The Banksters’ Great Game-Wars and More Wars

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Tuesday February 6th 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….International Arms Watchdog Finds That Most ISIS Weaponry Was Purchased by the U.S. &  Saudi Arabia
US-NRE:  Arms Supplier To ISIS et. al. — A quote….”Before being shipped to opposition forces in Syria and Iraq — A damning report by the EU-funded Conflict Armament Research has found that the majority of weapons that ended-up in the hands of Daesh/ISIS were purchased from Eastern European stockpiles by the United States or Saudi Arabia and transferred to opposition militias in Syria. In many cases there is clear evidence to suggest that the arms were transferred into ISIS possession in less than a month, as US-backed groups amalgamated into ISIS or the weapons were sold on a thriving black market.” – Source:  Amity UndergroundHow Al-Qaeda Ended Up With Anti-Aircraft Missiles: Here Is The Congressional Authorization
Related Article – A quote….”After the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a rebrand of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the dramatic downing of a Russian Su-25 fighter jet over Idlib in northwest Syria on Saturday – the first Russian plane downed in Syria since 2015 – a number of analysts have published articles asking the obvious million dollar question: where did al-Qaeda get the portable anti-aircraft missile system used in the attack?”Who Is James Le Mesurier? – The Former British Army Officer Who Founded The White Helmets
James Le Mesurier”   A Wahhabist Terrorist Supporter — A quote….”Who is James Le Mesurier, the former British army officer and military contractor who founded the White Helmets, the civil defence organisation which operates exclusively in opposition-held parts of Syria? It is a question more and more people are asking as their role and function comes under increasing scrutiny. — Le Mesurier carries about him the inescapable whiff of Britain’s malign legacy and history of dirty wars, waged in Kenya, Aden, Ireland, Iraq, Libya, in other words wherever London’s blood-soaked imperialist foot has tread around the world. A product of Britain’s prestigious Royal Military Academy of officer training at Sandhurst, he served in various UK military/NATO military deployments over the past three decades, specifically Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon.” – Source  American Herald Tribune

[Fabricated] WMD Claims in Syria Raise Concerns over U.S. Escalation
Same Old Discredited Playbook – A quote….”It’s the WMD story all over again. – Not unlike the spurious claims that paved the way to war with Iraq 15 years ago, anonymous “U.S. officials” are once again accusing a targeted “regime” of using “weapons of mass destruction” and issuing threats that the U.S. military may have to “hold it accountable.” Once again, Western media is broadcasting these accusations and threats without skepticism or investigation.”

Phony US Accusations of Syrian CW Attacks
Related Article – A quote….”Trump escalated Obama’s war on Syria, continuing to use ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers he vowed to combat – instead supporting them like his predecessor. – Syria destroyed its CW arsenal. Elimination began in September 2013, the operation completed in late June 2014 – confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). – No evidence shows any CWs remain in the hands of its government or military. Claims otherwise are false. No evidence supports them.”

Report: Thousands of Escaped ISIS Fighters “Awaiting Orders” in Syria
US-NRE:   A Wahhabist Terrorist Supporter – (Syria) — A quote….”Thousands of Islamic State fighters and their relatives have fled from U.S.-led military campaign in eastern Syria, The New York Times reports, citing new classified intelligence assessments. – Why it matters: Some are hiding in areas near Damascus, the Syrian capital, and are awaiting orders from their leaders through encrypted communications channels. This undercuts the Trump administration’s claim that the terrorist group has largely been eradicated, per the Times.”

The Syrian Madhouse Gets Even Crazier
A quote….”Last summer, I was positioned just across the border from the Syrian town of Afrin around which Turkish and Kurdish and, possibly, American forces, are now poised for a head-on clash. It seems crazy to me that anyone would want to fight over this one-donkey farm town. We were there on a mission to rescue wild animals trapped in a zoo in war-torn Aleppo, Syria. — Why on earth are at least 2,000 US troops mixed up in this fracas in darkest Syria? Because the pro-Israel neocons in Washington, who pretty much run US foreign policy these days, are determined to have revenge for the defeat of US-backed rebel forces in Syria. So it’s once more into the breach near Afrin and the town Manbij though America has zero national interests in Syria. The US first tried to overthrow Syria’s governments in Damascus in 1948 because it was too independent and flirting with the Soviets. Today’s intervention is part of Israel’s plan to fragment Syria and gobble up its water and fertile land resources.”

The US-ISIS Nexus in Afghanistan Becomes Hot Topic
US-NRE:   A Wahhabist Terrorist Supporter – (Afghanistan) — A quote….”Tehran has begun highlighting in loud decibel its hitherto-low key voice of disquiet that the United States is transferring the Islamic State* fighters from Syria and Iraq, where they have been defeated, to Afghanistan. – On January 30, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said: “The US goal of transferring the ISIL terrorists to Afghanistan is aimed at creating the justification for its continued deployment in the region and for buttressing the security of the Zionist regime.” Indeed, any statement at the level of the Supreme Leader invariably draws attention as signaling an authoritative policy directive based on careful decision taken in the light of relevant intelligence inputs.” – bold by website editor – Source:  StratCultFndtn

Pentagon Expects Afghan War to Cost $45 Billion in 2018
16 Years…. & Still Going Strong – A quote….”Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver on Tuesday revealed that the Pentagon expects the cost of the Afghan War in 2018 to come to $45 billion.”

South Yemen Protest Over US Drone Strike That Killed Civilians
Still Murdering Families – A quote…”The latest embarrassing result of a “signature strike” in America’s ever-growing drone war has sparked public protests in South Yemen’s Shabwa Province, where locals expressed outrage at a US attack that killed at least seven civilian members of a single family.

North Korea Says US Considering Limited Preemptive Strike
A quote….”The UN Conference of Disarmament Tuesday in Geneva served as the latest venue for tensions between the US and North Korea, with North Korean Ambassador Ju Yong Choi accusing the US of seeking to fuel tensions with his nations, and laying the ground for a “possible preemptive strike.””

Who Let Dr. Strangelove Write the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review?
A quote….”As Paul Craig Roberts summed up so eloquently, the new US nuclear posture is a reckless, irresponsible, and destabilizing departure from the previous attitude toward nuclear weapons. The use of even a small part of the existing arsenal of the United States would be sufficient to destroy life on earth. Yet, the posture review calls for more weapons, speaks of nuclear weapons as “usable,” and justifies their use in First Strikes even against countries that do not have nuclear weapons.”

Why Aren’t Americans Outraged Over Trump’s Escalation of Drone Strikes?
A quote….”When I read of America bombing other countries, a line penned by former Salon contributor Glenn Greenwald comes to mind: “The worst and most tyrannical government actions in Washington are equally supported on a fully bipartisan basis.””

UK Regime Caught ‘Censoring’ Report That Suggests It’s Using Drones To Assassinate People
A quote….”The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) attempted to censor a document showing it has assassinated people outside of armed conflict zones using drones, it has been reported. The government is now under pressure to come clean.” – Source:  RT
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

Guardian Alleges Youtube Algorithm Bias in Favour of Trump & “conspiracy theories”
Garbagian’s Projection(Standard mirror / mirror attack profile.  Wherein the Garbagian engages in methods of displacement, inversion, and projection, falsely accusing others of what the Garbagian’s fellow travelers are actually doing – mpg) —  A quote….”To sum up for those who don’t want to plough through the bloated text, the article is a splicing of the author’s (Paul Lewis) own uninteresting personal experiences of the Youtube algorithm taking him “on a journey of its own volition” to “a video of two boys, aged about five or six, punching and kicking one another,” with broad entirely unchecked and uncorroborated claims from Chaslot about what he says the algorithm shows about Youtube bias.”

NYT Fake News About ISIS Terrorists
A quote….”Washington created and supports ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot in Syria, and other terrorist groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers, explained many times before. – The Times and other media scoundrels consistently suppress vital information about all US wars of aggression, pretending their liberating and democracy-building conflicts. – Raping and destroying one country after another tells a vastly different story, never explained by US and other Western media.”

Mainstream Media Outlets Keep Hiring CIA/Intel Veterans, And It’s Gross
A quote….”Former CIA director John Brennan has become the latest member of the NBC News and MSNBC family, officially signing with the network as a contributor,” chirps a recent article by The Wrap, as though that’s a perfectly normal thing to have to write and not a ghastly symptom of an Orwellian dystopia. NBC reports that the former head of the depraved, lying, torturing, propagandizing, drug trafficking, coup-staging, warmongering Central Intelligence Agency “is now a senior national security and intelligence analyst.”” – Source:  Rogue Journalist

Colin Powell at the U.N., 15 Years Later
Down Memory Lane – A quote….”15 years ago today, Colin Powell delivered his infamous speech at the U.N., the speech which cemented the support of the U.S. political and media establishments for the invasion of Iraq, under the pretext of “weapons of mass destruction”. This blog came into existence in August, 2003, a few months later, as one of the very first (if not the first) radical left blogs on the internet (there were a few leftish progressive Democrat blogs at the time, that was about it). Here are some of the posts from that time (and later) which talk about Powell’s speech….” – Source:  Left(i)OnTheNews
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Your Guide To Top Anti-Russia Think Tanks in US & Who Funds Them
A quote….”Countering Russia has become a lucrative industry in Washington. In recent years, the think tank business has exploded. But who funds these organizations, who works for them and what are the real agendas at play? – From the start, let’s be clear, the term ‘think tank’ essentially amounts to a more polite way of saying ‘lobby group.’ Bar a few exceptions, they exist to serve – and promote – the agendas of their funders.” – Source:  RT

Russia Is Menacing Britain and It’s Dreadful
A quote….”It is claimed that Russia is menacing Britain. Please don’t burst out laughing. This is a serious business. The defence minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the colourful Mr Gavin Williamson, told enthralled readers of the xenophobic right wing Daily Telegraph newspaper (a sad and stumbling shadow of its former distinguished self) that Russia is a “real threat” to the UK.”

OSCE Confirms The Delivery of Ukrainian Heavy Artillery to the Donbass
A quote….”Ukrainian troops continue to build up their groupings in the Donbass, which has been confirmed by international observers. – This is reported on the official website of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission.”
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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

It’s official: Roman Filipov, pilot killed in Syria, nominated by Shoigu, today awarded Hero of the Russian Federation by Putin
— A quote….”MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin awarded major Roman Filipov the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. The relevant decree was published on the Kremlin’s website on Tuesday, Feb 6.”

WATCH as Christians Pray For The First Time in Syria’s Deir Ezzor in Five Year
A quote….”DEIR EZZOR, Syria – For the first time in five years, Syrian Christians have been able to hold their a mass in the city of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, as reported by FRN yesterday.”

Vision for a New Syria: Sochi Agreements
A quote….”The venue for The Syrian National Dialogue Congress was the Russian resort of Sochi; however, the foundation of the meeting was previously laid in Geneva. Turkey, Iran and Russia sponsored the event, with full support of the United Nations. — Attended by 1,393 delegates of the Syrian government and the opposition, the congress concluded late Tuesday after nine hours of negotiations covering issues from how to put an end to the seven-year war, to revising the constitution and post-war reconstruction.” – Source:  AmericanHeraldTribune

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Comment on the Last Fight of the Russian Pilot
A quote….”If you see how hard they fight for Syria, just try to imagine how hard they will fight for Russia.“”

Who is Using Chlorine as a Chemical Weapon in Syria?
A quote….” Former Scotland Yard detective Charles Shoebridge explains why claims of chlorine attacks in Syria should be treated with caution. – The alleged use of chlorine as a weapon in Syria is back in the news in the US and UK, with fresh incidents reported and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson taking the opportunity within the last few days to condemn Syrian President Bashar Assad over the issue. Unusually, he also later appeared to concede there may be some doubt – but asserted anyway that “whoever conducted the attacks Russia bears responsibility.””

Israel Attacks Positions Near Iranian Base in Syria
A quote….” DAMASCUS, Syria – The Israeli apartheid military has launched several missiles at positions in the western countryside of Damascus last night. – The missiles targeted the immediate area around the Iranian base located in the town of Jamraya.”

SWR – Feb 5, 2018: Su-25 Shootdown Marks New Round Of Escalation In Idlib – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min44sec –  Feb 5, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On February 3, militants shot down a Su-25 warplane of the Russian Aerospace Forces with a man-portable air-defense system (MANPAD) over the village of Khan al-Sabil southwest of the city of Saraqib in the province of Idlib.”

SWR – Feb 6, 2018: YPG Sends Large Force To Combat Turkish Army In Afrin – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 5min44sec –  Feb 6, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”A large convoy of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) was filmed in the city Afrin overnight on February 6. The convoy reportedly consisted of over 100 vehicles, including buses. According to various sources, the total number of YPG/YBS fighters in the convoy was between 1,500 and 5,000, most likely the real number is about 2,000. This force will definitely participate in the ongoing clashes between the YPG and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).”
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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Election Candidate Among Two Killed in Iraq
A quote….”Two Shi’ite groups criticized the Iraqi government allowing some U.S. troops to remain in Iraq despite the defeat of the Islamic State. The Badr Organization warned that the continued presence of American servicemembers can only lead to instability. Meanwhile, Kata’ib Hezbollah reiterated earlier threats to directly attack remaining U.S. forces. – At least two people were killed, and 14 were wounded…. Gunmen in Kirkuk killed a law professor who was planning to run in May elections. Ali Yilmaz, who was a Turkmen, worked for the University of Kirkuk. – In Baghdad, a blast in the Hor Rajab neighborhood left one person dead and two wounded– In Muqdadiya, a bomb at a sports stadium wounded four people. Gunmen wounded a militiaman. – A Latifiya blast left three people with injuries.”

Explosion Leaves Seven People Killed, Injured in Northern Baghdad
A quote….”Baghdad ( – Seven people were killed and injured Monday in a bomb blast in northern Baghdad, a security source was quoted as saying.”

Houthis: 46 Saudi Air Strikes in 48 Hours
A quote….”The Saudi-led coalition carried out more than 46 air strikes across Yemen over the past two days, the Houthi-run Saba News Agency reported today. – Up to 58 people were injured including a child in the capital Sana’a, an area which has been under the control of the Houthis since September 2014. The strikes pounded the Dahban area, along with two air strikes in Nehm district.”

Dozens Killed & Injured in Twin Bomb Attack in Libya’s Benghazi (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A quote….”Dozens killed & injured in twin bomb attack in Libya’s Benghazi (GRAPHIC VIDEO) At least 33 people have been killed and scores more wounded in a double car bomb attack in Benghazi, Libya. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the atrocities. Trends”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Hungarian Prime Minister: UN Migration Compact ‘Looks Like It Was Copied from the Soros Plan’ for Mass Migration – A quote….”Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has blasted the “dangerous” new United Nations Global Compact on Migration, saying it bears the fingerprints of billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros. – “Principles are being formulated which, for example, raise the possibility of lighter penalties for illegally crossing borders, or propose that every country in the world simplifies and accelerates administrative procedures – in other words that we reduce the screening of foreigners who want to enter into our countries – or that NGOs should participate in these procedures,” the conservative heavyweight explained in an interview with Kossuth Rádió.”

Slovakia Will Build Border Wall – PM Says “We Will Never Accept a Single Muslim”Hip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico announced this week that he will build a great border fence. – The conservative prime minister also told supporters Slovakia will NEVER accept a single Muslim in the country.”

Small Firearms Ownership On The Rise in Germany: Whom Are They Arming Against?
A quote….” Two years have passed since the Chancellor of Germany accepted more than 1 million immigrants from the countries of the Middle East. – According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, there is a growing demand for small firearms and non-lethal weapons, including gas pistols, torch and stun guns, and pepper spray.”

France: Migrant Crisis Spirals Out Of Control
A quote….”Hundreds of Africans and Asians armed with knives and iron rods fought running street battles in the northern port city of Calais on February 1, less than two weeks after French President Emmanuel Macron visited the area and pledged to crack down on illegal immigration. – The clashes plunged Calais — emblematic of Europe’s failure to control mass migration — into a war zone and reinforced the perception that French authorities have lost control of the country’s security situation.” – Source:  GatestoneInst

South Africa’s Farm Wives: A Life of Fear
LSVideo – (LSYuTb – 4min23sec – Feb 5th, 2018) – Source:  Lauren Southern — A quote….”Thank you so much for watching this series about South Africa…..”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….(((Traitors in our Midst))): The US-Israel Special Relationship That AIPAC Doesn’t Want You to See
Timeline – Must Read – A quote….” 1963– AIPAC Formed– The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby” is formed, but refuses to comply with US law and register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. AIPAC has been in violation of federal law for nearly 50 years, but through political contributions and connections, AIPAC officials have remained above prosecution for their many violations of Federal law, including espionage (as addressed later).”JUDEN War Against Free Speech & Gentiles
A quote….”We begin this week’s edition of Jewish War on Free Speech with the news that the Israeli Ministry for Diaspora Affairs has released a new system for tracking arbitrarily designated ‘anti-Semitic’ posts and material on both social media and the wider internet. — The fact that this is an overt attack on free speech and the concept of the Socratic dialogue itself by the jewish state on behalf of international jewry has passed people largely by. This is largely because jews are engaging in the sheer chutzpah of claiming that jews feel so scared in of Judeophobia in a society that measures virtue by how Judeophilic an individual or organisation is. — Good examples of this are the alarmist statements about ‘rising levels of anti-Semitism’ that have come out of Canada, Germany and Lithuania this week. While Rabbi Andrew Baker has discretely been reappointed to a role in the powerful inter-governmental organization ‘Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’ (or OSCE) where his job is to stamp out both anti-Semitism and anti-Semites”

Foreign Policy For Sale: Greece’s Dangerous Alliance With Israel
ZOG Alert – (Greece) — A quote….”For a brief historical moment, Alexis Tsipras and his political party, Syriza, ignited hope that Greece could resurrect a long-dormant Leftist tide in Europe. – A new Greece was being born out of the pangs of pain of economic austerity, imposed by the European Union and its overpowering economic institutions – a troika so ruthless, it cared little while the Greek economy collapsed and millions of people experienced the bitterness of poverty, unemployment and despair.” – Source:  MEMO

Head of Anglican Church Gives Grant to ‘Zionist Organisation’
ZOG Alert – (Anglican Church) – A quote….”The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has given grants to an interfaith group accused by critics of being a pro-Israeli, Zionist organisation. – The head of the Anglican Church gave funds to the Council of Christian and Jews (CCJ) for the purpose of organising trips to Israel and the occupied territories.”

Academics Who Serve as Israel’s Useful Idiots
ZOC Alert – (Useful Idiots) — A quote….”How is it that highly schooled people, those who have risen to positions of authority and influence within the west’s higher education systems, so often behave as if the bit of their brain governing rational thought has turned to mush whenever the issue of Israel is raised? – Let’s take the case of Richard Carver, a senior lecturer in human rights and governance at Oxford Brookes University. He has just published a letter in the London Review of Books in which he seeks to discredit support for BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – as evidence of what he (like Israel’s supporters) terms “the new anti-semitism”.” – Source:  DissidentVoice

Exploding Phones and Poison Toothpaste: Israel Linked to Over 2,700 Assassinations
Murder Inc(It’s the “Jewish” way…. “Though shalt do war by deception”) — A quote….”A new book has detailed how Israel has taken part in over 2,700 assassination operations in its 70 years of existence as a state, the National Post reports. — Based on 1,000 interviews and thousands of documents, Rise and Kill First alleges that Israel has used assassinations in place of war in situations another nation may have resorted to launching a military attack against an adversary. While the book notes that many of these operations have failed, the number of attempts allegedly adds up to far more than those of any other western nation.”

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Crime Syndicate]  Bulldozer Destroys Palestinian Water Pipeline in Jordan Valley — A quote….”JORDAN VALLEY (Ma’an) — Israeli  [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist crime syndicate] bulldozers destroyed water lines supplying tens of acres of land in the northern Jordan Valley on Monday morning. – Local activist Aref Daraghmeh told Ma’an that Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist crime syndicate] bulldozers destroyed a water pipeline belonging to a Palestinian identified as Bassem Faqha.” – bold/underline by website editor

Israeli Forces [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militias] Detain Palestinian Journalist After Assaulting Him And His Brother — A quote….”BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militias]detained a Palestinian journalist on Monday after assaulting him and his brother in the central occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, according to Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency.”

Israeli Forces [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Death Squads] Extrajudicially Execute Palestinian Man Accused of Killing Israeli Settler [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Migrant Squatter]“Due Process”(Euro-Kharzarian style.  Applies to non-“Jews” only) — A quote….”On Tuesday morning before dawn, Israeli troops [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist death squad members] invaded the village of al-Yamoun and killed Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, 22,  whom they suspected of the murder of an Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist member], without filing charges or arresting him for the crime. – Extrajudicial assassinations like this one, despite being commonly practiced by the Israeli military [Euro-Kharzarain zio-jihadist death squads] against Palestinians, are considered illegal under international law.”

Israel [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadists] Dumps Young Palestinian Girl in Gaza Where She Knows No One
A quote….”How did a 14-year-old Palestinian girl who has never set foot in the open-air prison of Gaza find herself being dumped there by Israeli officials – alone, at night and without her parents being informed?”

45 Palestinian Schools Under Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] Demolition Threat
A quote….”The United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Sunday that at least 45 schools in Palestine were facing the threat of destruction by the Israeli authority [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist syndicate leaders]. – In a released statement, the OCHA acting Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories Roberto Valent pointed out that a Palestinian school in East Jerusalem was destroyed by Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members], and added: “The demolition was carried out on grounds of lack of Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian crime syndicate]-issued permits, which are nearly impossible to obtain.””

Children protest after Israel [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate]  demolishes only school in Palestinian community (VIDEO) — A quote….” The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist crime syndicate enforcers] have demolished the only educational facility in a Bedouin Palestinian community in the occupied West Bank. The demolition was reportedly aimed at paving the way for an Israeli settlement [another Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist illegal migrant squatter camp] project.” – bold by website editor
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Greek Tragedy & Others — The Criminal Acts / Destruction / of the Banksters’ Trans-nationalist, N.W.O….

Modi Has Sent More People Fleeing from India Than At Any Previous Time
Modi’s Zio-Project for India Proceeds Apace – A quote….”Politicians just do not get it. They have convinced themselves that they can tax whatever they desire and people have no choice but to pay. Missing in their analysis are two influences (1) people just stop earning income for it reaches a point it is not worth working anymore, and (2) you simply pick-up and leave. Modi and his assault on the Indian economy has created a massive exodus of the upper class. India is also witnessing a massive migration of its rich headed mostly to the USA. They are number two on this net migration outward whereas China is the number one place the rich have been leaving. The latest statistics show that some 7,000 high net worth individuals left India which was a 16% increase over 2016 figures. France also saw net migrations outward when they went crazy raising taxes.” – Topix  ||  Modi’s Zio-Neoliberalcon Conversion – 08-14-17 – mpg  ||
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Russia Deploys Iskander Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Kaliningrad: Report
A quote….”Russia has reportedly deployed advanced nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to its westernmost region of Kaliningrad that borders the Baltic countries of Poland and Lithuania, in an apparent move to counter US military buildup in the region.” – Source:  PressTV

Putin Bet Big Bailing Out This Defense Giant 10 Years Ago (Rostec) – It’s Paid Off in Spades (TV News)
A quote….”Russia’s biggest holding – 700 companies, 450,000 employees, $20 billion in revenues – but most importantly it represents 30% of Russia’s defense industry, and has become a key motor of economic development outside the defense sector.”

Aeroflot Orders 50 Russian-Built MC-21 Airliners in Deal Worth $5bnHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”Russia’s leading airline Aeroflot has leased 50 domestically made MC-21 jets for its fleet. The leasing contract has been signed for a period of 12 years with a possible extension. – Aeroflot will receive the first jet in the first quarter of 2020, with the full delivery to be completed by 2026. The total cost of leasing payments and maintenance fees exceeds $5 billion. Following this latest contract, the delivery of 220 MC-21 jets has now been confirmed.”

Russia’s Reserves Climb Back to $450bn — Just $50bn Short of Pre-Sanctions High
A quote….”A fair number of “experts” in 2014 predicted Russia would be bankrupted by western financial sanctions. Indeed for a while its reserve funds were bleeding money, but then Kremlin did something the US is totally incapable of: it tightened the belt and cut spending. It brought expenses below revenue even as the latter took an enormous hit due to the simultaneous collapse in oil prices.”

China Says Carries Out Another Anti-Missile Test
A quote….”BEIJING (Reuters) – China has successfully carried out another test of an anti-missile intercept system, the Defence Ministry said on Tuesday, describing it as defensive and not aimed at any country. ”

Venezuela Skirts U.S. Sanctions With Chinese Oil-For-Cash Loans
A quote….”Oil-for-loan deals between Beijing and Caracas are preventing American sanctions from having their full effect on Venezuela’s economy, according to David Malpass, U.S. treasury under-secretary for international affairs.”
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

US / Israel Try to Entangle India, Japan, Aussies in Anti-China Alliance
Zio-Anglo Empire Targets:  “The Silk Road” — A quote….”At the same time the Pentagon released its 2018 US National Security Strategy paper explicitly targeting Russia and China as prime USA strategic threat overshadowing that from international terrorism, India, a member of a new alliance fostered recently by Washington to target China, hosted the third international Raisina Dialogue conference. – The primary theme was China as “disruptor” power in the world and what to do about that. – The true nature of the three-day meeting in New Delhi was obscured in press accounts but research revealed an extraordinary coming together of forces and interests opposed to China’s game-altering Belt, Road Initiative—the new Economic Silk Road Initiative.”

U.S. Considers Cutting Venezuelan Oil Imports
A quote….”Washington may be nearing a decision on extending sanctions against Venezuela to include imports of Venezuelan crude and exports of U.S. refined products to the troubled South American country. – That’s what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during a visit to Argentina, adding that “One of the aspects of considering sanctioning oil is what effect would it have on the Venezuelan people? Is it a step that might bring this to an end more rapidly?” – Source:  OilPrice

‘We Will Defeat This Dictatorship’ – Clashes Erupt in Honduras
A quote….”TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Clashes erupted between protesters and police in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa on Tuesday, after a 40-year-old man was killed during anti-government protests against electoral fraud.”

Vietnamese Activist Jailed for 14 Years For Live-Streaming Protest Against Steel Plant’s Pollution
A quote….”The US$10.6 billion steel complex discharged toxins such as cyanide and phenol during a test run in April 2016, killing massive amounts of fish and other sea life along more than 200km of coastline – A court in central Vietnam sentenced an activist to 14 years in jail on Tuesday for live-streaming fishermen marching to file a lawsuit against a Taiwan-owned steel plant’s spill of toxins into the ocean.”
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More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

Facebook Now Attacking Independent News
FB Attacks The Independents – A quote….”Barack Obama personally pulled aside Zuckerberg in a private room on the side-lines of a meeting of world leaders in Peru to make a personal appeal to Zuckerberg to take the threat of “fake news” more seriously.” — “RI Editor’s Note: We here at Russia Insider can confirm everything this article states. Our traffic has also been radically cranked down on Facebook, where we have 250,000 followers. – A real crackdown is being pushed through by Zuckerberg, while pushing mainstream media ever more heavily to readers. He doesn’t realize it, but he is going to lose a huge amount of traffic and users because of this anti free speech position.”

Meet the Israeli Spies Injecting Fake News Into Facebook’s Newsfeed
FB:  Zio-Operative – A quote….”This means that for the last two years a former intelligence officer has been running Israel’s global war against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.””

Please Boycott Facebook!!

For alternatives  — Click HereFacebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a “Jewish” fellow traveling, trans-national, Euro-Kazarian, stealth member of the AIPAC/Israeli Criminal Consortium.  Like George Soros, Rupert Murdoch,  Victoria Newland, Robert Kagan, Penny Pritzker, and all the other Euro-Kazarian PNAC’ers, he fully supports the destruction of Ukraine, the Middle East’s secular nation-states, and no doubt the rest of Europe. His company has publicly stated that every single thing you put on Facebook belongs to the companyEvery photo, every essay, every article, every video.  —  Why anyone would even use Facebook is a complete mystery to this website editor.  Anyone who uses Facebook is supporting PNAC’ers just like him, and thereby supporting the terrible carnage they’ve wrought throughout the world for the last fifteen years.  —  For more on the “Jewish” control of the web see…..Israel’s Net Control – For other web alternatives, such as search engines, social websites, and video services….click here. — See related weblists posted below…..

How Does Twitter Stay in Business Considering it has NEVER Turned a Profit in 12 Years
A quote….”Most people don’t realize this and I often hear complaints when people talk about “if you hate censorship, just make your own Twitter.” Well, that would be easy if you had people funding you to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and over a decade later you still weren’t expected to be profitable.”

Your Phone is Like a Spy in Your Pocket
A quote….”Consider everything your smartphone has done for you today. Counted your steps? Deposited a check? Transcribed notes? Navigated you somewhere new?”

Turkey Detains 449 People For Criticizing Invasion Of Syria On Social Media
A quote….”As Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria continues, so too does their policy of arresting anyone seen as even sort of opposed to the attack.”

Ecuador Sticks by Julian Assange – Will Continue to Provide Asylum in Face of US Pressure
A quote….” The government of Ecuador will continue to provide international protection to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. This was reported by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the South American country.”
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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

Steele Wrote Memo Based On Information Fed Through Clinton Campaign — released documents
A quote…”People close to Hillary Clinton were feeding information to Christopher Steele who compiled the Trump dossier on Trump’s alleged connections with Russia, according to a criminal referral filed by Republican senators.” – Source:  RT

Christopher Steele Wrote Another Trump Memo, Given Info By Clinton Contact Through Obama State Department – A quote….”With the Super Bowl all said and done, the real game is about to begin. – On Friday, President Trump finally approved for release the contents of the memo drafted by staffers of Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. What the memo revealed was nothing short of damning. – We learned that the FBI and the Department of Justice used the infamous ‘Trump dossier’ compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele to obtain a warrant from the secretive FISA court in order to monitor a Trump campaign staffer. The FBI knew that the dossier was untrustworthy, and they knew that the Clinton campaign had paid for it.”

Steele Goes Dark; Ditches London Court Appearance Following Criminal Referral By US Senate
Steele On The Run – A quote….”Former British MI-6 intelligence officer Christopher Steele was a no-show on Monday at a London courthouse, reports Fox News. Steele was expected for a long-requested deposition in a multi-million dollar civil case brought against Buzzfeed, which published a salacious and unverified “Trump-Russia” dossier.”

Nunes Memo Details Weaponization of FISA Court for Political Advantage
A quote….”On Friday, the much anticipated “Nunes Memo” was finally released to the general public. Disobedient Media previously reported on the push to prevent the memo from being released. While there is much contained in the four pages, the most glaring issue contained in the memo is the FBI’s willful concealment of pertinent details of which they were required by law to turn over to the FISA court when seeking the initial surveillance warrant on Carter Page, a former volunteer foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign.” – Source:  Disobedient Media

What the FBI/FISA Memo Really Tells Us About Our Government
A quote….”The release of the House Intelligence Committee’s memo on the FBI’s abuse of the FISA process set off a partisan firestorm. The Democrats warned us beforehand that declassifying the memo would be the end the world as we know it. It was reckless to allow Americans to see this classified material, they said. Agents in the field could be harmed, sources and methods would be compromised, they claimed.” – Source:  RonPaul

FISA-Gate: The Plot To Destroy Our Republic
A quote….”You don’t need any special analytical abilities to understand “the memo” and its meaning. A simple reading reveals that allegations of skullduggery peeking by the Obama administration during the presidential campaign were entirely accurate: the memo just filled us in on the details. And while the debate has largely been over whether the proper legal procedures were followed by the FBI and administration officials in spying on Carter Page – someone only marginally connected to the Trump campaign – the real question is: why were they sneaking around Page at all?”

Judicial Watch
A quote….”Documents reveal Obama State Department provided classified records to Sen. Ben Cardin to undermine President Trump.”

Will The Conspiracy Against Trump and American Democracy Go Unpunished?
A quote….”If the Russiagate conspiracy against Trump and American democracy goes unpunished, accountable government in the United States will cease to exist. US security agencies have long been involved in coups against foreign governments. Now they are involved in one against America. There is great danger that Republicans are so worshipful of “national security” and so determined to protect the reputation of the US government that they will give a pass to the high officials who participated in a conspiracy against the United States. As for President Trump, he lacks a government that he can count on and is threatened by the military/security complex. The conspiracy could easily be whitewashed as merely a case of the FBI and DOJ not following proper procedures, with the media’s participation in the conspiracy being dismissed with mea culpas of “sloppy reporting.” – PCR” – Source:  PaulCraigRoberts

The Democrats Threaten to Take Trump Down and They Do It Openly
A quote….”I am aware of the fact that other things are happening besides the Trump-Russia investigation and the now-declassified FISA memo which sparked outrage in leftist circles. The stock market’s wild ride is giving investors high blood pressure and huge amounts of stress, yet there’s not much to say about the issue, except from what I’ve already told you back in January… “All bubbles in the economy are owned by the Federal Reserve, who is now slowly pulling the life support from the US economy by raising interest rates. ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) is now over, so is Quantitative Easing (helicopter money, the pillars of Obama’s “recovery” via fiat/cheap money), and with interest rates raising citing fears of inflation (also created by the FED via its monetary policy)”

Partisan Reaction to Nunes Memo Suggests America is Headed for a Crack-Up
Quote of the Day….”With a political and media class so blinded by ideology and hatred (in this case for Trump and Russia), that they can no longer tell the difference between lawlessness and law-keeping, you can be pretty sure that sooner rather than later, God will bring this whole rotten edifice down.”

Why Is the Lefty Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ So in Love with the FBI-CIA-NSA?
A quote….”Has anyone else noticed how odd it is that the so-called “Resistance” has all along included the state security apparatus in its every sordid iteration — the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, and God knows how many others among the touted “seventeen security agencies” who supposedly ginned up the Russian Meddling story on behalf of the Democratic National Committee. Movements that affect to be revolutionary don’t usually turn to the secret police and their equivalents for aid and comfort.”

Why Trust in Government is at All Time Lows, and Why That’s a Good Thing
A quote….”Do you have confidence in the government? – Concerned about public confidence in the agency, the FBI didn’t want the FISA memo released. They didn’t want people to know their investigations are politically motivated. – Now it’s come out that the Department of Homeland Security pressured CNN into delaying the release of a report until after the Superbowl. DHS was concerned public confidence in Superbowl security would be lost if people found out about an exercise they ran last summer.”

Trump Fans Aren’t Going To Like This
A quote….”If you’re a Trump fan, I am not your enemy. I’d rather have Trump in office than the leftist/socialist alternatives. Unfortunately, Trump’s decision to take credit for the surge in stock prices is coming back to haunt him as we speak. I detailed why this was such a grave mistake in an article I wrote a few months ago.”

Reminder: Nancy Pelosi bought stocks in at least 8 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), with insider knowledge. This prompted the passing of the “Pelosi Provision”. — A quote….”WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republicans in the House of Representatives will take an election-year dig at top Democrat Nancy Pelosi in changes added to a fast-moving ethics bill, adding new curbs to prevent government officials from gaining special access to initial public stock offerings.”
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Planned Parenthood Dept Aborted Babies Alive to Harvest Organs, Ex-Technician Says
A quote….”In an undercover video released Wednesday, a former technician for a tissue-harvesting company details how an aborted baby was kept alive so that its heart could be harvested at a California Planned Parenthood facility, raising more legal questions about the group’s practices.”

Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls Is America’s Dirty Little Secret
A quote….”They’re called the Little Barbies. – Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old. – This is America’s dirty little secret.” – Source:  RutherfordInst
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

The Daily Nationalist: Freedom to Associate Means Freedom to Discriminate – DN 020618
TDNAudio(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts)Alt/Mp3Alt/ArchvAlt/YuTb – (TDNVar – 31min15sec – Feb 06, 2018) – Source:  TheDailyNationalist@TRSSThe Right Stuff ShowsGustaf JohansonPewTube — A quote….”Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to look at the right to freedom of association and the importance of discrimination. We are supposed to all be guaranteed the right to associate with who we wish, yet we are forced to allow foreign intruders into our schools, hospitals and all our public places. We are supposed to be able to organise with other people who we share common interests with, yet when we do so based on shared ethnicity, we face intimidation and threats from the State. — Discrimination is an essential skill required for all learning, based on judging what has the most value, yet we are told that when we do this with people, this is somehow wrong. This completely goes against freedom of association, which relies upon the freedom to discriminate against those you do not wish to organise with. The State, which is supposed to defend us from intruders, has removed this ability to discriminate against those who are not like us, while proudly telling us that we have the right to freedom of association and free speech. — The people who have done this to our countries were only able to do so because they talked us into allowing them the same rights that we have and they have repaid our kindness in doing so, by removing this fundamental right from us.”

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock on How the Zio Deep State is the Driver Behind the Invasion of every White Nation!Must Listen DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/02-05-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – February 5th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRenseGuest Websites:  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock@ EFREuro Folk Radio ShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTb — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke British author and talk show host Andy Hitchcock as his guest for the show. — Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. – So please keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”

Fmr Israeli Knesset Member Says Zio Political Moguls in U.S. Demand Total Subservience to Israel!
Must Listen DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/02-06-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – February 6th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke talked about an article written by former Israeli Knesset member Uri Avnery that described the corruption of Israeli politics and how Jewish domination of American politics has corrupted our system as well. – Then he and Dr. Slattery talked about former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland crawling out from whatever rock she has been hiding under ever since Donald Trump fired her on inauguration day. She went on Face the Nation this weekend and blurted out that professional liar Christopher Steele had supplied some of the information she used to justify overthrowing the elected government of the Ukraine and starting a deadly civil war in that country. Nice going there, you crazy Jewish b*tch. – So please keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

Before it collapsed, BitConnect hucksters thought they were the masters of the universe… hilarious video shows the insanity — A quote….”(Natural News) — Carlos Matos, the shameless scammer behind the infamous BitConnect Ponzi scheme, has become one of the internet’s latest and most hilarious “memes.” That’s because just months prior to the cryptocurrency exchange’s demise, Matos was seen on stage at a New York event screaming and wailing about how great BitConnect supposedly was, which has since earned him a number of hilarious YouTube videos mocking him for this pathetic stunt.”

[US] Q4 GDP Hopes Fade As US Trade Deficit Hits Widest Since Oct 2008
Charts(click to enlarge) — A quote….”Hopes for a resurgent Q4 GDP may be stymied as the US trade balance dropped to a new post-Trump wide deficit in December of -$53.1bn (worse than expected $52.1bn) as trade imbalances with Europe and China both worsened.”

VIX Surges Above 50 For The First Time Since March 2009
Charts (click to enlarge) — A quote….”For those traders who were desperately hoping that yesterday’s VIX selloff would mercifully end in the overnight session, or that – as JPMorgan’s Marko Kolanovic suggested some central bank would step in and bail you tout – we have some bad news: not only is the 116% surge in the VIX from yesterday accelerating, it is now up another 35%, above 50 – the highest level since March 2009 – extending its record surge as the vol eruption continues, and crushing the world’s vol-sellers, assuring that all those who were collecting pennies in front of a steamroller, end up, well, fully steamrolled.”
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Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Dengue Vaccine Pulled After It May Be Connected To The Deaths Of 14 Children
A quote….”The Philippines stated on Friday that the anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia may be connected to three deaths in the country, according to a government-ordered inquiry, and that the drug is not ready for mass immunization.”

DOJ Won’t Stop PAO Autopsy of Children Who Got Vaccine
Related Article – A quote….”Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said he will not stop the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) from conducting autopsies of children who are suspected to have died as a result for receiving shots of the anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia.”

The Shocking Lack of Evidence Supporting Flu Vaccines
A quote….”With the flu season hysteria nearing its peak, millions are being driven to vaccination as a ‘preventive’ approach. Those who abstain are often accused of being uneducated or worse, socially irresponsible “anti-vaxxers.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.”

‘Police State’ Registry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status
Zio-Cattle Managment System – A quote….” Your government is watching and tracking your decisions – even saying “No” to vaccines. – The Centers for Disease Control has been quietly rolling out a nationwide program called the Immunization Information Systems (IIS), registering your vaccine information into a database. [1] This effort has been run in parallel with state vaccine registry implementations.”

Good News For Honest Doctors!
A quote….”A judge rules that regulators who harassed and humiliated a doctor for daring to warn about vaccine dangers, will have to pay him millions in compensation.”

All Homeopathic Products Now Illegal?
A quote….”About 5 million U.S. adults and 1 million U.S. children use homeopathy every year, and the remedies are known to be “generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions,” according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.1 Yet, if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues on its latest crusade, this natural health modality may soon be much harder to come by.”

Foods, Herbs And Spices That Help Reverse Insulin Resistance
A quote….”(Natural News) According to an article on, patients with diabetes no longer need to rely on drugs to manage their blood sugar. Eating the right combination of “food[s], herbs, and spices” can help boost their insulin sensitivity. – The hormone insulin makes cells “open up” and take in glucose from the blood, but with insulin resistance, cells are desensitized to insulin. This forces the body to produce more glucose, which cells refuse to take in. The end result is your insulin levels rising above the normal levels.” – Source:  GreenMedInfo

Monday February 5th 2018
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Sunday February 4th 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….U.S. Invasion/Occupation of Syria Includes 14 U.S. Military Bases There
A quote….”Differing reports have been published regarding where in Syria the U.S. military occupation of that country are based; however, recent reports indicate that there are 14 bases for the U.S. invasion forces. Unfortunately, all of the reports are of such low quality that it’s not even clear whether the differing names of some of the alleged bases indicate different locations for them, or instead differ for other reasons. Furthermore, in most of the reports, some of the place-names that are used don’t show up on commonly available lists of Syrian cities, such as at”U.S.-Armed Jihadist in Syria Shoots Down Russian Plane, Kills Pilot
Trump Supplied The Manpad That Did The Deed – A quote….”At first, the “rebel” who did the shoot-down and killing was claimed to be from the Al-Qaeda-supported Jaysh al-Nasser group, but subsequently a different Al-Qaeda-supported group, Tahrir al-Sham, (formerly called “Jabhat al-Nusra”) officially confirmed that it had downed the warplane with a MANPAD (a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile). U.S. President Donald Trump had in October decided to supply MANPADs to the “rebels” in Syria. Those shipments started to be received by Jaysh al-Nasser on October 8th. In any case, this incident is the first time that Al Qaeda’s U.S.-backed affiliates in Syria have publicly claimed to have downed a Russian plane.”

Supplying Manpads to head-chopping, organ-eating, Wahhabist terrorist groups?  Where’s the shame? The US-NRE also did the same in Afghanistan for the Mujahedin.  No doubt the Russians can do the same…. for the nationalistic, more traditionally Islamic, indigenous, Taliban.  Establishing precedents.  Something one should do…. judiciously…. and carefully – mpg

1000 American Advisers Work in Idlib, Where Russian Plane Shot Down
Related Article – A quote….”The Russian Su-25 attack aircraft could have been shot down  for provocation purposes”, said Vladimir Shamanov, head of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee. – “It has come to light that there are more than 1,000 American instructors in Idlib, and it is impossible to rule out that they couldn’t have done this for provocation purposes,” the parliamentarian said.”

Russian Pilot Yells “This is For Our Guys!” As He Blows Himself Up – VIDEO
This Appears Legit – R.I.P. – A True Russian Hero – Related Article – A quote….” The last words of the pilot of the Russian Air Force, Roman Filippov: “This is for our guys!” – he shouted, referring to the soldiers of the Russian army who died in Syria. — This is very clearly heard on the video taken by the militants  at exactly 3 seconds – followed by a loud blast. (Note that the video is only available on the Russian VK social media platform – you may need an account to view.) — The terrorists surrounded the pilot when he blew himself up with a grenade, trying to take as many enemies with him as possible. There are visibly less of them after the blast.” – One commentator stated…..

“Yes, I also was wondering why his hands were missing and the arm´s end appeared burnt…I thought that had been a work of those savages…along with his face who seemed busted….I thought by terrorists hitting him…..It´s a relief to know that they could not do anything to him…. A Hero of Russia…so young….A pity….RIP….Simpathies for his family and friends and all the Russian people…. Another sample, if more was needed, to know that none of those savages can take part in the future of Syria, nor their “trainers” in the future of the world….” — *elsi*

Syria Refutes US Allegations on Chemical Weapons Use Against Rebel-Held E Ghouta
More False East Ghouta Claims – A quote….”The Syrian Foreign Ministry has responded to the United States’ claims of chemical weapons use by the government forces in the clashes with militants in Eatern Ghouta.”

Syria Complains to UN About Turkish Assault and Occupation – What Next?
A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- Damascus has complained to the United Nations about Turkey’s military campaign in northern Syria, denouncing the operation as “an assault and occupation” of the Syrian territory. – The Syrian Foreign Ministry has further urged the UN Security Council “not to allow any state to use force in a way that contradicts international law or to depend on the Charter to justify its aggressive atrocities.””

SouthFront & The Saker Video
SFVideo Alt/YuTbAlt/Plyr@SF – (SFYuTb – 17min27sec –  Feb 2, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”Now that the Neocons have hamstrung Trump, and with Trump’s planned impeachment and removal from office still in the future, the world must deal with the dangerous decline of the USA-led power bloc, because the Neocons are back in power and will do anything to reverse this trend. It is obvious that the only “solution” that the Neocons see is to trigger another war. So the question is: “Whom will they  strike?” — If the Neocons are out of touch with reality, then everything is possible, even nuking Russia and China. While not dismissing the Neocons’ capacity for violence, it is equally pointless to analyze clearly irrational scenarios, given that modern deterrence theories assume “rational actors” and not madmen running amok.”

We Have 1,000 Bases In 80 Countries. Do You Feel Safer?
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 21min36sec – Feb 1, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote….”The global reach of the US military is vast, covering most of the globe with a permanent presence. Is this vast empire keeping us safe? Or is it provoking anger against the United States? Are bases resented overseas?” – Topix  ||  A History Of Mayhem & Murder  ||
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

The World’s Most Dangerous Document Hits the Front Pages….
A quote….”The mainstream media are totally irresponsible in their priorities. At the moment of writing, five hours after the world’s most dangerous document was presented, no major Western media has featured it prominently. This means it won’t be. No chance it would go viral. The increasing risk of nuclear war isn’t important. – While people talk about fake, a much larger issue is omission…. What is hidden to you? What world order issues are deliberately down-graded? – What threats to humanity end up at the bottom of page 38 after 10 pages of sports, entertainment and celebrity stories? – Another technique is cover-up, talking about something else such as the ever convenient North Korean “threat” or Russia’s latest evil plot. – It’s not only ignorance. There are media and other power elites who know exactly what to hand out to you and how. And what to fake, omit and cover up instead of covering. – Time to wake up: The dominant Western media are rapidly becoming the largest single obstacles to understanding our world. One proof is this story.” – Source:  TheTransnational

MAJOR! US Mainstream Media Calls American Terrorist Fighters in Syria as “HEROIC” – Video
A quote….”NEW YORK CITY, The United States of America – US mainsteam media service, Vocativ, has described US mercenaries who went to fight with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) as “HEROIC”.”

Gene Sharp, Agent Provocateur
Full Quote…..”Recent newspaper obituaries and articles on the late Gene Sharp are a classic case of misinformation, and a good example of why so many people don’t trust the mainstream news. Far from being a promoter of democracy through Gandhian non-violence, Gene Sharp made an entire career out of US/CIA regime change operations, from Yugoslavia to Venezuela to Ukraine to Syria. His “color revolutions” all had the same formula — phony grass roots organizations, funded and advised by US government aid, suddenly appearing in public squares; covert operations making it look like the demonstrators were being attacked by government forces, and lavish coverage from Western news outlets calling for the toppling of the “evil dictator” responsible for killing his own people. Gandhi would have rolled over in his grave if he saw the ends to which his philosophy was perverted by Gene Sharp. Violence always lied underneath his high-sounding but underhanded destabilization and coup campaigns. Sharp was an agent and accomplice of the CIA in grossly illegal attacks on sovereign nations all around the world. He should be condemned, not praised.” – also posted at AlethoNews
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Moscow Identifies Reasons Behind New US Nuclear Doctrine
“Get Russia”?? – A quote….”MOSCOW – The Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday expressed disappointment with the confrontational and anti-Russian stance in the recently issued US Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and outlined intentions to take the policies, revealed in the document, into account in ensuring its own security.” – Source: Sputnik

Interpol Data: Ukraine [Kiev Regime] Is A Hub For International Criminals
A quote….”In 2017, Interpol databases became available to the Ukraine within the visa-free travel framework with the European Union. From these, Ukrainian border guards have detained 2,100 people who were on the international wanted list. – This is published in the statement of the State Border Service of Ukraine.”

Kiev Attempts To Start ‘Big War’ As Assassination Attempt Fails
A quote….” On the evening of February 1, Ukrainian saboteurs carried out an assassination attempt on the Defense Minister of Donetsk. “It is not ruled out that this sabotage is an attempt by Kiev to start a big war” – as stated to journalists by the Defense Minister himself, Vladimir Kononov.”

What’s Brewing? British, American, Canadian Advisers Arrive in Donbass
A quote….” Citing intelligence sources, the representative of Donetsk, Eduard Basurin, has stated that British instructors have arrived in the Donbass, at the locations of the Ukrainian Forces. — “In the area of 93rd separate mechanized brigade in the vicinity of the city of Volnovaha, a group of foreign instructors has arrived – led by a representative of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, for the purpose of training of Ukrainian servicemen on how to carry out sabotage and subversive activities,” said Basurin.”

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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Russian Airforce Pulverizes An Entire Terrorist Convoy in Syria – No Survivors, Tanks Destroyed
Full quote….” IDLIB, Syria – Overnight the Russian air force conducted airstrikes against a convoy of jihadist fighters in rural Idlib province. – The convoy were heading to front line positions against the Syrian Army in the eastern countryside of the province. – Two tanks, three pick-up trucks, one motorcycle, and all those in the convoy were vanquished in the powerful airstrikes, dealing a massive blow to terrorist formations.- The huge success of the airstrikes are attributed to the pin point intelligence that the elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Army gave to their Russian partners.”

SWR – Jan 31, 2018: Turkish Military Column Is Hit By Car Bomb In SW Aleppo – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min13sec –  Jan 31, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 30, a Turkish vehicle was destroyed and few others were damaged in a car bomb attack as a military convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces was passing the town of Atarib in the province of Aleppo. – According to initial reports from the ground 2 or 3 service members were killed in the attack. The media wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) even claimed that the convoy was struck by an artillery shelling or an air strike by pro-government forces.”

SWR – Feb 1, 2018: Tiger Forces Break Militants’ Defense In Eastern Idlib – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min08sec –  Feb 1, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”Government forces, led by the Tiger Forces, achieved a major breakthrough against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the province of Idlib. Government troops liberated over 15 villages, including Mushayrifah, Tall Sultan and al-Tuwaym. – This advance pursues two goals: to liberate the remaining militant-held area in southern Aleppo and to prepare an advance on Saqrib.”

SWR – Feb 2, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapsed In Eastern Idlib – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 2min46sec –  Feb 2, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the town of Bulbul as well as the villages of Ali Kar, Za’ra and al-Ham from Kurdish YPG forces in the area of Afrin. – According to pro-Turkish sources, over 24 YPG members were killed in the recent clashes. Pro-Kurdish sources claim that 20 members of Turkey-led forces were killed.”
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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Yazidi Mass Grave Found Near Sinjar; 72 Killed in Iraq
A quote….”Angola’s national oil company, Sonangol, resumed operations in Iraq. — At least 72 bodies were recovered — A mass grave, near Sinjar, in Qahtaniya yielded 70 bodies believed to be Yazidi victims of the Islamic State militants. — The body of a militiaman who was kidnapped in Tuz over a year ago was found — In Sari Taba, an unidentified body was discovered”

Iraq Arrests ISIS Oil Chief Near Syrian Border
A quote….”Iraqi security forces have arrested Islamic State’s top oil chief while he was trying to cross the border into Syria, Tehran-based Fars News Agency reported on Friday, quoting military sources.”

Afghan Forces Uncover ISIS Hideout in Kabul District
A quote….”KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan security forces uncovered an Islamic State hideout packed with explosives and suicide vests this week in a poor western neighborhood of the capital, Kabul.”

Several Saudi Mercenaries Killed in Yemeni Army Attacks
A quote…”TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The forces of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees, in retaliatory attacks against Saudi-paid forces, killed several mercenaries in the province of Marib, north of Yemen.”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Europe’s Culture Wars – With Special Guest Hanne Nabintu Herland
Must Listen RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 27min21sec – Jan 29, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul InstGuest Websites:  TheHerlandReportTHR@YuTb – A quote….”Is European culture under attack? Bestselling Scandinavian author Hanne Nabintu Herland believes not just Europe, but the entire Western world is in an existential crisis. Ms. Herland joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss her controversial views and what she believes is needed to reinvigorate Western traditions.”

Intersectional Feminism Wages War On White Women
Must View RIRVideo(y. c. rescinded)Note:  Contains sexually explicit material and adult themes – mpg –  (RIRYuTb – 16min15sec – Feb 3, 2018) – Source:  Red Ice Radio @ YuTbRedIceTVRedIceCreationsRedIceRSSFeedsRedIceMembers – A quote….”White female feminists are under attack by “intersectional” feminists and it’s hilarious to watch. “White feminism” is now in the same category as “White supremacy” and “White privilege.””

Merkel Clings On: German Chancellor’s Last-Chance Coalition Talks Reach Stalmate
Like The Blood-Sucking Leech She Is – A quote….”ANGELA MERKEL’S last-chance coalition talks with Martin Schulz’s SPD group are set to drag on after the agreed deadline after members reached a stalemate over healthcare issues.”
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More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

Qatar Welcomes Head of Zionist Organization of America
The Wahhabist Terrorists Finally Come Out of the Closet!(About time. Pretending for over forty years must have been quit a strain for them – mpg) — A quote….”Morton Klein, the President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) visited Doha earlier this month at the invite of Qatar’s leader. – News of the trip comes as Qatar’s foreign minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said on Thursday that Doha welcomes such visits and has a “strong alliance” with the US and the Trump administration.”

Bahraini Emir Mubarak Al Khalifa in Tel Aviv
Double Ditto!! – Related Article — Full quote….”The Bahraini emir Mubarak Al Khalifa visited the Zionist entity in the context of normalizing ties between the regime in Manama and the enemy’s authorities. – The Zionist Telecommunication Minister Ayoob Kara revealed that he met with the Bahraini emir, adding that he would welcome him at Knesset on Monday. – Ayoob posted the photo of his meeting with Mubarak Al Khalifa via Twitter. – A Bahraini governmental delegation visited the Zionist entity last December and had a field tour in the occupied Al-Quds accompanied by a staff from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.” – Source:  Al-Manar Some links on this issue, posted below….

Israel Imposes Taxes on Church, UN Properties in Jerusalem
Taxes on the Church(Thanks Trump!!)Hagee’s Hordes will be doing cartwheels over this.  Soon every True Christian institution in Palestine will be taxed out of existence.  To soon be followed by the cleansing of all True Christians living there – mpg — A quote….”The Israeli municipality in Jerusalem began to impose taxes on church and United Nations properties in occupied East Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported. – The Israeli newspaper said today that the Israeli municipality will collect tens of millions of dollars from churches and United Nations institutions as a result of the real estate taxes. – It added that the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, changed the policy applied since the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.”

Four Days in Palestine: My Time with Bassem Tamimi
Quote of the Day…. “Israeli forces killed more than twenty of my family members, arrested and tortured me, shot my son and now they are holding my wife and daughter, what do you say to that?” The reporter admitted he had no reply.”

Israeli Colonist Settlers [Euro-Kharzarian Illegal Zio-Jihadist Migrants] Attack Farmers In Beit Ummar
A quote…”A group of extremist Israeli colonists [Euro-Kharzarian Illegal migrants] attacked, Saturday, many Palestinian farmers on their own lands in Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.” – bold/underlin by website editor

Israeli Soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Demolish 2 Classrooms In Abu Nuwwar Bedouin Comm
A quote….”Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia] invaded, Sunday, the Abu Nuwwar Bedouin community, built on Palestinian lands in the al-‘Ezariyya town, southeast of occupied East Jerusalem, and demolished two classrooms.”

Israeli Forces [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Kill 19-Year-Old With Bullet to the Head
A quote….”Ahmad Samir Abu ‘Obeid, 19, was killed by Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members] with a live round in the head, during a massive military invasion into Burqin town, west of Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank.”

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (25- 31 Jan 2018)
Weekly ReportA one week total of what the “Jews” do to the Palestinians.  Just a week’s total.  This has been going on for over sixty years.  What would you do if they were doing this to your community, your family, or you?  Would you chicken out and leave, would you give up and submit, or would you fight?  Try thinking about it.  What would YOU actually do in such circumstances?? – mpg

  • “Jewish” forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt
  • A Palestinian child was killed in al-Mughayer village, northeast of Ramallah.
    • 12 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children, were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • 11 of them were hit with live bullets, and one was hit with rubber bullets.
  • “Jewish” forces conducted 82 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 4 similar ones into Jerusalem.
    • 105 civilians, including 14 children and a woman, were arrested.
    • 40 of them, including 12 children and a woman, were arrested in Jerusalem; most of them from al-‘Issawiyah village.
  • 4 shooting incidents targeting the Palestinian fishing boats occurred in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • “Jewish” authorities continued their settlement activities in the West Bank.
    • Two buildings comprised of 20 residential apartments were demolished in Beir ‘Ounah area, west of Beit Jala.
    • A house built of tin plates was dismantled, south of Hebron.
  • “Jewish” authorities continued to create a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.
    • 15 commercial and agricultural facilities were demolished in al-‘Issawiyah village.
  • A Shooting was reported towards the border areas of the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.
  • “Jewish” forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 11th consecutive year.
    • Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.
    • 14 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and a woman, were arrested at the checkpoints in the West Bank.

Note:  The well-known descriptor “Jewish” substituted for the disingenuous and deliberately inaccurate term “Israeli” to reflect actual realities – mpg

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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Greek Tragedy & Others — The Criminal Acts / Destruction / of the Banksters’ Trans-nationalist, N.W.O….

Half A Million Metalworkers Participate in Strikes in Germany
A quote….”On Friday, the all-day warning strikes in the metal and electrical industries concluded. According to the IG Metall trade union, assembly lines were shut down at 97 companies, with around 304,000 employees. Overall, more than 500,000 workers participated in the 24-hour strike that began Wednesday.”

‘We Will Use Violence!’ Macron Faces National Crisis As Separatist Movements Join FOrces
A quote….”AROUND 25,000 furious Corsican nationalists took to the streets yesterday ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s controversial trip to the island – with protesters branding France “a killer state”.
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Cyprus president Anastasiades Defeats Leftist Challenger
A quote….”Greek Cypriots have re-elected Nicos Anastasiades as their eighth president in what is seen as a ringing endorsement of his stable leadership over the past five years. – The 71-year-old conservative won a second five-year term on Sunday with 56% of the vote. His opponent, the leftist-backed independent Stavros Malas, took 44%.”

The Flight of the White Swan: Tu-160 Fleet Modernization and Expansion
A quote….”Even today, the Tu-160 compares favorably to every other strategic bomber in service. Its maximum take-off weight of 275 tons and payload of 45 tons comfortably exceed that of the US subsonic B-52 bomber. The B-1 bomber, while supersonic, is slower, has a shorter radius of action, and a much lower payload. The B-2 proved a definite disappointment in USAF service, as it currently is not configured as a strategic missile carrier and its stealth is not sufficient to warrant risking these $1 billion aircraft against modern strategic air defense systems like the S-400. While the US has embarked on a yet another strategic bomber program, dubbed the B-21, to replace the existing three types of aircraft, it will be decades before any of these aircraft enter service, if ever.”

Russia Has Developed Its Own Helicopter Carrier Instead of French Mistrals
A quote….”Helicopter carrier Priboi (Surf) is expected to become part of the new concept of the Russian Navy. The model of the new vessel was presented at the stand of the Russian fleet during the international forum in the Moscow region in 2015. Back then, military analysts said that the Priboy would be an alternative to French Mistrals that had never found themselves in the Russian waters.”

Russia to Deploy Warplanes on Kuriles
A quote….”A one-line decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 30th January merely assigned a dual civilian-military role to the newly operational airport on the island of Iturop in the disputed Kurile chain. But its strategic content is unmistakable – Moscow is taking a big step forward in the militarization of the Kuriles by deploying warplanes, drones and command systems at the facility. The airport has a 2.3 milometer runway and can handle giant aircraft.” – Source:  IndianPunchline

Deadly Weapons Dealers in No Position To Comment on Iran Defense Power: Qassemi
A quote….”Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says the United States and other countries producing and exporting lethal arms are in no position to express opinion about the Islamic Republic’s defense prowess.”
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

Washington’s Quad Alliance Targets China
Geo-Strategic Analysis(If it don’t go through Washington, and if Israel don’t get its cut, it ain’t gonna be allowed – mpg) — A quote…”The true nature of the three-day meeting in New Delhi was obscured in press accounts but research revealed an extraordinary coming together of forces and interests opposed to China’s game-altering Belt, Road Initiative—the new Economic Silk Road Initiative. Most notable was the fact that Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, keynote speaker at the Raisina Dialogue in 2017 this year gave the center stage to his “good friend” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was not to foster peaceful development across Asia. – The theme of the Raisina Dialogue, sponsored by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and Observer Research Foundation (ORF), a leading Indian geopolitical think tank, was ‘Managing Disruptive Transitions.’ The number one “disruptive transition” they discussed was China and China’s Belt, Road Initiative (BRI), sometimes called the new Economic Silk Road.” – bold by website editor – Topix  ||  Modi’s Zio-Neoliberalcon Conversion – 08-14-17 – mpg  ||

Defense Programs Embarrassing Failures: Problem not Mentioned in the US President’s State of the Union Address — A quote….”In his first State of the Union Address, President Trump emphasized the achievements while openly ignoring some burning issues, such as the huge national debt, exceeding $20 trillion. One of the problems he ignored was the  inefficiency of defense research and development programs,  known for boondoggles, resulting in enormous sums of money going down the drain. More evidence keeps on surfacing to corroborate this fact. The lobbyists-dominated process leads to one failure after another and nothing is done to address the problem. The issue is largely hushed up in the United States.”

Pentagon ‘Can’t Afford’ F-35’s Trillion Dollar Plus Sustainment Costs
True, But…. they don’t pay for it, neither does the Amerikan tax payer.  Instead they borrow for it, and that just takes the Fed typing a few more ones and zeros into their computer system – mpg — A quote….”Right now, we can’t afford the sustainment costs we have on the F-35,” Ellen Lord, the new Defense Department undersecretary for defense acquisition and sustainment, told reporters this week. “And we are committed to changing that.””

Media Offensive Against Venezuela’s Crypto-Petro Currency: Between Fear and Amazement
A quote….”CARACAS, Venezuela – The corporate media not only attend to the line of linking cryptocurrencies with organized crime, issued by bankers who are the ones who really have ties with the mafias, but now that speech is superimposed with an evident fear of the possible success of the implementation of a new financial architecture that allows countries sanctioned by the United States to evade arbitrary blockades.”
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

Insulting Gulf States On The Internet? Man Sentenced to 31 Years in Prison
Must Read – (For The Outrage!!) — A quote….” The Kuwait Criminal Court has sentenced the Kuwaiti Abdallah Al-Saleh to 31 years in prison for a series of insults against Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE on social networks. – Al-Saleh repeatedly spoke out on Twitter, as well as YouTube against the authorities of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE because of their decision to break off relations with Qatar. The man took offense because he used to live in Qatar.” – bold by website editor

How Australia’s Espionage Laws Could Silence Whistle-Blowers and Activists
A quote….”SYDNEY — When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia recently proposed new espionage laws, he stressed the need for disclosure: Public officials with ties to overseas governments and entities would have to report any foreign effort to shape domestic politics. — The bills, first introduced in December, were seen by many in government as a vital tool for protecting against meddling by countries like China and Russia.”

Facebook Referral Traffic is CRASHING; Users Abandoning The Platform in Rec NumbersHip Hip Hooray
A quote….”I knew I was in good company. Around three months ago I decided to delete all my social media accounts, and it looks like I wasn’t alone. – According to Nextweb over one million North Americans gave Mark Zuckerberg the finger and closed their Facebook accounts.”

Please Boycott Facebook!!

For alternatives  — Click HereFacebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a “Jewish” fellow traveling, trans-national, Euro-Kazarian, stealth member of the AIPAC/Israeli Criminal Consortium.  Like George Soros, Rupert Murdoch,  Victoria Newland, Robert Kagan, Penny Pritzker, and all the other Euro-Kazarian PNAC’ers, he fully supports the destruction of Ukraine, the Middle East’s secular nation-states, and no doubt the rest of Europe. His company has publicly stated that every single thing you put on Facebook belongs to the companyEvery photo, every essay, every article, every video.  —  Why anyone would even use Facebook is a complete mystery to this website editor.  Anyone who uses Facebook is supporting PNAC’ers just like him, and thereby supporting the terrible carnage they’ve wrought throughout the world for the last fifteen years.  —  For more on the “Jewish” control of the web see…..Israel’s Net Control – For other web alternatives, such as search engines, social websites, and video services….click here. — See related weblists posted below…..

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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo the Media Do Not Want You to Know About
A quote….”Here are 16 things the media do not want you to know about the Nunes memo….” – The first five posted below….

  1. The so-called Russian Dossier, the creation of Fusion GPS and former British spy Christopher Steele, is a political document — namely, opposition research, created for the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
  2. Using what it knew was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign, in October of 2016, the FBI and DOJ obtained a FISA warrant from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to install a “wiretap” to spy on Hillary Clinton’s opponent — the Trump campaign, specifically Carter Page. This spying would last for a year.
  3. It should be noted that the FISA court was set up to stop foreign terrorists. The fact that the FBI and DOJ would use this court to not only wiretap an American but to monitor a presidential campaign belies belief. Why Obama’s FBI and DOJ used this court as opposed to a normal court is obvious. As you will see below, a normal court probably would have denied the application.
  4. Worse still, in the summer of 2016, Obama’s DOJ had already opened a counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. The fact that nothing from that months-old partisan investigation was used to obtain the Page wiretap is revealing.
  5. According to the Nunes memo, an “essential” part of the FISA application was the Steele dossier, which again is a partisan political document created for the Clinton campaign.

Nunes Memo Reports Crimes at Top of FBI and DOJ
A quote….”The long-awaited House Intelligence Committee report made public today identifies current and former top officials of the FBI and the Department of Justice as guilty of the felony of misrepresenting evidence required to obtain a court warrant before surveilling American citizens. The target was candidate Donald Trump’s adviser Carter Page.”

FISA Memo: James Comey Lied Under Oath About Trump Surveillance And Is Now Pathetically Attacking Republicans For Revealing His Corruption — A quote….”The recently released FISA memo has proven that former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath when he told Congress that there was no information within the FBI or DOJ regarding surveillance on the Donald Trump campaign.”

The GOP Memo Proves The ‘Deep State’ is Real
A quote….”Now that we know what the declassified House memo says about government misconduct, we also know what it means: The Washington swamp — the deep state — is bigger, more vicious and more dangerous to American liberty than even a cynic could have imagined.”

Release of Nunes Memo Throws Anti-Russia Campaign Into Disarray
A quote….”The Democratic Party was thrown into disarray Friday after the publication of a classified memo exposing as a factionally-motivated witch hunt the investigation by leading intelligence agencies into the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia. — The so-called Nunes memo, which Democratic lawmakers, US intelligence agencies and major newspapers had been seeking to block for days, alleges that the FBI under the Obama administration used discredited sources and withheld key information to initiate a wiretap of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. — The Democrats responded to the prospective release of the Nunes memo with undisguised hysteria….”

Proving The Memo With Mainstream Media – Spelling It Out For The Left
A quote….”The Left is crying out, “lies, lies, the Memo is filled with lies!”  Let’s go back and prove to the Left that their cohorts in the Mainstream Media helped to back up the Memo. – I want to thank Tracy Beanz for her thorough video, which led me to do this report….”

“Nunesburgers” & Denial From the MSM While Politico Blames Putin
A quote….”The “Nunes” Memo isn’t political dynamite but it could be the final blow to the whole ridiculous and virtually fact-free Russiagate narrative. It confirms the Steele dossier is a scam, and demonstrates the lies employed to get approval for spying on Trump’s team, it shows the vindictive bias in the establishment towards an elected official. — But, of course, the mainstream media and various paid opinion-makers are not admitting that. In fact there’s a chorus of evasion and distraction and frantic meme-creation right now, from bots spamming talking points, and “#nunesburger” hashtags to avowedly serious opinion pieces claiming it’s all a “half-baked conspiracy theory”… blah blah…” – Source:  OffGuardian

Mainstream Media Outlets Banish Contents Of Republican Memo From Front Page Coverage
A quote….”In their front-page coverage of the story, mainstream media outlets gave readers no indication of the contents of a declassified memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday. – The memo alleges the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice abused their power to obtain permission from a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on the Trump campaign. It asserts the FBI used an unverified opposition research dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee to obtain permission to spy, but never disclosed certain information to the court that would have undermined its case, including who paid for the document and indications its author was an unreliable source.”

‘We Are Going To Win’: Trump Can’t Do Anything About FBI despite GOP memo – former CIA official
A quote….”The FBI need not worry despite the release of the GOP memo alleging the FBI’s surveillance abuse against Donald Trump, because the Bureau has been in the game much longer than the current president, says an ex-CIA analyst. – “I know how this game is going to be played. We are going to win,” Philip Mudd, a former CIA analyst told CNN, referring to a brewing conflict between Trump and America’s security services following the recent release of the GOP document.” – Source:  RT

Democrats Love George Bush & the FBI Now. What Happened?
A quote….”A majority of Democrats now have a favorable view of former President George W. Bush — and three times as many Democrats have “a great deal” of trust in the FBI as Republicans do. – Oh, how easily people forget. It would be difficult to find a greater indicator of the fickle nature of politics or the hypocrisy of the party faithful than these two polls.” – Source:  RT
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Washington’s Ominous Credibility Implosion
A quote….”All statecraft and politics is notoriously deceptive and duplicitous to a degree. It’s part of the Machiavellian game and even at times, arguably, can be paradoxically key to success for good outcomes.”

Why Do You Do It?
Second Quote of the Day – A quote….”Have you noticed that it’s no longer PC Dixon of Dock Green who mediates the relationship between the state and its citizens as he goes about his beat in your neighbourhood? Instead, it’s a Kevlar-armoured, video-monitored, taser-equipped, drone-surveilled, spit-masked supplied soldier, straight out of Star Wars, who now staggers along under the weight of an industrialized capitalism, visibly physically disconnected from the citizens they monitor by their bullet-proof uniforms, that more resemble a rack of tools in your local hardware store than the Bobby on the beat.”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

Pentagon’s New ‘Cold War’ Strategy: Peace…Or War Profits?
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 20min38sec – Jan 25, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote…”The Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy for the United States is a complete U-turn away from our past two decades focused on terrorism. The new “greatest threat” to the United States? Russia and China, along with a couple of “rogue states.” What’s behind this sudden shift? Who benefits?

CrossTalk: Erdogan’s War on Syria
CTRTVideoCT/Erdogan’sWarOnSyria@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 24min22sec – Feb 2, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Turkey’s decision to invade northern Syria has foreign policy implications far beyond the Middle East. What are Ankara’s objectives in Syria and the region? Does it facilitate or hinder a final peace settlement to Syria’s proxy civil war. And what is Turkey’s future in NATO? CrossTalking with Dan Glazebrook, Sami Ramadani, and Cengiz Tomar.”

The Real State Of The Union
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 20min48sec – Jan 30, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote…”President Trump will deliver his State of the Union speech tonight. No doubt there will be plenty of “good news” about his first full year in office. But today’s Liberty Report will dig a bit deeper. What is the real state of the union? Tune in!”

Episode #220 – ‘Remembering Robert Parry’ with Patrick Henningsen, Mike Robinson
21stCWAudioEP#220SpkrEP#220PodomaticNote: May contain adult language – (21stCWSprkr – 3hrs18min17sec – Feburary 4th, 2018) – Source:  21st Century WireSunWire@SprkrSun Wire @ PodomaticSunWire@SndCldASprkr@AltCrntRadioAltCrntRadioGuest Websites:  UK Colmn NewsUK Colmn’s/SndCldUKColmn’s/Mp4UKColmn@YuTbAltCrntRadio – A quote….”This week the SUNDAY WIRE resumes its regular LIVE broadcasting schedule as host Patrick Henningsen is joined in-studio by Mike Robinson editor of the UK Column to discuss this week’s top stories from the US, Europe and beyond. In the first hour we’ll cover the release of the Nunes Memo in Washington and discuss its implications and how it has forced most of the US media in meltdown. Later in the show we’ll discuss a recent defamatory attack on 21WIRE by another media outlet and this represents a rubric in a larger theme of compartmentalization in media and discourse. In the second hour, we will pay tribute to the late great Robert Parry who recently passed away, remembering his award-winning career and ground-breaking work in the field of investigative journalism. We’ll also replay two rare US talk radio interviews Patrick conducted with Robert right after the 2016 US Election, where Parry talks about the state of journalism in the 21st century, why Hillary Clinton lost, the truth about the DNC Leaks, and how Russiagate is a complete farce designed to deflect attention away for Washington’s runaway corruption. Enjoy the show… Subscribe & Become a Member @21WIRE.TV

The Political Cesspool Radio Show, Feb 4th, 2017[Hr #1][Hr #2][Hr #3]
TPCAudio (Note:  May contain non-PC terms, epithets, & concepts – Also some necessary and unpleasant sexual content – mpg)Alt/Mp3/Hour#1Alt/Mp3/Hour#2Alt/Mp3/Hour#3 // Alt/YuTb- FullAudioCast-02/03/17 – (TPCVar – 1hr each – Feb 3rd, 2017) – Source:  The Political CesspoolTPCPodcastsRelated WebsitesYuTb @ Gustaf JohansonPewTubeTheRightStuffShowsGuest Websites:  Paul Craig RobertsPCR@YuTb — A quote….”Hour 1:  Guest: Paul Craig Roberts – Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, discusses his recent article, “Are Whites Being Setup for Genocide?” — Hour 2:   Guest: Peter Brimelow – Peter Brimelow, editor of and author of the best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, shares his thoughts on Trump’s State of the Union Address and helps us continue our coverage of the current immigration debate — Hour 3:  Our good friend (and former television news reporter) Sean Bergin breaks down the Nunes Memo, and Walter Yurkiw, (star of the hit Netflix documentary The Seven Five) returns to talk about the current scandal surrounding the Mayor of Nashville.”
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

Analysis: [US] Government Set To Borrow Nearly $1 Trillion This Year, An 84 Percent Jump From Last Year
A quote….”It was another crazy news week, so it’s understandable if you missed a small but important announcement from the Treasury Department: The federal government is on track to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year — President Donald Trump’s first full year in charge of the budget. — That’s almost double what the government borrowed in fiscal year 2017. — Here are the exact figures: The U.S. Treasury expects to borrow $955 billion this fiscal year, according to a documents released Wednesday. It’s the highest amount of borrowing in six years, and a big jump from the $519 billion the federal government borrowed last year.”

Today’s Market Is Anything But Normal
#1]  Chart(click to enlarge) — A quote….”Trees do not grow 1,000 feet high. People don’t run 100 mph. You don’t get something for nothing. – Normal exists because things tend to follow certain familiar patterns, shapes, and routines. – When people go out in the morning, they know, generally, whether to wear a winter coat or a pair of shorts. The temperature is not 100 degrees one day and zero the next. – Occasionally, of course, odd things happen. And sometimes, things change in a fundamental way. But usually, when people say “this time is different”… it’s time to bet on normal. – This phenomenon – reversion to the mean – has been thoroughly tested and studied in the investment world. It seems to apply to just about everything – stocks, bonds, strategies, markets, sectors… you name it.”

“The Market Is On The Edge Of Chaos*, [Large Volatility] A Zone Where Rare Events Become Typical”
#2]  Chart Extravaganza!! – A quote….”According to Fasanara Capital, which has long argued  that the market’s systemic fragility is approaching its breaking point, markets stand at a critical juncture, ready to snap, as the following note from Fasanara’s Francesco Filia lays out….” – *The term “Chaos” has been outlawed by the Fed – mpg

“Recipe For Disaster* [Rebalancing]”: Traders Have Never Been Longer Stocks And Shorter Treasuries
#3]  Multiple Charts – A quote….”Something strange is going on in the market according to DB’s cross-asset desk, and it could be a recipe for disaster if current trends do not change. — First, recall from our Saturday note that even as Goldman’s clients are getting more worried that today’s market increasingly resembles that of 1987, they have extended their net long equity exposure to previously unseen levels, and as of February 1, equity futures positions were at record highs…” – *The term “Disaster” has been outlawed by the Fed – mpg

#1, #2, & #3 – A caution, it appears the “market” may finally be turning over, to begin it’s long two to three year decline per the The Ten Year Economic / Warfare Cycle

This would be the third major up, than down, financial leg in the “bubble” series.  The “dot-com bubble”, the “housing bubble”, and this current one, the “everything bubble”.  Each one larger and more destructiove than the prior by an order of magnitude. (times ten)

This caution is certainly not being given based on any fundamental analysis, (they’re mediocre at best, and blatant frauds, such as GDP, or the BLS’s unemployment figures at worst).  Or due to the technical indicators (the worst on almost every single measure ever seen).  But simply because it’s about time. 

The Fed spent all eight years of the former presidential office holder’s feckless homosexual reign of incompetence, pouring gobs of cash onto the “Jewish” wealthy of this country, elevating their assets quite nicely for the last eight years, only to have the “markets” experience a thousand point hiccup when Trump was “unexpectedly” elected.

Quickly recovering their parasitic poise, instructing every media orifice of theirs to spew happy-talk propaganda that “fundamentals” would now matter, and that Trump was the new messiah of honoring the real tangible production of goods and services, they managed during the last year to sucker in all of his supporters into what appears to be the final melt-up blow-off top. 

All the while they were jacking up interest rates.

The rest of the Feds co-dependent Banksters seem to agree with this new tightening regime.  All of them, the Fed, BOJ, and ECB (we’ll leave the BOC out, they’re more frienemy than friend of the Euro-Kharzarian owned Fed at the moment ), all appear to be halting their fiat-debt-script leverage production.

We’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks if they truly intend to pull the plug – mpg 

======== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==

Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

U.S. Military and Bill Gates Top Funders of Biological GMOs
A quote….”Over 1,200 emails released under open records requests reveal that the US military is now the top funder and influencer behind a controversial genetic extinction technology known as “gene drives” – pumping $100 million into the field. The trove of emails, obtained via open records requests, also shed light on a $1.6 million dollar UN gene drive lobbying operation paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Lethal Radiation Amounts Still Detected At Crippled Fukushima Plant 7yrs After Disaster
A quote….” An inspection of the Fukushima nuclear plant has detected extremely high amounts of radiation, says operator TEPCO. Just an hour of exposure would be lethal. – A remote-controlled inspection detected 42 Sieverts (Sv) per hour of radiation outside the foundations of the crippled Unit 2 of the plant, according to a newly-released report. And that’s a lot, as just one Sv is enough to cause acute radiation syndrome.”

‘Global Consequences’ of Lethal Radiation Leak at Destroyed Japan Nuclear Plant
A quote….”Lethal levels of radiation have been observed inside Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. And they are arguably way higher than you suspect.”

Saturday February 3rd 2018
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Friday February 2nd 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….Here We Go Again: Trump Says It Will Be Hard to Unify Country Without A ‘Major Event’
Trump Calls For Another 9/11??? — A quote….”Remember the last time some sleazy, back-stabbing, murderous Zionists and NeoCONs said something similar–‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ and the Project for the New American Century–the event we got was the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag and it’s been downhill into an orgy of mass murder, wars for Israel, looting and police state ever since. — From a December 2002 article….”

“The threat posed by US terrorism to the security of nations and individuals was outlined in prophetic detail in a document written more than two years ago and disclosed only recently. What was needed for America to dominate much of humanity and the world’s resources, it said, was “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”.

“Now Tubby the Grifter wants another?”

The Defining Year Was 1991: The Demise of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union
The Toxic Euro-Kharzarian Virus(Infecting the body politic, and foreign policy apparatus, of the US-NRE & Britain. – mpg) — A quote….”Whilst there are no golden ages, it is abundantly clear that the world today is in a very unhealthy state. From Eastern Europe to North Africa to the Middle East, countries, in recent years, have been severely destabilised, resulting in carnage and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives. — And at the heart of that destabilisation is American and British foreign policy. — But how have we arrived at this situation in the world today? And what are the roots of America and Britain’s ‘humanitarian intervention’? — A lot of people answer the above questions by citing the illegal American and British invasion of Iraq. Well, they are emphatically wrong. — What we are seeing today in, for example, Syria, has its origins in 1991. Because that year was a turning-point in geo-politics. It was the year that saw the dismemberment of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. — Yugoslavia was the first step in a series of Western interventions in the world, including Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, and the West was able to successfully intervene in those countries because the Soviet Union is no more.”

Outrage: Pointless US Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya Have Cost $6 Trillion! (So Far)
A quote….”It’s time to call out the perpetrators….”

  • The Afghan and Iraq/Syria wars are more than five times more expensive than World War I.
  • They are more than five times more expensive than the Korean War.
  • They are nearly 2.5 times more expensive than the Vietnam War.
  • They are more than 18 times more expensive than the first Gulf War in 1991.

“At least six times — in 2006twice in 2007, in 2008, in 2010, and most recently at the end of 2014 — the Congressional Research Service has reported to Congress the U.S. Government’s costs, thus far, for its invasions of Iraq and of Afghanistan. All times, medical costs for treatments of the surviving U.S. invaders, and disability-payments to them for their war-related disabilities, were excluded, because, according to CRS, that information is “not available from the VA.”” – also posted at GlobalRsrch

Pentagon Just Admitted There’s ‘No Evidence’ of Syrian Gas Attack, Threatens War Anyway
A quote….”Washington, D.C. — (RT) Washington has no evidence that the chemical agent sarin has ever been used by the Syrian government, Pentagon chief James Mattis has admitted. It did not stop him from still being concerned about Assad, though.”

US Airstrikes in Yemen Have Increased Sixfold Under Trump
A quote….”With the Saudi invasion of Yemen turning sour and causing a humanitarian disaster, and the US having withdrawn most of its troops from the country early in that invasion, US officials have largely sought to downplay their military involvement in Yemen.”

America’s Cascading Disaster in Afghanistan
A quote….”William J. Astore’s Intro: I asked Pamela if I could highlight a recent comment she made at this site about the U.S. military’s approach to Afghanistan. Not only did she give me her permission: she elaborated on her point in an email. Pamela, a former aid worker with a decade’s worth of on-the-ground experience in Afghanistan, worked with the Afghan people in relationships characterized by trust and friendship. Her words should be read by all Americans, especially our foreign policy “experts.””

Why America’s Bad Choices Can Lead to a Shooting War with Turkey in Syria
A quote….” The consequences of the contradictory choices of the United States in Syria are beginning to become apparent. The obsessive efforts to advance geopolitical goals with war, chaos, betrayals and shaky alliances has brought us to the recent events in Northern Syria on the border with Turkey in the Kurdish enclave of Afrin.” – also posted at SouthFornt

US Targets Lebanese Resistance Movement With New Sanctions
Sanctions R’4’Eva – A quote….”The administration of US President Donald Trump has imposed a new round of sanctions on Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah, targeting local and global businesses that cooperate with the group’s financial arm.”

NATO Accused of War Crimes Over Libya
A quote….”A Libyan civilian has announced that he is taking NATO to the European Court of Human Rights over the targeting of his home and massacre of his family in 2011. — A Libyan civilian has announced that he is taking NATO to the European Court of Human Rights over the wanton bombing of his civilian home and the subsequent massacre of his entire family. In 2011 the following indictment drawn up by four colleagues and by myself was submitted to the International Criminal Court and to the European Court of Human Rights and received not even the courtesy of a reply.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

Eva Bartlett Gives Talk on North Korea and Syria
Must View RTVideoRTVideoAlt/YuTbNOTE:  lecture is at very low volume – (RTYuTb – 40min35sec – Jan 31, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Journalist Eva Bartlett speaks candidly on her experiences in North Korea and Syria at the Waterside Theatre in Derry, Northern Ireland on January 30, 2018. #ImperialismOnTrial

U.S. Media’s Objectivity Questioned Abroad
One is weary of sarcasm at this point.  But with headlines like this…. A quote…”Pick up a major newspaper or watch the television news in a European country, and it’s more likely than not you’ll quickly find a reference to the New York Times, the Washington Post, or CNN in reporting about the United States. In the era of Donald Trump, this mainstream media “Triad” continues to set the agenda for many foreign news organizations following events in the U.S., providing them with a viewpoint that is promptly transmitted to their readers and viewers as the authoritative interpretation of what’s going on in America.” – Source:  ConsortiumNews

Foreign Meddling Into Brexit Revealed
A quote….”The British Broadcasting Corporation has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organization” working against British interests after new allegations of heavy pro-EU bias in selecting guests for BBC’s TV and radio shows discussing Brexit.”

Russia’s #1 Anchor Kiselyov Blasts ‘Deceit’ and ‘Treachery’ of Western Powers (TV News)
A quote….”When the Soviet Union broke up, Gorbachev was promised that NATO would not extend any further East. – History has shown this to be empty words. In the following clip taken from Russian news (with transcript below) Russia’s top anchor tears into the lies and deceit of NATO. – On Tuesday, the US Senate received a law bill about new sanctions against Russia. For supposed interference into the future US Election. The interference is actually a myth, but it’s needed to justify the forthcoming sanctions. This is yet another example of how America handles its international relations in general, and with Russia specifically. Unfairly and even treacherously.”

A Tribute to Robert Parry, and an Outpouring of Praise Re-Posted from His Site
A quote….”Robert Parry was one of the trailblazers, and great heroes, of the alternative media revolution which is bringing the wildly dishonest media to heel. – A prize-winning veteran investigative legend who broke several stories that will go into the history books, including Iran-Contra, his integrity and professionalism were above reproach.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Meet the Corrupt Billionaire Who Has Brought About a New Cold War
Must Read – A quote….”One has to ask why there is a crisis in US-Russia relations since Washington and Moscow have much more in common than not, to include confronting international terrorism, stabilizing Syria and other parts of the world that are in turmoil, and preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In spite of all that, the US and Russia are currently locked in a tit-for-tat unfriendly relationship somewhat reminiscent of the Cold War. — Apart from search for a scapegoat to explain the Hillary Clinton defeat, how did it happen? Israel Shamir, a keen observer of the American-Russian relationship, and celebrated American journalist Robert Parry both think that one man deserves much of the credit for the new Cold War and that man is William Browder, a hedge fund operator who made his fortune in the corrupt 1990s world of Russian commodities trading. — Browder is also symptomatic of why the United States government is so poorly informed about international developments as he is the source of much of the Congressional “expert testimony” contributing to the current impasse. He has somehow emerged as a trusted source in spite of the fact that he has self-interest in cultivating a certain outcome. Also ignored is his renunciation of American citizenship in 1998, reportedly to avoid taxes. He is now a British citizen.” – Source:  StratCultFndtn

USA to Violate INF Treaty
A quote….”The USA develops a new missile complex that violates the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty))”

US Ready to Use Nukes in Case of Conventional Attack – Nuclear Posture Review
A quote….” The US is more likely to use nuclear weapons, according to the new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) just released by the administration of President Donald Trump. – Washington’s new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) recommends a hawkish approach to cooperation with Russia over nuclear proliferation, and further calls for the US to tackle “an unprecedented range and mix of threats” posed by foreign powers including Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.”

Moscow Notes NATO’s Increased Arms Deliveries to Georgia
A quote….”MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Moscow notes that NATO countries have considerably intensified armament deliveries to Georgia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told TASS after a meeting in Prague with Georgian Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze on Thursday.”

USA Wants To Bury Nord Stream 2 Project in Europe, But Not in Germany
A quote….”Washington does not stop its attempts to bury the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project, which is supposed to transport Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during his recent visit to Poland that the Nord Stream 2 project represents a threat to the overall security and stability of Europe in the field of energy policy, because the project is part of Russia’s plan to monopolise energy supplies.”

Press Review: ‘Kremlin List’ No Laughing Matter and Mission Accomplished at Sochi Congress
Sanctions R’4’Eva – A quote….”When Washington publicized its so-called “Kremlin List” earlier this week, the Russian leadership preferred to laugh it off. However, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that it is no joke, and the consequences could be grave indeed, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes. It’s not improbable that some joint ventures involving foreign businesses could be frozen until the situation with the new round of anti-Russian sanctions, which are according to the US Department imminent, is clarified. That said, European businesses could even drop a hint to Russian authorities at the need for additional guarantees and preferences.”

US [The Euro-Kharzarian Syndicate’s Colonial] Congress Upset by Lack of [MORE] Sanctions in ‘Kremlin Rpt’
Related Article – A quote….”WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US Congress was upset that the administration of President Donald Trump did not impose new sanctions in a Treasury report that put 210 Russians on notice for allegedly meddling in last year’s election, US Senator Ben Cardin said Wednesday.”

US Violating Inviolability of Russia’s Diplomatic Property — embassy
A quote….”WASHINGTON, February 1. /TASS/. The US authorities continue to violate the inviolability of Russia’s diplomatic property, the Russian embassy in the US said in a statement. – Despite all international obligations, American authorities continue to violate inviolability of our diplomatic property, they do not allow to check its security,” the statement reads.”

Press review: US peddles more Russia meddling tales and Moscow beefs up military on Kurils
A quote….”US lawmakers once again are gripped by baseless fears of Russia allegedly planning to ‘meddle’ in the upcoming elections in Mexico and Colombia. US Senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez asked US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as he headed off to Latin America to meet his counterpart, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso, to raise the issue of ‘Russian interference’ there. Experts say talk about the Kremlin backing one of the candidates is unsubstantiated. Victor Kheifets of Saint Petersburg State University, who specializes in Latin America, told Kommersant that such accusations have no rationality.”

Top Sports Court Overturns IOC’s Ban on 28 Russian Athletes in Groundbreaking Ruling
A quote….”The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has cleared 28 Russian athletes and dropped their life-bans over alleged doping. Their results have been reinstated and the athletes are eligible to compete in the 2018 Winter Games. – “Both CAS panels unanimously found that the evidence put forward by the IOC in relation to this matter did not have the same weight in each individual case,” the statement from the Lausanne-based international body said.”

Donetsk Minister of Defense Was Targeted in an Assassination Attempt
A quote….” War correspondent Semyon Pegov has reported details of an earlier assassination attempt on the Defense Minister of the DPR,  Vladimir Kononov. – “I just spoke with the Minister of Defense of the DPR, Vladimir Kononov, on the phone, his voice is calm, everyone is okay – including his staff” he said.”

Chief Editor of Ukrainian News Website Flees Country, Seeks Asylum in Austria
Amerika’s “Free-dumb & Da’mockery” in action – A quote….”Igor Guzhva, the chief editor of Ukrainian news website, fled Ukraine after reportedly receiving threats of physical violence. He asked for political asylum in Austria, citing “unprecedented pressure from country officials”, reports Sputnik.”

Turchynov: “Where are my US Javelins?”
A quote….”Oleksandr Turchynov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, reports that negotiations with the United States on the provision of Javelin antitank missile systems to Kiev continue, but Ukraine has not received any yet.”

UN Says Donbass Conflict ‘One Of The Deadliest in Europe Since WWII’
A quote….”The conflict in Donbass is one of the deadliest in Europe since WWII, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a report, informs TASS.”

DPR authorities report big cut in wage debt despite blockade
A quote….”Donetsk, Feb 1 – DAN. DPR companies’ wage debt decreased by nearly 27 percent in 2017 despite the difficult military and political situation and Ukraine-imposed economic blockade, the Republic’s acting Labour and Social Policy Minister Larisa Tolstykina told Donetsk News Agency.”

LPR Militarymen Who Prevented Attempts of Breakthrough f Kiev Forces Were Awarded
Some TRUE Heroes(Defending their homeland and their people against a “Jewish” Bolshevik managed  ethnic cleansing regime of terror!! — Dang that’s a good photo – mpg) — A quote….”Soldiers of the People’s Militia of LPR did not let the enemy to break into Zhelobk and Frunze at the touch line in Donbass, in this connection they were awarded by the acting Head of the LPR. – ‘On behalf of the Command-In-Chief of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik I’d like to address to the subdivision that expressed heroism having defended our Republic’, said the Head of the LPR People’s Militia Mikhail Philliponenko.”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Syria Is Quietly Helping Bleed Turkey in Afrin
What A Tangled Web They Weave – A quote….”When Turkey and Syrian Islamists in its employ launched their all-out offensive against the Kurdish-held Afrin pocket in Syria’s northwest a floodgate of Kurdish complaints was opened. The Kurds complained that Russians were in cahoots with the Turks, that US was selling them out, and that the Syrian government was not serious about defending them. – One complaint has been completely absent however. 12 days into the attempted Turkish invasion of Afrin the Kurds have yet to complain that Damascus is preventing their fighters from northeastern Syria from reinforcing the Afrin exclave — which is sufficient proof that Syria is doing no such thing.” – Source:  CheckPointAsia

Syrian Army Takes a Huge Chunk of Greater Idlib From Rebels, Avenges the Mass Murder of Its Soldiers
A quote….”In just a month the Syrian army has inflicted a huge defeat on the rebels. As soon as ISIS was finally defeat in eastern Syria in late 2017 the army wheeled back to the west and launched its biggest and perhaps most spectacular offensive against the rebels yes.”

Russia’s Su-25 fighter jet shot down by militants in Syria – defense ministry
A quote….”MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. A Su-25 fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Force was shot down by militants in Syria on Saturday, the pilot ejected but was killed later by terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry said.”

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Is It Even Possible to “Betray” the Kurds?
Must Read – A quote….”“Betrayal” implies that there must have been sincere trust in the relationship, which was never the case with any of the Kurds’ extra-regional Great Power partners, nor will there ever be because of pure Neo-Realist considerations that even they themselves should surely be aware of by now. — Every so often one stumbles upon a statement by a Kurdish official alleging that one or another Great Power “betrayed” the Kurds, such as what Russia has recently been accused of after giving Turkey the green light for “Operation Olive Branch”, and these claims frequently pop up at a dizzying pace all across social media whenever a Neo-Marxist supporter of “Kurdistan” is trying to make a point and win sympathy for their “cause”. Never mind that there’s no such thing as “Kurdistan” in the first place and that it’s much more accurate to refer to this ultra-diverse sub-state region as the “Kurdish Cultural Space” (KCS) instead, but the idea being conveyed is that its people have repeatedly been let down by anyone who they’ve been made to believe ever gave them any hope at achieving their demagogues’ dreams of “independence”.”

Taliban Show Off Their New Elite Equipment That Makes Them Look Like a Professional Army
Photos — A quote….” KABUL, Afghanistan – The Taliban have released new photos of their elite units in fully professional uniforms and rifles in a publicity stunt. – With winter in full swing, it is the traditional season when fighting usually slows down and does not resume at full capacity until spring.”

Bahrain Sentences Two Shia Muslims to Death, Alleging Iranian Influence
A quote….”Two Shia Muslims have been sentenced to death in the Kingdom of Bahrain for alleged terrorism while another 56 people were thrown in jail in the Sunni-ruled island nation on Wednesday.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Germany Votes to Cut State Funding to Neo-Nazi [Alt-Right] Political Party
Euro-Kharzarian Political Competition – A quote….” Representatives from all 16 of Germany’s states have voted to cut state funding for the country’s longest-established neo-Nazi group. – The states – represented in Germany’s upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat – asked Germany’s highest court to ban funding for the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD). – “Ours is a democracy based on debate, but it must also be defended,” said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, premier of the state of Saarland, who led the initiative. – “Today we bring a motion by all the [German] states that serves to prevent the NPD from getting funds from the state, which it is actively working against.”

South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World
LSVideo – (LSYuTb – 3min49sec –  Feb 2, 2018) – Source:  Lauren Southern — A quote….”Thank you so much for watching this series about South Africa…..”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

The Day Israel Is No More
Amen! – Must Read – A quote….”For over 60 years Israel has created no positive movement towards the resolution of the conflict with its Palestinian neighbors, except for stalling tactics to steal more of their land while relentlessly committing genocide. – Its goal is to drive ALL Palestinians out in the hope of retaining control over all of Historic Palestine. A control that is fast slipping, as the world is waking up to the reality of what Israel truly is: a brutal and genocidal Apartheid state, worse than Apartheid South Africa.- Millions of Israeli Jews have been inculcated with great hatred for the Palestinians. It’s Israel’s pitiful way of inoculating its people from the collective guilt that stems from stealing another people’s land.- However, unless Israelis strike a genuine peace deal with the very people they have been taught to hate, Apartheid Israel will collapse. And when it does it will be a la South Africa.”

Right Of Conquest – [Using Other Peoples Blood & Treasure]
Must Read – A quote….”The Right of Conquest, which some view as the oldest and most salient form of land acquisition, is nothing but a smokescreen to hide blatant thievery. Therefore, it is not only an egregious position, but a sin as well.-“You shall not steal.” Exodus 20:15 – There’s only one country in this modern era of human rights that uses such an argument to cover its theft. Zionist Israel.- Its land thieves use the word “settlers” to con the world into thinking that Palestine was never inhabited, when in fact there was a sizable Arab population before converted European Jews disembarked there. See Palestine before the Zionists stole it.”

US Reportedly to Continue Aiding UNRWA if School Books Changed
Must Read (For how it gets done!  How the Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate, changes, distorts, perverts, and lies about history…. CONSTANTLY!) – A quote….”US administration has proposed that the UNRWA changes its school textbooks in order to continue to receive US donations, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported, on Tuesday. – The newspaper said that the US proposed two amendments to the textbooks, which include the abolition of all references to the right of return and issue of refugees in general, as well having no mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

“Comedian” [“Jewess”] Sarah Silverman Says Pro-Life Laws “Make Me Want to Eat an Aborted Fetus”
Remember:  “Christian” Zionist & Hagee’s Hordes SUPPORT This!! — A quote….”On February 1, the Lady Parts Justice League, (founded by Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead) held a “telethon,” called Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It. The fundraiser, hosted by Winstead herself, along with comedian Sarah Silverman, featured almost 4 hours of bizarre content, including abortion charades, an interview with abortionist Willie Parker, and political rants. During one of the charades, Silverman announced that a conscience clause law that prevented aborted fetuses from being used in manufactured food products would be something that “would make her want to eat an aborted fetus.” — The charades were called “shitty law charades” and were introduced by a woman wearing a female genitalia costume. Two of the laws that were meant to be acted out by volunteers were “You cannot use aborted fetuses as ingredients in the manufacture of food products,” and “Clinics are mandated by law to cremate or bury every aborted fetus.” – When the concept of conscience clause laws was explained, Silverman summed up her feelings on religious freedom: “Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing cuz it was like this big inclusive thing in the country, and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and shit like that.””

Who are the Twisted Sex Degenerates that is Pushing Humanity into the Sewer?
Ditto!Just call it “Frankfort School TV” – A quote….”This is what Hollywood wants Americans to watch and think its entertainment when it’s nothing more than kiddie porn, designed to corrupt and enslave your mind. What is this group called, “Daddy’s Little Hookers?””

STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination
From the History File – September 12, 2015 – (re-posted for your edification) — A quote….”Herein lies the real problem.  There has long been a network of Eastern Europeans who have harbored an inveterate hatred toward all things Russian.  This hatred is at once irrational, intense and without any substantive basis.  These lifelong Russophobes have been plotting against the Russian Motherland for decades; their ancestors had likewise conspired over the centuries.  Toward that end they have enlisted a whole host of nations which comprise an unspoken alliance known as the Anglo-American Axis (see glossary) which has been and is now arrayed against Russia and her allies.”

US Deploys Troops To Occupied Territories For Joint War Games With Israel
“Bringing In The Rapture” – A quote….”The US has deployed military forces to the Israeli-occupied territories ahead of a joint war game with Tel Aviv as the regime ramps up its threats of a new war against Lebanon.”

Trump to Present His No-Peace/Peace Plan?
ZOG / Zio-Whore Alert – (US-NRE / Donald Trump) — A quote….”The historical record is clear. Washington and Israel deplore peace and stability – notions undermining their imperial agenda. – If both countries wanted resolution of longstanding conflict with Palestinians, it would have happened long ago. – Former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir explained why not. He wanted forever talks accomplishing nothing – giving Israel time to steal all valued Palestinian land. – Other Israeli leaders felt the same way. Since 1967, variations of Yigal Allon’s plan reflect official Israeli policy. Elements include….”

  • Permanent militarized occupation;
  • Maximum land with minimum Arabs;
  • Dispossessing Palestinians from areas Israel wants exclusively for Jews;
  • Annexing all valued parts of Judea and Sumaria;
  • Controlling Jerusalem as Israel’s exclusive capital;
  • Establishing settlements, military bases, free-fire zones, commercial locations, tourist sites, nature reserves, no-go Areas, Jews-only roads, checkpoints, other barriers, and other exclusive Jewish areas;
  • Stealing Palestinian resources; and
  • Cracking down harshly on resisters.

Ruling: Kansas Law Targeting Israel Boycotts Chills SpeechVictory!
ZOG / Censorship Alert – FAIL! – (US-NRE / Kansas) — A quote….”WICHITA, Kan. A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked a Kansas law barring state contractors from participating in boycotts against Israel, saying the state law violates their free speech rights. – U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree wrote in his decision that the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the “First Amendment protects the right to participate in a boycott like the one punished by the Kansas law.” – bold by website editor

A $1 Billion Proposal Will Exploit Gaza for the Benefit of Israel’s Security Narrative
A quote….”When considering Gaza’s dire humanitarian conditions, it is impossible not to remember what Israeli government adviser Dov Weisglass said in 2006 when the Israeli siege started: “The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.” How much of that callous, initial calculation remains valid today is debatable, as Palestinians in Gaza suffer health issues which are a direct consequence of Israel’s restrictions on the food available for the population, the illegal blockade on the enclave and the disaster wrought by the periodic bombardments of Gaza, the latest major offensive being “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014.” – Source:  MEMO

Israel Expels Palestinian Girl From West Bank to Gaza Without Notifying Her Parents
A quote….”Israeli authorities expelled a 14-year-old Palestinian girl from the occupied West Bank to the occupied Gaza Strip without even notifying her parents, it has emerged.”

Talk to Palestinians or Pay Price of ‘Perpetual Occupation’ – German FM to Israel
A quote….”Israel could pay the price for “perpetual occupation and conflict” and face the prospect of being stuck in a “fully-fledged annexation” if it abandons reconciliation with the Palestinians, the German foreign minister has warned.”

Iran Terms Quds [Jerusalem] Everlasting Capital of Palestine
A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyed Abbas Araqchi underlined that Jerusalem al-Quds will remain the Palestinians’ capital forever, warning that Iran would confront any move made to the opposite – “Quds is the unchangeable capital of the Muslim world and Palestine,” Araqchi said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Wednesday. – He stressed Iran’s permanent support for Beit al-Moqaddas (al-Quds) as Palestine’s capital, and said, “We will confront any attempt to change this reality.””
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Greek Tragedy & Others — The Criminal Acts / Destruction / of the Banksters’ Trans-nationalist, N.W.O….

EU Imposes Anti-Union Law on Greece
A quote….”Under instructions from the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the Greek government pushed through the most anti-union legislation in Europe on Monday 15 January. – The move was demanded, along with other draconian measures, as a condition of the latest tranche of what is called Greece’s bailout but which in reality is bailing out the European financial institutions which recklessly encouraged Greek borrowing.” – Source:  CounterPunch

UK Welfare Net Collapsing! BBC: “You’re On Verge of Losing Everything.” Govt Bankrupting The Poor!
A quote….”…Because you’ve been assessed fit for work, you’re supposed to spend 35 hours a week looking for a job. But when the DWP summon you to a jobseeker’s meeting to ask what you’re doing to find work, you don’t get the message. No-one tells you. There’s no letter – not one that reaches you, anyway. It could be that they’ve sent you the message electronically – but you’re no good with computers. You don’t have one at home and the sole time you tried to use one down the Job Centre you didn’t know what half the keys did.  …because you don’t turn up to the jobseeker’s meeting, you get what is called a sanction – that means they stop the £317.82 for monthly living costs.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

China’s World-Beating Tech Sector Gives Her a Huge Competitive Edge
A quote….”The unsung star of the World Economic Forum in Davos last week was not a head of state, but the Chinese Politburo member Liu He. The 66-year-old is a trusted confidant of President Xi Jinping and will soon be appointed vice-premier to oversee the Chinese economy.”

France to Start Financing Exports to Iran, Sidestep US Sanctions
A quote….”France will start offering euro-denominated loans to Iranian buyers of its goods later this year, to help trade outside the reach of US sanctions, according to the head of state-owned investment bank Bpifrance, Nicolas Dufourcq. Paris has been looking to boost trade with Iran ever since world powers agreed in 2015 to lift many sanctions on Iran in exchange for controls on its nuclear program. The plan is to offer dedicated, euro-denominated export credits to Iranian buyers of French goods and services and so avoid the extraterritorial reach of US legislation, Reuters said. The export credits could be offered in May or June.”

North Korean Delegation Flying to Russia For Talks on ‘Mutual Cooperation’
A quote….”A North Korean delegation is heading to Moscow for talks on mutual cooperation, the Russian Embassy in North Korea has said. – “The delegation flew to Moscow for consultations in the Russian Foreign Ministry on the vital issues of bilateral cooperation,” the embassy wrote on its Facebook page. – The sides plan to discuss joint events to be held dedicated to the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, according to Russian news agency Tass.”

Historic Sevastopol Marine plant, once owned by Poroshenko, now an active part of Crimean industrialization
A quote….”The transition of the Sevastopol Marine Plant, named after Ordzhonikidze, into federal ownership is an element of the formation of the economy of the Crimea. It was, incidentally, owned by Poroshenko during the Ukrainian times. Yuri Pochta, Professor at the Peoples Friendship University of Russia spoke about this to Economics Today….”

Russian Army Received Over 3,500 Advanced Armaments and Items in 2017
A quote….”Over 3,500 advanced weapon systems and pieces of military and special hardware arrived for the Russian Armed Forces in 2017, Russia’s Defense Minister Army General Sergey Shoigu said on Wednesday according to Russian TASS News Agency.”

Advanced Kalashnikov Assault Rifles Go Into Serial Production
A quote….”MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. The Kalashnikov firearms manufacturer is starting the serial production of the advanced AK-12 assault rifles, with the first batch scheduled for delivery to the Russian troops before the yearend, Head of Rostec hi-tech corporation Sergey Chemezov said on Thursday.”

Russian Space Firm to Develop New Compound For Super-Heavy Rocket at Vostochny Spaceport
A quote….”MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. Russia’s Energiya Rocket and Space Corporation will develop a new compound at the Vostochny spaceport in the Russian Far East for a super-heavy carrier rocket whose trials will start from 2028, the corporation said on its website on Friday.”

Russian Cosmonauts Begin Seven-Hour Spacewalk From ISS
A quote….”MOSCOW, February 2. /TASS/. Russian cosmonauts Alexander Misurkin and Anton Shkaplerov have begun this year’s first spacewalk from the International Space Station (ISS), a spokesman for the mission control center told TASS on Friday.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

Cuba Formally Protests US ‘Internet Task Force’
A quote….”Cuba’s Foreign Ministry asked the U.S. government “to cease its subversive, interventionist and illegal actions against Cuba.” – The Cuban government delivered a note of protest to a top U.S. diplomat in Havana Wednesday, rejecting the creation of a Cuba “Internet Task Force” by the U.S. State Department and demanding “respect for our sovereignty.” – According to the U.S. Department of State, the task force announced on Jan. 23 will promote the “free and unregulated flow of information” and expand “internet access and independent media.”” – Translation:  Inject CIA & Euro-Kharzarian created propaganda directly into Cuba’s net, while attempting to engage in espionage, sabotage, and organize a color revolution. – mpg
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

Nunes Memo Reports Crimes at Top of FBI & DOJ
Must Read – A quote….”The long-awaited House Intelligence Committee report made public today identifies current and former top officials of the FBI and the Department of Justice as guilty of the felony of misrepresenting evidence required to obtain a court warrant before surveilling American citizens. The target was candidate Donald Trump’s adviser Carter Page. – The main points of what is widely known as the “Nunes Memo,” after the House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), have been nicely summarized by blogger Publius Tacitus, who noted that the following very senior officials are now liable for contempt-of-court charges; namely, the current and former members of the FBI and the Department of Justice who signed off on fraudulent applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court: James Comey, Andy McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rob Rosenstein. The following is Publius Tacitus’s summary of the main points….”

  • The dubious but celebrated Steele Dossier played a critical role in obtaining approval from the FISA court to carry out surveillance of Carter Page according to former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe.
  • Christopher Steele was getting paid by the DNC and the FBI for the same information.
  • No one at the FBI or the DOJ disclosed to the court that the Steele dossier was paid for by an opposition political campaign.
  • The first FISA warrant was obtained on October 21, 2016 based on a story written by Michael Isikoff for Yahoo News based on information he received directly from Christopher Steele — the FBI did not disclose in the FISA application that Steele was the original source of the information.
  • Christopher Steele was a long-standing FBI “source” but was terminated as a source after telling Mother Jones reporter David Corn that he had a relationship with the FBI.
  • The FBI signers of the FISA applications/renewals were James Comey (three times) and Andrew McCabe.
  • The DOJ signers of the FISA applications/renewals were Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein.
  • Even after Steele was terminated by the FBI, he remained in contact with Deputy Attorney General Bruce Our, whose wife worked for FUSION GPS, a contractor that was deeply involved with the Steele dossier.

FISA Memo Released: Here’s What It Says
A quote….”The just released FISA memo accuses senior officials at the DOJ of inappropriately using biased opposition research into then-candidate Trump to obtain surveillance warrants on transition team members as part of the federal investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. — According to the document, information from the the so-called Steele dossier was “essential” to the acquisition of surveillance warrants on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. It claims that then-deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe told the committee in December that without the information from the Steele dossier, no surveillance warrant for Page would have been sought.”

FISA memo released — bombshell report reveals MASSIVE Deep State conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House — A quote….”(Natural News) As expected, the so-called “FISA memo” was released at noon on Friday, revealing serial abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by upper echelon officials in the FBI and Justice Department to prevent Donald J. Trump from becoming president, and to undermine him after he defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016.”

Mother Jones, WashPost, NYT, CNN and Yahoo all exposed as deep state propaganda puppets in shocking FISA memo — A quote….”(Natural News) The most horrific political scandal in the history of our nation is breaking now. The FISA memo has been released. (FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.) — Read the full text of the shocking memo at this Axios link or find a short summary at the Washington Examiner. It’s also available at this link, but that link seem to be inoperable due to a surge of traffic. — Among other stunning revelations of deep state criminality, treason and “weaponization of the intelligence community,” the memo reveals that numerous left-leaning media outlets conspired with deep state criminals to knowingly publish false, salacious information in an attempt to overthrow the elected government and install Hillary Clinton as President.”

Memo: Democrats Made Up Evidence Enabled Eavesdropping On Trump Campaign
A quote….”Over the last month political enemies of U.S. President Trump and the FBI and Justice Department have desperately tried to prevent the publishing of a memo written by the Republican controlled House Intelligence Committee.”

No Democrats or left-leaning publishers denounce shocking abuses of power detailed in FISA memo release
“Shameless” – A quote….”(Natural News) The FISA memo release describes a shocking series of criminal abuses of power at the highest levels of the FBI and DOJ — all under Obama.– As the memo reveals, not only did top FBI and DOJ officials conspire to defraud the FISA court in order to illegally spy on American citizens, the key operatives in this process were fully aware they were committing law enforcement fraud during the entire process.”

Judicial Watch Sues for Russia Collusion FISA Documents
A quote….”Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Justice Department for FBI documents regarding the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant application submitted to – and responses from – the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court related to alleged collusion between Russia and Trump campaign associates (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00245)).” – Source:  JudicialWatch

Seth Rich Murdered for DNC Leak to WikiLeaks, Says Roger Stone
Seth Rich – R.I.P.(And he will, when his murderers are caught, and executed – mpg) — A quote….”In an interview with The New American magazine, legendary political operative Roger Stone expressed his belief that Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was murdered for political purposes — not as a robbery gone bad. In particular, Stone said it was “abundantly clear” that Rich was murdered for having blown the whistle on the DNC by leaking explosive documents to WikiLeaks. Even former DNC boss Donna Brazile — certainly no member of The John Birch Society, Stone said — expressed fear for her life after crossing the Clintons.”

Devin Nunes is a ‘Russian Agent’ & Other Ways Media Peddle ‘Russiagate’ Fables
A quote….” Just when you think fake news about Russia could not get any more bizarre, mainstream media outshines itself, again. These days, no story about Russia is too wild to print. – The following is a short list of the many Russia conspiracy stories now littering the landscape ever since fictional tales of the ‘Russian bogeyman’ seized the American imagination.”

Lying, Spying and Hiding
A quote….”I have argued for a few weeks now that House Intelligence Committee members have committed misconduct in office by concealing evidence of spying abuses by the National Security Agency and the FBI. They did this by sitting on a four-page memo that summarizes the abuse of raw intelligence data while Congress was debating a massive expansion of FISA.” – Source:  UNZReview

Obama State Dept Secretly Distributed Its Own “Dossier” To Undermine Trump, FOIA Docs Reveal
A quote….”Watchdog group Judicial Watch released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which reveal that the Obama State Department provided Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) a “dossier of classified information on Russia” in order to undermine President Trump, according to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.”

A Never-Trump Press in Near Panic
A quote….”“All the News That’s Fit to Print” proclaims the masthead of The New York Times. “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” echoes The Washington Post. – “The people have a right to know,” the professors at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism hammered into us in 1962. “Trust the people,” we were admonished. – Explain then this hysteria, this panic in the press over the release of a four-page memo detailing one congressional committee’s rendering of how Trump-hate spawned an FBI investigation of Republican candidate and President Donald Trump. – What is the press corps afraid of? For it has not ceased keening and caterwauling that this memo must not see the light of day. – Do the media not trust the people? Can Americans not handle the truth? – Is this the same press corps that celebrates “The Post,” lionizing Kay Graham for publishing the Pentagon Papers, top-secret documents charging the “Best and the Brightest” of the JFK-LBJ era with lying us into Vietnam? – Why are the media demanding a “safe space” for us all, so we will not be harmed by reading or hearing what the memo says?” – Source:  UNZReviewAuthor:  PatrickJBuchanan

Bernie Keeps Promoting The New Cold War, And Yes, We Need To Talk About It
Bernie Sanders:  Euro-Kharzarian, Neoliberalcon, Israeli-Firster, PNAC’ing, War-Whore — A quote….”This is the single most pressing issue of our time, and Bernie Sanders is currently, actively marching our world in the exact opposite direction of where it needs to be heading. There is no threat to our species more imminent and dangerous than the threat of annihilation in a nuclear holocaust, and Sanders is helping to manufacture consent for escalations which make that possibility more and more likely. This is a huge problem, and we need to talk about it right now.” – Topix  ||  They’re Almost There, It’s Almost Within Their Grasp – 09-13-13 – mpg  || – Some selected Zerohedge commentary posted below……

    • “They did an up-close shot of this ugly old bastard’s mug during the SOTUA.  No kidding, my wife exclaimed.  Oh, my God.  I said, don’t you recognize him? She said, No.  –  I replied, that’s Crazy Bernie Sanders.  The Communist.” — *Chupacabra-322*
    • “There is no doubt that Bernie is a communist, dialed back to merely socialist. – [click here] – What is his kerfuffle with all party leadership.” — *Arnold*
    • “And rolling over quite compliantly when he got butt-corked by the Hillary Campaign.   Essentially, giving his ‘base’ the finger. –  Good news is, he’s already geriatric now, presidential run in 2020 is totally out of the question.” — *Consuelo*
    • “The Clinton-owned DNC cracked the whip on Bernie and he fell back into line. He was supposed to be an anti-establishment figure, and here he is spouting neocon warmonger rhetoric like he’s Dick Cheney circa. 2002. Pathetic” — *Full Court Lug*
    • “Uh…..I thought Commies loved Russia. What gives?” — *spieslikeus*
    • “They’re not ‘commies’ they’re the same joo bolshevik shits who constantly try to destroy Russia and now they’re destroying the USA so as to provoke a war with Russia that will kill us all. Their hate has no equal.” — *07564111*
    • “Yep…. [click link]….aaaaand the Neocon movement was and is Jewish and Zionist – Must read on the (((neocons)))… [click link] – [click link]” — *Snípéir_Ag_Obair*
    • “Bernies ancestors are immigrants from this cohort:  [click link] – They are particularly virulent and emotional towards Russia, to the point of [discrediting] themselves on anything Russian.” — *Mefobills*
    • “Nobody ass-raped the peasants worse than Bernie, he was a stalking horse to draw off votes from the likes of O’Malley, destined to lose and appeal to the wingnuts and communists.  It was a fix and he could have knocked her out of the race by simply talking about here emails, sumptin I imagine a special prosecutor will be looking into ~ soon, something that will make Bernie look foolish. – We’re tired of hearing about your damn emails!!! Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton 1st Debate – [click link] – [Do so at your own risk, intense nausea warning – mpg] — *Dilluminati*
    • “Ironic as Bernie was the guy bumped out of the race by the DNC, which gave us Trump rather than Bernie. He knows that more than anyone. – Such a shame to see how easily a man (previously) of principles was bribed and turned to become just another neocon as easily as if he were  tribe.” — *PrivetHedge*
    • “The single greatest farce of the 2016 election was the…. “Bernie was a good guy, victim of the DNC” tag line.  He was in on it from the beginning, charged with scaring baby boomer democrats into the arms of the establishment and keeping millennials in the fold of the DNC.  Surprised at how many believed his bullshit, he did what any Jew would do, continued the race to demand more.  Now, instead of just withdrawing to get his prize, the DNC is making him do a couple more favors for his house and Audi.” — *Collectivism Killz*
    • “Let’s hope Bernie will retire gracefully to a Vermont hippy commune and while away his later years smoking herb and writing poetry in a yurt. His contribution to humanity is being the fool on stage that got knee capped by his own kind and showed the Nuevo Fascist ‘Liberals’ for what they are, just by being the sucker / Victim that thought the shit was unrigged. It’s rigged Bernie ! just like the Marx instruction hand book say’s. – He could do a few Porn vids with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz or something ? People would pay not to see that. Fucking communists are unreal.” — *Twee Surgeon*
    • “He was probably promised that he, the Missus and daughter wouldn’t go to jail over their fraudulent bank loan scheme at Burlington College if he towed the party line and kept up the Russia bullshit until told to stop. – His problem, and the problem for most of the fucking criminals is that an outsider won. They are all scared shitless.” — *ATM*
    • “These damn Russians with their hundreds of bases around the world, starting endless undeclared wars, overthrowing any government that stands in the way of their globalist imperial agenda. We really need to do something about these fucking Russians” — *ted41776*
    • “And worst of all, their double standard” — *DaveyJones*
    • “The ‘Saint’ Bernard will be 79 yo by the 2020 election. – Lets hope the McCain syndrome catches up with him.” — *espirit*
    • “Let’s hope McCain’s tumor catches up with him.” — *Brazen Heist*
    • “The Trotskyism is strong in this one….” — *YourAverageJoe*
  • “The internet has exposed tens of MILLIONS of Americans to instantly accessible alternative politics to that on offer by the Republicans and Democrats. – This has changed the political paradigm irrevocably in America. – The world and the political acumen of the American electorate has evolved and moved on. It doesn’t want what’s on offer from the governing secret society anymore and the said secret society cannot understand this, I mean it’s so good, why don’t they want it? – It must be someone tampering with the system in that case LOL – There has yet to be offered a single substantive and factual item of evidence with its accompanying provenance concerning any Russian “hacking”. – Apparently the information was downloaded from the DNC sever so quickly it was beyond the technical scope of an external internet based hacker. In other words it was an inside job. Seth anyone? – The Congress and Senate are almost exclusively populated by very old men and women who are almost at the end of their life span. Curiously it is they who are most vociferous about wanting to confront an imaginary Russian enemy. – Much like the ancient Egyptians whom their secret society worships they probably are deeply afraid of their own imminent deaths and want as many people along for the comfort of the unknown journey as they can find. – Horrible nasty fucking degenerates.” — *Joiningupthedots*

Looney US Congressman Adam Schiff Says Russian Ads Promote 2nd Amendment…’so we all kill each other’
A quote…”The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms…and according to California Congressman Adam Schiff, those pesky Russians are using bots to promote the second amendment with an ultimate goal of having Americans ‘kill each other.’”

Sacked FBI Director to Teach Ethics Course
A quote….”The FBI is a modern-day Gestapo, America’s secret police, an enemy of the public, not its protector. – The bureau under sacked director James Comey whitewashed the investigation into Hillary’s illegal personal server use for classified State Department business. – Comey changed the FBI’s account of her unlawful behavior from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” an attempt to exonerate her wrongdoing. – Instead of doing his job, he’s complicit in her criminality. He’s named along with now former Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the Russiagate FISA memo, its contents likely to be revealed in days. – He’ll teach a course on ethical leadership at the College of William & Mary this fall, the school announced….”
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Political Correctness Serves the Ruling Elite
Must ReadCharts(click to enlarge)Quote of the Day….” The Ruling Elites loves political correctness, for it serves the Elite so well. What is political correctness? Political correctness is the public pressure to conform to “progressive” speech acts by uttering the expected code words and phrases in public. — Note that no actual action is required. This is why the Ruling Elite loves political correctness: conformity is so cheap. All a functionary of the Ruling Elite need do is utter the code words (“hope and change,” “we honor diversity,” “thank you for your service,” etc.) and they get a free pass to continue their pillaging. — Those placated by politically correct utterances accept symbolic speech acts as substitutes for real changes in the power structure. This glorification of symbolic gestures–virtue signaling via social media, the parroting of progressive phrases, etc.–is as cheap as the mouthing of PC platitudes. Everybody gets to feel validated and respected at no cost to anyone: the progressives feel smugly superior because the Ruling Elite now feels compelled to parrot “progressive” speech acts in public, and the Ruling Elite is free to pillage without any demands for a radical restructuring of the incentives and distribution of the nation’s wealth and income.” – bold by website editor

Yes, Appalachia Is Part Of America
Must Read – A quote….”While America’s military continues to march across the world, destroying nation after nation and the U.S. State Department funds color revolutions in others, the CIA also continues its own campaign of control and manipulation in virtually all the rest. But, moral questions aside, Americans back home aren’t even reaping the benefits of empire abroad. With an economy continuing to mire in depression, crumbling infrastructure, more difficult access to healthcare, tainted food supplies, and a police state that is deepening by the day, the American people are becoming accustomed to lower living standards and all the hurdles associated with it. Indeed, there are parts of the United States – Detroit, Flint, and much of the rural south, for instance, – that resemble a third world country more than anything one might expect to see in “the greatest country in the world.””

Mass Incarceration: New Jim Crow, Class War, or Both?
Charts(It’s not what you think from the headline.  It’s actually Un-PC – mpg) – A quote….”In my paper, I attempt to contribute to this debate by calculating the racial and class disparities in incarceration as well as the interaction between the two. Below are the key findings of my analysis.”

L.A.’s Homelessness Surged 75% in Six Years. Here’s Why The Crisis Has Been Decades in the Making
A quote….”Some of the poorest people in the city spend their days in the shadow of Los Angeles City Hall, napping on flattened cardboard boxes. – On any given day, as many as 20 people take to the City Hall lawn, across the street from LAPD headquarters. They’re there to “escape the madness” in downtown streets, a 53-year-old homeless man named Lazarus said last week. At night, they fan out to doorways or deserted plazas to wait for daybreak.”

California Overreacts and Presumes Every Homeschooling Parent is a Child Abuser
A quote….”California is seeking to treat homeschool families as presumptive child abusers. Lawmakers in that state have indicated plans to categorically require homeschool parents to prove — through home visits, interviews, and other government oversight — that indeed the parent is not abusive if they choose to exercise a legally protected and valid option for school choice. This measure would shift the burden to the parent to prove to the government’s satisfaction his or her parental fitness.”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

WRH w/Michael Rivero, Feb 02, 2018] – [Hr #1[Hr #2][Hr #3] – RBN’s Donation Rq [Click Here]
MR@RBNAudio (r. c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3/Hour#1Alt/Mp3/Hour#2Alt/Mp3/Hour#3 // FullAudioCast- 02-02-18 – (MR@RBNFlwPlyr – 1hr/each – Feb 02, 2018) – Source:  WRHSchl@RBNRepublic Brdcst AudioRBNProgSchdlRepublic BroadcastingYuTb Source:  RonGibsonRelated Website: WhatReallyHappenedMichael Rivero discusses the ongoing crimes of empire, and many other issues – WRH Donation Request – [Click Here] – For alternative RBN donations methods…. By Mail:  Republic Broadcasting Network — 2251 Double Creek Dr #302 — Round Rock TX 78664 – By Phone:  800-724 2719 ext 03.”

The Roper Report: One of These Things is Not Like the Other – TRR 013118
TRRAudio(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts)Alt/Mp3Alt/ArchvAlt/YuTb – (TRRVar – 1hr03min36sec – Jan 31st, 2018) – Source:  TheDailyNationalist@TRSSThe Right Stuff ShowsGustaf JohansonPewTubeGuest Website:  NewAlbionCom – A quote…. “In “One of these things is not like the other”, listen to Mike Enoch of The Daily Shoah, Chris Quimby of The ShieldWall Network and Tom Kaczynski of New Albion discuss with Billy the rise of White ethno-states, balkanization, attacks on free speech, and who should be allowed into the White Nationalist movement under what circumstances. – Chris Quimby goes first, in an interview with Billy in which they discuss how activism has changed over the past two decades they have been working together in the movement. In addition to a few amazing and humorous ‘war stories’ from past demonstrations and rallies, they recount their memories of working with Dr Pierce, Pastor Butler, Tom Metzger and others, then discuss the progress and growth of the ShieldWall Network and the strengths and weaknesses of the Alt-Right today.”

The Daily Nationalist: Russia Prepares for US Meddling in 2018 Elections – DN 020118
TDNAudio(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts)Alt/Mp3Alt/ArchvAlt/YuTb – (TDNVar – 31min11sec – Feb 01, 2018) – Source:  TheDailyNationalist@TRSSThe Right Stuff ShowsGustaf JohansonPewTube — A quote…. “Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss three articles to do with Russia and her relationship to America and Britain. – The first article is about a document produced for the Pentagon, that features the astounding news that Russia thinks America is interfering in countries all around the world, trying to force their version of ‘Democracy’ on them and Russia fears that they might be next.”

The Daily Nationalist: Poland Ju-Jitsu’s the Jews – DN 020218
Must Listen TDNAudio(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts)Alt/Mp3Alt/ArchvAlt/YuTb – (TDNVar – 33min41sec – Feb 02, 2018) – Source:  TheDailyNationalist@TRSSThe Right Stuff ShowsGustaf JohansonPewTube — A quote…. “Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to talk about a new law in Poland, that bans Jews from claiming the Poles holocausted them. Predictable the Jews are furious about this as it means they will not be able to extort money from Poland like they have from other European countries. The Poles have also said that they suffered during the war in camps as well as the Jews, which strips the Jews of their special status as being the only people who suffered during the war. – All the Poles have done is take a leaf out of the Jews playbook and make it illegal to question a historical narrative, but the Jews do not see it this way and have even had the chutzpah to say ‘No law will change the facts’ when that is exactly what they have tried to do with their notorious holo-denial laws.” – Topix  ||  The Holohoax  ||
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

The Ultimate Bear Chart
Charts(click each to enlarge) — A quote….”Oh I know, every time Alan Greenspan says something related to “irrational exuberance” immediately the comments come that he said it in 1996 and stocks didn’t blow-up until 2000. While that may have been true then it didn’t invalidate his premise nor is the timing relevant to now. Back then people ignored him and went full bubble mode until it popped.” – Source:  NorthernTraderCom
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Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Pharma Co Has License Suspended as Vaccine Blamed For Sterilization of 500,000 Women & Children
A quote….”A state-sponsored forced sterilization on a massive scale has allegedly taken place in Africa according to opposition leaders and the public who are railing against the government. An industrial pharmaceutical laboratory has since had its license suspended by the Kenya Accreditation Service as a result of the controversy.” – Source:  FreeThghtProj

Thursday February 1st 2018
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Wednesday January 31st 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….US, UK, France and Saudis Have a Modest Proposal…to Dismember Syria
Still Pushing The PNAC Protocols – A quote….” … the five countries called for a UN-supervised election for the -Syrians inside and outside the country and for radical changes in the Syrian constitution including stripping the Syrian presidency from most, if not all, of its powers.”The Top 10 Outrageous Things About ISIS the Western Mainstream Media Ignores
A quote….”Last week, the US said it was working to create “alternative government authorities” on Syrian territory. This latest move, aside from demonstrating once again that the US has no respect for Syria’s territorial integrity, indicates we may be seeing more from that group of mercenaries known as Islamic State. – Thus, it seems to be an appropriate time to reflect upon a set of very strange circumstances that led to the rise of this loathsome terrorist group. Here are the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, as to why we should be very suspicious about this group.” – Source:  StratCultFndtnTurkey Plays Its Latest Card in the New Great Game – Pepe Escobar
A quote….”President Tayyip Erdogan’s ‘Olive Branch’ operation appears to have support at home and in Moscow, but failure would spell problems. – Olive Branch” is the Orwellian-named Turkish invasion of a chunk of Syria. The operation comes as no surprise. President Tayyip Erdogan had hinted for nearly a year that a move was likely in the Syrian Kurdish canton of Afrin. – With Ankara staging a full-scale offensive into this small piece of Syrian real estate, which is roughly 40 kilometers long and 30 km wide, the endgame looks a foregone conclusion. – After all, it is defended by a minimally equipped force of no more than 10,000. Turkish soldiers should take it in record time. – Diplomatic sources confirmed to Asia Times that the Turkish offensive was directly approved by Russian generals after a visit to Moscow by Hakan Fidan, second in command at the MIT, the Turkish secret service.”

Crazy Night In Syria
A quote….”WATCH as Al-Qaeda allows Turkish Army through its territory in Syria, Russia bombs oncoming Turkish forces [this statement conflicts with the article posted above.  Pepe Escobar, article above, is usually very reliable on these issues – mpg] – Last night a Turkish military convoy entered northern Syria and were allowed to travel through territory controlled by the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front. This was captured on a video taken by an Al-Nusra militant himself. “

Syrian Rebels and US Troops Have Been Clashing for Months, but Pentagon Has Been Keeping It Under Wraps — A quote….”Last August a Pentagon spokesman told CNN that US soldiers on the ground in Kurdish-held northern Syria were fired upon by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels multiple times in just the last week:”

US Blinks Under Turkish Pressure in Syria
A quote….”The Turkish President Recep Erdogan gave a stark warning to the Trump administration on Friday by stating his intention to order an assault on the northern Syrian town of Manbij, roughly 40 km from the Turkish border and 100 km to the east of Afrin, where US forces are operating alongside Kurdish militia. – He said, “Operation Olive Branch will continue until it reaches its goals. We will rid Manbij of terrorists (read Kurds) … Our battles will continue until no terrorist is left right up to our (910-km) border with Iraq.” – Source:  AsiaTimes

Syria – Neo-Conservatives Demand “Action” – Hope For A Larger War
A quote….”The U.S. polity and media now acknowledge what we reported on December 21. The U.S. announcement to build up a 30,000 strong PKK army in north-east Syria was a disaster. It prompted Turkey to initiate its attack on YPG/PKK Kurds in Afrin. It threatens do drive it out of NATO and into Russia’s open arms. It gives the Syrian government new leverage against the Syrian Kurds. – Under Turkish threats to attack U.S. forces in Syria the Trump administration had to pull back – at least in its rhetoric. Independent of who rules Turkey the country will never acquiesce to an armed Kurdish entity on its southern border. The U.S. should have know this. – This failure of the Trump administration’s plan has prompted a new push from neoconservative propagandists for a full U.S. war on Syria and its allies. The lobby shop of the Kagan family, the Institute For The Study of War, had its junior staff pen an op-ed for Foxnews to argue for a new study object….”

Pentagon Now Blocking Key Information About US War in Afghanistan
A quote….”The US Defense Department has refused to disclose information about the war in Afghanistan that has routinely been released since the war began in 2001, according to the internal government watchdog that administers those information releases.”

Damning New Study Helps Explain Why Pentagon Will No Longer Release Afghan War Updates
Related Article – A quote….”As the Pentagon is rebuked for withholding from the public information about the U.S. military’s activities in Afghanistan, new reporting reveals that—more 16 years after the U.S. began its occupation—the Taliban has open and active presence in about 70 percent of the country, and ISIS has gained more territory than ever before.”

War Crimes and Genocide in Yemen: Death, Destruction, Starvation
A quote….”The Saudi-led coalition unleashed a barrage of air strikes on Yemen, slaughtering as many as 71 civilians (many of them children) within a period of 48 hours, reported the Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera on Christmas Eve. This massacre attained little attention and dissolved into history, forgotten. On the next day, December 26, the coalition targeted more sites, killing at least 68 men, women and children.”

U.S. Runs Headscarf Campaign Against Iran
A quote….”A U.S. government funded public relation campaign tries to incite women in Iran to break the law. The reporting of the campaign in western media is unproportionate to its effects in Iran. The professional propagandist who runs the campaign on behalf of the U.S. government is introduced as ordinary “women’s rights activist”. The larger propaganda scheme and the U.S. government influence in it are willfully ignored.”

US Color Revolution Begins In Thailand As Proxy War With China Continues
A quote….”The tentative first beginnings of a long-awaited US-backed color revolution has begun in Thailand, with a small protest of under 100 protesters in the downtown district of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. – Despite the diminutive nature of the protest, the Western media and Western-funded organizations posing as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) transformed the event into headline news. – The protest leaders vowed to gather weekly until their demands were met. This is a thinly veiled threat, with the protests taking place precisely where previous protests organized by the same interests carried out gun battles with government troops, mass murder against counter-protesters, and committed widespread and devastating arson in the surrounding areas.” – also posted at GlobalRsrch

The Genocide Conspiracy Against North Korea: An Open Letter to the International Criminal Court
A quote….”The American threats against North Korea continue to mount and with them the threat of the genocide of the people of North Korea by the United States of America and its allies. The meeting of the USA, Canada and other nations that attacked North Korea in 1950 held in Vancouver, Canada, on January 16, which some hoped would lead to a political solution, instead took on the character of a meeting of criminals who by their presence, agreement and actions made them parties to a conspiracy to commit genocide, a crime under the statute of the International Criminal Court and the Genocide Convention of 1948.”

Ending North Korea Oil Supplies Would Be Seen As Act of War, Says Russia
A quote…”MOSCOW (Reuters) – The delivery of oil and oil products to North Korea should not be reduced, Moscow’s ambassador to Pyongyang was cited as saying by RIA news agency on Wednesday, adding that a total end to deliveries would be interpreted by North Korea as an act of war.”

North Korea War Plan: Chrystia Freeland is More Dangerous Than Tony Blair
That’s Not Possible….  Is It?? – A quote….”The day before the Foreign Ministers’ meeting on Security and Stability in Vancouver on January 16, 2018, a forum was held at the University of British Columbia’s Institute of Asian Research entitled “Getting North Korea Right:  Canadian Options and Roles”. This was a publicly held event with the “expert” “talking heads” of think-tanks. The moderator was an Asian International Relations expert, Dr. Paul Evans, who is now the head of the Institute of Asian Research.” – Source:  OffGuardian

WATCH as Trump Says Guantanamo Bay is Not Closing Down
A quote….”WASHINGTON D.C. – The United States of America – US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a new executive order that will keep the Guantánamo Bay detention center in Cuba not only open, but with new prisoners.”

The US Empire Has up to 1,000 Military Bases in 80 Countries
A quote….”…..the U.S. has over 800 formal military bases in 80 countries, “a number that could exceed 1,000 if you count troops stationed at embassies and missions and so-called ‘lily-pond’ bases, with some 138,000 soldiers stationed around the globe,” the Nation notes. – According to David Vine, author of Base Nation: How U.S. Military Bases Overseas Harm America and the World, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in 2014, while the total for bases and troops in war zones was between $160 billion and $200 billion.” – Topix  ||  A History Of Mayhem & Murder  ||
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

In the Western World Lies Have Displaced Truth
Must Read – A quote….”Last year I was awarded Marquiss Who’s Who In America’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This did not prevent a hidden organization, PropOrNot, from attempting to brand me and my website along with 200 others “Putin stooges or agents” for our refusal to lie for the corrupt, anti-American, anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, warmonger police state interests that rule the Western World. – The only honest, factual media that exists in the Western World today are the names on the PropOrNot list of “Putin agents.”” – also posted at ZeroHedge

Was Michael Weiss Behind This Neocon Media Scam Which Promptly Backfired? (PropOrNot)
(((Michel Weiss))):  Neoliberalcon – A quote….”Remember the November 2016 Washington Post story on the secretive outfit that furnished a list of purportedly Russian-backed “fake news” websites? – Well, thanks to some online sleuthing from a couple of bloggers/journalists, there’s good reason to believe that PropOrNot was the brainchild of Michael D. Weiss and the Interpreter staff.”

Agreed: Nuclear War is not Such a Bad Thing
A quote….”You don’t really have to read either of these Foreign Policy articles mentioned below. – Whether the authors are arguing It’s Time to Bomb North Korea or It is Not Time to Bomb North Korea, the basic narrative is the same: There are pros and cons in using nuclear bombs to ‘stop’ the threat of North Korea. – Both ‘arguments’ are framed in such a way so as to give the ‘impression’ that Serious Debate is taking place. – Indeed, the subtitle for each might be: Be prepared for intelligent discussions on the moral and legal and ethical consequences of using nuclear or other bombs to annihilate a sovereign country. And its people. – But no. Most of the pros and cons are the same. Most are based on the general assumption that this bombing will take place and it will be justified on every level known to man and that it would be silly to waste everyone’s time talking about things that are already completely and totally known and agreed upon.” – Source:  OffGuardian

Who is Using Chlorine as a Chemical Weapon in Syria?
A quote….”Regardless of factual basis, claims of chlorine use, along with those of barrel bombs and attacks on hospitals, have been one of the most enduring propaganda memes of the Syria war. – Yet while headlines of chemical weapons are undoubtedly dramatic, the relatively low lethality of chlorine makes it an ineffective – and therefore arguably also unlikely – choice of weapon.” – Source:  RT

Get Ready for Aleppo 2.0 in Ghouta — Western Propaganda Machine Resurrects Myths of Aleppo Siege for Use in Damascus — A quote….”News that the “White Helmets” have been nominated for an Oscar for a second time seems to mark an end to any possibility of sensible discourse between the supporters of Syria and her enemies. Although the Academy Award would notionally be for another docu-fantasy about “Al Qaeda with a Facelift”, called “Last Men in Aleppo”, it evidently indicates that the Hollywood celebrity industry is now an integral part of the US state’s propaganda machine.”

Tillerson’s Promise of More War in Syria Gets Warm Reception From Corporate Media
A quote….”In a speech at Stanford this month, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared that America intends to keep military troops in Syria indefinitely, in pursuit of the US’s “key end states for Syria,” including “post-Assad leadership,” the marginalization of Iran and the elimination of “weapons of mass destruction” that the US claims Syria has.” – Source:  FAIR

Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortiumnews
In MemoriamOne Who Fought To Tell The Truth – A quote….”It is with a heavy heart that we inform Consortiumnews readers that Editor Robert Parry has passed away. As regular readers know, Robert (or Bob, as he was known to friends and family) suffered a stroke in December, which – despite his own speculation that it may have been brought on by the stress of covering Washington politics – was the result of undiagnosed pancreatic cancer that he had been unknowingly living with for the past 4-5 years.” – Source:  ConsortiumNews
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Paul Craig Roberts: Russians Don’t Understand the Seriousness of the US ‘Kremlin List’
A quote….”In an act of insane escalation of provocations against Russia, Washington has produced a list of 210 top Russian government officials and important business executives who are “gangsters,” “members of Putin’s gang,” “threats,” “people deserving to be sanctioned,” or however the Western presstitutes care to explain the list. The absurd list includes the Prime Minister of Russia, the Foreign Minister, the Defense Minister, and executives of Gazprom, Rosneft, and Bank Rossiya. In other words, the suggestion is that the entirety of Russian political and business leadership is corrupt.” – Source: PaulCraigRoberts

Russian Security Chief Comments on US ‘Kremlin List’
A quote….”ALGIERS, January 31. /TASS/. Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev has called the US “Kremlin List” another Washington’s attempt to hide domestic problems behind external threats.”

Russian Fans Banned From Waving National Flag at Winter Paralympics
The Olympics:  From Noble – to – Petty(Spiteful, tyrannical, pettiness, at the paralympics no less. It has the rancid stench of Euro-Kharzarian Bolshevik vindictiveness wafting about it – mpg) — A quote…”The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has banned Russian fans from waving the national tricolor at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympics following the organization’s decision to keep Russia’s suspension in force. – The IPC made a final decision to maintain Russia’s suspension on Monday, meaning only a handful of Russian paralympians would be allowed to compete under the title “Neutral Paralympic Athletes.” – Source:  RT

Ukrainian Celebrities Must be Fined For Performing in Russia – authorities
A quote….”The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine proposes to punish Ukrainian artists touring in Russia with fines or criminal liability.”

DPR Industrial Companies Sell RUR 146 bln Worth of Products in 2017 – Ministry
A quote….”Donetsk, Jan 30 – DAN. DPR industrial enterprises sold more than RUR 146 billion worth of products last year, the Republic’s Economic Development Ministry press service told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.”
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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

What Russian withdrawal from Syria? PHOTOS of Russia bringing more war supplies to Syria via Turkish seaway
A quote….” ISTANBUL, Turkey – Supply and reinforcement for Russia’s Syria campaign continues at full speed despite Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing some months back of a limited Russian withdrawal.”

Syrian Opposition [i.e. Terrorists] Made ‘Big Mistake’ When Refusing to Attend Sochi Peace Congress — expert
A quote…”BEIRUT, January 28. /TASS/. The Syrian Negotiations Committee “made a big mistake” when it refused to take part in the National Dialogue Congress in Sochi due on January 29-30, Lebanese analyst Nidal Sabi, an expert on Syrian opposition groups, told TASS.”

MAP UPDATE: Syrian Army continues smashing jihadists, liberates a host of towns in Idlib
A quote….” IDLIB, Syria – The Syrian Army, led by the elite Tiger Forces, has continued its march to liberate the jihadist-held province of Idlib in Syria’s northwest by capturing a host of towns in the provinces southern countryside.”

SWR – Jan 29, 2018: Turkish Forces Capture Key Mountain In Afrin – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min19sec –  Jan 29, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA) used their advantage over Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in the area of Afrin and captured Bursaya Mount, Qastal Jundu and Yazibagh. Additionally, the TAF and the TFSA entered the area of Kevire Kerr Mountain where an intense fighting was reported. On other fronts, the YPG/YPJ was able to repel attacks by Turkish forces.”

SWR – Jan 30, 2018: SDF Sends Reinforcements To Afrin – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 2min59sec –  Jan 30, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 29, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces fully secured the town of Abu al-Duhur in eastern Idlib after a series of clashes with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). – Meanwhile, pro-militant sources reported that the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces started conducting airstrikes in the area of Saraqib in a move described as a preparation for the upcoming SAA offensive there.”

SWR – Jan 31, 2018: Turkish Military Column Is Hit By Car Bomb In SW Aleppo – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min13sec –  Jan 31, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 30, a Turkish vehicle was destroyed and few others were damaged in a car bomb attack as a military convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces was passing the town of Atarib in the province of Aleppo. – According to initial reports from the ground 2 or 3 service members were killed in the attack. The media wing of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) even claimed that the convoy was struck by an artillery shelling or an air strike by pro-government forces.”
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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

747 Killed in Iraq During January
A quote….”During January, at least 747 people were killed, and another 389 were wounded. Among the dead was a U.S. servicemember killed in a non-combat incident. Also, at least six members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (P.K.K.) were killed, as was a Turkish soldier. Three more Turkish soldiers were wounded. Among the Iraqis, at least 332 civilians and 62 security personnel were killed. Another 301 civilians and 81 security members were wounded. At least 345 Islamic State members were also killed, and four more were wounded.”

Syrian Army Unearths Bodies of 45 Soldiers Killed by al-Qaida Militants in Idlib
A quote….”DAMASCUS, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) — The Syrian army dug out 45 bodies of soldiers killed by the al-Qaida-linked militants near a key air base in the northwestern province of Idlib, local media reported Tuesday. – The bodies were uncovered near the Abu al-Duhur air base by Syrian troops in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV reported.”

Turkish Aerial Attacks Kill 49 PKK Militants in Northern Iraq
A quote….”At least 49 militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have been killed when Turkish warplanes carried out a string of aerial attacks against their positions in northern Iraq.”

Iran Deplores Jordan King’s Comments
A quote….”Iran’s Foreign Ministry slammed the Jordanian king’s allegations against Tehran and its regional role, saying such stance goes counter to the realities on the ground and to the people’s call for peace and security. – In a statement on Sunday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi denounced the claims by King Abdullah II about an “Iranian crescent” and “Iran’s meddling in the region”, saying they are against the calls by the people and most countries of the Middle East for establishing lasting peace and security in the region.”

US Delivers More Black Hawk Choppers to Jordan
A quote….”The United States has delivered more Black Hawk helicopters to Jordan as part of an alleged plan to bolster the country’s borders against terrorist groups in Syria.”

Israel, Lebanon Clash Over Offshore Energy, Raising Tensions
Euro-Kharzarian Grand-Theft Warning – A quote….”BEIRUT/TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Israel described as “very provocative” on Wednesday a Lebanese offshore oil and gas exploration tender in disputed territory on the countries’ maritime border, and said it was a mistake for international firms to participate.”

Taliban Threaten 70% of Afghanistan, BBC finds
A quote….”Taliban fighters, whom US-led forces spent billions of dollars trying to defeat, are now openly active in 70% of Afghanistan, a BBC study has found. – Months of research across the country shows that the Taliban now control or threaten much more territory than when foreign combat troops left in 2014. – The Afghan government played down the report, saying it controls most areas.”

Bahrain: Repressive Sentences Against Dozens, Ayatollah Qassem Transferred to Hospital
A quote….”Bahraini regime on Wednesday went ahead with repressive court sentences against dozens of pro-democracy activists, as prominent Shia cleric, who has been for months under house arrest, was transferred to hospital. – Local sources told Al-Manar that two activists were sentenced to death on Wednesday, taking to twenty the number of activists who got death sentences in the recent months.”

Southern Separatist Groups in Yemen Begin Battles Against Saudi-Backed Government
A quote….”As the Yemeni war approaches its third year anniversary, separatists in southern Yemen have launched an insurgency and have take control of areas in Aden city. Aden is the proposed capital city of an independent southern Yemeni country. This comes as the Ansarullah movement control Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, while the mostly internationally recognized Yemeni government are based out of the southern port city of Aden.”

Jihadism in Africa’s Sahel
A quote….”Located between the Sahara desert and the Savannah, the Sahel is a strip of land in Africa of several million square kilometers, and although they are sparsely populated, the course of events suggests that in the short term they will be the scene of a large-scale confrontation between the national armies of the states that make up this geographical region, ethnic and tribal militias, jihadist groups and common criminal networks.”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Germany To Stop Taking Migrants From Italy And Greece
Now That The Damage Is Done – A quote….”The decision, announced Monday, ends Germany’s participation in an EU relocation agreement launched in the wake of the 2015 migrant crisis. The agreement officially expired on September 26, 2017, and saw Germany take in over one-third of the total refugees distributed under the plan.” – Check out the ZeroHedge comments, specifically the outstanding collection of links and quotes provided by (pseudonym) HenryKissinger – Hat-tip to him. – mpg

Eurozone Officially Achieves ‘Lost Decade’ – media refuses to admit it
Oh Look! – Success!! – By the Numbers – A quote….”With the recently released data that the Eurozone’s 2017 growth rate was 2.5%, the Eurozone has officially achieved a “lost decade”: its average annual growth rate from 2008 to 2017 was 0.6%. — Wow…that’s bad. That’s even worse than “Japan Lost Score” bad. — Japan’s two “lost decades” both actually surpassed the Eurozone’s recent performance….”

  • Japan 1991-2000: 1.4% growth rate.
  • Japan 2001-2010: 0.7% growth rate.

“Computing these numbers, in the Internet age, required about 10 minutes of searching and the use of 4th-grade-level math.” – bold by website editor – Keep in mind this “success” occurred WITH over twenty trillion in QE from the ECB, Fed, and BOJ being doled out to the one percent….mpg

Belgium: How Low Can A Low Country Get?
A quote….”In the face of the Islamic threat, of course, there is reason to be worried about pretty much every nation in Western Europe; but given the strange hollowness of Belgian identity, Belgium is a place of special concern. It is not only the location of the headquarters of the EU; it is, to quote the headline of a March 23, 2016, article by Soeren Kern for Gatestone Institute, “Why Belgium is Ground Zero for European Jihadis.” As it happens, Kern’s article appeared the day after members of ISIS in Brussels committed three suicide bombings, killing 32 people (not counting three terrorists) and injuring more than 300. — Four months before that, 137 lives were lost in terrorist attacks on the Bataclan Theater and other targets in Paris. The perpetrators were soon traced back to Molenbeek, a majority-Muslim neighborhood in Brussels.”
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More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

Why is the Truth Branded as anti-Semitic?
Must Read / View Graphics – A quote….”First they came for the Historical Revisionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Revisionist. — Then they came for the 9/11 Truth Seekers, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a 9/11 Truth Seeker. — Then they came for the Gentiles, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Gentile. — Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. — These memes will get the usual crowd of hysterical Zionist thugs agitated. Threats will be made, bans and censorship threatened and carried out, but one thing they WON’T do is use facts and logic to dispute these memes. Because they know that TRUTH is awfully hard to holocaust out of existence.”

Israelis Sue New Zealanders for Allegedly Convincing Pop Singer to Cancel Show
Jewish Lawfare Red Alert!!(Utterly Outrageous!!)(Unless they’re brought to heel immediately, and as harshly as possible, this crap is only going to get worse.  A whole set of laws for the “chosen”, and another set for everyone else.  If you REALLY want to know why “Jews” keep being thrown out of country, after country, down through the ages, this is why – mpg) — A quote….”The move is the first lawsuit filed under a 2011 Israeli law, which paves the way for legal action against anyone calling for a boycott against Israel, if that call could knowingly lead to a boycott. – An Israeli legal rights group, Shurat HaDin, has announced that it is suing the two New Zealanders for allegedly convincing pop singer Lorde to cancel her show in the Jewish state on behalf of three would-be concertgoers for about $13,000 in damages. – According to the group, two New Zealanders, one of Jewish and one of Palestinian origin, knew that their letter to Lorde could trigger a boycott, making them open to a suit under the 2011 Israeli law. The legislation paves the way for legal action against anyone calling for a boycott against Israel, including of lands it has occupied, if that call could knowingly lead to a boycott.” – Source:  Sputnik

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel
ZOG / Zio-Whore Alert – (US-NRE / Donald Trump) — A quote….”Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, expresses concerns about the decisions of France, Germany, and the UK to appease President Trump on fixing “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear agreement. It is worth a read to see that the European governments are still Washington’s toadies despite the “hate Trump” attitude that allegedly prevails among Washington’s European vassals.” – Source:  VeteransNewsNow

Irish Senate Delays Vote on Anti-Settlement Bill Under Israeli Pressure
ZOG / Zio-Whores Alert – (Ireland / Irish Senators) — A quote….”Under pressure from the Tel Aviv regime, the Irish Senate has postponed a vote on a bill that forbids the import and sale of products from Israeli settlements as well as the services originating from the occupied territories. – The bill, entitled Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018, states that it is “an offence for a person to import or sell goods or services originating in an occupied territory or to extract resources from an occupied territory in certain circumstances; and to provide for related matters.” – It also says that those who “assist another person to import or attempt to import settlement goods” would be committing a crime punishable with up to five years in prison.” – Source:  PressTV

O’Palestine! Modi is Coming
ZOG / Zio-Whore Alert – (India / Modi) —Photo-Opp Sophistry – A quote….”There was no rational explanation to hype up the relationship with Israel, a country with which India has a trade volume of $4 billion (including arms purchases). But Modi went overboard, and a Palestine visit became unavoidable.” – bold by website editor – Ethnic cleansing pays very well – mpgTopix  ||  Modi’s Zio-Neoliberalcon Conversion – 08-14-17 – mpg  ||

Israel’s Mossad Behind Lebanese Car-Bombing
A quote….”Israel’s Mossad and the CIA operate like global Mafia hit squads – on the phony pretext of combating terrorism and defending national security. – Targeted killings are US and Israeli specialties, indefensible cold-blooded murder, various methods employed. – Car-bombings a favorite tactic – how Israel assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. – Compelling video and audio evidence confirmed it, Syria falsely blamed, Hezbollah later wrongfully named responsible.”

The Poison Apple of the World // The Evil of Zionism
A quote….”No one denies that Israel is quite advanced in many fields, including medicine and electronics. But the critical question that we must raise in the face of these self-absorbed megalomaniacs is whether producing even the best possible drug to treat a given disease justifies or rationalizes the adoption of decidedly evil policies against fellow human beings.”

Reflections on the Chabloz Case
A quote….”Mr Gideon Falter, 34, who runs the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAAS) was the chief witness for the Crown Prosecution service’s (CPS) against the British minstrel Alison Chabloz. On January 10th at Marylebone Magistrate’s Court we heard him swear the oath, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He then proceeded to give the court various hearsay conjectures, about what effect Ms Chabloz’ songs might be exerting, upon unspecified persons.” – Source:  Occidental Review

Israeli Soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Shoot A Palestinian In The Face Near Ramallah
A quote….”Several Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-miltia] army vehicles invaded, on Sunday at dawn, Beit Rima village, northwest of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, searched and ransacked many homes, and shot one Palestinian in the face.”

Israeli settlers [Euro-Kharzarian Migrant Vandals] Uproot Olive Trees in Nablus
“Jews” HATE Olive Trees – A quote….”NABLUS (Ma’an) — Several Israeli settlers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist migrant vandals] uprooted dozens of olive trees on Palestinian lands in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus on Wednesday. – Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an that Israeli settlers [Euro-Kharzarian migrant vandals] from the illegal Rahhalim settlement [squatter camp] uprooted dozens of olive trees belonging to Palestinians from the Nablus-area village of Yassuf.” – bold/underline by website editor

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian] Forces Order Halt on Construction of Palestinian Kindergarten
A quote….”The Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian] occupation forces late on Tuesday evening prevented the construction of a Palestinian kindergarten in the town of Ya’bad, to the west of Jenin in the northern West Bank.”

Israeli [Euyro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Forces Ravage Palestinian Homes in Zababda
A quote….”The Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian] occupation forces on Wednesday stormed Jenin’s eastern town of Zababda, in the northern occupied West Bank, and ransacked a Palestinian family’s home.”

PPS: “Israeli Soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militias] Abduct Sixteen Palestinians In The West Bank”
A quote….”The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has confirmed that Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militias] abducted, on Thursday at dawn, sixteen Palestinians, after invading and ransacking their homes, in several parts of the occupied West Bank.”

After Three Weeks in Jail, Israel [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] Releases Palestinian Fisherman
A quote….”The Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian] occupation authority (EKOA) on Monday evening released a Palestinian fisherman after detaining him for three weeks, with no guilt, as he was working off the northern coast of the impoverished Gaza Strip.”

UN: Over 200 Companies Have Israel Settlement [Euro-Kharzarian Migrant Squatter Camp] Ties
A quote….”The United Nations human rights office said today it had identified 206 companies so far doing business linked to Israeli settlements [illegal Euro-Kharzarian migrant squatter-camps] in the occupied West Bank, where it said violations against Palestinians are “pervasive and devastating”.” – Source:  MEMO
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Hezbollah Vows to Defend Lebanon’s ‘Oil and Gas Rights’
A quote….”BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Hezbollah pledged on Wednesday to confront any threats to the country’s “oil and gas rights” after Israeli comments urging firms not to bid on a Lebanese offshore energy tender.”

Friend of Russia Wins Re-Election as Czech President
A quote….”It’s 51.4% Zeman vs. 48.6% Drahos. – Things seemed dire for Zeman ten days ago, but he scraped by thanks to Drahos having the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk (to steal a phrase from Farage).”

A Team of Athletes From South Korea Has Headed to North Korea to Participate in Joint Training There
A quote…”…as the two countries attempt to use the upcoming Winter Olympics to ease tensions despite some setbacks.”

Pakistan ‘Pivots’ to Purchase Weapons From China/Russia After Trump Halts Military Aid
A quote….”President Trump’s decision to ring the New Year by simultaneously demonizing Pakistan on Twitter has mostly backfired. – In an interview with the Financial Times, Pakistan’s defense minister Khurram Dastgir Khan said Pakistan is expanding its relationships with Russia and China, as relations with Washington deteriorate following the suspension over $2 billion in military aid to Islamabad.”

China Builds Military Base in Afghanistan
A quote….”The Afghan province of Badakhshan borders China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It used to be part of an artery between the East and West known as the ancient Silk Road. Today, that road is being revived as an element of China’s “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative, which has prompted major infrastructure construction in Afghanistan and Central Asia, designed to fuel Beijing’s interest in the province.” – Source:  StratCultFndtn

US Is Furious Russia Will Deliver Myanmar Su-30 Fighter Jets. GOOD!
A quote….”Myanmar is one of many countries increasingly interested in Russian weapons, and it was recently announced that it is preparing to purchase six Russian Su-30 fighters. That agreement was reached during Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s visit to the republic on Jan. 20-22. Russian weapons for land and naval forces were part of that agenda.”

Russia Puts the World’s Largest Supersonic Bomber Back Into Serial Production
A quote….”Russia has started test flying the first “new” Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack supersonic strategic bomber. However, this first airframe will primarily be used as a flight sciences test aircraft — it is not a fully equipped mission capable strategic bomber. Moreover, this particular airframe was likely assembled from parts that were originally built during the Soviet-era. – “The 804th plane made using Soviet aircraft breakthroughs took to the skies for the first time last week and has been performing evaluation flights since then,” a Russian Defense Ministry source told the TASS news agency. “The missile-carrying aircraft will be delivered to the Aerospace Force until the end of this year.”

Russia’s Strategic Missile Force Gets 21 Ballistic Missiles in 2017
A quote….”MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS/. Russia’s Strategic Missile Force received 21 ballistic missiles last year, Chief of the Defense Ministry’s Military Representations Department Colonel Oleg Stepanov said on Wednesday.”

Upgraded T-90M Tank to Enter Service Soon

A quote….”MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS/. The Russian army within months will get the first batch of the upgraded T-90M main battle tank, the research and industrial corporation Uralvagonzavod told TASS, adding that the first consignment will be enough to rearm one battalion.”

Pantsir-ME – Deadly Russian CIWS Goes to Sea
A quote….”On Dec. 27, Syrian militants fired three Grad rockets at the Hmeymim air base used by the Russian military forces deployed in Syria. Two of them were intercepted by Russia’s Pantsir airdefense (AD) system, while the third, which deviated from its trajectory, landed in the outskirts of the city of Jebla. Once again, the Pantsir AD system proved to be highly efficient under real combat conditions. It can first launch missiles, and if they miss, its artillery shells will finish the job. This was not the first time that this weapon had saved the lives of Russian servicemen. The Pantsir successfully intercepted three rockets targeting Hmeymim in late March. It is a truly formidable close-in weapon system (CIWS -“sea-whiz”), which few other last-ditch systems can measure up to.”

Russian Machine Builder Vows to Fulfill Deliveries of Terminator AFVs by early 2019

A quote….”MOSCOW, January 31. /TASS/. The implementation of the contract to deliver Terminator tank support armored fighting vehicles will be completed in early 2019, and the army will get the first batch in March -April 2018, the Research and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod told TASS.”

Russian Icebreakers Break US Arctic Ambition
A quote….”The US strategically and tactically loses to Russia in the Arctic, Business Insider wrote with reference to the commander of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Paul Zukunft. Russia uses “icebreaking corvettes” in the Arctic, which are essentially ice-breaking warships, the admiral said. According to him, Russia behaves in the Arctic like China does in the East and in the South China seas, as if Arctic is all Russian.”

Soyuz-2.1a Rocket Carrying 11 Satellites Launched From Russia’s Vostochny Spaceport
A quote….”VOSTOCHNY SPACEPORT /Amur region/, February 1. /TASS/. Russia’s Soyuz-2.1a rocket carrying 11 satellites has been launched from the Vostochny spaceport, a TASS correspondent reported from the site. – According to sources in the Roscosmos Space Corporation, the rocket is carrying Russia’s two Kanopus B satellites, Germany’s four S-Net satellites and one D-Star One satellite, as well as four US LEMUR remote sensing satellites.”

Russia Inc Goes Into Profit as the Budget Breakeven Price for Oil Falls to $53
By The Numbers – A quote….”Russia Inc is back in profit. Cost cutting and a crackdown on the wasteful spending caused by corruption has reduced the price of Urals blend oil needed for the federal budget to breakeven to $53, according to Renaissance Capital’s calculations. – Oil hit $71 a barrel on January 25 for the first time since 2014, supported by OPEC-led supply curbs, a record-breaking run of declines in US crude inventories and a weaker dollar. – That means currently the government is earning more from taxes on oil exports than it expects to spend this year….”

Russian Demographics in 2018
By The Numbers – Multiple Charts – Good Analysis(Demos aren’t the greatest, but there’s been outstanding progress on other issues….mpg) — A quote….”Russian birth rates were long expected to start decreasing due to the demographic “echo” of the small 1990s cohort – that they managed to hold at a plateau through to 2016, despite strong downwards pressure accruing from the ~3% yearly collapse in the numbers of women of childbearing age, was actually rather impressive. – But this year, it’s as if the floodgates finally opened, and then some. – This is a disappointing development if it represents a new normal.”

Russian Economy Under Putin: Quality of Life Tripled, Foreign Debt Fell 75%
A quote….”Before Putin’s election, Russia had a $9,889 GDP per capita by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The figure had almost tripled by 2017, and has now reached $27,900. Russia has the highest GDP per capita among its fellow BRICS countries, with the next-highest, China, having just $16,624. The PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of countries in order to compare living standards in different nations.”

“Isn’t there somebody better than Putin? Why would you vote for him again?” Margarita Simonyan answers
A quote….”Margarita Simonyan …A BBC-nik asked me:    Among the 150 million Russians is there really no one better than Putin? How can it be understood that you would vote for him again? — I explained it for him something like this:   To understand this, you had to live here before Putin. Just picture it, you live in a country where a civil war has going on long since, which has no end and no end in sight. Where a crisis has just struck, which has nullified all your money, again. – Where everyone understands that Chechnya will not come to an end, and there will be Dagestan, Ingushetia and even Adygeya, and then Tatarstan, until we fall apart completely in torment, hatred and blood.”

Russian FM Spokesperson Holds Weekly Briefing in Moscow
RTVideo – (RTYuTb – 1hr34min50sec – Jan 31, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova conducts a weekly press briefing on the current foreign affairs.” – Personally this website editor thinks she should delegate all the house-keeping details to others, keep her briefings under 30 minutes, with occasional crushing exposes of US perfidy, as she’s already done on several issues such as the US’s support of ISIS, and the White Helmets staging of various false flags. – mpg

LPR and DPR Create One Single Customs Union
A quote….” The Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, and acting Head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, have signed a Protocol on the intentions of creating a single customs union. — In addition, the Protocol also includes an Agreement on cooperation between the state enterprise “Donetsk Railways” and the state enterprise “Lugansk Railways”, according to which these enterprises will work together to link the regions, in terms of ease of transportation of goods and passengers.”

South Korean Team Heads to North For Joint Training Event
A quote….”A team of athletes from South Korea has headed to North Korea to participate in joint training there, as the two countries attempt to use the upcoming Winter Olympics to ease tensions despite some setbacks.”

Napoleon’s Decentered And Disastrous Invasion Of Russia
A Bit Of History – A quote….”This October 19th marks the 205th anniversary of the start of Napoleon’s fateful retreat from Moscow. The march lasted nearly two months and cost tens of thousands of lives, with the remnants of Napoleon’s army re-crossing the Russian border on December 12th. – Much is made of the destruction of the “Grand Army of 500,000″ by the cold weather and the Cossacks, but this is yet another cliche of World history that doesn’t accord entirely with all the facts.”

Snow Sweepers Clear 30cm Wide Track Attached to Cliff Face in China
Relax Time – (sort of) – Contains Video(Must be one of those short-cuts – mpg) – (RTYuTb – 40sec – Jan 31, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica – A quote….”If you’ve ever complained about getting up for work early on a cold morning, watch what these Chinese workers do for a living.”

The Beautiful Medieval Towns North of Moscow – Russia’s Spiritual Heart (Video)
Relax TimeContains VideoAlt/YuTb – A quote….”Kriushkino village not far from Pereslavl-Zalessky is like a fairy tale come alive: a log blockhouse with lace decorations. Inside is a Russian stove, snake-like mats, everything is made with love in the traditional Russian style.””
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

100 Years Ago US Troops Attacked Russia’s Pacific Coast and Committed Atrocities
A quote….”Among the many captured battle standards from Sweden, Turkey and Germany that are proudly displayed, a few of the expansive oil paintings took me by surprise. – There was, for example, a picture depicting the Russian fleet at anchor off of Kodiak in Alaska during the mid-eighteenth century. Another showed the Soviet Navy’s first submarine kill by torpedo on July 31, 1919. On that day, the British destroyer HMS Vittoria was sunk by the Bolshevik submarine Pantera under the command of Alexander Bakhtin. I had known, of course, that Allied forces intervened in the Russian Civil War during 1918–22, but was not aware that the intervention had occasioned such deadly incidents.”

US Missile Interceptor Test Fails in Hawaii
A quote….”US officials have confirmed that a test of the advanced SM-3 Block IIA missile defense system in Hawaii on Wednesday has failed, proving unable to intercept test intermediate-range missiles out of the air.”

Visualizing The UK’s Shrinking Navy
Graphic(click to enlarge) – A quote….”The recent commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest ever warship, certainly made waves. Much has been made of the state of the art vessel which will bring a massive leap in capability to the fleet.- However, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy points out, redundancies have left the Royal Navy with only 29,280 personnel and that lack of manpower has created a serious dent in its strength and readiness.”

