Soul Murder

When one knows, like I do, that the Holocaust Religion has at its core the DESTRUCTION OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, that the Holocaust religion is SOUL MURDER OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, and anyone who is German is effected by this, then it is about the RIGHT OF RESISTANCE. …

The 1. Target are the Germans in Germany

The 2. Target are the Germans worldwide

The 3. Target are all Whites

The 4. Target are the rest of the people of this world, depending on where the International Criminal Gang wants to rape, rob, torture and murder to gain the most profit at a certain time.

Soul Murder of the German People

Attorney Horst Mahler – Response to his incarceration of February 25, 2009

[*Horst Mahler, born in 1936, received a Judgment of 12 years of prison for “Agitating the Nation, under the ‘German’ Law called ‘Volksverhetzung’ and Paragraph 130, etc., instilled by the Jews. He got this sentence for speaking up against the Holocaust lie to the German nation on the internet or in other writings. Horst Mahler was once a Communist and fought what he thought was the ‘evil’ Germans because he had believed the Holocaust was true.]

Translated by germanvictims. com. - [*comments by]

Horst Mahler: I’m sending this from prison now since I had no chance to speak with the Public. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you briefly one more time what this is all about. I am now convicted and in prison. Many reproach me, “Why did you ‘do this’ [*meaning insisting that the Jewish Holocaust is false] - you could be much more useful on the outside, and now you are gone, and no one will benefit!”

And I am responding, that this is a completely misguided view. It is not about them taking our right for freedom of expression away, one could even live with that. Whether I give my opinion or not, that would not move the world too much. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE RIGHT TO SPEAK MY OPINION! IT IS NOT ABOUT THE FREEDOM TO HAVE A VIEW AND EXPRESS THAT VIEW.

When one knows, like I do, that the Holocaust Religion has at its core the DESTRUCTION OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, that the Holocaust religion is SOUL MURDER OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE, and anyone who is German is effected by this, then it is about the RIGHT OF RESISTANCE.

How can they expect of us to let ourselves be MURDERED without resistance? For them to exterminate our soul? Who will substantiate with lawful arguments that this could be a criminal activity?

We as the people are a creature. We have a soul. We are spiritual beings. And the surest method to extinguish a spiritual being is to destroy his spirit, his soul, so that we no longer know who we are. And exactly this is the strategy of our enemy. And when you force upon us not to question this Holocaust religion, not to assert that this Holocaust has not happened as you claim it did and for that reason cannot be proven, and that we are expected to swallow that, then we know who is speaking to us, a MURDERER. AN ALL PEOPLES’ MURDERER. So then I do not listen to his arguments but look for the path to remove him from the power he has over us. AND THE ONE AND ONLY WEAPON WE HAVE AVAILABLE IS THE TRUTH.

The peculiarity of my life story is that I went into Politics in quiet furious ways, all the way to the Red Army faction that had prescribed itself to the concept of an armed fight against this system, speaking just generally. And the reason that moved us to take this path was our believe in the Holocaust. We believed what was said, what we were taught in school about the German people, or rather its history under the National Socialist government. What they taught us in school, and what they disseminated in the media is what I had internalized. I was looking for a way to break out of this guilt complex. I do not want to elaborate details of the development of my views here as it’s a different subject. Important is only that I believed in the Holocaust, and was one day in a certain situation where I was confronted with the question whether I, as a lawyer and defense attorney, would represent a German, named Renike (?), who was accused of Holocaust denial and charged. And, of course, when I am asked this as a lawyer [by a defendant], then, naturally, I will say: “Yes, I will defend you.” And it was then a necessity and also a demand to engage myself intensely with the discovery of the facts and the alleged evidence for this occurrence that we call Holocaust. And I found out there is no evidence. There is only a statement that it happened. And I found out that the claim was examined sufficiently and that no other historical phenomena was examined more thoroughly than this Holocaust claim. It’s a flat out lie! And when the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Germany) says there are thousands of witnesses who claim there was a Holocaust, than this is a lie.

And the Federal Court is, of course, aware of this. And since we are not a sovereign country, [*under U.S. occupation] but, as Carlo Schmitt in his speech as one of the founding fathers of the German Constitution said, ‘the Bundesrepublik is not a state but only the organizational form of a modality of foreign rulership, and all institutions these foreign masters have forced on us as ‘constitutional law’ have legally no meaning, whatsoever.’ Those the express words of Carlo Schmitt, Professor for International and Constitutional Law.

