Christ was not a Jew

…Judaism is forever intolerant and forever compromising as a racial cult must ever be. It is time for Christianity to scrap Judaism and its demoralizing influence, lest it lose altogether the confidence and respect of the Gentile world…

New York City, 1936


Timeliness is given to this theme by the recent growth in assertiveness of the Jewish race throughout Christendom. Such growths have been shown by history to have recurred repeatedly, and to have ended invariably in a catastrophe for the Jews.

…certain occupants of Christian pulpits, who by their acquiescence in the Jewish boast that they have given us Christ and our religion, put themselves at an enormous disadvantage before the Gentile world, if not in their own consciences.

…We Gentiles have been accused of cowardice for tolerating this situation. A Jewish’ writer has accused us of cowardice because we have refrained from speaking our minds in all frankness about Judaism and the Jews

…”If God is a Jew, what have we Gentiles to do with your religion?” What indeed? Does Christianity meet that challenge today? I must emphasize the fact that Judaism and the Jews is primarily a collective problem. We are obliged to “indict a whole race,” since it is a concrete racial challenge that is before us. Individual exceptions are of secondary concern, and must wait till the larger issue is disposed of…organized society is also an individual, collectively speaking, and its demands are immediate, especially whenever a coup d’etat is threatened.

A race is not to be judged by its best nor its worst, nor by a chance neighbor or acquaintance whom one may like or dislike. Hence, in this case we must rule out the Hebrew prophets just as we do the Jewish criminals of the present day, and likewise the Jews whom we happen to know as individuals-the few among the millions.

In a word, Judaism and Jews must be judged by racial ideals, and adherence to those ideals in mass. As Gentiles, as Americans, we ask no more for ourselves, and within our own domain it is our right and our duty to resist whatever ist hostile thereto.

In treating this subject as a collective problem it is not intended to exculpate the individual Jews, if indeed that were possible. But it is intended to stress the mighty power of the group over its component parts. That mighty power may be best observed in sub-human animals, as in the herd, drove, pack, flock, swarm and gang. Among humans, strengthened by the powers of speech and superior organization, by ancient traditions and race psychology, a common purpose to prey upon one’s environment may eventuate in a tribe with a parasitic organization and objective

…And Christians of all degree must remember that Gentiles outside of the churches have a stake in the purity and perpetuity of Christianity, if on nothing more than social and political grounds. For Christianity is not a hide-bound racial cult, but a tolerant world religion…In America, at least, it is a nation declared by the courts to be a Christian nation that guarantees liberty of religious belief to all, as well as disbelief; but let Judaism gain the upper hand as it has done in Soviet Russia, and its creed of atheism is proclaimed for all, while the Jewish cult remains untouched…its accidental background, the Judaism of antiquity, too primitive and changeless to command respect, to say nothing of reverence and adoration…Christianity belongs to the present and the future, not to tradition, no, nor even to the church alone, but to the entire Gentile world, because it is essentially a Gentile religion, not based on Judaism-its Founder not a Jew and therefore a Gentile as the “Son of Man.”



…And can anyone but a Jew in these modern times persuade himself that his race alone is the “chosen people” of the Almighty? Such colossal egotism is as pitiful as it is contemptible.

Christ’s message is universal-it need not be restricted to the narrow confines of this little world, to say nothing of a mere handful of its people, overburdened with conceit. And why should Christianity be held to the belittling postulate-let theologians take notice-that it is the heir of traditions not its own-filthy, absurd traditions sometimes, and that, too, of an unfriendly race, for which it has been wont to apologize needlessly?

What part has a world religion with a mere ethnic cult with which it is logically irreconcilable? Christianity has learned to be tolerant; but it must not learn to compromise.

Judaism is forever intolerant and forever compromising as a racial cult must ever be. It is time for Christianity to scrap Judaism and its demoralizing influence, lest it lose altogether the confidence and respect of the Gentile world. In preparation therefore a careful distinction must be made between what Judaism is and what it has borrowed from sources older than itself. In whatever part of the world Christ appeared He must needs be detached from its localizing influence in order to belong to all mankind …That message must be cleansed from the defiling contact with the primitive cult of Judaism with which it has no necessary connection. It did not derive from “the law, the writings and the prophets,” nor from the Hebrew racial deity Jahveh, but direct from a higher contact than man ever knew…It is absurd to say that He and His message derived from the crass materialism of His Judaistic surroundings. The transcendant wisdom of Christ is nowhere seen to better advantage than in His attitude toward law and order, though His message to the world was spiritual and therefore directed toward the individual rather than toward organized states. He even counseled obedience to the conquering Romans, which was wormwood to the sullen and resentful Jews. Likewise His doctrines today are in support of “the powers that be,” law and order under duly constituted authority, whereas Anti-Christ is forever anti-national.