The Battle of Khaled Al Hamedi, a Libyan Citizen, Against the Impunity of NATO
A quote….”In 2011, an Alliance bomber exterminated his family in Sorman, Libya. – Speaking at the Rimini meeting in the summer of 2017, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg repeated several times that NATO works for peace and stability, with a shamelessness equal to the impunity enjoyed by the organization and its members. – To which NATO country did the bomber that exterminated the family of Khaled Al Hamedi on June 20, 2011 in Sorman, Libya belong?” – Source:  Internationalist 360°

Qatar to Expand Largest US Airbase in MidEast to Make it Permanent, Plans to Host Navy
A quote….”Qatar plans to add 200 more housing units to the Al-Udeid Air Base, crucial to the US-led counter-terrorist campaign, so that US troops deployed there on a permanent basis can feel “at home,” Qatar’s defense minister said. – Among far-reaching plans outlined by Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Minister of State for Defense and Deputy Minister of Qatar, the Gulf kingdom is renovating its naval ports so that the US Navy can be deployed to the country in addition to some 10,000 US servicemen stationed at Al-Udeid air base near Doha.”

Liberal Democracy, With or Without Lula in Brazil, is a Fraud
A quote….”RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Today is the day when right-wing liberal cattle celebrate, as if Brazil had been saved, and where liberal left-hand cattle cry, as if the future of Brazil were threatened. All because of Lula, one of the most insidious political figures to arouse the greatest passions and sentimentality in the Brazilian masses.”

“We Are Ready to Kill”: Threats Against the Shipibo Community of Peru’s Amazon Intensify Following Court Order Against Palm Oil Company – A quote….”Leaders from the Shipibo community of Santa Clara de Uchunya, Peru, have reported a spike in violent threats and intimidation in the weeks following a court injunction against the palm oil company responsible for appropriating and deforesting more than 7,000 hectares of their ancestral territory.”
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More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

Tech Giants Struggle To Find ‘Russian Meddling’ in Written Answers to US Senate
A quote….”Twitter, Facebook and Google had a hard time providing evidence of “Russian meddling” on social media, transcripts from the US Senate show. However, they did shockingly reveal that RT America had purchased ads aimed at Americans. – On Friday, the US Senate Intelligence Committee released answers provided by Twitter, Facebook and Google in response to questions concerning Russia’s alleged meddlesome use of social media in the devious pursuit of uprooting American democracy.” – Source: RT

Facebook Will Soon Filter Out RT News, So This is How You Fix It… Probably
A quote….”Social media giant Facebook is changing its news feed, presumably to make it more about human interaction. If you get your RT news through the network, here is what you need to do to prevent the new algorithm from obscuring it.”

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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

CrossTalk: Memo-Mania
Must Listen CTRTVideoGreat Analysis!CT/#Memo-Mania@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 24min23sec – Jan 31, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”The ‘release the memo’ moment is upon us. Republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and FBI. Democrats and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction. Finally the public will decide. CrossTalking with Lee Stranahan, James Jatras, and H. A. Goodman.”

Former Secret Service Agent: FISA Memo Intel Leads Directly to Barack Obama’s Desk (VIDEO)
A quote….”Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino went on with Tucker Carlson on Monday night following the House Intelligence Committee vote to release the classified FISA memo.”

Report: Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe “SET UP” Trump White House In Operation That STARTED The Fake News ‘Obstruction Of Justice” Charge — A quote….”A new book on the media’s relationship with the Trump White House has revealed a FBI operation to specifically set up a senior member of the Trump administration in a move that eventually led to the original claims of obstruction of justice against the president. – According to the book, “Media Madness,” by Howard Kurtz, then deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe called White House chief of staff Reince Priebus shortly after the release of a fake news report in the New York Times to ask to speak to him privately, telling him that “everything” in the article was “bullsh*t” and not to be believed.”

The Twisted Truth About Mueller’s Corrupted Probe
A quote….”You know the old saying, “give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?” Well that time has surely come for Mueller, the FBI (Fake, Biased Investigations) and the whole damn bunch of Trump hating, sore loser Clintonistas. With this week’s astounding revelations of premeditated, utterly biased and criminal behavior by top members of Mueller’s hit squad, this is more than a smoking gun.”

Health Ranger: Mainstream Media Is A Part Of The Biggest Scandal In US History
A quote….”The FBI is currently masterminding the most egregious political crime of the century, according to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.  All of the masterminds in power have now been exposed but it’s time to expose the media too. – The mainstream media is covering up the FBI, deep state, and Democrats scandal because they are a part of this.  It’s their job to use propaganda to alter public opinion and they have done it well.”

Too Much Traditional Values, Too Little Russia-Bashing – MSM’s Grievances With Trump’s SOTU
A quote….”As some mainstream media rushed to genuinely fact-check US President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, others jumped straight to the fault-finding. – In an article hot on the heels of the address, Huffington Post’s Akbar Shahid Ahmed accused Trump of letting Russia off too easy. The president only mentioned Russia once in his speech (as he did with China), merely referring to it as a rival, not a sworn enemy hell-bent on America’s downfall.”

Democraps Blow It Big Time During Trump’s SOTU
A quote….”Did you folks watch Trump’s State of the Union speech last night? – Well, the democrat party looked completely idiotic. From what could be seen in the live network coverage, they truly showed their moronic colors. Now network coverage is different than seeing it on a straight feed. You have control people behind-the-scenes  switching from one camera to another — telling camera men to get on and OFF certain people as they follow along with what the speaker is saying. So there is a degree of libtard bias going on. Even so, you could catch the dems looking stupid before they switched cameras. At one point, you could hear some sort of commotion going on, but the camera stayed tight on Trump.”

The Donald’s Delusional SOTU
A Warning…..  A quote….”As we said on Fox Business yesterday, Donald Trump is walking himself right into a miserable trap. He and his putative “advisors” are apparently so blind to the severe headwinds facing the financial markets and the deep structural impairments plaguing the US economy that they have eagerly embraced a veritable fairy tale. – Namely, that after one year of pugnacious and impulsive tweeting and little else, the Donald has brought the American economy roaring back to life. And we do mean little else because the Trump Administration’s ballyhooed reduction in Federal regulations is almost entirely hot air (more on Thursday) and the tax bill was not signed until nearly the last day of the year. – So the fact that there has been no acceleration of growth whatsoever during the Donald’s first year should not be surprising…..”
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

FBI Releases Docs Claiming RT Founder Beat Himself To Death In His Hotel Room
The FBI is a Crime Syndicate – A quote….”The FBI just released the results of their investigation claiming that the media mogul and found of RT killed himself by repeatedly smashing his head and upper body into the ground. [i.e…. he beat himself to death – mpg] — In November 2015, the Free Thought Project reported that Mikhail Lesin, the former head of media affairs for the Russian government, and the founder of Russia Today (RT), was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC. — Originally, authorities announced that Lesin died from a heart attack.” – bold by website editor – Source:  SHTFPlanComAbsolutely not one single individual in this country — or any other — believes this crap.  It’s truly embarrassing.  This is in-your-face- lawlessness on the part of the FBI – mpg

Confirmed: FBI Spotted Inside Mandalay Bay Room 32-132 After Shooting
A quote….”LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Two FBI agents were captured on film working inside of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino room 32-132 on the night of the 1 October massacre after the gunfire subsided but what were they doing there?”

The Californian Reich: Government Intimidates Residents and Steals Their Property
A quote….”Areas like Antelope Valley are being systematically driven from their land by the state, who seeks to profit from future development projects. By deploying their heavily-armed Orwellian titled, Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATS), LA County technocrats are engaged in a form of official racketeering, attacking residents who are “off grid” using solar panels to power their homes – and forcing them to pay $100,000 to connect to the distant grid, in effect forcing them to move and sell cheap. – In effect, this amounts to state-sanctioned property theft, by a government which is acting in a criminal manner. Watch….”

Six Elements of Police Spin: An Object Lesson in Copspeak
A quote….”The linguistic gymnastics needed to report on police violence without calling up images of police violence is a thing of semantic wonder. Officers don’t shoot, they are merely “involved” in shootings; victims are not victims, but “suspects” “fleeing”; human beings become pre-mortem cadavers as bullets “enter the torso” rather than the chest of a person; guns and bullets act on their own as they “discharge” or “enter the right femur,” rather than being fired by autonomous individuals with agency and purpose. Headlines become 14-word, jargon-heavy tangles where a simple five-word description would suffice.” – Source:  FAIR

Corrupt Cops Admit To Keeping BB Guns to Plant On Unarmed People They Kill
A quote….”Baltimore, MD — (ZH) Over the past year, the Baltimore Police Department has undoubtedly gained national attention in a corruption scandal involving the Gun Trace Task Force, running wild on the streets of Baltimore. – Members of this elite group were charged with “racketeering and other corruption, accused of robbing citizens, making illegal arrests and filing for thousands of dollars in overtime they never worked,” said the Baltimore Sun.”

Watch As Activist Asserts Rights Against Constitutional Threats From Police – And Wins
A quote….”Is that not what most people want? Do they simply want to go on their way, free to exercise their liberties to walk where they wish, film what they wish, and not be interrupted by police officers who seem paranoid someone may be watching them do their jobs. – It’s called accountability. Police officers are accountable to the public and the citizens, and part of that accountability is not making contact with people who simply do not want to talk with them, nor harass, handcuff, and detain entirely innocent people who have committed no crime.”

The Rowboat (Wages) and the Yacht (Assets)
Must Read Concept Note – Charts – Outstanding Quote of the Day — A quote….”The cold reality is [US] wage-earners are tugging on the oars of a water-logged rowboat, trying to catch up with the sleek yacht of asset owners. The system has been rigged to reward those who own assets (capital) or who can borrow immense sums of nearly-free money (credit) to buy assets.”

“Can we be bluntly unpolitically correct for a moment and observe that the rowboat is never going to catch the yacht? No wonder the nation’s savings rate is near-zero; most households don’t earn enough to save much, and those that do are caught up in a nightmarish Red Queen’s Race in which they save $10,000 a year but the asset they hoped to buy rose by $50,000. — In other words, trying to save enough by pulling on the oars of a rowboat for 10 years while the yacht has accelerated and is now on the dim horizon is a fool’s game.”

“As I keep saying: the status quo has divested the working and middle classes. The laboring classes have no stake in America’s status quo except their entitlements and whatever assets they bought 20+ years ago around 1994-97. Those who weren’t able to buy assets 20 years ago have been in the wallowing rowboat watching the yacht pull farther away every day.” – also posted at  ZeroHedge

The Pie Is Shrinking So Much The 99% Are Beginning To Starve
A quote….”Social movements arise to solve problems of inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression. In other words, they are solutions to society-wide problems plaguing the many but not the few (i.e. the elites at the top of the wealth-power pyramid). – The basic assumption of social movements is that Utopia is within reach, if only the sources of the problems can be identified and remedied.  Since inequality, injustice, exploitation and oppression arise from the asymmetry of power between the few (the financial and political elites) and the many, the solution is a reduction of the asymmetry; that is a tectonic realignment of the social structure that shifts some power—economic and/or political—from the few to the many.” – Source:  OfTwoMinds – also posted at PeakProsperity

The Path The US Is On Is Unsustainable, Which Will INEVITABLY Lead To Social Disorder
A quote….”Since the corportate mainstream media is basically a haven for well-educated hoity-toity individuals…I’ll give you just a example…Anderson Cooper. A lot of people don’t know that he’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Everybody knows the Vanderbilt money, right? They [the mainstream media] are basically these well-educated people with some family wealth, upper-middle class social circles, and the media coverage of the slow drip of financial anxiety is sparse. Why? They’re making money. They don’t care. They’re not gonna ‘upset the apple cart.’ And why should they?” – Source:  OfTwoMinds

Report: 51 Million American Adults Can’t Fill Prescriptions Due to Costs
Try:  Artificially Inflated “Costs” – A quote….”According to new data from Rasmussen, 20 percent of American adults “continue to pass on medical checkups and prescription drugs to save money”.  This works out to 51 million Americans, and does not include children who may be foregoing medical treatment.”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Memo-gate [& Geopolitical Analysis] – (Extended version)
Must Listen CTRTVideoCT/#BullhornsMemo-Gate@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 36min38sec – Jan 29, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Release the memo! Russiagate morphs into FBI-gate. Also, are the US and Turkey on the path to confrontation in Syria? And, the great debate. Jordan Peterson is called a one-man army and has taken the Internet by storm. CrossTalking with Victor Olevich, Mark Sleboda, and Dmitry Babich.”

Episode #219 – ‘The War Drums’ With Guests Adam Garrie & Vanessa Beeley
21stCWAudioEP#219SpkrEP#219PodomaticNote: May contain adult language – (21stCWSprkr – 2hrs57min10sec – January 28th, 2018) – Source:  21st Century WireSunWire@SprkrSunWire@PodomaticSunWire@SndCldASprkr@AltCrntRadioAltCrntRadioGuest Websites:  UK Colmn NewsUK Colmn’s/SndCldUKColmn’s/Mp4UKColmn@YuTbAltCrntRadio – A quote….”Episode #219 of Sunday Wire Show resumes on Jan 28th 2017 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you a very special LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) – covering all the top news stories worldwide…. This week the SUNDAY WIRE resumes its regular LIVE broadcasting schedule as host Patrick Henningsen covers this week’s top stories from the US, UK and internationally. Patrick will be joined in-studio with Mike Robinson editor of the UK Column to discuss this week’s top stories from the US, Europe and beyond. In the first hour we’ll be joined by special guest and Director of Eurasia Future, Adam Garrie, to talk about UK defense secretary Gavin Williamson and Britain’s increasingly ridiculous anti-Russian fetish, along with other breaking developments on the Grand Chessboard. In the second hour, we’ll connect with 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley to talk about her recent month-long trip to Syria and the latest al Qaeda/White Helmets cinematic joint venture and Oscar effort, “The Last Man in Aleppo“. Later, we’re also be joined by our roving correspondent for culture & sport, Basil Valentine to get odds on the upcoming Tory leadership coup, as well as odds on whether Trump will remain in office through 2018. Enjoy the show… Subscribe & Become a Member @21WIRE.TV

Dr Duke & Hitchcock: 1st Page Joogle Search “Historical Europeans” all Blacks! & The Latest on the Juda-coup Against Trump!DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-30-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 30th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke British author and talk show host Andy Hitchcock as his guest for the show. First they discussed the Jewish coup d’etat attempt against President Trump in all its manifestations, including the bogus “Russia probe” and the non-stop media campaign against him. – Then they went into the fascinating attempt by the Jewish media giant Google to genocide whites from the pages of history. Earlier this month we reported on Google image searches for “American investors” or “American scientists” displaying almost entirely black faces. But is it even worse. Typing in “historical Europeans” gives you the images pictured above. Try the same with “white women with their boyfriends,” “white couples,” or just “white people.” “White presidents” gives you a bunch of pictures of Barack Obama, plus Danny Glover and Morgan Freeman, who both played presidents in Hollywood fantasies, along with Senator Cory Booker for good measure. So what are you complaining about, whitey? You don’t even exist! You are just a figment of your sick, racist imagination! – So please keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”

HAC: High Turnover in WN (02.01.18)
NWFVideo – (NWFYuTb – 35min24sec – Jan 31, 2017) – Related & Alternate sourcesTedMidward@YuTbAStrangerInMyOwnLandTedMidwardInfoEuro Folk Radio ShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTbAlternate Sources:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeThe Right Stuff Shows

Analyzing Gloria Steinem’s Career as Crypto-Feminist
Must Listen TMAudioAlt/Mp3(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts) – (TMVar – 2hrs26min43sec – Jan 29, 2017) – Source:  AStrangerInMyOwnLandTedMidward@YuTbTedMidwardInfoEuro Folk Radio ShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTbAlternate Sources:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeThe Right Stuff Shows – A quote….”Ted and Eli discuss Gloria Steinem’s career as a CIA agent duping women into becoming feminists and Marxists. – Gloria Steinem admitting that she worked for the CIA in the 1950’s but lying about having left the CIA.   We showed in the above discussion that the CIA helped create the magazines that she worked late into the 1970’s.   She is probably still on the CIA payroll today. — All of this is proof that the CIA has always been an anti-American, subversive organization, controlled by the international Jews and communists.”
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

[US] Treasury Increases Auction Sizes For 3, 10 And 30 Year Notes
“Here Comes More Debt” — A quote…”While the US Treasury had previously warned it would gradually increase TSY auction sizes, bond traders were looking to today’s Refunding statement for details on when and how much this increase would be. We got the answer moments ago, when the Treasury unveiled it would increase auction sizes for 3, 10 and 30 Year maturities and will increase other maturities, FRNs over the quarter.”

BOJ Unexpectedly Boosts Bond Buying Operation To Halt Rise In Yields
Charts(click to enlarge) — A quote….”First thing this morning we reported that as part of the global bond selloff, overnight Japan’s 10-year bond yield briefly rose by more than 2bps above 0.10%, the highest since July 11, with traders commenting that any sustained increase in the 10-year yield to 0.1% would test speculation that the BOJ will offer to buy unlimited amount of bonds for fixed rates.”
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Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Resisting Tyranny: Struggling for Seed Sovereignty in Latin America
A quote….”The Latin America Seeds Collective last year released a 40-minute film (‘Seeds: Commons or Corporate Property?) which documents the resistance of peasant farmers to the corporate takeover of their agriculture.

The Strange World Of Vaccines, Pregnancy And Children
A quote….”Something very strange has happened since I studied health, nutrition and holistic health sciences and matriculated in prenatal and infant nutrition.  Back then, pregnant mothers were advised to take no medications, not even an aspirin!  All medications were to be carefully “vetted” by the female’s obstetrician-physician and were to be taken only when absolutely necessary!  Vaccines were nowhere near the radar screens of prenatal or neonatal health monitoring or medical services provided. Nor did we see or hear anything about the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its “genetic lineage” except Dr. Leo Kanner’s discovery published in 1943, first reported in the medical literature as “Kanner’s syndrome”!  Where were the “genetic science and data” hiding if ASD supposedly is/was even a somewhat quasi-factual genetic proclivity [1]?”

Basic Vaccine Lies in the World of Fake News
A quote….”The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” (Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977)”

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More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….
To Imagine A World Free From Fascism and Israel, Imagine a World Without the UN
Must Read – A quote….”Cowardice in the face of Zionist/corporate coercion is not confined to individual state actors; it is also found among groups of states. The crippling power of groupthink and the fear of reprisal for defying the hegemonic power can inhibit states from behaving ethically. To stand against tyranny is admittedly dangerous and difficult, so perhaps cowardice is too strong a term for those that don’t, but tyrants have only as much power as their victims are willing to give them; at some point they have to stop giving: There is no cowardice as strong as a shared cowardice, or as Edmund Burke so aptly said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” For an assemblage of do-nothing good men, I give you the United Nations.”

“The UN’s role in creating our neo-fascist world order goes virtually unremarked as the world’s propaganda organs and gossip networks fixate on the U.S.’s warmongering bombast. To condemn the UN in this manner likely seems absurd to anti-war activists and those indoctrinated with the dogma of liberal internationalism, but it is no coincidence that the 20th century, the most violent in human history, is also the first century when the world succumbed to the conceit that war could be rationalized out of existence.”

“The UN did not prevent wars; it centralized and depoliticized their execution. Before the UN, states had to make the conscious decision to declare war before engaging in hostilities. War was an instrument of politics. After the UN, war was divorced from rational politics. It became an aggression sanctioned by the Security Council, like the no-fly zones over Iraq, or a self-proclaimed right to attack based on contrivances like “responsibility to protect” and “violations” of Security Council resolutions. These are the excuses invoked to lay waste whole countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Victims of great power aggression, like Palestine, on the other hand, have no hope of redress.” – Source:  GregFelton

Uncle Sam Dumps the Kurds (Yet Again)
Must Read – A quote….”The drama which is unfolding in northern Syria is truly an almost ideal case to fully assess how weak and totally dysfunctional the AngloZionist Empire has really become. Let’s begin with a quick reminder. — The US-Israeli goals in Syria were really very simple. As I have already mentioned in a past article, the initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS – call them whatever you want). Doing this would achieve the following goals….”

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and forces the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.

“With the joint Russian-Iranian military intervention, this plan completely collapsed. For a while, the USA tried to break up Syria under various scenarios, but the way the Russian Aerospace forces hammered all the “good terrorists” eventually convinced the AngloZionists that this would not work.” – Source:  UNZReviewalso posted at RussiaInsider

US Must Choose Between Rout by Turkey / Russia, or Orderly Retreat – a Fiasco
Must Read(Zombie PNAC Protocols?)(Like any zombie, even though it’s been shot in the head, it just goes right on killing, and killing, and killing…. mpg) – A quote….”The more I read the headlines the more I hope our nukes are no longer at Incerlik air base in Turkey.  U.S. policy in Syria has morphed into this zombie strategy of advancing the “Assad Must Go” no matter what. – No matter how many times the pro-Assad coalition shoots our goals in the head, the more our tactics shift so that we can keep coming. – It’s embarrassing, really.  When things become an unmitigated failure on the ground, we normally just ‘declare victory and leave.’  But, in the case of Syria, where the groundwork for this invasion began fifteen years ago, we simply won’t let it go.” – That’s because the US-NRE, and it’s foreign policy, is under the complete control of the Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate – mpg

America’s National Defense Is Really Offense
A quote….”On Friday, the Pentagon released an unclassified summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy report. On the same day, Secretary of Defense James Mattis delivered prepared remarks relating to the document. – Reading the summary is illuminating, to say the least, and somewhat disturbing, as it focuses very little on actual defense of the realm and relates much more to offensive military action that might be employed to further certain debatable national interests. Occasionally, it is actually delusional, as when it refers to consolidating “gains we have made in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.” – At times Mattis’ supplementary “remarks” were more bombastic than reassuring, as when he warned “… those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy: if you challenge us, it will be your longest and worst day.” He did not exactly go into what the military response to hacking a politician’s emails might be and one can only speculate, which is precisely the problem.” – Source:  StratCultFndtn

US Defense Establishment Obsessed With a Rising China / Russia Colossus
A quote….”One thing can be said about the new Pentagon National Defense Strategy document just released under the name of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. It is honest about what the target of US military policy is going forward. Washington military policy is explicitly aimed to keep China and Russia from developing any alternative counter-pole to unchallenged US military and political supremacy. – The new document lays this out in no uncertain terms. The details are notable and show the disarray that is Washington today, as its once-firm grip on world power disintegrates.”

Trump Now Increases ‘Defense’ Budget 37% Above Obama’s
A quote….”The Washington Post headlined on January 26th, “Trump plans to ask for $716 billion for national defense in 2019 — a major increase”, and reported that when President Trump had entered the White House in January 2017, the ‘Defense’ budget was $521 billion, but that President Trump will propose in his upcoming State-of-the-Union speech, a 2019 ‘Defense’ budget of $716 billion, which, if it becomes law, would mean a 37% increase, above Obama’s last Pentagon budget (for 2017).”

How Did Food From The West Midlands End Up in ISIS-Controlled Territory in Syria?
A quote….”It’s below zero degrees on the vast dirt hillside above Totah but through the mist and freezing rain, I can see the Syrian general’s target, a small Isis-held village across a valley of mud. There’s a crash of artillery fire from his Shilka guns, and you wait several seconds before the shells fall behind a clump of hillside trees. The smoke billows into the cold air and it takes another few seconds before the sound of the explosions reaches back to us. Then another few seconds before Isis shoots back at the Syrians. Heavy machine gun fire that echoes and thumps up the wadis. Isis is not beaten yet. It still has food. From the UK, no less. Of which, more later.”

Syrian Army Discovers Israeli-Made Arms in Deir Ezzur
Related Article – A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army troops continued cleansing operation in Deir Ezzur province and found a large volume of arms and ammunitions, including Israel-made landmines, in ISIL’s positions, a field source said on Saturday. –  The source said that the army men carried out mop-up operations in the villages and towns of al-Sayal, Hasarat, al-Salehiyeh and al-Jala’a West of the town of Albu Kamal, discovering a large volume of arms and ammunition in the regions that were once under ISIL control.

Several ISIS Terrorists Captured in Western Iran
Related Article – (It appears the US-NRE is trying to spread ISIS to Iran – What’s a matter, the MEK ain’t getting the job done?? – mpg) — A quote…”TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps ground forces have captured several ISIL terrorists after clashes in Western Iran, IRGC public relations declared on Saturday. – The public relations department of the IRGC Ground Force’s ‘Najaf Ashraf’ base declared in a statement on Saturday that during the clashes with ISIL militants in Western Iran, most members of the terrorist group which consisted of 21 terrorists were arrested.”

The USAF Expands MQ-9 Reaper Drone Force in Afghanistan to Its Largest Size Ever
A quote….”The U.S. Air Force says its force of MQ-9 Reapers at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan is now the largest deployment of the type to a single base ever. The drones are part of a larger surge in the air war over the country, which could still include yet more unmanned aircraft in the near future as other services, such as the U.S. Navy, consider their own unmanned contributions.”

US Helicopter Gunship Kills 7 Iraqi Civilians
A quote….”A US military helicopter has targeted several vehicles in Iraq’s al-Anbar Province, killing seven civilians and wounding 11 others, including a local official.”

Hallo Deutschland! – Turkey’s New War Just In Time for Springtime Migrant Tsunami
A quote….”If you want a clear example of why intervening in a Middle Eastern country is so foolhardy, then the example of Syria must now be at the top of the list. Turkey, after invading northern Syria and conquering the city of Al-Bab in 2016-17, has now opened up another front to the west in the Kurdish region of Afrin.”

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Those UN North Korea Sanctions Russia Helped Vote In? The US Is Boasting They’re Already Killing Innocents
Sanctions R’4’Eva – A quote….”Last week when I criticized the Russian move to vote along with China and the US in enacting a sweeping  UN trade blockade against North Korea I received some pushback from commentators who felt I did not have enough understanding for Moscow’s decision. – Well, since then America’s foreign minister, Rex Tillerson, has boasted that the measures are already killing North Koreans….”

“[The fishermen] are being sent in the wintertime to fish because there are food shortages. And they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back. So we are getting a lot of evidence that these [sanctions] are really starting to hurt.”

“So food shortages in North Korea and more dead fishermen washing up on Japan’s shores are a welcome sign the US-proposed sanctions are working as intended.”

Nicaragua Halts Exports to Venezuela Over US Sanctions Fear
Sanctions R’4’Eva – A quote….”MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Nicaragua’s exports to its regional ally, Venezuela, have come to a halt this year amid fears of US retaliation, the manager general of the Nicaraguan Association of Producers and Exporters (APEN) said.”

US Expands Sanctions on Russian Firms, Individuals
Sanctions R’4’Eva(No matter WHAT you do — or don’t do — more sanctions for you! – mpg) — A quote….”The United States has expanded its sanctions against Russia by adding more individuals and companies to its blacklist because of what Washington calls Moscow’s continued interference in Ukraine.” – Source:  PressTV
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

If You Know Anyone Who Still Thinks The White Helmets Are “Heroes” – Show Them This 7m Video
White Helmets Busted:  Contains Must View VBVideoAlt/YuTb – (VBYuTb – 7min21sec – Jan 26, 2018) – Source:  Vanessa Beeley @ YuTbVB’s The Wall Will Fall — A quote….”Vanessa Beeley presents a condensed overview of the evidence for the White Helmets being a creation of Western governments embedded with terrorist factions inside Syria. Show this to anyone who still can’t believe our leaders would be cynical and psychopathic enough to nominate mercenaries, fakers and mass-murderers for a Nobel prize, or that our media would be craven enough to let this grotesque lie go unquestioned ”

BBC Syria ‘Reporting’ Betrays the Most Basic Journalistic Principles
Must Read – A quote….”Lies, deceit and forgeries have always been part of war, truth being ‘the first casualty.’ But in the past two decades the falsifications of war have reached unparalleled heights, thanks to technology. The lies told by the American, British, Australian and allied governments ahead and during the attack on Iraq in 2003 reached heights which one would have thought could not be surpassed.”

Russophobia Fueled By the Greed of Billionaires
A quote….”The complete and unmitigated irrationality of the current epidemic of Russophobia does nothing to reduce its incredible virulence, as it continues to infect the entire political and media class. There is a zero chance that Russia will launch an attack on the UK, yet the entire corporate and state media is leading today with the “need” to spend billions against that most unlikely threat, as propounded by General Nutty McNutter.”
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

America’s ‘Total War’ – and Russia’s Predicament About How to Respond
A quote….”Amidst all the hullaballoo in U.S. media over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections and ongoing threats to American democracy, the broad public may be forgiven for not noticing that the U.S.A. is day by day massively interfering in the Russian presidential campaign with a view to turning elites and the electorate against the front-runner, Vladimir Putin, and at the same time at discrediting the entire process.”

World’s Foremost Humanoid Robot Crashes When Asked How To Tackle Corruption in Ukraine
A Hopeless, Impossible TaskUntying the Gordian Knot, or cleaning out the Augean Stables, would have been child’s play.  No wonder the robot crashed – mpg — A quote….”The state-of-the-art social humanoid robot known as Sophia failed to answer the question of “what should be done with corruption in Ukraine” when asked while visiting the Ukrainian house at the World Economic Forum in Davos.”

Poles send Ukraine a message: Prison term for calling Bandera, Shukevich, OUN-UPA heroes, or for denying the Volyn Massacre — A quote….”The Polish parliament adopted an amendment to the law “On the Institute of National Memory – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Nation” by 279 votes in favor with 5 votes against and 130 abstentions.”

Hungary to Raise National Minorities’ Rights in Ukraine Issue at Various LevelsHip Hip Hooray!!
FYI:  Not a “national minority” – It’s the Euro-Kharzarain oligarchs and their pseudo neo-fascist minions and lackeys who are the true minority.  A little more than ten percent of the population.  Brutally oppressing the sixty-five percent of the Russian speaking so-called “minority” of the population – mpg — A quote…”Budapest intends to consistently and at various levels raise the issue of observing the rights of national minorities in Ukraine and is ready to conduct consultations with Kiev, stated Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, who participated in the international Arctic Frontiers conference in the Norwegian Arctic town of Tromsø.”

Moscow Vows To Create International Tribunal for Crimes in the DonbassHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”An International Tribunal for crimes committed in the Donbass can and should be created. This was announced today at a press conference in Moscow by the Director General of the Agency for Strategic Communications, Vadim Samodurov.”

International Criminal Court takes up 332 cases over Ukraine tortures in Donbass
A quote….”Donetsk, Jan 25 – DAN. The International Criminal Court will review 332 cases sent by DPR activists over use of tortures by Ukrainian forces in Donbass, said lawyer Elena Shishkina, member of the commission on recording Ukrainian authorities’ crimes in Donbass.”

Kiev [Regime] Demands [Russia] Stop Providing Aid to Donbass Children
A quote….”Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed protest in connection with Russian aid to Donbass. The data appeared on the official site of the Ministry. – ‘Russian convoy moved violating the norms of the International law and earlier coordinated rules of the sides’, it was said in the report.”

Ukrainian Journalist Threatened For Publishing Poroshenko Trip to the Maldives
A quote….”The Ukrainian journalist who went public with the details of Petro Poroshenko’s vacation in the Maldives, Mikhail Tkach has complained of threats to his life. This was writted by Tkach on his Facebook page on Friday.”

DPR reveals secret prison in Ukraine – Morozova
A quote….”Donetsk, Jan 25 – DAN. Donetsk’s cooperation with UN helped secure the release a dozen people kept in a Ukrainian secret prison, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said during a video link with Moscow and Lugansk on Thursday, arranged with the assistance of Donetsk News Agency.”

DPR Registry Offices Issue Almost 900 Birth & Marriage Certificates Since Early 2018
A quote….”Employees of civil registration offices of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR)  have issued nearly 900  birth and marriage certificates since the beginning of this year, the press service of the Ministry of Justice reports.”

Gawd Dang! – Hagee’s Hordes and the Euro-Kharzarian Kiev regime oligarchs are going to be hopping up and down in fury over this! — Heterosexual, Christian, Russian / Ukrainian couples getting married and starting families?!?!  That “Rapture” thing of theirs ain’t EVER gonna happen! – mpg

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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Syria Resolute in Continuing Anti-Terror Fight With Help of Iran, Russia: Assad
A quote….”President Bashar al-Assad has reiterated Syria’s resolve to continue battling terrorism with the help of Iran and Russia, amid efforts for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in the Arab country.”

Syria’s Experience: the Russian TOS-1A [Rocket Launcher]* Is Unique and Indispensable
War Tech – A quote….”Syrian government forces are making advances in Idlib province – the last bastion held by the anti-government terrorist groups. The Syrian army had some tough resistance to overcome, but success was at hand once Syria’s Russian-made TOS-1A Solntsepyok thermobaric heavy flamethrower systems were transported to the province and joined the fight. This formidable weapon had been used by Iraqi forces against the Islamic State militants in the battle of Mosul. It proved very effective supporting the infantry during the operation launched by Syrian government forces to free the city of Palmyra from Islamic State terrorists in 2017. TOS-1A systems also guard the Russian military base at Hmeimim, Syria. It is a very effective tool when conducting anti-ambush missions, which makes it a perfect weapon to use against terrorists.” — *TOS-1A:  Heavy short-range MLRS to launch rockets equipped with incendiary and thermobaric warheads. – based on a modified T-72A chassis and fitted with a rotating launch system for 24 unguided rockets. All rockets can be launched within 6 to 12 seconds. The launch vehicle is equipped with a fire control system with a ballistic computer, aiming sight and 1D14 laser range finder.”

SWR – Jan 24, 2018: Fighting In Afrin, HTS Claims 350 Soldiers Killed In Idlib – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min22sec –  Jan 24, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”At least 260 Kurdish militiamen have been killed in the Afrin area since the start of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch, the country’s general staff reported on January 23. The general staff revealed that 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and one injured in the clashes. Late on the same day, reports appeared that a fourth Turkish soldier had been killed.”

SWR – Jan 25, 2018: Syrian Army Prepares To Clear Abu al-Duhur Pocket – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 2min40sec –  Jan 25, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”The Syrian military is deploying reinforcements to northern Hama and eastern Idlib reportedly preparing to launch a military operation to clear the militant-held pocket there. According to pro-government sources, additional units of Liwa al-Quds and the Qalamoun Shield Forces have already been deployed there.”

SWR – Jan 26, 2018: Turkey Threatens To Attack Manbij – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min13sec –  Jan 26, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 25, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the villages of Kishmah and Ghuraybah in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS killed several army soldiers and destroyed two battle tanks with anti-tank guided missiles.”

Erodogan’s Anti-Kurdistan Operation…..

Turkey Bombarding US ‘Partner Forces’ in Syria All Along the Border, US Dares Do Nothing
A quote….”Last June a US Navy F/A-18 fighter plane shot down a Syrian Su-22 ground attack plane over central Syria. The Americans said the Syrian army jet had endangered “US partner forces” by dropping its bomb load “near SDF fighters” and their actions were therefore justified and “defensive”. – In reality the Syrian jet had been on a bombing mission against ISIS which was just a few kilometers away, but became momentarily disoriented. It is not at all clear that the Syrian plane ever even released its bomb load, or that the US-backed Kurdish fighters were ever in any danger. Nonetheless the Americans attacked the jet over its own country.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Urges Immediate US Withdrawal From Syria’s Manbij
A quote….”Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has stated that the United States should take concrete steps to prove the end of support for Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), rather than rhetoric

Turkey Vows to Expand Syria Offensive East to Iraq Border
A quote….”One week into the Turkish invasion of Syria’s Afrin District, the war against the Kurdish YPG looks to be expanding precipitously, with President Erdogan first announcing he’d extend the war to Manbij, and now all the way east to the Iraqi border.”
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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Friendly Fire, Mass Grave; 90 Killed in Iraq
A quote….”KRG Health Minister Dr. Rekawt Hamarashid announced that Baghdad has delivered several trucks worth of medications.- At least 90 were killed or found dead, and 20 were wounded – Near Riyadh, a mass grave gave up at least 75 victims, who were shot execution style. – A Coalition strike in Baghdad killed 10 Iraqi soldiers and a local official. At least 15 others were wounded. – A bomb left at a Sinjar home killed two men. – Two bodies were found in Qara Tapa. – Four people were wounded in a Rashidiya blast.- In Mashrou al-Wahda, a sticky bomb wounded a militiaman.”

20 Iraqi Police Tragically Killed by US “Friendly Fire”
Losing Count(“Friendly Fire” incidents are probably North of forty since the US-NRE occupied Iraq.  Some of these incidents were obviously deliberate, and designed to support ISIS, especially the more recent ones. The US-NRE’s military (and the twisted parasites who direct them) simply don’t care.  One rag-head is the same as another to them – mpg) — A quote….” BAGHDAD, Iraq – 20 local Iraqi police have killed by US helicopter friendly fire in mission to arrest an ISIS leader, according to Al-Sura News. – The Iraqi army was transporting the captured leader and Iraqi local police met with the convoy before being fired on by US apache helicopters.”

Car Bomb Attack In Kabul: At least 63 Killed, 151 Wounded
A quote….”At least 63 people were killed and 151 others were wounded as a result of a car bomb attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul on January 27, according to media reports. – The bombing took place in the central part of Kabul where embassies and government buildings are located. The car bomb reportedly exloded near the former buidling of the Afghan Interior Ministry. – No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. However, most likely it’s the Taliban or ISIS.”

ISIS Attacks Convoy Of Egyptian Army In Sinai Peninsula (Photos)
A quote….”On January 26, a VBIED of ISIS targeted a convoy of the Egyptian Army in the Wadi al-Arish area south of the city of Arish in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.”

Army Сonducts Successful Operation Against Boko Haram In Northeastern Nigeria (Photos, Video)
A quote….”On January 27, Public Relations Director of the Nigerian Army Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman announced in an official statement that several units of the Nigerian Army supported by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) conducted a military operation against Boko Haram hideouts in the Sambisa forest and other parts of the Northeastern Borno State on January 26.”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

South Africa’s Farm Murders: Jeanine’s Story
Must View LSVideoAlt/YuTb – (LSYuTb – 7min10sec – Jan 15, 2018) – Source:  Lauren Southern — A quote….”Thank you so much for watching. One of the most helpful things you can do is share this video and spread the word about what is happening in South Africa – but if you want to go a step even further here are a few things to check out.”

The Reality of South African Farm Murders
Must View LSVideo – (LSYuTb – 7min30sec – Jan 24, 2018) – Source:  Lauren Southern — A quote….”Thank you so much for watching this series about South Africa…..”

South Africa – Why White People?
LSVideo – (LSYuTb – 6min06sec – Jan 20, 2018) – Source:  Lauren Southern — A quote….”Thank you so much for watching this series about South Africa…..”

End of Merkel: Chancellor Refuses to Budge on Germany Borders in Crunch Coalition Talks
A quote….”Senior members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party have stressed they will not be convinced to alter their stance on immigration after the party lost swathes of votes to the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) at the general election in September.”

Sweden Hell: Armed Migrant Teens Roaming With Kalashnikovs; Military May Be Deployed
A quote….”As we reported last week, Sweden may or may not be preparing for civil conflict – as Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that the government would do whatever it takes – including deploying the military – to end the wave of gang violence coming primarily from young migrants in the country’s “no-go” zones.””

Establishing a White Ethnostate in North America
The North To Succeed From The South?(Sort’a amusing if you think about it.  But it may be the only practicable solution – mpg) — A quote….”This might be a tough pill to swallow but it’s time for us to give up on the idea of saving the United States. Any solution we seek out will necessarily have to include separation and secession from the United States of America and the majority non-White hordes within it. – This being the case, we need to start by seeking out overwhelmingly White states that have good economies, are not landlocked, and have more than enough open space to facilitate large numbers of future White immigrants. Once we come to some general consensus on which states those are, we should encourage political migration to those states, a gradual takeover of their political systems, state and local implementation of pro-White policies within the current constitutional framework, and eventual secession.” – bold by website editor

Let’s Get It Straight: Spanish Peeps ARE WHITE!

A quote….”Frankly, I don’t know why people are not getting it. OK, that’s a rhetorical question. I know why people are confused. International Jewry has diabolically divided us Whites up, so they can flock with our heads constantly so we don’t spot them ripping us off. Sex, relationships, politics — even a simple ass thing like this.”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

Israel’s Effective Colonization of the US
Must Read – A quote….”This article originally appeared at Counterpunch, a leading left-leaning alternative site, in late 2016, but we just came across it and are running it as part of the ongoing debate about excessive Jewish influence of American media and politics. It is evidence of a growing willingness, at least in the alternative media, on both the left and right, to broach this critical subject. — We normally think of colonizers as large countries, and the colonized as smaller and weaker nations. But this is not always the case. Colonization does not require occupation. — It merely requires the subjugation of the colonized. With ambition, superior information and calculation, and the right mindset, smaller nations can (and have in the past) colonized and dominated larger and nominally more powerful countries.”

“India was successfully colonized by tiny Britain in the 18th century. The vehicle for colonization was the East India Company. It was only after the Indian mutiny that Britain acted directly and sent in troops to establish the British Raj. – For the next 200 years India was drained of its wealth, its economy was restructured to support England’s needs and global ambitions, and its people militarized to fight and die on behalf of the British crown. The Indian leaders who remained were willing participants in this venture; those who felt otherwise were destroyed or marginalized.”

What Happens When Jews are Placed in Charge of WW II Civilians
Must Read – A quote….”Is this those ‘good Jews’ we keep hearing about in the MSM? – From the excellent book, “The World Conquerors,” written in 1958 by Louis Marschalko a Hungarian who escaped this madness and who World Jewry wanted to execute for being a war thought criminal. – Gosh, so many holocaust survivors to fill the ranks of these Jew butchers. – Actually, Europe did not fall under the Russians, British or Americans, but under Jewish occupation. Everything that had rightly or wrongly belonged to Europe for 2,000 years now disintegrated. The avengers continued doing (but more cruelly) the very things they had set down as crimes against Hitler. This was no occupation by the forces of American democracy or Bolshevism but by those of a victorious Jewish nationalism glowing with hatred. Ensconced in key positions among the occupying powers, they were able to punish everyone, whether innocent or guilty. In their eyes there was but one crime ~ to have opposed, or to be in a position to oppose ~ Jewish nationalism.”

French Intellectuals’ Statement on Palestinian Child Detainees Published in “Le Monde”
A qutoe….”French academics and writers published a collective letter in Le Monde on 23 January, focusing on the case of Ahed Tamimi and the plight of the approximately 360 Palestinian child prisoners in Israeli prisons. The letter also highlights the case of Salah Hamouri, the French-Palestinian lawyer jailed without charge or trial under administrative detention. Public officials and municipalities across the country have adopted declarations demanding Hamouri’s release and even the French government has acceded to the popular call to demand his freedom.”

Seinfeld Boosts Israel’s “Shoot To Kill” Fantasy Tours
Still Think Seinfeld Is Funny? — A quote….”Jerry Seinfeld drew criticism earlier this month when it emerged that while in Israel to perform in Tel Aviv, the famous comedian visited an air force base and took his family to a tourist attraction in the occupied West Bank for ideological and military instruction.”

Palestine: Jewish Settlers [Illegal Migrant Zio-Jihadists] Torch 100 of World’s Oldest Olive Trees
“Jews” HATE Olive Trees – A quote….”Palestinians report that Israeli settlers [illegal Euro-Kharzarain zio-jihadists migrants] have burned down agricultural land including valuable olive trees, while Israeli forces [the zio-jihadist militia] prevented the Palestinian owners from putting out the fires” – bold/underline by website editor

Israel Extends Detention of Journalist Abu Aker For 4th Time
Extend & Pretend…. That there’s any form of justice in the Euro-Kharzarian’s occupation of Palestine — A quote….”Human rights sources on Friday revealed that Israeli military court of Ofer extended the administrative detention of the Palestinian prisoner journalist Nidal Abu Aker, 52, for the fourth time in a row for 6 months.”

Israeli Soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militias] Injure Nine Palestinians In Gaza
A quote….”Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist squads] injured, Friday, nine Palestinians, after the army, stationed across the border fence, fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, at Palestinian protesters, marching in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

Israel [The EUro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] Amputated Her Legs But Her Dreams Are Still Alive
A quote….”24-year-old Palestinian Jamila Al-Habbash was not aware that her life will turn upside down on January 4th, 2009 as a result of the Israeli [the Euro-Kharzarain zio-jihadist crime syndicate’s] offensive on the Gaza Strip. The offensive that caused the amputation of her legs could not steal her dream of being a journalist that conveys Gaza’s suffering to the world.”

Israel “Jews” Will Pay Civilians $9,000 to Capture African Migrants
A quote….”Israel is “Jews” hiring civilian “immigration inspectors” to crack down on “illegal aliens and their employers,” marking a turning point in the Middle Eastern nation’s relationship with migrants and refugees.”

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (18- 24 Jan 2018)
Weekly ReportA one week total of what the “Jews” do to the Palestinians.  Just a week’s total.  This has been going on for over sixty years.  What would you do if they were doing this to your community, your family, or you?  Would you chicken out and leave, would you give up and submit, or would you fight?  Try thinking about it.  What would YOU actually do in such circumstances?? – mpg

  • “Jewish” forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt
  • A Palestinian was killed, 4 others were wounded, and 3 houses were levelled in a military operation in Jenin.
    • 25 Palestinian civilians, including 6 children, 2 women, a journalist and paramedic, were killed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • 13 of them were hit with live bullets, 5 were hit with rubber-coated metal bullets, and 7 were hit with sound bomb shrapnel.
  • A Palestinian ill prisoner died of cancer in the “Jewish” jails.
  • “Jewish” forces conducted 74 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 8 similar ones into Jerusalem.
    • 79 civilians, including 16 children, a woman and PLC Member, were arrested.
    • 24 of them, including 9 children and a woman, were arrested in Jerusalem.
  • Seven shooting incidents targeting the Palestinian fishing boats occurred in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • “Jewish” authorities continued their settlement activities in the West Bank.
    • “Jewish” settlers started to establish a settlement road between Nablus and Qalqiliya.
  • Shooting was reported towards the border areas of the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.
  • “Jewish” forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 11th consecutive year.
    • Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.
    • 4 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children and a woman, were arrested at the checkpoints in the West Bank.

Note:  The well-known descriptor “Jewish” substituted for the disingenuous and deliberately inaccurate term “Israeli” to reflect actual realities – mpg

========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Greek Tragedy & Others — The Criminal Acts / Destruction / of the Banksters’ Trans-nationalist, N.W.O….

Economic Collapse and Dollar Hegemony – How Did This Start?
A quote….”At the end of the Second World War the United States emerged as the biggest winner in the West and Washington soon replaced London as the premier global power, with the dollar taking the place of the pound as a global reserve currency. The real negative change came when Nixon decided in 1971 to drop the dollar from the corresponding gold value that had been established at the Bretton Woods Agreement. The Fed was no longer required to have the gold price printed on its paper money. The 1973 oil crisis further fixed the value of the dollar as a result of this oil shock, bringing Saudi Arabia and the OPEC countries to sign a secret agreement with Washington. This agreement provided that in exchange for Washington’s political and military protection, the OPEC countries would be required to sell oil only in dollars. The petrodollar was thus born, being a replacement for the gold-linked standard that existed prior to Nixon.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Chinese Naval Aviation: Developing a Viable Carrier Borne Strike Capability

A quote….”China began developing carrier borne strike aircraft as soon as the decision was made to invest in turning the Varyag into a functioning aircraft carrier. The J-15 Flying Shark was the product of this effort. Although hamstrung by the Short Take Off But Arrested Landing (STOBAR) system utilized by China’s first two carriers, the J-15 aircraft boasts great potential in future Catapult Assisted Take-off But Arrested Landing (CATOBAR) operations, which China is presently working toward. The CATOBAR system of operation will not only help the PLAN realize the full potential of its first naval strike aircraft, but will also allow it to develop and make use of a wide range of defensive and offensive fixed wing naval aviation assets. In order to appreciate the potential of the PLAN’s young, yet developing aircraft carrier force, a study of its modern naval aviation arm is essential to understanding where this fledgling force is heading.”

China, Japan Hope For Improved Ties
A quote….”The foreign ministers of China and Japan have met in the Chinese capital of Beijing, hoping to overcome historical and territorial disputes to improve ties. – During the meeting on Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Japanese counterpart, Taro Kono, that China hoped to work with Japan to get relations back on a normal and healthy track as soon as possible, stressing that improved ties were in the interests of both countries.”

Czech Election Result: EU Panics As Populist Zeman Wins – And He WELCOMES EU ReferendumOh, oh!
A quote….”THE Czech election has been won by Milos Zeman leading to a nightmare for the EU over the President’s populist policies and threats to hold a referendum on leaving the bloc. – With 99.35 percent of districts reporting, Mr Zeman won the run-off election round with 51.55 percent of the vote to 48.44 percent for his opponent Jiri Drahos. – Pro-EU academic Mr Drahos conceded defeat this afternoon before the final votes were counted. – It means Mr Zeman, aged 73, has secured a second term in charge of the nation, beating pro-EU academic Drahos. – And he did it on the back of a tough stance against immigration and courtship of closer ties with Russia and China.”

Russia [Banksters’] Sanctions A ‘Dead Horse,’ Seriously Damaged [the German] Economy
A quote….”Anti-Russian sanctions have achieved nothing other than placing a significant burden on the German economy, prime ministers of two German federal states have argued, calling on fellow regional leaders to demand their lifting. – The German government should gradually lift sanctions it imposed against Russia over its alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis, Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt Reiner Haseloff told journalists in the German city of Magdeburg on Friday. He said he would raise the issue at a conference of the heads of five German states on Monday and urge them to adopt a unified position against the anti-Russian sanctions.” – Source:  RT

‘We Will NOT Comply’ Russia Refuses to Impose North Korea Sanctions Set by U.S.Hip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said yesterday Moscow did not recognise “one-sided American sanctions” and would only enforce those passed by the United Nations (UN) Security Council. — Russian news agency RIA quoted Mr Morgulov as saying: “We will carry out only sanctions which are adopted by the UN Security Council.”

Russian Shturmovik’s New Lease On Life
A quote….”On May 24, 2016, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a request for proposals to implement the  modernization of nine Su-25 Grach (Raven) attack aircraft to the Su-25SM3 model at a cost not to exceed 3.3 billion rubles. The initial contract for 9 is likely to be followed by several additional contracts, as the Russian Aerospace Forces want to have at least 40 Su-25SM3 aircraft in service by 2020, out of the total fleet of 180 single-seat Su-25 and Su-25SM aircraft.”

US [Banksters], Allies in Europe [Banksters], Irked by New Russia Gas Pipeline Scheme
A quote….”US authorities have voiced deep frustration over a planned Russian pipeline that would bypass Washington’s allies in Central Europe and carry gas to Germany.”

Russians’ Alcohol Consumption Drops 80% in 7 Years
A quote….”Alcohol consumption has been reduced by 80% over the past 5-7 years in Russia, Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova stated at a working breakfast during the Gaidar Forum today, reports RIA-Novosti.”

Russia Unrivaled in Nuclear Power Plant Exports, Crushes Market
A quote….”Russia looks set to dominate the business of exporting nuclear power plants worldwide, as its share of the market has now reached 60 percent after concluding contracts with countries like India, Turkey, Egypt and Hungary for the construction of new plants and technical cooperation.”

Did Russia Just Build Putin the Batmobile?
A quote….”Take a look at the picture above.  On the left is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new ride. On the right is the Batmobile from the classic Batman: The Animated Series of the early 1990’s. – Tell me one didn’t inspire the other. – The big thing about this new car for Putin is that it is completely Russian sourced, likely down to all of the control hardware and software. It’s no secret that Putin doesn’t like U.S. technology and has banned a great deal of it from being used in Russia.”

Russia Commemorates Anniversary of Lifting Siege of Leningrad
A quote….”No more than 800,000 residents were remaining in the city by the end of the blockade out of the 3 million that had lived in Leningrad and its suburbs.”

Russian Beauty Sings [Another] Patriotic Favorite – Audience Loves It and Sings Along (Video)
Relax TimeRussian Eye CandyContains VideoAlt/YuTb – (YuTb – 3min11sec – May 11, 2010) – Source:  DK — A quote….”Good wholesome patriotic music is all the rage in Russia. — We don’t know who the singer is, maybe someone in the comments can tell us.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

Six Reasons Why the NSA is Useless and Must Be Dismantled
A quote….”The National Security Agency has now become a threat to everyone. It does not matter who is in the White House or what party is in power in congress. The NSA has become a law unto itself or become weaponized for political reasons. It has out served its usefulness keeping America safe from threats within the United State and from abroad. The Former NSA director Michael Hayden admitted the agency no longer listens to dangerous people, but interesting people. Who are interesting people are he talking about? Could it be celebrity nude pictures and their text messages? Could the NSA be used by multinational corporations going after their competition? If true is a clear abuse of power.

Ex-FBI Agent: NSA Unlikely to Be Punished for Illegal Data Destruction
A quote….”WASHINGTON – National Security Agency officials are unlikely to face any punishment or censure for defying a court order and destroying data they had broken the law to collect in the first place, former FBI special agent and whistleblower Colleen Rowley told Sputnik. – The NSA was under court order to hold on to information that was linked to warrantless wiretapping during the George W. Bush administration, but instead the agency got rid of data it had been specifically asked to retain, according to US media reports.” – Source:  Sputnik

Left-Wing Traitors in the DoD Now Blocking Entire Websites From Being Viewed by Members of the Military
A quote….”(Natural News) When the government has enough power to determine which citizens are allowed to access certain content on the Internet and which citizens are not, we are no longer living in a free society; we are living under an emerging totalitarian state, quite similar to the old Soviet Union.”

‘US Hacks & Meddling Quite Unlike China & Russia’s Hacks and Meddling’ – ex-Pentagon chief
OMG! – A True Statement!(The US-NRE’s hacks are a thousand times more egregious, invasive, and meddling  than those of any other country!!  – Besides Israel of course – mpg) — A quote….”One could almost see the proverbial pots and kettles on Friday, when ex-Pentagon chief Ashton Carter informed us that America’s cyber operations and election meddling are entirely dissimilar to the activities of China and Russia.” – Source:  RT

Social Media Giants Crack Down on RT Under Senate Pressure
The Three Stooges – A quote….”Facebook, Google and Twitter are taking action against RT in response to pressure from the Senate Intelligence Committee, but have found very little to indicate ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 elections, new documents show.” – bold by website editor
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

In a Trump Hunt, Beware the Perjury Trap
Must Read – A quote….”Asked if he would agree to be interviewed by Robert Mueller’s team, President Donald Trump told the White House press corps, “I would love to do it … as soon as possible. … under oath, absolutely.” – On hearing this, the special counsel’s office must have looked like the Eagles’ locker room after the 38-7 rout of the Vikings put them in the Super Bowl. – If the president’s legal team lets Trump sit for hours answering Mueller’s agents, they should be disbarred for malpractice. – For what Mueller is running here is not, as Trump suggests, a “witch hunt.” It is a Trump hunt. – After 18 months investigating Trumpian “collusion” with Putin’s Russia in hacking the DNC’s and John Podesta’s emails, the FBI has hit a stone wall. Failing to get Trump for collusion, the fallback position is to charge him with obstruction of justice. As a good prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich, the tactic is understandable. – Mueller’s problem: He has no perjury charge to go with it. And the heart of his obstruction case, Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, is starting to look like something Trump should have done sooner. – Consider what is now known of how Comey and the FBI set about ensuring Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for using a private email server to transmit national security secrets.” – Source:  UNZReviewAuthor:  PatrickJBuchanan

What Color Is Your Wrecking Ball?
Must Read – A quote….”There is at present a great deal of dissatisfaction with the performance of the embattled US President. – To start with, he had the wrong supporters: too few radical feminists; too many white heterosexual males whose toxic masculinity is a major problem according to the radical feminists. – Then, of course, he only got elected thanks to the nefarious meddling by the world’s largest organized crime syndicate called Russia, led by none other than the dread pirate Putin. (The Russians are so utterly clever that not a single shred of conclusive evidence of their meddling could be unearthed in spite of a year of steadfast effort by a fantastically competent special investigator).” – Source:  ClubOrlov

CrossTalk: #ReleaseTheMemo
Must Listen CTRTVideoCT/#ReleaseTheMemo@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 24min27sec – Jan 26, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”We are told a secret society existed within the FBI with the sole intent to undermine candidate and then President Donald Trump. Also we are told the FBI “lost” text messages from members of this secret society. With Russiagate rapidly losing steam, do we now have FBI-gate? – CrossTalking with Daniel Faraci, Kevin Shipp, and Daniel McAdams.”

Is FBI Lying About ‘Russiagate’?
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 17min48sec – Jan 23, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote….”With news that the FBI “lost” months of text messages between Russiagate investigators that may have proven embarrassing — or worse — to the Bureau, even Washington is starting to ask what is really going on with accusations of Russian meddling. Was the whole thing cooked-up by the “never Trump” deep state?”

Clinton, Podesta And Others In Senate Crosshairs Over Dossier; Given Two Weeks To Respond
A quote….”GOP Congressional investigators have written six letters to individuals or entities involved or thought to be involved in the funding, creation or distribution of the salacious and unverified “Trump-Russia dossier” believed to have been inappropriately used by the FBI, DOJ and Obama Administration in an effort to undermine Donald Trump as both a candidate and President of the United States.” – Check out the ZeroHedge comments….

As Walls Close in on FBI, the Bureau Lashes Out at its Antagonists
A quote….”What happens when federal agencies accused of possible wrongdoing — also control the alleged evidence against them? What happens when they’re the ones in charge of who inside their agencies — or connected to them — ultimately gets investigated and possibly charged? – Those questions are moving to the forefront as the facts play out in the investigations into our intelligence agencies’ surveillance activities. – There are two overarching issues. – First, there’s the alleged improper use of politically-funded opposition research to justify secret warrants to spy on U.S. citizens for political purposes.” – Source:  TheHill

The Russiagate Hoax Is About to Implode, But the Neocon/Trotskyist Cult’s New Cold War Is Here to Stay
A quote….”Back in November, I described Russiagate as A Convention of Village Idiots Holding a Never-Ending Hunt for a Non-Existent Needle in an Ever-Expanding Haystack. Well, it looks like the Convention might be nearing its end, not because the VI’s have actually found the needle they were looking for – you can’t find a non-existent needle, you see – but for another reason entirely. It’s because the haystack itself was entirely the creation of the US Intelligence Agencies, the Obama Administration, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the Global Pravda Network (aka the mainstream media). As I said at the end of that piece….”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….Gloria Steinem:  How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society….
Under Direction of the “Frankfort School” Adherents — A quote….”In the 1960’s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order.” – Since writing these words last week, I have discovered that before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist students in Europe and disrupting their meetings.  She became a media darling due to her CIA connections.  MS Magazine, which she edited for many years was indirectly funded by the CIA.” – Source:  Henry Makow Ph.DStephen Paddock Requested A Suite in Another Wing of Hotel Before Being Internally Reassigned to 32-135
A quote….”LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHB) — Based on information contained in the 81-page Force Investigation Team Report, the alleged gunman of the 1 October massacre Stephen Paddock requested a Vista Suite located on a non-specified floor in the southeast wing of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino before he was internally reassigned, later placed, into room 32-135 against his initial request.”

Bundy Trials Riddled With Government Corruption, Legal Advisor Proclaims
A quote….”(Natural News) The federal government’s handling of various ongoing legal battles involving Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his many supporters has been nothing short of corrupt. The Bundy family attorney, Roger Roots, recently gave an eye-opening talk explaining how the government’s unscrupulous dealings throughout the saga kept key defendants from exercising their constitutional rights in court – which fortunately for many of them resulted in those cases being dismissed entirely.”

Man Incarcerated for 6 Years Without a Trial Because He Demanded a Speedy Trial
A quote….”Federal authorities arrested Joseph Tigano III in 2008 and charged him with running a marijuana-growing operation. Tigano entered a plea of not guilty and insisted that his case move quickly to trial. Instead he languished in pretrial detention—jail—for nearly seven years before he finally appeared before a jury, which convicted him in 2015. In an opinion issued this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit dismissed Tigano’s indictment “with prejudice” on the grounds that his “oppressive period of pretrial incarceration” violated his constitutional right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment.”

Accused of Assaulting 3 Young Girls, Man Says He’s Boy Trapped in Adult’s Body
Reaping The RidiculousA big thank you to ALL those LGTBOQPedo agenda supporting people out there.  Up is now definitely down… and this sort of detestable, psychotic way of thinking is totally THEIR fault – mpg — A quote….”A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting three young girls told prosecutors he considered himself a boy in a man’s body, according to Cook County court documents. — Joseph Roman, 38, is charged with predatory criminal sexual assault stemming from repeated attacks on three girls who were 6 to 8 years old at the time, according to prosecutors. Roman was a friend of the girls’ families at the time of the attacks between 2015 and January of this year. — During a hearing Wednesday, prosecutors said Roman admitted to some of the attacks and told Chicago police “he is a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” He was ordered held without bail.”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

Turkey Vs. Syrian Kurds: Whose Side Are We On?
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 17min34sec – Jan 22, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote….”It looks very much like the US is in a proxy war with its NATO ally Turkey in Syria. The US is backing the Kurds, which are being attacked by Ankara. Both sides are using the same military base in Turkey. Does anyone have any idea what the US is doing in Syria?”

Celente “The US & Israel Is Building A Consensus Of Hatred Towards Iran, A Top Trend For 2018.”
RASVideo – (RASYuTb – 25min49sec – Jan 26, 2018) – Source:  TheRichieAllenShowRelated Website:  David Ike HeadlinesGuest Websites:   TrendsRsrchInstGrldCelYuTbTJ@YuTb

The Political Cesspool Radio Show, Jan 27th, 2017[Hr #1][Hr #2][Hr #3]
TPCAudio (Note:  Contains non-PC terms, epithets, & concepts – Also some necessary and unpleasant sexual content – mpg)Alt/Mp3/Hour#1Alt/Mp3/Hour#2Alt/Mp3/Hour#3 // Alt/YuTb- FullAudioCast-01/27/17 – (TPCVar – 1hr each – Jan 27th, 2017) – Source:  The Political CesspoolTPCPodcastsRelated WebsitesYuTb @ Gustaf JohansonPewTubeTheRightStuffShowsGuest Websites:  Occidental ObserverBrother NathanaelBN’s/Real Jew NewsBN’s/AltVidsBN’s/Fndtn — A quote….”Host James Edwards talks about opportunities for advancement while looking back at some remarkable forks in the road that have come up during his career in radio. Later in the hour, Sam Bushman sets goals for the network. – Hour two features guest: Professor Andrew Fraser – Andrew Fraser studied law and history in both Canada and the United States before moving to Australia where he taught law for many years at Macquarie University. – Hour three features guest Dr. Virginia Abernethy – Virginia Deane Abernethy is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry (Anthropology) at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She is the author of Population Politics and The Vanishing American Dream, among other books.”

WRH w/Michael Rivero, Jan 26, 2018] – [Hr #1[Hr #2][Hr #3] – RBN’s Donation Rq [Click Here]
MR@RBNAudio (r. c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3/Hour#1Alt/Mp3/Hour#2Alt/Mp3/Hour#3 // FullAudioCast- 01-26-18 – (MR@RBNFlwPlyr – 1hr/each – Jan 26, 2018) – Source:  WRHSchl@RBNRepublic Brdcst AudioRBNProgSchdlRepublic BroadcastingYuTb Source:  RonGibsonRelated Website: WhatReallyHappenedMichael Rivero discusses the ongoing crimes of empire, and many other issues – WRH Donation Request – [Click Here] – For alternative RBN donations methods…. By Mail:  Republic Broadcasting Network — 2251 Double Creek Dr #302 — Round Rock TX 78664 – By Phone:  800-724 2719 ext 03.”

Why Mass Immigration is Racist Genocide of White People
DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-26-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 26th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke had British author and activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They discussed the the recent proposal from the Trump administration that would expand DACA in exchange for effectively repealing the 1965 immigration act. Dr. Slattery pointed out that Trump knows that the Democrats won’t accept this deal and it puts them in the position of exposing their real goals of importing endless numbers of Third Worlders to replace the white majority. Dr. Duke make the point that it is wrong for President Trump to go along with the notion that legalizing DACA recipients is a “moral” thing to do. – Mark Collett addressed the issue of Zio elites deceiving the public in Western countries in order to pursue policies that have turned out to spell white genocide. Dr. Duke also talked about the health benefits of fasting. — Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. – So pease keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”

Alfred Schaefer – Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany
Must Listen RIRVideo(y. c. rescinded) – (RIRYuTb – 54min24sec – Jan 27, 2018) – Source:  Red Ice Radio @ YuTbRedIceTVRedIceCreationsRedIceRSSFeedsRedIceMembers – A quote….”Alfred Schaefer is a German producer whose videos are aimed at exposing the propagandistic nature of the mainstream media. His videos outline how the hostile elite that are in control of much of Western Civilization have managed to subjugate entire populations and their political leadership through psychological conditioning. Alfred Schaefer joins Henrik for a discussion about the consequences of challenging the accepted view of the Holocaust. The program begins with Alfred describing what it was like to grow up in Canada with German ancestry amid an accusatory climate of Holocaust remembrance. He describes his sister Monika’s newly found skepticism of the prevailing historical view of the Second World War and her subsequent video productions. Alfred recounts how Monika was arrested in Munich because of her videos that challenged the prevailing mainstream consensus concerning the Holocaust while attending the trial of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer on trial for so-called Holocaust denial. Henrik and Alfred discuss with incredulity how pursuing historical inquiry can lead to criminal charges and imprisonment.” – Topix  ||  The Holohoax  ||
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

Central Banks: From Coordination to Competition
Must Read – Charts (click to enlarge) — A quote….”I make the case for something to happen in 2018 that will impact us all to some degree. – That something is the decay of the synchronized central bank stimulus policies that have pumped trillions of dollars, yuan, yen and euros into the global financial markets over the past nine years. Here are two charts that depict the “tag team” coordinated approach central banks have deployed: when one CB tapers its stimulus, another ramps up its money-creation/asset-purchases stimulus –  This team effort is motivated by self-interest, of course; no one central bank can reflate the entire global economy, and yet that is the only way to reflate each nation/bloc’s own economy, given the global connectedness of the modern economy. – But the threads of mutual self-interest are fraying. At this late stage in the credit cycle, the central banks must begin “tapering”, i.e. diminishing and then ending their stimulus policies and eventually reducing their balance sheets by selling assets they bought in the stimulus phase (or simply stop replacing bonds they own that mature)….”

The Current US Economic Divide Is “The Founding Fathers’ Worst Nightmare Come True”
A quote….”I have made the case that as goes housing starts (blue columns below), so goes jobs creation and more broadly the US economy.  And as goes interest rates (black line below) and deficit spending (on an annual % change basis of total debt (essentially as a % of GDP), red line below), so goes new housing.” – Source:  EconomicaBlog

Visualizing Real Inflation – A Decade Of Grocery Prices For 30 Common Items
Graphic(click to enlarge) — A quote….”Over the span of 2000-2016, the amount of money spent on food by the average American household increased from $5,158 to $7,203, which is a 39.6% increase in spending.”

The Stock Market Is Setting Records In Levitation
Charts(click to enlarge) – A quote….”Not only is The S&P 500 at its most overbought in its history… But as Dana Lyons’  exposes below, the stock market is scoring new highs at the fastest clip in history.”

“It Just Gets Worse And Worse”: A Record 32% Of Used Car Trade-Ins Are Underwater
Multiple Charts – A quote….”We have frequently written about the unsustainable trends in new car sales in the United States created by the combination of lower rates, easing underwriting standards and voracious demand for new securitizations by wall street and pension funds that will do just about anything for an extra 20bps of yield. ”

[US] GDP Boosted By Consumers Going All in on Borrowing and Falling Savings
Charts(click to enlarge) — A quote….”When discussing today’s unexpectedly weak Q4 GDP print, which came in at 2.6%, far below consensus and whisper estimates in the 3%+ range, and certainly both the Atlanta and NY Fed estimates, we pointed out the silver lining: personal spending and final sales, which surged 4.6% Q/Q (vs 2.2% in Q3), although even this number had a major caveat: “as we discussed previously, much of it was the result of a surge in credit card-funded spending while the personal savings rate dropped to levels last seen during the financial crisis.””
======== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==

Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Millions of documents about chemical toxicity have been compiled into database, ToxicDocs, now available online
Database Announcement – A quote….”(Natural News) There is no doubt that toxic products are everywhere you look these days. For every headline about a product recall, there are countless other items that are either ignored or given a free pass, slowly poisoning us and our planet.”

Prepper Medicine: 7 Natural Pain-Relieving Plants
A quote….”(Natural News) There is no such thing as being too prepared in times of emergency. Stocking up on necessities such as medications will be valuable; there will come a time when medicines will be scarce, and you won’t always have them at your disposal. Luckily, there are a myriad of medicinal herbs and plants that are just as effective, if not more so, in relieving pain than expensive prescription drugs. Best of all, they come without the adverse side effects you will get from conventional medicine, such as addictive or withdrawal effects.”

Friday January 26th 2018
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Thursday January 25th 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….DAMASCUS: Death in the Afternoon, Ignored by Corporate Media in the West
Must Read – Amerika’s Tax Dollars At Work – A quote….”Two days ago, nine civilians, mostly schoolchildren were murdered by the US Coalition-financed terrorist factions embedded in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, in this instance East Ghouta. I was leaving the Bab Touma area of the Old City on the same day, less than ten minutes before the mortars mowed down excited children, leaving school and boarding their school buses. The following is my brief report on the event on Facebook:….”

“We were leaving Bab Touma this afternoon just as the schools finished for the afternoon, around 1.30pm. The streets were teeming with children of all ages, laughing and talking excitedly as they headed for the many school buses waiting for them. The car horns echoed around the streets from the impatient drivers packed into the narrow, cobbled streets. – It was wonderful to see all the colours of their coats and school bags. It was a warm day, the sun was bright and heightened the colour & clamour from these children. One little girl walked past the car giggling with her friend, her smile broke her face in two, it was so broad and expressive. – As we turned left towards Bab Sharki gate to leave the Old City..the children were still pouring onto the streets, walking hand in hand in front of the car, taking their time, gossiping & laughing in the sunshine…..” – Source:  21stCentWire

Israel’s “Safe Zone” Is Creeping Farther Into Syria
Of Course It Is!(That’s been the Oded Yinon / PNAC Plan for the last thirty years!! – mpg) — A quote….”Israel is expanding its influence and control deeper into opposition-held southern Syria, according to multiple sources in the area. After failed attempts to ensure its interests were safeguarded by the major players in the war next door, Israel is pushing to implement the second phase of its “safe-zone” project — an attempt to expand a buffer ranging out from the occupied Golan Heights deeper into the southern Syrian provinces of Quneitra and Daraa. The safe zone expansion marks a move toward deeper Israeli involvement in Syria’s civil war.”

Russia: US Seeks Syria Breakup, Not Political Resolution of Crisis
A quote….”Russia has accused the US of not contributing to a political settlement of the Syria crisis but rather seeking to divide the war-torn Arab country. – Speaking at a news briefing on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova cited a recent speech by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at Stanford University as a proof of Washington’s hostile policy towards Syria.”

US Supports Kurds in Northern Syria: Turks React. Is America at War with Turkey?
A qutoe….”The Operation Olive Branch in northern Syria started five days ago. Five days ago the Afrin region became a possible hotbed of a full-scale conflict between the Turkish troops aided by the armed fighters of the Free Syrian Army and the US-backed Kurdish units which had been dominating the area. The operation started with shellings and airstrikes of the Turkish artillery and AF and later grew into a full-blown invasion.” – also posted at RussianInsider

Evidence Shows Kurds Have Received MANPADS and TOWs
A quote….”According to Al-Masdar, as part of a bargain struck on 15 January 2018, Kurdish YPG have received a shipment of MANPADS and TOWs from the United States to counter Turkish aircraft and armored vehicles to use if the situation deteriorates. – Obtaining intelligence data on the forthcoming Turkish offensive, the U.S. Special Operation Forces (USSOF) delivered these weapons well in advance in Afrin and handed them over to the Syrian Kurds.”

Trump Urges Erdogan Not to ‘Risk Conflict’ With US Forces in Syria
Amazing!US-NRE forces have illegally invaded Syria, (a war crime, UN violation, Geneva convention violation) over the strenuous objections of its legitimately elected government, and its people (anti-democratic imperial tyranny) in order to support the break-up of the territory of Syria (another war crime) to continue their ongoing program of supporting ISIS Wahhabist terrorists to defeat its government (support of terrorism, crimes against humanity) as part of the PNAC Protocols for the Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate (treason against the citizens of the United States, on behalf of the “Jews”) all of which now additionally threatens the territorial integrity of Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq, and this fat, f*cking, feckless, stupid, orange, moronic, jack-ass, is now threatening the leader of Turkey (dictatorial and fellow co-terrorist supporter that he is) with dire actions if he attempts to defend his own nation’s sovereignty, (a NATO member one might add) by interfering with this strategy of mayhem and murder!!  One is at a total loss for words…. truly amazing! – mpg

Pakistan Condemns ‘Unilateral’ US Drone Strike On Its Territory
A quote….”Pakistan on Wednesday condemned a “unilateral” US military drone strike inside its territory that security officials said killed two members of the Afghan Taliban-allied Haqqani network, adding to already tense relations between the uneasy allies. – The unmanned aircraft’s missiles “targeted an Afghan refugee” camp in Pakistan’s northwestern Kurram region, a statement from the Pakistani foreign office said.”

US Military Admits Death of Somali School Children in Recent Raid
A quote….”The US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) has admitted to killing a number of civilians, including schoolchildren, during a recent raid in Somalia.”

Report: U.S. Funded Afghan Units That Violated Human Rights
A quote….”A report from the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) reveals that as of Aug. 12, 2016, seven reports of child sexual assault from Afghan security forces were being tracked by the State and Defense Departments. One was found credible, and five are still under review. ”

US Airstrikes Kill 15 Civilians in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr
A quote….”Fresh air raids conducted by the US have claimed the lives of 15 civilians, including seven women, in Syria’s eastern Dayr al-Zawr Province.”

Moscow Slams Washington for Unfounded Accusations Over Syrian Chemical Attacks
A quote…”MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United States has unleashed a massive propaganda against Russia by accusing Moscow of the involvement in alleged chemical weapons use in war-torn Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said late on Wednesday.”

US Rejects Independent Investigation of CW Use in Syria
A quote….”Washington opposes truth and full disclosure of CW use in Syria – US-supported terrorists responsible, not Damascus as falsely claimed, the Big Lie repeated with disturbing regularity.” – also posted at GlobIntelRpt

Syria: West Obstructing Objective Chemical Probe Because It Reveals Collusion with Terrorists
A quote….”Damascus condemned as lies on Wednesday allegations made by US State Secretary and French Foreign Minister about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. – In remarks carried by Syria’s State news agency, SANA, an official source at the Syrian foreign ministry said the US-French allegations are part of a policy adopted by Washington and Paris which has been aimed at systematically targeting Damascus. – The source asserted that Syria has always been fully cooperative and provided all that is necessary to conduct an unbiased, objective, and professional investigation into the use of chemical weapons.” – Source:  AlManar

Iran Seizes Bombs, Explosives in Saudi Terror Plot
A quote….”Iran has captured two large caches of explosives and powerful bombs that were supposed to be detonated in populated areas as part of two terrorist plots, one of them directly designed and led by Saudi Arabia.”

Fresh Saudi Airstrikes Kill 15 Yemenis in Sa’ada Province
A quote….”At least 15 Yemeni people have lost their lives in fresh air raids by Saudi warplanes on the country’s northwestern Province of Sa’ada. – The Saudi airstrikes killed 13 Yemenis and injured three others in Sa’ada’s Monabbih district on Tuesday, al-Masirah television network reported.”

160 Fishermen Killed, Over 250 Boats Destroyed by Saudi War on Yemen: Report
Learning From Their Israeli Buddies – A quote….”Latest data show more than 150 fishermen have lost their lives and dozens more sustained injuries in the wake of Saudi airstrikes against residential areas and non-military sites across Yemen.”

Source: Yazidi Mass Graves Discovered in Mosul Exceed 70
More Amerika’s Tax Dollars At Work – A quote….”A statistic released by the Kurdistan Region Government’s Endowments and Religious Affairs Ministry in July said Islamic State’s massacres of Yazidis forced nearly 360.000 of the religious minority to flee their areas. It said IS had  kidnapped 6417 Yazidis since 2014, the report added. Those included 1102 women and 1655 children, the statistics show, adding that authorities had run into 43 mass graves of Yazidi victims slaughtered by ISIS — Islamic State massacred and enslaved thousands of Yazidis when they overran their Sinjar region, west of Nineveh — In August, the United Nations said Yazidi atrocities under the Islamic State continued. “The genocide is ongoing and remains largely unaddressed, despite the obligation of States…to prevent and to punish the crime,” the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria said in a report.” – bold by website editor

Bahrain Human Rights Situation Deteriorates as World Unconcerned: Activists
A quote….”Pro-democracy campaigners have warned about the significant deterioration of human rights in Bahrain, stating that the ease of international pressure on the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom has emboldened the ruling Al Khalifah regime not to shy away from its heavy-handed crackdown on dissent.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

South Korea Slips Off the US LeashHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”The mainstream US media, when it comes to the idea of talks between the governments of North and South Korea, are focused on the idea that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is trying to drive a wedge between the Republic of Korea and the United States. No doubt that is true, but this focus misses a major part of the story. — What we’re really seeing here is South Korean President Moon Jae-in making a bold move to assert South Korea’s independence from the United States. — Nobody should be surprised that Moon, who was swept into power thanks to a surge of voters (he won by 41.1% against two conservative parties which received 24% and 21.1%) last year on a promise to reach out to North Korea and attempt to bring the two warring halves of the Korean Peninsula (they are still technically in a state of war that began in 1950, nearly 68 years ago) back together.”

North Korea Issues Statement Calling for Breakthrough in Unification
A quote….”With both nations upbeat after recent bilateral talks, and sports diplomacy surrounding the Winter Olympics, North Korea has issued a very unusual statement of unity addressed not to South Korea, but to all Koreans across the world. — North Korea called for all Koreans “at home and abroad” to work together on a breakthrough toward unification of the Korean Peninsula, saying it should be done without the help of other countries.”

Rep. Gabbard Speaks Truth to Power about the Real Reason North Korea has Nukes
A quote….”We already knew that Tulsi Gabbard was courageous, when the Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii resigned from her position as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee in disgust during the primary season in 2016, declaring publicly what we now know to have been true — that the DNC was manipulating the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders — was courageous. Now as basically the only member of Congress with the guts to call out the US as the cause of our current knife-edge threat of a nuclear war, she’s demonstrated her courage again.”

Ex-CIA Official: South Korea Has ‘Very Strong Concerns’ US Might Attack North Korea
A quote….”Bruce Klingner, the former chief of the CIA’s Korea division, has returned from a South Korea visit at which he warned there is widespread worry among top officials, and “very strong concerns” that the US is liable to unilaterally attack North Korea soon. — This concern comes amid both recent reports that the Trump Administration is debating a “bloody nose” attack on North Korea, and also reports that recent US military exercises are gearing up specifically for such a strike.”

Seoul Says Military Solution to N Korea Crisis ‘Unacceptable’
A quote….”South Korea has hinted for the first time since the start of a standoff with the North over Pyongyang’s nuclear program last year that a military solution would be no answer to the crisis and that differences should be settled diplomatically. – South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said on Thursday that talks were the only viable option for resolving the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program. – “The nuclear issue has to be solved through negotiations and diplomatic endeavors. This idea of a military solution is unacceptable,” said Kang while addressing reporters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.”

A North Korean Soldier….
Another MSM fairy tale…. busted — A quote…. [one] who made worldwide headlines by defecting to the South under a hail of bullets last November has confessed to committing murder in the North.”

========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

CrossTalk: Wars Without End
CTRTVideoCT/WarsWithoutEnd@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 23min49sec – Jan 24, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Days ago the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis updated and revised America’s global defense strategy. It is a dark vision of the world and calls for massive defense spending. What he calls a defense strategy critics say is a blue-print for wars without end. CrossTalking with Michael Vlahos, Christopher Neiweem, and Philip Giraldi.”

New US National Defense Strategy Is Again Offensive
A quote….”Whether this is a new strategy or just a new declaration of the existing one depends on your point of view. In announcing it at the press conference Jim Mattis stressed the supposed shift from fighting terrorism to countering Russia and China, as well as their effective allies North Korea and Iran. Following hot on the heels of Tillerson’s confrontational outburst, and refusal to get out of Syria following the defeat of Islamic State, the sudden shift looks rather convenient – the US can now claim it must stay in Syria to counter Russia’s growing influence in the region. — What’s new!  Wasn’t this always the US plan, as laid out a decade earlier in “Which path to Persia?” – a plan that seems to be relentlessly moving forward despite all obstacles, including particularly international law? — While there have been a few setbacks in the US project to advance its goals around the globe against the interests of Russia and China and their allies, the escalation in aggressive US confrontations in those “key theatres” since Trump came to power makes nonsense of Colby’s claim that the new policy is “not a strategy of confrontation, but it is strategy that recognizes the reality of competition.”” – Source:  AmericanHeraldTrib

A National Defense Strategy of Sowing Global Chaos
Contains RIVideoEng SubsAlt/YuTb – (RIYuTb – 4min56sec – Jan 24, 2018) — Source:  Russia InsiderRI@YuTb — A quote….”Presenting the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States on Friday at the Johns Hopkins University, Secretary of Defense James Mattis painted a picture of a dangerous world in which U.S. power – and all of the supposed “good” that it does around the world – is on the decline.”

The Path To Persia And The Ongoing Plot To Destroy Iran
A quote….”With the recent unrest in Iran seemingly organized and orchestrated by outside forces such as the U.S. color revolution apparatus in concert with Saudi Arabia, it is becoming more and more clear to individuals observing the situation in the Middle East that the plan to destroy Iran is now coming into view. Even before Syria was destabilized by Western forces in 2011, Iran had been placed on the chopping block on the list of countries that would be ripped apart for the crime of not acquiescing to dictates of the Western financial system. From being included in Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech to being discussed by the Project for the New American Century as a target shortly before 9/11 became the “New Pearl Harbor” to justify the rapid spread of American empire across the world and eviscerate what was left of civil liberties at home, Iran has been in the crosshairs of the Western financier system. Likewise, Iran was identified by General Wesley Clark as one of the countries set to be attacked and destroyed by the United States after 9/11. — Ever since 2001, Iran has been a topic of discussion by politicians, intelligence agencies, the military, and a myriad of Western financier “think tanks” in terms of how the country can best be destabilized, weakened, or destroyed.”

‘Time Has Come’ To Change [Renege On] Iran’s Nuclear Deal: US VP
A Complete Waste Of Anyone’s Time! — (Iran / JCPOA – NPT) – A quote….”US Vice President Mike Pence has underlined Washington’s resolve to change Iran’s nuclear deal, warning that the US will withdraw from the agreement if it is not altered. – During a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem al-Quds on Tuesday, Pence stressed that “the time has come” for Washington’s desired changes in the deal, adding, “If our allies will not join us, President [Donald] Trump has made clear we will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal immediately.”” – Topix  ||  How About An Honest NPT? – 11-11-10 – mpg  ||

Again they’ll just keep moving the goal posts…. next it will be Iran’s missile program that has to be abolished, than their air force will have to be scrapped, after that, their naval ships will have to be restricted to port, their “hate speech” will be considered  unacceptable, their banking system will have to be shut-down, their politicians will have to be removed, and so on and so forth….  Everybody getting the point yet?

Proving, once again, for the umpteenth time, for anyone out there who still stubbornly, stupidly, clings to the misguided belief that the US-NRE honors ANY commitment, they must understand that…. no treaty, truce, codicil, agreement, contract, accord, covenant, resolution, understanding, proposal, promise, protocol, oath, affidavit or affirmation by the United Sates of America, Britain, or the criminal enclave called Israel, or any person, or agency representing these governments, or any corporations controlled by these governments, or any trans-national Euro-Kharzarian, is not worth the piece of paper it’s written on, or the breath it’s spoken on — In other words…. don’t even bother – IT – IS – A – COMPLETE – WASTE – OF – ANYONE’S – TIME –  to do “business” with these entities and those who represent them – mpg.

========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

WaPo [Corp] Editor Blames Lack of US Leadership for Famine Caused by US Leadership
WaPoC – (What A Pile Of Crap) — A quote….”“American leadership” is one of a long list of vague, seemingly benign pseudo-concepts our media throw around to justify increased spending on soft power and military adventurism. It’s a difficult concept to pin down, but it’s almost always presented as something the United States is “failing” to do when it doesn’t “engage” the world with enough war, sanctions or arbitrarily applied human rights scolding.” – Source:  FAIR

U.S. Blames Russia For All Chem Weapons Attacks Based On Claims From White Helmets Terrorists
White Helmet Terrorists — A quote….”It seems as if the U.S. State Department has been on a continual loop ever since August, 2013 when Western-backed terrorists launched a chemical weapons attack that was subsequently blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government by the United States and other imperialist nations assisting in the attempted destruction of Syria. Ever since 2013, when the United States almost succeeded in propagandizing the general public enough to support a direct military invasion of Syria, we have seen the U.S. State Department whining and shrieking about “chemical weapons attacks” conducted by the “regime” in Damascus against “his own people,” “civilians,” and “beautiful babies” on a bi-monthly basis. The tired “chemical weapons” line has never been able to provide the U.S. with as much payoff as it almost did in 2013, however, and, in 2018, Heather Nauert’s whining and Nikki Haley’s head-swinging fits at the U.N. simply don’t have the same effect as Samantha Power’s theatrics in the halls of the same institutions a few years ago.”

Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images

From The History File – January 26, 2018 – Just a reminder — A quote….”The mainstream corporate media is desperate. – They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”. – Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites.- The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media. – Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down. – They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”. – One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Russia Blamed for Everything
A quote….”Big Lies about Russia wore thin long ago – roared by America’s bipartisan criminal class in Washington, regurgitated by deplorable media scoundrels, an endless exercise of disgraceful Russia bashing. – According to its imperial logic, Russia is responsible for US high crimes, including CW attacks by US-supported terrorists.” – also posted at GlobIntelRpt

West[‘s Euro-Kharzarain Banksters] Are Waging ‘Economic War’ on Russia to Topple Kremlin — Bank CEO
A quote….”Western countries are waging an “economic war” against Russia to pursue regime change, the head of Russia’s second-largest lender, VTB Bank, said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. — Russian businessmen are bracing for the release of a list of Kremlin-linked “oligarchs” by the U.S. Treasury Department next Monday, Jan. 29. The blacklist accompanies a new set of sanctions expected in February over alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.”

In the Footsteps of [Euro-Kharzarian Billionaire Oligarch “Nuke All Russians”] Tymoshenko: Western Mouthpiece Sobchak to Meet Trump — A quote….”Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak will visit the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS] in Washington, DC, where she will take part in the discussion on “the post-authoritarian future of Russia” on February 6” – bold by website editor

Oh why stop there?!  —  Why be so disingenuous? — Why not say…. “where she will take part in the discussion on “the post-Putin/Hitlarian future of Russia” on February 6″ — Every single world leader that doesn’t kiss “Jewish” ass, that has the slightest smidgen of patriotic pride for his or her nation, and tries in the least little bit way to take care of the people’s needs, and not those of the Banksters, is ALWAYS called “authoritarian”, or in most cases …. “The New Hitler” — [Expletive deleted] the CSIS, and every single Neoliberalcon, trans-nationalist, New World Order, zio-whore, P.O.S. that works there!! – mpg

Head Russian Banker Speaks Out From Davos – “sanctions are a full-scale economic war”
Not Really – A quote….” The head of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin, who is currently in Davos at the Economic Forum, has spoken out in relation to the situation surrounding Western sanctions against Russia.”

Sanctions are just a form of Euro-Kharzarian “competition” – All countries will now regretfully have to set-up specialized ministries to combat this crap with asymmetric, counter-punitive, regimes of sanctions.  Ready-to-go at a moments notice against the perpetrators.  Most often the Zio-Anglo-Empire Euro-Kharzarian controlled colonies – mpg

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

‘Son of b***h Got Fired’: Joe Biden Forced Ukraine to Sack Prosecutor General ‘in Six Hours’
A quote….”Former US vice president Joe Biden boasted that he had a word to say in another state’s internal affairs, admitting to have pressured the Ukrainian government into sacking a prosecutor general in just a few hours.” – Source:  JoeBiden

US Seeks to Fire Ukraine’s Head of Intelligence Services – In Favour of a More Malicious Person
Is That Even Possible?? – A quote….”Petro Poroshenko is urgently wanting to replace the current head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Hrytsak with Valery Kondratyuk, who currently holds the post of deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine. This was stated by the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleg Tsarev.”

Will Corruption Be Legal For Ukraine MPs?* If This New Law Passes, The Answer Will Be Yes
Legal Corruption? – (A Euro-Kharzarian Oligarch Specialty) — A quote….”Ukrainian deputies want to abolish the criminal responsibility of officials for illegal enrichment. The corresponding draft law is now registered in the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian media reported.”

Tribunal Awaits: Latest UN Data on Donbass [Exposes] Poroshenko’s Lies
A quote….”The UN Commissariat for Human Rights has noted that 90% of civilian casualties in Donbass lived on the territory of Lugansk or Donetsk republics (as opposed to the Kiev- controlled territory of Donbass.) This was stated by political scientist Denis Denisov at a press conference in Moscow. – “These figures are most authoritative and illustrative. They demonstrate the most important thing – which side is conducting a defensive war, and which – the offensive,” Denisov said.” – bold by website editor

DPR Head Invites Students of Universities Closed in Ukraine to Study in Republic
A quote….”On January 22, Alexander Zakharchenko turned to Ukrainian students, who are not needed by their country. In connection with the closure of universities in Ukraine, the Head of the DPR offered to receive education in the Republic.”

Alexander Zakharchenko: “Donbass People Cannot Be Intimidated!”
A quote….”On January 22, at a meeting with media representatives, the Head of the DPR commented on the incident with shooting a bus at the Elenovka checkpoint.”

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Kurdish Leaders Implore Assad To Defend Afrin From The Turks
A quote….”The Kurdish authorities in the Afrin Canton of Aleppo have called on the Syrian government of Bashar Al-Assad to defend the region from the attacking Turkish forces, the SBS News reported Thursday evening. – According to the SBS News report, a statement posted on the website for the Afrin authorities underscored the complexity of the Syrian war and the ongoing problems caused by the Turkish aggression in northern Syria.” – SourceAl-Masdar NewsSome selected ZeroHedge comments posted below….

    • “Always knew the Kurds would be hung out to dry. Sad. Such brave people.” — *MonsterSchmuck*
    • “Once Turks enter Syria they will never leave.” — *Row Well Number 41* – A distinct possibility which worries everyone – mpg
  • “The Kurds were protected under the Assad family especially Bashar Assad, then when the us lost the war in Syria, the CIA made a deal with the Kurds to merge with 20,000 terrorists to form a border army (the US called it border security), such rogue army was to fight the Syrian army. – Now they want Assad’s protection. – Assad can not do anything without a permission from Putin, and Putin does not want a fight with Erdogan  who is fighting the Americans, he would rather the Kurds take few hits, then the Iranian Kurds with the Turkish Kurds and Iraqi Kurds would trash the Turkish invaders, in the meantime the deal the Kurds made with 20,000 terrorists arranged by the US is unraveling and half of them would end up dead killed by the Kurds. – At least the Kurds will learn a lesson not to make deals with the CIA devil again.” — *Davidduke2000*

Turkey’s Operation in Northern Syria, Day 4 Roundup
A quote….”The Turkish military intervention into the Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled region of Afrin in northwest Syria has entered its fourth day. Sputnik has collected a summary of the day’s most important events.”

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Anti-ISIS Operations in Mosul; 34 Killed in Iraq
A quote….”Iraqi P.M. Haider al-Abadi and Kurdish P.M. Nechirvan Barzani met for the second time in a week while the two are attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. – At least 34 people were killed, and nine more were wounded…. A suicide bomber killed two tribal fighters and wounded five more during a military operation in Hawija. – A bomb at an Abu Ghraib market left one dead and two wounded. – In Baghdad, a government employee was killed a roadside bomb in the Jihad district. A bomb wounded two people in Suwaib. Two militants were killed. – Security forces killed 21 militants in Mosul. – Six militants were killed during an operation in Zab.”

Winter of Discontent: US Announces New Offensive Against Taliban in Afghanistan
A quote….”NATO has announced that they will begin a winter offensive against the Taliban in Afghanistan, with US and Afghan forces targeting the militant group’s sources of funding in preparation for a rumoured spring counteroffensive from the insurgents.”

Multiple Americans Killed in Taliban Attack at Afghanistan Hotel, State Department Says
FYI:  When the MSM doesn’t scream 24/7 for weeks about “da’poor widdle tourists” and  they’re also not identified immediately, it means they were either mercenary contractors or spooks – mpg – A quote….”(WASHINGTON) — A State Department official says multiple American citizens were killed and injured in the Taliban’s weekend attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan.- The official isn’t giving exact figures for either the U.S. fatalities or injuries. The official wasn’t authorized to comment by name and demanded anonymity.”

ISIS Gunmen Attack Save the Children Office in Afghanistan
NOTE:  It was the US-NRE’s buddies ISIS that attacked this NGO…. NOT the Taliban – mpg – A quote….”Aid group Save the Children has announced that they are suspending operations in Afghanistan today, following a raid by ISIS gunmen which triggered a protracted and deadly siege with security forces. – Four gunmen dressed as police raided entered the building and attacked with a suicide bomb. Three members of staff and a soldier were reported killed, though most of the staff managed to hide in a safe room and survive.”

Twin Car Bombs Kill More Than 30 in Libya’s Benghazi: Officials
A quote….”BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – A double car bombing in the east Libyan city of Benghazi on Tuesday left at least 33 people dead and dozens more wounded, including senior security figures and civilians, officials said.”

Egypt’s Race For President Kicks Off With Arrest of Top Challenger
A quote….”Egypt’s presidential campaign has kicked into full gear, and naturally the top opposition candidate was just arrested. – A retired top general named Sami Anan, seen as the last remaining real threat to Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, was dragged out of his car in the street by armed men at about 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, Mahmoud Refaat, a spokesman for Anan’s campaign, told VICE News. Anan’s arrest comes just days after he announced plans to challenge el-Sisi for the presidency in a vote scheduled for March. – “There is no legal basis to arrest him,” Refaat said, calling the move politically motivated.” – Source:  Vice
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

YouTube Removes Video of Woman Who Says She Lives in Fear in Germany
A quote….”A video of a woman who says that she “cannot deal with this fear anymore” has been removed by YouTube. The woman, called “Mona Maja” recorded the video to say how migration has changed her country and how the media is pretending that everything is normal. – She says, “There are women being stabbed. Our men are beaten up, teenagers are beaten up, and everything is going down the drain”. – The video has been uploaded for a second time and is gaining a lot of attention:”

Report: Fingerprint Data Shows 90 Percent of Moroccan “Underage” Migrants to Sweden are Actually Adults
A quote….”A new cooperation agreement between Sweden and Morocco to share their fingerprint databases reveals that 90 per cent of “underage” Moroccan asylum seekers are actually adults.- Per Löwenberg, Group Head of the Swedish National Border Policy Division, had this to say of the new agreement: – We have been given permission to work very well with Moroccan authorities, and have a working routine that we are very pleased with.”

Race Is Just Your Extended Family
A quote….”I want to share what I think is the number one, knock-down argument that we should be using when we present our ideas. And by “our ideas,” of course, I mean the essential one of the necessity of the White ethnostate.”
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More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

Meet The Spies Injecting Israeli Propaganda Into Your News Feed
Must ReadOutstanding Analysis!! – A quote….”When Sima Vaknin-Gil took over as director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs at the start of 2016, a crucial fact went largely unnoticed. – For years, she had been a high-ranking officer with an Israeli spy agency. – This means that for the last two years a former intelligence officer has been running Israel’s global war against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. – Her ministerial boss is Gilad Erdan, a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. – They were last month revealed to have spent huge sums creating anti-BDS propaganda targeting social media and news media. – It should be a big wake up call to all defenders of free speech and human rights when a peaceful civil society campaign is targeted by spy agencies responsible for hacking, torture, kidnapping and murder in Palestine and around the world.” – Source:  ElectronicIntifadaTopix  ||  Israel’s Net Control  ||

Israel Reveals its Plan to ‘Flood the Internet’ and News Feeds with Propaganda
Hasbara Alert – A quote….”It’s no secret that in recent years, Israel has been struggling to preserve its plummeting global reputation, as continues to prosecute its brutal race-based, apartheid state policies. The situation is so bad now, that officials in Tel Aviv are planning to ramp-up propaganda and trolling efforts online in an attempt to mitigate damage caused by the international BDS movement designed to help the oppressed native population currently, currently stateless and held prisoner under Israeli military occupation.”

Christianity and Judaism
A quote….”If Yuri Slezkine is right and the 20th century (or even the modern age) was, indeed “The Jewish Century“, and I would personally very much agree with this thesis, then it would be normal to have the topic of Jews and Jewishness as the focus of many interesting discussions.  Yet what we observe today is almost the polar opposite.  Oh sure, there is a lot of talk about Jews and Jewishness, but most of it is of an appallingly sophomoric level.  Not only that, but the many completely different dimensions of this issue are all mushed into one big fat conceptual blob about which a great deal of definitive statements are made without any regards to history, spirituality, culture, psychology, etc.  I am personally disgusted and discouraged to see how low these discussions typically can go.  Roughly speaking, most of the modern discourse is split between two warring factions….”

The Latest in Israel’s Strip-Searching of Women & Children
A quote….”Israel has long been strip-searching women and children, a policy that U.S. media sometimes cover up, from AP to Democracy Now. A Palestinian-Finnish journalist recently refused to submit and was prohibited from covering the Pence event in what the Foreign Press Associated called “ethnic profiling”

Explosive Allegation: Israel Planned To Blow Up Passenger Plane In Arafat Assassination Plot
“Explosive”??(Not really.  One of thousands of the Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate’s assassination attempts.  Some succeed, some don’t, some are truly embarrassing.  Such as the Dubai debacle, which finally ended the Syndicate’s (totally insane policy) of supplying copied passports of innocent citizens from other countries to their operatives. Over a dozen countries finally put their foot down after the Dubai debacle and said…. “enough is enough” – mpg) — A quote….”For years, many had speculated – for which they were promptly cast as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists – that when it comes to achieving illegal goals, including but not limited to creating “false flag” terrorism and political assassinations, few are as skilled and industrious as the CIA and Mossad. Especially Mossad.”

Tamimi Family Members Actors, Not Real?
Translation:  They’re Too Effective As Advocates For The Palestinians(Euro-Kharzarian pettiness, and fear, exposed – mpg) — A quote….”You can’t make this stuff up. Israel investigated Tamimi family members, seeking a way to claim they’re not a real family – a disgraceful perversion of reality. – According to extremist former Israeli ambassador to Washington, current Netanyahu deputy minister Michael Oren, a despicable character supporting apartheid viciousness, the Knesset defense committee he chaired investigated the “credibility” of Tamimi family members two years ago.” – also posted at GlobIntelRpt

WFP Cuts Aid to 60,000 Poor in Gaza
“Putting Them On A Diet” — A quote….”As part of the Israel-led international war on Gaza, World Food Programme (WFP) has cut food aid to 60,000 residents in Gaza living below poverty line.”

Israeli Settler [Illegal Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Migrant Squatters] Harass Palestinian Farmers in Jordan Valley
A quote….”BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli settler reportedly harassed Palestinian farmers in the northern Jordan Valley on Sunday, preventing them from grazing their livestock, according to official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency.”

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Forces Detain 18 Palestinians, Including Husband & Wife
A quote….”BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia] forces detained 18 Palestinians during overnight raids between Tuesday and Wednesday across the occupied West Bank, according to Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian] and Palestinian sources.”

I[EKZJ]OF Demolish Bedouin Village For The 124th Time
A quote….”Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist] occupation bulldozers on Wednesday morning demolished the village of Al-Araqib in the Negev desert for the 124th time.”

Army [Militia] Abducts Five Palestinians In Hebron, One In Salfit And One In Bethlehem
A quote….”Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members] abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, five Palestinians, including a woman, in several parts of the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, in addition to one in Salfit, in northwest West Bank, and one in Bethlehem, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.”

Israeli Army [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Violently Subdues Protests against Pence Visit, Jerusalem Decision — A quote….”Several Palestinians, on Tuesday, suffocated by tear gas as the Israeli army [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia] used violent force to disperse Palestinians who were protesting the US decision on Jerusalem and US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the city.”

Palestine’s Mamilla Cemetery and Israel’s [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate’s] Colonial Project
A quote…”Israel [The Euro-Kharzarian crime syndicate] has many instruments with which to conduct its colonial project in occupied Palestine: cutting-edge military technology; its nuclear weapons and strategic alliance with the US that Israel’s deterrence factor relies on; and US diplomatic protection to contain countries attempting to stop the colonial-settlement of historical Palestine. Now even the dead are being involved, as the story of the Mamilla Cemetery in occupied Jerusalem attests.” – Source:  MEMO

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Forces Shoot Palestinian Teenager in the Neck in Nablus-Area Village
A quote….”NABLUS (Ma’an) — A Palestinian teenager was injured in the neck on Wednesday evening when Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members] opened fire at him at the entrance of Burqa in northwestern Nablus.”
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

The North Calls For Unification of all Koreans…. Without Foreign Aid
“Foreign Aid” = Bankster Hegemony – A quote….”North Korea has called on “all Koreans at home and abroad” to make a “breakthrough” for unification without foreign assistance. – The rare announcement, which was made via the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Thursday morning, called on all Koreans to “promote contact, travel and cooperation between North and South Korea.””

Analysts Explain How Russia, Iran May Scupper US’ ‘Army of Bots’
A quote….”The US is allegedly mulling over sophisticated new methods of influencing the public opinion in Russia, Iran and North Korea, among other countries. Russian and Iranian cyber-security specialists shed light on the US Army Intelligence and Security Command’s (INSCOM) recent initiative and the potential counter-measures to handle the challenge.” – Source:  Sputnik

Press Review: Damascus to Deal Death Blow to al-Nusra and CEFC Set To Seal Rosneft Deal
A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- Local sources reported on Tuesday that the Kurdistan Democratic Union Party (PYD) has released all ISIL captives that have agreed to join the battle against the forces of the Turkey-led Olive Branch Operation in Northern Aleppo. – The sources declared that the Kurdistan Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is considered as the YPG’s political wing, and the PKK had released all ISIL prisoners after they agreed to fight against the Turkish army and Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants in Syria’s Afrin region.”

Russia and China Are Dead Serious About Ditching the Dollar
A quote….”The Russian government has recently announced it will issue nearly $1 billion equivalent in state bonds, but denominated not in US dollars as is mostly the case. Rather it will be the first sale of Russian bonds in China’s yuan. – While $1 billion may not sound like much when compared with the Peoples’ Bank of China total holdings of US Government debt of more than $1 trillion or to the US Federal debt today of over $20 trillion, it’s significance lies beyond the nominal amount. It’s a test run by both governments of the potential for state financing of infrastructure and other projects independent of dollar risk from such events as US Treasury financial sanctions.”

Cambodia and China to Hold Joint Military Exercises for Second Time Ever
A quote….”China will be holding its second-ever military exercise with Cambodia in March 2018. The drill, to be focused on counterterror exercises, will commemorate 60 years of diplomatic relations between the Asian nations and is evidence of the strengthening ties between Beijing and Phnom Penh.”

China Develops Early Warning Jets For Aircraft Carriers
A quote….”The Chinese military is building its first carrier-based early-warning plane capable of tracking stealth aircraft like the US’ F-22s and F-35s used by services worldwide.”

Indonesia To Replace Fleet of American F-5 With Russian Su-35 Aircraft
A quote….”The Su-35 will replace the obsolete American F-5 Tiger aircraft, which the Indonesian military has been using since 1980. Rostech, the aircraft manufacturer, has stated that it received a commercial offer from Indonesia, for 11 aircraft.”

Moscow Welcomed Record Number Of Tourists in 2017
A quote….”MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. A record number of tourists visited Moscow in 2017 making the Russian capital one of the world’s most popular destinations, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said on Thursday. – He noted that last year Moscow hosted many events.”

Putin’s Advice To Students – “don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Good Advice – A quote….” Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Russian students not to be afraid of mistakes, to be defiant and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern Russia. – The head of state today visited the student forum “Together Forward” in Kazan.”

The Horror! There Are Russian Subs in Russia’s Black Sea!
OMG! – A quote….”The Reaganite pro-NATO Jamestown Foundation think-tank has discovered another grave Russian threat to the free world. What is it this time? It’s Russia’s submarines…in Russia’s Black Sea. That’s right, The Jamestown Foundation finds it alarming there are Russian submarines swimming just off the Russian coast…..”

New Tu-160 Bomber to Strengthen Russia’s Nuclear Triad — Putin
A quote….”Russia’s newly-built supersonic strategic bomber Tupolev-160M is the largest plane with a variable shape wing and one of the most powerful combat aircraft in the world.”

WATCH: Russia’s Magnificent New IL-78 Takes First Flight
Contains VideoAlt/YuTb – A quote….”The newest Russian aircraft fueler Il-78M-90A has taken its first flight today. The chief pilot was a decorated Hero of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Kuimov. The flight lasted 35 minutes.”

Russians Have Been Bleeding For Crimea For a Thousand Years
A quote….”R.I. Editor’s note:  Most assume the Russian military history connection to Crimea goes no further than 1783 when the territory was finally retaken Catherine the Great. In fact Peter the Great had already led several efforts to restore the region to Russia almost a hundred years earlier, after it had been lost in the destruction of the great Kievan Rus state by the Mongols in 1240. It had been added to Rus in the distant 10th century.”
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

Anti-Globalization and Isolationist Trends Must Be Stopped, India’s Modi tells Davos
Modi Minion of the N.W.O.Told ya’folks – mpg — A quote….”Forces of protectionism are raising their heads against globalization, their intention is not only to avoid globalization themselves but they also want to reverse its natural flow,” he said.” – Correction…. “Unnatural flow”Topix  ||  Modi’s Zio-Neoliberalcon Conversion – 08-14-17 – mpg  ||

Brazil’s Capital Sees Thousands Turn Out as Lula Loses Appeal
Brazil’s Bankster Judicial Coup…. Continues – A quote….”Protesters show their anger at a pro-Lula rally Wednesday after a Brazilian court upheld ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s conviction for corruption and increased his jail sentence to 12 years.”

Fall of an Empire? US May Stop Contributions to International Space Station
A quote….”The administration of President of the United States proposes to stop the financing of the International Space Station (ISS) by NASA by 2025, writes the American publication The Verge.”
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More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

A Conspiracy of Silence Assaults Privacy

A quote….”During the past three weeks, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law vast new powers for the NSA and the FBI to spy on innocent Americans and selectively to pass on to law enforcement the fruits of that spying. – Those fruits can now lawfully include all fiber-optic data transmitted to or in the United States, such as digital recordings of all landline and mobile telephone calls and copies in real time of all text messages and emails and banking, medical and legal records electronically stored or transmitted.” – Source:  UNZReview

Facebook Pretending to Care About Democracy Now is the Height of Hypocrisy
A quote….”Facebook has admitted that sometimes, it might actually be bad for democracy. Facebook is right about that. However, I’m not sure that the social media platform really understands why this is the case. – The admission comes in a series of official blog posts by Facebook insiders about what effect social media can have on democracy. “I wish I could guarantee that the positives are destined to outweigh the negatives, but I can‘t,” wrote Samidh Chakrabarti, a Facebook product manager. He continued: “… we have a moral duty to understand how these technologies are being used and what can be done to make communities like Facebook as representative, civil and trustworthy as possible.”” – Source:  RT

US Creates Task Force to Promote ‘Internet Freedom’ in Cuba
A quote….”The US has created a special task force to promote the free flow of information on the internet in Cuba, the State Department announced. The move was decried by Cuban media as an attempt to destabilize the island. – “The Department of State is convening a Cuba Internet Task Force composed of US government and non-governmental representatives to promote the free and unregulated flow of information in Cuba,” the agency said in a statement on Tuesday. “The task force will examine the technological challenges and opportunities for expanding internet access and independent media in Cuba.”” – Source:  RT

US Hacking of American’s Social Media Dwarfs Russia’s – Is Facebook Going to Do Something About it?
A quote….”Since mid-2016, we’ve hear endless stories about how those sneaky Russians managed to surreptitiously invade the United States and influence the 2016 presidential election in favour of their preferred candidate, Donald Trump.”

‘WTF is Going On?!’ Linux Creator Attacks Intel As It Retracts ‘Garbage’ Fix For Critical Bug
A quote….”Patches released by Intel Corp. to fix highly malicious Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting its CPUs turned out to be faulty, the company admitted, urging customers to stop installing them until further notice.”

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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

“Too Big To Believe” – Massive Scandal Is Brewing At The FBI
A quote….”As the Potemkin Village walls of The Left’s ‘Trump Collusion’ narrative crash and burn along with special counsel Mueller’s credibility, The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin sees far more wide-ranging problems ahead for America’s ‘intelligence’ agencies as the anti-Trump ‘secret society’ and lovers-texts-gate debacles threaten the core of the Deep State. — Goodwin writes that, during the financial crisis, the federal government bailed out banks it declared “too big to fail.” Fearing their bankruptcy might trigger economic Armageddon, the feds propped them up with taxpayer cash. — Something similar is happening now at the FBI, with the Washington wagons circling the agency to protect it from charges of corruption. This time, the appropriate tag line is “too big to believe.” — Yet each day brings credible reports suggesting there is a massive scandal involving the top ranks of America’s premier law enforcement agency. The reports, which feature talk among agents of a “secret society” and suddenly missing text messages, point to the existence both of a cabal dedicated to defeating Donald Trump in 2016 and of a plan to let Hillary Clinton skate free in the classified email probe. — If either one is true — and I believe both probably are — it would mean FBI leaders betrayed the nation by abusing their powers in a bid to pick the president.” – Source:  ZeroHedge

From ‘Secret Societies’ to Flawed FBI Probes, the Russiagate Narrative is Imploding
A quote….”The anti-Russia narrative is collapsing under the growing weight of evidence pointing to a concerted internal effort on the part of the US establishment to sabotage the Trump presidency. – Russiagate – the ongoing American witch hunt that imagines the Kremlin behind everything, up to and including Donald Trump’s presence in the Oval Office – is starting to resemble a Russian matryoshka stacking doll.” – Source:  RT

Republicans Sitting On Evidence That Clears Trump
A quote….”In the 1970s neoconservative Irving Kristol aptly described the Republicans as “the stupid party.” We are seeing this today in the hesitation of the House Intelligence Committee to release to the American public the results of its investigation of Russiagate. – The committee has released a description of its findings to members of the House, and most Republicans who have read it are demanding that it be released to the public as it clearly proves that Russiagate was an orchestrated conspiracy between the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, and the Obama Department of Justice against Donald Trump.”

Spy Court Finds Surveillance Operating Outside The Law
A quote….”The NSA, CIA, and FBI are criminal organizations that should be abolished and their leaderships imprisoned. Here is proof from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that security agencies have been operating outside the law.”

Here Are All the Facts About Russiagate
A quote….”Former US Attorney Joe di Genova explains the Russiagate story. Scroll down and you will find his 30 minute video interview. It will give you the complete unadultrated story. – It made me realize that I have been too harsh on the NSA. It was the NSA Director Adm. Rodgers who informed the FISA court of the misuse of survelliance by the FBI and DOJ in their plot against Trump, and it was Adm. Rogers who informed President-elect Trump that the Obama regime was spying on him. Because of Adm. Rogers, the House Intelligence Committee now has on record the admissions by the FBI and DOJ of their violations of law.”

Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, First Leak Reveals
A quote….”A bombshell four-page “FISA memo” alleging egregious surveillance abuse by the FBI, DOJ and Obama administration, specifically names FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to the Daily Beast.”

Missing FBI Text Messages Have Been Located
A quote….”The missing text messages from a critical five-month period between Trump-bashing FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who both served on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, have been located by the Department of Justice. — In a letter sent to congressional committees, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.””
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Things Are Getting Worse, Not Better: Round Ups, Checkpoints and National ID Cards

Must Read – A quote….”No one is safe. — No one is immune. — No one gets spared the anguish, fear and heartache of living under the shadow of an authoritarian police state. — That’s the message being broadcast 24/7 to the citizens and residents of the American police state with every new piece of government propaganda, every new law that criminalizes otherwise lawful activity, every new policeman on the beat, every new surveillance camera casting a watchful eye, every sensationalist news story that titillates and distracts, every new prison or detention center built to house troublemakers and other undesirables, every new court ruling that gives government agents a green light to strip and steal and rape and ravage the citizenry, every school that opts to indoctrinate rather than educate, and every new justification for why Americans should comply with the government’s attempts to trample the Constitution underfoot.” – Source:  TheRutherfordInstitue

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse

Must Read – A quote….”How did America’s elderly end up cheated of dignity? After all, even desperately poor countries have “informal social support systems” — otherwise known as families and communities. But in America, there is the catastrophic collapse of social bonds. Extreme capitalism has blown apart American society so totally that people cannot even care for one another as much as they do in places like Pakistan and Nigeria. Social bonds, relationships themselves, have become unaffordable luxuries, more so than even in poor countries: this is yet another social pathology unique to American collapse.”

The Abandonment of the Working Class
Must Read – Quote of the Day – A quote….”One of the great tragedies of our time is the abandonment of the working class by the white liberal/progressive/left. No longer is the victim group the working class and the victimizers Wall Street, the big banks and the capitalists. Today the victimizer is the white working class, and the victim group is everyone else. Somehow the working class, whose incomes and opportunities have been shrinking for three decades, a class that owns no politicians and has been abandoned even by the Democratic Party, is the powerful exploiter that has pushed aside the billionaires and rule America in their place. How likely is it that the down and out working class, branded by Hillary Clinton “the Trump deplorables” are the rulers of America?”

The FBI’s Outrageous Destruction of Evidence Involving Peter Strzok Forces Us To Re-Examine the Waco Raid of 1993 — A quote….”(Natural News) Recent breaking news about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knowingly destroying at least five months’ worth of text message evidence pertaining to an investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia has sent shockwaves throughout Capitol Hill. But if the FBI’s reputation as a credible law enforcement entity is what people are concerned about here, that was actually shattered many years ago – perhaps most notably with the infamous Branch Davidian raid of 1993″ – Source:  NaturalNews

Newly Freed, Rancher Cliven Bundy Gets A Hero’s Welcome in MontanaHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote…”PARADISE, Mont. — Cliven Bundy was fresh out of jail, and so the nation’s most controversial rancher strode into the town of Paradise and called on hundreds of supporters — a sea of cattlemen, timber workers and star-struck children — to follow in his footsteps.”

4 in 5 Americans Want Less Immigration
Who Cares What The Little People Think (All that matters is what the two percent think.  You know…  the “Jews” – mpg) — A quote….”Americans are against mass immigration—So why can’t congress pass immigration reform? — [Do we have to say it again? – mpg] — According to a new Harvard-Harris poll, 81 percent of Americans want a reduction in immigration levels to 1 million or lower.  Last year over 1.4 million legal immigrants arrived in America, while the number of illegals is unknown.” – Topix ||  A Historical, Unalienable, Right – 07-05-17 – mpg  ||

Trump To Give Path To Citizenship For 1.8 Million Dreamers In Exchange For Wall Funding
A quote….”In an attempt to break the ongoing deadlock over government funding and immigration reform, President Trump will sign an immigration plan into law that would allow as many as 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought into the US as children to seek a pathway to citizenship, in exchange for billions of dollars for Trump’s border wall and sweeping changes to the legal immigration system, senior administration officials said Thursday.” – One ZeroHedge comment stood out…..

“The Art of the Deal, win some, win some more. Deport 1.8 million people? Usually not a happy ending for the ethnic cleanser. Besides impossible, a political nightmare, these days easily documented on YouTube. Upside, 1.8 million locked Democratic votes now a toss up. – And while on the topic, the Mueller deposition may look risky now, but in two years, genius. The Russian influence meme; free ass-hats for every Dem during the 2020 election cycle and beyond, after Bonehead performs his last act of ‘public service’.” — *IntercoursetheEU* — (Agree – mpg)

The War on Men (and women, and kids, and families and nature and even God imnsho!)
Graphic (click to view / translation at the bottom) — A quote….”Paul Joseph Watson clearly knows as much about Communism as he knows about Islam: nothing.  But in his observations of what is going on in the US society, he is spot on.  Having lived in the USA for over 20 years total (5+16) I can confirm that he is not exaggerating at all and that there is this “war on men” going on.  Sadly, the typical alternative to what PJW calls “soy boys” is not real, normal, manly men, but stupid macho brutes (as shown in the photos contrasting a skinny soy-boy with what looks to me like homosexual body builders).  The West is really sexually dysfunctional to the extreme, hence this kind of caricatures in the Russian press….”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

The Daily Nationalist: It Pays to Be Politically Incorrect – DN 012418
TDNAudio(Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts)Alt/Mp3Alt/ZnCstAlt/YuTb – (TDNVar – 30min49sec – Jan 24, 2018) – Source:  TheDailyNationalist@TRSSThe Right Stuff ShowsGustaf JohansonPewTube –  — A quote…. “Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to talk about Tom Kawczynksi of New Albion being fired as Town Manager of Jackman Maine, but not without first getting a a $30,000 payoff. Tom was obviously well liked by the people in the town or he would not have been Town Manager. He has been fired for expressing politically incorrect views in his private life, particularly with reference to his New Albion project, an ethno-state in his area which is already 95% White. The SPLC and other anti-White organisations have done their best to smear him and the town could not continue to support him without being called racists too. If ever this happens to anyone and they are asked to leave a position because of their political views, they should always ask for a compensation package to ensure they will not sue. Tom did and he got $30,000 for doing so.”

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (547) Michael Walsh And Alfred Schaefer – The Ethnic European With Mike And Andy #12EFRAudioAlt/Mp3 – Alt/YuTb – (Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts) – (EFRVar – 57min29sec – Jan 24, 2017) – Producer Websites:  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock@ EFREuro Folk Radio ShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTbRelated Websites:  Andrew C HitchcockACH@YuTbAlternate Sources:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeThe Right Stuff Shows — A quote….”In today’s show originally broadcast on January 24 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “The Ethnic-European With Mike And Andy,” with its creator, writer, and editor, Michael Walsh, and special guest Alfred Schaefer. — We discussed: how Alfred had his home raided by ten police officers yesterday; Monika Schaefer’s current situation; how it was actually a family member who reported Monika to the German authorities; why you should not travel to Germany and should boycott German products due to its’ oppressive anti-White regime; Britain’s most horrifying prison where Mike was jailed in 1979; the White Race traitors; how George Soros is waging war on Nationalists; how Nationalism is increasing in Germany; Bolshevik depravity explained; the tent cities in the United States; how you can write letters and boycott companies in order to make your voice heard; and many other topics.”

Kyle Bristow – Legally Fighting Back Against Political Witch Hunts
RIRVideo(y. c. rescinded) – (RIRYuTb – 57min56sec – Jan 24, 2018) – Source:  Red Ice Radio @ YuTbRedIceTVRedIceCreationsRedIceRSSFeedsRedIceMembersGuest Website:  TheSh*tLordHub — A quote….”Kyle Bristow is a Lawyer and the Executive Director of the Foundation For The Marketplace Of Ideas. Kyle earned his juris doctorate from the University of Toledo College of Law, his bachelor of arts degree in international relations from James Madison College of Michigan State University, and his associate degree and certificate in general studies from Macomb Community College. He has provided legal support to many Alt-Right activists. Our program begins with a discussion of how Kyle’s personal experiences, his formal academic training in law, and a deep appreciation for how public universities work, have allowed him to successfully defend the constitutional rights of Alt-Right activists as an attorney. Henrik goes on to inquire about how Kyle came to the Alt-Right. Along with his academic and personal experiences, Kyle refers to the works of James Burnham; and a volume of essays edited by the late Sam Francis that had a profound effect on him. Henrik and Kyle go on to discuss many other topics including the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and its consequences; the extreme violence of Antifa and conservatism’s failure to address it; the origins and near-ubiquity of communist thought in the United States; the malign nexus of communism and capitalism; the Ashford House Antifa assault incident; Kyle’s own legal institute: Foundation For The Marketplace Of Ideas (FMI); and the ability of cryptocurrencies to bypass hostile banking institutions and finance White advocacy.”

Assassination of Donald Exposed! -IG Horowitz Cohen-cidence of Lost Emails on “Secret Society”
Must Listen DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-24-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 24th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke talked about new revelations regarding the Russia Hoax investigations against Donald Trump, which actually amount to a Jewish-led coup d’etat attempt. Inspector General of the Justice Department (((Michael Horowitz))) has conveniently lost 50,000 text messages between two anti-Trump FBI agents who referred to themselves as part of a “secret society” dedicated to protecting America from the man they elected as president. – Then he and Dr. Slattery expose the leading Jewish role in this Jew d’etat against the president, which includes the media, the “deep state” permanent bureaucracy, and Congressional leaders like Adam Schiff and Diane Feinstein. — Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. – So pease keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”

New York Times Inadvertently Calls for Banning Jews from the United States of America”
Must Listen DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-25-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 25th, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker as his guest for the hour. They discussed the New York Times article written by a Jewish journalist titled A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews, that points out, among other things, that Jews were the driving force behind the Communist Party in the United States. – It also talked about the role of Jewish immigrants in the early 20th Century in organized crime. Yet, the article makes the case that somehow Jews are a model minority, and that modern efforts to halt immigration from Shitholean countries would deprive America of the same benefits that Jews brought to us 100 years ago. – leaders like Adam Schiff and Diane Feinstein. — Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. – So pease keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

Episode 328 – The Bitcoin Psyop
Must View CRVideoAlt/Mp3Alt/YuTb (CRMedPlyr – 28min32sec – Jan 19, 2018) – Source Websites:  CR@YuTb – CorbettRptCorbett@Patreon – A quote….”Yes, the blockchain is truly revolutionary. Yes, bitcoin is Tulipmania 2.0. Yes, cryptocurrency is a nail in the coffin of the bankster parasites. Yes, digital currency is a tool of the totalitarian tyrants. No, these statements are not contradictory. But don’t worry if you think they are. You’re just a victim of “The Bitcoin Psyop.””

The Dismal Boom
Charts(click each till they’re enlarged) — A quote….”There is a fundamental assumption behind any purchasing manager index, or PMI. These are often but not always normalized to the number 50. That’s done simply for comparison purposes and the ease of understanding in the general public. That level at least in the literature and in theory is supposed to easily and clearly define the difference between growth and contraction. – But is every 50 the same? That’s ultimately at issue in 2018. The assumption is that a 50 is a 50, and that they are comparable on an apples to apples basis. Behind that postulation is symmetry.”  – Source:  Alhambra Investments

Flying Blind, Part 2: The Destruction Of Honest Price Discovery And Its Consequences
A quote….”….the real economic iniquity of central bank driven Bubble Finance is that it destroys all the pricing signals that are essential to financial discipline on both ends of the Acela Corridor. And as quaint at it may sound, discipline is the sine qua non of long-term stability and sustainable gains in productivity, living standards and real wealth.” – Source:  ContraCorner
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Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Germany to Ban Glyphosate Herbicides in Shock to Monsanto-Bayer MergerHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”In a shock announcement Friday [Jan 12], Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) have agreed on a blueprint for formal grand coalition negotiations, which includes a complete ban on glyphosate herbicides. Details of the suggested ban are yet to be announced.” – Source:  SustainablePulse
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More On The Banksters Global Warming Hoax / Carbon Tax / Carbon Currency / Scam…

Hottest Week Of The Year – All Of Antarctica Below Freezing

A quote….”This week is the hottest week of the year in Antarctica, and the entire continent is below freezing. In the map below, I have masked out all above freezing temperatures.” – Source:  RealClimateScience

Bombshell science study reveals internal heat from Earth’s hot core is what’s causing Greenland’s ice sheets to slide
A quote….”(Natural News) The ice sheet in Greenland is melting, but it turns out that the culprit is not global warming, as some people would like to have you believe. Instead, researchers have now found proof that a hidden heat source deep inside the planet is behind this melting that is pushing glaciers into the ocean.”

Wednesday January 24th 2018
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Tuesday January 23rd 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….Soros Sponsored Unrest Rocks Bucharest
Darth Sidious Soros AlertMust Read – A quote….”This Saturday, around 10.000 Romanians mostly turned out and organized by Soros (and US-AID and NED) NGOs gathered around the movement Rezist (identical name to Otpor used by Soros against Serbia – ed) and other Romanians, mostly employees of foreign multinational companies gathered in the Romanian capital for a so called anti corruption rally targeting the anti-globalist socialist Government of Romania and its patriotic and popular reforms. — The Sorosistas were shipped from all around the country to the capital, mainly from the town of Cluj Napoca which is a hotbed of treacherous NGO’s sponsored from abroad. Facebok and twitter were used to mobilize them.The aim of the protest was surely to cause another Maidan like protest, as seen in Ukraine – occupy the main centre, Revolution square, and set up tents.” – bold by website editorA Rare Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of the American Empire in the Middle East
A quote….”In recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, four former US diplomats provided remarkably candid commentary on recent US involvement in the Middle East, revealing a number of the most closely guarded secrets of US diplomacy. – The four former diplomats emphasized the importance of the region’s oil, spoke critically about the weaknesses of US strategy, made a number of crude comments about US partners, displayed little concern about ongoing violence, and called for more “discipline” throughout the region.””How US Went From Supporting the Kurds, to Backing Turkey Against Them – in Just 9 Days
A quote….”US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been left flailing as Washington desperately struggles to avoid being shut out of Syria by its own allies – following a crisis it helped provoke just days ago. – For all the backpedaling and reframing the US officials are now doing, the chronology of the volte-face from Afrin to Ankara is startlingly straightforward.”

Sowing War and Chaos: US Continues Meddling in Syria Through the Kurds
A quote….”On October 6th 2017 I wrote a lengthy article for The Duran in which I said that the US’s two previous plans in Syria having failed – Plan A being regime change through US backing of violent Jihadi groups, Plan B being the attempt to set up an anti Assad ‘Sunnistan’ in eastern Syria – the US was resorting to Plan C, which was to establish a US backed Kurdish protectorate in northern Syria, so as to undermine the Syrian government from within.” – Source:  TheDuran

Destroying Syria
A quote….”The Donald Trump administration is planning to install a 30,000 strong armed “security force” in northern Syria along the borders with Turkey and Iraq. This presumably will tie together and support the remaining rag-tags of allegedly pro-democracy rebels and will fit in with existing and proposed U.S. bases. The maneuver is part of a broader plan to restructure Syria to suit the usual crop of neocon geniuses in Washington that have slithered their way back into the White House and National Security Council, to include renewed demands that the country’s President Bashar al-Assad “must go,” reiterated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last Wednesday. He said “But let us be clear: The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria, focused on ensuring ISIS cannot re-emerge.” Tillerson also claimed that remaining in Syria would prevent Iran from “reinforcing” its position inside Syria and would enable the eventual ouster of al-Assad, but he has also denied that Washington was creating a border force at all, yet another indication of the dysfunction in the White House.”

US Rejects Moscow-Proposed UN Mechanism to Probe Syria Chemical Attacks Based on Facts

Moscow Is SO Rude!!(Trying to bring up “Facts” to ruin the US-NRE’s wonderful fairy-tale!  Who do they think they are? – mpg) – A quote….”The US has firmly rejected a Russian-drafted Security Council resolution seeking to establish an objective investigative mechanism to probe all allegations of chemical attacks in Syria “based on impeccable and irrefutable data.”” – Source:  RT

US Encircles Iran with 45 Bases, But Is Concerned With Iran’s Activities in Syria
Map(click to enlarge) – A quote….”With the imminent defeat of United States-supported terrorist groups in Syria by the Syrian government, with assistance from Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, one might reasonably think that the U.S. would finally just go home. After all, U.S. President Donald Trump wants, or so he says, to stop ‘nation building’, and ‘put America first’. When a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee asked what role U.S. soldiers/terrorists would have in Syria, once ISIS was no longer a viable presence in that country, the answer was not what the questioner expected. The State Department’s David Satterfield, acting assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs, responded thusly: “We are deeply concerned with the activities of Iran, with the ability of Iran to enhance those activities through a greater ability to move materiel into Syria. And I would rather leave the discussion at that point.”” – Topix  ||  A History Of Mayhem & Murder  ||

“Calls Upon” Trickery – How Europe Cheats On Iran’s Nuclear Agreement
A quote….”The Trump administration wants to abolish the nuclear agreement with Iran. The big European countries want to keep the formal agreement but are actively looking for other reasons, specifically Iran’s ballistic missiles, to put new sanctions on Iran. A detailed look into the issue reveals that those European countries are willfully misreading the relevant UN resolutions and mislead the public about their real motivations.”

Now Trump Menaces Pakistan
A quote….”International fame, at last! Pakistan hit international headlines because it was the subject of Donald Trump’s first tweet of 2018. The country will have a small but everlasting place in history. – Trump is the man who immediately after being elected US President telephoned the then prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to say Pakistan is “a fantastic country, fantastic place” and “amazing with tremendous opportunities.” He ended the call with the jovial request to “please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people.” How heartwarming, to be sure.

Whither Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s “moderate” Islam?
Still Rotting Away in the Fetid Imaginations of the Neoliberalcons – A quote….”Recent Algerian media reports detailing Saudi propagation of a quietist, apolitical yet supremacist and anti-pluralistic form of Sunni Muslim ultra-conservatism raises questions about the scope of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s commitment to what he has termed “moderate” Islam. So does Saudi missionary activity in Yemen.”

Deconstructing the Motives Behind Sending False Nuclear Alerts
A quote….”How do Canadians look at the sequence of Nuclear Scare events in the Far East – culminating, for now, in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday, January 16?  What do Canadians make of the strange events? Are the scare events real? Or are we Canadians being brainwashed? — We know that the warning systems for detection of long-range, inter-continental ballistic missiles have been working for many decades almost without a hitch ….  Have they begun failing … just now, conveniently?” – Previously posted Jan 18th 2018, posted again for your edification…..

Not An ‘Oops’ Button: Missile Alert Took Many Clicks, Long Scroll State Never Mentioned
Related Article – A quote…”It’s the computer mistake that continues to get international attention. – So far we’ve taken a look at two different screenshots that emergency officials say staff turn to when it’s time to send out a test or real emergency alert. – Always Investigating uncovered those were just two small pieces of a much bigger puzzle.”

FEMA: Ige, Miyagi Wrong About 38 Minute Delay
Related Article – A quote….”Why did Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HIEMA) officials take 38 minutes to send out a retraction of Saturday’s missile attack false alarm message?”

Patrick Cockburn Rages: “It’s Time To Call Economic Sanctions What They Are: War Crimes”
A quote….”The first pathetic pieces of wreckage from North Korean fishing boats known as “ghost ships” to be found this year are washing up on the coast of northern Japan. These are the storm-battered remains of fragile wooden boats with unreliable engines in which North Korean fishermen go far out to sea in the middle of winter in a desperate search for fish.” – Source:  CounterPunchalso posted at RussianInsider
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

Ministry of Truth: UK Govt to Set up ‘Rapid Response’ Fake News Unit
A quote….”British Prime Minister Theresa May is to agree to the creation of a “rapid response” government unit to fight perceived fake news, it has been reported. – The team will aim to identify and challenge stories they judge to be misleading or damaging, and will be based in the Cabinet Office, claims The Times. – According to Alex Aiken, executive director of the Government Communication Service (GCS), they aim “build a rapid response social media capability to deal quickly with disinformation and reclaim a fact-based public debate”.”

Military Industrial Complex Drives WaPo and NYT’s Propaganda for WAR on Venezuela
A quote….” [Editor’s note: Remember that it was WaPo that led the charge in naming Fort Russ News as ‘fake news‘. We took it as a compliment. Who stands for Empire, War, and rule by the Bankers? – J.Flores] — The propaganda coming from the US media is worsening as the campaign that sells a humanitarian military intervention against Venezuela from abroad is sharpening. From which arises the question: who are behind this media “consensus”?”

WaPo Supports Illegal US Occupation of Syrian Territory
A quote….”Throughout seven years of US aggression in Syria, using ISIS and likeminded terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, US-led Western media reporting has been some of the most abysmal in memory.”

Smithsonian’s AIR&SPACE Magazine Makes Inverted David and Goliath Story Out of Donbass
A quote….”Judgment can’t be better than the information it is based on, and the March, 2018 issue of AIR&SPACE magazine presents a remarkable example of the information America is getting about the Lugansk Peoples Republic and the Donetsk Peoples Republic — and the judgment based on this information is doomed to error!”

RT’s Registration as ‘Foreign Agent’ in US Hampers Work – Editor-in-Chief
Pssssst! – That’s the idea! – mpg — A quote….”MOSCOW (Sputnik) – RT’s registration under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) has seriously affected the broadcaster’s activities in the United States, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said in the interview with the Associated Press.”
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

CrossTalk: Bullhorns Disambiguate (Extended Version)
Must Listen CTRTVideoCT/BullhornsDisambiguate@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 37min01sec – Jan 22, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Will a 4-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse change the course of what is known as Russiagate? Also, does the Trump administration’s Syria policy make any sense? And, who is the real bully, Trump or the media? – CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Alex Christoforou, and Dmitry Babich.”

Trump Officially Restores Cold War
A quote….”On January 20th, CBS News bannered “Terrorism no longer the military’s top priority, Mattis says” and opened: “There is a major change in US military strategy. On Friday, more than 16 years after the 9/11 attacks, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said terrorism is no longer the No. 1 priority.” The report said, “Maintaining a military advantage over China and Russia is now Defense Secretary Mattis’ top priority.”

Black Sea Antics by the US-NATO Military Alliance
A quote….”In addition to the increasing numbers of troops and aircraft ranged along Russia’s northern borders, the United States continues to deploy missile-equipped warships to the Black Sea, and on January 10 the UK’s Sun newspaper headlined that “US destroyer races to Russia-dominated Black Sea to ‘ensure security and stability’.” The US Navy Times joined in by announcing that “US Navy ruffles Russian feathers in the Black Sea” and Stars and Stripes reported the US 6th Fleet’s Captain Tate Westbrook as saying that “US ships will continue to enter the Black Sea and work with our allies and partners to ensure maritime security and stability,” but nobody gave an example of insecurity.”

Centenary of the Bolshevik Usurpation
FYI:  (Approximately 80% percent of the top echelons of the Bolshevik party were composed of…. “JEWS”! — They “Usurped Russian Democracy”… by usurping the Russian revolution, the Social Revolutionaries, the Mensheviks, the Monarchists, The Whites, and eventually about twenty to thirty million Caucasian Russian Christians… by murdering them – mpg) — A quote….”One hundred years ago (Jan 19, 1918) the Bolsheviks forcibly dissolved the Russian Constituent Assembly, kickstarting the Russian Civil War. — The Bolsheviks had only gotten 24.5% of the vote, getting beaten out by the Social Revolutionaries with 40.4%. – This doesn’t change even if we account for the Left SR’s deserting to the Bolsheviks, since they only won 4o mandates to the Right SR’s 375 and the Bolsheviks’ 175. – Contrary to both Communist and Western Russophobe propaganda, Russians never voted in the Bolsheviks, let alone gave them license to usurp absolute power and launch a civil war.”

Confirmed All Over Again Today in WSJ: US Congress More War-Hungry Than Trump
A quote….” Last July, the House of Representatives voted 419 to 3 in favor of more sanctions on Russia. The Senate vote was 98 to 2. It was known at the time that Trump opposed the measure, and that he objected to Congress sticking its nose into foreign affairs, especially disliking the bill’s provision that he get congressional approval for any attempt to lift the sanctions against Russia. – The bill, of course, with those numbers behind it, was veto-proof. Trump had to sign, and he signed, and thus let Congress tie his hands about better relations with Russia.”

Clean Russian Olympic Athletes Barred from Games – Political Motives Obvious
A quote….”It doesn’t get any more apparent than this. There still seems to be a fear lingering in the IOC office that Russia could provide us with a show at next month’s Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. If not fear, then what exactly is it that has incentivized the recent decision of stopping three top Russian medal prospects, Sergey Ustiugov, Anton Shipulin and Viktor Ahn from participating?”

Sanctions: Norway Loses $1 Billion Without Access to Russian Seafood Market
A quote….”Norway could not find a substitute for the Russian seafood market. This was stated in Oslo today by the extraordinary and plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia Teimuraz Ramishvili. According to him, this issue is painful for the fishing industry of the kingdom.”

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A Coming Russia-Ukraine War [Kiev Regime Kinetic Intervention]?
A quote….”While much of America’s – and the world’s – attention focused this weekend reflecting on Donald Trump’s first year in the Oval Office, holding one-year anniversary events for the historic Women’s March and drawing up balance sheets of his promises and achievements, Russia has had a rather different issue on the front-burner: a possible war with Ukraine. – The situation in the Donbass region of south-eastern Ukraine has been a feature of Russia’s political talk shows for the past couple years, along with the military campaign in Syria and more recently the stages in the preparation for presidential elections on March 18.” – Source:  ConsortiumNewsalso posted at MintPress

US Is Arming and Assisting Ukraine’s Azov Neo-Nazis
A quote….”Last November, an American military inspection team visited the Azov Battalion on the front lines of the Ukrainian civil war to discuss logistics and deepening cooperation. Images of the encounter showed American army officers poring over maps with their Ukrainian counterparts, palling around and ignoring the Nazi-inspired Wolfangel patches emblazoned on their sleeves.”

Kiev is Preparing to Invade Donbass – Will Russia Step in This Time?
A quote….” For two years, Kiev has been preparing for the armed invasion of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics; the Ukrainian army has significantly improved its performance, says State Duma deputy from Crimea, Ruslan Balbek. – The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, referring to the law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on the reintegration of Donbass “the tool of returning these territories to the sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Gryzlov: Kiev’s Reintegration Law Means Donetsk Should Get Ready For War
A quote….”Gryzlov: Donbass needs to prepare for defense after the adoption of the law on reintegration.The RF plenipotentiary in the contact group for the settlement of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine believes that Kiev has chosen the path opposite to a peaceful one.”

New facts on Shelling by AFU at Bosse in 2015 Were Revealed
A quote….”Trolleybus with civilians at the microdistrict Bosse of Donetsk in January, 2015 was shelled from Ukrainian positions by artillery 2C7 Pion. It was reported by the representative of the Public Commission  on fixation of military crimes by Kiev authorities in Donbass Ivan Kopyl.”

[Euro-Kharzarian Oligarch Porky-The-Pig] Poroshenko Spends $500,000 on Maldives Vacation
All The While, Christian Ukrainian / Russians Freeze & Starve — A quote….” The charter jet with the Ukrainian president aboard, and 8 members of his family, left from Kiev to the Maldives on January 1, returning on January 8. The vacation cost $500,000 dollars for the week, as journalists estimated in the subsequent investigation.- President Petro Poroshenko travelled to the islands under another name, as reported with reference to a source in the Ukrainian special services. According to the source, Poroshenko and his family were issued so-called DOPs – documents of operational cover.”

Ukraine’s Western Allies Point Their Guns at President Poroshenko
Too Corrupt??It appears Porky the Pig Poroshenko and Co. are too corrupt even for the so-called “West”. Now that’s impressive! – mpg — A quote….”In a recent Al Jazeera report, it was said that the previous Ukrainian administration and the sitting head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Valeriya Gontareva, were involved into large-scale financial fraud. Western publications claim that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko does nothing to stand up against rampant corruption in the country. Poroshenko is accused of unwillingness to effectively combat corruption, attempts to complicate the work of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and sabotage efforts to launch of anti-corruption courts.”

The Hangman Awaits You [Porky the Pig] Poroshenko
We can all pray that that’s true – mpg — A quote….”Poroshenko ~ attacks civilian ~ areas, now targeting and bombing Logvinovo Village of Lugansk Republic ! — Kiev forces violated the ceasefire once over the past 24 hours, the Republic’s defence authorities said. Logvinovo village area was targeted with 82mm mortars and recoilless guns.”

Donetsk Doctors’ Professionalism Gave Thousands of Children [The Opportunity to be] Born – DPR Head
Hagee’s Hordes and the Euro-Kharzarians are going to be spitting mad about this…. MORE Ukranian / Russian Christians! – Looks like dat dare “Rapture” ol’dars ain’t coming anytime soon – mpg — A quote…. “The Donetsk Republican Centre for Maternity and Childhood Protection marked the 55th anniversary on January 14. Its Head Professor Vladimir Chaika celebrated his 80th birthday on the same day.”
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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

US Incremental Regime Change Plan in Syria
A quote….”US war on Syria is all about regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet governance replacing its sovereign independence, its territorial integrity carved up, its resources looted, its people exploited. – It’s also about eliminating an Israeli adversary, isolating Iran ahead of initiating a similar scheme against its government.”

Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian Forces Encircled 1,500 Militants In Eastern IdlibHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”Syrian government forces led by General Suheil al-Hassan have encircled 1,500 militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in eastern Idlib, the Russian Defense Ministry said, according to the state-run media.”

Russia Deploys New Units of S-400 Air Defenses to Syria (Video)
A quote….”Russia has deployed new units of the S-400 air defense systems to Syria. The systems will protect Russian facilities in the war-torn country. – The video circulating online show the deployment of at least four of the systems….”

  • Two were deployed to the Khmeimim Airbase in the province of Latakia;
  • Two were deployed to a maritime facility in Tartus.

“The S-400 is the long-range mobile anti-aircraft system currently in service within the Russian Armed Forces. It is designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles.” – Source:  SouthFront

Syrian Kurdish Forces Launch Powerful Counterattack Against Turkey
A quote….”Turkey is hoping for a quick victory in Afrin, but its soldiers and allied Syrian militiamen are facing counter-attacks by Kurdish forces on villages close to the border. The Kurds are reported to be readying reinforcements to join the battle from their bases in north east Syria where they have thousands of troops who until recently were fighting Isis.”
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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Mass Grave Uncovered Near Mosul; 47 Killed in Iraq
A quote….”Residents of a pair of predominantly Kurdish neighborhoods in Kirkuk say the provincial governor who was recently appointed by Baghdad, Rakan al-Jibouri, has ordered them to abandon their homes. Residents of Nawroz and Kurdistan have a week to leave. The orders are, apparently, part of an Arabization campaign begun under Saddam Hussein. — At least 47 people were killed or found dead, and nine more were wounded: — Twenty bodies were found in a mass grave in Houd. — A blast at a market in Yusufiya leftone dead and four wounded. Gunmen killed two more civilians.””

At Least Seven Killed After Saudi Jets Bomb Yemen’s Sa’ada
A quote…”Saudi warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes against the impoverished country of Yemen, leaving seven people, including five children and a woman, dead and five others injured in the northwestern Province of Sa’ada.”

35 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In Houthi Missile Strike In Yemen’s Ta’izz Province – Report
A quote….”Over 35 members of forces loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi were killed and over 20 others were injured in a missile strike at their military site in al-Khayami in the Yemeni province of Ta’izz on January 20, the pro-Houthi TV network al-Masirah reported. According to al-Masirah, the Houthis used a Qaher 2-M ballistic missile in this attack.”

Russia Calls for Diplomatic Solution to Yemen Conflict
Posted only for the record.  The Trinity of Evil will pay no attention to Russia’s “call” whatsoever – mpg – A quote….”Russia on Monday called for an end to fighting in Yemen, saying there could be no military solution to the nearly four-year war launched by the Saudi-led campaign on the impoverished country. – Moscow has previously expressed concern about strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.”

PHOTOS: ISIS Now Reigns Terror On Nigeria, Storms Military Base
A quote….”TMUR, Nieria – With ISIS severely weakened in Syria and now a small collective of cells in Iraq, photos shows ISIS terrorists storming an army base and capturing several vehicles and ammunition near Tmur town in Nigeria yesterday.”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Increasingly Unwanted, Germany’s Merkel Staggers On
Must Read – A quote….”The German parliamentary elections last September made obvious the growing disillusionment of more and more Germans with the stagnant government presided over by Germany’s perpetual Chancellor, Angela Merkel. – The two parties which made up Merkel’s government – the CDU/CSU and the SPD – suffered the worst results they have each experienced since the Second World War.

“A new party – the AfD – gained prominence, so that Germany’s two ‘non-system’ parties – the AfD and the leftist Die Linke, which is the inheritor of Germany’s very old and very strong Communist and left wing tradition – now between them command around a fifth of the vote. – The proper outcome to such a result would have been for the two party leaders who presided over this debacle – Angela Merkel and the SPD’s Martin Schulz – to go, making room for some of the impressive younger politicians to be found in both their respective parties.”

“If it still proved impossible to construct a government after those two leaders had gone, then new elections should have been called, as regularly happens in all other mature democracies. – Certainly there was no cause to treat the situation as a crisis, and it was absurd to treat the result as one. – Instead Merkel and Schulz are still there, and despite previous promises that he would not do so, Schulz allowed himself to be strong armed into negotiating with Merkel to reconstitute what despite denials is effectively the same government that did so badly in the September elections in order to avert a ‘crisis’ the threat of which never existed.”

Immigration & The End Of Canadian Culture
Bye Bye Canada – A quote….”The liberal mantra repeated ad nauseam by the CBC, Canada’s state-funded public broadcaster, is that immigration enriches Canadian culture.  Canadian culture is so bland, so boring that it needs immigrants with real cultures to come and spice it up (both literally and figuratively).  For the CBC, Canadian culture is nothing more than hockey and maple syrup.”  – Source:   NEE

Report: 71 Percent Of Belgians Think Islam “Incompatible” With Belgian Society, Feel “More And More Invaded”
A quote….”According to a new study, the vast majority of native Belgians feel “more and more invaded” by Islamic immigrants, and think Islam is “not compatible with the values of [Belgian society]”.”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

There Are NO Ancient Jewish Cities in Israel..But There Are Lots of Ancient Greek Cities
It’s ALL Fake(A fake people, with a fake holohoax, and a fake history! – mpg) — A quote….”Damn near anywhere in Egypt, you can find endless amounts of archeological evidence of past Egyptian civilizations. Same for Syria and Iraq, even though the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services–AKA ISIS–tried to blow up, destroy and bury the past to accommodate their Yid Masters who want to steal more Syrian land for their Eretz Israel fantasy. – But go into ‘STOLENLAND’ and you’ll be hard pressed to find ANY evidence of the the Juden past. Even the Wailing Wall is part of the old Roman Fort Antonia. – More proof that Israel is a FRAUD, spawned by the Zionists to accomplish their JWO plan for world domination. An abomination brought to life with the blood of tens of thousands of native Palestinians….and millions of Iraqis and Syrians.”

Gas Chamber Nonsense
JRVideo – (JRYuTb – 16min35sec – Jan 22, 2018) – Source:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeTheRightStuffShows — A quote….”Jim Rizoli shows what a real gas chamber looks like compared to the fake one set up in Auschwitz.” – Topix  ||  The Holohoax  || – One commentator stated….”More than anyone, I would love to see Germany free from this lie and be compensated for being brainwashed to think that this horrendous lie has robbed them of their rights as people, take their land back from that wicked thing Merkel and all the BS reparations be paid back and these evil Zionisists compensate their own people for blackmailing them to lie. It’s totally evil what they have done. Game needs to be over.” — *Paula C*

Israel [the Euiro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] To Close Embassy in Ireland
Less “Embassy” = Less Spying, Bribing, Black-Mailing, False-Flags, & Electoral Interference(Good for Ireland!! – Only about 190 more countries to go! – mpg) — A quote….”Israel’s [the Euiro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate’s] frosty relations with Ireland may get worse after news that it was considering closing its embassy in Dublin. – Sources in Israel reported that the Dublin embassy is the only western European mission on a list of seven embassies and consulates earmarked for closure by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of a cost-cutting plan.”

Pence Smirks as Palestinian MKs are Removed During His Knesset Speach
Contains VideoAlt/Mp3(The “Smirking Chimp” look is back in style? – mpg) — A quote….”While you watch the video above pay particular attention as the camera zooms back into Mike Pence’s face following the altercation. The crucial segment you want to scrutinize starts at about 50 seconds in. Notice what appears to be the faint trace of a smile on the vice president’s face. I don’t think I’m exaggerating by describing it as a “smirk.”

Pence’s Deplorable Knesset Address
Related Article – A quote….”He’s an embarrassment to the office he holds – a neocon Christian fascist, an evangelical lunatic, a hate-mongering Islamophobe. – He believes God is a real estate agent, bequeathing historic Palestine to Jews, the way an Al Jazeera commentator described him. – Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat called his Knesset address “a messianic gift to extremists,” contemptuous of international law and fundamental Palestinian rights. – Arab MKs held up signs at the start of his address, saying “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” in English and Arabic.”

Why is the Israeli Amy Suddenly Concerned About Gaza?
A quote….”More than 10 years ago Israel [the Euiro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] tightened its grip on Gaza, enforcing a blockade on goods coming in and out of the tiny coastal enclave that left much of the two million-strong population there unemployed, impoverished and hopeless. – Since then, Israel [the Euiro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] has launched three separate major military assaults that have destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure, killed many thousands and left tens of thousands more homeless and traumatised. – Gaza is effectively an open-air prison, an extremely overcrowded one, with only a few hours of electricity a day and its ground water polluted by seawater and sewage. – Last week Israeli military officials for the first time echoed what human rights groups and the United Nations have been saying for some time: that Gaza’s economy and infrastructure stand on the brink of collapse.” – Source:  JonothanCook

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] Colonizers Invade Home, Injure Woman And Her Son
A quote….”Palestinian medical sources have reported, Monday, that a woman and her son were injured after a group of fanatic Israeli [Euro-Kharzarain zio-jihadist, illegal migrant] colonists invaded their home in the al-Mo’arrajat area, near Jericho, in the occupied West Bank.”

Israeli  [Euro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] Occupation Orders Demolition of Palestinian Structures
A quote….”The Israeli  [Euro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] occupation authorities on Monday issued orders to demolish and evacuate Palestinian structures in Bethlehem province. – Hasan Brijiyah, from the Popular Anti-Settlement Committee, said an Israeli patrol showed up in Khilet al-Nakhla and handed over a Palestinian family a notification to evacuate their land tract, covering an area of 45 dunums, after they declared it “state property”.”

Lieberman Calls for Ban of Israeli Poet following Comparison of Ahed Tamimi to Anne Frank
Totally Agree!(Who would’ve thunk it?!)  Both Ann Frank, and her fabricated “diary”, written by her scheming money grubbing father, are total frauds! — Whereas Ahed Tamimi is the real deal – mpg — A quote….”Israeli Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman has reportedly instructed the state-run “Army Radio” to halt any future broadcasts of Israeli poet and songwriter Yehonatan Geffen, calling the poet’s work ‘sickening and outrageous’”

The Fear I Learned During Cast Lead Has Never Left Me
A quote….”The morning of 27 December 2008 was as any other. My 14-year-old self put on a worn pale-blue school uniform, prepared my heavy bag and ran – late as usual – to catch the bus. – The bus stopped near my home in the Tal al-Hawa area of Gaza City, and there was the normal hubbub. Schoolchildren were crossing the road, young kids were crowding by the bus, hustling to get in.”

FFC to Launch New Campaign to Break Gaza Siege
BGS Alert – (Break Gaza Siege) – A quote….”Head of the International Committee to Break the Siege on Gaza (ICBSG) Zaher al-Birawi declared that the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) is planning to launch a new campaign to break the siege on Gaza.”

Palestinian-American Groups Withdraw from Women’s March in Protest of Pro-Israel Speaker, Scarlett Johannson
BDS Alert – A quote….”NBC reported that three Palestinian human rights groups pulled out of the Los Angeles Women’s March Saturday after it was announced that one of the featured speakers was actress Scarlett Johannson, who promoted SodaStream, a beverage company that owns a factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.” – Source:  PalestinianChron
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More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Russia Insider’s ‘Jew Taboo’ Article Translated and Published in RussianY — E — S — !!
A quote….”My article of last Monday, It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, caused a firestorm of interest, praise, and criticism. — It now has over 110,000 views on RI, has been republished on several other sites, including the Unz Review, and has generated a handful of articles both praising and damning it. This is precisely what I had hoped for – the whole point of the article was to say that we, America and Europe, need to discuss this openly – and this now appears to be happening.”

Lavrov: It Is About Time Russia Should Exit Western ProjectY — E — S — !!
“Western Project”(a.k.a. The Euro-Kharzarian conceived and implemented, PNAC Protocol, White Heterosexual Christian Male (WHCM) Hating, Russian Despising, Neoliberalcon, Frankfort School / LGTBOQPedo, N.W.O. ethnic & race cleansing, agenda!! – mpg) — A quote….”To expand the horizons of its “red lines,” Russia should get out of someone else’s economic project, political analyst Leonid Krutakov said. – In an interview with Kommersant, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov outlined Russia’s “red lines,” which Western “partners” are not recommended to cross. Serious Western politicians should not only understand but also respect this, he added. – “Russia has the right to defend the interests of its compatriots, especially when they are persecuted in many countries, when their rights are oppressed, as it happened in Ukraine,” Sergei Lavrov said.”

POLL: Christian Values on Sodomy, Abortion, Surge In Russia – 83% Reject Homosexuality
Y — E — S — !!
Some quotes….”The proportion of Russian citizens who consider abortion unacceptable has tripled over the course of the past 20 years, from 12% to 35%.” — “The nationwide survey held in late December 2017 showed that the majority of Russians (68%) condemn extramarital sexual relations, while only 50% condemned it in 1998. The 2017 number includes 77% of women and 57% of men. – Those disapproving of homosexual relationships increased from 68 to 83% in the same time period, with only a 1% difference between men and women.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – 200 Years Together – Full English Translation
A quote….”From the Beginnings in Khazaria – In this book  the  presence of the Jews in Russia prior to 1772 will not be discussed in detail. However,  for a few pages we want to  remember  the  older epochs. – One could begin, that the paths of Russians and Jews first crossed in the wars between  the Kiev Rus and the Khazars – but that isn’t completely  right, since only the upper  class of the Khazars were of Hebraic descent, the tribe  itself being a branch  of the Turks that  had accepted the Jewish faith.”” – also posted at Reficultnias-PDF

Russian Central Bank buys 100% of the gold mined in Russia
A quote….” The Russian Central Bank continues to actively increase its gold reserves. In 2017, they increased by 14%, or by 223.95 tons, reaching 1838 thousand tons. – At the same time, the regulator has been increasing inventories for the second consecutive year by 14%. Earlier this year, the value of monetary gold was estimated at $ 76.647 billion, which is 27.3% higher than on January 1, 2017.”

Nord Stream Two Is A Game Changer For Gazprom
A quote….”Despite seemingly crippling U.S. sanctions specifically targeting Gazprom’s European endeavors and the EU’s hastily engineered gas rules, the construction of Nord Stream 2 has been going forward as planned, moreover, the project’s European partners (Shell, Engie, OMV, Uniper, Wintershall) wholly fulfilled their financial obligations. – Gazprom increased gas sales to almost all its buyers in Europe. Germany’s intake reached a historic maximum of 53.4 BCm (Nord Stream-I utilization rate was equally at an unseen high of 93 percent). Turkey took in 29 BCm (18 percent growth). France totaled 12.3 BCm (7 percent growth). A combination of cold weather, low price and shrinking domestic gas output in Europe led Gazprom to a spectacular increase in production, too — its year-on-year growth amounted to 52 BCm/year.” – Source:  OilPriceComOne ZeroHedge comment stood out…..

“The only thing sustaining the illusion of the so-called USSAN energy bonanza BS is the entire Ponzi scam swamping the Wall St sewer behind the fake “economy” of war and debt without end on Chinese credit. And then with fewer than a half a dozen LNG plants barely functioning after hurricane damage and rusting infrastructure the Europeons are supposedly going to pay triple prices to get USSAN gas shipped to Urupp instead of continuing with guaranteed problem free Russian supplies piped directly to consumers. — USSA can’t even supply Mexico with LNG yet expects Europeons to bend over and pay through the nose for what USSA can’t produce. The Europeons see through the lies and are ready to board the One Belt One Road Sino Russian mega global project and jump the sinking ship of USSAN fools and blowhards. — The only viable gas being produced from squeezing rocks in USSA’S  “shale Miracle” is the gas coming from the corrupt hubris bloated morons in Washing town. When the Jim Willie Scheisse dollah post reset finally becomes the local currency USSANS will be lucky if they haven’t maxed their credit rating to afford their Chinese stuff at the Peoples Walmart feeding kitchens let alone become the masters of global energy. In their opioid delusions perhaps. — Not even 6 plants in operation yet these clowns are going to supply the planet with ships not even built! Dream on.” — *Fireman*

Gazprom Plans Signing of Document on Production Project in Argentina Soon
A quote….”MOSCOW, January 23. /TASS/. Russia’s top gas producer Gazprom plans to sign a document on entering an exploration and production project in Argentina in the near future, Deputy Chief Executive of Russia’s top gas producer Alexander Medvedev said following the meeting of the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri with representatives of Russian companies on Tuesday.”

Russia to Sell Sanctioned Myanmar Su-30 Fighters
A quote….”Russia will supply six Su-30 fighter jets to Myanmar, according to an agreement reached during Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s visit to the republic, Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Alexander Fomin said on Monday.”

Russia Has the Perfect Weapon to Crush Drone Swarm Attacks
A quote….”Early in the morning of January 6, Russian radars stationed around Latakia, Syria detected no less than thirteen kamikaze drones approaching. Ten of the explosive-laden unmanned vehicles streaked towards Hmeimim airbase, while three others swooped towards the Russian naval base at Tartus. Just a week earlier, Hmeimim had sustained a mortar attack that killed two personnel and likely damaged several aircraft. — According to Moscow, electronic-warfare assets allowed them to take control of six of the drones. The remaining seven were blasted out of the sky by Pantsir-S antiaircraft vehicles, which combine two rapid firing thirty-millimeter autocannons with a twelve surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).”

Chinese military attache in Moscow: China and Russia should stand together against the US to ensure peace in their regions and in the world — A quote….”MOSCOW. America has finished playing: the Russian-Chinese military alliance is on the agenda. Chinese diplomat invites Russia and the PRC to unite against the US. — The military attache of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow, Major-General Kui Yanwei has called on Russia to jointly resist the pressure of Washington. Only in this way, he asserts, can we ensure peace in our regions and on the whole planet.”

China Just Overtook the U.S. in Scientific Output For The First Time
A quote….” A national report on the state of US science has concluded the United States is still the world leader in science and technology – except by one vital, historic measure. – For the first time, China has overtaken the US in terms of the volume of total scientific papers published – a telling statistic that underscores the rapid strides in scientific achievement China has made on the world stage in recent decades.”

AEOI Official: Russia, China Willing to Build Small N. Reactors in Iran
A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Ahmadian announced that China and Russia have voiced enthusiasm for the construction of small nuclear reactors in Iran. – “The Chinese have worked a lot in this field and some negotiations have been held with them. They are interested in cooperation with Iran in this field. Also Russia has worked on small units (of nuclear reactors) for vessels and we have also announced our interest to cooperate with them in this sector,” Ahmadian said on Tuesday.”

Vietnam Jails Former Oil Executives in Graft Case
A quote….”A former oil executive has been sentenced to life in prison and a former high-ranking Vietnamese government official has received a lengthy prison term at the end of a major corruption trial.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

US Loses Key Ally in South Asia: Screwed Up in Muslim World
A quote….”So, the US has lost another major ally. President Trump does not shy away from openly chiding Pakistan in his tweets using harsh words. On January 1, he said Pakistan was a “safe haven to the terrorists”. National Security Advisor HR McMaster chimed in saying Pakistan would become North Korea if it does not stop nuclear blackmail. Nikki Haley, US permanent representative to the UN, believes that “Pakistan has played a double game for years.” According to her, Pakistan is involved in state-sponsored terrorism. This is the reason why the United States withholds $255m of military aid. In addition, Washington suspended some $900 million in Coalition Support Funds. For comparison, the entire defense budget of Pakistan amounts to roughly $8 billion. So, the US deprived the country of more than one tenth of its defense expenditure.”

What Are the Results of the So-Called Arab Spring?
A quote….”Seven years after the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring, both commentators across the MENA region and its residents remain fairly unsatisfied with the “revolutionary changes” this movement brought them. — Seven years ago in the month of January, President Ben Ali was toppled in Tunisia. This was the first tangible result of the Arab Spring – a wave of demonstrations and protest movements that swept across the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Even though in a number of countries those led to a number of toppled governments and other notable changes, today pretty much everyone admits that the results that protesters received fail meet even the lowest of expectations they had . It’s curious that even Western countries, those that would support the demands of protesters about political liberalization and economic reforms, are equally dissatisfied with the results their received. They figured that the “revolutionary change” they were promoting could allow them to get away with a number of unwanted regimes across the region, thus getting direct access to the national wealth of regional players by infiltrating those states with obedient political puppets.”

Waiting for Spring? New US Warship Trapped in Icy Canadian Waterway
A quote….”The brand new 118-meter, $440 million US littoral combat ship USS Little Rock became stuck in Montreal ice on its first voyage and has to wait until “wintry weather conditions improve” to return to the US”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID for ‘ALL Americans’
A quote….”Earlier this month,  Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6] introduced H.R.4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this 400-page behemoth of a bill are the details of a new biometric National ID card that could soon be required for everyone.”

Palantir: The PayPal-offshoot Becomes a Weapon in the War Against Whistleblowers and WikiLeaks
A quote….”Peter Thiel, who once compared writers at Gawker to Al Qaeda after they wrote about his sexuality, is a close confidant of Donald Trump — who, as president, continues to crack down on whistleblowers (even denying them bail) and whose administration has named arresting WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange a top priority. — Thiel is a perfect companion for the Trump administration in this regard — having, through his management of a top government technology contractor, overseen the creation of a “pre-crime” algorithm that targets would-be whistleblowers. Not only that, but that very contractor once created a plan challenging “the WikiLeaks threat,” a plan that displays some frightening similarities to current efforts to silence or discredit the organization and its famous editor.”

Facebook, Google, Twitter Announce ‘Counterspeech’ Psyop to Keep Public Docile
A quote….”If you’re a radical or search for “extremist” content online, the biggest social networks and internet companies on Earth will soon be converting you into a docile moderate, or at least, they will try. – Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been screening and filtering extremist content for years, but on Wednesday, the gatekeepers of the internet confirmed to Congress that they are accelerating their efforts and will target users who may be exposed to extremist/terrorist content, redirecting them instead to “positive and moderate” posts.”

Twitter Has Now Contacted The ‘Victims’ Of Russian Trolls
A quote….”Twitter has taken it upon themselves to remind everyone that Russian influence is why Donald Trump won the election – and most certainly not the fact that the DNC ran a candidate who, along with her charity, continues to be under active investigation by the DOJ and the IRS.”

Twitter Not Only Chasing Kremlin Trolls, But Contacting Their Followers (Russian TV News)
A quote….”When an argument stands or falls not based on its own merit but by guilt by association, then you know you are living in a reign of terror.”

Facebook Chief Marketing Officer Resigns “To Help Democratic Party Win Midterms”
A quote….”Facebook’s Chief Marketing Officer Gary Briggs is leaving the social media giant to retire… or not.”
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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

The FBI Hand Behind Russia-Gate
A quote….”Russia-gate is becoming FBI-gate, thanks to the official release of unguarded text messages between loose-lipped FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and his garrulous girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. (Ten illustrative texts from their exchange appear at the end of this article.) – Despite his former job as chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence section, Strzok had the naive notion that texting on FBI phones could not be traced. Strzok must have slept through “Surity 101.” Or perhaps he was busy texting during that class. Girlfriend Page cannot be happy at being misled by his assurance that using office phones would be a secure way to conduct their affair(s).”

Foxes in Charge of Intelligence Hen House
A quote….”We learned in recent days that the FBI and the National Security Agency “inadvertently” deleted electronic messages relating to reported felonies, but one noxious reality persists: No one in the FBI or NSA is likely to be held to account for these “mistakes.” – It is a 70 year-old tradition. Today’s lack of accountability is enabled by (1) corruption at the top of intelligence agencies; (2) the convenient secrecy behind which their leaders hide; (3) bureaucratic indignities and structural flaws in the system; (4) the indulgence/complicity of most of the “mainstream media;” and (5) the eunuchs leading the Congressional “oversight” committees, who — history shows — can be bullied by threats, including blackmail, a la former longtime FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.” – Source:  ConsortiumNews

‘Convenient Accident’: Twitter Reacts After FBI ‘Lost Texts’ Between Russia Investigation Staffers
A quote….”Reactions are rolling in after the FBI reportedly lost five months of text messages between staffers who worked on probes into Hillary Clinton’s emails and alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.” – First one posted below…..  “Convenient Accidents?”

  1. Hillary Clinton deleted 33 thousand “personal” emails
  2. IRS’ missing records targeting conservative groups
  3. FBI loses 5 months of texts between Strzok and Page
  4. Obama official deletes Obamacare emails sought by Congress –“Demand a New Special Counsel!” — *ProudAmericanSoldier* (@CarlosCruz2016) January 22, 2018

Latest Dead Body Tied To The Clintons Turns Up Valuable Evidence
The Clintons’ Long Trail of Dead Bodies….  Keeps Getting Longer-Er-Er — A quote….”Another body found in a shallow grave in Arkansas has been tied to the Clintons. Marcia Ann Bosley, who was the head housekeeper at the Governor’s Mansion before she was mysteriously let go in 1985, has been positively identified after spending more than 3 decades in the ground. – Bosley, who had no family when she was let go, was assumed to have left the area for other opportunities. She was never reported missing. According to the Hamilton County Coroner….”

Clinton Foundation Uses Unseen Transactions for Influence Peddling
A quote….”Huge, unregulated transnational charities provide unique cover for moving money and other considerations as illegal favors… A friend of mine, Peter Wing, once actually hid an elephant in plain sight at the castle he built with his bare hands from reclaimed materials near Millbrook, New York. – The evolution of the Clinton Foundation since Oct. 23, 1997, proves that gigantic frauds, spread across the globe under the harsh glare of public attention and in the media, are tough to grasp – and tougher still to police. – Who would imagine, for example, that a former president, an aspiring president and a highly educated only child would work together, purposefully gaming controls at supposed “charities,” produce false and misleading public filings, and do so for more than two decades using a bevy of outside professional advisers and world-renowned directors?” – Source:  LifezetteCom
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Bye, Bye, FBI? The Case for Disbanding the Federal Frankenstein’s Monster
A quote….”The Federal Bureau of Investigation is always under fire for something. As of late January, that something is destruction of evidence. Text messages between agents involved in the Bureau’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, from a key time frame during the presidential transition, are missing. Congress, the Bureau, and the US Justice Department are at each other’s throats over the missing messages and what they might say.” – Source:  The GarrisonCenter

Seven Differences Between the Alt Right and Libertarians
A quote….”For a term that was first coined less than a decade ago, the ‘Alt Right’ has certainly made its mark in contemporary society. You will be hard-pressed to make it through a day’s media without finding it mentioned, somewhere, either in association with President Trump or in opposition to some libertarian figure or value. But are the two causes so different? — The short answer is yes, of course. Although, as with any political philosophy, there is considerable variation even within each group, and so there will always be some room for overlap. The pair couldn’t ever be mutually exclusive on all counts. — Here are 7 of the major difference between libertarian thought and the Alt Right, for better or worse.”

