Where is the Fire Extinguisher?

…PEGIDA - For the Germans who still want to be Germans, and who are finally revolting against the alienation of their fatherland, PEGIDA will probably be no danger. It seems, Mr. Schuster is afraid that in the course of events, Jewry in Germany might lose its determining influence upon “politics.” This fear is well founded…

 Be sure to read the Radio Islam Interview with German General Major Otto Remer in 1993 for an eye-opening perspective on Islam and on the Jewish scheming (at the end of this page). The Islamic criminals in Germany and Europe, surely have been strategically imported by the Jewish plan because they are used as fools to destroy the relationship between Islam and the Occident to further the Jewish interest! But Islam should leave Europe and build up their own countries - and those countries desperately need them. They do not fit into the Nordic culture.

I say Islam go home where you belong!!!


Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes.

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident

PEGIDA Demonstration Deutschland

 Horst Mahler, Christmas Eve Message 2014:


Where is the Fire Extinguisher? – The World is going up in Flames!

432px-Horst_Mahler_Portrait_2Nurtured on the soil of Islam, Jihadists kill “unbelievers” who resist them.

On the streets and squares of “left-over-Germany” [*1], finally, hundreds of thousands are raising their voices against the “Islamization of the Occident.” Shaped by Christendom, from the Middle Ages to the defeat of the German Reich in 1945, the name “Occident” was applied as description for the family of nations on European soil.

After the Second World War, this value expression was painted over. The victors divided Europe. Its peoples on this side of the “Iron Curtain” collapsed as booty into U.S. military dominion, henceforth called “The West.” In perpetuation of war against the European peoples “with other methods,” the Occident was relinquished, against the declared will of the peoples, to the artificially created migration streams from Asia and Africa. The strategic goal was, and is, a sustained dis-empowerment of the Occident so that it can no longer play a self-determining role in the battle of the giants, the U.S. and China.

This world-political move was safeguarded by a program of mental disorientation, locking the peoples into a cage of insane “theories” to prevent them from observing reality, and who, as a result, are incapable of self-determining the shaping of their destiny.

Before this backdrop, the PEGIDA movement is really “as dangerous as fire,” as the incumbent and highest solicitor of Jewry on German soil, Mr. Schuster, announces.

For the Germans who still want to be Germans, and who are finally revolting against the alienation of their fatherland, PEGIDA will probably be no danger. It seems, Mr. Schuster is afraid that in the course of events, Jewry in Germany might lose its determining influence upon “politics.” This fear is well founded. The recollection of the Occident may effect a liberation of thinking and terminate the cultural hegemony of Jewry. Jews have a highly-developed sense of dangers threatening their interest. We, on the other hand, always need somewhat longer to recognize hazards and chances developing in world events.

The Islamic state shreds the tolerance command [of the West]. The social debate on this will unhinge the world. We will then remember how it all started.

The disintegration of the Occident commenced when Berlin’s chic society fell for the trap of tolerance ideology by Jew Moses Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn is Lessing’s [suspected to be a Jew] “Nathan the Wise.” With this fateful play, the spiritual eyesight was robbed from the youth of Europe - already in school.

In a deceptive ploy, the three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism – were represented as looking the same. This became possible after the French Enlightenment denigrated the highest interest of mankind, their religion, in the sense of a known and living relationship with God.

Religion was allowed only in a truth-hostile perspective, as a psycho-biological phenomenon suited for “scientific” discussion, and anything that went beyond this was decried as “mysticism.” This is how Moses Mendelssohn was able to deceive with purely external contemplation on the politically practical dimensions of Judaism and hide the plunder and extermination orders of Yahweh’s to his “own people,” the Jews.

Had the contemporaries of Lessing been aware of the murderous substance of Judaism, the poet and his works would have immediately met with oblivion. His Ring parable could not have caused any damage. It would have been understood that the tolerance edicts emerging from the religious wars in the sixteenth and seventeenth Century applied only to the different appearances of Christianity and not to Judaism and Mohamedism.

The tolerance gibberish coming from the swamp of jurisprudence, pertaining to Article 1, Paragraph 1, of the Constitution for the Bundesrepublik Germany [not of The Reich, which still exists], is a mental poisonous gas that is killing us. It was retired Federal Judge, Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde, who identified this negative potency of the “Constitution” at the end of the last Century.

Under the broadsword of the “individualistic human” that was forced upon the Germans with Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution, honor, so according to the words of Böckenförde, “has been undermined,” and the education of our youth is no longer possible.

