On the Heels of the Satanic Lie-The Gigantic Genocide Plan-Horst Mahler-Pt. 3

…We will no longer be deceived by the Jews, the Finance Jews. We have looked through their tricks clearly and so thoroughly that it will be enough to want to finish up with it once and for all. And so we take up the responsibility again to which Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement have dedicated themselves to…



“Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through the ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.” Adolf Hitler




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The World Financial System – Continued

4/7 Horst Mahler – Auf den Fersen der satanischen Lüge

Horst Mahler Ca. 2010


We say this so carelessly, “Money reigns the world”, but we do not make it clear to ourselves what this means. Money, only as paper or as a number in the bank account, cannot do anything, but it is always humans, spirits, who have a will and put into place for their purposes the mechanism of currency and finances to make it possible to reach their goals. And their goals are the ones that they have received from their god as desired, and they realize these goals with all the soul power they are capable of.

0:33 And so one must see this: For us Teutons, for us Germans – we also have fraud and thievery; we have Germans who are swindlers, robbers, and all that, but, these behaviors are despised from our spiritual orientation. And none stands there and glorifies himself and celebrates in public their robbery maneuver – it’s done instead secretly. And he has to come up with much mental energy to keep his negative side secret from his fellow humans, especially his relatives and people in his near proximity, so as to not look like a robber and fraudster.

1:17 It’s different with the Jews. They think nothing of it to rob others – not the Jews – but others. Goethe once rhymed,

“This little tribe has a religion that gives them the right to rob strangers.”



And in the new Goethe edition that’s on the market now, this piece “Das Jahrmarktsfest zu Plundersweilern” has been omitted. It does not show up there any longer. But Goethe has expressed the right insight.

1:45 And when we become conscious of this, then we will of course have the will, to render the robbers harmless. That does not mean that we are going to kill them, but we will prevent them from robbing us. We will take the means from them that have put them into the position to put a pistol on our chest and to snatch all riches from us. We will look through their frauds, and a swindle recognized as such has no effect. It’s only effective when one is deceived, when one allows oneself to be deceived.

2:17 We now have here an extensive handbook for our liberation with the Title “Komm Heim! – Komm heim ins Reich!” (Come Home! Come home to the empire). The author writes under a pseudonym. I am not the author, even though I would like to crown myself with that, because it is not an ordinary book. This book is a historical feat. For the first time is summed up the history of the National Socialism, its core themes, then the history, the reaction of the enemies to the German people and the German empire that has liberated itself through National Socialism from the interest slavery. All this has been brought together now in this book, all that what was said and discussed over time in Vlotho, at the Collegium Humanum, that now has been forbidden for this reason.



There at the Collegium was someone present, who listened to me, who read my writings, who besides this reads much, and who is an incredibly educated man, and he brought all this knowledge together and published this handbook. And now they [*referring to the judicial system in Germany] have to deal with this. The judge Braunsdorf in Cotbus had it on his table as the first one. It’s also on the table of the Bundesgerichtshof [*the highest court?] in the prosecution of Sylvia Stolz.

3:47 They will not read it. They will shove it aside as totally meaningless. But I will then be in the position to point out what they consider meaningless. Then they will stand there, totally naked as despicable creatures. If they just ignore it and override it, they’ll commit a crime because as judges they are obligated to notice these facts, these explanations about the National Socialist worldview, if it is about this in the trial because one has confessed to it and is to be punished for it. To ignore this is a crime; a very clear crime of perversion of justice.

4:23 The deny themselves to attend to justice and act as executors of a foreign domination. Now every judge who is confronted with these things must let himself be told this. This handbook, at this time, is in a draft version (in ca. 2010), but this book is so important, just now in this dispute, that it was distributed as a pre-edition this way.

“This book you can find on this DVD in the bonus material or under www.voelkische-reichsbewegung.org/Kornheim.pdf

Komm Heim Ins Reich-Birthelm-Michael-993S

In a first move it has been sent to 4,000 recipients, but not only to the so-called Neo-Nazis, or Nazis, or whatever, but on all members of parliament, to the chancellor, to the president, and to prominent figures in this Republic.

5:08 Possibly they have not opened this mail, but we can prove that they have received it, and they must let it count what is compiled here in knowledge and arguments. And then one knows, based on this handbook, what criminals, what traitors they are, what the German people are in reality and not per the enemy propaganda, what German Folk tradition is, and what National Socialism was and is.

5:42 And this compilation is represented here in this book. I do not usually like sounding like a prophet, but here I will. This book will become powerful history. It will, similar to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, be a compilation of the endeavors of the German people that are still present but buried under a strata of cowardice and ducking.

