On the Heels of the Satanic Lie-The Gigantic Genocide Plan-Horst Mahler-Pt. 4

“Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through the ether without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.” Adolf Hitler



Video 5 of 7  Auf den Fersen der satanischen Lüge

Horst Mahler ca. 2010

Horst Mahler (born 23 January 1936) is a German former lawyer, political activist and  dissident persecuted and prosecuted for expressing his views on the Jewish genocide plan per Bible and Talmud and by rejecting the Holocaust. As of 2018 he is, unfortunately, back in prison after a long battle.


The Jew is to be thrown out of the media with immediate impact. Then he is no longer in a position to rule over us with his  L I E S. That’s the second step.

Jesus speaks to the Jews:

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He is a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks of his own lies, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

The third step, and that will require a more thorough and also longer preparation, everywhere, in the schools, in the media, in cultural organizations, in the theater, in paintings, museums, and so on, the Jewish spirit must be exposed as Jewish so that people recognize it.

Herbert Marcuse “The One-dimensional man” – Studies to the ideology of the progressive industrial society.


0:45 I am not speaking of forbidding it, for God’s sake! One cannot forbid the expression of the spirit but must show the singular manifestations of this spirit completely, and demonstrate in that moment what WE are, and what WE want, and what the others are.

The Jewish Marxist Frankfurt School, a large group of Jews, who departed from Germany to the United States to establish unscientific psychology here after the Jews had declared war on Germany on March 24, 1933, and the Germans did a one-day boycott against the Jews by their leader, Adolf Hitler.

1:08 And what is it that the others want to accomplish because they have, for example, schemed to destroy the German music, devised to destroy German poetry and writing, plotted to destroy the German language, and strategized to destroy the spirit of the people with the stupefying Television shows from morning till night.

What do they want to accomplish with this? We will create an awareness, and then they no longer will have an effect.

1:32 When I recognize that a piece of music is bad and wants to destroy the actual and innate music perception of the spirit, then I no longer will listen to this music because I no longer enjoy it. That’s how the winner functions in the spiritual battle. And not that he prevents the opponent in his expression of his spirit, represses him, puts him into prison, or even executes him, but instead shows him how he is and makes clear what he is and what this means for our existence. And then the jewish spirit loses also in this area all influence. So then we only have to deal with ‘the smallest of the tribes,’ as it is written in the Bible, the little thumb and 4 fingers against it. They will manage with this little quantity that they still will be, and no longer a spiritual power, through racial mixing, and the devil knows what.

2:30 One can think about it in detail as to what is reasonable, what we consider right within our understanding of God and the existence of the peoples as an expression of God. When we know that the peoples, and also the Jewish people, are a specific expression of God, then we will not have the will to destroy this creature of God. We would destroy ourselves with that because we would stand against God, against our nature. We will then find a way that this moment in the godly process is nothing but a memory. We all ‘have the Jew in us.’ We all have the tendency to egoism, all that. And it’s good this way. We must have the negative in us, like an inoculation, so that we are stimulated to overcome this negative, this invader, just like an inoculation, to make the body more resistant.

3:30 Those are the steps that the German empire (Deutsche Reich) will take when it gets back its power to act.

The ‘Holocaust Judiciary’ in flight from the truth

3:44 Now I am coming to the trial strategy of Sylvia Stolz, and I take part in it,

Attorneys Sylvia Stolz and Horst Mahler preparing their litigation.

with the conviction that these conditions that we all see as negative and complain about, are an expression of a spiritual battle, and that we, as Germans, because we twice lost a war, got into a difficult position. We can no longer express our spirituality as such immediately and directly; that is promptly demonized as National Socialism, racism, anti-Semitism, and is beaten down. We allowed this, for 60 years! This must end! So we asked ourselves, what’s the cause of this, for such an intelligent people, as the Germans, to allow this for 60 years? Then we remembered that the German people are also people full of scruples, suffers from scruples. It’s a very thorough and pensive people, and the Jews recognized this. And the Jews recognized this, that if they accuse us that we have done evil things, that we feel so bad that our soul actually dies. [*Soul-murder of the Germans]

The “washing” of the German Character. Re-education of the Germans and its lasting effects by the occupying Jew-USA war government called Federal Republic of Germany.

4:54 But how can this be? Well, only because we are in a special way regarding this accusation, thinking that we have acted in a bad way against God, and are sensitive to this, and from that suffer so much that we will die of it. And this the Jews took advantage of in that they have unleashed this atrocity propaganda against us.

5:30 When they accuse us of having gassed 6 Million Jews, we could say, while padding our shoulder, well then we finally made a contribution for the deliverance of mankind. I have experienced that peoples from the Arabic nations have said, “Hitler was a good man but he did not complete his work.” No, that’s not it. And I have to make this very clear here, this is not the solution because it strengthens the jewish ruling over us because of the evil.



Jabotinskys: “There is only one power that counts, and that is the power of the moral pressure. We Jews are the most powerful nation in the world. We have this power and know how to use it.”

6:01 We must make it clear to ourselves that because we are different [*then the Jews]. We are not proud to have murdered people, the way the Jews are. Please read the Old Testament how they feel instructed by god to murder uncounted numbers of peoples, greater than them, and then there is also the advice of their god, “But do it slowly. Take it one step at a time because if you kill them all at one time, then you cannot occupy the whole area and the wild animals will come back, and then you will have the problem with feral animals.

6:34 Such detailed instructions are given for the genocide of the peoples:

He, the Lord, your god, will eradicate these peoples before you, one after the other. You cannot kill them in a hurry so that the animals on the fields will not increase and turn on you. Moses 5:22

6:50 The concept Ausmordung (genocide) has been coined by the well-known German sociologist Max Weber. The Jews have the program for extermination all the other peoples and they HAVE NO MORAL RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PEOPLES. THEY SEE US AS ANIMALS, AND NOT AS PEOPLES. That’s why they only have a group morality among themselves where they are highly moral. But in regard to others, they know no moral. And they do not recognize a demand for recognition of the others as human creators, as godly representations.

7:30 We will make this clear, and so no one needs to kill the Jews. Then they will be recognized everywhere as representatives of Satan, if they still hold on as Jews in their spirit to Yahweh.

And the devil can only act as long as he is not recognized as such. Please go to German fables and mythology, and you will find everywhere that the power that we call the devil always can be effective only indirectly, through the consciousness of others, through deception and temptation. Especially through temptation, lies, [*deception] and fraud.

Before Rumpelstilzkin could be released from her enslavement, she had to guess the name of her tormentor. (Know that it’s the evil Jew.) The brothers Grimm talk to us secretly in tales, and these horror stories are more for adults than children. Much of it is about evil Jews. The Jews are, of course, busy for decades defaming the Grimm brothers. I’m sure the fairy tales have been changed in the newer publications so that we do not recognize the Jew as the perpetrator any longer.


8:04 And then we need to know that the demand on us is to blunt these weapons of the devil within ourselves. Not to surrender any longer to the deceptions but be critical and not allow to be deceived. Instead we must know that when we make use of the wonderful things they are offering us, we are poisoning ourselves, and destroy our environment and ourselves.

8:34 All this, we will recognize and then the spirit will reign. The spirit, that is the reasoning that then recognizes what is useful, important and essential for the existence of the peoples and the existence of God in the world. And then we will desire this because we want to be the reality of God expressed in the world. And this is the notorious drive in the German to arrange the world well, from within the spirit.

9:03 This spirit is here now! And it has acted already over the centuries but always had a political opponent. The class of land owners who still had their own interests, parallel to the general interest, the class of the money changers that has put into the center the power interests in the private class, and kept the state on a short rope, so that the state could not realize the reasonable. It was debased by the Jewish media. All this will fall away, and then the state can really be a true state again. It will be the representative of the spirit and reason and not any longer an instrument for separate societal groups who then abuse it as a power instrument against other separate social groups of society.

9:50 This is the age of the reign of the spirit, and this is now breaking through, and the litigation that we lead are a result of this world view because this could only be done to the Germans because they are so sensitive with the accusation to have murdered a people.

Auschwitz – A judge looks at the evidence-Staeglich

Wilhelm Stäglich

10:12 We will no longer allow this to be pinned on us because it is eating us up inside. We are not proud of it as the Jews are, instead we are being destroyed by it. And that’s what the Jews have recognized and have used this as a weapon against us.

So they have invented the colossal lie of the systematic extermination of the Jews by the Dritte Reich (Third empire) to talk us into this guilt complex; and they know that it will destroy us if we do not free ourselves from it.

10:41 We have asked ourselves, why do we not succeed to free ourselves from it? And so we came across the judiciary. It has the assignment to repress the resistance against these historical lies with the means of criminal law. punishment. Why? They need to drown the truth in a spiral of silence. This is not mentioned in the Press. But then there are always some who revolt against this,

Letters from cell 7 in 2003 – Ernst Zuendel

and are looking for means and roads to bring things nevertheless to be heard. These have to be silenced. These must be held at bay or the silencing will no longer work. The silencing requires that there is no one that people can concentrate on and orient themselves by and say, “Well these people have a different experience and discovered something else. Let them speak and show their proofs.” When this occurs, then the Jews have lost.

11:36 Because then this guilt complex will be gone. We will realize that this guilt complex is an illness that the enemy has bewitched us with through his media power

Germar Rudolf

to hold us dejected in a situation of dishonor, so we do not stand up for the honor of the German people, not for the honor of our past generations, our fathers and grandfathers. Instead, that we allow all the evil that is said about them, to stamp them as criminals. We do not dare because we think we are guilty.

Germar Rudolf (ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust.pdf

12:08 When this guilt feeling gives way because truth will still push through, then we have a different basis for our treatment of Jews and also for the security of the Jews. We will then no longer speak badly about them but we will expose who they are. Namely that they are Satan and have acted in a godly mission. That can be read in “Faust” and is very well expressed: Mephisto reveals himself to Faust and says:


In Faust: “I am part of that power that always wants evil but always brings about good.”


12:32 And in the epilogue in heaven in “Faust,” God says to himself that he creates the devil as devil because otherwise the people would slacken. In other words that what is a possibility, a native trait in us, will not become activated because there is no necessity. When people are not challenged, then he’ll snooze and let God be the dear man and enjoy life as if living in the land of milk and honey.

13:08 No, that’s not it. Lack, sorrow, and suffering belong to our existence so that we become what we have already in us, have been from the beginning, namely the presence of God in the world.

13:24 It is a centuries old confrontation between two strong principles. The Jewish principle has the merit to bring the individualism as justified into the world so that the single man as single creature has rights; there is a very complex philosophical thought behind it. But they have the individuation, the tearing away off the single man from the community, taken to the extreme. If this continues, community, state and all peoples will perish.

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