Davos 2018: Elites to Save The World at Cocktail Party Schmooze-Fest
A quote….”It’s that time of year again when the elite gather at Davos by day to tackle the many problems plaguing the planet. And then by night it’s back to hitting the slopes, sipping champagne and networking again. – Since its first gathering in 1971, the scenic Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland – home to over 200 miles of breathtaking ski slopes – has played perfect host to the world’s financial and political elite, who spend three days attending panel discussions on a variety of topics.” – Source:  RT

US Has Never Been More Politically Or Intellectually Poor – Nobel Prize Winner
A quote….” Nobel Prize winner in literature, Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, stated that the political and intellectual impoverishment of the United States under the administration of President Donald Trump will lead to the US abandoning its leading position in the world. He writes in an article by El País, on the subject of the book “Fire and Fury: in the White House of Trump,” warning that this situation can be utilised by Russia and China.”

Oxford University Gives Women More Time On Exams
A quote….”Oxford University let women have extra time on their summer 2017 exams in an effort to raise text scores in math and science fields. — Women taking these exams received an extra 15 minutes to complete their tests, despite the fact that no changes were made to adjust the difficulty level of the questions or number of questions that were on the test, according to the Telegraph. The policy change came after school officials decided that women were more adversely affected by time constraints than men, based on their own conjectures rather than any recent studies which have reported such results.”

California’s Poverty Rate Tops 20.6 Percent, Nearly Twice The National Average
A quote….”More than 1 In 5 Californians live below federal poverty line, when adjusted for cost of living – According to the US Census Bureau’s Official Poverty Measure, California’s poverty rate hovers around 15 percent.- But that doesn’t tell the full story.  The Census Bureau measures poverty in reference to a uniform national standard, which doesn’t account for differences in living costs between states, ie. the cost of taxes, housing, and medical costs can differ greatly depending upon where you are. – The Public Policy Institute of California found that, when accounting for these differences, California’s true poverty rate is 20.6 percent—the highest in America.  In fact, it’s nearly twice the national average of 12.7 percent.”
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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

Freak-Out Over Fashwave & Art With Traditional Beauty Embraced by the Right
RIRVideo(y. c. rescinded) – (RIRYuTb – 6min24sec – Nov 16, 2017)  – Source:  RedIceRadio@YuTbRedIceTVRedIceCreationsRedIceMembers – A quote….”MIC is obsessed with the Alt-Right! We take a look at their review of the Alt-Right’s thriving art scene and discuss how the left hates beauty and art that uplifts the soul.”

Jewish New York Times Proves Dr Duke is Right about Jewish Paramount Role in Murderous Communism!Must Listen DDAudioGraphic(click to enlarge)(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-19-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 23rd, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke continues his discussion of the Inspector General of the Justice Department, (((Michael Horowitz))), and the FBI deep state efforts to emasculate the Donald Trump presidency.Then he and Dr. Slattery delve into a very revealing article from the New York Times written by a Jewish journalist titled A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews that unwittingly illustrates the completely destructive impact that Jews have had on the United States – This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. . – So pease keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (545) Dr. Adrian Krieg – Almost Live W/Adrian And Andy #12
Must Listen EFRAudioAlt/Mp3 – Alt/YuTb – (Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts) – (EFRVar – 67min10sec – Jan 22, 2017) – Producer Websites:  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock@ EFREuro Folk Radio ShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTbRelated Websites:  Andrew C HitchcockACH@YuTbAlternate Sources:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeThe Right Stuff ShowsGuest Website:  A2Z Publications Com — A quote….”In today’s show originally broadcast on January 22 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “Almost Live With Adrian And Andy,” with Dr. Adrian Krieg of A2Z Publications. — We discussed: how the Trump dossier was a complete fabrication; how the presstitutes cease to report the truth and have become the propagandists of lies; how the mainstream media do not want us to know that Political Correctness is actually Cultural Marxism, which is not different to the Communism forced on White Christians by the Jewish Bolsheviks in Soviet Russia; how JP Morgan Chase is depressing the Silver market, so they can buy it up cheap; how the government destroys small businesses; how the governments and the media are preparing us for a war with Russia; why the governments have created terrorism; the current US Government shutdown which does not affect Congress; how the Social Security system in the US is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme; the ADL and SPLC’s defamation of people whose views they do not like; and many other topics.”

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock — The Zio Swamp Inspector General (((Horowitz))) Loses FBI Emails Showing Conspiracy to Frame Trump!Must Listen DDAudio(r.c. rescinded)Alt/Mp3Alt/YuTb/01-22-18 – (DDFlPlyr / Mp3 – 51min04sec – January 22nd, 2018) – David Duke Sites:  DD@YuTbDD@RenseDavidDukeDD’s Radio ShowDD’s Books – DD’s Donate Request [Click Here] – YouTube Source:  Gustaf Johanson VidsRelated Regular Guest Websites:  Patrick Slattery @ YuTb  – Patrick Slattery @ National Bugle RadioDon Black ShowMark Collett @ YuTbEric Striker @ Fascism NowThe Right Stuff ShowsRelated Websites:  Rense Radio LiveRense@YuTbRense — A quote….”Today Dr. Duke talked about new revelations that the Inspector General of the Justice Department, (((Michael Horowitz))), has admitted to having received last August text messages between two FBI agents who seemed to have been plotting against then-candidate Donald Trump. Previously the FBI had conveniently claimed to have “lost” these messages. – Then Dr. Duke and Andy Hitchcock went into the history of the Balfour declaration that was instrumental into dragging America into World War One, leading to the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of American troops. – This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely. And the David Duke show has done more to make it possible for us to even say “Merry Christmas” than any other show. . – So pease keep us on the air and online – Visit our contribution page or send your contribution to:   P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 – Thank you.”
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The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

The American System Is Not Capitalism
A quote….”One of the great myths of our time is that America is a capitalistic country. It is not, and has not been close to capitalistic for more than 150 years. – Capitalism is a social system in which an individual’s rights, including his rights to own property, are recognized and all property is privately owned. In a capitalistic society, governments acknowledge that individuals and companies can and should compete for their own economic gain, and the prices of goods and services are determined by the free market. The role of government in capitalistic societies is to ensure that markets function without interference and to protect individuals from fraud and/or the use of physical force by others.” – Source:   Personal Liberty Digest

Reality Nixes Promised Boost for US Auto Sales in 2018
A quote…..”New-vehicle replacement demand in the Houston metro area after Hurricane Harvey was supposed to be so huge that it would boost US auto sales overall and turn the year around. Over the first seven months of 2017, total new vehicle sales in the US had been down nearly 300,000 units compared to a year earlier. At the time, 2017 was shaping up as the first down-year since the Great Recession, and Harvey, as far as Wall Street auto-industry gurus and stock promoters were concerned, came just in time to fix this problem – not only for 2017 but also for 2018.”
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Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Flu Outbreak: 100 People A Week Dying in US As Virus Continues to Spread
A quote….”A deadly flu virus has been killing around 100 people per week in the US since mid-December, the Center for Disease Control has warned – A report published by the CDC with the latest figures showed there were 759 flu deaths between 7 October and 23 December”

Natural Remedies For Lead Poisoning
A quote….”Cilantro, also known as coriander, naturally protects the liver and lowers lead concentration  – oriandrum sativum, the scientific name of coriander, is one of the oldest spice crops in the world. Its leaves are commonly used for folk medicine as a carminative (relieves flatulence), spasmolytic (relieves spasms), and galactagogue (increases breast milk production) herb. Moreover, coriander is believed to contain powerful chelating properties. However, there were not enough scientific evidence to prove this, until this study.”

Monday January 22nd 2018
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Sunday January 21st 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….Another Bloody American Century
A quote….”Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) was livid. “In the dead of night,” the California Democrat wrote on Twitter in July, House Speaker Paul Ryan did something “underhanded and undemocratic.” He stripped out her bipartisan amendment to repeal the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force against al-Qaeda from the Defense Appropriations bill. Congress passed the AUMF three days after 9/11 to give the president the authority to go after al-Qaeda, which had attacked America on that crystal-clear morning in September. There was only one member of Congress to cast a lonely vote against the resolution: Barbara Lee. — In what can only be described as prophetic, Lee warned at the time of the AUMF vote that “we must be careful not to embark on an open-ended war with neither an exit strategy nor a focused target.” She likened the authorization to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that got America bogged down in Vietnam. But she wasn’t worried only about a new war’s impact on the United States and its military. “If we rush to launch a counterattack,” she said, “we run too great a risk that women, children, and other noncombatants will be caught in the crossfire.” Lee closed her speech with a line that should haunt the consciences of all Americans: “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.””America’s Deceitful Secret Support of Al Qaeda
A quote….”In a recent article, I documented that “US Again Supports Al Qaeda in Syria” —  In a prior article, I had documented that since 2012 the US Government has cooperated with the Sauds’ plan to install in Syria a fundamentalist-Sunni government to replace Syria’s existing secular Government, and that the fundamentalist-Sunni organization Al Qaeda has been the US Government’s chief organization on the ground in Syria providing the leadership to that Saudi-US effort. Part One of that report is especially important in order to understand the continuity between the policies of the current US President Donald Trump and the prior US President Barack Obama, in Syria.”Petro-Islam: The Nexus Between Oil and Terrorism
A quote….”Inquisitive observers of the Middle Eastern politics would naturally wonder why do Western powers prop up the Gulf’s petro-monarchies, knowing fully well that they are the ones responsible for nurturing Islamic extremism? Does this not run counter to their professed goal of eliminating Islamic radicalism and terrorism?”

Why it is Laughable the Kurds Blame Russia for the Predicament They Find Themselves in Northern Syria
18 Reasons – A quote….”AFRIN, Syria – The following article it a series of Tweets made by @EHSANI22″ – The first three….

  1. On #Afrin: Critical to recall that Turkish military officials flew to Moscow few days ago and met their Russian counterpart. When the plan to invade Afrin was presented, all the Russians had to do was inform Turks that The Kurds are now America’s & not Russia ‘s boys.
  2. Lets be clear: Had the Syrian Kurds not jumped off the Russian ship, it would be hard to imagine today’s attack on Afrin taking place. The ball is now in Washington’s court. The US convinced the Kurds to become their partners. The test of this commitment started today =>
  3. Judging by the start of the operation, it seems that The Turks mean business. More than 10 aircrafts conducted the first bombing campaign. It’s likely that Tanks will be deployed as well. Tillerson already called his Turkish counterpart ==>

Syria – Turks Attack Afrin, U.S. Strategy Fails, Kurds Again Chose The Losing Side
A quote….”After negotiations between Russia/Syria and the Kurds of Afrin had failed, the Russian side made a deal with Turkey. Now Turkey attacks Afrin while everyone else looks aside. The main impetus for this development was the announcement of a U.S. occupation in north-east Syria with the help of the Kurdish YPG/PKK. The occupation strategy is already failing. The Kurds made the false choice. They will be the losers of this game.”

Turkish Jets Hit Menagh Airbase Used by US to Supply Arms to Kurds – Reports
A quote….”More than 70 Turkish military aircraft have been engaged in Ankara’s Olive Branch operation in northern Syria against the Kurdish troop, according to Turkey’ General Staff. — The Turkish Air Force attacked the Menagh Military Airbase in northwestern Syria, which the US used for supplying weapons to Kurdish armed forces, the Hurriyet newspaper reported citing military sources.”

Russian MoD Accuses US of Stirring up Tensions in Northern Syria With Arms Supplies
A quote…”The US is fuelling the crisis in northern Syria and the ongoing Turkish military operation against the Kurds through reckless weapon supplies to pro-American rebel groups, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said.”

US Caught In A Cleft Stick in Northern Syria
What part of the US-NRE was “caught in cleft stick”?  (Hint, it rhymes with stick)mpg — A quote….”The Syrian war is taking a momentous turn with a full-fledged Turkish military operation on the northern Syrian town of Afrin having begun on Saturday. President Recep Erdogan announced today that a ground operation has also been launched alongside artillery bombardment and air strikes. He said an operation against the town of Manbij, some 140 miles to the east, will follow later. (See the Google map here.)”

Trump’s Plan B for Syria: Occupation and Intimidation
A quote….”Tillerson’s comments underscore the fact that recent setbacks in the 7-year-long conflict, have not dampened Washington’s determination to topple the elected government of Syria and to impose its own political vision on the country.  They also confirm that the United States intends to occupy parts of Syria for the foreseeable future.”

Iran: Turkey Operation Must Not Harm Syria’s Sovereignty
Translation:  “Go ahead, bomb the [expletive] out of the Kurdish armed forces.  But don’t think you’ll be allowed to replace them with your own little ISIS buddies, or occupy Syria’s territory” — *Iran*, what they really mean — A quote…. “Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri says Turkish military operations in Syria’s northwestern region of Afrin must not harm the Arab country’s territorial integrity, independence and national sovereignty.” – See related article….”Assad: Turkish Operation In Afrin Is Part Of Its [Probable] Strategy To Support Terrorists

US Attempts to Blame Syrian Gov’t for Chemical Attacks Unfounded – Russian MoD
“Unfounded”:  Polite Diplo-Speak For Calling Out…. A Liar! – A quote….”The Russian Defense Ministry stated that the United States was ignoring the objective evidence of chemical weapons’ use by terrorists in Syria, targeted against the civilian population and the country’s government troops. – The ministry went on by saying that the US attempts to blame the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons have never been grounded by any hard evidence.” – Source:  Sputnik

‘Executed’ North Koreans Return To Life
Ooooohhh – Speaking of lies….  A quote….”North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is famous in Western media for executing people that fall out of his favor – though some seem to have found the knack of returning from the dead. – Reports regularly surface on Kim’s latest means of execution, ranging from the relatively mundane firing squad to the theatrical, or even cartoonish – such as feeding foes to packs of starving dogs or roasting them with flame-throwers. – The pop star and ‘former lover’ – The most recent case is North Korean popstar Hyon Song-wol, spotted alive and well in South Korea on Sunday despite having reportedly been killed in a purge of singers, musicians and dancers back in 2013.” – Source:  RT

U.S. Humiliates South Korea, Threatens North Korea. Trump Undermines North-South Dialogue
A quote….”Fearing that peace might break out with the two Koreas talking to each other, Washington instructed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to keep the message about anything but peace. It is not just Trump. A former top official for the Obama administration warned Moon that South Korea was not going to get anywhere with the North Koreans unless they have the “US behind them”. Humiliating, that is like saying that Moon’s “button” is not as big as Kim’s. The metaphor is exactly how the Washington elite see South Korea: as Washington’s obedient proxy state. The official went on to say….”

“If South Koreans are viewed as running off the leash, it will exacerbate tension within the alliance”.

“Running off the leash! Now more humiliation, is South Korea a US poodle? Instead President Moon Jae-in is showing that he has teeth, and that South Koreans want their country back from US humiliating domination.”

Simply Beautiful
A quote….”Without the Trump Regime’s interference, the North and South Korean female ice hockey teams to be united and to play under a unified flag at the 2018 Winter Olympics !”

North Korean Band Looks At Possible South Korean Venues For Performances
A quote….”A North Korean delegation on Monday checked possible venues for performances during next month’s Winter Olympics in the South, including the National Theater of Korea in Seoul.”

Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice

A quote….” The striking thing about Trump’s first twelve months compared to the Obama administration is not how different his foreign policies have been, but how similar. – January 20 marks one year since Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States. His supporters, boosted by comments the Donald made on the campaign trail, hoped his Presidency would mark a shift away from a neocon/liberal interventionist foreign policy. In fact we’ve just had more of the same.”

RPI’s Daniel McAdams: ‘Nothing New’ in New National Defense Strategy

RTVideoAlt/YuTb – (RTYuTb – 5min43 – Jan 19, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmericaGuest Websites:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul Inst — A quote….”Defense Secretary James Mattis unveiled the new US National Defense Strategy which has shifted the focus away from terrorism as the main threat to looking at Russia and China as the main threat to the US. It is a move back to the neocon “Wolfowitz Doctrine” of the 1990s, RPI Director Daniel McAdams tells RT, which stated that the US will use everything in its power to prevent a rival from rising to challenge it. Our hyper-interventionist foreign policy consistently creates outcomes opposite of our stated goals and this new strategy only continues this process…”
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A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

A Personal Reply to the Fact-Challenged Smears of Terrorist-Whitewashing Channel 4, Snopes and La Presse
A quote….”In part 1, I wrote of the Guardian’s quite unoriginal Russophobic story cheering for al-Qaeda’s rescuers, the White Helmets. In this second part, I expose other (some serial) offenders, guilty of disinformation on the White Helmets, and war propaganda on Syria to a degree that Goebbels would be envious. They are further guilty of ignoring the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of Syrians who call a spade a spade, a terrorist a terrorist.”

Assange Confirms: Hit Piece on Fort Russ Backed by Neocons
A quote….”Julian Assange has made it clear what his research has uncovered about the ‘research’ used by one of FRN’s (Fort Russ News) opponents – the billionaire blog known as ‘Vice News’. Over a month ago in December, Vice News wrote a hit piece in which Fort Russ was singularly named and singled out as a particularly pernicious outlet of ‘fake news’. In particular, their slanderous claim was based upon the ‘data’ compiled by a shadily financed method it called ‘Hamilton 68’. Supposedly a ‘score’ which ‘rates’ a non NATO non Israel compliant news source based upon it’s ‘friendliness’ to the ‘Putin and Assad regimes’.”

Sunday Screening: ‘The Panama Chronicles’ (2018)
RTVideoPanChron#1PanChron#2 – (RTYuTb – 48min each – Jan 12, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”This week’s documentary film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE. – The first installment of The Panama Chronicles, investigators look at the origin of the alleged ‘hack’ and how it went public. Most importantly though, they expose who is really behind the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a group of ‘journalists’ who managed the mainstream media publication of the leak. The film also meets some of the victims who were affected. – (This documentary includes dramatization scenes using actors to illustrate the story line) – The second installment of the Panama Chronicles filmmakers take an in-depth look at the offshore legal firm and speculates on who could have ‘stolen’ the information, and why. Finally, the film looks at who might have ultimately been behind the leak and what were the underlying political and geopolitical motivations.”
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PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

Navalny With His 2 Percent Support Is the Only Russian Election Story Western Media Wants to Tell
Mr Two Percent — A quote….”Even though Vladimir Putin’s ascendancy in the polls has been verified by Western pollsters, and even though a few more level-headed Western outlets feel obliged to admit he would likely win a free and fair election with ease, the majority of the mainstream media have taken the launch of the presidential campaign as a cue to almost entirely bury even these basic facts, and instead to focus on claims that the ‘only real opposition‘ in Russia has been banned from challenging Putin due to flagrant political censorship.”

Body of Evidence Suggests New US Biological Warfront Opening Up
Bio-Warfare Warning – A quote….”We know that the Richard E. Lugar Centre in Tbilisi is actually a biological weapons lab. It has always been assumed that the US Department of Defense took over this facility, alongside a string of others in the former Soviet Union, for offensive purpose, and that the “scientific research” into animal and human diseases it claims to be carrying out is merely a front for developing new biological strains, viruses and bacteria, and then testing them on the Georgian population and the agricultural industry, without asking for consent, and even developing new generation vaccines and cures which are often experimental, naturally donated or supported by the US Department of Defence and German medical research facilities.” – Source:  NEOSee previous articles posted Jan 17th 2018, on this issue, and posted again below for your edification….

Explosive Article: The Pentagon Bio-Weapons
Key Article – Maps – Photos — A quote….”The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases.  Bio warfare scientists using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.” – also posted at SouthFrontTopix  ||  A History Of Mayhem & Murder  ||  Another Isra-hell?!?! – 09-10-16 – mpg  ||  – Related articles…..

New Evidence: Did Google Down MH 17, Killing 238?
08]  MH17 – Must Read – Contains VideoAlt/YuTb — A quote….”The video [posted] contains disinformation by Google Corporation.  Why this is important and nearly caused a world war will be made clear.  Here is a story for you.  All of it is true, “life and death” true. – This is four years into a massive cover-up, a secret war between Google Corporation and the State of Israel against Russia.” – Topix || Kiev’s Arranged Shoot-Down of MH-17  ||

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“A European Disgrace” – Lavrov on Western Betrayal of Ukraine
A quote….” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called the event of the 2014 government coup in Ukraine a “European digrace.” – “This Ukrainian history, the history of the coup, is the story of the betrayal of the West in relation to international law. When the agreement that was previously signed by the foreign ministers of the leading countries of the European Union was simply trampled. After that, the European Union began to convince us that it should be so, and that there is nothing to be done now. It is, by and large, a European disgrace,” Lavrov said in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant.”

Ukrainian [Kiev Regime] Diplomat:  “We would lose a real war to Russia within a week”
Excessive Optimism – A quote….” If Russia really decided to fight the Ukraine [Kiev regime], “then it will take a maximum of a week to occupy the territory of our former Soviet republic [Ukraine]” said the ex-speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Voloshin. – He stated that when the Russian army should utilise all of its military capabilities, “neither the American “Javelins” nor any other weapons will help Ukraine [the Kiev regime].””

Ukrainian [Kiev Regime] Forces Shell a Busload of Civilians on Donbass Checkpoint
A quote….”Ukrainian security [Kiev regime occupation] forces have fired on a civilian bus at a specially designated checkpoint for traffic, between the Donbass and the contact line with Ukraine. “This is the result of Kiev’s adoption of the law on Reintegration of Donbass”, as stated by the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. He added that the shelling was intentional and aimed at civilians, “clearly not a stray bullet.” No casualties have been confirmed.”

Donbass Residents Visit Performances of Donetsk Puppet Theater
A quote….”More than 3,300 residents of Donbass visited the New Year and Christmas events of the Donetsk Republican Academic Puppet Theater, DPR Culture Ministry, Press-Service reports.”
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The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Syrians Begin Re-Populating the Euphrates Valley – Including Abu Kamal City – Under Army Protection
A quote….”BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:45 A.M.) – Internally displaced Syrians who originate from the middle Euphrates valley region have begun to return to their homes under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries.”

VIDEO: Syrian Army tanks, shock troops tear open militant defenses and open the way to Abu Duhur airbase
A quote….”BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:50 A.M.) – On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitary groups operating out of southern Aleppo province completed the second phase of their general offensive throughout the region by linking up with friendly forces near the Abu Duhur airbase in eastern Idlib.”

Syria Forces Totally Liberate Vital Airbase in Idlib: Army
A quote….”Syria says it has totally liberated the strategic military airbase of Abu al-Duhur in the northwestern province of Idlib, wresting full control over the key airbase after flushing out militants from the area.”

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More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Germany Stops Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
A quote….”Germany has stopped selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and almost all of its allies waging war on Yemen, in a decision likely to have both an impact on the Riyadh regime and a domino effect on other Western and non-Western countries exporting arms to Saudi Arabia. – German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Friday that the Federal Security Council was no longer issuing export licenses that “are not in accordance with the conclusion of the exploratory talks,” Germany’s official DPA news agency reported.” – Source:  PressTV

At Least Seven Killed After Saudi Jets Bomb Yemen’s Sa’ada
A quote….”Saudi warplanes have conducted fresh airstrikes on the impoverished country of Yemen, leaving seven people, most of them children, dead and five others injured in the northwestern province of Sa’ada.”

‘Great Surprise’: General Says Turning Point in Yemen Conflict is Close at Hand
A quote….”The armed forces of the Houthi-controlled government in the Yemeni capital Sana’a have boosted their air defenses to a point where they no longer need to fear airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition forces, army spokesman Sharaf Luqman said, in an interview with Sputnik.”

Houthis Ambushed Convoy Of Sudanese Army, Kill Dozens Of Soldiers (Video 18+)
A quote….”On January 20, the Houthis ambushed a convoy of the Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces in Midi district of the northwestern province of Hajjah, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. – Al-Masirah TV said that dozens of Sudanese soldiers and Sudanese intelligence officers were killed or injured in the ambush. The Houthis also destroyed more than seven vehicles and several armors of the Sudanese Army. – Moreover, Sudanese sources revealed that General Commander of the Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces in Yemen Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Mohammed Saleh was also killed by the Houthis in Midi. Lie. Col. Saleh was on his way with his troops to launch a wide-scale attack against the Houthis when they were ambushed, according to the sources.”
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More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

1 in 7 Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim; 80% Are On Welfare
A quote….”Germany’s population is declining, and this will cause economic problems—but increased immigration and accepting refugees (migrants) won’t fix it. – In fact, by some estimates refugees have already cost Germany $1,241,050,000,000—this number will only grow, especially since Germany is now paying refugees to leave. – This article looks at the logic behind Chancellor Merkel’s “immigration grows the economy” argument, and nails down the facts.”

German City Imposes Ban On New Refugees, Anti-Migrant Sentiment Increases
A quote….”An eastern German city has imposed a temporary ban on new refugees in an effort to stem a number of recent violent incidents. – Cottbus, about 120 kilometres southeast of Berlin, has been rocked by violence from refugees and right-wing extremists since the start of this year. – Earlier this week, Brandenburg state police reported that two male Syrian teenagers were arrested under the suspicion of injuring a German teenager in the face with a knife. – The 16-year-old sustained non life-threatening injuries in what started as an altercation between Syrian and German school acquaintances near a tram station.”

Canada Considers “National Islamophobia Day”
A quote…”The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is being asked by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM, formerly known as CAIR CAN) to designate January 29 as a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” If he does, it is an indicator that the Islamists in Canada have succeeded in their program of political expansion and influence to the point of now being able publicly to manipulate the Prime Minister’s Office. In fact, in Canada, “Islamophobia” comes in only fourth behind crimes against Blacks, Gays and Jews. Hate crimes against Muslims have dropped, even as the overall number of hate crimes increase, according to the last Statistics Canada reporting.” – Haaa haaa haaaa haaa…. it just keeps getting funnier, and funnier, every single day! – mpg
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More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

The Less-Mentioned [Dual-]Lives of Mrs. Krim
A Real Zio-Whore For The Cause – What the Euro-Kharzarian controlled and owned MSM leaves out of their…. various endless fictions…. would truly shock you!  Here’s just one of thousands of examples! – mpg – A quote….”What that obit referred to only in passing was the role she had played in immediate post-1945 Europe as a gun-runner for the Irgun– described there only as part of the “Zionist underground” rather than (as would have been more accurate) an already well-known terror group. — But neither the NYT nor any other Western MSM outlet I have seen/heard has made any mention of the role Mrs. Krim played as a very close confidante to Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson during the crucial days leading up to and during Israel’s “Six Day War” of 1967 against its Arab neighbors.” – Source:  JustWorldNews

Palestine, Israel, the US, and How the South Pacific Countries Are Selling Their Votes
Islets That Are Zio-Whores“Israeliets”? — A quote….”Here it goes again! Several countries [a term which is a GROSS exaggeration of these infinitesimal islets!  Tiny little dirt specs scattered across] Oceania (also known as South Pacific Nations), or however you want to call that vast, beautiful but thoroughly devastated part of the world, have voted “for Israel”, “for the United States’ proposed resolution at the United Nations”, and therefore, “against Palestine”.”

Netanyahu Lauds Pence Ahead of Israel Arrival: ‘There Is No Substitute for U.S. Leadership’
Pence:  A Zio-Whore Arrives to Service His Masters – A quote….”d note–No one should doubt for a moment the very ‘weighty’ nature of the very private discussions taking place between Pence (a died-in-the-wool Christian Zionist) and Netanyahu at this very moment, discussions which more than likely are transversing along lines something similar to the following….”

Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face
“Equal Treatment”(Euro-Kharzarain style.  Applies to non-“Jews” only) — A quote….”Israeli soldiers shot 14-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Tamimi point-blank in the face with a rubber-jacketed bullet on December 14, 2017, in Nabi Saleh, a small village in the occupied West Bank. The boy had to undergo six hours of surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma. – An hour later, Mohammad’s cousin, Ahed Tamimi, slapped and kicked at an armed Israeli soldier [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia member]. Early the next week, after video of Ahed’s actions went viral, Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members] raided the Tamimi home at 3 a.m., arresting Ahed and confiscating the family’s phones, computers and laptops. – Ahed has been denied bail and could face years in prison. (Nour Tamimi, a 16-year-old cousin of Ahed’s who is also in the video, was also arrested and has been released on bail. Ahed’s mother Nariman was arrested later that day when she inquired about her daughter, and she remains in custody.)” – Source:  FAIR

Israeli Court [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Tribunal] Indefinitely Extends Detention of Ahed Tamimi & Her Mother
Indefinite Detention – Related Article – A quote….”RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — An Israeli military court [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia tribunal] on Wednesday ordered 16-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed al-Tamimi to remain in custody indefinitely, until she faces trial for a number of charges relating to a video of her slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia member trespassing on her family’s land].”

Israel’s Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza is By Design
Yes…. That’s True…. You’d think flooding Gaza with “Jewish” sewage, shooting fisherman and farmers on a daily basis, spraying toxic herbicides everywhere, unleashing massive bombing campaigns, maintaining a continuous starvation blockade, and phrases like “mowing the lawn”, and “putting them on a diet” would clue people in.  But what does this website editor know – mpg

Army [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Abducts Eight Palestinians, Including Two Children, In Hebron
A quote….”Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia members] invaded, on Sunday at dawn, several Palestinian communities in the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, searched and ransacked many homes, and abducted eight Palestinians, including two children, in addition to summoning four others for interrogation.”

Israeli Navy [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist Militia] Opens Fire On Fishing Boats In Gaza
A quote….”Israeli navy [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist militia] ships opened fire, on Sunday morning on several Palestinian fishing boats, in Gaza territorial waters, in the northern part of the coastal region.”

Israel Won’t Prosecute Embassy Guard Over Jordan Shootings
A quote….”Israel [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] will not prosecute a guard from its embassy in Amman who killed two Jordanians in July, as had long been demanded by the kingdom, two Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] sources said to Reuters on Sunday. – Instead, the Foreign Ministry and Shin Bet security agency will review protocols surrounding the actions taken by the guard, Ze’ev Moyal, and his conduct, “and share the results with the Jordanians”, a diplomatic source said. – The killings led to a rift between the countries, which both said last week had been mended.”

“Ethical Decolonization”and the Restoration of all Palestinian Rights and Reparations
A quote….”I wish Caryl Churchill would write a follow up to her play Seven Jewish Children and call it Seven Palestinian Children. — Churchill’s play, first produced in February of 2009, was “for Gaza”, and was predictably received along political lines, either as a “heartfelt lamentation” on one side and “wantonly inflammatory” on the other — inflammatory in the same way as the mere broadcasting of Palestinian ongoing oppression at the hands of the Jewish state on Facebook is regarded as “incitement”.”

Four Injuries by Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist] Gunfire East of Gaza
A quote….”Four Palestinians were wounded by Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist] gunfire during clashes that erupted on Friday afternoon with Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist] Occupation Forces (EKZJOF) at Gaza border. ”

Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist] Occupation Forces Detain Farmers, TV Crew West of Salfit
A quote….”The Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist] occupation forces (EKZJOF) on Sunday morning detained Palestinian farmers in Kafr ad-Dik town, west of Salfit in the West Bank, as well as members of a media crew in a nearby area.”

Israel [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] Was Behind January 14 Assassination Attempt On Hamas Official In Lebanon – Report — A quote….”On January 19, an unnamed source of the Intelligence Gathering Division in the Lebanese State Security told the Lebanese Mayadin TV that Israel [the Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate] was behind a car bomb attack that targeted Mohammed Hamdan, an official of the Palestinian Hamas Movement, in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon on January 14.”

New Israeli Police [[Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadist H.Q.] Station Built on Palestinian Land in Salfit
A quote….”The Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist, migrant] occupation authorities have finalized the construction of a police station in Ariel settlement [squatter camp] outpost, north of Salfit province.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

Italy Embracing Populism Is A Major Headache For EuropeHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”For years Italy’s Northern League kept to itself, being focused on secession rather than reform from within.  That change began last year with their non-binding referenda to petition Rome for more fiscal autonomy.  But, as the Italian parliamentary elections come into view, the Northern League is playing politics.” – Source:  TomLuongo

Russia Moves The Overton WindowHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”In Russia, the “progress” of liberal democracy has gone into reverse — An overwhelming majority of Russians believe it is ‘reprehensible’ for people of the same gender to have sex, a new poll says, charting growing intolerance towards same-sex relationships in the past 20 years. — The independent Levada Center survey released on Thursday serves as the latest sociological evidence of increasing homophobia in the country. — In Thursday’s poll, 83 percent of respondents said it was “always reprehensible” or “almost always reprehensible” for two adults of the same gender to have sexual relations. — Previous surveys showed that the number of Russians against gay sex has progressively increased, from 68 percent in 1998 to 76 percent in 2008.”

Central Bank Of Russia Adds A Record 223 Tons Of Gold In 2017
Chart(click to enlarge) — A quote….”The Russian Central Bank added 300,000 ounces (9.3 tons) of gold to its reserves in December, bringing the total acquisitions of the precious metal in 2017 to a record 223 tons. – Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added over 558 tons of gold, and December’s 9.3 ton addition brings the official Russian gold holdings to 1838.211 tons; the sixth most of any nation, close behind the People’s Bank of China. In dollar terms, Russia’s gold reserves are now worth $76.647 billion and constitute 17.7% of overall Russian reserves.” – Source:  Smaulgld

Russia’s Zagitova Wins 2018 European Figure Skating Championships
A quote….”MOSCOW, January 21. /TASS/. Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova won the 2018 European Figure Skating Championships in ladies singles. – Zagitova received 157.97 points from judges for her free program and 238.24 points in total, setting the personal record.”

China Launches 2 Remote Sensing Satellites, 4 Small Satellites
A quote….”JIUQUAN, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) — China launched two high-resolution optical remote sensing satellites into a preset orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 12:12 p.m. Friday Beijing Time.”

Karelia – Russia’s Stunning Border with Finland – Forests, Canyons, Monasteries (Video)
Relax TimeVNVideo – (VNYuTb – 9min25sec – Dec 21, 2017) – Source:  Vesti News — A quote….”The Republic of Karelia has become one of the popular travel destinations in all of Russia. When one cast eyes upon its beauty, it becomes apparent why. – The following clip taken from a Russian news network with transcript below explores some of the wonders of this majestic place.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

U.S. Military Base Construction at Henoko-Oura Bay and the Okinawan Governor’s Strategy to Stop It
A quote….”The Asia-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus is pleased to present Hideki Yoshikawa’s account of recent developments in the ongoing (20-year) contest between the people and government of Okinawa and the governments of the United States and Japan. – Readers of this journal will be well aware of the general tenor of this struggle, of the reversal of his anti-base construction stance by then Governor Nakaima in December 2013, allowing the national government to commence works to reclaim part of Oura Bay in Northern Okinawa (offshore from Henoko) for base construction. Ten months later, in December 2014, an aroused electorate dismissed Nakaima from office and delivered the Governorship (by a massive, 100,000 vote majority) to an avowed opponent of the reclamation/base construction plan, Onaga Takeshi. Another ten months followed before Onaga duly (in October 2015) “cancelled” (torikeshi) the reclamation license.” – Source:  APIJF

Trucks vs Protesters: Okinawa Police Forcibly Remove Anti-US Base Sit-In (VIDEO)
A quote….” Japanese police have forcibly removed protesters staging a sit-in protest in Henoko neighborhood in Okinawa as dozens of trucks carrying materials for the construction of a new US military base arrived in the area. – The anti-base activists blockaded an access to a local road in an attempt to stop the transportation of building materials into the site on Friday. Officers managed to evict some 50 protesters, the Okinawa Times newspaper reported.”
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More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

CIA-Connected Amazon Turns Over A Record Amount Of Data To US Law Enforcement
A quote….”Amazon’s fifth transparency report has revealed that the company provided more customer data to U.S. law enforcement in the first half of last year than in its history with a shocking 1,936 different requests between January and June 2017, ZDNet reported.”

GOP Lawmakers Shocked By House Intel Report Alleging Surveillance Abuse
“Shocked”??Really?  That’s a joke…. right? – mpg — A quote….”A classified House Intelligence Committee memo viewed by Republican lawmakers Thursday has been described as “shocking” and “explosive” by the congressmen who read it. – National security journalist and Fox News contributor Sara Carter reported Thursday that the memo shows “extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse.””

Class Action Lawsuit – Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, GoFundMe & Patreon
Grand Theft Web? – A quote….”Multiple Plaintiff Lawsuit  Lead Plaintiff Natasha & Wikipath – Youtube is Stealing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and millions from channel owners, in ways of stealing ad revenue.  When videos are monetized, they are running the ads, deleting the views and comments left on channels, and then demeaning channel success by subtracting thousands of views per channel, to steal the revenue. – We have been robbed by so many thousand dollars.  They have tampered with accounts, closed accounts, deleted subscribers, views, entire channels.  They have Breached Their own Contract with Channel owners.  They changed user terms, lying about their advertisers, just to embezzle more revenue & stress out channel owners.  However in a contract, people have to be alerted to changes in terms & also agree w/ them.  When they are hidden to deceive, how can anyone agree?”

Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police
Google Gone Stasi – A quote….”More than 100 nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and government agencies around the world help police YouTube for extremist content, ranging from so-called hate speech to terrorist recruiting videos.”

Google’s Mob “Tolerance” Encouraged “Crowdsourced Harassment” To Condemn Employees For Being White
Google Gone Racist – A quote….”(Natural News) Earlier this week, former Google employee James Damore filed a lawsuit against his former employer on the grounds that the company, among other things, is extremely hostile towards white heterosexual males. There are a number of notable allegations made in the lawsuit, but perhaps the most significant one has to do with Google’s habit of encouraging employees to enforce unwritten norms by specifically targeting and harassing those who break away from them.” – bold by website editor

Can You Catch an STD from Getting Googled?
Google Got STD’s? – A quote…”[Expletive]-ing Google is like a virus that is resistant to ALL forms of antibiotics, it keeps growing and inserting itself into every aspect of life. Wonder how big is the air filtration system at Google HDQ that masks the odor of sulfur? – Like their totalitarian outfit called “JIGSAW,” which is one of their nastier forms of subversion. – Here’s what JIGSAW says about repression, even though GOOGLE is one of the most sadistic bastards on the planet when it comes to repressing people, since they own Youtube and will boot you offline if their Star Chamber thinks you’re causing some kind of problem to their JWO fantasy.”

Facebook is a ‘Living, Breathing Crime Scene,’ Says One Former Tech Insider
Facebook Gone Criminal – A quote….”SAN FRANCISCO — With more than 2 billion users, Facebook’s reach now rivals that of Christianity and exceeds that of Islam. However, the network’s laser focus on profits and user growth has come at the expense of its users, according to one former Facebook manager who is now speaking out against the social platform.”

Twitter and Facebook and Russia: Consider the numbers
Twitter & Facebook Exposed! – A quote….”Remember how we were initially told that “Russia” (in quotes, because we have no idea who actually placed these ads, whether they had any relationship to the Russian government, or whether they were Russian at all) placed 3000 ads on Facebook? Only to learn later that 56% of them were placed after the election, 25% of them were never shown to anyone, 50% had ad budgets less than $3, and 99% of them had ad budgets less than $1000? Leaving approximately 14 ads seen during the election which had a budget exceeding $1000. And by the way virtually none of these ads mentioned Trump or Clinton at all; most dealt with issues like Black Lives Matter or gun rights. How that had an influence on the election is never quite specified. We’re told this is because Russia is trying to encourage “divisiveness” in America. As if we aren’t doing quite well on that score all by ourselves, with a little assist from FOX and MSNBC, and why that would effect that election anyway isn’t clear. Oh and most of those ads were geographically targeted, and some of the ones that were were targeted to non-“swing states”.” – Source:  Left(i)OnTheNews

NSA “Sincerely Regrets” Deleting All Bush-Era Surveillance Data It Was Ordered To Preserve
Oooops – A quote….”There is a growing consensus among many observers in Washington that the national security agencies have become completely politicized over the past seventeen years and are now pursuing selfish agendas that actually endanger what remains of American democracy. – As Philip Giraldi notes, up until recently it has been habitual to refer to such activity as the Deep State, which is perhaps equivalent to the Establishment in that it includes financial services, the media, major foundations and constituencies, as well as lobbying groups, but we are now witnessing an evolutionary process in which the national security regime is exercising power independently.” – also posted at SouthFrontSome selected ZeroHedge commentary posted below….

    • “What they mean is, “we’re sincerely sorry you caught us deleting those files – [click link]” — *stizazz*
    • “No..what they really mean is “we’re not really sorry you even caught us deleting those files because there is f*ck all you can do about it” — *floosy*
    • “No? Don’t delete the data? Sure..? Oops… [click link]” — *eforce*
    • “Hmm- I’ll have to run that line past the IRS verbatim when they ask for my 2012 expense receipts….” — *jcaz*
    • “NSA covering their tracks… Hard to prosecute crimes against humanity when there is no evidence. – Perhaps Putin would be so gracious to relinquish that information … or perhaps the Chinese. – Better question: What did this cost the Bush family?” — *espirit*
    • “Somebody should “accidentally” delete all of their funding.” — *Ghost of Porky*
    • “Too damn late – Have you seen Admiral Rogers? – He isn’t answering to Congress, the Pentagram or even the POTUS anymore – He answers to shadowy Langley and Israeli characters and he says ‘Yes, sir!” to anything they tell him to do – This shit is so off budget stealth black that even the paymaster has no idea where the funds he hands out are coming from – He only knows he better do his job right because the punishment for fucking up is to disappear like he was never born – Our IC [intelligence community] is owned and it isn’t owned by anyone we know [here’s who owns it….”Israel’s Net Control” – mpg]
      — Certainly not We The People – Live hard, black budgets grow from black sources of funny money mega funds, [and lets not forget all that heroin money coming out of Afghanistan…. “US Support – Drug Trade” – mpg] – There is no bottom to that pit either, die free ~ DC v8.4″ — *DuneCreature*
    • “Destruction of government property is a crime. Destruction of evidence ordered preserved by court is a crime. – Convict the fuckers, not just the patsies who did the deletion but everyone in the chain of command. All of them to Guantanamo because they have proven to be traitors. And we know what punishment traitors get.” — *ATM*
    • “Wiped? — Like with a cloth or something?” — *hedgeless_horseman*
    • “Re.. (“Wiped? Like with a cloth or something?”) — Bleachbit. DNC sources say it works.” — *HRClinton*
    • “National Shylock Agency” — *Richard Chesler*
    • “Probably deleted those in 2016 – Reminds me of the Stasi desperately trying to shred vast warehouses of files as the Wall was coming down. – It’s not just about who they spied on.  We already know they spied on everyone.  It’s about covering up who is dirty, who is a snitch, etc.  Same as with the Stasi.” — *New World Chaos*
    • “It is clear by now that all those Alphabet agencies have to be SCRAPPED . They have become a law that acts without check an balances – It is an intolerable situation that they spy on every citizen, keep records of them, and gangstalke them for no reason,  sell drugs ( the CIA is the major world wholesaler of drugs), invents False Flags like the FBI does regularly, and it is unthinkable that all of those criminal organizations did not know of the 9/11” — *escapeefromOZ*
    • “Needs to put those responsible for deleting the data in jail.  They will sing…and disclose those that ordered it.  They can then be jailed and they will disclose who ordered or asked them….and the trail can continue until it gets to the top…Bush or one of his cronies arranged it.  A lot of horrific crimes over the last three administrations on both sides of the aisle.” — *Falcon49*
    • “Just should enter a default judgement for the Plaintiff’s with all damages paid from NSA retirement funds.” — *Max Cynical* — That’s a GREAT idea! – mpg
    • “Darn. All records of the employment of the top 100 employees of the NSA have been lost so that those employees will have to leave the government immediately and without pensions.” — *Stuck on Zero*
    • “MIIC Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPS): Suppression of science for the benefit of petrodollar banking macro-economic system corporate spinoffs that monetize products – here’s how it works…. [click link]” — *verumcuibono*
    • “Nice post, verumcuibono – Yep, the US Patient Office is right up my alley. – If you have a viable idea or invention, never ever take it to a patient attorney. You WILL lose control of it…. guaranteed – Remember P-Tech and Promis software, it is everywhere – I have a couple of strategies for taking innovative things to market and they all entail keeping your lip zipped tight – I am getting close to my own security boundary so that’s all I’m going to say – Live Hard — The MIC is the worst of the worst pirates — Die Free ~ DC v8.4” — *DuneCreature*
    • “Exactly. Entities who have worked with many with energy inventions who have been expertly sabotaged in this process have the following rules….. [click link]” — *verumcuibono*
  • “In the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s outing of the NSA in 2014, Frontline aired a two-part expose called “The United States of Secrets”. This would be a great time to watch both installments. – It was an update of a prior story that included how George W. Bush came within a whisker of being impeached had the NYT published its expose about how his administration (spurred by President Cheney) had bullied the FISA court to ignore the law right after 9/11. It included a video of Cheney justifying this astonishing lawlessness with “I will not allow anything to stand in the way of my love for my country.” If ever there was a perfect example of patriotism being the last refuge of a scoundrel, that is it. – Regardless of the NSA itself having deleted its files, there is still a massive amount of evidence out there available. “Release the memo!” may be only the tip of the iceberg preparing the public for the stunning magnitude of what is about to be revealed. The NYT may finally get to release its incriminating expose after almost 15 years. Can Americans handle it? We MUST find out! It’s not only the Clintons and Obama. The Bushes are the ones who got this started and need to be taken down too. Whatever happens, let’s have the truth so that we the recovery and healing can begin.” — *Pasadena Phil* —  There’s a lot more great comments, too many to post here…. mpg

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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

FBI “Loses” Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents
Oh You’re NOT Serious?! – You’ve Got To Be Kidding!!(Is this EVER going to stop?! – EVER!! – People really need to be arrested!! – mpg) — A quote….”Five months of text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have been lost, according to a Friday disclosure from the Justice Department to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC), as reported by the Associated Press and the Daily Caller.” – Check out the ZeroHedge comments….

“Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton” And Frame Trump Unraveling, Says Former Fed Prosecutor
We’ll See….  A quote….”A former Federal Prosecutor sat down with The Daily Caller to give perhaps the most comprehensive rundown of the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy. – In this highly recommended 30 minute interview with Joe diGenova, the former Special Counsel who went after both the Teamsters and former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, paints a very clear picture of collusion is painted between the Obama administration, the FBI, the Clinton campaign and opposition research firm Fusion GPS.” – Check out the ZeroHedge comments….

US Intelligence ‘Spy On Everybody,’ Could Well Have Wiretapped Trump – Ron Paul talks FISA memo
RTVideo – (RTYuTb – 8min38sec – Jan 19, 2018) – Source:  RTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”A growing number of US Republican congressmen are demanding the release of a top-secret intelligence document. They believe it reveals political bias at the highest levels of the FBI and the Justice department – in how they handled the investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.- Read More [click here]”

The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency
A quote….”The main function of the National Security Administration is to collect the dirt on members of the house and senate, the staffs, principal contributors, and federal judges. The dirt is used to enforce silence about the crimes of the security agencies. – The blackmail mechanism was put into gear the minute the news reported that the House Intelligence Committee had assembled proof that the FBI, DOJ, and DNC created Russiagate as a conspiracy to unseat President Trump. Members of Congress with nothing to hide demanded the evidence be released to the public. Of course, it was to be expected that release of the facts would be denounced by Democrats, but Republicans, such as Rep. Mike Conaway (R, Texas), himself a member of the committee, joined in the effort to protect the Democrats and the corrupt FBI and DOJ from exposure. Hiding behind national security concerns, Conaway opposes revealing the classified information. “That’d be real dangerous,” he said.” – bold by website editor PaulCraigRoberts

NY Times: Kushner Received “$30M From Israeli Firm
A quote….”Jared Kushner has been strengthening Israelgate. According to the New York Times itself, he received at least $30 million “from Menora Mivtachim—one of Israel’s largest financial institutions—just before he accompanied Trump on his first diplomatic trip to Israel last year.”[1] The New York Times admitted….. ““The deal, which was not made public, pumped significant new equity into 10 Maryland apartment complexes controlled by Mr. Kushner’s firm. While Mr. Kushner has sold parts of his business since taking a White House job last year, he still has stakes in most of the family empire—including the apartment buildings in and around Baltimore.”[2]” – The ONLY thing shocking about this article, is it was penned at the NYT.  As to how that could possibly have happened? Perhaps the editors slipped up again, or more likely, Kushner is unecessary ballest being thrown  overboard.  Either way, it’s a good sign the Euro-Kharzarian criminal consortium is begining to crack – mpg

Fusion GPS Founder Admits: Couldn’t Confirm Dossier Allegations, Spread Them To Media Anyway
A quote….”Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson made a surprising if not damning admission in his interview with the House Intelligence Committee in November. – According to a transcript of his interview, released late Thursday, Simpson acknowledged that he “will never” be able to confirm a key allegation made in the infamous Steele dossier about Carter Page, the former Trump campaign adviser.”

#ObamaGate – A Complete List of DOJ and FBI Corruptors and Criminals Destroying the US from Within
A quote….”The Deep State FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) were once considered institutions full of integrity and honor before the Obama Presidency. Now they are riddled with corruption and led by a group of deceiving, criminal and corrupt leaders who are working to overthrow the Trump administration which threatens to uncover their many corrupt and criminal actions over the past many years. Today these swamp monsters may begin to be exposed.”

How to Make Your Opponents Try (and fail) to Prove a Negative
Concept Note – A quote….”Sometimes you can prove an alleged event did happen, but you generally can’t prove something did not happen. For example, if police have clear video footage of a crime in progress, several direct witnesses, and DNA evidence too, you can say they proved the defendant did the crime. But if your neighbor says an angel visited him in his bedroom at night, and there were no witnesses or physical traces left behind, you can’t prove it didn’t happen. All you can say for sure is that you don’t have any evidence of it happening. — So if you want to drive a political opponent crazy, allege that he or she did something evil, provide no direct evidence, and force them to do the impossible: Prove it didn’t happen. — Consider the Russian collusion investigation. We have seen no conclusive evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. But the mere existence of an investigation into the allegations, along with lots of “Russia, Russia, Russia” news coverage on tangential topics, primes us to think “Where there is this much smoke, there must be fire.””
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Why Ruby Ridge Still Matters
A quote….”After violence in Charlottesville last August, a Washington Post article asserted that alienated right-wingers had “sparked the deadly standoff in Ruby Ridge, Idaho” in 1992. Ruby Ridge has recently been invoked by many people to show the need for federal crackdowns on dangerous extremists. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has largely forgotten – or expunged – the federal misconduct and deception that permeated that showdown. But it is difficult to comprehend the fear that many Americans have of the government without reconsidering Ruby Ridge.” – Source:  CounterPunch

Jeremy Grantham Exposes The Corporatocracy: America’s “Run By Those Guys For Their Own Interests”

A quote….”Have profit margins risen to a permanently higher plateau? Are average Americans better off than they were a generation ago? I had the opportunity to discuss those questions, which are centrally important to investing and economic policy, with Jeremy Grantham a couple of weeks ago. – The discussion took place as part of a larger interview about climate-change investing. Grantham is the co-founder and chief investment strategist of Boston-based Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo (GMO).” – Source:  AdvisorPerspectivesCom

Oligarch Jeff Bezos
A quote….”Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $105 billion and is the richest man in the world. But he is not just the richest man at this moment in history. He is the richest person who has ever lived. As of 2017 he and seven other billionaires had a collective net worth equal to that of the poorest 3.6 billion people on earth.” – Source:  BAR

Court Rejects School’s Effort to Dismiss Free Speech Lawsuit
A quote….”Pierce College will have to defend the constitutionality of its policies restricting speech to just 0.003 percent of campus after a judge rejected its motion to dismiss a student’s lawsuit. – With help from attorneys at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), student Kevin Shaw sued the school in March after administrators refused to let him distribute copies of the Constitution outside of the school’s “free speech zone,” which encompasses just 616 square feet of the 426-acre campus.”

Outkick the Coverage: NFL Playoffs Have Lost 23 Million Viewers from 2016
A quote….”The NFL has 23 million fewer viewers for this year’s playoff action, a new report says. – With the first round of this year’s NFL playoffs in the rear-view mirror, Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis took a look at the TV ratings and found that every game was down by millions of viewers and ratings fell to a ten-year low.”

Why This Man Who Barged in on His Cheating Wife Could Go to Jail for 15 Years
A quote….” A husband caught his wife cheating, and now he’s facing up to 15 years in jail. – Sean Donis’s wife, Nancy Donis, 38, said she was going to dinner. Donis stayed behind to watch their 5-year-old son. When he couldn’t find his iPad, he turned on the Find My iPhone app to locate it. – The software showed the electronic device moving toward an unknown location; he had a hunch that his wife had taken it, and he decided to follow. He arrived at a house and  opened the unlocked door. On the second floor, he found his wife in bed with her boss, Albert Lopez, 58. With his iPhone, he recorded two brief videos of them in bed. – The New Jersey man got a letter last July informing him that a grand jury had indicted him on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance for the April 2016 incident. – “I feel like it’s unjust what they’re doing to me,” said Donis, 37, to the New York Post in September. “It’s like I’m being punished twice.””

As Women March, Ohio State Course Reprimands “White Heterosexual Masculinity”
A quote….”As 1000s of Women’s March protesters gather in cities across America on the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration, a class taught this spring at Ohio State University will review a parade of reasons why white heterosexual masculinity is allegedly problematic, tackling the topic from the constructs of racial issues, bullying, pop culture, societal expectations and much more, according to its syllabus.”

Chilean Catholics Stunned As Pope Accuses Child Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander
Pope of Pedophilia / Pope of Evil — A quote….”Pope Francis is now attacking the credibility of child sex abuse victims in a shocking move made at the end of a trip to Chile in which he had hoped to “heal” the wounds of said abuse. – That’s right, Pope Francis ended his trip by publicly defending a bishop who victims have accused of covering up widespread pedophilia in the country.”

The pedophile infestation is not the Catholic Church’s only problem, it’s also infected, in fact it appears to be moribund, with N.W.O. Euro-Kharzarian, Frankfort School Bolshevism, see articles and comment on these issues posted on Reficultnias in 2017 and posted again below for your edification…..

Let’s see.  Just in the last year of 2017, we’ve had this “Pope” down-play and justify the massive homosexual and pedophilia problem in the Catholic church. Shield some of its hideous practitioners. Denounce the web’s growing popularity and investigatory powers, using a scatological analogy one might add. Imply that the global warming hoax is valid.  Suggest the Earth is overpopulated necessitating a drastic intervention. Echoed the N.W.O.’s meme regarding water shortages.  Supported the trans-nationalist, undemocratic EU. Condemned the EU’s member nation states as they attempted to control their own borders. And suggested that populism is evil! — This guy is a Trans-Nationalist, New World Order spokesman!! – mpg

Planned Parenthood Will Now Be Giving Sex Changes To Minors
Yes…  Per The “Jewish” “Frankfort School” Agenda(They won’t stop folks.  Never.  Not till your little five year old sticks a twelve inch dido up his/her butt in front of the kindergarten class, has sex with adults of all…. “persuasions”, and allows their genitals to be butchered.  It’s that simple.  You’ve all been warned…. again – mpg) — A quote….”Planned Parenthood stated in its 2016-17 annual report that it now offers transgender “hormone therapy” in seventeen states. – Planned Parenthood’s website explains that some youth feel their gender “doesn’t match…the gender that they feel they are inside.” Contrary to many mental health professionals, the abortion-and-sex hormone business teaches that “the mismatch between a person’s body and gender identity isn’t in itself a mental illness.””

Unmasking the Folly of Today’s Emperors
A quote….”As moral relativism sweeps through the culture, we’re asked more and more to deny obvious truths and instead swallow whoppers like these….”

  • Men and women are interchangeable in all situations, including combat and eventually even childbirth.
  • The media strive for objectivity and have no discernible political agenda.
  • All religions equally promote peace, including “the religion of peace,” some of whose adherents are featured in daily news stories about beheadings, public whippings, burnings and suicide bombs strapped to women and children.
  • Abortion is a minor “procedure” that has nothing to do with taking the life of a uniquely formed human being.
  • Less snow and ice are the result of global warming.  So are more snow and ice – and colder temperatures.
  • Democrats have the best interests of the middle class at heart and want to cut taxes and reduce government.
  • Asking all voters to show an ID is exactly the same as racist Jim Crow laws.
  • Little boys who think they’re girls should be fed drugs to halt puberty and prepped for surgical mutilation.  Same for girls who think they’re boys.
  • No culture is superior to another.  America would be America if it had been founded by Buddhist monks instead of the likes of George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Animals should have rights identical to those of humans and even be assigned lawyers.

“I could go on.  But so many naked emperors are on the loose that it might make even that little boy in the story think twice before bucking the New Order.”

There’s no such thing as “gay” marriage.  It is a definitional impossibility.  Up is NOT down. Black is NOT white. You are NOT bombing people to save them. You are NOT giving billions of dollars a year to Wahhabist terrorists to prevent terrorism. A head-chopping, organ-eating, baby-murdering, child-raping, Wahhabist terrorist, is NOT a freedom fighter just because you call him that. You are NOT preventing the drug trade by growing and shipping billions of dollars worth of heroin a year out of Afghanistan. Two plus two is NOT anything you want it to be…. no matter WHAT “Common Core” may say .  If you are a fifty year old, Caucasian male, you CANNOT decide you are a ten year old Chinese girl, and FINALLY….  Marriage CANNOT be “gay”.  Ever.  Everybody got that yet? – mpg

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Today’s Videos & Podcasts…

Sunday View With Richie Allen For Sunday January 21st 2018
RASVideo – (RASYuTb – 41min04sec – Jan 19, 2018) – Source:  TheRichieAllenShowRAS@YuTbRelated Website:  David Ike Headlines – A quote….”Sunday View on Richie reviews the Sunday Newspapers. He takes a look at Jordan Peterson’s interview with Channel 4’s Cathy Newman on political correctness, reports on how millennials want to ban 1970’s and 1980’s British sitcoms, because they’re all racist and much more. This is YOUR Sunday View. Please support it by donating at”

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (544) Paul English – The Jew Refugee Invasion Of America Through Immigration And What To Do About It – Part 1EFRAudioAlt/Mp3 – Alt/YuTb – (Note:  Contains non-PC terms, & concepts) – (EFRVar – 57min17sec – Jan 18, 2017) – Producer Websites:  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock@ EFREuroFolkRadioShowsEuro Folk RadioEFR@YuTbRelated Websites:  Andrew C HitchcockACH@YuTb Guest Websites: Allison ChablozAC@YuTbAllison Chabloz-NoRegretsAlternate Sources:  Gustaf JohansonPewTubeThe Right Stuff Shows — A quote….”In today’s show originally broadcast on January 21 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Paul English, the presenter of, Fake News Now, broadcast on for a show entitled, “The Jew Refugee Invasion Of America Through Immigration And What To Do About It – Part 1.” — We discussed: the introduction to this booklet that I read in its entirety, which appears to have been written at some point between 1942 and 1945; Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson’s recent 3 day Facebook ban for posting an image of a Russian flag, which the Facebook censorship team incorrectly identified as a Confederate flag; what world famous men said about Jews; the Google results for the search term, “American Inventors,”; and many other topics.”

Episode #218 – ‘The Eurasian Gambit’ with guests Mark Sleboda, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva
Must Listen 21stCWAudioEP#218SpkrEP#218PodomaticNote: Outstanding Interviews with Mark Sleboda, Dilyana Gaytandzhiev & Basil Valentine Note: May contain adult language – (21stCWSprkr – 2hrs51min33sec – January 21st, 2018) – Source:  21st Century WireSunWire@SprkrSunWire@PodomaticSunWire@SndCldASprkr@AltCrntRadioAltCrntRadioGuest Websites:  UK Colmn NewsUK Colmn’s/SndCldUKColmn’s/Mp4UKColmn@YuTbAltCrntRadio – A quote….”This week the Sunday Wire resumes its regular LIVE broadcasting schedule as host Patrick Henningsen covers this week’s top stories from the US, UK and internationally. Patrick will be joined in-studio with Mike Robinson editor of the UK Column to discuss US President Donald Trump’s one year anniversary and the latest move by Twitter who is has now been officially subsumed by the US deep state and is now sending out emails to its users to beware of “Russian Influence”, Washignton’s latest #ReleaseTheMemo controversy implicating Obama for Stasi measures using FBI to spy on political opposition. After that we’ll be joined by special guest, Moscow-based geopolitical analyst, Mark Sleboda, to talk about the West’s ongoing efforts to isolate Russia through sanctions and we’ll ask: are these measures really working or not, and what’s next? We’ll also discuss Erdogan and Turkey’s latest illegal foray into Northern Syria’s Afrin region and what it really means. In the second hour, we’ll connect with European-based investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva to discuss her latest investigation into the Pentagon’s secret global network of bioweapons labs strategically positioned around Russia and Iran. Later, we’re also be joined by our roving correspondent for culture & sport, Basil Valentine to discuss what the beginning of 2018 has been like and decide whether all the fuss about Trump is warranted, or not! Enjoy the show — Subscribe & Become a Member @21WIRE.TV” —  Enjoy the show…”

The Political Cesspool Radio Show, Jan 20th, 2017[Hr #1][Hr #2][Hr #3]
Must Listen TPCAudio (Note:  Contains non-PC terms, epithets, & concepts.  Also some necessary and unpleasant sexual content – mpg)Alt/Mp3/Hour#1Alt/Mp3/Hour#2Alt/Mp3/Hour#3 // Alt/YuTb- FullAudioCast-01/20/17 – (TPCVar – 1hr each – Jan 20th, 2017) – Source:  The Political CesspoolTPCPodcastsRelated WebsitesYuTb @ Gustaf JohansonPewTubeTheRightStuffShowsGuest Websites:  Occidental ObserverBrother NathanaelBN’s/Real Jew NewsBN’s/AltVidsBN’s/Fndtn — A quote….”Guest: Dr. Kevin MacDonald – Host James Edwards begins this week’s show by remembering Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, then offers his take on the award given (by Jesse Jackson) to the Detroit News columnist for beating him in court. — Next:  Brother Nathanael Kapner – Brother Nathanael, a Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity, has become a YouTube sensation because of his willingness to deliver frank commentaries on certain “taboo” issues. Learn more about his life and testimony during this colorful hour of talk radio. — Finally:  James and TPC co-host Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller discuss the 55 years of “progress” that have been made since George Wallace’s inaugural address on January 14, 1963. TPC correspondents Jack Ryan and Scoop Stanton also file their weekly reports.” – Quotable quote…..

  • “The Jews call it ‘hate speech’, because it’s speech Jews hate to hear” — *Brother Nathanael Kapner*

Note: The unpleasant sexual content in the podcast posted above was necessary to expose, and contrast, the Euro-Kharzarian’s fawning media coverage of Oprah Winfrey’s egregious and hypocritical Neoliberalcon rant, and racist portrayal of White Heterosexual Christian Males (WHCM’s), at the Golden Globe awards.  Where she used a rape, in which the victim was left alive by the side of the road, one that occurred more than 76 years ago, to smear the entire WHCM community, while callously, and deliberately, ignoring the much more horrendous, very recent examples of the Black community’s vicious crimes against Whites, as necessarily and shockingly described in the podcast posted above.  Her cold calculated, and culpable blindness to these heinous acts, and to the bloody mountains of statistical evidence, vividly demonstrate her, and her sycophants, malign neglect, regarding the massive Black violence deliberately targeting the White community in this country – mpg

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==

The Anglo-Euro-Banks Credibility Crisis Deepens…

Believing The Impossible
Must Read – Charts & Graphs — A quote….”To borrow from Lewis Carroll: To have confidence in today’s central bank-created bubble markets, we have to believe in six impossible things…..” – Source:  ZeroHedge

  • Thing 1: Fundamentals Don’t Matter
  • Thing 2: You Can Print Prosperity
  • Thing 3: Currency, stocks and bonds are “wealth.”
  • Thing 4: The World Is Infinite
  • Thing 5: History Doesn’t Matter
  • Thing 6: They Know What They’re Doing

The US Equity Market Has Never Done This Before
Chart(click to enlarge) — A quote….”Three charts to consider ahead of Monday’s post-Government-Shutdown open.” – Some relevent ZeroHedge comments posted below….

    • “These people have been serially wrong…  because they just don’t get it…. It is not about Value, Fear, or Greed…. It is ALL about Protection from Hyperinflation  !!! – Until they grasp that premise they will continue having their faces ripped off shorting this market !!!” — *Yellow_Snow*
    • “Investments in stocks will not save you from hyperinflation.  German stocks went up 500,000%, but inflation went up 1,000,000%.  Stock investors still lost 1/2 of their purchasing power.” — *Herodotus*
    • “Venezuela would be the current example…” — *Tolomeo*
  • “[correction…] IS the current example…” — *Tolomeo*

Nomi Prins: “The Fed Is Scared To Death Of Crashing* [Losing Control Of] The Global Financial System”
Must View Chart(click to enlarge)Contains VideoAlt/YuTb — A quote….”Two time, best-selling author Nomi Prins says central bankers have no idea how to stop the easy money policies that they started after the financial meltdown of 2008. — Prins explains, “So, when the Fed says they are going to remove assets from their $4.5 trillion book by not reinvesting the interest payment…the reality is they haven’t really done that.  They have reduced their book by about $10 billion off of $4.5 trillion since they mentioned they were going to start ‘tapering.” – *First:  The term “Crashing” has been outlawed by the private, mostly Euro-Kharzarian owned, crime syndicate known colloquially as the Fed.  Second:  They’re not afraid of anything except being rounded up and hung.  If they “crash” the economy and the so-called “markets”, it will be because they want to – mpg

Commercial Real Estate Suffers First Down-Year since 2009
Charts(click to enlarge) — Jan 15, 2018 – A quote….”In the era of the never-ending “Everything Bubble,” where asset prices can do only one thing, namely surge, it might come as an unwelcome surprise: Commercial real estate prices had their first down-year since the Financial Crisis, according to the Green Street Property Price index, which ended December 2017 at 125.96, a notch below its level a year ago (126.66). – The index is flat with its level 18 months ago, in June 2016. This is when the index began to plateau, after a huge surge that pushed the index up 106% from May 2009 and leaves it 26% above the peak of the prior crazy bubble that imploded with spectacular results.”
======== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==

Amerika’s FrankenFood Disaster, Vaccine Cover-Up, Fukushima & Monsanto Monster…

Red sage, also known as Chinese sage, found to protect the kidneys of people with severe acute pancreatitis and obstructive jaundice — A quote….”(Natural News) A study published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines revealed that Salvia miltiorrhiza, more commonly known as red sage or danshen in Chinese, may protect the kidneys in patients with severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) and obstructive jaundice (OJ). A team of Chinese researchers examined  288 rat models of SAP and OJ as part of research.”

‘Subway Is Dying’
A quote….”Battles at HQ are killing the world’s largest fast-food chain — and many franchisees are turning against the CEO.”
======== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ==

More On The Banksters Global Warming Hoax / Carbon Tax / Carbon Currency / Scam…

Global Cooling
A quote….”Plenty to write about this week, but as America freezes I thought it an opportune time to return to the global warming hoax. It’s the biggest and most expensive scientific hoax in history and it’s high time it was knocked on the head. Only the Western democracies are buying into this nonsense – the Chinese and German governments know full well that human CO2 emissions are not materially affecting the climate. Decarbonizing our economies however is materially affecting our prosperity and costing jobs. Having been wrongfully accused of a hoax myself I must confess that I’m rather enjoying the Bad Guys’ discomfiture as temperatures plummet! ”

Saturday January 20th 2018
No posts – mpg
Friday January 19th 2018
More Tales From The Anglo-Zio Empire & Its “Friends” — Promoting Zio-Wahhabist Terrorism World Wide….

US Gambling on the Islamic State to Undermine China and Russia’s Position in Africa
Must Read – A quote….”Africa plays a big part in the global ambitions of the Islamic State* and its mentors. Speculating where the core of the Islamic State previously in Syria has disappeared to, Egyptian president el-Sisi has repeatedly expressed fears that Africa will be the terrorist group’s next target beginning with Egypt, the most densely-populated Arab country (around 95 million people), and neighbouring Libya, a country rich in oil but currently divided. And the relentless terrorist attacks on Egyptian soil and the Islamic State’s growing area of control on Libya’s southern coast, in Sirte, seem to confirm these fears.”Imperial Disaster – Global Research Donation Request – [Click Here]
Must Read – A quote….”U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently announced that the U.S. occupation of Syria would continue until three conditions are met….”

  • ISIS must be destroyed
  • Assad must go
  • Refugees must be returned to Syria

“His words are an obscenity. They are also a smokescreen to disguise actual realities and imperial intentions. Not only is the U.S. occupation criminal according to Nuremburg Principles, but the diktats themselves are either unattainable or redundant, and therefore doomed to fail – which is the intent. – The first demand, that ISIS must be destroyed is intentionally unattainable since ISIS are U.S. assets, and so they will be there as long as the U.S. is there. The U.S. has no intention of eliminating its foremost pretext for waging war against humanity.”

A US-Turkish Clash in Syria?
Must Read – A quote….”The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria — with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides. – Turkey is moving armor and troops south to Syria’s border enclave of Afrin, occupied by Kurds, to drive them out, and then drive the Syrian Kurds out of Manbij further south as well. – Says President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “We will destroy all terror nests, one by one, in Syria, starting from Afrin and Manbij.” – For Erdogan, the Kurdish YPG, the major U.S. ally in Syria, is an arm of the Kurdish PKK in Turkey, which we and the Turks have designated as a terrorist organization. – While the Kurds were our most effective allies against ISIS in Syria, Turkey views them as a mortal peril and intends to deal with that threat. – If Erdogan is serious, a clash with the U.S. is coming, as our Kurdish allies occupy most of Syria’s border with Turkey. – Moreover, the U.S. has announced plans to create a 30,000-man Border Security Force of Kurds and Arabs to keep ISIS out of Syria. – Erdogan has branded this BSF a “terror army,” and President Bashar Assad of Syria has called BSF members “traitors.”” – Source:  UNZReviewauthor’s site:  PatrickJBuchanan

NGO: US-Led Coalition Civilian Killings Tripled in Iraq and Syria in 2017
Trump’s Bucher Bill(Another US-NRE success!!) — A quote….”UK-based NGO Airwars has offered a reckoning of the 2017 air operations of the US-led coalition against ISIS, involving attacks in both Iraq and Syria.The number of civilians killed increased dramatically, with estimates suggesting that they roughly tripled from 2016. – In 2016, they documented an estimated death toll of between 1,243 and 1,904 non-combatants, but in 2017, the estimate was a minimum of 3,923, and potentially as many as 6,102 non-combatants killed.”

Tillerson Unveils ‘New’ US Syria Plan: ‘Assad Must Go!’
The Endless Refrain(Unlawful, illegal, tyrannical, undemocratic, imperial, yet it continues like some sort of whining, annoying, dirge, through US-NRE administration, after US-NRE administration…. forever. – mpg) — A quote….”Confirming that the US military presence inside Syria had little to do with fighting ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled in detail today the real US strategy for Syria: overthrow of the Assad government.” – also posted at AlethoNews also posted at 21stCentWire

More US Bases In Syria…Why Not Come Home?
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 13min29sec – Jan 17, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote….”Why is the US building more military bases on Syrian territory without permission? Why is it funding and training a 30,000 strong border guard for Syria’s borders with Turkey and Iraq? With ISIS defeated, does the White House really believe it has legal authority to keep US troops in Syria to “deter Iran”?”

Syria Slams US Military Presence As ‘Act Of Aggression’
A quote….”Syria has strongly condemned a US plan to maintain its military presence in the Arab country as interference in its internal affairs and a blatant violation of international law. — “The internal affairs in any country in the world is an exclusive right of the people of this country, thus nobody has the right to only give his opinion in that because this violates the international law and contradicts the most important theories of the constitutional law,” Syria’s state news agency, SANA, quoted a Foreign Ministry official as saying in a statement on Thursday.” – Source:  PressTV

Syria Warns Will Try to Shoot Down Turkish Jets If They Attack Kurds in Syria’s Borders
A quote…”They may be in open rebellion against Damascus but that doesn’t mean foreign powers get to bomb them at will — or violate Syria’s airspace doing it” – It’s a principled and nationalistic stance.  Not exactly practicable, or realpolitik. But there you go – mpg

Turkish Invasion of Syrian Kurdish Afrin Pocket Could Be the Death Knell for US-Turkey Ties
A quote….”Turkey is gearing up to move troops toward Afrin, a Kurdish-held area of Syria. The battle over the tiny enclave, which many would struggle to find on the map, could put Ankara in open conflict with NATO ally the US – here’s how.”

Syria – Tillerson Announces Occupation Goals – Erdogan Makes Empty Threats
Nothing But “Empty Threats”?? – A quote….”The threat is not serious….”

  • Afrin is mostly mountainous.
  • Pictures from Turkey showed (scroll down) the unloading of some tanks near to Afrin but within Turkey. These were old M-60 tanks. They have been slightly upgraded by Israel but can be knocked out by modern Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) and certainly by Anti Tank Guided Missiles. (ATMG). These tanks would get slaughtered should they enter the tricky Afrin terrain.
  • There are several tens of thousands of Kurdish fighters in Afrin. They are well armed.
  • Afrin is under formal protection of Russian and Syrian forces.
  • The real danger to Turkey is not Afrin but the much larger Kurdish protectorate the U.S. publicly announced in north-east Syria.

“The Turkish threats and its artillery noise have led to counter noise from Syria and more silent advice from Russia.  The Syrian government wants to show that it is the protector of all Syrian citizens be they ethnic Arabs or Kurds. Russia is proud of its role as the grown up who is calming down all sides.”

Northern Afghanistan Turning Into Springboard For International Terrorism — Lavrov
Still PNAC’ing“Northern Afghanistan, that’s right next to Russia’s C.I.S. states.  Must be annoder one ol’dem dar coincidences…. right? – mpg — A quote….”UNITED NATIONS, January 19. /TASS/. Surviving jihadists are fleeing from Syria to Central Asia, including Northern Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday at a meeting of the UN Security Council devoted to security in Afghanistan and Central Asia.”

Nafeez Ahmed: Trump’s State Department Spent Over $1m in Iran to Exploit Unrest
A quote….”At the end of 2017, a dozen cities across Iran, including the capital Tehran, were rocked by spontaneous protests which continued into the New Year. The protests drew attention to the country’s deteriorating economic conditions, along with the regime’s abysmal human rights record. – They also paved the way for President Donald Trump’s announcement on January 12th that this would be a “last chance” for waiving US nuclear sanctions under the Iran nuclear deal for a further 60 days, after which the US would withdraw if its “disastrous flaws” cannot be fixed.”

Iran’s Nuclear Deal Cannot Survive if US Withdraws: Russia
A quote….”Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers will collapse if the US withdraws from the agreement.” — FYI:  Having never entered the deal in good faith to begin with, by not honoring, or intending to honor one single aspect of it.  It would be hard for the US-NRE to actually  “withdraw” from it – mpgTopix  ||  How About An Honest NPT? – 11-11-10 – mpg  ||

US Administration Approves $500mn Missile System Deal With Saudi Arabia
A quote…”The US State Department has approved a possible $500-million sale of missile system support services to Saudi Arabia in defiance of global calls for Washington to stop providing Riyadh with military support due to the regime’s war crimes in Yemen. – The Defense Security Cooperation Agency made the announcement in a statement on Wednesday, saying Congress had been notified of the decision. – Congress now has 30 days to review the proposed sale, but it is not required to take any action.” – Source:  PressTV

Washington and Allies Go Orwellian on Korea Peace Talks
Must Read – A quote….” Just as North and South Korea achieve important peaceful exchanges, Washington and its NATO allies appear to be moving with determination to sabotage the initiative for averting war on the East Asian peninsula. – Further, the reckless, gratuitous provocations beg the conclusion that the United States is indeed trying to start a war.” – Source:  StratCultFndtn

‘When US Sidelined, Koreas Can Work Towards Peace & Stability, Talks Suggest’
Embarrassing The Zio-EmpirePsssssst!  That’s why the US-NRE’s parasites are so very angry! – They may even attack North Korea because of it! – mpg — A quote….”US policy is a distraction from the ongoing Korean talks, which Seoul hopes will eventually lead to the denuclearization of the entire peninsula, security analyst Charles Shoebridge told RT. – The third session of inter-Korean talks in a week signalled a significant breakthrough in the frosty ties between the two Koreas. And while the thaw in relations was welcomed by Seoul, the recent rapprochement was greeted with skepticism by 20 foreign ministers of the so-called “Vancouver Group,” which defended South Korea during the Korean War more than five decades ago.” – Source:  RT

Canada Embraces US War Threats against N Korea. “Epic Fail” of Vancouver Group GR’s [$$ Rqst]
Zio-Lackey of the Zio-Empire(Being the willing, craven, satrap of a decadent, degenerate, decaying,  empire is bad enough.  But to be the willing, craven, satrap of a Euro-Kharzarian controlled, decadent, degenerate, decaying, colonial empire is simply PATHETIC!! – Shame on the Canadian people – mpg) — A quote….”Yesterday (2017-01-16) Canada hosted a meeting of Foreign Ministers to discuss the situation concerning North Korea and nuclear weapons. What it amounted to was a bunch of U.S. sock puppets gathering to display subservience to the incredible double standards and lies promulgated by the U.S. It should be noted that the 20 invitees were the countries that had militarily supported the UN vote as the U.S. took advantage of a boycott by the USSR and the absence of China in order to start the international part of the war in the first place. Except of course, Russia and China, who also participated in the war, with the latter handing the U.S. one of its largest battlefield defeats in the process, were not invited.”

Hawaii, Japan “False Alerts” of a North Korea Attack. We Are Brainwashed – GR’s [$$ Rqst]
False-Flag-Alarm?(The double set-up psyop for the Canadian faux-peace meeting on North Korea? – mpg) — A quote….”How do Canadians look at the sequence of Nuclear Scare events in the Far East – culminating, for now, in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday, January 16? What do Canadians make of the strange events? Are the scare events real? Or are we Canadians being brainwashed?”

Deconstructing Nikki Haley’s Latest Rant
Waffle Witch of the West’s Latest Screed – A quote….”She makes painful listening, a reckless war-mongering neocon extremist – deploring world peace and stability, raging for greater US aggression than what’s ongoing. – Her remarks during Thursday’s Security Council meeting on non-proliferation of WMDs were disgraceful like all her rants – a litany of Big Lies, suppressing hard truths.”

Trump To Embrace Nuclear First Strike
RPLRVideo – (RPLRYuTb – 12min52sec – Jan 16, 2018) – Source:  Ron Paul Liberty Report @ YuTbRon Paul InstSupport The Ron Paul Inst – A quote….”President Trump’s new Nuclear Posture Review is expected to call for new “low-yield” nuclear weapons and an expansion of the scenarios in which the US may use a nuclear “first strike.” Is this a good idea? We discuss in today’s Liberty Report…”

Overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List
A quote….”Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)” – The list is to long to post here – mpg — Topix  ||  A History Of Mayhem & Murder  ||
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

A Daily Analysis Of The Anglo-Zio-Controlled Media…

European Commission to Issue Plan on Tackling Foreign Fake News
Translation:  Massive Censorship — A quote….”The European Commission is preparing a strategy to counter fake news, which will be published this spring, European Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King said during a debate at the EU Parliament on Wednesday.” – Source:  Sputnik

Facebook and Google Outline Unprecedented Mass Censorship at US Senate Hearing
They’re Scared, Very, Very…. Scared! – A quote….”Behind the backs of the US and world populations, social media companies have built up a massive censorship apparatus staffed by an army of “content reviewers” capable of seamlessly monitoring, tracking, and blocking millions of pieces of content.” – also posted at GlobalRsrch
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Attempted Destruction of Ukraine/Russia & C.I.S. States

US Embassy Caught Funding Russian Opposition
More Ol’Dat Dar US-NRE “Non-Interference in Elections”(Gawd DANG! — What unapologetic, shameless, rank, hypocrisy! – mpg) — A quote….”The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the US Embassy in Moscow of concealing the transfer of money to opposition groups, to destabilize the political situation in Russia. This was stated by the Department of Information and Press of the Foreign Ministry.”

Western Leaders Know MH-17 and Khan Shaikoun Were False Flags. When Will They Crack?
08] – MH17“When will they crack?” – When the bribes stop?? – A quote….”One of the things that allows the fraud of “fake news” to persist as a means of invalidating dissenting points of view is the use of simplistic and emotive themes that cover for a lack of evidence. Some key examples spring to mind and are worth examining.” – Topix  ||  Kiev’s Arranged Shoot-Down of MH-17  ||

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

“Law on Donbass Admitted by Kiev is Killing the Minsk Agreemnets”
That’s The Idea – A quote….”Law on Donbass admitted by Kiev is killing the Minsk agreemnets. It was stated on the air of TV programm 60 Minutes by the official representative f Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry Mariya Zakharova. – ‘All people said and say about diplomats and diplomacy, and it was fixed in comments this lawmaking of Kiev regime side was based on absolute absence of necessity of Donbass reintegration of Donbass’, said Zakharova. – In regard to her words, Kiev law n Donbass is the strongest stroke at the Minsk agreements.”

Russia: New Ukrainian Law is Preparation For A New War
#1] War Prep Alert – A quote….” The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that the new law on the Donbass adopted by the Verkhovna Rada actually buries the Minsk accords, as well as the Normandy format.”

Russia Issues Global Alarm Concerning Law on Reintegration of Donbass
#2]  Ditto! – A quote….” The law on the reintegration of Donbass adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today contradicts the Minsk agreements, as stated by the Russian Foreign Ministry. – “The result of the current Ukrainian “lawmaking” completely contradicts the Minsk agreements, which are a universally recognized basis for settling the conflict in Ukraine.””

This Is War: Zakharchenko On New Law On the Reintegration [Invasion & Cleansing] of Donbass
#3]  Double Ditto! – A quote….”The law on Reintegration of Donbass adopted by the Verkhovna Rada today, violates the Minsk agreements and will “untie the hands” of the Ukrainian army – said the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko.”

President of Ukraine [Kiev Regime’s Porky the Pig Poroshenko] Obtains Full Control of Military
#4]  “No Parliamentary Consent Needed” –  (War!  What is it good for!  Making the “Jewish Banksters lots of money, while fulfilling their blood-lust to see more murdered Ukrainian / Russian Christians – mpg) — A quote….”The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the law on the reintegration of the Donbass in the final reading. In particular, it allows the Ukrainian president, without agreement with the parliament, to use the army against the self-proclaimed republics. The document does not mention Minsk agreements at all. Now the law must be signed by Peter Poroshenko.” — Regarding #1, #2, #3, & #4, they’re laying the groundwork to launch another war – For more on this issue, see links posted below…. mpg

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

Mateusz Piskorski Writes From Prison: “Poland is Siding With Neo-Nazis”
A quote….”On January 17th, the Polish political prisoner Dr. Mateusz Piskorski, who has been in prison in Warsaw on no official charges since May 18, 2016, was sentenced once again to “temporary arrest” until March 1st, 2018.”

Worse Than Drugs: It’s Now Illegal To Enter Ukraine in Possession of Russian Symbols
A quote….”Border guards of Ukraine denied entry to a Moldovan citizen, who had a St. George ribbon and a Russian flag in the car. This was reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.”

Ukrainian Military [Kiev Regime Goons] Detain 16 DPR Adherents Over Week
A quote….”DPR Ombudsman’s Office registered 16 statements on detaining DPR adherents by Ukrainian military over the past week, DPR Press-Service reports.”

Ukraine [Kiev Regime] Extremists Armed With US Antitank Weapons Systems – Russian OSCE ambassador
A quote….”The nationalist battalion Azov is armed with US weapons, in particular TOW antitank missiles, while US drones and a reconnaissance plane have been spotted on the borders with some regions in Donbass since the start of this year, Russia’s OSCE Ambassador Alexander Lukashevich told at a session of the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday.”

========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

The ISIS Gambit – The US-NRE’s Faux War With ISIS, And A Real War With Syria….

Russia Rebuilds Hospital That Was Destroyed in Syria’s Aleppo
A quote….”ALEPPO, Syria – Russia has rebuilt the Djab al-Kaba hospital in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. – The Djab al-Kaba was significantly damage during the years long battle for Aleppo. The damage done can be seen in the two photos below.”

Syria: 1,500 Syrian Families Return to Damascus
A quote….”TEHRAN (FNA)- Hundreds of Syrian families returned to the areas near Damascus city after the establishment of security and peace in the region, media sources reported on Friday. – Syria’s Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted Damascus Governor-General Alaa Monir Ibrahim as saying that 30% of the people who had left their homes in Damascus have returned in the past 3 months.”

Turkish Army Shells Syrian YPG Positions
A quote….”Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli says no troops have gone into Syria’s Kurdish-controlled Afrin region but the operation has started “de facto” with cross-border shelling. – Canikli said in an interview with broadcaster AHaber Friday that Turkey was developing weapons systems against anti-tank missiles used by US-backed YPG militants.” – Source:  PressTV

SWR – Jan 18, 2018: US Forces Remain In Syria To Remove Assad From Power – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo SFYuTb – 2min46sec –  Jan 19, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 17, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allied pro-government factions liberated the village of Batha and attacked positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in Hulwiyah, Hayaniyah and Andan Shaykh in southern Aleppo. – On the same day, government forces repelled an attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in areas of Rubayah and Khuraybah in eastern Idlib. – Reports spread by pro-opposition sources that ISIS captured a large area from the SAA and even Sinjar are untrue. Fighting between the government forces and ISIS took place in the area of Duwayah where ISIS captured some positions from Liwa al-Quds.”

SWR – Jan 19, 2018: Syrian Troops Almost Closed Eastern Idlib Pocket – SF $$ Rq [Click Here]
SFVideo Alt/YuTb – (SFYuTb – 3min49sec –  Jan 19, 2018) – SF@YuTbSouthFrontOrg — A quote….”On January 18, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iranian-backed militias liberated the village of Qaytal fom Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in southern Aleppo and almost closed the eastern Idlib pocket.- Late on the same day, ISIS reportedly captured thirty villages, including Rasm al-Dhaba, al-Muwaylah, abu Ajwa, Muakar Shamali, Huma, Najm Al-Zuhur, Umm Qurun and Rasm Arira, in northeastern Hama and southwestern Aleppo from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More PNAC Protocol Victims – On the Destruction of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, North & Central Africa & Others.

Old ISIS Explosives Wound Children; 17 Killed in Iraq
A quote….”The United Nations reported on Friday that children make up half of Iraq’s 2.6 million people displaced by the war on the Islamic State militants. United Nations Children’s Fund also noted that besides war, poverty and lack of investments are endangering another 2.7 million children. Furthermore, Peter Hawkins, the fund’s chief representative in Iraq, said that the agency is also trying to provide aid and a ticket home to those children now detained in Iraq because of their militant parents.”

EU Delegation Postpones Visit to Libya For Security Reasons
A quote….”A European Parliament delegation postponed a scheduled visit to Libya for security reasons, Italian news outlet AKI reported on Wednesday, quoting President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani as saying.”

Three Saudi Troops Killed Near Yemen Border
A quote….”At least three Saudi soldiers were killed in clashes with Shia Houthi fighters near Saudi Arabia’s southern border with Yemen, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported Thursday.”

UNICEF Warns South Sudan Risks Losing Generation Due to Conflict
Another US-NRE “Success” – A quote….”The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned that South Sudan risks losing a generation with 70 percent of the country’s children out of school due to the four-year civil war.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More On The Weaponization, Ethno-Engineering & Forced Migration / Refugee Invasion…

And The Deliberate Ethnic Cleansing Of White Europeans Worldwide….

Hungary Introduces legislation to “Stop Soros”
A quote….”A legislative package presented during a Wednesday cabinet meeting in Hungary has been referred to as the “Stop Soros Act” by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs.”

Sweden Is Preparing For A “Civil War”: PM Wants To Deploy Army In No-Go Zones
A quote….”For the first time since World War II, Sweden is preparing to distribute a civil defense brochure to some 4.7 million households, warning them about the onset of war. – The booklet will serve as a manual of “total defense” in case of a war, and provide details on how to secure basic needs such as water, food, and heating, the FT reported. The manual also covers other threats such as cyber attacks, terrorism, and climate change.”

Rome’s Chief Jewess Says Whites Don’t Exist
A quote….”But get this, she was reacting to some Italian [expletive]lord stating the obvious from the League of the North party….”

“She was reacting to a remark made by Attilio Fontana, a candidate of the Northern League party for the governorship of the province of Lombardy, earlier this week when he said that the Third World invasion of Europe was going to lead to the extermination of the white race.”

“Well, well. I guess that means Italy has at least one party willing to state the obvious about the genocide of White civilization.”
========= ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More Tales From the Zio-Sphere….

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: A fraud, a hoax, a fabrication or a forgery?
NONE of the Above – Must Read – A quote….”But this blog proves the Protocols to be factual and REAL, but we can’t have that if us GOYIM are supposed to worship the fraudulent Holocau$t™ and kiss Israeli ass, now can we? – Using the Wayback Machine, we see Wiki’s definition of the Protocols keep evolving… or maybe devolving?”

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion….

Website editor’s note:  Many people say the Protocols are a “fake” or a “forgery”.  Of course they’re not.  They were first published in 1897, almost one hundred and twenty years ago, and are an excellent guide and accurate model of the Euro-Kazarian Consortium’s criminal behavior.

The only reason some people call them a “fake” or a “forgery” is because some people attributed their authorship to high members of the “Jewish” Consortium itself, or, one or more of its representatives.

They’re also criticized because the protocols use some paragraphs and ideas from other works without attribution.  (plagiarized)

Who cares!!

For all the world really knows they were actually written by an astute, non-“Jewish”, observer of the Euro-Kazarian Consortium in action.  As a very effective anti-Zionist political tract. Or as a practical “Jewish plans for dummy Goyim” guide, written to curry favor with someone high-up in the Russian government.  Just as Machiavelli’s “The Prince” was written to curry favor with Lorenzo de Medici of Florence — Does it make any difference?  Does it matter?? NO it doesn’t!!

Most likely, probably certainly, it was the Jews that promulgated the theory the Protocols were written by a Jewish Cabal!  To specifically discredit what they saw as an accurate, and therefore extremely dangerous analysis, of their community’s criminal behavior, and long term plans for economic and political domination of all those around them

The only thing one really  needs to determine about the Protocols is….are they a good geo-economic-political model, and as such, are they an accurate predictor of the events that have already occurred during the last hundred and twenty years?

That’s pretty easy to do….JUST READ THEM! – mpg — For more on this issue… click here

It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo
Must Read – A quote….”Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it. — Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none. — I have become convinced that unless we break this taboo, nothing will improve in the human catastrophe unfolding in geopolitics. Millions have died over the past 30 years, and if we want it to stop that trend and avoid a cataclysm which seems to be approaching inexorably, we have to have the freedom to criticize those responsible. It is very clear to me, as it is to many others, that much of the guilt for this comes from Jewish pressure groups, particularly in the media….” – Also posted at Figtrees&Vinyards & UNZReview

  1. Introduction
  2. The euphemisms
  3. Hostility to Putin’s Russia is largely a Jewish phenomenon
  4. The media
  5. A de facto violation of free speech
  6. Shutting down an honest examination of Russian history
  7. The best alt-media journalists are neutered
  8. Much of what is written about Russian relations and history becomes meaningless and deceptive
  9. A lesson in relevance from the Alt-Right
  10. Malice towards none
  11. The problem extends to all areas of public life
  12. We need serious scholarship and analysis
  13. Low expectations from the existing alt-media
  14. A call for articles and support

Richard Spencer Devotes Full Segment to Russia Insider’s ‘Jew’ Article on Weekly Talk Show (Audio)
Related Article & ARAudio – In the last segment, the gang really tucked in to my article: ‘It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo‘, which has set off a rousing debate.- This is exactly the kind of discussion we need, intelligent, balanced, and well-informed. I just finished listening – here are a few notes.- I highly recommend tuning in. (Starts at 1 hour, 34 minute mark) – Not surprisingly, the article got glowing reviews from all four participants of the show, which I highly recommend following.” – Full video posted below in the “Today’s Videos & Podcasts…” section —  One RI commentator stated….

“The Zionist Media empire has both blocked the articulation of the Jewish question, they have persecuted all historians, scientist and writers which have “dared” to question the holocaust or anything related to the Zionist genocidal, criminal empire… they simply block news from newspapers, tv, online, and prevent the printing of books. They have guilted Germany into burning books publicly and passing laws that criminally prosecute ANYONE who questions the Jewish narrative. On the other hand ample evidence exists as the Zio Kykes are arrogant and bloat about their activities in the private meetings …. so a leading Rabbi said “the holocaust is the most profitable and successful fiction in history” They have hacks like Deborah Lipstadt who is paid and backed by Zionist funding to discredit and pressure ANYTHING said against the Jewish lies …. The Rothchilds in the late 1800s and early 1900 planned the Socialist philosophy and had stooges inside russia promoting the Bolshevist uprising as a means to control Russia, destabilize Europe, and also promoted the WWI and situation that led to WWII because they financed the wars, and infiltrated the financial and government offices of the US / EU allies and as you see now Guilt and scare everyone into not even Asking about the Jewish question. David Irvin a researcher and revisionist historian who published over 30 books and was dragged into jail by Jewish coercion said ” The Jews should ask Why it happened, Who made it happen, and Why US ..” That is why do the kykes elicit such hate and anger from every country, culture, and for the last 5000 years…. could it be their fault ? POGROMS !!!!” — *Kyke Freed*

Targeted For Nonviolent Resistance: Israel [Euro-Kharzarain Crime Syndicate] Seeks Imprisonment of Palestinian Activist Munther Amira — A quote….”Bethlehem — The Israeli military court [Zio-Jihadist militia’s occupation commitee] at Ofer, which has over a 99% conviction rate, ruled on Tuesday to extend the detention of Palestinian activist Munther Amira until next Sunday pending further interrogation.” – bold/underline by website editor

Israeli Soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian Zio-Jihadies Militia Members] Injure Eight Palestinians In Gaza

A quote….”Israeli soldiers [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadies militia members] shot, Friday, eight Palestinians in border areas, in the besieged Gaza Strip, including six near the Shuhada Graveyard, east of Jabalia refugee camp, in northern Gaza.”

Gaza’s Economy Close to Collapse
A quote….”Israel’s [Euro-Kharzarian Crime Syndicate’s] suffocating blockade caused increasingly dire humanitarian conditions – grievously harming over two million Gazans, victims of ruthless persecution, worsened by Washington freezing half its aid for Palestinian refugees. – Major media ignore dire humanitarian conditions in the Strip, supporting Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist’s] viciousness instead of condemning it.- Gazans are without electricity 18 or more hours daily, its water unsafe to drink. Lack of sanitation harms human health, sewage disposed of offshore. – Food supplies are inadequate, vital medicines in short supply or unavailable, unemployment around 50%. Most available jobs don’t pay a living wage because of blockade and other harsh conditions.- Three Israeli [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist’s] wars of aggression on Gaza since December 2008 devastated the Strip, another likely any time at Israel’s [Euro-Kharzarian zio-jihadist’s] discretion.”

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (11- 17 Jan 2018)

Weekly ReportA one week total of what the “Jews” do to the Palestinians.  Just a week’s total.  This has been going on for over sixty years.  What would you do if they were doing this to your community, your family, or you?  Would you chicken out and leave, would you give up and submit, or would you fight?  Try thinking about it.  What would YOU actually do in such circumstances?? – mpg

  • “Jewish” forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt
    • 3 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, were killed, in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • 112 Palestinian civilians, including 29 children, 2 journalists and a paramedic, were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • 44 of them were hit with live bullets, 54 were hit with rubber-coated metal bullets, and 14 were hit with tear gas canisters and their shrapnel.
    • 12 demonstrators were arrested, including 5 children, in the West Bank.
  • “Jewish” warplanes targeted a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.
  • “Jewish” forces conducted 79 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and a limited one was conducted in the southern Gaza Strip.
    • 101 civilians, including 25 children and 3 women, were arrested.
    • 38 of them, including 14 children and 2 women, were arrested in Jerusalem.
  • Several shooting incidents targeting the Palestinian fishing boats occurred in the Gaza Strip.
  • “Jewish” authorities continued their settlement activities in the West Bank.
    • “Jewish” settlers started to establish a settlement road between Nablus and Qalqiliya.
  • Shooting was reported towards the border areas of the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.
  • “Jewish” forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 11th consecutive year.
    • Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and others were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.
    • 4 Palestinian civilians, including a woman, were arrested at the checkpoints in the West Bank.

Note:  The well-known descriptor “Jewish” substituted for the disingenuous and deliberately inaccurate term “Israeli” to reflect actual realities – mpg

========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Greek Tragedy & Others — The Criminal Acts / Destruction / of the Banksters’ Trans-nationalist, N.W.O….

Greece – Convenient Victim or Complacent Masochist?
A quote…”Why this title? – Because Greece doesn’t have to continue playing the card of the victim, nor being masochist. Greece seems to suffer under the Stockholm Syndrome – she is in love with her hangman. Greece could change this. Exit the prison, exit the EU and exit the euro. Greece could return to her sovereign national currency, her own sovereign central bank, make her own monetary policy and implements it with a sovereign public banking system that works solely for the Greek economy. Within less than 10 years Greece would have recovered and would even be able to pay back some of her illegally begotten debt.”

“Fractures, Fears and Failures:” World’s Ruling Elites Stare into the Abyss
A quote….”Next week will see some 2,500 bankers, hedge fund managers, corporate CEOS, government officials and celebrities descend once again on the Swiss Alpine resort of Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF). – Paying $55,000 a head as the price of admission, one could well assume that the representatives of the financial and corporate oligarchy drawn to the annual meeting, and the lavish parties that accompany it, have a lot to celebrate.” – also posted at GlobalRsrch

Is Bitcoin a Reaction to US Dollar Hegemony? – Global Research Donation Request – [Click Here]
A quote….”Blockchain technology and the birth of the so-called cryptocurrencies finds deep roots in three contributing factors: the advance of technology: the manipulation of global economic and financial rules; and the persistent attempt to weaken the national economies of countries that geopolitically challenge the US power system. In this first article I address these issues from a financial point of view, in the next analysis I intend to dive into the geopolitical aspects and broader the perspective on how Russia, China and other nations are taking advantage of a decentralized financial system.”

U.S. Warns Investors to Avoid Venezuela’s ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency
Is that a confirmation it’s a good investment? – mpg — A quote….”The U.S. Treasury Department is concerned about Venezuela’s new “petro” cryptocurrency and is warning investors to steer clear or face unspecified consequences.”

Poland is leaving the EU (Ruslan Ostashko)
Contains VideoAlt/YuTb – A quote….”This is the latest video from the Russian political analyst Ruslan Ostashko, this time in a somewhat different format from the familiar “Five minutes of Common Sense”. Donald Tusk has revealed the secret of Polichinelle. Poland, apparently, is in the EU only because Brussels is paying Poland billions of Euro every year. But when the funds stop (soon, it seems), then the Poles might be ready to conduct a referendum about the exit from the EU. We (the Russians) know the Polish mentality pretty well, but what would the Europeans say to that? Are they prepared to keep supporting Warsaw?”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire….The Enabling / Building / Strengthening….of the Opposition…

‘Make Trade, Not War’ is China’s Daring Plan in the Middle East
A quote….”China’s “Go West” strategy was brought into sharp focus at a forum in Shanghai last weekend. Billed as the Belt and Road Initiative: Towards Greater Cooperation between China and the Middle East, it highlighted key aspects of Beijing’s wider plan. – The New Silk Roads, or the Belt and Road Initiative, involve six key economic corridors, connecting Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. One, in particular, extends through the Middle East to North Africa. This is where the Belt and Road meets MENA or the Middle East and North Africa.”

Exclusive: How The Russian Church Influenced Putin To Save Christians in Syria (Video)
A quote….” I understood that if the Islamic radicals come to power in Syria, the first ones who would suffer would be the Christians. As already happened in Iraq, where 85% of the Christians were either killed or driven out of the country.” – bold/underline by website editor – Something Hagee’s Hordes are extremely proud of – mpg

Putin Gives Highly Symbolic Speech At Unveiling Of Monument To Tsar Alexander III
A quote….”This happened in early November of last year, and it got lost in the shuffle at the RI news bunker, but it is still as great today as it was then. Cool speech from a great leader. Worth a listen. – At the unveiling, President Putin delivered a speech on what a true leader of Russia should be and how the tsar fulfilled these obligations.”

Why Russia is Building Its Own InternetHip Hip Hooray!!
Because they don’t want to have every single one of their industrial, technological, economic, and military secrets handed over to Israel and the NSA.  Nor their financial or political systems constantly manipulated or sabotaged by the same – mpg — A quote….”Last November, news emerged that Russian president Vladimir Putin had approved a plan to create an independent Internet by 1 August 2018, first reported by the Russian news agency, RT. The alternate Internet would be used by BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—and shield them from “possible external influence,” the Kremlin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told RT. – “We all know who the chief administrator of the global Internet is,” Peskov said. “And due to its volatility, we have to think about how to ensure our national security.”” – Topix:  ||  Israel’s Net Control  ||

Russia-China Trade Hit $80 Billion Target in 2017 After 20% Growth
A quote….”Russia hit its target of boosting trade turnover with China to over $80bn in 2017, the China’s General Administration of Customs said in a report published on January 12.”

Russia Now Looking To Sell its Prized Rocket Engines to China
A quote….”Ever since the Crimean crisis in 2014—precipitated by Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian-held peninsula—Congress has increased pressure on the US aerospace industry to end its use of Russian-made rocket engines. In particular, legislators want United Launch Alliance to stop using the RD-180 engine in its Atlas V launch vehicle. This booster, with a 100-percent mission success rate, launches many of America’s national security payloads.”

Sanctions? Japan Is Working Overtime to Get Into Russia’s Oil & Gas Sector
A quote….”As is well known, both the geographical position of Japan and its need for the import of hydrocarbon fuels have facilitated the development of relations of that country with Russia. Only the long-standing Kuril Islands dispute stopped Japan from becoming one of the main Russian economic partners even several decades ago.”

Bullets and Bombs on China’s High-Speed Rail Network
A quote….”China will soon start rolling out its next-generation rail technology across the country, and it is likely the futuristic trains won’t only have passengers on board. – Christened Fuxing, which means “renaissance” or “rejuvenation” in Mandarin, the bullet trains will be able to cruise at 400 kilometres per hour and will replace the slower Hexie (“harmony”) locomotives on the nation’s sprawling 22,000 km high-speed rail network.”

Mexico Requests Extradition of Former Governor Over Corruption
Some quotes….”Cesar Duarte Jaquez, from the Institutional Revolution Party, is the seventh former governor from the party to face corruption charges during the current administration.” — “The opposition National Action Party (PAN) won the state elections in 2016, vowing to put Duarte Jaquez in jail for corruption, including establishing a bank in his name with public money. – As soon as Duarte Jaquez’s party lost the state elections, he fled the country and was later seen in El Paso, Texas. He is now facing 11 charges with three outstanding warrants for his arrest, but the extradition request had been on hold since last year.”
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More International Tales From a Declining Neo-Roman ZOG Controlled Empire…The Criminal Acts / Destruction / and Decay….of the Empire…

Colombia: Indigenous Community Enraged After Governor’s Daughter Killed
Amerika’s Bestest Ally South of the Border!Out of ALL those “little countries” South of the border, THIS particular collection of parasitical psychos gets the US-NRE’s bestest seal of approval, and all sorts of COIN, counter-insurgency — i.e. policies to mass murder innocent peasants — military aid.  This is the result.  Amerika’s tax dollars at work folks.  Another proud day for Amerika in an endless series of proud days – mpg) — A quote….”Indigenous organizations condemned the violence and demanded government authorities defend its people. – The 31-year-old daughter of an Indigenous Colombian governor, Rufino Solano, of the La Esperanza community, was killed on Wednesday while she was traveling to visit her mother in Zaragoza, Antioquia.”

Elections [Selections?] in Latin America in 2018 – A Preview of Four Cases – GlobRsch $$ Rqst – [Click Here]
A quote….”Elections in Colombia will take place in May and cannot be dismissed because the country is the main U.S. political-military grip on the rest of the region through its U.S. bases, and therefore holds unique influence. Venezuela is surely watching this outcome with some concern. That situation is expected to continue even when candidates are forming new alliances to distance themselves from the old conservative guard, and a brand new political party is in the picture.”

Taxpayers May Pay for Secret Satellite [Reportedly] Lost After SpaceX Launch

A quote….”U.S. taxpayers may end up paying for the missing satellite launched by Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. that crashed into the ocean earlier this month, part of a classified U.S. government mission dubbed “Zuma.””
========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========== ========= ===

More on the All Seeing (Know Nothing) Police State Surveillance & Suppression of the Web

Facebook, Google, Twitter Announce ‘Counterspeech’ Psyop to Keep Public Docile
The Trinity of Censorship – A quote….”If you’re a radical or search for “extremist” content online, the biggest social networks and internet companies on Earth will soon be converting you into a docile moderate, or at least, they will try. — Facebook, Google, and Twitter have been screening and filtering extremist content for years, but on Wednesday, the gatekeepers of the internet confirmed to Congress that they are accelerating their efforts and will target users who may be exposed to extremist/terrorist content, redirecting them instead to “positive and moderate” posts.”

Facebook To Start Ranking News Sources, Promote Only The “Most Trustworthy”
Big Brother Zuckerberg – A quote….”One week after it emerged  that FaceBook has finally thrown in the towel on free speech, and would henceforth mute accounts it deems “untrustworthy”, leaving open the question of just how would Zuckerberg would decide who is or isn’t trustworthy, on Friday we got the answer.” – Some selected ZeroHedge comments posted below…..

    • From the Zog:  Who Controls Facebook? — Summary:  Of the three (3) Facebook executives, three(3) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 100%. Of the seven(7) Facebook directors, four(4) are Jews or partial Jews. This is a numerical representation of 57%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the Facebook executives by a factor of 50 times(5,000 percent) and over-represented among the Facebook directors by a factor of 28.5 times(2,850 percent).” — *peddling-fiction*
    • “If anyone really needs Facebook to tell them how to think,  then kill yourself now….” — *jcaz*
    • “I agree with this statement. Anyone relying on their “trending” section or their “news feed”, which I thought was already outlandishly biased, should probably stop trying to participate in public affairs.” — *The Dude 1224*
    • “Facebook, where confirmation bias is a business model.” — *SWRichmond*
    • “Even if I did believe that the “trusted” news sources are going to be selected by the “community” and not “Facebook”, since when did I trust the community, especially recently, to understand what is good for me? Go [expletive deleted] yourselves and your almighty power trip.” — *TheDude1224*
    • “If you don’t like Facebook then don’t give them any business. – Boycott Facebook. Let then talk to each other. Let them kill each other.  The only reason Facebook is in business is because people are stupid.” — *caconhma*
    • “The whore that Zuck the Schmuck is makes Stormy Daniels look like she’s the second coming of Mother Teresa. Yet, he has a loyal following that loves some “pied piper” bigly.” — *Zorba’s idea*
    • “Whaaaa? People still use Facebook? As my old man used to say to me regularly; “Boy; some people raise stupid kids”.” — *Al Gophilia*
  • “Welcome to your Gas Light Dystopian Reality. – Enjoy your Ride.” — *Chupacabra-322*

Did Donald Trump Change His Mind on Domestic Spying?
Will He..? Did He….? – A quote…”Late last week, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, repeated his public observations that members of the intelligence community — particularly the CIA, the NSA and the intelligence division of the FBI — are not trustworthy with the nation’s intelligence secrets. Because he has a security clearance at the “top secret” level and knows how others who have access to secrets have used and abused them, his allegations are extraordinary.” – Source:  UNZReview

Trump Signs Bill Renewing Warrantless NSA Surveillance
….Guess He Did! – A quote….”After passing the House last week and the Senate on Thursday, President Trump has signed the FISA 702 bill, renewing the section of FISA that allows the NSA to engage in mass surveillance of Americans’ Internet communications without a warrant. – The bill faced some bipartisan resistance, as promised reforms and safeguards never materialized, or were dismissed by Congressional leadership on the grounds that they would weaken the broad ability of the NSA to operate unchecked with Americans’ data.”

NSA Deleted Surveillance Data it Pledged to Preserve
Ooooops! – A quote….”The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn’t destroyed, according to recent court filings.”
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The US-NRE’s Euro-Kharzarian Controlled Domestic Politics, New Roman Empire Style..

Crosstalk: Gaslighting America
CTRTVideoCT/GaslightingAmerica@RT – (CTRTYuTb – 23min58sec – Jan 17, 2018) – Source:  CT@YuTbCT@SndCldCrossTalk@RTRTShowsRT@YuTbRT@SndCldRTRTAmerica — A quote….”Are the mainstream media intentionally gaslighting the public against President Donald Trump? The reverse appears to be equally true – Trump does and with style gaslight the media. What kind of body politic is this creating? Has the US become a collection of hysterical drama queens? – CrossTalking with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Ron Placone, and Rob Taub.”

A Bombshell House Intelligence Report Exposing Extensive FISA Abuse Could Lead to the Removal of Senior Government Officials — A quote….”A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates.

FBI Loses ALL Credibility:   Is Now Investigating Whether Russians Gave Money to NRA to Help Trump
A quote….”The Mueller witch hunt is now focusing on the NRA and whether Russia gave them money to support Donald Trump during the 2016 election. – Mueller’s team leaked this new angle to the liberal media today.”

Deutsche Bank Flagged “Suspicious” Transactions Involving Kushner
A quote….”Deutsche Bank is looking at evidence that companies related to Jared Kushner may have moved “suspicious” money through the German lender, a German-language magazine reported. The bank reportedly informed a national finance supervisor about the transactions and will also inform special counsel Robert Mueller’s office – though details about the money or the bank’s suspicions weren’t immediately available.”
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More on the US-NRE’s Domestic Situation….

Journalist Ben Swann Is Returning Thanks To DASH CryptocurrencyHip Hip Hooray!!
A quote….”On February 1, 2017, award-winning journalist Ben Swann “went dark” as his social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere were suddenly deactivated. Swann is a well-known local journalist at CBS46 in Atlanta, as well as a viral Internet sensation for his Reality Check investigative reports. Swann’s Reality Check reports began to garner attention around the 2012 U.S. election and have continued to gain millions of views while questioning the mainstream narrative. – Prior to his disappearance, Swann had been under attack by much of the corporate media (as well as left-leaning media which supported Hillary Clinton) for his now notorious Reality Check segment on the controversial Pizzagate theory.”

Deaths From Synthetic Opioids Have Risen From 3,000 to Over 20,000 in Just Three Years
“The Carnage Is Expected To Continue” — A quote….”(Natural News) The tragic cases of two suburban Atlanta teens succumbing to opioid overdose added to the growing and worsening number of deaths associated with drug overdose across the country. A report published in the Life Zette website revealed that deaths involving synthetic opioids grew from 3,000 to 20,000 within a three-year period, which marked a 560 percent increase in related deaths.” – Topix  ||  US Support – Drug Trade  ||

US Border Patrol Routinely Sabotages Water Left For Migrants, Report Says
This Is Not Acceptable – A quote….”United States border patrol agents routinely vandalise containers of water and other supplies left in the Arizona desert for migrants, condemning people to die of thirst in baking temperatures, according to two humanitarian groups.”

The Dept of Labor has proposed a rule that would make it legal for employers to pocket their workers’ tips.
Of Course!Welcome to serfdom – A quote….”The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed a rule