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Germany had the least military involvement of all the great powers. It was on 5th place. England had more than 3 times more wars than Germany, Russia 2.5 times more wars and France almost double the wars. And the United States? How many wars has it had in the 20th century? A huge number of wars. And all of these Allies call Germany the most aggressive country?! Can anyone figure out where the brain dysfunction lies? I know where. It lies in the anti-human, warmongering Jewish brain!

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Military Involvement before WWI


               Country                        Wars/Kriege

 Britain                      10

Russia                         7

France                        5

Austria                        3

Prussia-Germany      3

In the face of such evidence, it seems incredible that any really thoughtful person could still adhere to the old, popular superstition concerning German “aggressiveness” and “militarism.”

According to facts, laid out in Adolf Hitler’s speech (Hitler Speaks) on December 11, 1941, the U.S. attacked many German ships before Adolf Hitler declared war on the U.S. He never dreamed of having war with the U.S. Furthermore, the U.S. is way too far removed from Germany. Also according to facts, and laid out in Adolf Hitler’s speech on September 1, 1939,  Poland attacked Germany many times at the border over a time span of several months and tortured tenths of thousands of ethnic Germans in Poland to death.  Furthermore, the Poles entered German territory at the border – precisely to goat Germany to a reaction. Hitler tried to negotiate with the Poles about various disputes between Poland and Germany over the suffering German population in Poland on former German territory with reasonable offers, but to no avail. When the Poles actually entered German territory at the border, Hitler finally responded militarily. So who started the war? This was a local conflict and what was the point of England and France declaring war on Germany? The point was, they had planned it that way. And Hitler had no other choices because the Allies set up Poland as the instigator, the U.S. attacked, and Russia lined up on the border of Germany secretly to attack Germany. Had Hitler not made a pre-emptive strike, Europe and the U.S. would have fallen to Communism Soviet Style and Hundreds of Millions more people would have been slaughtered by the Soviets. Communism is a jewish scam to control, abuse, rob and murder people. As many readers today may not know, Russia was usurped by Jews, Communists. It was NOT a Russian Revolution but a Jewish Revolution in Russia, financed by Wall Street which is Jewish. The “Russian” (Jewish) Revolution  was run by jews with the help of Americans, and jews who usurped America’s money by creating the deceptive private Federal Reserve Bank (calling it federal as if it belonged to the people), owned by Jewish families. These Jews from America, Germany, Russia slaughtered 66 Million of Russians to rob them of their property and to take over the country. Jew Stalin was only the tip of the iceberg. The crimes in Russia against the Russian people began already in 1906. Millions of German Russians were also slaughtered or died in the death camps.

Germany was isolated and encircled to destroy it by the Allies, all who have been coerced and been lied to by the Jewish bankers who held the strings to their purse. How else could Germany receive a war declaration from 58 countries around the world?

The plan to destroy Germany started in 1871 because it was a strong country when it united all its kingdoms. After WWI, the Jews flooded into Germany and took it over with the Weimar Republic and a plan to overthrow it completely, turning it into another Soviet Union, killing most of its people and robbing it blind.

The Jews subotaged the Germans wherever they could, even though Germany treated them the best of any country in Europe. But Adolf Hitler saw the threat of Bolshevism and Marxism and put an end to it. Unfortunately, there were very few who took the risk to fight the devil, the jew. Cowardly, almost all countries bowed to the Jews. If they had all aligned with Adolf Hitler the Jews would never have been able to take over the world. A few countries did, and in many countries a few soldiers fought against the Soviets. 

And you folks believe the Judeo-Christian farce that the Jews are innocent victims. They are what Jesus said they are, liars and murderers and no truth is in them. They are great deceivers because they have learned to feign goodness and niceness to get their way. As long as they can benefit from you, they are VERY NICE INDEED, PROBABLY THE NICEST. But wait until they got you under their thumb, then you will experience their true self.

Jews are all about deception. They live in Germany as Germans and even have blue eyes and blond hair, because  many Jews no longer are just one race but a mix of many races. To the world they act as Germans, have German names, but at home and behind closed doors they live by the Talmudic laws raping the German wealth while abusing the German people psychologically with the false Hollywoodholocaust. It’s the hate in their “holy” book the Talmud that has shaped them into the evil deceivers. In Italy the Jews call themselves Italian, having taken on Italian Names. They moved into Italy from Sicily where they once settled in masses. It’s no wonder that the Northern Italians (white) dislike the Southern Italians. In France, they have usurped France via the French Revolution, robbing the property of the elite, killing them and taking on their names. They are now barons in France, Robber Barons. In Russia they have taken on Russian names, in Poland Polish names and so it goes on in every country. The Arab kingdom is made up of Jews. Is it a wonder looking at their behavior. And in the United States? The Jews got a very strong hold on Amerika by creating the American Civil War. It was their war, financed by them on both sides to get a strong hold of this huge country. Of course, a theater story is played out everywhere, supposedly one country against another, but it’s all about deception because Jews like lies and they are so unreal in their personalities, its easy for them to play out a scenario that does not exist to lead people astray. And Christians are especially susceptible to Jewish mind-fuck, because they themselves have already twisted their brains out of free will to see the Jews as their bretheren when Jesus warned them about the jews.

Jews have bought out people’s honor, their morals, their innocence, their children, their financial stability, their education management, health management, and countries’ infrastructure and banking. The Jews have taken over almost everything via the Federal Reserve Power and Wallstreet!

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