With that, in a Talmudic manner, the ax has been set onto the roots of our Volk’s existence: The scandalous deed is disguised as a benefaction. This is warfare in the form of forgery. The weapons in this war are words that act like psychoactive drugs and shift us into an illusory world of human “dignity,” “tolerance,” “equality,” “democracy” etc. It is remarkable that now also the incumbent Pope of the Catholic Christians, Franziskus, is recognizing this bag of tricks and clearly expresses this in his Missive “evangelii gaudium” (EG). In view of the global capitalism, he speaks of an “economy that kills” (EG 53).

“A new, invisible, sometimes virtual, tyranny emerges, forcing unilaterally and implacably its laws and rules” (EG 56). He calls the global capitalism by its right name, as “evil crystallized in social structure.”

“Education” aims to “calm and transform into tamed harmless creatures” those affected by this new tyranny. (EG 60). Pope Franziskus blows open the door to the necessary unmasking of the human rights ideology as a vehicle to subjugate the peoples (EG 190).

Mr. Schuster, in his role as solicitor for the Jewish interests on German soil, is getting wind of the danger coming from the PEGIDA, a movement representing a clearly emerging fusion of delineated thought systems sketched here. This movement will soon take on the form of an Occidental Front for the purpose of an ideological movement with a clearly ethnic orientation (disregarding possible setbacks that will advance the learning process).

Mr. Schuster is probably aware that the Jihad successes with elemental force in the nations of the Christian Occident, effected by the Islamic migration, will heat up the intellectual argument over the “right (good) Islam” and the “false (bad) Islam. This dispute effects, inevitably, a fundamental change in perspective regarding the Religion Question – away from Lessing’s platitude and off to the discovery of substance in the various Abrahamic religions. Finally again, Judaism as such, will enter the field of vision of the Occidental family of peoples. France has already begun this development, kicked off by Jean Soler’s book “Who is God?”

Soler’s thesis that the god of the Jews, Yahweh, is “the father of all genocide” and “the causality is leading from Moses to Hitler,” who are “complimentary [?] figures and leaders,” has triggered a fierce debate in our neighboring country at which also Rabbis and Catholic clergy have intervened. For the first time it’s no longer about “comparison of Stalinism and National Socialism but about the causality of ethnic cleansing from the bible to Auschwitz” (Frankfurter Allgemeine of July 13, 2012, Page 32: „Völkermord in Canaan?” (Genocide in Canaan?) [*2]

In Israel, too, the awakening has begun with the book by Gilad Atzmon “Der Wandernde Wer? (The wandering who?),” attracting attention worldwide because the author finally expresses that Moses teaches of an “evil deity,“ embodied in the Jewish state (Israel) in the present.

The former pope, Benedikt XVI., has carefully approached the topic of the violent potential of Islam and triggered bloody unrests in hemispheres shaped by Mohammed. It can now not fail to materialize that the Mosaic roots of today’s Jihad will be discovered, and the system of terror of the “Islamic State”- as a realization of the strategic Mosaic ordinances - will call forth its terrestrial legitimacy.

In reality, there is no second religion among the powerful world religions that, as principal for its existence, explicitly and with obscene meticulousness designates the extermination (Max Weber) of the non-Jewish nations in order to make space for themselves as “God’s own people.”

Who would seriously get the idea of also demanding tolerance for a Mosaic religion, when considering that it mandates the systematic slaughter of “all heathen and their flocks” (Isaiah 34, 1-­‐16). Another reference (Isaiah 60) contains the blueprint for the global enslavement of all the peoples, conjunct with the threat to wipe out those nations who oppose the bondage.

Mind you! Judaism does not catalog in preventive intentions virtual retaliations for attacks on “Israel’s right to exist.” No! Israel is urged by its god to lead an unprovoked war of conquest for the purpose of eternal appropriation of all wealth of the peoples of the earth, more recently by usury (5. Moses 28.1 and 13-14).

As an Occidental, one is disgusted with Moses’ recommendation to his people on how to consummate the ordered extermination of the peoples of the nations - to pace it with cool deliberation. This extermination is to be structured in such a way that the territories robbed - after the eradication of the human inhabitants - will not be left unattended. They are to let the wilderness return along with the dangerous wild beasts (5. Moses 7, 22-­‐24). And especially 5. Moses 7, 8, 11 und 12! One really must read this, otherwise one just would not be able to believe this. And one needs to understand that in the Talmud there is a death threat to non-Jews who study the Five Books of Moses.

Therefore, PEGIDA is “as dangerous as fire” for the Jews, because this movement not only carries as theme the transparent fact of Islamization of the Occident but also recognizes the religious substance of Islam as a danger for the Occidental identity. The Zeitgeist labels PEGIDA’s movement a crime. For the first time in modern times - and with the military successes of the Islamic states - has a world war in the form of a purely religious war been called into world consciousness. The repulsion against this war – a war thrust upon the awareness of the Occidental peoples – had the effect that the shadowing eternal warfare of Judaism against the peoples of the nations is again recognized as such. The hate-filled attacks of organized Jewry and their collaborators in the political parties and the virtual “state structures of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland” act as fire accelerators; and that’s good.

