the Jews - Millions of Russian citizens of several races murdered, including Germans

*1918 Attempt by the Jewish Communists to overthrow Germany and make it into a slave state like Russia when the Jews usurped it and made it Bolshevistic eliminating 40 Million Russian citizens

*Adolf Hitler sees the Bolshevik and Jewish connection and the threat to mankind and points it out in his book “Mein Kampf”

*Adolf Hitler makes his speech to vouch for his party, the NSDAP:

1932_07_15 Hitler Appell an die Nation AH - PDF - Teutonicaworld

*January 1933, Adolf Hitler wins against the large Jewish lead Communist party of Millions of members in Germany

NSDAP Wesen – Grundsaetze – Ziele – A. Rosenberg

*1939 - Intensified Polish aggression to drive Germany into a war to take even more land from her - tenth of thousands of ethnic Germans tortured to death by the Poles, especially in the month of August.

*By 1940 The Soviet Union run by the Communist Jews have murdered 40,000,000 of their own citizens

*Adolf Hitler tries on an ongoing basis to work out access to the German city of Danzig trapped in Polish territory - he gets the run around by Poland and England

*After ongoing attacks on the German border patrol and murdering Germans living in Poland by the border, the Poles enter Germany Territory this time in their attack.

Hitler moves in on Poland and here is his speech regarding this:

Returning Fire on Poland 1 Sept 1939 AH - PDF - Teutonicaworld

Poland We are shooting Back-Speech

England wollte den Krieg - AH - 8 Nov 1939

England wanted war - 30. Jan. 1940


Roosevelt’s Deception

The map speech - Roosevelt falsely claims he found a map

The US attacks many German ships in international waters

Adolf Hitler declares war on the US in order to defend his ships:

Adolf Hitler Declares War on USA - PDF

USA attacked Germany 1941 Speech


Rudolf Hess goes on a peace mission to England but instead is incarcerated for the rest of his life by the British and then murdered  to silence the truth as his son was working on his release from prison

Rudolf Hess Flug nach England Friedensplan