SS Race Theory for Survival

…As long as a race remains pure its hereditary essence is passed on unadulterated from one generation to the next. It is hence necessary for the racial consciousness of humans of the same race to be raised and the dangers correctly recognized which lead to a mixing, alteration, degeneration and hence annihilation of the races affected…


SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines

Translated from Original SS Publications

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gv: I do not know how genuine this document is. I could not find the original publication to compare. There are some difficult spots in the document that are confusing.


SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines is translated directly from the original SS publication Glauben und Kampfen (“Faith and Struggle”), whose subtitle states that it was published for the SS-men from the ethnic German communities in southeastern Europe.

The original SS book contained four chapters. The first chapter was entitled “The Fundamental Laws of Life of Our World View” (Die lebensgesetzlichen Grundlagen unserer Weltanschauung”). The second chapter covered the life of Adolf Hitler and the history of the National Socialist movement, the third chapter German history, and the fourth chapter the history of the SS.

The German word “Volk” is translated as “folk” instead of the more common, but less precise, term “people,”even when it does not refer to the Germans. After all, “folk” is indeed something special; it is an ethnic community extending across many generations; a modern equivalent might be the term “ethnoculture,” as “folk” implies a community unified by common culture and ethnicity more than political boundaries.

“Reich” is used only for the German Reich and “empire” for non-German ones. The subraces are translated as follows: “Nordisch” as “Nordic,” “Fillisch” as “Falish,” “Dinarisch” as “Dinaric,” “Westisch” as “Mediterranean,” “Ostisch” as “Alpine” and “Ostbaltisch” as “East Baltic.” All the illustrations come from the original SS publication. The sole exception is the cover, Josef Thorak’s “Two People” (“Zwei Menschen”).

“Erbgut” and “Erbanlagen” have generally been translated here as “hereditary makeup” and “hereditary factors” respectively.

Publisher’s note: There is a public view of the National Socialist view of race, and the truth as expressed by National Socialist writers themselves. In our view it was too valuable as information for National Socialist scholars and detractors alike for this to be anything but a public domain, freeware document. While this document was written for people of Germanic descent outside Germany, its principles apply to all races who wish to preserve themselves in an increasingly conformist, monochromatic globalist world.



You and the Question of Blood

In this period of struggle for the future of our folk you will become conscious – through the family and clan and beyond – of the bond that unites us all in an inseparable and sworn community of striving. Furthermore you know that your life, your essence, all abilities and characteristics stem from your ancestors, and that you must take over the same role for the generations which come after you. You cannot shake it off; rather, you have the obligation and duty to adjust your life and live it accordingly.

Consider for once what a tremendous revolutionary change has taken place in the thought and action of our folk in such a short time. After years of decline new life-courage, life- will and confidence broke through in the German folk on a wide front. National Socialism has pulled up our folk from threatened annihilation not only economically and politically, but also biologically. The answer to the question of how the Fuehrer and his following could achieve such accomplishments is very simple: Adolf Hitler has again made the laws of life of our kind – whose observance is the prerequisite for any further development – the foundation of our thought, action and feeling.

What our ancestors, who were firmly rooted in the soil, instinctually recognized as right through the feeling of their kid, has through the course of history been partially erased and covered over by foreign intellectual and racial influence.

The knowledge of the laws of life and awakened consciousness of our kind are today a certain signpost for our entire action. So we want to look at the following described foundations of the laws of life of our world view from the perspective of the great community of the entire folk and make the resultant duties of the individual a principle of our entire life.

What is Race?

What is not of good race in the world is chaff. (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf)

The great number of life forms shows groups which more or less resemble one another and show common physical characteristics. They have the same nature. We call such groups of life forms “species.”

The mankind living today forms a “species,” for humans are fertile among each other. By the observation and comparison of a White, Negro or Mongolian it becomes immediately clear to us that it is not enough to only speak of the “human” species; rather, that for a more precise analysis a further subdivision must be made. This leads to the concept of human races.

The individual races can be distinguished by differences which they have in respect to the uniqueness of their hereditary, intellectual-psychological and physical features, tendencies and characteristics. Each race has certain characteristics and features which are unique to it. These RACIAL FEATURES are passed on to the offspring.

Race is hence a group of life forms which distinguishes itself by the common possession of certain hereditary features. It always produces only its own kind.

Or shorter: race is a characterized community of hereditary factors (Stengel v. Rutkowski).

As long as a race remains pure its hereditary essence is passed on unadulterated from one generation to the next. It is hence necessary for the racial consciousness of humans of the same race to be raised and the dangers correctly recognized which lead to a mixing, alteration, degeneration and hence annihilation of the races affected. The predominant race determines the folkish character and continues its influence in it as a hereditary factor. As in the Germanic peoples, the predominant Nordic race gives the German folk, too, the predisposition of our kind.

What is a Folk?

Each folk represents a visible community to the outside world. The same blood, the same soil, the same language, customs, culture and history are an inseparable bond. For a population to become a folk, race as well as history and culture are necessary. The generation alive at any one time is only one link in the chain which begins with the earliest ancestors and continues with the following generations into the future. All of them together form the folk community. The existence of the individual is only then purposeful if it is innerly bound with the entirety of the folk.

The presently living blood-carriers of this community bear the responsibility for the shaping of the coming generations.

Each folk has its own unique folkish character. The roots of this unique folkish character lie in the racial composition of the folk.

Folk is a community of descent and of fate. As a hereditary community it is large able to create and shape its own environment.

The Meaning of Race

The common heredity determines the physical and intellectual-psychological abilities of a race. “Race” as a practical concept relates not only to the specially formed and working life force within us, but beyond that also to the highest value, to the concept of value, to the world view.