The world is still echoing with the attack of Jewish bolshevism upon Christian Russia, while the latter was embarrassed along with ourselves in the greatest of all wars.

And now the scope of its devastation is widening and reaching to our shores, and again Anti-Christ is gloating over the prospect of another victim while it preaches non-resistance and “internationalism,” though its own name is Judaism.

Its program is as follows: First defile, then destroy. You may read its purpose in the Jewish Talmud, you may find its program (no matter who wrote them), in the so-called Protocols. Its blight may be read in the press, seen on the screen and on the stage, heard in the radio, and felt in business and government everywhere. It has even attacked the last stronghold of free speech, namely, the pulpit, both through its demoralizing traditionalism and its paid apologists.

It works under the disguises of nihilism, bolshevism, communism, socialism, pacifism and internationalism, discarding any label as soon as it becomes odious and taking refuge under a new one. But its one unchanging and secreted name is Judaism. It keeps in the dark as long as it can find dupes to obey its orders. It works its sinuous way toward an open defiance of both state and church, just as it did in Russia. Beginning with small insolences, too slight to be resented openly… this Jewish attack upon state and church stealthily crawls toward a higher objective whence it can dominate the scene.

For more than two thousand years, as anyone may read in ancient history, the morals and methods of Judaism have been the same.

For verification, “search the Scriptures,” but don’t forget also to search the historians who are not Jews, such as Tacitus, Pliny, Suetonius, Strabo, besides such moderns as Gibbon, Renan, Lanciani and many more. In view of the past and the present of Judaism, to remain uninformed is to court disaster. Many devout Christians there are who say that it makes no difference to them from what race Christ came.

This is but expressive of an attitude of personal loyalty to Christ, commendable in itself, but treasonable in effect to His mission. Historic truth can not be ignored so indifferently.

It is an equivocation of position arising from intellectual indolence or incapacity to think, and it yields the whole question as to the divinity of His source. It ignores the patent fact that the Founder of Christianity, had He been a Jew, could never have been a Savior of the Gentiles. Hence, even at the risk of brushing aside certain Christian traditions, such as “the Son of David,” which Christ Himself ridiculed, and other traditions hallowed in art and song, sooner or later the stark truth stands out before us demanding recognition, and woe be to those who persistently ignore it.

The truth demanding recognition is that Christ, as the Son of Man, was a Galilean, and the Galileans were not Jews, in race, though in part Judaised in religion and nationality.

It is RACE that counts, for “A stream must rise from a source higher than itself, and Judaism was no such source for Christianity. “Men do not gather grapes of thorns nor figs of thistles”, said Christ.




CHAPTER I deals with the historical-racial proofs that Christ was Not a Jew by showing that Galileans were not of the Jewish race.

CHAPTER II displays the fallacy of accepting the totally inadequate data extant of a genealogical character. Hence, no family or dynastic issues are involved.

CHAPTER III explains how and why the Judeo-Christians limited the matter to genealogy instead of considering the broader racial aspects as they logically should have done. The advent of Christ has the breadth of humanity in interest, and has no concern whatsoever for the re-establishment of a Jewish state.



“Galilee of the Nations” (Gentiles)-that is what the prophet Isaiah’ called it, and such indeed it was-all of it, east and west of the Jordan-Gentile in race though partially Judaised in the cult of the Jews, and from time to time also in nationality. It was Gentile long before Joshua led his tribes across the Jordan, claiming their territory and finally settling among them, but not exterminating them as their Jahveh had commanded.

Nearly six hundred years later it was left Gentile again when Sargon overwhelmed the Israelites, scattered the ten tribes abroad, and replaced them with other Gentiles. Finally it was left wholly Gentile in 164 B. C. when Simon Maccabee removed the Jewish infiltration out of Galilee back to Judea.

Thereafter it was kept strictly Galilean beyond the time of Christ by the well-known antipathy between the Judeans of the south and the Galileans of the north.

Fifty years after Christ, the Governor of Galilee, Josephus, the Jewish historian, describes the Galileans as a people wholly unlike the Jews in temperament and ideals-so different indeed that they could not have been of the same race.

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