‘Multiculturalism’ and Oppression

germanvictims.com  - Multiculturalsim is the final phase of a genocidal war against European peoples particularly aiming to annihilate the Germanic spirit of Freedom


By R. Schleyer, M.A. 16 July 2005
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After 1918, the enemy mutilated the political landscape of Europe, divided up the territories of the vanquished States, and robbed them of their political capacity to act domestically as well as in foreign affairs. Coercion included forcing Germany to falsely admit guilt for the war. On 1 Sep 39 the Reich obtained military access to its eastern territories and requited Poland for its previous crimes of annexation (e.g., Schlesien). The enemy then used this local conflict as a pretext to declare war (3 Sep 39), which was from the beginning and remains an anti-German genocidal war of annihilation.

For its part, the only “threat” posed by the Reich was and is to the imperialistic supremacy of the enemy. Only the advent and effects of the Second and Third Reichs saved Europe (until 1945) from Asiatic despotism on the one hand and militant laissez-faire on the other. The view of 20th century German history that prevails today is the continuation and intensification of enemy propaganda and is pointedly hostile and warlike. A genuine revaluation of 20th century German history can be attained only after the end of U.S. control of Europe.

Concerning the enemy’s constant harping that Europeans have never properly conducted their own affairs, the best retort is that there is no earthly right above that of the ethnic peoples, who have the absolute right to wage war and to preserve peace. This is the true international law, which breaks the terroristic, despicable rule of “human rights”.

The National Resistance
The Reich, which has been under constant attack since 1914, has never ceased to exist in the hearts of the German people. Enemy theorists know this and are therefore not satisfied with mere military defeat. The enemy is determined to obliterate the German people. Those who will the instauration of the Reich (herein “National Resistance”) desire not conquest but the deliverance of the German people and the Reich itself as a self-determined State, including its sensible and just claims to territories taken from it by force. No other great State has been so brutally dismembered.

The National Resistance strives for a just peace based on mutual recognition of the peoples as persons (independent nations). This is in effect to put an end to imperialism. It therefore declares that the ethnic mixing promoted by the enemy and his collaborators has been and is imposed by force and constitutes genocide. The enemy is systematically working to destroy the German nation. Only the spirit of self-conscious Germanic community can push the enemy back. Self-preservation is the true vocation of the German people as world-historic. This mission can be accomplished without bloodshed, solely through weapons of the spirit, once foreign domination is repelled.

Chief Weapons, Tactics, and Motivations of the Enemy
So-called free trade is inherently anti-national. It pauperizes the many and over-concentrates wealth: it morally, intellectually, and economically ruins all who embrace it and do not themselves dominate the market (90% of economic subjects). Free trade has now reached an absolutism that clearly reveals its anti-national essence as a destructive parasitism on true national economies. Only protective duties and self-determined monetary systems can defend the nations against the onslaught of this economic war, in which the stronger imposes its will on the weaker. The enemy in fact has himself become economically great through protectionism.

The national economies of Europe must regain their independence. The enemy imposes rules and siphons off technologies and first-rate professionals. Only the sovereign wills of the free nations can reverse this. Only national economies are political (i.e., genuinely human) economies. Free trade is the demise of every statehood and the death of the nations. Domestic economy must subordinate market economy. The global market must be subjected to the domestic economies of the peoples. In truth, this is only effective, as in the Reich, on the basis of monarchical regulation of the economy.

Propaganda for “human rights” is inherently genocidal in animalistically reducing the person to mere “humanness.” The real purpose is to impose an unjust system of supranational law upon persons and nations by third parties who have no business doing so. “Human rights” itself is a crime because it aims to destroy the person and the nation as concepts. This is the path to the hell of depersonalization. The peoples as sovereign entities (nation-peoples conceived politically) are destroyed in reality when their conceptual basis is attacked in this way. “Human rights” is the ideology of the anti-national enemy and must be resolutely opposed.

“Multiculturalism” is actually a direct attack upon the living sources of cultural values. Culture is a kind of worship, involving care and fostering of what is already one’s own, to make it more explicit so that it can be consciously elevated and purified. The condition for this is the sense of national togetherness. Hence the current slogan, “Germany is for Germans!”

Culture is the spirit-for-itself of a people (nation) that permeates and determines all its actions - from agriculture to high art and even religion and philosophy. In its culture, a people overcomes its bare nature, which is a kind of unique and historical living artifact of previous history, by developing and perfecting to a spiritual (mental) level what began as mere nature. The peoples were brought upon the Earth specifically to answer for themselves in this way, which can be seen as a divine duty.

