Opferlamm-Lamb Germany

“Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Abodah Zara 26b – Talmud – Holy Book of the Jews

Sogar die besten der Nicht-Juden Sollen Getoetet Werden – Abodah Zara 26 b Talmud – Heiliges Buch der Juden

We Germans were the best! Therefore:

Germany Must Perish-Jew Kaufman

Deutschland Muss Untergehen-Jude Kaufman

Germany is our Problem – Jew Morgenthau

Kill The Best Gentiles

The Best of the Russians were Killed, too:

Solzhenitsyn – Russia and the Jews

The Jewish Strategy For Our Destruction – Revilo Oliver



Jesus beatenChildren watch torture and murder – just like the murders in Russia and Germany – arranged by the Jews

According to my research, Jesus was not a Jew but a Gentile king!

Nach meiner Nachforschung, Jesus war kein Jude sondern ein Germanischer Koenig!

Jews are very deceptive and socially skilled in misleading people. They can make themselves very likeable. But, they are not what they APPEAR to be. Jews have managed to have a law signed by Bush to kill the American Christians! Most people have no idea. Please listen to Dr. Lorraine Day, wife of retired congressman Dunnemeyer who has discovered this treacherous, heinous crime against the American people:


The Jews are very cruel. They torment the Germans every day with their false accusations in countless television programs and movies. They are constantly hunting down old Germans from the Nazi era and falsely accuse them of the invented Jewish holocaust – to hide the real one, the Russian holocaust committed by the Jews – so they can terrify the rest of the old Germans and stay in the limelight.  The Germans cannot do anything about it because if they speak up against the Jews, the Jews will twist things so the Germans end up in prison. Thousands of truth-speaking Germans are put in prison every year. They call them Nazis and terrorists and right-wing radicals to defame the goodness of those people. In order to survive, most Germans have become “infected” with the Stockholm syndrome and believe the holocaust lie, vehemently. They are all like little lambs going to the soul slaughter.  They’ll attack the so-called Nazis in order to distance themselves and prove that they are not like them. Little do they know  how they have been brainwashed against themselves. The Jews are also the greatest COWARDS.  They do their evil deeds behind the scene, on helpless people, helpless children, kidnapped and then prostituted women, and in prisons where they torture people to death (e.g. Palestine). They hide by adopting different names in various countries and have others do their crimes, so in the news it’s the so and so and the so and so who are doing the evil deeds, while the Jews are not mentioned, but they hired or forced the murderers. These murderers come in the most varied assortment, including secret societies, the secret service, partisans and most of the militaries in the world.

Opferlamm Text

Juedisch-Alliierte Intrige

False Jewish Holocaust

Soul Murder of the German People

Eine Dokumentation Alliierter Grausamkeiten

Ein Riesenverbrechen Am Deutschen Volke 1921 50S.


Jewish Hate Speech

German Awakening

Horst Mahlers Botschaft

The First Holocaust – Heddesheimer – Pdf


Concentration Camps – Konzentrationslager

Hermann Wieland – Atlantis Edda und Bibel (1925) Pdf

Atlantis Edda und Bibel – Hoerbuch

Did you know?

Das kranke Germanenherz

Unsere Deutsche Vorgeschichte in Palestinien bevor die Juden uns ermordeten, so wie Germanen Koenig Jesus: