Opferlamm-Lamb Germany

Corrupt men presented as saints are maneuvered into leadership positions by Jewish world powers. Through bribery and threat they can then be coerced to execute the will of the Jews to gain more and more power to destroy the white race (but not just them). They do this by eliminating their leaders, their elite, the smartest and most creative. Later the rest will follow!

Sun Swastika

The Swastika, the Holy Symbol of our pre-historic white forefathers. This symbol has a lot of power, because it resonates with our genes, and that’s why the Jews have forbidden it in Germany.


Heil Hitler Greeting

“The best Gentiles should be killed.” Abodah Zara 26b – Talmud – Holy Book of the Jews

Martin Luther: …”The Jews desire no more from their Messiah than that he should be a Kochba” (leader of the Pharisee revolt against Rome in 135 A.D., in which according to historian Gibbon, about a million non-Jews were sadistically slaughtered) “and a worldly king, who would slay the Christians, divide the world among the Jews and make them rich lords …” According to German researcher, Mathilde Ludendorff, Luther was murdered through the Jewish-run Freemason lodge along with Mozart, Lessing and Schiller, some of Germany’s greatest.

“Die besten der Nicht-Juden Sollen Getoetet Werden” – Abodah Zara 26 b Talmud – Heiliges Buch der Juden

Und das galt fuer Martin Luther, Amadeus Mozart, Lessing und Schiller!

“…The fact that no one knows that the Jews slaughtered tens of Millions of people in Russia, is prove that the Global Media is in the hands of the perpetrators…” Solzhenitsyn


Jews declare war on Germany 1933



According to Herman Wieland, 1925, Historian of ancient German history, Jesus was a German king in Palestine. Those tribes in the Old Testament slaughtered by the Jews where the forefathers of our white race, Nordic tribes, the Vikings.

Jesus beatenChildren watch torture and murder – just as with the murders of Russians by the Jews and Germans by the Allies and Jews

All children should be
present at the executions and rejoice at the death of the enemies of the proletariat.” – Jew Vladimir Lenin

They used the clueless proletariat to murder their fellow Russians for the Jews to rob the country, Russia. Of course the Russian executioners were under threat of death and later were murdered, too, to remove all witnesses. So it went up and down the ladder until between 66 Million to over 100 Million of Russians were slaughtered by the Jewish controlled government. And as always Jewish Hollywood makes a deceptive movie, like Dr. Shivago, to brainwash us with lies! Almost the whole bunch of historic movies in their core have big lies to hide the crimes of the Jews: French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution, GERMANY BIG TIME LIES, etc.

 Kill The Best Gentiles-pdf

…Of him [*Adolf Hitler], Winston Churchill had this to say:

“While all those formidable transformations were occurring in Europe, Corporal Hitler was fighting his long, wearing battle for the German heart. The story of that struggle cannot be read without admiration for the courage, the perseverance, and the vital force which enabled him to challenge, defy, conciliate, or overcome, all the authorities or resistances which barred his path. He, and the ever increasing legions who worked with him, certainly showed at this time, in their patriotic ardour and love of country, that there was nothing that they would not dare, no sacrifice of life, limb or liberty that they would not make themselves or inflict upon their opponents.” [*this  latter part is absolutely a lie as all they wanted is peace and for Germany to recover from WWI and the financial abuse of the allies. As always, Jews combine truth with lies!] (Winston Churchill, Francis Nielson, Makers of War, p. 101)… from Witness to History by Michael Walsh.

Wir Deutschen sind das unschuldige Opferlamm das für die ganze Welt bestraft wird. Der Sündenbock für die Verbrecher. Wir leiden für jene die nicht Verantwortung für ihre Grausamkeiten übernehmen wollen wegen ihrer Macht, Ziele und Feigheit und die uns   I   H   R   E    Schuld zuschieben. Sie knebeln uns seit 70 Jahren und halten uns als Arbeitssklaven und Steuerzahler für die Besatzungsmächte, besonders die V.S., auf parasitische Weise. Und dazu mißbrauchen, beschimpfen und mißhandeln sie uns auch noch mit Gesetzen die sie über unser Grundgesetz gestülpt haben, diese scheinheiligen Heuchler! Mit ihrem Media Power können sie die Wahrheit immer tiefer vergraben. Purima Fest!