“Multiculturalism” preaches the opposite. It seeks to reduce individual national cultures to the lowest common level. The individual sense of community is subsequently no longer felt - it no longer grasps itself, and is thereby imprisoned in abstract life, and reverts to its original mere naturalness. Peoples live, but are frozen in time, as it were.

Organic freedom is endangered by the multicultural onslaught. The freedom to become historical and absolute subjects is thereby denied to the peoples (nations), and their unique cultural achievements are repressed in reality, however much they are acknowledged in theory.

“Multiculturalism,” therefore, is a thoroughly anti-cultural force in the World that must in good conscience be opposed by thoughtful people, eradicated from political life, and denounced in academia for what it is: a genocidal abstraction murderously opposed to the true life of nations.

The indifferent ranking of cultural products represented in “multiculturalism” has much in common with the above-mentioned propaganda of “human rights.” It is one of many false concepts of so-called Modernity and post-Modernity - which are just so many facets of a barbarism arising from the enemy’s deep antipathy to the organic freedom of the nations, who seek only to fulfill their destinies as individuals. The hidden root of the enemy’s anti-national barbarism is thoroughly understood but is beyond the scope of the present synopsis.

Defenses Against ‘Multicultural’ Genocide
Multiculturalism is not a “natural” process but is an artificially imposed ideology that directly undermines the lives of all true nations. Its imposition is an intentional war against national freedom in general and against the Reich particular, and represents an extension of the same military force, economic coercion, and political diktat used by the enemy against Europe and the Reich all through the 20th century.

The underlying power behind the enemy’s war against the Reich is a self-serving plutocracy (largely resident in the U.S. East Coast), which since the late 19th century has used America as a means to power through extortion and oppression. The war began in earnest against Germany in 1917 but it was planned earlier in England.

The U.S. East Coast strives to suppress Germany as the leading nation of Europe, which should be known, though it is not today, as the continent of freedom. If the true consciousness of Freedom is to emerge, each nation there must throw off the stifling ideology of multiculturalism, reconstitute itself, and live independently in spirit in order to find its ultimate cultural expression and truth. Multiculturalism denies all this.

The enemy empire today selfishly aggrandizes money and power against the interests of true nations and particularly against the Reich, whose motivation in turn is not money at all but expression of national individuality in art, religion, and philosophy. The enemy empire is not divinely ordained at all, despite its pretensions. It is a ghoulish creation of man, a Frankenstein, as it were, headless and heedless, a dangerous monster that has arisen in the absence of monarchical self-control among the European peoples.

Democracy, which is of course unalterably opposed to monarchy, essentially depends on economic exploitation and ever-growing debt to maintain itself. The Reich, as the chief nation of Europe, was and is the leading opponent of the plutocrats and their nihilism, which today, in the Reich’s absence, oppresses the nations and prevents their association as free national commonwealths.

Private Banking Must End
The chief bulwark of the plutocratic oppression of the World is the parasitic international credit system, which is essentially privately controlled, along with various internal private banking regimes that have been arranged by the American plutocrats as tools to advance their sway over subject nations and vassal states both externally and internally.

The Reich, therefore, once reconstituted, will nationalize the country’s banking system and monopolize the lending of money at interest, for this is the fundamental tool of the foreign plutocrats and their German collaborators to physically enslave and spiritually suppress the German people. Money is much more than a mundane commodity!

The “euro” system imposed on Europe a few years ago is in fact an essential new element of progressive national repression. It was designed specifically as new weapon to prevent the recovery of the Reich’s ability to act. It has already done much to destroy the independence and vitality of the German economy. Joblessness is now at its highest level since 1945. The euro, therefore, must be retired, and the Reichsmark revived, as soon as possible.

The “European Union” (“EU”), which is an outgrowth of NATO propaganda, is yet another means to discourage the natural, heartfelt struggle of the nations of Europe to constitute themselves in the divine order. Those who deny that the struggle for instauration of the Reich is essentially a matter of spirit (mind) are in the enemy camp and cannot be tolerated politically by lovers of freedom.

The danger of destruction of the European nations, and particularly of the German people, looms ever larger in the enemy’s plan to unleash Turkish-Moslem hordes into Europe. The enemy’s multifaceted push for this constitutes a murderous conspiracy against peace. This terrible aggression must be resolutely rebuffed: Not only must Turkey not become officially part of Europe, but all Turkish Moslems must be encouraged to leave Germany and emigrate from Europe as soon as possible!

As mentioned, the completely superfluous and expensive institutional framework of the EU represents just another form of attack against the nations and particularly against the Reich, which is potentially the most capable focus of resistance to the plutocratic domination of the World. The EU is a parasite expressly designed by the enemy as a political instrument of NATO to deal with recalcitrant vassals and encircle potential challengers.

True freedom for Europe lies not in multicultural democracy at all but rather in national autocratic movements, which strive to politically reconstitute the individual peoples as self-conscious (self-regulating) organic wholes, each with centralized direction and leadership.

Democracy and the consequences of the worship of democracy are inexorably destroying the Europe nations. The fertility rate in Central Europe is now 1.52, which is of course suicidal. The cause of this demographic catastrophe is the democratic system itself, whose essential lack of governance gives free reign to unchecked economic exploitation domestically and World pillage (militant laissez-faire) internationally. Today, as in the past, the enemy uses a combination of military force and political subversion. Sophisticated tools of economic and moral sabotage are employed. As a last resort, the enemy forces submission of the recalcitrant with bloody bombing.

From many points of view it would appear, however, that the prevailing system of unchecked exploitation of peoples and resources is nearing its end. It cannot forever finance the phenomenal debt it has incurred to maintain aggregate domestic demand year after year and finance the supranational military and political empire of World domination and exploitation.

The abovementioned demographic catastrophe means that manpower for production among the talented industrial producers is literally dying out. The natural and social worlds on the continent of freedom have been devastated and poisoned, nationally exploded and atomized, de-genderized, and even de-childrenized.

The so-called “empowerment” of Europe vis-a-vis the enemy empire, one of the sophistical justifications for the supranational EU structure (“measured yielding of sovereignties,” in the words of commentator William Pfaff), has in fact proved illusory in view of the incompatible diversity of political views. This problem will only grow with EU expansion. National differences simply cannot be suppressed in the name of “higher” values, since doing so denies national expression of the very values being defended. Defending their individual national values is what true nations do!

The denouement is almost anticlimactic. The monetary cost of suppressing national differences will sooner or later bring down both the enemy empire and the parasitical EU system itself. National individualities in distress, therefore, should find it within themselves to admit they made a mistake. Why maintain a parasitic governmental monstrosity in Europe? Dump the EU! Get rid of the euro, which only enriches Brussels! Let the nations live! Vive la difference!

Liberals like Pfaff say that “a single market, a single currency, and free passage of individuals and goods, have all worked [for the good] for limited parts of the EU.” This is sophistry. The Brussels system is an economic disaster for millions, especially in Germany, right now. Europeans cannot afford the EU! Europe was working out its problems in the historically valid manner when the American Empire butted in! Repel the Empire! Reject the EU! Out with the Turks!

Germany today stands under foreign rule. Its basic law (the Grundgesetz) was written by the enemy and is no Constitution at all. In fact, the Federal Republic of Germany is no state but rather a mode of foreign rule (Carlo Schmidt). The German people desire not an abstract government entity designed by the enemy but instead their precious and historically beautiful Reich. The Reich still legally exists, according to the best legal minds, and needs merely to recover its ability to act by the will of the people. Unlike the enemy empire, the Reich is a self-determined mind, which through German idealism cannot but be conscious of its own divine nature as a form of Absolute Spirit.

Political events today in Germany indicate growth of a conscious renewal and revival of the true consciousness of national life. The new consciousness, first in Germany and then across Europe, will overthrow the vassal status of Germany and the suppression of European national identities. In short, the peoples of Europe, the German people above all, will recover their freedom by repelling foreign domination. It is a thought increasingly alive in the best minds of Europe today and cannot but succeed, for it is righteous and true.

The author is indebted to the published works of Reinhold Oberlercher and Horst Mahler for most of the ideas in the foregoing synopsis, and to M. Haverkamp and R. Belser for their translations from the German.

R. Schleyer, a science writer, has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Montana. He is a former news writer and editor and has worked across the northern half of the United States, as well as in Europe and the Middle East.
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20. May 2004
Brainwashing Youths With Race-Mixing Propaganda

By Dr. Edward R. Fields

Propaganda promoting interracial marriage is saturating America. It is blatant on TV “reality” shows, in Hollywood films and even newspaper ads. This is part of a massive brainwashing campaign directed chiefly at young people to accept interracial dating as a normal and healthy way of life.

Black golf star, Tiger Woods, recently announced his engagement to beautiful Swedish model Elin Nordegren. This was given major publicity about the great “catch” she made! The scandal tabloids had a field day over the news that beautiful actress, Nicole Kidman, had moved into the London apartment of rock star Lenny Kravitz. (He is halfblack and half Jewish. Kidman has a black adopted son). The cell phone maker, Nokia, ran nonstop ads during the football season featuring a White businessman holding up a sign to win back his Chinese girlfriend.

