For the White Race

It’s been a 100-year war against Germany to bring the empire down. The Allies are still at war with us Germans while we are their work and tax slaves. We bring them good income because we are smart, organized, intelligent… but we are slaves since 1945. And that’s the only reason they keep us alive, because, they are still at war with us. We have no freedom of speech. We are their milk cow. Our country was forced into war, and our honorable German soldiers who fought obeying the Geneva Convention were faced with savages from all directions who didn’t give an iota about honorable battle. Too many evil empires encircled us to destroy us, some out of envy, some out of hate planted in them with lies, and some out of greed. And some because of a 2,000 year old plan. This Satan set this plan up,  and there was no escaping it.

I have learned recently that the Catholic Church has played a major role in destroying the Germans. The Germans were almost all Christians in 1945. This is proof that Rome is Jewish and is the evil empire! There might be a God but this church is not part of God. I do not think any churches are, regardless of what religion or branch they are from. They have all become deceivers now, business people, and the decent people in the church, most of them live in a phantasy world that does not even exist. The world is horribly cruel.  But who wants to look? Only a tiny percentage.  Our fathers did not look out for us. We are helpless, living in a child’s world. And the Bible is a destruction plan for the white race, piecemealed together from robbed ancient Norse mythology, twisted and turned upside down to serve the Jews. If there is a God, then it’s between each person and God. We do not need to be trained for decency… manners, yes. The decency either is or is not in our heart. Some people have it, others do not. That’s all there is too it.

Adolf Hitler saved the white race from the onslaught of the Soviet Communist overturn, spearheaded by the Marxist Jews who would have murdered huge numbers of white Europeans in 1941, as they were lined up on the German border to overrun us, just as they murdered at least 66 Million white Russians, and the elite. The rest of Europe and the US also would have long gone under into Communism if Germany had not given the life of Millions of her men to hold back the Communists and those who fought for them, not knowing what they were doing. They have been so deceived. Nearly the whole world would be Communist starting at that time. Hitler, through his wisdom and love for the white race, granted us a few more decades of time. But Communism is closing in on us. Many countries are divided with Millions of Communists installed by the Jews, for example, South and Central America, Mexico! These people are waiting for their chance to revenge themselves on those rich Americans who SUPPOSEDLY are the cause of THEIR poverty, so they are told by the Jewish Communist trainers to create hate. That’s what they did in Russia. And that’s what they did with criminal Martin Luther King.  These Jews always create division and hate with their lies and instigations so people would murder each other in a civil war.  The Jews stay out the battle to save their ass and come in for the torture and big time takeover.

All the German soldiers died for all the white race, for the Americans, the French, the British, the Polish, and so on. Only most of them do not know it yet. Many do not get it that our neck is on a chopping block. In fact, a Jewish Guillotine on this end. Murderous Jews have infiltrated all of our governments worldwide, operating behind closed doors, pretending to be what they are not and have enslaved weak white men as their partners in crime. The only thing we have left is our spirit within.  Yes, the Bible predicts the End Times in Revelations, but that’s only because these criminal tribes have planned it this way with lies, deception, usury, and treachery FROM THE BEGINNING. There is no Christian savior coming to the earth! No one will rescue us! Jesus most likely was a Norse man, a German king (Herman Wieland, 1925). The nomadic Jews invaded and slaughtered all the German/Norse tribes in Palestine about 3,000 years ago. Palestine used to belong to the Israelis, yes, but the Israelis were German. Israel is a German word. The 12 tribes of Israel were 12 Norse tribes. The Jews are the original identity thieves. Like a parasite, they have taken over their host, the white man, and live and grow fat in the host’s place. What we have now was their murder plan from the beginning after they slaughtered the Norse people in Palestine due to white gullibility and racial infiltration by the Jews. They were liars and murderers from the beginning, as Jesus said, who most likely was NOT a Jew. For centuries they have plotted against us by infiltrating the church, first the Roman church, now all the churches, running them like “business.” Jewish business! Their spearheads - one hears - are the brutal Jewish Jesuits, called a criminal gang by some. I do not know anything about them. I think the whole Roman church and bible business was a plan by the Jews to make the white race docile and helpless by changing the Norse verses into verses that suit the Jews, religious verses to our detriment. Amadeus Mozart was murdered because he did not want to glorify the Old Testament for the Jews in his music and wanted to get out of Freemasonry when he found out what it really was about.

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