State Department Crime Factory? - …She claims there is only Israeli control in the Near East State Department. She speaks of assassinations and forced homosexual orgies as well as initiation rites for Navy Seals to kill innocent civilians…

Kay Griggs, battered wife of a US Colonel (NATO Special Operations) went public for fear of her life to expose the debauchery of employees and mercenaries and international mass crimes in the State Department.


Kay Griggs


 Kay Griggs Short Bio - the links inside the document are outdated!

She makes some hair razing claims. Is she believable?

She is, however, brainwashed about the so-called “Nazis,” of course, and it appears she is getting the German Jews and the German Nationalists, whom she calls Nazis, confused. She calls some of them Germans, when in fact they are Jews from Germany. The information is shocking for those who can still be shocked.

part 1) Only Israelis / Zionists in the Middel/Near East State Department pt. 1 - video - by Kay Griggs! 1.55 Minutes:
part 2) Crimes, Debauchery, Assassinations in the State Dept. - part 2 - video - Kay Griggs - 1.27 hours:
part 3) Crimes, Debauchery and Assassinations in the State Dept. part 3 - video - Kay Griggs - 160 min.:
part 4) Crimes, Debauchery, Assassinations - State Dept. - part 4 - video - Kay Griggs - 2 hrs.:


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