Jewish Atrocities Chosen by God - …Not only have they [the Jews] committed millions of atrocities throughout their history, flagrantly, and constantly, but they are perpetrating atrocities today, in Russia, in China, in Cuba, in Hungary, and in Germany, both East and West. In fact they are committing atrocities today in every country of the world, including these, our United States…


Angel kills first born

* * *

Nature’s Eternal Religion: Chapter 8 — A Few Examples of Jewish Atrocities

Ben Klassen

[In Old Testament Times]

their history the Jews have committed millions of atrocities, most of
which will never be recorded and most of which are intentionally covered
up and lost to history. Not only have they committed millions of
atrocities throughout their history, flagrantly, and constantly, but
they are perpetrating atrocities today, in Russia, in China, in Cuba, in
Hungary, and in Germany, both East and West. In fact they are
committing atrocities today in every country of the world, including
these, our United States. Therefore, to list a few paltry examples does
not do the subject justice. However, since so many people are so
completely unfamiliar with the nature of these atrocities, I believe
that reciting a few examples of Jewish atrocities will at least
partially serve to shed some light on the fierceness of the Jewish
nature, the vast immensity of their satanic program, and the diabolical
cruelty perpetrated by the Jews upon the host nations amongst whom they
have lived and grown fat.

Jewish religion itself is based on hatred, deception, and the
destruction of all other nations. In the Old Testament, starting with
Deuteronomy 20:10, we find the policy of deceit and destruction spelled
out by the Jewish scriptwriters: “When thou comest nigh unto a city to
fight against it, then proclaim peace unto it And it shall be, if it
make thee answer of peace, and open unto thee, then it shall be, that
all the people that is found therein shall be tributaries unto thee, and
they shall serve thee. And if it will make no peace with thee, but will
make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it: and when the Lord,
they God, hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every
male thereof with the edge of the sword: but the women, and the little
ones and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil
thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself: and thou shalt eat the spoil of
thine enemies, which the Lord thy God hath given thee…But of the
cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an
inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

[The White Race Accepting a Foreign Religion]

we have the crux of the Jewish religion which we, the White people,
have foolishly been partners in worship. By cunning, by treachery, by
deceit, the Jews claim they have an inherent God given right to destroy,
kill and obliterate all other peoples and nations that they may choose
to victimize. After all, “the Lord” commanded it. At least so the Jewish
scriptwriters say, and hundreds of millions of White Gentiles have been
stupid enough and gullible enough to support them in this philosophy.

stupidity, the gullibility, and the cooperation of the Gentiles as a
whole and the White Gentiles in particular in this respect has been, and
is today, a key factor in the Jew’s ability to divide, conquer and
destroy vast numbers of their enemies far in excess of their own
numbers. The Jews’ diabolical cunning in being able to pervert the minds
of their victims so that the victims themselves will help in their own
destruction is a paramount factor in the Jewish program of world
conquest and world destruction. The old saying that “whom the Gods would
destroy they first made mad” should really read, whom the Jews would
destroy, they first proceed to unhinge their minds to the point where
their victims will then help to destroy themselves.

us now look at a few examples of Jewish atrocities in action. Let us
also remember the Jewish axiom to always kill the best, thereby forever
destroying any leadership that a people or nation might have, or might
develop in the future.


World War II the City of Dresden was one of the most beautiful in the
world. In fact the word Dresden was synonymous with culture, beauty and
art. Like so many other cities in Germany, this city in particular was
rich in German culture and the heritage of its people. The Castle, the
Opera, the Hofkirche, the Frauen Kirche, to name a few amongst thousands
of other buildings, were beautiful and outstanding examples of German
(and White) culture. Many of these beautiful buildings dated back a
thousand years or more.

