Relentless Soul Murder of the German People With A Gun to their Head

 …that in the future new generations will want to read what really was, what really happened and what was done in the 20th. and 21st. Centuries, namely the annihilation of the most virile and creative civilization the world has seen in centuries, the German civilization…



By Gerry Frederics

[*Comments inserted by The article appears to be a few decades old.]

This article was translated into the German language by a Canadian who at this expense had it printed and had it distributed to many young people in Germany.

Print this if you you are serious about learning some things! It’s far longer then initially intended and to read it in its entirety sitting in front of a computer screen is not recommended. It would be too tiresome. [*I have broken it down into several posts, not changing the content but simply re-arranging some of the paragraphs.]

It’s not only about German contributions to the world at large, it’s also about the present-day annihilation of the German people as such, about the incessant vilification and character assassination which takes place in the world. I have tried to point some of it out, only being able to scratch the surface. The ‘Hate-everything German’ is so all-inclusive as to be mind-numbing and quite frankly is comprehensible only when understanding the Jewish hate which has poisoned the minds of man for centuries. This horrible, irrational hatred is directed against all peoples of German blood, whether they be Germans, or Scandinavians, or ethnic Germans living the world over. This is so grotesquely successful that ethnic Germans world-wide are literally afraid to defend their good name.

The real horror is, a person cannot tell the truth without being howled down as a “Hater”, but the true haters are hailed as paragons of virtue!

The so-called Holocaust, The Hoax of the 20th century a purely Jewish invention of the past 40 years, has been hammered into the minds of people to such a degree, that it has become a sacrosanct religion, a dogma which elicits knee-jerk responses from otherwise rational people. It has been said that the truth eventually triumphs. Well, I am afraid this may be incorrect. If the truth is assassinated relentlessly by the media world-wide, soon it matters not whether proof of the Jews dishonesty is overwhelming. We know for example that the Jews have literally destroyed civilizations and are so relentlessly hate-filled against all none-Jews that it was impossible for even a giant, such as George Washington, to avoid the infestation of a nation. We know the Holocaust to be a fabrication, for even prominent Jews admit that the eye-witnesses are notoriously unreliable (and eye-witnesses is essentially all they have), yet the pervert who can be credited with the ‘invention’ of this fable, Elie Wiesel is given the Nobel Peace Prize! Ask for forensic proof (such as even ONE autopsy, ONE pile of bones or ashes, where there should be 20.000 tons of it), as is required in any court of law, and one is instantly smeared as a ‘hater’. This whole thing is so odious, so foul and evil, languages have no words for it.

Famous Jew-Menuhin-Gerard_”Tell-the-truth-and-shame-the-devil”-Holohoax.pdf

Therefore all we can do is, to record things for posterity in hopes, that in the future new generations will want to read what really was, what really happened and what was done in the 20th. and 21st. Centuries, namely the annihilation of the most virile and creative civilization the world has seen in centuries, the German civilization. And hopefully those young men and women will draw the proper conclusions.

Should you find an inaccuracy, I invite you to let me know. Please let me know in a polite manner and a correction will be made after I have verified my statements to have been incorrect. If I make an incorrect claim herein, it is not done with malice aforethought, but rather it is an honest error, no more, no less. If you think I am an anti-semite, well, I am anti-lies, anti-dishonesty and pro-truth and most of all, pro-German. If that makes me anti-semitic, so be it. [The website this document is from no longer exists.]

German accomplishments encompass the entire spectrum of human experience. There doesn’t exist a discipline in which Germans have not had a major role during the past two centuries. As a matter of fact, in most disciplines Germans have had leading roles.

A small example; it was the French who invented the motion picture, but the Germans who perfected motion picture techniques, lenses, equipment, and finally the very stuff on which motion pictures are printed – film. No-one came even close to Agfa in the development of film. So, even things which the Germans did not invent, they improved immeasurably.

The ironic thing is, this is the problem, is the reason why we are incessantly vilified. German accomplishments literally dwarf those of other nations and cause acute jealousy resulting in murderous anti-German rage, a rage skillfully stoked by world Jewry. This has resulted in both world wars and the present utter destruction of the German spirit, German culture, German pride, German awareness of their own greatness and a never-ending instillation of guilt in the population, resulting in the uniqueness of ‘National Masochism’. To make matters even worse, the guilt instilled in the average German via the never-ending Holocaust accusations is unfounded under examination. This evil has been so skillfully orchestrated, that neither the vast majority of Germans, nor the rest of the world recognizes what is happening.

