Swastika - Hakenkreuz

The Bible in Germany is called Heil-Geschichte, meaning healing history, or history that brings healing.




Contrary to the defamation, the Swastika is not an evil symbol but a symbol of Love and SchwarzkuemmelblueteWell Being or Healing. Please also watch the fascinating video at the bottom of Swastikas all over the world brought to those places by the ancient Nordic tribes.

It is the symbol of the Nordic Race, namely the White Race which came from

New Years

far North, around Scotland, in ancient times. German mythology tells that due to catastrophic climate conditions, the Nordic tribes were forced to migrate south into central Europe where Germany is located. From there they migrated all over the world and brought their culture and their symbols with them (determined by excavations). After much adventure and misadventure they migrated back to the North. The Nordic people are primarily represented in the Germans, Scottish, Irish, but also in the Southern English, Southern Scandinavians, Danish, etc.

Card inscription: Kindest Regards- And Greetings gay- Much joy to you- this New Year’s Day. 

The Swastika, just like the German language, resonates with the genetic makeup of the Germans and Northern people. In order to destroy this harmony and our ancient culture, the swastika symbol is defamed and the German language is blotted out in the United States. With this, the enemies of the Germans hope to have another means to destroy the spirit of the Nordic tribes.

Ca. 1907 or  1908

These pictures of pretty swastika cards are courtesy of Lavone D.

A diamond inside a horseshoe at the top, hearts pierced together in Love, the earth representing Life, and a sunrise for Light.   This special card gives us a good look at how the swastika was used by the Victorian postcard designers to send good wishes across the miles.



Germany Meteorite  click      Here is a 2,000 year old Buddha with a Swastika symbol.


Germanic Grave Stone 700 A.D. of the Goths, a Germanic tribe

The reason the Allied Powers are forbidding the Hakenkreuz (swastika) in Germany is a concerted effort by those who hate Germans to destroy the German culture and have the Jewish-American culture dominate the Germans, re-educating them with false history and values that are not Germanic-Christian.

FinAirForceSwastika    click

Police in Finland adopting the Nordic Symbol.

 Northern East Indians and Persians often are of the Aryan race, a branch of the Nordic tribes.


Indian God Ganesh

ca. 1908 or 1918 Swastika Postcards



The swastika was a good luck symbol long before the NS adopted it.  It goes back thousands of years.

Victorian postcards often included swastikas as messages of good luck. Bringing the swastika back, the NS of Germany reasserted their desire to express their own culture rather than an imposed Jewish culture.


Klee Swast8

The poetry on  this postcard introduces us to the “ancient cross” as a symbol of “fortune’s reign” and sends the recipient blessings.  This postcard has a golden swastika on top of a four-leaf clover, another long-established symbol of  good luck that we often see on antique postcards.

This pretty lady is surrounded by a border of golden swastikas on a birthday postcard with fancy lettering and-again-green four-leaf clovers. The artwork is signed HBG for the artist H.B. Griggs. pretty lady 2

3 tier 2
Here are three birthday greetings from a pretty floral set, flowers bursting out of envelopes, enhanced with a golden border that has a swastika in each corner.  Rich embossing on this set, plus vivid colors, make the cards eye-catching.

These good luck ‘pennies’ were enclosed in Windsor salt boxes.

health swastika

Here we have another greeting postcard with a large swastika - from a set that has a candy-colored border,  golden edge and scrolls on big bouquets of flowers.  This card also benefits from strong embossing.

sincere regards2

 Victorian greeting postcards that feature clasped hands indicate affection, as shown here with his-and-hers hands connected above golden textured hearts with forget-me-not borders.  Red swastikas at the top corners add another bright visual touch.  This card has rich embossing.



250 Russische Rubel - 1917 - mit Hakenkreuzen

250 Russische Rubel - 1917 - mit Hakenkreuzen

please watch this phantastic video!

Swastikas - Hakenkreuze aus der ganzen Welt - Picture Video

Hakenkreuz ist Liebe

Die Hakenkreuzluege!-posting



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