normal population of Dresden was about 600,000. In February of 1945, as
the refugees from the Eastern countries were fleeing before the Red
Army, and seeking safety in the west, a large number of them fled to the
apparent safety of Dresden and swelled the population of that city to
over 1,200,000 people. These were people who had fought the Communists
and were strongly anti-Communist. We must remember that at this period
of history World War II was practically over and Dresden was by no
stretch of the imagination a military objective. In judging what follows
we must also keep in mind that Dresden represented the finest examples
of German art and culture, that it was not a military objective, and
that it was swollen at this time with refugees fleeing before the Red
Army, the barbarians of the East.

the night of February 13, 1945 at 10:13 p.m., British bombers started
dropping hundreds of thousands of fire bombs on the poor, helpless
refugees and citizens of Dresden who were only trying to escape the
butchery of the Red Army. These raids were carefully planned by these
heinous and diabolical Jews to reap the maximum in death and
destruction. The timing was such that it would hit the citizens of
Dresden at a time when they were out on the streets celebrating a
Christian religious holiday. Thousands were burned alive.

the first raid was over and the survivors came out of their shelters to
begin rescue operations and when thousands of fire fighters arrived
from other cities to help in the rescue, the treacherous Jews struck
again. At 1:30 a.m., February 14th, only three hours after the first
attack, a second and larger force of British bombers rained down more
death and destruction on the helpless White men, women and children
below. So many firebombs had been concentrated on this once beautiful
old city of Dresden that a firestorm of hurricane proportions engulfed
the whole city. The heat was so intense that once live people were
shriveled into corpses reduced to half their size. Thousands of people
hiding in air raid shelters were melted into one pool of liquid. A
mother with her baby in her arms was found melted into the pavement
forming a small tar statue. In a furious, fiendish effort to incinerate
this beautiful City of Dresden, the city of art and culture, more than
650,000 firebombs were dropped on it during the raids.

if this were not enough, the next day, which was Ash Wednesday, while
Dresden was still burning furiously from the two attacks of the night
before, a huge force of American B-17’s started pounding on what was
left of the magnificent city.

great shame and tragedy of it all was that the pilots who were dropping
these bombs were White Gentiles killing their own brothers in a battle
that the Germans had been fighting for the preservation of the White
Race. What these White pilots, with their mentality deranged by Jewish
brain pollution, did not know, but their Jewish bosses did, was the fact
that 26,260 Allied prisoners of war were in this same area! Just
another example of Jewish evilness and treachery. Even though the
American and British soldiers were fighting to save these Jewish
parasites from their just dues, the Jews themselves didn’t mind at all
having the White prisoners killed as well!

this was still not the end of Jewish fiendishness and barbarity. A
final touch of Jewish treachery was added when after the B- 17’s had
left, 37 B-51 American fighters were ordered to fly low over the city
and kill anything that moved! This they did by shooting and
machine-gunning people trying to escape along the roads out of Dresden
or people who were trying to save themselves along the banks of the
River Elbe. These B-51 fighters flew low along the banks of the river
and killed everything in sight.

this sound familiar? Remember the vicious ideology of the Jews as laid
out in Deuteronomy 20:16 “thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth”?

us remember that this is the vicious Jewish religion, a religion that
they have been practicing for thousands of years; a religion that they
have swindled the White Man into as making it part of his own, in order
to worship, idolize and protect the Jew. After the war, the world was
lied to and told that only 35,000 people were killed during the raids,
but as the years passed they finally admitted to 135,000 deaths. This
still was a big lie. The actual number of people killed between February
13th and 14th was 350,000 to 400,000!

[A Hoax to point the finger away from the Jews]

add a further insult to treachery, when the war was over the Jews
invented a huge hoax accusing the Germans of killing and incinerating
six million Jews in order to heap hatred on the Germans and create
sympathy for the treacherous Jews who had started the war in the first
place. In order to try to “substantiate” this colossal hoax, the Jews
showed photograph after photograph of heaps of burned corpses. But the
corpses they were showing were not Jews at all, but Germans that had
been burned in the once beautiful City of Dresden.

[1. All White People are the Enemies of the Jews]

White Brothers and Sisters have a tremendously powerful lesson to learn
from this horrible event. The overwhelming lesson is that the Jews
regard all White people as their enemies and that it is only a matter of
time when they will try to incinerate the cities and people of America
just as they did Dresden, provided we will let them do it.

[2. We must stop letting them use us to murder our brothers!]

The second
lesson that we can learn is that it took the willing cooperation of
White pilots, the British Air Force and the American Air Force to do
this treacherous deed - the killing of their own White Brothers. This
illustrates again and again how powerful is propaganda!

[3. No co-existance possible with the Treacherous Jews]

third lesson that we must learn is that there is no compromising, no
negotiating, and no co-existence with the treacherous and diabolical
Jew. Their religion and their inbred parasitic nature drives them on to
destroy all that is good in this world. There is no peace, no
co-existence with this vicious evil. It is either them, or it is us.
Being a member of the great White Race, I would rather we survive than
this evil parasite.

* * * * *

I have said before, the Jews have committed millions of atrocities
throughout their history, and these atrocities are continuing into an
ever-increasing crescendo today. It is not my purpose to recapitulate
them all here by any means, since this would take a whole encyclopedia. I
am only going to mention briefly a few more, since I do not want to
take the space.


1917 the Russian revolution broke out and overthrew the Czarist
government. This was done by a hard core of Jewish terrorists, trained
by the Jew, Leon Trotsky, in New York’s East Side. In large part it was
financed by Jacob Schiff, a Jewish multimillionaire at the head of the
Wall Street banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Among other Jews, he
contributed $20,000,000.00 toward the success of the Russian revolution.

August 30, 1918 the Jew, Uritzky, who was then head of the Cheka, the
Jewish secret police in Russia, was assassinated and Lenin was wounded.
The Bolsheviks used this as an excuse for instituting the Red Terror,
which began the following day, and which in a sense has continued nor
for more than 50 years. The entire membership of the Communist Party,
which in 1918 numbered perhaps no more than 100,000, was turned into a
Jewish instrument of murder. Its purpose was two-fold: to inspire dread
and horror among the Russian masses, and to exterminate the middle and
upper classes, namely the best of the leadership. This leadership
formerly consisted almost entirely of the White Russians.

and women were executed or imprisoned not because of any offense, but
simply because they belonged to what the Jews considered as potential
leadership class. This category came to include just about every
merchant, professional person, and landowner. The Jews not only murdered
these upper and middle class White productive citizens, but members of
their families were murdered as well.

time was wasted in sifting evidence and classifying people as they
rounded them up in nightly raids. The prisoners were generally hustled
to the old police station not far from the Winter Palace. Here, with or
without perfunctory interrogation, they were stood up against a
courtyard wall and shot. The staccato sounds of death were muffled by
the roar of truck motors kept going for the purpose. This was the Red
Terror in action.

kind of terror was going on throughout the cities of Russia. Soon every
factory, every government bureau, every school district and every army
unit would function under the gimlet eye of a Jewish commissar. Soon the
blood of human beings would be oozing from under the doors of communist
execution chambers as tens of thousands of White men and women were
butchered like cattle in a slaughter house. Soon five million landowners
were deliberately starved to death as part of a premeditated plan. I
might add that one of my earliest childhood recollections is when I
personally lived through the famine in Russia in 1922.

Jews moved rapidly to exterminate the Gentile leader class of the
entire nation by murdering every White factory owner, lawyer, and
government leader, army officer, and every other person who had been, or
might be, a potential leader. Every church and cathedral was gutted and
every priest and teacher became a criminal in his own community. The
standing population of the slave labor camps soon reached an excess of

is a long, grisly story, but in summation some 20,000,000 of the White
Russian leadership class were butchered and murdered, in accordance with
the directives of the Jewish Talmud. Today Russia is a zombie-like
proletariat slave state, under the heel of the Jewish dictators. The
population is docile, hungry, willing to work, easily controlled,
without leadership and completely incapable of revolt. The Jewish ritual
of murder goes on and on, and some 20,000,000 more of these pitiable
slaves are the inmates of bestial internment camps, tortured and goaded
by their Jewish slave masters.