The will and the spirit of the Germans made them the creative force they were. The present-day horror of the totally broken spirit of the German people came home to me when I read an interview with the German (?) Minister of Culture in the Los Angeles Times about three years ago. In it, the interviewer asked this man: “Whatever happened to the German spirit?” and the German (?) Minister of Culture replied: “What spirit?” and then laughingly, “Who needs it?” [*One must consider that many Jews from Germany are in leading positions in all walks of life and pretend to be Germans], and I almost vomited. The present-day, ongoing wholesale destruction of Germany becomes apparent when considering only a few facts. Remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg. An in-depth study of this purely Jew-created annihilation (see the Morgenthau, Lindemann, Kaufmann plans) [*and I add, “The Hooton plan”] of my nation would require an entire encyclopedia. To those who say: “But it wouldn’t have been possible without the acquiescence of none-Jews, including many Germans”, I sadly reply: “I am well aware of this and I am well aware of the horrible truth that the German nation has probably produced more traitorous scum than any other”. [*admin: With literally a gun to their head in their 70-plus-years Jewish-Allied occupation since 1945, and indoctrinating our toddlers with history lies, it is no wonder their spirit is broken!]

[*admin: I need to comment to this to justify why the Germans went along with this. Starting at occupation, the Germans were massively murdered or hauled of to foreign countries as slaves, worst of all it was for them if they went to the east bloc countries like Poland, Russia, Czechia, etc. where they ended up dead after all. Or they threatened to send someone’s wives and children off to the Siberia’s Gulags as punishment for anything. In order to survive, most people would comply rather than having a worse fate. With capitulation and no peace agreement, the Germans always have a gun pointed at their head, even today. Then their children were brainwashed starting in Kindergarten year after year that the Germans started the war and created a Jewish holocaust and a false constant repetition of German war crimes, when in fact they were the most disciplined military, did not start war and never genocided any jews. Well, children believe the lies in the schools (many of them with jewish teachers). And parents who fought the lies, and in the first few decades there were many more who knew the truth and fought the lies, God only knows what happened to them. I know my parents kept their mouth shut because they already went through the horrors from the Soviets. And resistance died down because more and more they put resisters in prison to make examples of them, or murdered them, and definitely ruined their careers. There were many Germans who killed themselves because they could not bare the incredible injustice. Know, that the German government is a Jewish-American occupation government!]

However, had the Jews not started the whole problem, it would never have happened and that’s the point!

Consider the following:

Even though German is the most spoken language in Europe, at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels, English is being used as the official language, with French bringing up the rear. German hardly counts. To make matters worse, England neither is, nor has ever been a part of Europe, other than geographically. To this day, England does precisely as the USA and Israel (both anti-European powers) dictate. England is no more than the fifth column which refuses to act in the interests of Europe. England has traditionally undermined every effort at peace and stability within the European sphere and together with the Jews has been the instigator of almost every major conflict on the continent. This dismal record goes back centuries. When I say ‘England’, I don’t mean the average bloke on the street. Years ago I met and worked with a great guy from Newcastle, and we couldn’t have gotten along better. No, I mean the English power-elite, an elite which has been totally corrupted for centuries.

Germany contributes 31% of all finances to the European Union. This means, Germany finances Portugal, Spain, subsidizes England (!), takes a back seat to France and will finance every eastern block country which has recently joined the Union, but practically has no more say in European affairs than let’s say inconsequential Portugal! This translates into a gigantic theft of German property, creative energy, work ethics and German money. A monumental, never-ending rape of the most productive nation in Europe and possibly the world. The incredible thing here is, that everyone in power understands this perfectly well, including the present-day cowards in Berlin, who should all, without exception be hung for high treason. The utter absurdity of the situation should be obvious to anyone with even a single digit IQ. The gross dishonesty and immorality of this should be obvious to any human being. The absolute lack of democratic principles in this system is also blatantly apparent. But you see, when it comes to Germany, the rest of the world can freely abuse, lie, cheat, steal, rape and plunder without fear, particularly as long as the ‘freely elected’ (pardon while I puke) German government is in the pockets of foreign powers, namely the USA and Israel while forever ‘Let’s-destroy-Germany’ England brings up the rear.

In American universities Germany is essentially treated as if it didn’t exist. I recently met a young man who had a BA degree in German History from the university of El Paso Texas. He complained to me, that he had been unable to obtain a map of Germany as it was around 1900, that he had been practically unable to learn anything about Silesia, Pomerania, the Sudetenland, Transylvania or Prussia – this in a college HISTORY class! This young man had studied German history, practically without having learned anything. Another young man told me, that the only thing he had learned about Germany was the Holocaust and oh yes, they did mention Dr. Robert Koch! This young man however was a thinker and had realized something was very wrong. University students not only learn nothing about Germany, what is far worse, they are being inundated with falsehoods, with unmitigated lies, presented in an academic setting, which lends credence to these lies.

The truth is, during the years 1870 to 1945, international students flocked to German universities. If one wanted to study serious music one went to Berlin. New York and all the rest were second choice, including the very fine conservatory in St. Petersburg. To be accepted to a German university in ANY discipline was like hitting the Jack-Pot. Want to study chemistry? Well, Germany of course. Want to study medicine? Well, Germany if you can pass the entrance exam, of course, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Toward the end of the 19th. century Chile imported 3000 German teachers. The result was the best educated population in South America. They didn’t import English or French teachers. They didn’t import Spanish teachers, even though belonging to the Spanish sphere of influence. They imported GERMAN teachers, even though they had to teach them Spanish first, at their expense, while paying them a good wage and all costs! Why? Because the German system of education was acknowledged word-wide to be by far the best. This system was scrapped in Chile in the early 1960′ to the detriment of the Chilean population which ‘boasts’ American inner-cities standards these days. Today, German universities have been reduced to recruiting third world students in order to have an internationally diverse student population. This of course lowers the heretofore high standards. It is a demonstrable truth that diversity in the school-room spells disaster and represents a dismal educational failure. In today’s American inner-cities schools, teachers do not dare to teach for fear of being attacked as ‘racists’ when grading any exams. Therefore no exams, no gradings, no teaching, nothing. Entire ‘diverse’ American generations are graduated from ‘High (!) Schools’ without being able to read or write!

Ask an American High School student about Heidelberg or Tübingen, or Humboldt University or outstanding Hindemith Conservatory as an alternative to Julliards and you’ll get a blank stare and yet, these are all schools on the highest conceivable international level, a level they achieved before Berkeley et al even existed, a level created by the German educational system long ago!

In the travel sections of major American newspapers, every country on earth is being mentioned as a worthy travel destination, but Germany doesn’t even appear as a minor attraction. The only tourists who visit Germany are people whose forebears are German. This is clearly orchestrated nation-annihilation. Germany, even in its present-day shrunken state, features some of the most spectacular scenery, cities and cultural attractions in the world. Aside from that, Germany, right now, is home to the most gigantic Boat Show in the world (in Düsseldorf), the most massive Automobile and Transportation show (Frankfurt a.M.), the most important computer show in the world (Hannover), as a matter of fact, essentially the most important trade fairs in all industrial and cultural disciplines. Yet, opening the travel section of any of Americas major newspapers, one gets the impression Sri Lanka and its homosexual pedophile tourism is far more important than Germany which possesses unmatched cultural, industrial and scenic attractions even in its geographically reduced present-day state. Chile, a traditionally pro-German country which owes a considerable debt to its German immigrants promotes tourism to Australia, Cancun, Cuba, Florida, Paris, Madrid, London, but Germany? Of course not. Never mind the only notable thing the English ever did for Chile was to murder 3000 Chilean miners in 1905. Their crime? Protests against the inhumane living and working conditions in the English owned copper mines of the times. Australia doesn’t even know Chile exists, Paris couldn’t care less, Cuba expropriated Chilean goods while Allende was in power, Florida is Cuban (or Yiddish) and couldn’t care less, Cancun is purely touristy and has no connection to anyone anywhere. So we are left with Madrid, which shares a cultural history. Wow! – at least they’ve got ONE right. Not that the average Chilean would know. They are kept just as stupid as the rest of the world.

