America Like Germany is Going Down

The International Criminal Gang takes over slowly (e.g., U.S.A.) or quickly (e.g., Ukraine, Iraq), depending on the political situation and what they can get away with at the time. In the U.S. and Germany the takeover has been done more or less secretly until more recently. Those who exposed the Communist takeover in the U.S. years ago were censored, lost their teaching credentials, were defamed, were excluded from the mainstream media and politics and sometimes were ‘suicided’, had an ‘accident’ or were openly murdered to discourage the rest.

The U.S. has been slowly taken over by the Jews and their henchmen since President Wilson (a bought man, as he had something to hide), who was the initiator of giving world power to the Jews by supporting the Communist Jews (Soviets) who had overthrown Russia. Wilson had the U.S. enter WW1 and fight for the Communist nation Russia against the Christian nation, Germany. (Actually the Jews already started the takeover of the U.S. with the American Revolution which they initiated to steal the prosperous South from white America, and it was not about the black slaves who were imported by the Jews in the first place and primarily held by them.) Wilson was the tool to destroy the most prosperous nation, Germany, so the Jews could totally infest it and eat it up. Germany, ever since then, except for Adolf Hitler’s reign, has become the milk cow for the Jews because the Germans are such great workers and innovators. All the cream is sucked off Germany and divided among the main Allied Criminal Gang. With taxes and reparation payments, Germany has been exploited for about 100 years by the Allies, and held down to a minimum development. WW2 was a continuation of WW1 to finish off the Germans by taking away their sovereignty. Some Germans call both wars and the time span in between “the second 30-year war.”

To hide the intensified Jewish world takeover for a good 100 years now, the heinous crimes of the Jews and their Allied puppets, the genocide of the Russian civilians and German civilians, the International Criminal Gang points the finger at the Germans to distract from the real criminals the Jews and the Allied governments. Germany has become the sacrificial lamb, accused of the crimes actually the Allies and Jews committed: GENOCIDE!!!  The soul of the children of the world, and especially of the German children, has been taken over already in early childhood with books, games, movies, and media of all types with lies and deception  in every area of our society so that the International Criminal Gang can breed a society of ignorants who can easily be exploited and enslaved in adulthood with more lies and deception.

The war of the parasites by formerly hidden but now blatantly becoming obvious Jewish leaders in Germany since the end of WW1 – then interrupted by Adolf Hitler – and continued after WW2 under the control of the Allies, primarily the U.S. continuous on to this day and is becoming every more mocking. The psychological war against the German people is going on for about 140 years through Jewish media by the means of defamation, lies, accusation, false history, destroying true history books, defaming great German personalities, honoring Stalin in schools, sexual perversion, arresting truth speakers, murder, ‘suiciding’, imprisonment, financial ruin, and endless and outrageous MOCKING of the German people. The Americans are a great help in the destruction of the German people due to their ignorance of true European history and can be told anything and they believe it. I know this is a fact because I deal with Americans every day. Americans do not want to know the truth. They are more comfortable with the lies.


The Germans were Prometheus who stole the fire back for mankind.


But mankind would not have it!