Jew, Bela Kun, whose real name was Cohen, had participated in the
Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Following the armistice, he and a group
of Jewish revolutionaries, using forged passports, moved into Hungary.
Well supplied with finances by the Soviet government, and aided by the
pro-communist resident Jewish population, Bela Kun soon became the
dictator of all Hungary.

Kun’s program was to arm at once and forcibly transfer every industry
and all landed property without reservation into the hands of the
proletariat. He nationalized all banks, all concerns with over 200
employees, all landed property over 1000 acres, every building other
than workmen’s dwellings. All jewelry, all private property above the
minimum which consisted of two suits, four shirts, two pairs of boots
and four socks, was seized.

result of this program was, as in Russia, economic and social chaos.
The land, buildings and industries of a nation cannot be nationalized
over night without creating havoc. Therefore, as in Russia, such a
program could only be enforced by resorting to the Red Terror. The
communization of the country’s industrial and agricultural resources
produced a famine in the cities, and this, combined with the peasants’
hatred for the Jews, resulted in Kun’s eventual overthrow. Nevertheless,
during his three-month reign of terror, tens of thousands of people,
priests, army officers, merchants, landowners, and professional people
were butchered with a sadistic frenzy that was characteristic of Bela
Kun and his band of Jewish cutthroats.

is interesting to note that it was the peasants on the farms who had
little education but had enough instinct to realize that the culprits
were the Jews who took the appropriate measures to revolt against them
and bring them to heel.


of the most destructive atrocities that the Jews inflict upon the young
American republic was the perpetrating of the War Between the States,
raging between 1861 and 1865. The cause of that fratricidal war was
neither the issue of slavery, nor was it the desire of the Southern
states to secede. It was something altogether different, something our
history books have never, never mentioned.

[The Prosperous South a Threat to the Jews before the Civil War]

the decades of 1820 and 1860, due to climate, soil, the cotton economy
and other factors, a tremendous economic expansion was taking place in
the Southern states. Led by the plantation owners, a significant new
aristocracy of landowners and millionaires was evolving at a healthy
growth in this area. Along with this tremendous expansion, a genuine
American tradition, a way of life was being established. It embodied all
the best aspects of the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece, and
in fact much of the architecture was fashioned after the Classical era.
Many of the cities such as Athens, Rome, Atlanta, Augusta, Alexandria
and others were named after their counterparts in classical ancient
history. A fine new culture was developing, the best of its kind, in the
New World.

it a large new group of millionaires was suddenly being created. Even a
small city like Natchez, Mississippi had more millionaires than any
other city in the United States except for New York and a few others. A
similar situation existed in Atlanta, Richmond, New Orleans, and in
general, spread over most of the Southern states. They were in fact,
extremely prosperous. At the bottom of most of the newly created
millionaires was the cotton economy.

most significant fact about these newly rich millionaires was that they
were mostly all Anglo-Saxon. It took a spirit of brash adventure, a
tremendous amount of energy and work to blaze new trails in the virgin
lands and build a large and profitable cotton plantation. This the White
Man did with a zeal. It was the White Man at his best. In this the Jew
did not participate, since pioneering and blazing a wilderness is not
his stock-in-trade.

[The reason for the Civil War]

the tremendous amount of new wealth that was created by the White
Anglo-Saxons of the South also came financial power and political power
that foreboded a serious threat to the Jewish financial power of the
Eastern seaboard. And herein lies the real cause of the Civil War.

