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December 31, 2017

The Nuclear Proctologist Dot Org

Videos Nuclear Devastation-Beautiful Girl By Dana


NS Viking – Video Channel

NS Europa (Neues Europa) Dokumentationen-Buecher NSDAP


Valérie Devon – (le Face Book Russe / The russian Face Book)

Leuren Moret Global Nuclear Coverup

The Nuclear Proctologist (Fukushima-Pacific Coast Fauna dying massively – please pass on)

“”” (Planetare Bewegung fuer Mutter Erde)

Livres à acheter: Révélations d’un Goy-averti

Jeff P shows videos made by FAA , etc. showing gigantic Planet and its moons moving into our solar system-bad news!

Deutsche Wochenschau – YouTube Kanal


History Reviewed.Com

History Reviewed.Info

History Truths Video Channel


Here at American Renaissance are also ignorant people who do not grasp the fact that Jews are the cause of all our problems:

I do fault Prof. Kevin MacDonald of the Occidental Observer for his cowardly and destructive stand on the Holocausthoax doing us so much damage:

The Occidental Observer (White issues)

TheSARGON87-Video Kanal