Should the Jew Triumpf……For Yockey, the real tipoff that the people in charge of America and the Western world were not really leaders but saboteurs was found in the result of the World Wars, which were conducted at great sacrifice to the West that actually gained nothing for the people who valiantly fought and died for their “freedom”…


“Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through the ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.” Adolf Hitler


Imperium Eagle


Reviewing Francis Parker Yockey’s ‘Imperium’ as white civilization nears its termination point

By John Kaminski

This endless series of foreign invasions that leaves so many innocent people dead leaves most Americans in a state of amazed frustration at the lies our government tells us to justify the gratuitous carnage it insists is essential to our own national security.

The world we knew of treating people honestly and being in a world where we can make our way to a satisfactory life seems dead and gone, destroyed by a force that to this very day we have never adequately identified.

The white civilization that gave to the world its basic organizational structure and so many of the wonderful inventions everyone considers essential to life now seems to be melting away into a contrived confusion of malignant spirit and a frightful chaos of society that makes sense to no one except the manipulators who seek to envelop the entire world in its profit-making chains.

We wonder today at how much money and how many lives can be thrown away on actions that seem of no benefit to the American people, yet it is the U.S. government that is doing both the spending and the killing while claiming its actions are heroic.

It makes us wonder who our government is really working for, and why we continue to allow it.

Who benefits from this endless warmaking besides the incomprehensibly rich oil companies, the greedy bankers and the puffed up politicians who sell weapons of war to everyone who can buy them? Certainly not the majority of the American people, who today are sinking into poverty as we watch our country disintegrate as a result of these suspicious and barbaric policies.

Why are millions being spent on exotic and expensive military weapons when our people are starving and unemployed? This is a question that all Americans, at one time or another, ask themselves.

So it will come as a surprise to you that these very questions were answered in detail — in vivid and thoughtful detail — in a book written 67 years ago, at the close of World War II.

A massive, 610-page history lesson titled “Imperium” concludes that Western civilization did not win World War II and that in fact it lost that colossal war to an Asian menace that has and still does masquerade as Western civilization, but which is really a clever force that in reality has hijacked and misrepresented Western values and twisted them into a ruthless power grab attuned to its own selfish and pathological purposes.

The true representative of Western culture was in fact defeated and annihilated in World War II, and its citizens raped, murdered and abused beyond belief, according to an amazing social thinker and enigmatic scholar named Francis Parker Yockey, who died as mysteriously as he had lived in a San Francisco jail cell in 1960.

Long an underground classic since its republication by Noontide Press in 1962, Imperium has been designated by its detractors as a racist diatribe against the de facto forces of the world. But Imperium is idolized by those who can understand it is nearly a funeral dirge for the white race, yet maintaining within it a battle plan for the reemergence of Western culture if only people could wake up and identify the silver-tongued alien who has deceived the world.

The religious call this force Satan. The more clear-eyed call it the Jews.

Alas, with each passing day, the populace at large shows no inclination that it ever intends to awaken and throw off the darkening blindfold of its conquerors.

Francis Parker Yockey, aghast at the outcome of World War II, always felt that we would escape the clutches of our oppressors, and wrote Imperium to both analyze the emasculation of European civilization and provide a thoughtful framework for its resuscitation. His predictions have not come true.

For Yockey, the real tipoff that the people in charge of America and the Western world were not really leaders but saboteurs was found in the result of the World Wars, which were conducted at great sacrifice to the West that actually gained nothing for the people who valiantly fought and died for their “freedom”.

Yockey’s assessment of World War I was that the U.S. had no business entering it, lost many thousands of troops participating in it, and yet when the Versailles Treaty divided up the spoils of that war, the United States gained nothing from it, while the Jewish power brokers who engineered U.S. participation in a war in which it stood to gain nothing, gained everything for themselves, including the promise of a country in the Middle East from where they could hone and perfect their plan to conquer the entire world through an unparalleled program of widespread deceit.

World War II was much the same formula. Americans didn’t want to participate, but the Jewish power structure that ran the media and controlled the politicians made plans that could not be derailed. And after 60 million people had died, what had America and the West gained? Nothing. Instead, half of Europe was given to the Jewish Communists in the Soviet Union, providing a template for antagonism and weapons spending for another 50 years, if not in perpetuity.

Writing in 1948, Yockey not only initially used a pen name — Ulick Varange — on his work, but couched his terminology in the paranoid style of the time, when to mention anything about a Jewish world conspiracy was to wind up in jail.  Various euphemisms such as “the West” and “Western civilization” actually referred to Hitler’s Third Reich, which he considered the real Western civilization, and which was obliterated in the flames of Dresden and the nuclear waste of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all generated by Jewish forces, the alien presence that had fouled civilization.

In many respects, Yockey’s call to arms is a pipe dream, since the alien forces that were victorious in World War II have only consolidated and fine tuned their power since that awful experience. The author’s dream of a resurgent West based on noble principles seems today like a wishful reverie that can never be, even though millions of people around the world — millions of white people — wish it were true.

But faced with the empirical facts of nonwhite aliens from the Third World now irreversibly overrunning both Europe and America, the idea of a white kingdom regaining its place of supremacy in the world seems to day like a futile fantasy. The subtle subterfuge of the alien menace has achieved its regrettable success.

Yockey speaks early in his magnum opus about the great cultures of world history that rise and dominate the world of their own times, all eventually to fall after two centuries or so, never to be seen again in their own specific forms. Yet his massive analysis of world history and the psychological components that he sees as comprising human social constructions appear to verify that what he insists will rise again — an omnipotent white culture that will once more rule the world — actually never will.

Yockey asks the question, why didn’t America benefit from its foreign wars.

And he answers that question — because America was remote controlled by an alien presence who captured, exploited and perverted every aspect of its society.

Like a spider who wraps its prey in a secure cocoon, the Jews have trussed up Western civilization in an inescapable trap of their own demented design, and plan on consuming their captive audience in comfort at a future time at their own convenience.

The Imperium Yockey thought would resuscitate and reestablish that brilliant white culture that gave to the world most of its finer inventions and practices has been lost to the inflexible realities of demographics and birth rates, as well as sabotaged by a group with no conscience that he calls “culture-distorters”. America, Western civilization and the whole world have been hijacked by an alien presence, beneficial to nothing but its own self-destructive impulses, which is now about to consume what it has captured, resulting in the end of civilization as we have known it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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Photo Francis Parker Yokey


EXCERPT FROM “IMPERIUM”  - 1948 - Francis Parker Yokey

…The Second World War

The first world war was a failure as far as solving the two great problems which formed the true, historical issues of that war. It resolved the issue of Capitalism v. Socialism by giving the apparent and material victory to Capitalism, which represented the Past, and could not possibly form the Future. In other words the result of the War was a mere political negation of the coming Spirit of Ethical Socialism. It resolved the issue of the world- revolt in favor of the outer forces, and against the Western Civilization. This result was historically, completely false, for such an outcome did not reflect the great spiritual realities. In reality, the Spirit of the West was then only entering upon its grandest Imperialistic stage, possessed of the necessary material power to actualize its Inner Imperative of unlimited, authoritarian, political Imperialism. The historically false eventuation of the War had not corresponded to these great spiritual realities, but had made it appear superficially as though the West was tired, and in retreat from its world- position, and that the outer world had sufficient vigor to dethrone the Western master of yesterday.

In its third great result — the complete sweeping away of the spiritual foundations of the 19th century — the War was also a failure to the extent that it only accomplished this great transformation in the depths, but on the surface of History the ideals and slogans of the dead Past were still the object of the lip-service of the uniformly stupid leaders whom the War had tossed up. These ideals were even carried to limits of comedy which would have been out of the question for the 19th century. For, apart from its tragic significance as a symbol of the victory of the barbarian over the West, the League of Nations was simply a huge world-historical joke.

But Destiny is irreversible, and the Spirit of Socialism, with its latent Resurgence of Authority and its youthful will-to-power moved steadily forward. The Spirit of the Age caught up the former powers of Europe, one after another. Only the intervention of two extra-European regimes, those in Moscow and Washington, prevented the complete inner pacification of Europe. This inner pacification would have meant, as the analysis of politics showed, the automatic creation of a new world-political unit — Europe — the Civilization of the West organized as a politico-economic-spiritual- cultural-national-military unit.

The powers that had existed in the 19th century had become in the last analysis mere spectators in the world-struggle. Russia, America, and Japan were the new arbiters of the world situation during the 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century. This was the legacy of the First World War and of the blindness that had continued it to the point where England’s allies had triumphed over England as well as over Prussia-Germany.

The rise to absolute dictature of the Culture-distorting group in America enabled American power to frustrate the pacification of Europe as the prelude to European reconquest of its lost world-position of 1900 — the status of power-monopolist of the   world. By parliamentary-financial-propaganda means, Culture-distortion brought part of Europe under the control of Washington, and determined the form of the Second World War.

The European Revolution of 1933 let loose the most tremendous spiritual force that History knows — Destiny, the advancing Spirit of the Age.   It was this same force that had given to the armies of France their victories on hundreds of fields all over Europe during the wars from 1790 to 1815.  Against this Destiny, no inner forces of the Culture could prevail. To defeat Napoleon, it was necessary to call in Russia, and even then “victory”, was only on the surface, for Napoleon had been the symbol of destruction of the foundations of the 18th century.  These foundations could not be rebuilt, even though the gentlemen of the Vienna-Congress thought it could be done. In form, the Second World War started along the same lines as had the

First. Superficially it appeared to be a petty-state contest between two European powers of yesterday. In its depths, the war was no such thing. Even the struggle between Socialism and Capitalism, which was an apparent issue of the War, was not real, for the issue had been settled in favor of Socialism. The alternative to Socialism was not Capitalism, but chaos.

This brings us to the real problems of the Second World War. During the years 1918–1939, the 20th century idea had triumphed all over the West, and only the intervention of the outer forces based in Moscow and Washington had frustrated the foundation of general European unity. In the outer world, the revolt against the West had increased to frightful dimension: in India, China, Japan, Islam, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the East Indies, and above all in Bolshevist Russia. This outer development had been accelerated by the First World War, instead of being denied and put down as the true distribution of military force would have brought about. As a consequence, this gigantic outer revolt dominated the world- picture. The reversing of this outer revolt, and the reassertion of the Imperialistic vigor of the West, was the great problem of the world-situation in 1939. In its shade stood the problem of completing the unity of the West by driving out extra-European influence from the home-soil of the West.

Nevertheless, owing to the American Revolution of 1933, and the conquest of American power by Culture-distortion, the War started in a disastrous form, that of a struggle between two former European powers. The Culture-distorting group had not only its old mission of revenge against the West for a millennium of insult and persecution, but it was flaming with the unparalleled injury that was done to it by the renewal of Western exclusiveness in the European Revolution of 1933. For the first time, anti- semitism was as total as semitism. Mere social anti-semitism was welcome to the Culture-distorter, for it unified his followers. But Cultural anti- semitism meant the end of the sway of power within the West of the distorter. Against this threat, the Culture-distorter armed for a War which he was willing to continue if necessary to the physical extinction of the Western world.  He developed a senseless formula, entirely new in European history — “Unconditional Surrender.” This formula transcends politics. Politics aims at political surrender, not personal humiliation, deprivation of life, of honor, of rank, of humanity and decency.

In the form in which it started, its grand problem was doomed. The revolt of the outer forces against the West was temporarily overshadowed by the suicidal struggle between white Western troops against white Western troops, all of whom were slaughtered for the defeat of the West and the triumph of outer forces.

Who won the Second World War? First of all, in the military sense: America and Russia — for at the conclusion of the War, the world presented the picture of being divided between them. Russia dominated half of the political world — most of the northeast quadrant of the planet — and America dominated the other half. But, as we have seen, America threw away the greater part of its military victory, since the force governing American policy was not American, and hence could not pursue a Western policy of Empire-building, but could only exercise a distorting influence on American policy.

Second, in the political sense: Russia, and, probably, Japan. America cannot be said to be a political winner, since it has steadily lost power since the end of the War. A country in the custody of total, Cultural, aliens cannot gain a political victory, since whatever military victories it may achieve will be used only for the benefit of the alien, and not for the benefit of the subject nation. This lies in the nature of the host-parasite relationship, and America is an instance of it. Russia, however, gained enormously in strength in every way through its “victory,” which was won for it by American forces. Russia’s power is ascendant everywhere as the result of the War, and it is the only power which can definitely be said to have won the War. After two decades, however, it is probable that Japan also will be seen to have won the War, although naturally such a view is put forward with reservation as to intervening events. But the benevolent and protective occupation by American forces to rebuild the Japanese economy and political power might reach a certain point at which the occupier will find that a new power- relationship exists.

Third, in the spiritual sense: the great collective victor is the world- revolt against the West. Leading them is the Architect of the War, the Culture-distorter. From the top of a mountain of Western dead, he can regard his mission of revenge as having  been apparently completely accomplished. Behind him is the spirit  of Asiatic Bolshevism, which now lords it over “the rotten West,” as 19th century Russian litterateurs named the Europe they hated so much. Then, everywhere, stand the outer forces, renewed in hope and success by the retreat of the West they have forced and continued to force daily. In India, Egypt, China, the East Indies, they stride forward, and the white man retreats steadily.

Those are the victors. Who are the vanquished?

First of all — Europe, the home-soil of the West. The organism of Western Civilization lost the War just as definitely as Russia won. The millions who died in battle, the hundreds of thousands slaughtered in their homes by American warfare against civilians, the millions who have been Starved and frozen to death by the American-Russian occupation, the millions who are still starving and freezing — all these died and are dying for the victory of Asiatic Russia, Culture-distortion, and the world-revolt against the West.

The awful reality of the defeat of the West raises another aspect of the Second World War, the economic.

As already seen, the political basis of the Western power-monopoly in the world before the First World War, 1914, was the political passivity of the subject peoples. Its economic basis was the technical-industrial monopoly of the Western Civilization. The hundreds of millions who live in the tiny area of Europe are there because this economic monopoly permitted them to live from food-imports. The food-imports, and the fabulously high Western living-standard, were maintained by Western production of manufactured goods for the outer markers. The many hundreds of millions of Asia and Africa had to meet all their requirements for manufactured goods in the Western Civilization.

The first two World Wars undermined this situation  completely. Giant industrial areas have been built up all over the outer world; the revolt against the West is economic as well as political. What does this mean?

It means this: that not only the power of the West is undermined, but the livelihood of the West has also been cut off. The great problem of the Second World War, the restoration of Western world-power, had thus also an economic aspect. It was a struggle for the biological existence of more than one hundred million Westerners.

The world-situation of the moment thus wears the aspect not only of a struggle for power — what is usual and universal in Nature — but of that which is extremely rare, but hideous and unheroic — a struggle for physiological existence.

Not only Europe, but also the American People, lost the War. Since the Revolution of 1933, this People has been working, producing, and exporting. It has given its treasures and the lives of hundreds of thousands of its sons; it has blindly obeyed Culturally alien leaders not of its choosing, and in obedience to them it has curtailed its standard of life and parted with its soul — and in return it has received nothing of any kind, spiritual or material. Nor is its time of sacrifices over. It will continue to pay for the Second World War, which it lost, for many a year. In America’s cup of “victory,” there was poison for the soul of America.


