President Trump Honors the Bombing of German Civilians Early in His Career

…Bomb, bomb, bomb Germany that never did anything to the United States. I am afraid it is most likely going to be the case, that the United States does not have the courage to face up to its crimes, to feel sorry for them, to repent, and ask for forgiveness, primarily from the German people. If the United States stays cowardly, then this will be the end of all of us because it is the slave of the power jews…


Open Letter to the President of the United States


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500


March 22, 2017


Re: Your Weekly Address of March 17, 2017

Dear Mr. President,

In your “Weekly Address of March 17” you express your pride in building bombs and bombers during WW 2, a war which the United States has started – and your government is still at war with the Germans by U.S. choice – against Germany by cunningly bombing many German ships during 1940 and 1941 in open waters, before Germany ever fought back after December 11, 1941, since it did not want war with its cousins, nor with anyone! The U.S., Poland, England and France have started war against Germany. And yet, Germany is falsely accused (as in WW1) and punished and defamed for nearly 72 years now due to Jewish lie media power (and actually much longer). For God’s sake this lie campaign against Germany by the cowardly American government and criminal media must stop!

The German people have never done anything to the American people, even loved them, and yet, twice Americans have stabbed the German people in the back in two world wars, both times America assisting the Communist Jews in Russia who had overthrown Russia in 1917. In WW2, the American and British bombs have killed over 1 Million German women and children, many running around as burning torches before they fell. This was planned and executed genocide of the white race by the Jews and their henchmen! A horrific Holocaust. One of many. The most beautiful ancient architecture of white heritage was destroyed by Rosie’s bombs (the U.S. Woman you praise as role model building bombs and bombers). All this to catapult the Jews to world power who are under God Yahweh’s order (confirmed in the Bible and the Talmud) to murder all peoples on the earth, except for the Jews, and “do it slowly” but especially the crown of the white race, the Germans. (This plan is a fact for centuries and proven manyfold!)

I am dismayed, as your praise of bombs and bombers in WW2 comes across as a threat to the Germans who the United States has illegally under their thumb as their prisoners since 1945 with American tax slavery, American media dictates, American robbery of German property via usury, and controlled by tens of thousands of Allied troops, including a humongous weapons storage with atomic warheads on German land, ready for a super explosion. Is Germany to be crushed and totally eradicated in a war between Russia and the occupation of the United States and Britain on German soil???

Mr. President, I am dismayed that you have not quoted something more inspiring to be proud of to be Americans. Or perhaps all that America can offer to other countries is tyranny? I myself am becoming more and more ashamed to be American, the more I discover history truth. If America does not bravely face up to its destructive history, and repent of its many genocides, the world will go down altogether. Then there will be no revival today, except perhaps a brief-lived financial one. And even that is unreal, as America is indebted to the Jews financially, and they can pull the plug anytime.

Let them pull the financial plug. Millions, perhaps Billions will starve or freeze to death. But they are planning to kill all of us over time, anyway. So let’s get prepared NOW with your help, Mr. President, with our own farming, so Americans and the peoples everywhere can survive, without Monsanto, who are already killing us (first making us ill so they can sell us medicine and give us money-making cancer treatment which has taken on the form of genocide) with pesticides inside the seeds. We either die fighting or we die by them killing us in various hidden ways. I have already sent you information about the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch gang with their Jewish Talmudic Noahite Laws folded into a Resolution, in a hidden way, now a law signed by Pres. Bush, senior, to kill all American Christians. Either Pres. Bush, sen., is a devil or he is clueless. It is better to die fighting than as a coward.

Mr. President, America needs to repent of its rogue activities. This government needs to ask for forgiveness from the German people for America’s attacks in two world wars and the genocide of tens of Millions of Germans. Only when America admits its guilt instead of praising its bombs is there hope for the world. Let the Jews rage, like in Rapunzel in the fairy tale, we know their name. A small group of people worldwide, knows what the Jews have been up to and what their future plans are for mankind: Genocide of all! They call it sometimes vaccinations, chem-trails, epidemics, illnesses of all kinds, pharmaceutical products, cancer, Arab spring, Ukrainian uprising, civil wars, and wars.

I am afraid it is most likely going to be the case, that the United States does not have the courage to face up to its crimes, to feel sorry for them, to repent, and ask for forgiveness, primarily from the German people. If the United States stays cowardly, then this will be the end of all of us. If I was in your power position, and could utter these words of repentance, I would gladly die for my words. I want the truth for my German people who have suffered for over 100 years due to lies, defamation, and a genocide of 15 Million German civilians in WW2 alone, most of them murdered by the Allied occupation and revengeful civilians from enemy countries, egged on by the Jewish and Allied media with lies. My own losses, as a German, go deep.

Jew, General Dwight Eisenhower alone is responsible for starving to death 1.5 Million German soldiers in open air prisons and for starving nearly 6 Million German civilians to death in Germany proper after the war. In both cases Eisenhower forbid the Red Cross to help these people in any ways because he wanted to genocide them. And he did. And this is in Germany proper alone. In all, 15 Million German civilians were MURDERED mostly from retreat to 1950. And as Commandor of Europe, he was responsible for ALL the murders. And this American, jewish, devil, was honored by the Amerian people and made President of the United States!

In the end, only truth will really survive because it pulsates with our planet and God within the creatures. But that could be a planet without mankind. The animals are still true with one expression of the nature of God.

Truth is not hate. Yes, I am a hater! A hater of evil and a hater of, not the American people, but of American uneducated arrogance in matters of Germany and the German people. And that’s the fault of the Jews.



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