Finally, religion as a living mode of a world ideology, a unity, and also a multiplicity of varying substances, moves into center stage of the peoples entangled in the War of the Gods. Very quickly it will be recognized that the argument over the “real” interpretation of the Bible and the Koran is a shameful, even ridiculous confusion of the intellect. What matters is solely the reality (the action) of the various ideas of god in real life thrust upon the peoples effected by this. These differentiating realities and their reciprocal relationship to one another must be recognized (and that means more than understanding them).

The reality of Islam in the presence is the in various forms unfolding Holy War (Jihad) raging for two decades now. It identifies itself as such in tens of thousands of martyrs who died for the glorification of Allah. What power of faith reveals itself in the deliberate and desired sacrifice of life for nothing but godly recognition of their martyr! How pathetic are in contrast the attempts to drag the willingness to sacrifice into the filth of their own inferiority by psychoanalyzing it!

The contrasting picture to this provides Christianity. Already the Jew Karl Marx exulted that Christians have become ‘Jews.’ For about three centuries now, Jewry is busy with “bringing Christianity home into Judaism.” The “Second Vatican Council” reveals the final success of these efforts by degrading Christianity to a “hyphenated religion” (Judeo-Christianity), a religion no one knows any longer what it really is and how it differentiates itself from genocidal Judaism. The Christian Occident was long lost even before the first Turk stepped on German soil as guest worker.

Lloyd Blankfein, the boss of Goldman Sachs, revealed recently the current reality of Judaism. He came into the spotlight of criticism as the main culprit in the galactic fraud of 2008 that led overnight to a global collapse of the financial system. Against accusations, he defended himself with the laconic sentence that he has only carried out the will of god. He spoke truth (compare 2. Moses 3, 21-­‐ 22; 12, 35-­‐36; 4. Moses 33, 50-­‐56; 5. Moses 15, 6; 28, 12-­‐14).

Goethe wrote about the Jews: “They have a religion that allows them to rob strangers.” Jews are in all essential ways different than we are; most of all they are god-fearing to Yahweh. He orders the Jews to destroy all other religions to the core (5. Moses 7 (!)). To demand tolerance and insist on equality when living under a command like this, shows that they see us as total idiots. As an aside, Jews are the last ones who put themselves on equal level with non-Jews. Isn’t anyone noticing this? Well, they see themselves as Yahweh’s own and elect people. (5. Moses 7,6)

The essence of Judaism is the absolute inequality between Jews and non-Jews. According to this, the life of the Jews is holy, the life of the non-Jews, however, is discharged to be exterminated. This goes so far that a Jew is forbidden to help a non-Jewess with child birth because the Jew would help bring an idolatrous child into the world. (Talmud, Aboda zara, Fol. 26a, also Orach chaijim 330,2 and Jore de’ah 154,2). If this is not shocking enough, one may refer to the order: “The best of the goyim [deragatory: non-Jews as cattle] you shall kill! (Talmud, Ciddusin, Fol. 82a).

The last statement is a recursive mathematical formula which implies that all goyim are to be killed. It works like this: If today ‘A’ is the best one and therefore will be killed, the second best takes the dead person’s place as the best, who is then also to be killed, and so on; until all goyim have met with this destiny. To this method probably Moses’ recommendation also applies: “You can’t exterminate them too quickly, otherwise the wild beasts of the fields will gain the upper hand against you” (5. Moses 7, 22).

Does there exist a more inhuman teaching under the sun than this? Answering this question one comprehends that with the blessing of the “Hyphenation Religion” (Judea-Christianity), as a result of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church ceased to exist and Art. 4, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the Bundesrepublik (the right to practice religion without interference) is nothing but the official capitulation of German Christianity. In vain warned us the Jew, Karl Marx, that the Jewish religion is the mortal enemy of the state religion, the Christian religion (Marx “Zur Judenfrage [to the Jewish Question],” MEW Bd. 1 S. 348). Only a Jewish Atheist can come to the conclusion that neither the Jews nor the Germans are humans (Marx a.a.O.).

The Jihad of the Twenty-First Century is the attempt by Islam to show the West the door, meaning the Jewish-atheist worldview. Islam recognizes the West as his spiritual enemy. He sees through the education propaganda of the “Western Value System” as an undertaking of political atheism to annex ideologically the hemisphere shaped by the Koran. The defense motive is expressed most transparently in the Nigerian modality of the Jihad („Boko Haram“) = “Western education is sin.”