[Dividing up to conquer]

Jew foresaw in the new White Anglo-Saxon aristocracy of the South a
serious potential threat to his financial and political stranglehold,
not only over America, but over England and the rest of the world as
well. The Jew determined that this power must not only be broken, but it
must be demolished. The best way to do it, as usual, was to divide up
the White Race into two factions, invent some idiotic, spurious issue,
incite them to war, and have them slaughter each other. This the Jew did
with a fury unmatched in American history.

neither the Whites of the North, nor of the South really cared a whit
about the black man as such, nevertheless, through clever manipulation
of propaganda and the levers of government, a war that the Jews had
planned for years was actually brought about.

was a ghastly, vicious and cruel war. On the Union side, the men killed
in battle, dying from wounds, disease, and from other causes added up
to a total of 359,528 dead. The Union side also had another 281,881
wounded and maimed. On the Confederate side a total of over 259,000 were
killed and the number wounded was never even recorded. Altogether this
amounted to almost 1,000,000 casualties in a young nation that in the
60’s had a population of only approximately 32,000,000. This is a
ghastly toll, but it only tells part of the story.

the flower of America’s young manhood was being slaughtered and maimed,
the Jews were financing both the North and the South with huge loans.
The House of Rothchild, then, as now, the aristocrats of worldwide
Jewish banking, had their agents strongly implanted in both the
governments of the North and of the South. In the North they had their
man, August Belmont, a Jew, who, in league with Samuel B. Chase, the
Secretary of the Treasury, was in charge of the Rothchild interests. In
the South the Rothchilds had Juda P. Benjamin, a Jew and a relative of
the Rothchild family, as Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederacy.

Lincoln tried to by-pass the Jewish bankers and issued 346,000,000
dollars of interest free national currency called “greenbacks.” This the
Jewish banking houses viewed with great alarm. They knew that should
this become an established precedent that the government could furnish
its own money without interest, this would be followed by other
countries and they would be out of business. They brought to bear all
their tremendous power to have this stopped, and for this reason, they
had Lincoln assassinated by another Jew whose family name was not Booth
but Botha.

[Wanton Destruction by the Jews]

end of the Civil War was by no means the end of this horrible exercise
in self-destruction. The Jews were determined to smash the South once
and for all and they went about it with a vengeance. Even before the war
was over, but the South was already defeated, they engaged in a wanton
program of destruction that had absolutely no necessity in military
strategy whatsoever. They had Sherman cut a swath 60 miles wide from
Atlanta to the sea, the heart of the wealth of the Southern Confederacy,
and burn, pillage and demolish every piece of physical asset that the
White Man had built over the years. From there the destroyers turned
north into South Carolina and continued to cut a broad swath of
destruction, terror and wanton annihilation.

the War was over the destruction was pursued with an intensified fury.
The South’s commerce and financial structure had been utterly
demolished. Northern carpet-bagger Jews came in and bought up properties
and plantations that were worth hundreds of thousands before the War,
now due to the bankruptcy of the Southern economy, could now be bought
up in many cases for a couple of hundred dollars. Just as in Germany
after World War I, when the Jews had brought that country to its knees
in bankruptcy, the Jews now swarmed into the South, and for a few cents
on the dollar they bought up all the valuable properties that were
formerly owned by the Anglo-Saxon White Man.

was this the end of their diabolical program of destruction. With Union
army bayonets to back them up, they were now determined to not only
make the newly liberated nigger the equal of the white Southerner, but
they were determined to make him his overlord. The White male population
was completely disenfranchised (women still couldn’t vote in any case),
under the excuse that it had been in rebellion to the American
government. Under the leadership of carpet-bagger Jews, the niggers were now the only ones who had the right to vote and they became legislators, senators, governors, judges, and in short, were the Jews’ stooges for political power in the South. White women were molested and attacked by the newly released savage mob of black animals, and the White Man had absolutely no governmental protection whatsoever. The Jew, then as now, launched a massive drive to promote the mongrelization of the races in the former Confederate States.

was through the heroic efforts of the White Man organizing through the
newly formed Ku Klux Klan that he finally regained freedom and political
power again. One of the most shameful and miserable periods in the
history of America was endured by the South during its so-called
reconstruction days, a period that was not really so much devoted to
reconstruction as it was to looting the White population, and
consolidating the power of the Jews in an area that had previously been
dominated by the creative and prosperous White Man.

took some states 15 to 20 years to again free themselves from under the
heel of the Jewish tyranny. When they finally did drive the niggers
from power and gained control of their own Legislatures again, the South
was still a broken and impoverished area. Even today, after one hundred
years, the South has never regained the financial or political position
that it had previous to the Civil War. Even today, the South, still
being the stronghold of White resistance against mongrelization, is the
hated target of the Jewish conspiracy. It is against the South that the
Jews are directing their most vicious programs of school-busing, and the
most persistent attacks against the White Man himself.