There are races which can create high cultures and those which can never elevate themselves on their own strength. There are races with heroic bearing and those without the courage to fight. Cultural accomplishments are exclusively the creation of higher races. The elevation of mankind continues or ceases with the preservation of the purity and of the strength of the culture-bearing races.

The racial composition of a folk is unique. Its alteration always has a transformation of its nature and culture as a consequence. Each racial mixing always means a lowering of the worth of the higher race.


Related Race – Foreign Race – Same Breed – Foreign Breed

Mankind displays strictly separated racial groups. Very roughly expressed, we distinguish between: White, Black and Yellow. Each of these groups in turn contains a number of subraces with certain common features. In this case one speaks of related races. Opposed to these stand the foreign races. Folks which in regard to their racial composition show the same elements as the German folk are of “related race” (“artverwandt”). To these belong the majority of European folks.

Since the racial core of our racially related folks is often very diverse, one must look quantitatively at the racial elements for the foundation of a distinction. In the Germanic folks Nordic blood predominates in their racial composition. Their relationship to the German folk is hence referred to as being of the “same breed” (“stammesgleich”). Other folks which also show a small amount of Nordic blood, but which in their substance are not Nordic, are referred to as being of “foreign breed” (“stammesfremd”).

The existign positive racial composition of the German folk rests on the fusion of related races and the large predominant portion of Nordic blood.

The Origin of the Nordic Race

The main territory of the Nordic race encompasses the area of southern Scandinavia, Jutland, the North and Baltic Seas and reaches into central Germany.

Already in the earliest period the Nordic man was a settled farmer. He invented the plow, which other folks later adopted, cultivated crops and breed pets. The explosive population growth of this Nordic mankind led to a new, necessary acquisition of space and caused wave after wave to stream down into bordering areas: into the European area and into the wide parts of Asia. The previous original inhabitants – even if often for only a short time – were imprinted with the mark of Nordic culture.

Not: “From the East came the light!”, as was claimed by science earlier; rather, “From the North came the strength!”

The Meaning of the Nordic Race for Mankind

The Fuehrer says in Mein Kampf:

“Everything that we today marvel at in the world, science and art, technology and inventions, is the creative product of few folks and perhaps originally of ONE race.”

The high cultures of the Indians, Persians, Greeks and Romans – created by the Ingo- Germanics – clearly show the Nordic (modern “Indo-Aryan”) creative spirit. With the decline of the Nordic ruling class they, too, again disappeared. Even today we feel relationed to these cultures, which have a common racial origin.

We are not so presumptuous, however, to believe that all cultures, even in earlier times, can only be credited to the Nordic race. Folks with other racial composition have also created cultures. In us, however, other feelings are roused if we try to relate to the cultures of Old China, Babylon or the old Indian cultures of the Aztecs (in present-day Mexico) and the Incas (in present-day Peru). It cannot be denied: those were also high cultures; but towards them we feel undeniably foreign. They are not related to us, but rather, are of foreign race. A different spirit speaks from them. Never did these foreign cultures reach a commensurate peak with those based on Nordic spirit.

The technological development of today has also emerged under the leadership of the Nordic race. This is just as much true, for example, in modern Turkey, the progress of America and the rise in the Far East.

Wherever mixed with closely related races the influence of the Nordic race has always proven beneficial and developed abilities which produce the highest cultural achievements.

The German Folk and the Nordic Race

Despite the often heavy mixture and meshing of races in the various provinces of the Reich we find individual races more pronounced in the various parts of Germany:

There are areas in which a tall stature, narrow face and light colored hair, eyes and skin predominate (physical appearance of the NORDIC race). Closely related to Nordic man – perhaps only described as a variation of the same – but larger, wider and more stocky appearing is FALISH man.

In many parts of the Reich we find large people with a short head and a narrow face, large nose, brown eyes and black hair (physical appearance of the DINARIC race).

Or in individual areas are found small, slender and nimble people with dark eyes and hair color (appearance of the ALPINE race).

Finally, conspicuous in certain parts of the Reich are short, round-headed people with wide faces, brown eyes, brown to black hair and dark skin color (physical appearance of the EAST BALTIC race).

In all provinces of the Reich, whether North or South, West or East, the NORDIC RACE is more or less strongly represented. Many people in our folk cannot be absolutely assigned to one or another race. In each folk are found – next to examples who are in appearance racially pure – the individual races in more or less mixed form.

In the German folk the Nordic heritage predominates. The Nordic race is not only the PREDOMINANT RACE; it is also found in the BLOOD OF ALMOST ALL GERMANS. “Blood and soil” are not empty concepts, rather our destiny. Hence the breeding goal of the German folk is also given. It is completed in the fulfillment of the laws of life of its predominant race.

The portion of Nordic blood in the hereditary makeup of the German folk is about 50%. Furthermore family trees teach us: EACH GERMAN HAS NORDIC BLOOD IN HIM.

So the German folk is, in the truest sense of the word, a blood community. History on a racial basis has long proven that the Nordic race has a much larger share of extraordinary men than other races. The Nordic race is above all the carrier of the high degree of ability of the German folk. Great deeds in all spheres have made it the leader race of mankind.

There is no other human race which has produced so many extraordinary leaders, commands and statesmen.

In darking exploit Nordic man conquered large areas, founded states and created cultures. Already around the year 1000 Vikings had landed in America. The opening up of entire continents was led by the Nordic spirit.

One of the striking characteristics of the northern race is self-control. Nordic daring is the foundation of the martial accomplishments of Nordic races. Conscientiousness and strength of will, paired with reliability, greatly strengthen the drive for independence.

