Website “HistoryReviewed” Now Multi-Lingual

HistoryReviewed has gone multilingual. You can read any page on my website in any language spoken by white people including Afrikaans, Danish, Bulgarian, German, Croatian, etc. I also enabled Arabic and Indonesian because I found on Facebook that they come to my page because they hate the Jews. Anyone who is an enemy of the Jews is welcome. The Arabs/Muslims to their credit published Hitler’s Mein Kampf at all times.

NB: The most important article of the day is the one about the Jewish ADL scum and filth BOASTING about how underfunded the white right is. The white right is like a newborn baby in my view. And this baby, like Rhodesia, like NAZI Germany, like the Boer Republics, like Fascist Italy … this baby must be MURDERED before it grows up to be big and damned strong.

The peculiar thing is how the Jews are able to take a white society and use the systems and processes in a white country AGAINST THE WHITES WHO LIVE THERE! Even more astounding is how they get the majority of the whites to turn on their fellow whites! Admit, the greatest liars on earth have some methods working for them!…

Expect new videos soon. I’ve been focusing on getting other stuff going.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s the whites of Europe were growing into a force whereby the whites would have expelled Jewry across Europe in the coming decades. That’s why Hitler, Mussolini and their allies had to be destroyed. One ally we never give credit to are the Romanians who fought a lot alongside the Germans. I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading the last few days about the invasion of Russia.

The way the Germans struggled against great odds with FEW NATURAL RESOURCES is astounding. For some of their really heavy weapons, the Germans were producing less than 100 of each type per month whereas the Soviets had metals and volumes of material that the Germans didn’t have. For example: German tank commanders said that the simple solution is: Mass produce the T34 in Germany. Problem: The Germans did not have the actual materials needed in the volume required. So that’s why the Germans had to think up other plans. The way in which the Germans faced their problems is something I really enjoy studying. I really like the way they thought. Anyone who tells you Hitler or the Germans lost the war due to some kind of incompetance on their part is a TOTAL MORON. He doesn’t know the first thing about reality.

Norman the Irishman who teaches guerilla war posted this about the importance of creating a whites-only homeland in the USA. He said: To help swallow your pride, think of establishing a new White Homeland as a pilot program for taking it all back eventually—If we can’t manage taking back a portion of it successfully, attempting anything more than that is surely useless.

I like Norman’s thoughts. He gives the best guerilla warfare lessons I’ve ever seen. But he refuses any contact. No email, nothing. He totally smokes though. Really EXCELLENT thinking. The man knows his military stuff. I only have one or two minor differences with him, but I’d say I agree with 90% of what he says new to other people. He’s excellent.

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