And then, when you ask yourself whether the rights of the victors, or rather THE victor of WWII – since there is only one and that’s the Jew – has not ensured that the foundation of their world reign be established, namely the Holocaust religion, untouchable and absolutely protected. So, when the Jews realized this interest with the formation of the Bundesrepublik – then we knew that the Federal Court – which also keeps alive certain means of jurisprudence so that life goes on – at its core has the mandate of the foreign rule, the foundation of the foreign rule, the Holocaust religion, and is to protect it under all circumstances, no matter what the cost is.

And only an appearance of a rightful state, and an appearance of granting a rightful justice is propped up, but in reality nothing else happens here but the wanton destruction of all livelihood of the German people by this SOUL MURDER and that the Federal Courts play a central role in this. For how dumb would we have to judge our mighty enemy if he had not set up this provision for the conservation of his supremacy over us. He did not unleash this war in any form against us in order to give up - after victory against us by material weapons - his pursuit of his war goal against us in order to form an independent constitutionally-minded justice system and to give us the opportunity to free us from the lie by means of examination in a court procedure. That’s not how stupid our enemy is. He made sure, and he knows how to apply threats, that this ‘justice’ in this question is absolutely indiscriminate.

And here is the question to every single one” Who – and I ask to think real freely here if this is the case - what will follow from this without being cast in stone – who is of the opinion that in the pursuit of a war goal there is a SOUL MURDER applied to the German people by our enemy, and that every German is effected by this assassination. [*I KNOW it is a soul murder because I once experienced it.] Can one expect from a German that he subjugates himself to this prohibition to dispute the Holocaust, instead of shouting: “There is an attack on the German people with the goal of soul murder that effects all of us.” What kind of worthless human being would I be, to stay knowingly silent? Where I would sit in my lounge chair and wait and hope that perhaps someday the truth will come to light. No, everyone is called upon. We have a law, the command to ‘Assist with Emergency Help.’ In our legal system we have a law ‘Right for Self-Defense.’ In our law there is a precept to ‘Give Assistance’ when someone is in danger, and a person can be penalized if he refuses help; that’s the ‘Neglecting Assistance’ law. I would become guilty under the ‘Neglecting Assistance’ law for the German people, my people, in the knowledge of the fact that the Holocaust, as they claim it, did not exist. If I remained silent and avoided to give assistance, THEN I would be a criminal.

Now it’s not about that we now should ‘do something,’ to get more party members, or to establish a party, and then to get rid of this law through the Bundestag. No, what we solely can do, I alone, I must do. And I alone, dependent only upon myself, can only speak the truth. Again and again. And I have sworn the holy oath that on the internet, in other words in public, I will not stand back, and wherever I have the opportunity to speak this TRUTH I will, again and again. THE HOLOCAUST IS A LIE. THE ASSERTION THAT IT HAS BEEN PROVEN IS A LIE. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

That what Bishop Richard Williams told me is exactly that which I have noticed: ‘I went from believing in the Holocaust to getting into a situation where I had to deal with the evidence. I found out that there is no evidence available.’ There are several court cases that have been taken place, also the writing of a Professor of History, Jackschitz (sp?) in Vienna, who had exactly the same experience. He also said, ‘Well, everyone knows about it [*the Holocaust], and I made the assumption it would be very easy to bring this to the court who had asked him to provide the information that the Holocaust is a historical event. Then he worked on it for 3 years with this court order to examine the issue. He researched all the literature and after 3 years he writes to the courts that the original assertion [*that the Holocaust exists] can no longer be held up. He came expressly to the conclusion, according to his knowledge, that it is now no longer legal when by the rule of law benchmarks are established to claim the Holocaust as obvious and as the base for a conviction in court. There is Jackschitz, there is Williamson, it will be more in the future, very many, who have this knowledge. It is all about applying self-defense. I, as a German am affected by attack [*Holocaust lie and conviction] and the German people, as a whole, are in a situation where they not only have the right to practice self-defense but are obligated to it. We as people in the center of Europe with the cultural substance that we have inside of us, have the duty to resist their efforts to murder our SOUL, to destroy our spiritual being and with that to wipe us out. THIS IS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. I am not waiting for others to do this, I do it myself. I speak the truth the way truth reveals itself to me. And this truth is: THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST, THEREFORE WE CANNOT FIND ANY EVIDENCE. THERE IS ONLY THAT WHICH IS HAMMERED INTO OUR HEADS BY THE JEWIS MEDIA, AND THEIR ASSERTION THAT THERE WAS A HOLOCAUST, AND THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF PROOFS, AND HE WHO ACCEPTS THIS WITHOUT EXAMINING IT HIMSELF, IS COMMITTING A CRIME AGAINST THE GERMAN PEOPLE.