The American “Armored Vehicle Museum” in Texas featured as the most revolutionary tank of all time, the German King Tiger of WW2. A few years ago this museum got a new director. As his first official act he, a Jew, removed the King Tiger tank exhibit. The location of this magnificent tank is today unknown. Thereby this Jew did what Jews do best, to lie about history and to lie about Germany.

Did the German consul object? Of course not. Should a German politician actually tell the truth, he is ostracized at best, or murdered at worst, as it apparently happened recently with the German FDP-politician Moellemann. His death looks like the professional work of Mossad dutifully covered up by the cowardly slime-sucking German authorities.

The NASA space museum in Washington D.C. looks as if space exploration developed without the Germans. This is a bald-faced lie. Space exploration would never have happened had it not been for the German scientists who were instructed by President Kennedy to put a man on the moon, back in 1962. One can say without fear of contradiction, that the original NASA was as German as Beck’s Beer. Werner von Braun (German) When the Russians put ‘Sputnik’ in orbit back in the middle fifties ahead of the Americans, famed American comedian Bob Hope joked on his syndicated TV show: “That the Russians got there first means the Russians have better German scientists than we have!” The audience exploded in laughter. You see, back in the middle fifties Americans weren’t kept stupid by Jew-owned MTV, CNN or Fox News, much less were they brain-deaded by Jews like Steven Spielberg, he of “Swindler’s List” fame. Americans actually knew things. The new Jewish museum director removed all traces of Wernher von Braun and his famous team after taking over as the new chief. Did the German consul object? Heavens no! He was probably too busy apologizing for holocaustian wrongs allegedly committed. To represent the interests of Germany, at whose expense he lives on an obscene comfort level is something utterly alien to such a corrupt sub-creature.

There’s another museum in Washington D.C. in which the airplane is being honored. One of the major exhibits here used to be the first operational Jet Fighter in the world, the Messerschmidt Me-262. Messerschmitt Kampfjaeger ME 262  (German) This aircraft was unequaled at the time of its conception. German jet-aircraft development and patents form the basis for all jet planes thereafter. All. No exceptions.


Yet, the Me-262 is strangely absent from this museum today, having been replaced by a mock-up, a fictitious creation which never flew and never could. This bad joke was created by order of the new director (a Jew of course) of the museum who decided to falsify history once again, at the expense of the possibly most creative people the earth has seen in the last 200 years, the Germans. Since Americans have been kept incredibly ignorant as a general rule, the average guy walking into the museum will never know the difference. This couldn’t have happened in the 50’s, because the average American had at least heard of the German jet airplane designs of WW2, designs which frequently were only in the planning stages, but not only feasible and do-able, but would have reached maturity had it not been so late in the game.

Today in Germany it is common to speak “Engleutsch”, a combination of English and German (Deutsch). Even people of high education succumb to this linguistic perversion. Of course “High education” today merely means that one has obtained a doctorate in a specialty. It DOES NOT mean he/she is cultured! And therein lies the rub. Under the traditional German system of education, you had to be CULTURED to be considered educated. A high degree of culture is an absolute necessity for being educated, because without it, one is merely a technocrat, a ‘specialist’ who knows a lot about ONE subject but is probably abjectly ignorant about everything else. There is nothing wrong with using foreign words if your language lacks the equivalent. E.g., in German there is no word for ‘sophisticated’, so go ahead and use the English word. It used to be, that in the English speaking world ‘Rucksack’ (today backpack), ‘Wunderkind’, ‘Weltschmerz’ and a plethora of other German words were used regularly. But whereas the English world has intentionally eliminated German words, the German speaking world has not only embraced every absurdity babbled on TV, but they have actually invented an English word! That’s right! Germans invented the noun ‘Handy’, which means cellular phone. I have actually heard a ‘German’ reporter talking about a ‘Wunder Kid’, when talking about some 3-year old who played the violin or something. This is sick. This is taking an internationally used German word and anglicizing it by force without the slightest justification.

After WW2 we Germans through incredibly hard work under the most trying circumstances rebuilt our industries as far as the new world order permitted us to do so.

This is to say, we were, e.g., prohibited from building airplanes , despite the fact that German air-craft designers had been world-leading in every field of aeronautics. We had, amongst many, Heinkel, Messerschmidt, Junkers, Arado, Fieseler, Horton, designers and companies which to the very last one were leading in their fields. Today – not a single German airplane exists. This is a subject which requires an entire book and much research.

