On the Heels of the Satanic Lie-The Gigantic Genocide Plan-Horst Mahler-Pt. 2

…And the Jewish way of thinking is abstract. It sees only the individual who is chosen by god, if he belongs to the Jewish people, and all other individuals are supposed to serve this Yahweh. This is written in the holy scriptures of the Jews, in Isaiah, that all peoples are to be subjugated by the Jews and forced to be slaves, and those who are resisting this, they are supposed to perish by the will of god…


“Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through the ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.” Adolf Hitler


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The World Financial System

3/7 Horst Mahler – Auf den Fersen der satanischen Lüge


Horst Mahler – ca. 2010

We are experiencing a process of collapse of the Jewish-defined financial system that can no longer be stopped or reversed. The concept ‘financial system’ is already a deception from the start, as this is not a financial system but a scheme of plunder of all non-Jewish peoples. This is a technique that finally has the result that all real riches of the world, the material and the spiritual, no longer belong to the peoples who have created them but, without exception, are transferred into the lone possession of the Jews.


#12. …And you will lend to many peoples; but you will borrow from non-one.

#13. And the Lord will make you into the head and not the tail. And you will flow above and not lay below.

  1. Moses


1:02 In this sense they will ‘bring to themselves’ all the riches for their god; and this ‘accumulating for themselves’, what we see as robbery, theft, and fraud, they see as a god-pleasing act, justifying themselves before their god. And then there is their feeling of superiority to stand in god’s grace, believing to have to rule over the world by a godly order.

1:30 And against this, naturally, the other side of God is defending itself, because all is one; it’s not that here is God and there are the peoples, but the peoples are creatures of the One God. And this is the German principle, the Christian principle in the abstract, and the German principle as a tangible ethnic principle.

2:12 The German philosophy has recognized



that the peoples are the states, the creations of God. So they are not foreign to God but living and acting in God and are representing and realizing the consciousness of God.

2:13 And this relationship, already laid down in its core by German nature from the beginning, this incredible drive for freedom of the ancient Germans – that also led to brothers’ wars and endless jealousies, an ugly side of history – is an expression of this liberal spirit that was active in the ancient Germans right from the start and so was an opposing camp to the Orient, especially Judaism.

2:47 In the prehistoric German world, the value of the individual was already in some ways realized by his demand for freedom. And in the present this is escalated to the extreme; it is this battle, one part is the individual against the demand of a power that at first seems to be distressing to him, and another the need for existence as a community.

3:14 We individuals are like leafs on a tree. If we are ripped off, we will wither. Therefore, we can only thrive and bloom and feel comfortable and so make our contribution as a part of the whole of a tree that is in good condition, has strong roots, a sturdy stem, and is resistant. All this is an expression of organic, typical German thinking.

3:44 But the Jewish thinking is abstract. It sees only the individual who is chosen by god, if he belongs to the Jewish people, and all other individuals are supposed to serve this Yahweh. This is written in the holy scriptures of the Jews, in Isaiah, that all peoples are to be subjugated by the Jews and forced to be slaves, and those who are resisting this, they are supposed to perish by the will of god.

#10. Strangers will build your walls, and their kings will serve you. Because in my anger I have hit you, and in my mercy I give you grace.

#11. And your gates shall always stay open, locked neither day nor night so that the power of the heathen is brought to you and their kings be lead to you.

#12. Because any heathen or kingdoms who do not want to serve you, they shall perish and the heathen be devastated.

Isaiah 60


4:34 And this is the present situation. We are living through this process. All riches are now more or less in the hands of the Jews. We will very soon experience this, and it will be revealed what has been going on here. This world financial system was a plunder scheme. And the Jews make fun of us that we still have not comprehended this.

4:55 But now we will comprehend it. The thought is out of the box. The system has been clearly recognized for what it is. It is not an abstract principle or forced constraint that one cannot defend against, as Karl Marx wanted to convince us.


Karl Marx Levi 1818-1841


5:10 No, the constraint is this jealous god Yahweh. This ‘constraint’ is only a veiled expression to keep the facts from us and to disguise them. We recognize now in the so called ‘forced constraints’ the works of Yahweh, the order of Yahweh to the Jews to bring all the riches of the world to the Jews for his glory and to collect them somewhere, namely in Jerusalem. That sounds very abstract, but if one studies the scriptures this is very clearly expressed. And we are living it today.

5:45 And the big chance that is now opening up, I would say, as a revolutionary structuring condition, is the crash of this plunder scheme. Helmut Schmidt, the ex-Chancellor, said it once: ‘Marauder Capitalism.’ And with this he hit the nerve.

6:07 ‘Marauder Capitalism’ is not an abstractly working system but has predators, in other words, individuals, in it’s core who have a will and in this sense are not only animals but are also active in their intellect and deliberately and strategically plan and build up this world predator campaign – a swindle regime based on fraud –


Federal Reserve Bank, Washington, D.C.


The Rothchilds – Emperors of the world



to fulfill the godly order to bring all the riches of the world to themselves and with that present themselves as righteous and god pleasing.

6:46 And against this the peoples are now standing up; they are effected. We will find out already in the next months and years that in our regions, whether this is in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, etc., all people who live there will experience that their savings and their rights for pensions have been stolen, in the true sense of the word.


What happens if the Crash comes?


They have been stolen by a sophisticated fraud scheme that is called World Financial System robbing people blind.

7:14 Those who have stocks, or other securities, will find that they are only worthless paper. And those who believe in the Dollar will notice that the Dollar is without value; nothing but a piece of paper printed in green. That what they believed the Dollar is for them, namely security, and a means to take part in the riches, will turn out to be an illusion. That’s what’s going on now; you can read it daily in the newspapers.



7:50 The banking system has already crashed and everywhere the state, namely the tax payer, must intervene to veil the catastrophe just a little longer, to procrastinate the view onto reality just a little longer because if we see the reality the way it really is, then we will have a revolution.

8:00 This revolution is geared against those centers who are materializing this plunder program. They are present in the world as conglomerates, but it is always people. It is always people of a certain type who look through these things still half-way and manage it to their advantage with a clear intention. The others who do not look through this, the goyim, ‘who are as stupid as animals,’ as they write in the Talmud, can be robbed without them defending themselves.

Talmud – Baba bathra Fol. 114b:

“The Jews (only) are called humans; but the non-Jews are not called humans but animals.

(also Jebamoth 61a, Kerithoth 6b, 7a)

Fol. 111b:

“According to R. Jehuda the robbing of a brother (Israelite) is not allowed, the robbing of a non-Jew is allowed.

(S. above Fol. 61a.)

8:51 And that we will experience now. All steps to recognize the real situation of our condition, in the spiritual, the economic and material, are already prepared. And the conditions that are resulting now, will cause everyone to realize, that this view of things – the way I have denoted them here though not in every detail – is truthful. And this conviction, that we have looked through this system, know the truth, and then also know what is to be done, will be the power that will change the world. And so we do not have to invent the wheel again.

9:32 All these problems and developments in their emergence, in a very early phase, have already been recognized,



Henry Ford “The International Jew”


The International Jew The Worlds Foremost Problem Henry Ford 1920-645pg


and are the core of the National Socialist world view.



9:48 National Socialism represents, in particular in the person of Adolf Hitler, those who have comprehended Judaism clearly and almost completely. Adolf Hitler recognized the Jews as the presence of this god who murders peoples and drew the political consequences to stand up and fight for survival against these Yahweh plans of Judaism, this god and his particular representation in Judaism.

The Change Came out of Need

10:26 There is a Jewish publisher, Horst Lummert. He has a website called Kookook, now it changed its name,

and he writes strange and curious things, recently. He writes: “The Dark Inkling. National Socialism is a world view tailored to the body of the ethnic Germans, connected with the thought that an extermination of the Nazis equals the extermination of the German people.” With this, he hit the nail on the head. Exactly this is the issue.

11:13 National Socialism is the world view of the ethnic Germans. And this is the reason why Adolf Hitler and National Socialism is so demonized, day after day, and it is getting worse,

and there is no end in sight.

11:29 And that is why we should not get upset about this but we should just ask,

“Who is it then who portrays National Socialism in the person of Adolf Hitler as Satan?”

11:42 This is, according to our understanding, Satan himself! Because if a god elects a people to enslave all other peoples, and if necessary, to murder them, that is the correct expression, is Satan. For us he is no God. He is the god of the Jews. And they may pray to him and expect their benefits from him and thank him for their existence, but for us this god is Satan.

12:17 And when Satan expresses himself about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism in the way he is expressing himself, then we know what’s going on.

Then National Socialism is a healing-bringing situation, a wonderful idea that not only threatens the dominion of Satan, but ends it.

12:40 But he who listens to Satan and his propaganda machine is lost. I am not saying he himself is the devil but he is lost. He will not become conscious of what is done to him. And if he cannot recognize what is done to him, then he is helpless and does not know how  to defend himself. Only he who looks through this Satanic god, Yahweh, and the presence of Yahweh in the world can see.

13:01 He who does not get wise to this Satanic god, Yahweh, and the works of Yahweh in the world, as the negation to life, “The ‘No’ to life of the peoples”, as Jewish thinker Martin Buber clearly states,

Martin Buber, Jewish Thinker


he does not know that the main battle is to be fought against this ‘No to life of the peoples’, and that this ‘No to the life of the peoples’ can only be forced out by a ‘Yes to the life of the peoples.’

13:40 And the ‘Yes to the life of the peoples’ is the love of the peoples. Also, and in the first place the love to the people of one’s own ethnic group. And this is the core of the Volk movement of the Reich under Adolf Hitler as it became politically powerful in the world.

13:52 And for this reason, because this means the end of the reign of Yahweh in this world, this movement has been wrecked by the powerful.

We lived before and still live in the age of the power of money.

Will be continued!


The Creature From Jekyll Island-By Edward Griffin


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