The participation of Russia as a political unit in Western History begins with Peter the Great. Before that Russia hat only engaged in political competition with Slavic States bordering on the Western Culture-area. During the centuries before Peter, there had always been two ways of thinking in Russia: the one was the feeling in the broad masses of peasants and men of strong instincts; the other was the more intellectual desire to adopt Western forms of thought and action and force them on the Slavic population. This latter was confined to a small stratum, the physical descendants of the Varangians, who had invaded Russia from Scandinavia during Charlemagne’s time, and was recruited from time to time with new blood from Sweden and Germany. With this stratum, Peter overcame the “Old-Russian” faction, and dragged an unwilling Russia into the comity of Western nations.

Never did he succeed, nor did his Romanov dynasty after him, in implanting Western ideas below the surface of the Russian soul. Russia, the true, spiritual, Russia, is primitive and religions. It detests Western Culture, Civilization, nations, arts, State-forms, Ideas, religions, cities, technology. This hatred is natural, and organic, for this population lies outside the Western organism, and everything Western is therefore hostile and deadly to the Russian soul.

The true Russia is the one which Petrinism tried to coerce. It is the Russia of Illya Muromyets, Minin, Ivan Grosny, Pozharsky, Theophilus of Pskov, Avakkum, Boris Godunov, Arakcheyev, Dostoievski, the Skoptski and Vassili Shuiski. It is the Russia of Moscow, “the Third Rome,” the mystical successor to Rome and Byzantium. “A fourth there cannot be,” wrote the monk Theophilus. This Russia identifies itself with humanity, and despises the “rotten West.”

Being primitive, Russia’s spiritual center of gravity is in instinct, and thus it was that  even during the  Rationalistic-equalitarian 19th century, Russia was a land of pogroms. The Russian felt the complete alienness of the Culture-State-Nation-Church-Race of the Jew, and the Tsarist regime marked out a Pale of Settlement in which alone Jews could reside.

The upper Russia, the Westernized stratum which played with Western materialistic philosophy, spoke German and French, traveled to the spas of Europe, and concerned itself with European cabinet-politics, was the object of the fierce hatred of the pure Russians, the Nihilists, who embodied the wordless idea of complete destruction of the West, and the Russification of the world. Whether this great destructive Idea was expressed in the religious form of the assertion of the sole truth of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, or of the later political form of Slavophilism and Pan-Slavism, or of the present-day Marxist-Bolshevism, it continues to have the same inner imperative of destroying everything Western, which it feels is stifling its Russian soul.

The Bolshevik Revolution of November, 1917, was a political epoch both for Russia, and for Europe. The possibility of such a revolution had, of course, always been there, as shown by Pugachev’s insurrection during Catherine the Great’s reign, by the numerous assassinations in the 19th and 20th centuries,  by  the huge  underworld  shown  in the  writings  of Dostoievski, by the huge secret police and spy network. The actual form of the Revolution when it did occur was dual: there was a revolt of the primitive Russian soul against the Western Romanov regime and all that it represented, and there was a simultaneous assumption of the leadership of this revolt by the Jewish Culture-Nation-State-Race. The necessary financing was procured in New York from members of the Culture- distorting group in America.

The influence of Culture-distortion on Russian policy has not been of the same degree as its influence in America, at least in foreign policy, for the world-aim of Russia is the same as the aim of the Culture-distorting group — destruction of the Western enemy. Nevertheless it is present, and is responsible in a great measure for Russian policy. With means both skillful and brutal, it maintained its power in Russia.

The duality of the Bolshevik Revolution meant that the one side of it was a failure, the primitive, Asiatic, instinctive, side. The aim  of  the Russian side of the rising was to sweep away all Western institutions, ideas, forms, and realities. Thus it wished to extirpate the Western technology and economic forms as well as the other aspects of the Westernization of Russia. In this it did not succeed, for the Bolshevist minority set itself to Western- industrialize Russia to the highest possible degree in preparation for a series of wars against hated Europe.

During the period 1918–1939, Russian policy abroad was actualized through its international organization, the Comintern, comprising all the Communist parties in the Western Civilization. The policy of the distorting group ant the true Russia coincide in undermining the West from within by making use of the remnants of the outworn 19th century outlook in their most degenerate forms: class-war, trade-unionism, financial-manipulations, pacifism, parliamentarism, democracy, corruption of art and letters, social-traditional decay.