6:07 But this layer will fly off very quickly in view of the development in the connection with the crash of the world financial system that is leading to occurrences that now directly confront anyone who somehow in this Republic has a little something put away, with the total loss of his savings. And exactly this confirms what Adolf Hitler, the National Socialists, said about the nature of interest slavery and its deadly impact on the peoples and especially on the German people said then and



Feder Gottfried-Kampf Gegen Die Hochfinanz 1935-384S

6:57 have dealt with it by breaking interest slavery. And this is laid out here in this book.  It’s not just a funny idea. In a philosophical sense, the question must be asked: What is God and what is the Devil. Is the Devil a second god or is he an assistant to God. And these are things that for the first time in spiritual history are worked out here in the categories of the German idealistic philosophy.



7:15 Not just as hate or disparagement of the Jews but as display of a necessary manifestation, a necessary moment in the Godly process, that is nothing else but world history, and to be seen as a developmental walk of God to himself. This will have an effect. One may grin over it, but he who laughs last laughs the best.

7:40 National Socialism stands up and it will win because all peoples are in survival mode because of facing the crash of the Jewish-dominated financial system and are now becoming victims of this interest slavery, and an unbelievable destruction – also of human life – stands before us. There will be more war than before; people will starve to death also here in Germany, and there will be murder and mayhem. There will be ethnic wars in German cities and in the European cities.

8:10 All this is touched upon as an End Times catastrophe from which the Jews hoped it will be the crossing point to the final assurance of THEIR world rul, in other words, the rule Satan’s. And here, the German spirit, the German people, stand against the Jews with the weapons that the German philosophy makes available for the overcoming of this foe, namely Satan.

8:39 And this is in the core of the National Socialist world view. It is worth noting that this concept is also received by Jews. As I said, Horst Lummert, a Jewish publisher, in response to the writings put together here, noticed that “The National Socialist resistance makes nails with heads of which, as it says, “The mainstream known right extremists and their prosecutors didn’t dream of.

9:13 It is becoming urgent, to take the intellectual National Socialists seriously, and to comprehend their historical relevance.” He has comprehended something, although as Jewish publicist he has just subordinated the victim to the Jewish spirit. But that’s all expounded on in detail here how that is. That cannot be explained now in detail. Necessary is, to point out these new developments which form an overall connection.

9:40 The world situation is evolving into that direction as fast as the wind. This is, all peoples, more or less, will have to implement National Socialist concepts if they want to survive. And they will orientate themselves on German National Socialism because it was the most mature form. And will be again.

10:07 We will no longer be deceived by the Jews, the Finance Jews. We have looked through their tricks clearly and so thoroughly that it will be enough to want to finish up with it once and for all. And so we take up the responsibility again to which Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement have dedicated themselves to.

10:25 I do not want to say now whether the means that were used with the Jews, the Jewish volk spirit – with Yahweh – to get a handle on its practical reality, were right, goal accomplishing or promising. It’s also not a question whether mistakes were made; one had no experience on how to do this.

10:50 The German philosopher Fichte had already hinted once how this might be approached in thinking. He said, “It was necessary to ensure that the Jews return to where they came from. And this will only work when we, as the German empire, conquer back their country for them and send them back there.”

Honor, Truth, Homeland


Korrekte Kopie_Ehre! Wahrheit! Heimat! von Herrn Mahler


11:11 Those are all suggestions to solve the situation that are marked with a certain blindness about the actual nature of the Jews. When one completely comprehends the nature of the Jews, one does not need to use these methods. To break the Jewish demand for power and to annihilate the power of the Jews only very simple steps are necessary.

11:38 One needs to take away profiteering from them that means the lending of money against interest. Anyone who is familiar with mathematics, could say immediately that this Compounded Interest mechanism can not go on into eternity. It will destroy every organization, every organism. I don’t want to  present the details now. It is so obvious. We need to take the interest from them! And How is this done?

12:02 A law needs to be established that credits, in other words money lending against interest – one pays back more than what one has received – is ONLY to be allowed from state, communal, or cooperative banking institutions in stipulation of economic necessity. Then the Jews are excluded from the interest and loan business, and their actual power source is dried up this way.

12:35 Then when they lose the power over money, as a result they also lose over the long term the ability to rule over the media. But this can not be waited out. This must happen at once, still on the day of the revolution.

12:53 On the same evening, a law must be put into place that any and all influence of the “money purses” on the content of the media, are crimes and therefore must be appropriately prosecuted, regardless whether electronic or print media, or of any other opinion-forming groups guiding public awareness; in other words any access of money purses on the content of these instruments that influence our consciousness forming our worldview.

The Jew is thrown out of the media with immediate impact. Then he is no longer in a position to rule over us with his lies.

Will be continued!


The Creature From Jekyll Island-By Edward Griffin


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