We have seen from the above short summary of the Civil War how the Jews
use wars to smash their enemies, and to consolidate their financial and
political power. There is nothing new about this in the long
treacherous history of the Jews. They have done this from time
immemorial, and it behooves us to analyze just how powerful a tool
instigated wars are in the hands of the Jews.

Some of the goals they achieve through instigating wars are as follows:

They induce the White Man to commit fratricide, brother killing
brother, thereby decimating and weakening the White Race as a whole.

In wars like Korea and Viet Nam they use the colored races to kill the
White Man, but the results are the same, namely the best of the young
White population is killed, crippled and maimed.

Through war the Jews smash a potential stronghold of the White Race
such as, for example, the threat the Southern aristocracy posed to the
power of the Jews, or as, for instance, the growing, thriving German
nation posed to the Jews before World War I and World War II. Today the
strength of the United States as a whole is a threat to the Jews and
their total worldwide efforts are now bent towards smashing the United
States, the foremost stronghold of the White Race.

By impoverishing both sides of the warring nations or factions and
lending money to them, the Jews thereby usually, when the war is over,
have both sides ensnared in financial bondage, a miserable situation
from which the victims are then unable to extricate themselves for

Not only are the Jews involved in financing the wars and reaping
tremendous profits thereby, but usually they have in control their own
agents in government that are doling out tremendously lucrative war
contracts that enriches new hordes of Jews. When the war is over the
consolidation of their financial power and their stranglehold over the
economy of the victim nations is greatly enhanced.

Without exception, wars incite and inflame hatreds between factions of
the White Race that will persist for generations in many instances. The
Civil War is a good example. The Jews see to it that these hatreds are
kept alive and are often used to instigate a second war of the same type
a generation later.

Wars are always accompanied by a breakdown of moral standards, and are
very useful in the Jewish program of destroying the morals and
established traditions of the White Man.

By sending our young American boys all over the world to foreign
colored countries like Japan, Korea and Viet Nam, many of them come back
with colored wives. This is directly in line with the Jewish program of
mongrelizing the White Race.

general, every war that the Jews push the White Race into, the White
Race emerges weaker financially, morally, politically and genetically.
The Jew always emerges stronger financially, politically, and has
dramatically advanced his program of destroying, mongrelizing and
enslaving the White Race.


would like to list many more of their vicious atrocities that have been
perpetrated on the White Man over the last several thousand years, but I
cannot take the space.

would like to mention the Thirty Years War in Germany from 1618 to 1648
during which five-sixths of all the property was destroyed and one
third of all the people killed. This was purely instigated by the Jews
over the idiotic issue of religion. I would like to mention the St.
Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France when 50,000 Protestants were
murdered; I would like to mention the operation “Keelhaul” in which
White traitor [He was actually a Jew] Eisenhower collaborated with the Russian Jews and Stalin
to extradite two to three million nationals from all countries who had
fought on the Allied side. They were forcefully rounded up and shipped
back to Russia where Stalin then wreaked vengeance upon them by either
executing them or sending them to their death [The Gulag slave labor camps] in Siberia.

could cite innumerable other instances of Jewish atrocities perpetrated
upon the White Race, but we just do not have the space. So in
summation, just let me say that the atrocities are boundless and
endless, they are going on today as relentlessly as ever in the
diabolical Jewish program aimed at the destruction of the White Race.

is one last atrocity, however, that I must bring to the attention of my
White racial comrades. One of the most sinister atrocities of all time
is being perpetrated upon White America today. Yet very few people know
it is going on. I am referring to the diabolical Jewish program of
mongrelizing the White Race here in America.

fiendish program is being pursued relentlessly and furiously with every
ounce of energy and with every weapon at their command. Yet the
majority of the White people of America are completely asleep and
befuddled on this issue. Very few are aware that this is the real Jewish
objective of all their civil rights gibberish. Let us make no mistake
about it, it is their real objective. It is the unswerving goal of world
Jewry to make America a mongrel brown, and, in fact, phase out the
magnificent White Race from the face of this planet.

is without a doubt the most damaging, the most permanent, and the most
fiendish catastrophe that the Jews could possibly perpetrate on Nature’s
crowning glory, the noble White Race. If all buildings were smashed, as
in Germany, and our highways and railways were wrecked, we would suffer
a severe blow, but we could rebuild them, as have the Germans. If our
cities were destroyed, as the niggers and the Jews have done in the
heart of some of our great cities in America today, we can and will
erect newer and better ones. We could be defeated in war, we could
suffer every other kind of catastrophe, but we could raise new sons who
would redeem our power.

let us never forget, that if the blood of our White Race should become
mingled and mongrelized with the black blood of Africa, then the White
Race has, for all purposes, been destroyed forever, and all hope for the
future would be forever gone. We would be much better off dead than
have the magnificent, noble White Race corrupted into an abysmal brown
scum, to be enslaved by the Jews.

is the avowed aim of this book and our new religion to awaken the White
people of America and of the world. It is our goal to organize them, to
give them a fighting creed, and for us to again regain absolute and
unconditional control of our Manifest Destiny.

>>>CHAPTER 10 The Enemy Glorifies His Whoring, Deceiving, Robbing, and Murdering Claimin It’s His God’s Will



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Chapter 20. The Text Of The Protocols 25.4 MB
Chapter 21. Marxism The Modern Poisonous Brew 19.1 MB
Chapter 1. Nature and Religion 6.2 MB
Chapter 2. Your Loyalty, A Sacred Trust 10.4 MB
Chapter 3. The Purpose of Life 5.1 MB
Chapter 4. The Sixteen Commandments 25.1 MB
Chapter 5. Germany, Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism 31.5 MB
Chapter 6. Racial Socialism 11.4 MB
Chapter 7. The Leadership Principle 3.4 MB
Chapter 8. Foundations of Our White Society 4.5 MB
Chapter 9. The Importance of Land and Territory 8.9 MB
Chapter 10. Manifest Destiny 11.1 MB
Chapter 11. Mohammedanism, the Power of a Militant Religion 5.2 MB
Chapter 12. Queen Isabella, The Inspired Crusader 18.5 MB
Chapter 13. Mormonism, A Better Fraud 6.5 MB
Chapter 14. Christianity and Communism, Jewish Twins 9.2 MB
Chapter 15. Creativity verses Christianity 10.2 MB
Chapter 16. Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable 6.0 MB
Chapter 17. False Leadership 6.6 MB
Chapter 18. False Ideas Disseminated by Jews 33.2 MB
Chapter 19. Respect for Whose Law and Order? 6.7 MB
Chapter 20. Facts, Myths and Lies 6.3 MB
Chapter 21. Evidence, Judgment, Conclusions and Decisions 5.1 MB
Chapter 22. My Own Spiritual Awakening 9.4 MB
Chapter 23. Guideposts Along the Path of Life 17.7 MB
Chapter 24. The Advantages of Being Self-Employed 6.5 MB
Chapter 25. Horatius at the Bridge 2.9 MB
Chapter 26. Latin, Civilization’s Foremost Language 4.6 MB
Chapter 27. Road to Greatness 12.5 MB
Chapter 28. Our Brilliant Future 7.1 MB
Chapter 29. About the Author 501.7 KB
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Nature’s Eternal Religion - Audiobook - Ben Klassen - the diabolic plan of the Jews to destroy the white man

Nature’s Eternal Religion - Ben Klassen - pdf




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