Such inner undermining was to be, of course, simply the prelude to complete domination. If necessary the last, military stage was to be applied at the time when the inner rottenness had made resistance hopeless. But the European Revolution of 1933 completely destroyed the value of this technique. By its positive and vigorous-reassertion of the primal instincts of the West, and of the world-mission of the West, it made any undermining attempts hopeless, for the exclusiveness of the 20th century West is organically inaccessible to anything Culturally alien.

The outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 was brought about by Culture-distortion within the West, in co-operation with the Bolshevik regime in Moscow. The Bolshevik assessment of the possibilities was that the intra-European war would bleed the West to the point where Russian armies could occupy the entire West with a comparatively small military effort, and establish the world rule of “The Third Rome” on a foundation of the ruin of the West.

Things did not work this way at once, and the Bolshevik regime almost found itself in New York at one point in the Second World War. But the total intervention of America was finally brought about by the Culture- distorting group in America, and as a result, Russia was not only saved, but given a military victory which made it master of the largest contiguous empire ever to exist in the history of the world, and an empire situated moreover in a commanding position in the center of the political world, the Northeast quadrant of the planet.

Thus, there are two Russias: the Bolshevik regime, and the true Russia underneath. Bolshevism, with its worship of Western technology, and of a silly foreign theory of class-war, does not express the soul of the true Russia. This broke out in the insurrection of the Streltse against Peter the Great, and of Pugachev against Catherine the Great. In his rebellion, Pugachev and his peasants massacred every officer, official, and nobleman that fell into their hands. Everything having any connection with the West was burned or destroyed. Whole tribes joined in the mass-movement. For three years, 1772–1775, it continued, and the Moscow court itself was at one time in danger. When arraigned after his capture, Pugachev explained that it was God’s will that he should chastise Russia. This spirit is still there, since it is organic, and cannot be killed, but must express itself. This is the spirit of Asiatic Bolshevism, which is at present harnessed to the Bolshevism of the Moscow regime, with its economic-technical obsession.

This brings us to the part that Bolshevist ideology plays in the present world-situation. The equating, in the Western Civilization, of Russia with a class-war theory is itself a triumph of Russian propaganda. Theories in politics are techniques. Politics is power-activity, not reasoning or arguing or proving. For any Westerner to believe that Russia represents some sort of desire to reform society or economics along the lines of favoring this class or that class is to show himself utterly incapable of political-thinking. Nor is it any more correct to think that Russia wishes to organize the whole world along the same economico-socio-political lines as present-day Russia. The Russian mission is to destroy the West, and any inner agitation within the West promotes this mission. Class-war, race-war, social degeneration, crazy art, decadent films, wild theories and philosophies of all kinds, serve this vast Russian program. Communism is just one of these, but if another were more effective tomorrow, it would replace it.

The ideal of Communism, as a theoretical program for the reorganization of society, does not exist in the world of facts, either in Russia, or America. The communism that the West has to fear is of two varieties, neither of them in the least bit theoretical: first, class-war, and second the Communist organization. The first is an entirely native thing which can only be liquidated by the 20th century Idea of Ethical Socialism; pending this liquidation, it serves the Russian purpose of weakening and disintegrating the West from within. The second is simply the direct enforcing agent within the West of the political commands from Moscow.

At the moment, 1948, Russia’s sole remaining enemy in the field is America. Towards America it occupies a position superior in every way except the technical. Its weapon against America is inner undermining through propaganda and social degeneration. These methods are efficacious against America because of the great spiritual split in that country between the true soul of the American People and the upper Culture-distorting stratum. Culture-Retardation in America makes 19th century materialistic propaganda and ultra-crazy social ideals effective in that country.

The presence of the distorter in Russia is shown by the fact that the ruling personnel are disproportionately drawn from this group, by the fact that anti-semitism is a crime, and more than anything else by Russian policy in regard to Palestine. For the four years, 1944 to 1948, Russian policy was the negation, at every point, of American policy. Nonetheless in the question of partitioning of Palestine, a part of the world of Islam, the Moscow regime was divided on the supporting of world-policy of the Jewish Culture-State-Nation-Race, even though it was in the imperialistic interests of Russian policy to oppose America on this issue.

But the nature of Culture-distortion as a mere illness is shown again by the situation of the moment. Despite their parallel inner situations, Russia and America are moving to war against one another. This period is one of preparation of and for the Third World War. The nature of politics, of the political side of human nature, impels this war, and the presence of active alien groups in the two existing political powers plays only a subordinate role in this great fact. Its role is to manage the war so that its own world-position is not damaged by the outcome. Russia’s strategic position vis-à-vis America is vastly superior. First the great fundamental fact of Russia’s position on the planet confers an inestimable advantage. The Northeast quadrant, as already seen, is the prime focus of world-control in the Age of Absolute Politics. Russia is situated within this quadrant, whereas America is not even in the political world, which lies in the Eastern Hemisphere, the ultimate source of six times as much power as the Western Hemisphere.

The Northeast quadrant, in a military sense, is controlled partly by Russian arms, and partly by American arms. The Russian holdings are contiguous and integrated. The Russian diplomatic method is that of terror, military occupation, kidnapping, and assassination. The American method is degenerative propaganda, puppet regimes which conduct their own terror, and financial conquest. Of these two methods, Russia’s is entirely superior. Wars are fought with soldiers, and not with money,  and diplomacy is simply war-preparation and war-exploitation.  Financial means therefore are subsidiary to military means, a mere adjunct to them.

The American holdings in the Northeast quadrant are bought, but they can never be finally paid for. They are dependent upon the maintenance of puppet governments consisting of the least valuable stratum in Europe, the party-politicians who will sell themselves for money. Thus revolts, in the American spheres in Europe, of the more vigorous and honorable stratum, would automatically terminate America’s ascendancy, whereas revolts in Russia’s sphere under present conditions would be drowned in blood. Of course, in the last analysis, America’s financial diplomacy is backed by American bayonets, but the dangerous illusion in the American mind as to the value of financial means is nevertheless there.

Russian diplomacy increases Russian prestige, while American diplomacy rouses hopes of material gain in its subject populations, and panders to the lowest instincts of greed and laziness. America conducts a gigantic hanging holiday called “war crimes,” which is aimed at settling old semitic-vengeance scores. Russia values subject individuals according to their present and future value to Russian plans, and is not interested in their past actions. However, if Russia did choose to institute a “war crimes” slaughter, it could instruct the Americans in technique. The precedent of the Florinsky “trial” during the Red Terror in Kiew in the summer of 1919 is illustrative. Professor Florinsky of Kiew University was suspected of anti- semitism. Irritated by his lack of humility, one of his judges, Rosa Schwartz, drew a revolver and shot him dead at his “trial.”

Russia’s situation in the Northeast quadrant bestows upon Russia the possibility of a high degree of application of the strategic principles of Concentration, and Economy of Force. America’s remoteness on the other hand compels it to support an enormous naval and marine establishment before it can put a soldier into the theatre of war. Russia has the advantages of the inner line against America.

And now the concluding remarks can be made about Russia, its mission, and its potentialities.

Russia is outside the West; its Imperialism is a mere negative of Western unlimited organizatory Imperialism. Russia’s mission is  thus purely destructive as far as the West is concerned. Russia is the bearer of no Utopian hopes for the West, and anyone who believes it is a Cultural idiot. Russia is internally split; the ruling regime does not represent the true, Asiatic, religious, primitive, soul, but is a technological caricature of Petrinism, and the possibility is inherent in this relationship that one day this regime will go the way of the Romanov. This split can be used against Russia, just as it tries to use inner-revolutionary tactics against its political enemies. Such a tactic was used with success against the Romanov regime in 1917 by the West. By virtue of its physical situation, on the border of the West, Russia will, and must always, remain the enemy of the West, as long as these populations are organized as a political unit…


Francis Parker Yockey On Racialism




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