We Germans are the sacrificial lamb punished in place of the whole world. The scape goat for the criminals. We suffer for those who do not take responsibility for their atrocities because of their power, goals or cowardliness and who burden us with  T H E I R  guilt. These parasites keep us gagged, falsely accused, and hold us as working slaves and tax payers for foreign occupiers, especially the U.S., with laws they put above our constitution. Those “holier than thou” hypocrites not only abuse us, but push the truth further and further into the ground with their media power! Purima Fest!


Corrupt men presented as saints are maneuvered into leadership positions by Jewish world powers. Through bribery they can then be coerced to execute the will of the Jews. In the last century foremost President Wilson (hiding an affair – who was later murdered to remove the evidence) who supported the Jewish Soviet Union against Christian Germany to further Communism. A Jewish murder gang had overthrown the Czar and eclipsed the people of Russia in a starvation and slaughter campaign to get rid of their best. Wilson was liar Number 1 in that century. Liar Number 2 was Jew President Roosevelt, pretending to be a Christian, again supporting the Jewish Communists in Russia to further Communism, who at the entrance into WW2 by Roosevelt had murdered at least 40 Million Russian people, mostly the cream of society. The third Satan of the last century was Jew Churchill of Britain – already a mass murderer of the white Boers in South Africa who died in his concentration camps, about 28,000 children because their fathers resisted the invasion and robbery of South African Gold by the Brits. The fourth mass murderer was Communist supporter Jew Eisenhower, pretending to be a Christian and the ‘savior of the world,’ who is responsible for the murder of at least 7 Million German civilians after the war, most likely almost all of the 12 Million German civilians that were raped to death, beaten to death, burned to death, and starved to death. And then, of course, there was number five, Communist Jew Stalin, who continued the Russian slaughter campaign ending in 66 Million (minimum) to 120 Million citizens. There were many others then and since then. Today it’s the likes of global mass murderer, Jew Kissinger. Some even walk around with the Nobel Peace Prize to mock us. Those who do not do the will of their money masters, will be “suicided” or assassinated (e.g. John F. Kennedy) after they had been put into position as their puppet. Communism has been maneuvered under ground since 1945 to hide this devious ‘game’ pretending to have opponents. It is alive and well, and most powerful in the world. It has overtaken Germany since then and getting ever more brutal every year toward its citizens, and it has long taken over the United States since the founding of the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank.  Only the American masses have been raised to ask no questions and ‘go along’ so that they have not even noticed it. They have been occupied with ‘having fun,’ consuming and perversion to a high degree while their country has been stolen from them day by day, year by year, decade by decade. And now we are slaves.


Since the time when the German kingdoms united into one empire in 1871, called “The Reich,” loved and respected around the world, producing quality goods second to none, Jewish Robber State Britain, rich – but its citizens poor – from robbing and subjugating countries around the world, with its Jewish bankers and Jewish press, initiated a lie campaign to defame Germany and bring it to its knees and “to tare it apart in a war” as they proclaimed in their newspapers already before 1900 – as it is still done today and every day because almost all governments in the west are infiltrated or run by Jews, and that only due to money, threats, and coercion.  As the lie campaign alone was not successful at the time, the Jews created 2 world wars, because the best gentiles always have to be eradicated according to the Jewish Talmud. Since the time Adolf Hitler stood up to the Jewish Communists trying to overthrow his country and wanting to turn it into another Jewish Soviet Union, a Russia that was murdered and robbed blind by the Jews, he and his people are severely punished and defamed relentlessly. Therefore, the Jewish Holocaust deception was invented to hold the Germans in ill repute and keep them under Jewish thumb. For this deceit to be successful, the German children had to be brainwashed by their enemies, the Germans have to have a gag order and stay occupied by the decrepit Jew-USA government and must never return to their sovereign state. But the truth has leaked to some of the brainwashed Germans! Even though they cannot speak the WW2 truth around some issues in Communist-Jew-USA-“Germany” without going to prison, and many do, they know from the international truth community that they have been brainwashed and abused since “liberation” day, where only the Allies were liberated – liberated from responsibility, from being humans and turning into vicious rape, rob, torture and murder beasts.



According to my research, Jesus was not a Jew but a White Gentile king!