In a Sports Authority ad a black youth is shooting pool with a White girl. This is no innocent advertising ploy. It is a much darker part of this unending, mind-numbing, propaganda campaign to melt the races down into a single mongrelized melting-pot. In Brazil race-mixing has taken its full effect with 80% of the people who claim to be White having some degree of Negroidal blood. Brazil is also on the brink of violent internal upheaval!

Only 8% Of World’s Population Is White

The White European people are the smallest in numbers of any major racial group in the world. The Whites and Japanese have always had the highest I.Q. scores in every intelligence test ever given beginning during World War One. In thousands of tests over the decades Whites have ALWAYS scored from 15 to 20 I.Q. points higher than blacks. When one views the endless wars in backward Africa, mass poverty, a land which gave the world AIDS, (it began in the squalid slums of Uganda), and all the while it is richest continent in natural resources in the world. For White people to interbreed with Negroes would well mean the end of civilization itself! There is no way by which we can breed the blacks up to our level. However, they do have the power to breed our offspring down to their level!

Louisiana’s late Gov. Jimmy Davis, in his Master’s Thesis, written back in 1928, was a very important study which is highly relevant today. After giving statistics of his findings he concluded:

“I found a decided difference in test scores; respectively among the mulatto children. The highest scores were made by children more than three-quarters White blood The best scores were always made by a child with the least Negro blood!”

Recent polls show that a majority of older Americans oppose mixed-race marriages while a majority of young people see nothing wrong with it. A recent study found that there were 651,000 interracial couples in America in 1980. This has jumped to 1,674,000 today. Here is a very dangerous and threatening trend. Interracial breeding has almost tripled in just 24 years! The left-wing media and the liberal educational system which we are saddled with are without a doubt responsible. This is why it is all the more important to teach our youths White history and not the phony, made-up “glories” of black history - which does not exist!

Jews Dominate The Media And While Promoting Mixed-Race Mating - Oppose It For Fellow Jews!

Race-mixing movies have permeated the theaters. Some of the more blatant include, “The Human Stain”, produced by Nicholas Meyer, (Jew), for Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax studios which in turn is owned by Michael Eisner’s Disney Corp. In this diabolical film Nicole Kidman discovers that, Anthony Hopkins, is part black but “passes” for White. “Far From Heaven” featured Dennis Quaid whose White wife is secretly carrying on an affair with the black gardener. From the Jewish-owned Focus Films, “Crimes of Passion” has actress Erika Zwigoff falling in love with her black lawyer. And for the children, Terry Eleniak and Joel Cohen, gave us “Bad Santa” for Christmas. It is one of the raunchiest sex films ever made. Despite being rated “R,” the theater was filled with teens and pre-teens. Your editor personally checked it out while going to see Pirates of Caribbean.

Steve Allen, the famed entertainer, formed the “Parents Television Council” in 1999. Unfortunately, he died the following year and the group folded. He ran a full page ad in USA Today which read, in part:

TV Is Leading Children Down A Moral Sewer Are you as disgusted as I am at the filthy, vulgar, sex and violence TV is sending into our homes? Are you fed up with steamy, unmarried sex situations, filthy jokes, perversion, vulgarity, foul language, violence, killings, etc.?
Are you as outraged as I am at how TV is undermining the morals of our children - encouraging them to have premarital sex - encouraging lack of respect for police, teachers and parents? You and I must act to end it.
Homicide rates doubled in 10 to 15 years after TV was first introduced into specific areas of the U.S. and Canada.
In a survey of 10 to l6-year olds, 62% said sex on TV influences their friends to have sex when they are too young!
TV sponsors are responsible for the terrible damage they are paying to send TV filth, sex and violence into American homes. I’m asking you to join with us to appeal to TV sponsors to stop allowing their ad agencies to finance show programs.
Recently viewers critical of just one TV show let the sponsors know of their anger and over 35 sponsors cancelled their ads. This is all it takes to have our voices heard.

Steve Allen had the answer! The problem is that all of Hollywood and most of the TV advertising agencies are owned by Jews. The Jews, as a race, have lower moral standards than do Christians. Prostitution in Europe is in large measure controlled by the Jewish Mafia operating with immunity out of Israel. The billion dollar pornography industry in Hollywood is also mostly run by Jews. This should be dealt with openly without fear of being labeled with the smear word, “anti-Semitic!”

Source: The Truth At Last


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