The Talmudic principle is to be studied also in this view. Who doesn’t think “education” is a blessing for all nations? And in this country, everyone thinks of the “Western Model” of education. This model drives the “scientific world view,” in other words, the interpretation of the world without God (atheism) into people’s heads and destroys the way of life of the peoples of the Islamic Crescent, shaped by the Koran.

Islam now defends itself with the war against the West and against the suspected sociables of the West in their own rows. This world-historical power - released from the Koran - seems to orient itself by Moses and the Prophets of the Jews, whose atrocities are experienced by us as a reverting into the animal realm and fills us with loathing (Example, 1. Samuel 15,3: „Go and kill Amalek,… spare nothing; Kill men and women, children and infants, oxen and sheep, camels and donkeys!”). Even if Jewry and its ventriloquists should succeed once more with the “Nazi” club and the violent ANTIFA in taming do-gooders PEGIDA, the movement of the Volk (“We are the people!”), the peoples rousing as such, cannot be broken anymore. The world-Spirit of today is working on many construction sites to provide a clear view of the Mosaic world dominion. This fosters the awareness that only the peoples - as the acting power expressing the “thoughts of God” (Herder) – are able to overcome this system of ethnic cleansing, the Judaic-shaped globalism.

The fact that PEGIDA refuses a “dialog” with the scum of political representatives is a good sign. This PEGIDA power will learn that there is nothing to demand – especially not from our enemies – but it must claim the complete power in the state. This power alone makes it possible to enforce life-sustaining measures. Accordingly, it is not enough to just always be AGAINST the current system.

Without being dreamers – a future must be made comprehensible that the German people really want – understood here as a spiritual organism. This historical work is to be only one that is oriented to unite again fragments in our Volk and carries the message of a world view movement where the knowledge of the concrete unity of God and Man is alive (Hegel, W 7, § 358).

At the core of this movement, the understanding will operate that the “in our social structures crystallized evil” (Pope Franziskus) is held together and managed as such by an elite who is imposing it on us. This cunning filtering system, via selection, is composed of elements of those subsets of society where bred idiots, hypocrites, and traitors are sworn in.

In this system, everyone – without exception – whose actions come from honor, love of truth, and love of country, will be weeded out and relegated to a social death. The breath of the corruption pest penetrates into all pores of a community and suffocates the awareness of what is right. Decency and manners disintegrate in the ever present brimstone swamp of pornography. The claim of man to be more than just a mere animal is denigrated as racism. That to be human is the concrete oneness of man and woman, and that marriage is a tangible expression of this oneness in the form of duty, for the sake of children, is denied in the Gender Ideology forced upon our children in public schools.

Neither is allowed into consciousness that the life of a woman is in the service of the preservation of the genus and that the killing of life in the womb is, therefore, murder. The control of a woman over her body ends with her abstinence. With every reception begins the protection of life by a community that cancels a woman’s egoism.

In the same way, the knowledge is suppressed that the life of a man is in the service of defense of family, estate, and hearth against enemies and that for that purpose he must be willing to face death.

The stance that the measure for householding is not growth and profit, but the needs of the peoples for a dignified life, is pursued as High Treason – when this value is seriously represented.

PEGIDA is the beginning of the uprising against this immoral world. In this movement germinates the consciousness that it is the captive right of each nation, to shape themselves according to their own intellectual perceptions, to exclude alien views, and to fight enemies. There is, at the same time, an awareness that the “rest,” in the sense of a system of middle state structures with devolutiv [lat. devolvere – roll away] power - that is, with the control to negate the national will of the people, is nothing but an enemy foreign rule in the spirit of global financial capital, the epitome of Judaism.

In view of this, PEGIDA, is one front with Jihad. The West is the common enemy. The spiritual substance of the West is Judaism. The “New Earth” and the “New Heaven” (Rev. 21) will rise from the ashes of the West. Fire extinguishers are, therefore, out of place. The West must burn!



[*] Comments by translator

[*1] disparaging comment - due to the high percentage of immigrants

[*2] No one was ethnically cleansed at Auschwitz but German people!

Translated from German by germanvictims.com

Attorney Horst Mahler is incarcerated in so-called democratic (but really Jewish-Communist) Germany with a long prison term for exercising his freedom of speech right, exposing the Holocaust fraud. The Jews in Germany and in the U.S. have more rights than any German citizen, who have been gagged by the Jews. The Jews have installed a Paragraph 130, and other such “laws,” and elevated them above the German Constitution! One must understand that the United States is the illegal occupier of Germany since 1945, the Jews control the United States, and therefore the Jews control Germany.

General Remer Interview Radio Islam 1993-pdf

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