One industry finally permitted us was the motorcycle industry. Sure enough within 5 years we were leading the world in design, research, production, quality, reliability and international Formula One racing success! Our motorcycles were the envy of the world. We had about 38 (thirty eight!!) manufacturers of which not a single one built inferior bikes, on the contrary. At the same time, Japan didn’t even know what a motorcycle looked like (Lighten up, I am making a valid point here, that’s all). Suddenly, the entire German motorcycle industry went bust. ALL OF THEM, while concurrently the Japanese entered the world markets with a vengeance, totally overwhelming the world with cheap (sorry, but that’s what they they were initially), copies of German bikes. The whole bunch of them, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha ad nauseum are based on stolen German technology and patents. No exceptions.

This happened in the 1960’s. The Law Of Averages will tell you, that this kind of thing is an impossibility. This didn’t happen by itself. This didn’t happen because of executive inability, because of a saturated market (as we have been told), because of Japanese superiority, not that anyone ever has had the temerity to suggest such an absurdity. This happened because of dark forces behind the scenes pulling the strings. I have no idea who did what. I have no proof of anyone’s perfidy. But I know what happened and I know that it is impossible for such a thing to happen in the normal course of events. If out of 38 companies, 5 go broke, ok. Even 10, I still won’t wonder too much, even though this is stretching it a lot! But all?? And almost practically all of them demonstrably world-leading in every aspect?? Any gaming official in Las Vegas will tell you such coincidences simply don’t happen.

Please spare me the lectures on how the British disappeared as well. They did because they built bikes with ancient-age technology for the most part, and all of them were oil-dripping monstrosities which failed to start in the mornings, due to their horrible Lucas-electronics. No, no, they deserved to disappear. You produce junk, you don’t deserve a place in the sun. Simple. The German motorcycle industry on the other hand was killed with malice aforethought, there can be no doubt. The same sad tale applies to the optical and home-electronics industries in Germany. These stories require a doctoral thesis and maybe one day a bright young man or woman will write it. One such thesis was written about the death of one of Germany’s giants, the Borgward automotive group. Who was the guilty party? Well, Mercedes-Benz wanted to get rid of a competitor and the city of Bremen was blind enough (Was the Senate of Bremen bribed by Mercedes? It surely looks like it.) not to assist Borgward, a fine manufacturer who decidedly deserved to survive. Just another sickening example of Germans destroying Germans.

No wonder the world laughs at us. The fact is, present-day Germany is morally bankrupt and possesses a diseased soul. Germans are the only people in world history who are actively engaged in destroying themselves, in assisting their deadliest enemies while hunting down and mercilessly destroying those who try to unshackle them, to set them free with the truth. It will no doubt be a German who’ll be the first to object to this article, who will talk about ‘extremism’, Nazi, etc., etc. Yes indeed, my people are sick as hell and it will require a gigantic upheaval for them to regain their health. But boy o boy, when the truth finally gains the upper hand, it’ll be one hell of an example of “Furor Teutonicus”, I guarantee it.

Has anyone ever wondered what was more important, a man like Hillary who climbed Mount Everest, or men like von Humboldt or Rugendas who enriched western civilization immeasurably? Is there even a question? So why is it, that Sir Hillary is feted as the ‘Second coming of Christ’, whereas the honorable, decent, incredibly beneficial Germans just mentioned are practically unknown? Do you see a pattern here? I do, and no, I don’t disparage Sir Hillary. He was one hell of guy, but…

Is the maliciously promoted degeneracy of the German people as a whole the reason for the present-day dearth of world-class German athletes? Michael Schumacher and his silly grin while he mindlessly sprays champagne around on the winners podium, howling with childish delight like the corrupt swine he appears to be, is an embarrassment. Compare him to the numerous German racing giants and their gentlemanly demeanor of the past. Well, one can’t compare the two. Count Berghe von Trips or Bernd Rosemeyer, or H.P. Mueller? Those were MEN, as well as gentlemen! Schumacher is a bad joke, no more. Where are the German giants of the soccer-world? Hell, we had a ton of those! Where are the heroes of the tennis court? Those pitiful wiggers running around punching the air, screeeching “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees”, while wearing their baseball-cap backward? My God, what is happening to us? I am ashamed…

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