Decimation of the White Race

This is what I see coming at us: The International Criminal Gang is gathering various races together to turn against the white race by telling them lies about us. [They use the same method with countries, too, and they did it with Germany.] They will flood us with all kinds of races in our home country until we are a minority and hated by the invaders due to the lies about us.  This defamation of the white man is done through the media and through education. The purpose is to eventually eliminate the white race as its benevolence, intelligence, determination to succeed, and great creativity stand in the way of the New World Order. [Similarly, it was done to Germany only it was accomplished by turning white race against white race.]  This future outlook sounds unbelievable but I believe it is true because this pattern of elimination has been applied to the white race for at least 500 years now (really much longer – actually always - sending kingdom against kingdom through trickery by a third party or some determined bad advisor). Because of this elimination pattern through revolutions and wars, we white folks are only about 9% of the world population today.

I have read about the hate of the Jews against the non-Jews in the Talmud scriptures and snippets in articles and books. No race on earth spews as much hate and arrogance and delusion at mankind as the Jews, in general. Sure there are some other radicals. I have learned about the annihilation of the intelligentsia in Russia, starting in 1917, which were mostly people from the upper echelon of Russia and often white. I know about the French revolution, and most of all, I know about the 12 Million Germans eliminated after the war and that included many of our intelligentsia. All of these historical events were planned to eliminate the best of the white race and to confiscate their possessions. The Germans are THE core white race in Europe, and they are the greatest eyesore of the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG.

To clear up a few lies that have brought shame and guilt upon the American whites - just as they have accused the Germans of crimes that are not true to bring shame and guilt upon them:  the American Indians were not what we have been told in the last 50 years or so; they were vicious savages. There were books about that, and those books have been made to disappear. I have seen some American historical books with graphic pictures about that myself as a young child.  The Indians were not respecting nature with a “gentle touch” because they slaughtered buffaloes just for the fun of it, and they scalped whole white families.  The black men in Africa were also savages, even in the 20th century they were eating people, with special preference for white folks. Today the blacks in South Africa de-bowel white people. Do they eat those bowels? The Blacks imported to the United States were imported by the Jews, not the white man. The black man should have never been forcefully taken from his home country. This was a great crime against him. But the white man, not the Jew, has brought culture and knowledge and training to the black man, and he has benefitted from the white man. Sure, there are always individual cruel people amongst any nation; but overall, the black man in the United States has been helped by the white man. Also, more white men than black men were traded as slaves; they were traded by the Blacks and Arabs by the Millions. So the Blacks were not the only slaves but also slave traders. Who got the white men, women, and children on the ships and sent them to North Africa to sell them to Muslims and Blacks? Only the Jews had ships! These white slaves came from Ireland, England, and Central Europe. They were also shipped to the penal colony in Australia to be used for cheap labor - that was the real purpose of their arrest. If a poor hungry man stole a loaf of bread, off he went on a slave ship to Australia’s prisons. I am wondering… Who has really CREATED the Irish potato famine? Just a thought that popped into my mind!

In Russia, where my German ancestors lived, along with Millions of Germans in thousands of German villages on the Black Sea, the Volga, the Crimea, St. Petersburg, etc., the Jews, who usurped the Russian government - after they murdered the Czar and his family - brutally stepped on these ethnic Germans (and other Russians). Their lives got progressively worse and deadly over the decades with Hundreds of Thousands of Germans - Russian citizens since 1775 - deported onto the Steppe of Siberia where they died as there was no wood for protection. Along with the Ukrainians, Millions of Germans died in Russia. First the Germans in the Soviet Union were utilized in WWI fighting against the Turks. Then many fell fighting on the side of the “whites” against the “reds” in the Revolution. Years of civil wars followed with Millions perishing from poverty, disease, battle, murder and executions. Typhoid was wide spread.

