Alfred Schaefer-German Canadian Revisionist in Germany-Deutsch-Engl.

Monika Schaefer – Alfred Schaefer two victims of gagging truth history




By Jan from South Africa

I had the HONOUR of inverviewing a German in Germany [Alfred Schaefer]

the other day for the first time in my life. Whites in South Africa should take note of what the Germans go through for “small” things like daring to tell the TRUTH! A German goes straight to JAIL for something that we are allowed to do more freely here. (Though if the Jews have their way we would NOT have that freedom). You should see how the Germans struggle to tell the truth and what lies ahead for them. Alfred and his sister Monika have been harrassed tremendously. In the video you’ll hear Alfred telling of their nightmares and what they did. He and his sister have incredible courage as do other Germans like Ursula Haverbeck and Sylvia Stolz. Not one of us in South Africa has the courage these Germans have to stick to their principles. Sylvia Stolz’s behaviour in her defence of the late Ernst Zundel is incredible. The Jews hunt that woman down like a dog.

Now in WW2, there were Boers who wanted to be on Germany’s side, but the real fact of us whites in southern Africa is that we are too WEAK and were too WEAK to ever stand by the Germans in WW1 and WW2 though in both cases large numbers of Boers were favourable to the Germans. Now we must take a good look at our softness and our weaknesses. Then we must not cry too much about why the blacks are whipping our asses and why our politics has been a TOTAL DISASTER for the last 30 years (after PW Botha). Our politics is a TOTAL MESS because we are not willing to stand firmly like the Italians and Germans and others did.

Germans everywhere are inundated with a mind-numbing endless stream of HATRED and misdirection from the Jews who hate them. Germany has been swindled for every day since 1945. Stealing from Germans and swindling Germany is a Jewish racial sport and has been for over 70 years. I don’t think anyone has ever sat down and documented the unbelievable extent to which Germany has been swindled for decades. The entire world including communists and the USA and Britain have benefited massively from the THEFT of German inventions and technology.

If we whites in South Africa want to be FREE we need to harden ourselves to face the brutal real world that exists out there. Rather look at the Boers after the 2nd Anglo Boer war and how they rebelled against Britain in WW1 and also how they formed the Broederbond in order to seize South Africa back. The FACT is that Apartheid which was universally hated (like NAZISM) was GOOD FOR WHITES. It was a white idea to benefit whites and keep us safe.

What we whites of South Africa must learn is that we, like other whites, will be HATED whenever we do what is good for ourselves and other whites. Learn that and get used to it. We MUST NOT fall into the Jewish Trap of WANTING TO BE LOVED BY OTHERS. We must stand up for ourselves and we must learn to stand with other white people – ON PAIN OF DEATH. Until we wake up to this fact, we will NEVER go anywhere.

The Jews will ALWAYS hate whites because they HATE all the white people of Europe. These same Jews therefore HATE whites of South Africa as much as they HATE whites in the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. They know we are all the SAME. They have a DEEP HATRED FOR EUROPE. They NEVER want to see whites ANYWHERE arise.

So grow up, and get used to it. We will always be hated by them and we must stand our ground regardless.

Gerhard mentions how he used to look up to the Jew Professor Chomsky until he was red-pilled by 911. Chomsky was the first Jew I learned to HATE with a PASSION long before I became Jew-wise and aware of what filth the Jews really are. We’ll return to Chomsky because the South African Communist Party and the ANC LOVE HIM!

January 11, 2018 – Alfred Schaefer and Jan from South Africa speak about the Situation in Germany, Whites, Jews,


Alfred Schaefer with his sister Monika Schaefer visiting from Canada in January 2018


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