Churchill: “I want to know how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden”-Memorial Feb 17







Wie liegt die Stadt so wuest – How the city lays destroyed – mourning song



on February 17, 2018

from Wiebke Jung

 “I do not want any suggestions on how we can destroy important military targets in the Dresden area. I want suggestions on how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden.”

This revealing quote from the famous, notorious and brutal war criminal [*Jew] Winston Churchill should flush every German’s face, who still carries a spark of German folk-soul, with rage. Above all, it should bring him to the realization that a participation in the Dresden Commemoration on February 17, 2018, is a MUST.

Millions of people fell victim to the Bombing Holocaust committed against the German people; and beyond this, immense treasures of architecture and irretrievable art and cultural creations were burned in the gruesome inferno of the firestorms that were ignited in so many German cities by Allied terrorist bombers for a murderous plan to eradicate the German Empire and wipe out the German people.

Nevertheless, the city of Dresden has a special position when commemorating the bombing. For the bombing of this once so beautiful Baroque city on the Elbe river on February 13 and 14, 1945, caps with the black crown of gangsterism the five years of ongoing bombing of German cities and the German people. The winners of the war that was imposed on Germany had long been decided at that time. The military defeat of the Germans against the immense allied superior power was clearly visible.

But the true war aim of the German haters – the annihilation of the German people and their culture – was demonstrated once again in Dresden in a particularly perfidious way without any military necessity but out of sheer lust for murder: The unleashed destructive rage destroyed unique art and cultural treasures, and with a boundless hatred the goal was accomplished to kill as many Germans as possible. This genocide committed in Dresden, was an International Crime, targeting as much the many defenseless German refugees from Silesia displaced from their homelands at that time, as evidenced by the above quotation of Churchill in unambiguous clarity, as the many hundreds of thousands of citizens of Dresden; men, women and children, who were targeted to be killed.

And this destructive willfulness against the German people has by no means been given up by the hidden Satanic forces, who not only hold us, the Germans, but also other peoples, in a stranglehold. Since May 8, 1945, the weapons are officially silent, but there is still no peace. The war against Germany and the German people continues instead by other means. Through media bombardment with the most vile anti-German misleading atrocity propaganda about Germany in press, radio and television, which has now lasted for over seventy years, the Germans are ripe – so say our enemies – for the final act in their war of annihilation: The flooding with incompatible migrant hordes of different nature and culture. This to give the German people the final death blow! 

At the time of the bombing of Dresden, the German people still formed a true national community. It stood together against the common enemy under all the most adverse circumstances. So on February 17th, in Dresden, we want to send out a signal that we Germans are still capable today of forming a national community and defending ourselves together and resolutely against their intended extinction of us!

We Germans commemorate the Dresden bomb victims and commemorate all victims of the bombing war against the German people. We say NO to extinction of the German people– then by a bombing campaign and today by a war of alienation.

Just as the Rhine meadow camps have become synonymous with the cruel postwar Allied crimes [*in this case the U.S.] against our imprisoned soldiers, the bombing of Dresden is synonymous with the bombing of almost the entire German population, as happened in Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Königsberg, Wroclaw (Breslau), Nuremberg , Pforzheim and so many other German cities. And as we commemorate twice a year in Bretzenheim our German soldiers, who even after the war were cruelly and brutally murdered by violators of international law, so we want to commemorate all the German victims of the Bombing Holocaust of the nights of February 13-14, 1945, in Dresden.


February 17, 2018

Starting at 14 Hours

at the Postplatz

in Dresden

(by the Zwinger)

Speakers: Alfred Schaefer, Richard Edmonds, Roland Wuttke, Hartmut Wostupatsch, Axel Schlimper, Henry Hafenmayer, Peter Pawlak, Dagmar Brenne, Gerhard Ittner, and others.

BOMBING 1,000,000 DEAD





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