It was one disaster after another that the Black Sea Germans suffered. Two famines were specifically created to murder these citizens and make money by selling their harvest overseas, on in the 20s and one in the 30s. Millions starved to death. Hundreds of thousands of Germans were put into the Gulag slave labor camps, both Germans from Russia and Germans kidnapped in Germany after WWII. Hundreds of thousands of Germans were executed for being successful farmers, tradesmen, teachers, business men, and so on, because the plan was to eliminate everyone who was not poor, and mostly the white Russians.  All Russians who had a half-way decent living, not wealth at all, not even middle class, had their property confiscated and were punished with execution or Gulag slave labor sentences for usually 10 years for being middle class, which would be nearly poor in the United States.  It was a crime to be successful so that the rulers could stuff their coffers with stolen land and goods from the dead. The husband’s property was ripped away from his wife and his children when he succumbed in the Gulag; the family was on the street if no one could take them in. Everyone became so poor. Homes were burned by the Bolsheviks for the spite of it. Communism is Hell on Earth! I believe this is what is coming for us from China and Russia under the Jew’s command. Communism is Jewish. It came from Karl Marx, a German Jew. This makes me ponder.. Why is China and Korea Communistic? How did Communism get there? Who is running this farce in Korea??? Who is behind it? Who is driving it? Who is financing it? I almost get the feeling they are breading a fighting force in Korea in those prisons… the meanest fighting force you can imagine - because these prisoners are treated so brutally - who will we sent upon the West, perhaps us. Something strange has always been going on in Korea. They keep people in terror so they cannot have a moment to reflect on what is really going on?!

The whole situation with the Germans is that it was an elimination plan of the commercial competition of the German empire, set in motion before 1900, plus the elimination of as many Germans as possible, foremost the German intelligentsia, to weaken Germany for a Communist Bolshevik Takeover by the Jewish run Soviet Union. This takeover of Germany was slowly taking place in the Weimar Republic and the plan was to completely overthrow the German government. But they failed because a man rose who knew what the threat and the sinister plan for Germany was, namely to eliminate the empire altogether. He resurrected Germany and pointed out the criminals of this plan, who were mostly Communist Jews. He beat the Communist party and only a few weeks after that, the Jews declared war on Germany, in March of 1933. Hitler responded with throwing the Jews out of the jobs they were hawking in Germany to get the Germans some employment. Most of the Jews then left Germany and continued their 40+ year old lie, hate, and defamation campaign against Germany more viciously than ever from oversees.  So the international criminal gang continued World War I by setting up a new world war. Germany, again, just as in the first world war, was totally innocent.  The four main gangster, Jew Roosevelt, Jew Churchill, most likely Jew Stalin, and Jew Dwight Eisenhower, made sure to eliminate as many Germans as possible. THE  INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG, THE RAPE, ROB AND MURDER GANG, MAKES WAR AFTER WAR UPON COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY TO ELIMINATE THE STRONGEST AND THE BOLDEST. THAT’S WHAT GERMANY ONCE WAS BECAUSE IT WAS THE HEART OF THE WHITE RACE IN CULTURE. IT FOUNDED ALL THE OTHER WHITE NATIONS IN EUROPE! AND THIS HEART THEY HAVE PRETTY MUCH STABBED TO DEATH. All the Germans are brainwashed, believing that their fathers and grandfathers were war criminals. It is a shame! It is heart-wrenching. I cry over this cruelty upon the German nation with prison if one does not accept the lies. The emotional and mental crime the Jews and the Allies have committed against the German people is not any less than all the war crimes they have arranged for against the Germans with their vicious tongue in the media in all countries.

Iran is a real eye sore to the International Rape, Rob and Murder Gang; plus the gang wants Iran’s treasures. Iran is a peaceful country. Why would they want to drop a bomb on us?! That is REDICULOUS to the extreme. It’s the criminal gang who wants to drop bombs. Obviously, because they talk about it all the time! They are inventing ridiculous lies and accusations about Iran just as they invented ridiculous lies about the German Reich. The gang is not afraid of anything or anyone. They play “poor me, I am in danger.” In reality they are raving wolves and are the ones who are dangerous! I know their MO by now!


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