These characteristics, however, reduce his ability to sympathize, and the danger is great that the Nordic man loses himself and expends himself. Nordic man possesses a great love for sport and competition; he stands there where one must dare. Therefore he is also more frequently found than other men in those professions which are tied to danger. But here, too, is the knowledge: more important than skin color is the character of the man. One belongs essentially to the race whose virtues he professes through deed.

If one examines the individual countries of Europe according to their racial composition, one initially notices that in almost all states the same races are represented. We find the Nordic race represented outside of Germany, in the Scandinavian lands, England and Holland and even in Russia, Italy, France, Spain and so on. We also find, however, East Baltic man in the various European countries. The overall racial evaluation of a folk does not come down to that. It is a matter of the STRENGTH OF THE PORTIONS OF THE INDIVIDUAL RACES in the respective folk. And there we determine: already just numerically the Reich marches far ahead of all other folks in respect to the Nordic portion.

With natural right Germany can claim the leadership of the predominantly Nordic- Germanic folks.

Law of Life – Heredity

“The strong must rule and not mix with the weak, and hence to sacrifice his own greatness.”

(Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf)

What Does Heredity Mean?

Each look at the world around us shows that offspring resemble their ancestors.

From the sperm of a beech tree again grows a beech tree. Negroes breed negroes, Whites always Whites. Even in the case of very young children, the relatives notice for example that the nose was “inherited” from the father, the eyes from the mother. Later other characteristics appear like industriousness, talent, susceptiveness to certain illnesses.

That an inheritance has taken place is ancient knowledge of men. Breeders have always tried to promote the passing on of certain features and characteristics and to prevent animals and plants with undesirable characteristics from breeding. That this was a matter of development according to natural laws, however, has only been recognized and proven during the last few decades.

Like every event in nature, heredity, too, is subject to unchangeable laws.

The laws of heredity – like all other laws of life – have the same validity for plant, animal and man. In the offspring either the characteristics of both parents are again recognizable or a characteristic of the father or mother predominates. Many times a characteristic can be traced through many generations or it skips entire generations to later suddenly again make an appearance.

Heredity is hence the passing on of features and characteristics from parents to offspring. Not only physical characteristics are inherited, but also intellectual and psychological.

Man possesses TWO hereditary factors for each characteristic. The child receives the hereditary factors in EQUAL PARTS from the parents.

A mix-breed can resemble a purebred as a result of the possession of predominant hereditary factors in his appearance. The suppressed hereditary factors are not thus eliminated; they simply do not appear in that generation. What appears healthy on the outside can hide the covered over hereditary factors for sickness inside. One does not see on any many what hereditary factors lie in him. A purely external evaluation can hence never be conclusive.

Two different races distinguish themselves through a great number of hereditary factors. By their mixture (crossing) these hereditary factors are randomly brought together, whereby in the descendants a great diversity resuls in regard to the hereditary makeup. The result of such a mixture is disruption of the continuity of the hereditary structure.

The laws of heredity today form the basis of our knowledge of the formation and development of successive generations. Since normal and sick hereditary factors are passed on equally to the offspring, an enormous importance of the knowledge of hereditary factors and the duty to intervene and work – to restrict and to promote – for the formation of coming generations follows.

At conception, essence and worth of a person for his folk and his race are already determined.

Certainly education and environment can later develop and promote certain traits and restrain others (in that generation only), but the fundamental essence remains unchangeable. Hence the responsibility for the next generation lies with us.

The Significance of Mate Selection

The right choice of mate is not only the prerequisite for the preservation of the species, but also for the continuance of high selectivity. It is the foundation of any racial higher development.

The selection of a racially highly worthy wife in itself still does not necessarily mean an improvement of the race. That only comes when the right mate selection is followed by the breeding of an above-average number of children. For what would the elimination of bad hereditary factors from the folk help, if simultaneously a reproduction of the good hereditary factors was not preserved and expanded?

If, for example, mate selection was made by a man who did not want any children, then this would mean a deterioration of the race, because elimination of good hereditary factors from the future generation would result.

Appearance and Hereditary makeup

If there were only physical differences between the individual human races, the question of belonging to a race would be rather unimportant. Therefore the appearance of a man – which is given by the totality of visual features, characteristics and abilities – must be strictly kept apart.

The hereditary makeup of a person has a much greater meaning than his appearance.

Often it is extremely difficult to derive psychological disposition from the appearance of an individual. By heredity, chance may combine a preponderance of the physical traits of one race with the psychological traits of another race. In most cases, however, one will be able to figure the psychological disposition from the physical appearance or at least approximate it correctly.

Environment and Hereditary Factors

Every person carries a great treasure of hereditary factors in himself from birth.

In the course of his life only a portion of them are realized. Environment has a part in the formation of the individual. Climate, nutrition, living space, position, etc., can have a visible influence on the development of a person. If a life form lacks the environmental conditions needed for it to flourish, then it is stunted. Its appearance is thus subject to many changes due to the environment, but not the hereditary makeup. Environmental influences are not able to fundamentally alter the hereditary makeup (the preservation of Germandom for centuries on foreign-folkish soil is a visible proof of the strength of the blood). Due to lack of possibilities for development the individual person often is sooner or later ruined.

For the preservation and further evolution of a race, the necessary foundations for life must be present or be created.

Hence are derived the following determinations:

  1. Each person is formed by the cross-effects of hereditary factors and
  2. The environment and its influence remain without effect on the
  3. Acquired abilities are not inherited. (Only through natural selection are traits passed between )

The last fact is of especially fundamental importance. Through physical exercise the muscles of an individual can indeed be significantly strengthened. The son of an athlete, however, does not therefore get stronger muscles than any average child. Likewise, intellectual knowledge is in no way inherited. The son of a scholar has to start at the beginning with the alphabet just like every other child. The same is proven by the mother tongue, which has been practiced for many generations.

Marxists and democrats have – with much fantasy and one-sided over-estimation of the effect of environment – believed that a change of this environment could improve the destiny of entire folks. For them all people are the same. Hence, placed under the same conditions, Whites, Blacks and Yellows must also achieve the same accomplishments in all areas.

But we know:

Racially and ethnically alien people can never become equal even in the same living space and even over long periods of time. They always remain what they are: alien blood which must be kept away from our folk body if it is not to slowly but irretrievably fall to destruction.

The great folkish task hence consists of protecting the genetic mass of the folk from race- mixing, to prevent the spread of genetic defects and to shape the environment so that the best genetic elements of the folk achieve the greatest procreation.

The Meaning of the Laws of Life for a Folk

The laws of nature run according to an unchangeable, un-influenceable will. They are valid for all life forms. It is therefore necessary to acknowledge these laws, and their observance must be viewed as the prerequisite for the preservation and further development of life. Failure to observe the laws of nature is followed by decay, deformity and finally, ruin.

National Socialism has made the re-establishment of a natural order of life a goal and has given the necessary government recognition to the validity of the laws of nature for man.

The Law of Fertility

Animals and plants produce more offspring than is necessary for their survival. Here are a few examples:

A poppy produces about 4,000 seeds. If all the seeds grew and again reproduced, after five years there would be 256,000,000,000,000 poppy flowers. Already by the sixth year the entire surface of the earth would no longer suffice to hold all of these plants.

A single female cod contains three to four million eggs. After just a few generations of reproduction, the waters of the earth would be stuffed full of cod. Such examples can be expanded upon as much as desired.

The enormous fertility which we find in nature again and again receives the necessary curtailment through the destruction of large numbers of individual creatures. The prospects of survival are not equal for all life forms. The FERTILITY, however, is the prerequisite that a sufficient number of creatures remains preserved so that the species does not perish.

Without fertility there is no further development.

The birth rate will determine the future of our folk. The number of cribs must be much larger than the number of coffins. Only then can we offer successful resistance against all arising dangers and turn into deed our right, which is due us on the basis of our leading position in Europe.

The Law of Struggle and Selection

We have gained knowledge about the development of life on earth largery through sedimentation and fossils. The examinations show again and again: in the oldest layers of the crust of the earth, very simply designed, basic creatures appear; in later layers we find more highly developed life forms, and finally in the most recent layers the most most highly developed organisms. Development means change, growth, reproduction, expansion, etc. Each development requires huge spans of time and knows no standing still. The life of the individual disappears completely in the evolution of the species.

How does nature intervene in events and direct? If we go through the world with open eyes, we see that there is hard struggle everywhere. A struggle for existence or non- existence.

Struggle is a fundamental law of nature.

The deeper meaning of this eternal, apparent battle of annihilation is this:

Everything weak and/or inferior is annihilated. Only the strong and powerful designs procreate.

The goal is hence a selection upward, the preservation of the best. We only have to correctly recognize the natural events and act accordignly. What our ancestors correctly understood instinctively, being much more strongly bound to nature, must again become our common knowledge. It is not a matter of the INDIVIDUAL, rather the promotion and preservation of the SPECIES.

In National Socialist terms that is phrased:

“Communal good goes before individual good” or “the individual is nothing, the folk is everything.”

Each folk needs space to live. Again and again throughout history the struggle for living space occurs. The growing, healthy folk alone has the moral right to expand its living space and, if necessary, to conquer it.

In Nature, Selection Occurs through the Struggle for Survival

We must never carry over the concept of “struggle for existence” into economic life. We understand it in a purely biological sense.

Artificial, often unnatural selection takes place on a large scale in every culture-folk (culture-folk appears to refer here to political states, as opposed to ethnic-cultural states, or folks). Intellectual inferiors, criminals and sickly people are frequently saved from destruction. Thus bad hereditary make up is not only preserved, but also passed on to future generations. Medical accomplishments especially prevent a selection that once also applied to man. With nature-bound people of a similar culture – as we must view our ancestors – the same selective forces were in effect as with animals. This selection developed man more highly. But the rise of culture and especially of civilization allowed the laws of nature to be forgotten. Man can perhaps postpone their effect, but never eliminate it. Just as many species of animals and plants have become extinct over the course of history, so have entire folks been destroyed because they violated the laws of nature.

Hereditary changes and environmental influences (natural selection) pushed evolution continuously onward. The formation and splintering off of new races was kept within bounds by nature through selection. In nature, those creatures unsuited for the preservation of each race were eliminated, while the carriers of favorable qualities remained.

Selection preserves the race at its peak.

The death of the individual creature has nothing to do with the essence of selection, but is only a means for it. Traits are gradually eliminated when they are no longer passed along to the same degree. Then in the next generation this trait is no longer strongly enough represented. The effect is the same whether this elimination is achieved through sterilization or abstinence, through death or otherwise.

The most important selection is fertility.

The person who has no children can have a long life, but he is forever purged from the life of the race. His genetic combination working together with certain environmental conditions represents something unique. The permanence of individual accomplishment, however, is only then secured if the creative person provides for the perpetuation of his work descendants of himself. FERTILITY alone determines the continuation of hereditary makeup.

Every selection which affects a folk is an enduring and irrevocable success or failure.

With this knowledge the main cause for the decline of ancient culture-folks becomes understandable. In them the carriers of industrious hereditary traits, the culture-bearers and creators, were eliminated. The inferior won the greatest victory over them: the victory of a greater birth rate.

During the Persian wars, approximately 500 BC, Sparta had 8000 combat-worthy men. In the year 244 BC, only 700 were produced.

The decline of Sparta and the collapse of Rome were nothing other than a failure of the fertility of the genetically able.

Reverse Selection and Deformity

It stands confirmed that all culture-folks, especially the basically Nordic-Germanic in character, are an example of reverse selection in regard to fertility. That means:

The fertility of the capable is less than that of the less capable.

The ever unequal reproduction of the capable and less capable, however, leads to a lowering of the superior hereditary factors in a folk and invariably mean its racial and hence cultural decline.

Earlier the fundamentally false view was often taken that higher ability was confined to certain “classes” of the population.

“Talent is a monopoly of a social class.” (H.W. Siemens)

In the National Socialist state therefore selection and state help are not based on rank or social classes, but solely and limited to ability and accomplishment, industriousness and bearing. The National Socialist Education institutes, the Adolf Hitler Schools, the Langemarck Study and the Order Castles (“Ordensburgen”) are living proof of this. They produce the future leaders of the German folk in all areas.

The lower fertility of the Nordic-based folks is confronted with a high reproduction rate of especially those European folks which show Asiatic strains.

In 1933 Germany’s natural population growth with 66 million inhabitants was 233,297. In 1933 Poland’s natural population growth with 32 million inhabitants was 402,465.

The danger of a racial transformation in Europe is great. It is upon us now to prevent it. We know that the number of heads of a folk alone do not make up its strength or significance. But no one will deny that, next to qualitative level, size and natural growth of a folk are the most significant foundations for its influence and power.

War and Reverse Selection

Every war represents a reverse selection in pure form. It is followed by more or less severe folkish-biological damage for the participating peoples. Precisely the most industrious and most capable lose their lives on the battlefield. Germany lost two million of its best men in the First World War. Three-quarters of a million people fell victim to the enemy’s hunger blockade.

About the war and overcoming it in regard to population politics, the Fuehrer said:

“The successful outcome of this war will give the German Reich tasks which it will only be able to fulfill through an increase in its population. It is therefore necessary that the gaps created in the folk body through war be filled by growth in births.”

From the order of the Reichsfuehrer-SS of October 28, 1939:

“Many a victory of arms for a folk was simultaneously a devastating defeat for its life force and its blood. In this regard the unfortunately necessary death of the best men, as regrettable as it is, still is not the worst part of war. Much worse is the absence of the children that were not conceived by the living during the war and by the dead after the war.”

The sacrifices which this war demands of our folk are very painful from a human and a population-political standpoint. But they are by no means senseless, because they have brought the life and future of our folk. They serve the security and defense of our natural right of life.

Dangers of Race-Mixing

The “irrational” animal only joins with members of the same race for procreation. People close to nature like the Germanics – the farmer, who is rooted in the soil and close to the earth, who feels the call of blood and race – acted from the same instinct over many generations. Only the “overly rational” cultured person believes he can act against nature. That is always to his detriment. If two different races mix, their hereditary traits never merge into a new genetic mass that will be passed on uniformly. We know from the study of heredity that, aside from the coupling of certain genetic factors, traits are inherited individually and independently of each other. At the propagation of such bastards these traits further separate and divide themselves up in various descendants.

Every racial mixing changes the harmonious balance of racial makeup. The farther apart in origin the mixing races are, the greater will be the disruption which such a bastardization has as consequence. Furthermore come all the disadvantages in the areas of health and especially psychology which result from race-mixing.

Mixed-breeds are physically and psychologically disharmonious.

Race-mixing means a slow decline of the higher race and hence the sure loss of the uniqueness of a folk. The consequences of a harmful racial mixture are taught clearly to us by history. From the moment a folk loses its racial consciousness a moral, intellectual and cultural decline set in. The popular opinion today that race-mixing is culturally expansive and even culturally creative is false. True, on the other hand, is that contact with foreign folks and races often first triggers in us the correct consciousness of our own essence. This knowledge, however, requires us to adhere precisely to strict separation of everything foreign to our kind in racial matters.

About race-mixing the Fuehrer says:

“Blood-mixing and through it the sinking of racial level is the sole cause of the dying off of old cultures.”

A series of culture-folks shows the following common path of development, which, however, does not represent a law of life:

After a slow rise to a certain level there follows a short golden age and then a rapid decline. The decline of strength is almost always introduced through the replacement of simplicity, sobriety and health with pleasure-seeking, lack of principles and sickness.

Simultaneously bloody wars eradicate the best carriers and lack of children steadily reduces the number of the capable. The death blow, however, is dealt by mixture with foreign blood. It has the consequence that inner contradictions become even greater. With such division it is then easy for a vigorous folk to triumph over the sickly one.

The Nordic race is the carrier and foundation of the German people. Nature teaches us as the highest law:

The individual is not the purpose, rather the means of life.

The German folk is not the sum of 85 million people, but rather a great oneness, a community, in which the Nordic hereditary makeup predominates. This hereditary makeup shows itself not only in physical form and appearance, but also finds its expression above all in a COMMONLY DIRECTED RACIAL SOUL. Not decisive, even if desirable, are the physically Nordic features of the individual person alone. Instead, his psychological-character traits are.

The Nordic race is the race of the German folk; it impresses its stamp on our essence; it determines our thought, action and feelings.

The Jewish Question

The destructive influence of race-mixing with the Jews proved especially harmful in our folk until the rise to power of National Socialism. These parasites of mankind have well understood to the present day how to prevent a complete merger with their host folks. Representing this is the statement of the English Jew Disraeli: “Every race must perish which subjects its blood to mixing without care.” If in the year 1928 for every 100 pure Jewish marriages in Germany there were already 53 mixed marriages, then this proves how deeply this slow but steadfastly working poison had crept into our folk. Furthermore there existed the special danger that Jewry BY MEANS OF SPIRITUAL DECAY HAD BEGUN TO SYSTEMATICALLY UNDERMINE THE RACIALLY CONSCIOUS ACTION AND THOUGHT OF OUR FOLK in order to raise itself politically and economically to predominance. Alongside this undermining, miscegenation spread primarily in the intellectually leading groups of our folk. Jews made sincere feeling despisable and their propaganda aimed intentionally at the inner undermining and fragmentation of the folk body. The aftereffects of this destructive, decades-long infection are even today detectable in our folk. It requires intensive effort to eradicate the last traces of this pestilence and lead our entire folk back to the natural and only correct path of life.

The solution to the Jewish question has today become a vital task beyond the borders of the Reich for the peoples of Europe.

The Population-Political Development of Germany and its Neighbors

After a short increase in the number of births in the decade after the 1870-71 war, the birth rate sank slowly until the turn of the century and then descended faster.

Causes of the Decline of Births

These are above all of a psychological nature. The declining birth rate started first among the wealthy, who because of comfort and pleasure-seeking were scared off from rearing the appropriate number of children. The broad masses then copied this example. Today it must become the opposite and in the wealthier circles the number of children must especially increase.

The Development of Births in Germany

After the 1870-71 war there were in Germany annually 40 births for every 1000 inhabitants.

At the turn of the century there were only 35 births for every 1000 inhabitants annually.

The birth rate reached its lowest point during World War I when it reached 14 births for every 1000 inhabitants annually.

Even more terrifying is the following picture of the decrease of births: 1870 with 42 million inhabitants there were about 2 million births.

1933 with 65 million inhabitants there were about 0.9 million births.

The renewed positivity of the changed psychological attitude with the rise to power of National Socialism brought a tremendous turnaround.

There were….

1933:   14.7 births per 1000 inhabitants

1935:   19.9 births per 1000 inhabitants

1939:   20.8 births per 1000 inhabitants

This turn is certainly very encouraging in itself, but the increasing birth rate should not be overestimated. The numbers above still do not ensure the necessary increase of our people.

This war is a great biological test of strength. The birth development in the last decade, however, clearly shows the new life will and life confidence which determined the turnaround in this sector.

History proves through many examples that a folk can only harvest the fruits of its industriousness and its strength of accomplishment when it has sufficient people at its disposal. The greater the space, the greater the need for people to protect this space (soldiers), to ensure nourishment (farmers), and to produce industrial products (workers). All folks which for whatever inner reasons were no longer able to achieve an increase in population strength simultaneously with the strengthening of their power fell victim to annihilation.

Let us look at the fertility of the European peoples:


Germany had per 1000 inhabitants 19.4 births

Sweden had per 1000 inhabitants 14.2 births

Norway had per 1000 inhabitants 15.1 births

England had per 1000 inhabitants 15.5 births

In comparison…

Poland had per 1000 inhabitants 26.2 births Rumania had per 1000 inhabitants 31.5 births Ukraine had per 1000 inhabitants 34.0 births

The quantitative development of the Germanics, Latins and East Baltic speakers of Slavic language:






59 million



63 million

East Baltic


65 million

1930 149 million 121 million 226 million
1960 160 million 133 million 303 million

The peoples of the Soviet Union are increasing annually by about three million. In the Asian area Japan has doubled its population in the last 70 years. It has an annual growth of about one million people. Likewise China and India are constantly increasing their populations despite famine and pestilence.

If we do not ourselves provide for the appropriate quantity of offspring and produce an increase of the Nordic hereditary makeup, then Nordic blood will become more and more displaced by Eastern and East-Baltic blood.

The Nordic race or, we can safely say, the Germanic folks march at the end when it comes to fertility.

The number of births, however, decides the fate of folks.

The German victory of arms is thus only a complete one if it is followed by the victory of the child.

“Two weapons are at the disposal of each folk in the struggle for survival:

Its ability to fight and its fertility. Never forget that the ability to fight of a folk alone can never make it possible for a folk to survive into the far future, rather that the inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary.” (The Reichsfuehrer-SS)

Racial Hygiene and Population-Politics of the National Socialist State

The Fuehrer says in “Mein Kampf”:

“Whoever is not physically and mentally healthy and worthy must not perpetuate his suffering in the body of his child.”

Above our action stands the folk community.

It is an indefensible condition if the relationship in a state between the productive and the non-earning levels takes on unhealthy forms. The active, working portion of the populace must support the lives of those unable to work. There are lunatics who previously cost the state tens of thousands of marks. In the (Weimar) period the number of criminals was shockingly high, and criminals often heavily reproduced themselves. By eliminating these carriers of lazy heredity millions can be saved and used for other purposes.

The actions of any responsible state leadership must serve the systematic care and increase of those of good breeding. It is the duty of the state to undertake all things so that the people who uselessly claim the strength of others and for whom life itself means misery ARE NOT BORN. Every natural folk soon eradicates the inferior when it correctly recognizes this fact. In the so-called “culture-folks,” however, a false charity – carried into the broad masses especially by clerical circles – downright promotes a reverse selection.

From the point of view of the church any reasonable intervention is labeled a violation of the godly world order. It is plain nonsense to claim that God wants what we call inferior. Otherwise we also would not have the right to temporarily or permanently remove a murderer or a criminal from the community.

The laws of nature show us exactly that the life of our folk and maintenace of its good breeding stand above the well-being of a congenitally severely deformed person.

Action must not lie with the personal “I,” but with the entirety of the folk.

Furthermore experience shows that most of the congenitally ill possess no sense of responsibility toward their descendants.

In 1877, some 40,375 persons were cared for in German lunatic asylums; in the year 1926 it was 252, 793 (!) persons. In the USA the percentage of the mentally ill has more than doubled from 1904 to 1929.

National Socialism has intervened here appropriately.

The position of the Fuehrer toward this problem is clear and unambiguous:

“The demand that it be made impossible for defective people to produce other just as defective people is a demand of clearest reason and in its systematic execution is the most humane act of mankind. It will save millions of unfortunates undeserved suffering and in its consequence lead to increasing recovery.”

The German government created the “Law for Prevention of Congenitally Malformed Offspring” on July 14, 1933. The law decrees:

Whoever is congenitally ill can be sterilized through a surgical operation if according to the experiences of medical science there is great probability that his descendants would suffer from severe physical or mental congenital defects.

The law lists presently known congenital illnesses, including a series of mental illnesses and severe hereditary defects such as congenital blindness, congenital deafness, etc.

Furthermore those who suffer from severe alcoholism can be made infertile. The Congenital Health Board decides about sterilization.

With this legislation the necessary beginning is made for the purification process of the folk body. The effect of this law will already be felt in the next generation. It was a decision of not to be underestimated significance if the National Socialist state put an end to the untenable condition with iron vigor.

That moral offenders possess congenitally greatly damaged offspring is taken into account by a second law. The “Law Against Dangerous Moral Offenders and for the Measures of Security and Improvement” was created on November 24, 1933. Through this law certain anti-social elements are removed from the folk body.

On September 15, 1933 the “Nuremburg Laws” were announced at the Party Day of Freedom. They encompass the following laws:

  1. The “Reich Flag Law”
  2. The “Reich Citizen Law”
  3. The “Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour”

The “Reich Citizen Law” determines who is a subject and who is a citizen. Subjects are those who belong to the Protection Union of the German Reich and who are especially obligated toward it. Reich citizen is the category of someone of GERMAN or RELATED BLOOD who has demonstrated through his actions that he is willing and able to loyally serve the German folk and Reich.

The “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour” forbids among other things marriage between Jews and subjects of German or related blood.

According to the regulations of the “Reich Citizen Law” and of the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour,” people of one quarter Jewish heritage are to be integrated through their offspring into the German folk. Therefore marriages between Jews and quarter Jews are forbidden as well as between quarter Jews. Marriages between half Jews and Germans or quarter Jews require the permission of the Reich Minister of the Interior. The law also provides that marriages between people of German blood with offspring of the miscegenated French from the period of the Rhineland occupation as well as with gypsies is prevented.

The meaning of this legislation was summarized by the Reich Marshal:

“It is an affirmation of the strengths and blessings of the Germanic-Nordic spirit. We know that the blood sin is the original sin of the folk. We ourselves, the German folk, have had to suffer greatly from this original sin. We must therefore again try to make a connection with the line of generations from dark prehistory. It has truly been the salvation in the final hour, and if God and Providence had not given us the Fuehrer, Germany would have never again arisen from this original sin, from decay.”

A further measure is the “Law for the Protection of the Congenital Health of the German Folk” (Marriage Health Law) of October 18, 1935. It forbids the marriage between people with heritable illness and hence prevents the passing on of defective hereditary factors to descendants.

National Socialist Germany has naturally been sharply attacked by hostile, Jewish-led foreign countries, even though the Reich does not stand alone in the world with these measures. Many states in the USA had already passed legal measures decades ago in order to prevent the increase of inferior hereditary factors. First in 1926 such legal moorings were established in some American states and in 1929 in Denmark and parts of Switzerland. In California 9,000 people have been made infertile during the last 20 years.

Racial Consciousness and Racial Pride of the SS-Man

In the Reichsfuehrer-SS order of December 31, 1931 it says in point one that the SS is an association of Nordic-determined people selected according to special standards.

The principal point of our worldview is the idea of race. We have the unshakeable belief that the blood, our hereditary makeup alone, is decisive for lasting and peak accomplishment. Hence, we place the idea of selection at the forefront of our ideals.

Our ideal of selection is the physically and mentally-psychologically hereditarily fit person of Nordic-Germanic character.

We do not want to be only an association of the physically best, but also the most loyal and most valuable in character.

The Clan Community – Family Hygiene – The Question of Offspring

The preservation of the racially worthy for all future includes the family and clan as a natural prerequisite.

The life of the individual links him to ancestors and descendants. From the family and clan the union extends to the folk community.

The individual person dies, subject to the laws of nature. Through the passing on of his hereditary makeup he first becomes a living member of his folk community. We believe in the immortality of our folk.

The Fuehrer says about the family:

“The destruction of the family would mean the end of all higher humanity…It is the smallest, but most valuable unit in the construction of the entire state structure.”

The family is the life foundation of the Reich.

It produces future generations. Each folk can only be renewed out of the family. From Germanic-German feeling we empathize with the idea of clan. In close connection with the laws of life, by way of the German family, we have allowed for upward breeding. The family is a member of the sensible community of the clan; it is the acknowledged order for the propagation of the coming generation.

Special Duties of Mate Selection

We know:

The selection of a wife gives us the ONLY POSSIBILITY in life to improve the hereditary makeup of the coming generation.

Health or sickness, talent or inability of the descendants is determined by the mate selection of its ancestors.

At this important step in the life of a man, position and wealth must not decide, but only mental and physical soundness. It is also clear that whoever is certain that he is the carrier of unhealthy hereditary factors must abstain.

The Fuehrer says in “Mein Kampf”:

“There is no freedom to sin against posterity and hence against the race.

What is being neglected in this area on all sides must be remedied by the folkish state. It must put race in the middle of life in general. It must care for the holding pure. It must declare the child the most treasured possession of a folk. It must take care that ONLY THOSE WHO ARE HEALTHY PRODUCE CHILDREN; that there is only one shame: despite one’s own sickness and deficiencies to nonetheless put children into the world…”

It is just as much a lack of feeling of responsibility not to pass along good hereditary makeup by voluntary refusal, and hence narrow or even dry up the river of life.

Accomplishment in profession alone is by no means the only one that the community needs. Just as important is fulfillment of the BIOLOGICAL DUTY. Both together produce the German life accomplishment.

The SS-man should marry as young as possible. The mother of his children must be the carrier of worthy blood. Then his family is in every regard an enrichment of the clan and of the folk.

In correct recognition of the future formation of our folk – toward which we must accomplish the largest part – the Reichsfuehrer-SS had already on December 31, 1931 issued the BETROTHAL AND MARRIAGE ORDER. It states:

  1. The SS is an association of German, Nordic-determined men selected according to special
  2. In accordance with the National Socialist world view and in recognition that the future of our folk lies in the selection and preservation of the racially and congenitally healthy good blood, I am introducing marriage permission for all unmarried members of the SS effective January 1,
  3. The desired goal is the congenitally worthy clan of German, Nordic-determined
  4. Marriage permission will be given or denied solely and only according to racial and congenital health
  5. Each SS-man who plans to marry must receive marriage permission from the Reichsfuehrer-SS.
  6. SS-members who despite refusal of marriage permission nonetheless marry will be stricken from the SS; they will be given the option of
  7. The appropriate processing of marriage requests is the task of the Race Office of the SS.
  8. The Race Office of the SS will keep the “Clan Book of the SS” into which the families of SS-members will be entered following the granting of marriage permission or approval of an entry
  9. The Reichsfuehrer-SS, the head of the Race Office and the expert advisors of this office are obligated by their word of honor to
  10. The SS is aware that it is taking a step of great importance with this order. Scorn, mockery and misunderstanding do not bother us; the future belongs to us!

The Reichsfuehrer-SS

  1. Himmler

Furthermore SS-men standing before a commitment must again and again be reminded of the fact that an engagement, too, can only come after permission from the Reichsfuehrer- SS.

From a 1935 speech by the Reichsfuehrer-SS:

“So we are assembled and march according to irrevocable laws as a National Socalist, martial order of Nordic-determined men and as a sworn community of its clans along the path into the far future, and we wish and believe that we will not only be the grandchildren who fought it out better, but beyond that the ancestors of later generations necessary for the eternal life of the German/Germanic folk.”

Hence the guidelines for mate selection of the SS-man are set down and the foundations created so that the SS directly does the main part in the formation of the leading clans of coming generations.

The SS in the Struggle for the Future of Nordic-Germanic Space

History shows us how often the rise and fall of flourishing empires and cultures has occurred in the course of millennia.

Mankind owes its greatest accomplishments to the creative strength of the Nordic race. As soon as the carriers of this culture disappeared, decay was unavoidable. In recent centuries the process of de-Nordicization took on ever-greater forms.

We have learned the roots of the de-Nordicization and shown the dangers which today surround us. The National Socialist state has correctly recognized these dangers. Laws have already been created to prevent further decay, and measures are also underway to enlighten our entire folk in this sense. Furthemore from us must come – if we really want to possess leadership in the Germanic space – an appropriate direction of all Germanic- determined folks.

In place of the de-Nordicization must come a conscious re-Nordicization. Biological insight demands a clear separation of the races. The disadvantages of race-mixing are known to us.

The great colonial activity through settlement of Nordic-Germanic farmers in the East will form a wall against the advance of East Baltic people of Slavic language.

The SS has here, too, stepped into the front line for the solution of these life-critical questions and will, obeying its laws, fulfill the tasks placed before it. Insight and will for the promotion and strengthening of the Northern Race – coming from our direction – will then become the common possession of all Nordic-Germanic people. We know the path that leads to ascent. We men of the SS carry along with the feeling of responsibility toward our own persons above all the feeling of responsibility toward the folk and coming generations. The idea of race is the principal item of our worldview. Adolf Hitler

will triumph in this struggle, too, not because he rebels against the laws of nature, but because he has again given them their due and is willing to be unconditionally true to them.

We want to be counted among the best of the Fuehrer. To him and to our folk belong our entire devotion and loyalty. Our strength and our spirit will help determine and order the new racial reconstruction of the Germanic-determined folks of Europe.

Summary of our Demands

  1. Guard your health and – as long as you are still at a developing age – practice restraint above all in regard to recreational poisons (alcohol, nicotine) and sexual activity. (It must be remembered that the Nordic person generally achieves full maturity especially late in )
  2. Marry as early as Only then will you completely enjoy family life with your wife.
  3. Do not marry a woman of FOREIGN You are responsible to your folk and to your offspring for the HOLDING PURE OF THE BLOOD.
  4. Do not marry a congenitally ill Otherwise you carry the guilt for the suffering of your own children and grandchildren.
  5. Choose only a completely healthy wife for The true picture of the state of health and characteristics of your future wife are shown to you by her clan.
  6. Your wife should be AT LEAST as racially worthy as
  7. Endeavor to get yourself and your children back into the country.
  8. Avoid marriage with a relative, because undesirable traits are almost always concealed from you and then emerge TWICE as strong in your
  9. You must preserve your hereditary makeup for your folk in the LARGEST POSSIBLE NUMBER OF CHILDREN. In your children you live



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