There is No Place to Hide-Nuclear Hawaii Unsafe!*Dr. Leuren Moret

Fukushima – Leuren Moret: “Fukushima radiation has made Hawaii and Pacific islands unsafe for humans.”


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Each Reactor in Fukushima is 100 x more powerful than Chernobyl. There are several damaged reactors (some hidden from us) with the result of having perhaps  700 to 1,000 times more the impact of Chernobyl.



Independent Scientist and Radiation Expert Dr. Leuren Moret speaks with Host Alfred Lambremont Webre.

This interview is apparently made end of 2013 or in 2014

Alfred Lambremont Webre: …You recently made a statement that Hawaii and the Pacific Islands and swimming in the pacific ocean are unsave for humans. And that’s quite a statement for a scientist to make.

Leuren Moret: It’s because of accumulated information over time since the Fukushima disaster happened but it is also because I am a Geo-Scientist, so I understand atmospheric circulation and the circulation in the oceans. It’s all fluid dynamics. It’s an engineering concept of physical constant. But when you look at the amount of radiation that’s been released from Fukushima, and no one really knows; we don’t know who is telling the truth; we know a lot of people are lying; we know that right after Fukushima happened, in the weeks and months afterwards that all governments were covering up the real levels.

2:31 The only data that international scientists that I work with, for instance, Dr. Busby (sp?) in England, the only data that we trusted was from the monitoring stations that are buoys all over the oceans of this planet and they are privately maintained by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty organization that monitors radiation in the environment for treaty verification. They are independently supported and they did report accurately and globally what the radiation levels were. They were horrendous. They were horrific.

3:25 But another thing that happened in August (video published in Feb. 2014) is that a Chinese Scientific paper came out with very interesting data. It was a map of 1.5 years after the Fukushima disaster with the cesium levels and it showed the Tsunami debris field which is all contaminated with radiation extending nearly from offshore from California, from the West Coast, all the way to from offshore of China. So this debris field is trapped between East-West currents, two currents that split off of the Kurishuo current. It starts in Taiwan, it goes north of, past Japan and at the top of Honshu which is the biggest island and before you get to Hokkaido it splits, it joins with the Oyama current which is coming out of the Arctic and then they go off straight east into the Pacific, across the Pacific ocean, then they split and the Tsunami debris field is between the split currents that extend all the way across the Pacific.

4:51 And so, these island currents, in particular one part of the Kuroshio (sp?) current, which is the strongest current in the world, goes directly to the Hawaiian Islands. So that current is 3,300 to 3,500 feet deep, also 75 km wide, nearly 60 miles wide, and it’s travelling two or three miles per hour up to nine miles per hour and it is a tremendous force; it’s part of the great conveyer belt that circulates around the Pacific and the Atlantic [*ocean]. 

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5:43 And all of this radiation is being distributed all over the world. It’s already completely mixed in the global atmosphere in one year because of all the convection. And what drives it is the very cold Polar regions, the Arctic and Antarctic, and the very hot equator. And hot air and cold air want to mix. And the bigger the temperature difference, the more violent the mixing is.  

6:15 ALW: Right, So the Polar vortexes may have more of an effect of mixing the radiation. Is this part of the weather warfare or spreading the Fukushima radiation?

6:36 LM: The weather warfare, this weather climate change meme or fraud, is being perpetrated from England and also from the Lawrence Livermore National Nuclear Laboratory, where I worked. And one day, at about 1989, I walked down the hall in the Lawrence Livermore Lab – I was a staff scientist – and I saw a door open, and I looked through the doorway as I walked by, and it was a big room full of young, hot-shot computer scientists, all sitting in these gigantic desk chairs or computer chairs at these huge monitors, and I said, “What is that room?” and somebody said, “Oh, that’s the Climate Change group.” And I went “Oh, more science fraud at Livermore. And that’s exactly what it is.

7:50 This is 20 years later. Everything that I suspected then has been proven because people are so fed up. Scientists who were honest were so fed up with this fraudulent, quiet climate change scam, and they hacked into the headquarters in England and into the Lawrence Livermore lab, and they got thousands of emails between the British climate change scientists and the U.S. climate change group at Livermore and they proved that the whole climate change concept is completely fraud and it’s actually been perpetrated and made up and promoted from the City of London and the Queen of England to promote nuclear power [*to kill us all-they must have the antidote for themselves, those rats], so that she can sell her Uranium.

9:04 Queen Elizabeth [*a Jewess] owns all of the Uranium in Canada, in much of Africa, in Australia [*Is this why the robbed German territory Neuschwabenland (New Swabia) in the Antarctic where Uranium was found has now been renamed Queen Maud Land?], and there is no way for her to peddle that useless energy unless she can sell it for weapons or for nuclear power.

9:26 So that in itself, to think and realize Queen Elizabeth’s Uranium has poisoned the world. All the depleted Uranium weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan, everywhere where we have used them, Yugoslavia, that’s all Canadian Uranium [*no wonder Canada belongs to one of the worst offenders of free speech next to Germany] and is completely illegal because it violates the Canadian Constitution.

9:50 ALW: Right, now, what you said is “Anyone with a desire to stay healthy, should never go to Hawaii or any Pacific Islands in our lifetime.” And then you go, as you explain, one of the main Pacific Ocean currents is carrying the radiation from Fukushima directly East across the Pacific ocean. Does that mean you believe Hawaii should be evacuated at this time?

10:27 LM: We said that right after Fukushima happened, all of the Pacific Islands north of the Equator should be evacuated. They should have been evacuated as soon as Fukushima happened. And even the Northern One Third of Japan should have been evacuated, including TOKYO!!!  

10:50 Of course that would be very difficult and incredibly expensive to do, and they are not going to do it, because the people who have perpetrated this global outrage, they are using radiation, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, which produces fission products, and they are creating a global pollution situation which is going to have many biological and ecological effects that are not favorable to life on this planet, and they are combining nuclear weapons and nuclear pollution for depopulation with HAARP technology and applications such as the Fukushima Tectonic Nuclear warfare disaster where they triggered the Tahoku (?) earthquake at Fukushima with HAARP and caused it to release huge amounts of fission products which is a silent, global nuclear war. And there is no place to hide.

12:15 The Tuna at the Skichi (sp?) Fish Market in Tokyo – which I’ve been to many times – it’s over a square mile; it’s huge and there are all these people running around with chain saws sawing up frozen whales and frozen Tuna and just huge fish and everything, and even sea mammals. The price of Tuna this year at their sale which started a few weeks ago (video in 2014) was 95% down from what they were paying for Tuna last year. In other words, the price was 5 % this year of what they paid 100% for last year.

13:06 So the Tuna industry, the fish industry is just falling through the floor. Japan, China and Russia have said they are curtailing importing food from the West Coast of North America and they may not buy any more fish. We know that the Pacific ocean, the Seaweed, the fish, the plankton, everything is contaminated now from Fukushima. This is from the Arctic all the way to the Antarctic.


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