The first ones to mention as criminals are the uppermost judges [*often Jews] that make all the decisions for the lower courts and force the basis that the Holocaust is obvious [*meaning it does not need to be proven by the courts]. It’s not only bending the law, but it’s the tool for soul murder of the German people. The Red Robes in Karlsruhe are guilty of this x-times. I will say it again and again - and as I am in custody – I have here about 12 years of incarceration before me – and what the result of this will be – I am 73 years old – this is as life sentence – and this is exactly their practice: In Germany there is practically a life-sentence for anyone who does not subjugate himself to the lie. The Jews of course make us an offer, that by subjugating us to the lie, we have an opportunity to not have any more difficulties with the law in the future – and that’s the goal of our enemies [*to give us a life sentence otherwise – because after people come out, they accuse them of old statements from years before and put them back in jail-and this goes on indefinitely. People need to know that when the court accuses a person of Holocaust denial there is no defense, whatsoever. And to the defendant, the court does not have to prove the Holocaust just say: “The Holocaust Exists because it is Said So!” This is Communist Germany!]

But he who feels and is convinced that his life is not worth living if he subjugates himself to the lie, he disappears behind bars for life, and because I, in many cases, have said these things publicly with the knowledge that their bat will come swinging at me, and they will find ways to put me away for the rest of my life. It had to be shown [*to the public] that they really do this. The Germans are in a situation where they can rot in jail for life if they do not subjugate themselves to the lie. AND HERE I SAY, WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN TO US, I CAN SAY THIS IN THE NAME OF MATTHEW: “WHOEVER DOES NOT TAKE UP THEIR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME, IS NOT WORTHY OF ME.”


I am confident that destiny will change soon. The battle is raging regarding the proof ability of the Holocaust in the Catholic Church – that is a power, as much as it has been undermined by the Jews. The Catholic Church with 1 Billion and a few hundred Million of believers is a factor. To lay a hand on that, the Jews will fail. They will meet their Waterloo.

Once this discussion started, it can no longer be stopped. And when it comes to the point when the current Pope, because of the situation of Bishop Williamson, will be forced to either excommunicate Williamson again, which is what the boss of the ADL demands, or otherwise Pope Benedict will have to leave the Papal Chair, in other words, resign, this will be a shock to the Catholic world and the truth will come to the surface.

Faith is built on the rock of TRUTH. Truth makes us free. And the will to be free becomes stronger and overpowering, and we will win. And that’s why I say: What I could do, I have done. To do more was not possible. But this may be an example. I’ve always said, we have to do the easiest revolution of world history. We need only a few thousand who stand up and speak the truth so openly and unequivocally the way Bishop Williamson did, as I have tried to do, and a few others that now have selfreported after they read the book by Germar Rudolf “Vorlesungen ueber den Holocaust” and distributed it.

The defeat of the Jews is unavoidable. The victory of truth assures certainty. What is uncertain, is the time that will pass and the conditional situation that will permit the victory of truth. We will see. We are in a collapse mode of the world financial system, the power phase of the Jews, the worldly reign of their god, Yahweh, in other words Mammon, has been stabbed in the heart by the collapse of the banking system. The Jewish power is the power over money, and with that the power over the press. They are now losing the power over the money, and then they will lose the power over the press. And then they stand there wretchedly, and then they should be glad when we understand their biblical meaning regarding their destruction works, as part of the way of God through the world to himself - and them learning to understand themselves as the Biblical Satan. And for him to respect the knowledge that we, through our deed to carry the truth to the world, will have redeemed him. The Jews are in very great need to be redeemed. And one day they will be grateful to us for that.

Source: Translated by from Stellungnahme zur Verhaftung vom 25. Februar 2009 – video recording

Horst Mahler - Stellungnahme zur Verhaftung vom 25. Februar 2009

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