Nach meiner Nachforschung, Jesus war kein Jude sondern ein Germanischer Koenig!


Jews are very deceptive and socially skilled in misleading people. They can make themselves very likeable. But, they are not always what they APPEAR to be. Jews have managed to have a law signed by Bush to kill the American Christians! Most people have no idea. Please listen to Dr. Lorraine Day, wife of retired congressman Dannemeyer who has discovered this treacherous, heinous crime planned against the American people:



The Jews are very cruel. They torment the Germans every day with their false accusations in countless television programs and movies. They torment our children in school with their lies. The Germans themselves have forcefully become the ‘executioners’ of our German people.  The Jews are constantly hunting down old Germans from the Nazi era and falsely accuse them of the invented Jewish holocaust – to hide the real ones, the Russian Holocaust committed by the Jews and the Holocaust committed upon the German people – so they can terrify the rest of the old Germans and stay in the limelight.  The Germans cannot do anything about it because if they speak up against the Jews, the Jews will twist things so the Germans end up in prison. For example, to proof that the Jewish Holocaust is fake, or even question it, puts German citizens in prison. The courts do not allow a defense. Thousands of truth-speaking Germans are put in prison every year. They call them Nazis and terrorists and right-wing radicals to defame the goodness of those people. In order to survive, most Germans have become “infected” with the Stockholm syndrome and believe the holocaust lie, vehemently. They are all like little lambs going to the soul slaughter.  They’ll attack the so-called Nazis in order to distance themselves and prove that they are not like them. Little do they know how they have been brainwashed against themselves. The Jews are also the greatest COWARDS.  They frequently do their evil deeds behind the scene, on helpless people, helpless children, kidnapped and then prostituted girls whom they promised a career to get them out of a war zone or ghetto, and in prisons where they torture people to death (e.g. Palestine). They hide by adopting different names in various countries and “hire” or instigate others to do their crimes, unless they do it themselves to satisfy their sexual perversion and their cruelty. They often were the partisans in the two World Wars, committing heinous torture crimes in many countries of Europe against the German soldiers and German civilians, the most extreme crimes committed in many countries, including Germany, Poland, Czechnia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary and others. So in the Jewish controlled news it’s always been the ‘so and so’ and ‘so and the so’ who are doing the evil deeds, while the Jews are not mentioned, but they have set up millions of crimes, hired or forced the criminals. For Jewish crimes NOT to be discovered, the Jews do not like it when you call a Jew a Jew! As a intimidation method they use the accusation that who ever says anything negative against the Jews is an anti-Semite, or a Nazi. This is why we need to call a Jew a Jew! We say we are German, Italian, French, etc. So why not identify Jews as well. These torturers, rapists and murderers come in the most varied assortments of areas of our society and and racial mixes, including criminals from secret societies, the secret service, partisans and most of the military in the world.

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Opferlamm Text

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Schafft die Weisse Rasse Ab

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Jewish Hate Speech

The Best of the Russian gentiles were Killed by the Jews, 66 Million of them:

Solzhenitsyn – Russia and the Jews

Talmuds Dirty Secret

(During WWI and after) The First-Holocaust-Don-Heddesheimer-2003-pdf

The Hoax of the 20th Century

We Germans were the best! Therefore:

Germany Must Perish-Jew Kaufman

Deutschland Muss Untergehen-Jude Kaufman

Germany is our Problem – Jew Morgenthau

The Jewish Strategy For Our Destruction – Revilo Oliver


Juedisch-Alliierte Intrige

False Jewish Holocaust

Soul Murder of the German People

Eine Dokumentation Alliierter Grausamkeiten

Ein Riesenverbrechen Am Deutschen Volke 1921 50S.


German Awakening

Horst Mahlers Botschaft

The First Holocaust – Heddesheimer – Pdf


Concentration Camps – Konzentrationslager

Hermann Wieland – Atlantis Edda und Bibel (1925) Pdf

Atlantis Edda und Bibel – Hoerbuch

Did you know?

Das kranke Germanenherz

The Germans lived in Palestine before the Jews invaded and infiltrated the good-hearted and gullible Germans and slaughtered them. Video below in German only.

Unsere Deutsche Vorgeschichte in Palestinien bevor die Juden das Volk unterwanderten und die gutherzigen, einfaeltigen Germanen dort schlachteten: