On the Heels of the Satanic Lie-The Gigantic Genocide Plan-Horst Mahler-Pt. 1

Horst Mahler. Adolf Hitler: “Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through the ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.”



One loves, the other murders!


That the Jews are very moral when they live up to what their murderous God commands them (in reality what they invented thousands of years ago to subdue the rest of humanity), I can not agree with because they know what hurts others, and they do it anyway. Some Jewish writers go so far as to claim that the Jews are not human; by that they surely mean that they are outside human morals and laws. Jews are very inventive in their treacherous ways of getting us under control and say this purposefully to have an excuse (not that they do) why they are such criminals and murderers. They think that they can tell anything to us cattle, as they call us.

Mr. Mahler, a gentle and intelligently speaking man, a philosopher and former lawyer (de-barred by the Jews), has received 12 years in prison for telling the truth about the Holocaust fraud. And he was jailed again in the spring of 2017 for writing about and discussing the genocide plan of the Jews (written down in the Old Testament and the Jewish Talmud for anyone to see). After about 10 years, if I remember correctly, he had been discharged because of serious medical problems, as he apparently lost his leg due to neglect in prison. Nevertheless, these criminal lawyers in Germany, Jews or subjects of the Jews, have again incarcerated Mr. Mahler for a philosophical discussion of Jewish writings. It seems that only the Jews are allowed to discuss and criticize Jewish writings.


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What Was This All About?

Auf den Fersen der SATANISCHEN LÜGE – Teil 1

Horst Mahler – ca. 2010

1:45 What was it about? I am of the opinion that it was a godly act. The world is not without God. God exists, but he is quite different than we imagine.

The conditions today are an expression of spiritual conditions where God has been forgotten.

2:05 If there is a God, then we always must ask, ‘What is the purpose of what we experience before our eyes as history and world history?’

2:26 The Jews are in the highest measure moral creatures, if we understand by this that they honor a godly will as real and want to embody it and want to do all that their praised God’s demands of them.

2:47 Yahweh, the God of the Jews, is this abstract God who knows for the first time in history that he is spirit. This was a colossal advance. Before that, humans have not seen it this way. And with the knowledge that God as spirit in this way and is not of the senses, the history of humans as spiritual creatures actually begins.

3:10 And the legal battles that we lead are deductions from this world view. Here we can see that such thoughts now also slowly gain ground with Jewish publishers, and I am curious to see how this will develop further. I am full of hope and confidence.

3:38 [*I cannot audibly understand the conversation between Michel Friedmann, former Vice President of the Jewish Central Council, and the other gentleman; but it appears to be not significant.]

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World History – God’s Walk through the World to Himself

2/7 Horst Mahler – Auf den Fersen der satanischen Lüge

Horst Mahler – ca. 2010

What was it about? Many will see this as outlandish because we have already been trained to give up to think in such categories, but I am always of the standpoint it is of a godly act. The world is not godless. God exists, but he is quite different than we imagine.

0:30 And this image that we have has been fed to us with the intention that we lose our relationship to God. This God that they are trying to indoctrinate us with, the one far away, presented with a beard and kindness, has been created so that we can no longer believe in our relationship to God, and so see ourselves as a godless and, therefore, defenseless bio mass to be exploited and controlled.

1:03 A people who no longer know anything of its God, is a dying people. And the secret of our quite obvious dying is that in a development over hundreds of years – that was no mistaken development but was necessary – we lost God in our perception as the power that helps us and fills our soul and inspires us. Instead we believe to live in a through and through material world without God, everyone on their own, in an indescribable wretchedness if one follows this thought – without protection, without hope, without meaning – and that is the worst form of having forgotten God.

1:53 And all of this has an immediate, practical political meaning. The conditions as they are today are an expression of this spiritual condition of having forgotten God. When there is a God then one always must ask, ‘What is the purpose of what plays out today as world history and history before our eyes?’

2:16 It is a process that God battles within himself. He is not the complete one in the beginning, the all-knowing, and almighty, the way we see him. Because then the unbelievable sorrow in this world that we can inform ourselves about – whether it happens here or there, that does not matter – this suffering of mankind then would be a Satanic game of a bored COMPLETED God. And this God we would have to reject as devil indeed and to renounce him, just like Dostojewski said, “As long as just one single innocent child suffers, I will curse you God.”

3:03 God is different than this. God is life, and life means developing it in oneself, to treasure one’s life and to reach higher levels of being with each step of development. God is within himself a historical process in that he finds out who he is.

And we are not outside of God but we are in God. And if we cannot gain this clarify, then we cannot understand our situation.

3:37 The Zeitgeist assumes that we are ourselves but not God. Then we are those where God stops and we are making God into a creature that has an end to it, in other words he is no longer God. That cannot be. God is the eternal. That is the thought. We must always ask, ‘When we speak of God what are we thinking? What is the meaning of this Word.’

4:01 And only then we can make sense, when we have reached clarity what each one taking part in the talk understands with the concept God. To discuss this theme a bit more factual, I am suggesting to leave out the concept God and put in its place what the German philosophy has put in the place of God and that is the spirit. No one who sees this, who hears this

will say of himself that he is not spirit. Just alone the fact that he understands what I am saying, even if perhaps only superficially according to the meaning of the words, proves that he is spirit. Because only the spirit comprehends. Only the spirit is thinking; and thinking is absorbing a spoken word. That’s why everyone is spirit.

4:50 Are there many spirits, or is there only one spirit, the one whom earlier generations called God? Are we in this sense, sort of spiritual atoms, the smallest dots of this sweeping spirit? Then we are godly. And in deed that we are! One of the most exciting discoveries in recent times that I have made in literature studies is that Adolf Hitler said of us humans, in a talk with Otto Wagner, a confidant and a high up SA leader, with whom he spoke almost daily for a while, that we humans are the consciousness of God.

5:38 That is the highest concept of man. We are indeed the consciousness of God. He has no other one. He is in us and through us conscious of himself. Everyone who is consciousness, who is spirit in this sense, in other words every human, all who are hearing this now, are one moment in this godly knowledge. And all moments of this godly knowledge must come together to have the knowledge of God of himself before them.

6:12 Today we have reached a point in this godly process that we differentiate clearly between two principles. One principles is Jewish. There is one elected people standing against all other peoples and who pray to a God who wants to destroy all other peoples, except for the one people elected by him.


#1. Come here, you heathen, and listen. You people notice this! Earth and what is in it, the world circle with all that grows in it, listen!

#2. Because the Lord is angry at all heathen and fierce against all its legions. He will cast them out and leave them to be slaughtered.

#3 And their peoples, beaten to death, will be thrown about so that the stench of their corpses will rise up and the mountains will flow with their blood.

Isaiah 34

7:03 And this God has not yet comprehended himself that the world is his creation, that the humans, the peoples in the world in that sense are his body. In other words, in the truest sense of the word, children.

7:17 In a higher meaning, they are one with God and at the same time all different as peoples. And every tribe has many  individuals who belong to it, again unique and different from all other individuals of this tribe. An all of it together is the presence of God. And God is struggling within himself.

7:43: The Jewish God, as in the historical development of self-consciousness very early on, but a deciding stage, comes from the position, God is spirit. He is not tree, nor river. He is not lion nor eagle, in other words not a creature, to whom humans at various times have prayed to. He is invisible. He is not made of the senses. He is spirit. One cannot see spirit. One can only comprehend his effect but not weigh him, carry him, touch, press, divide him. All this is not God.

8:23 And Yahweh, the God of the Jews is this abstract God who for the first time in history knows ‘I am spirit.’ And that’s why this rule: “Do not make a picture of me, nor of that what is in the heavens or under the earth. I am invisible, the invisible one.” That is the spirit.


#1. And God spoke all of these words:

#2. I am the Lord, your God, who has taken you out from the service house and brought you out of Egypt.

#3. You shall have no other gods beside me.

#4. You shall not make a statue nor a parable of what is up in heaven, nor down on earth, or of that in the water underneath the earth.

2 Moses 20

That was a colossal progress because until then the people did not see themselves this way. And with this recognition, that God is spirit, in this way not of the senses, begins actually the awareness of mankind as spiritual creatures.

9:15 And this is the God that wants to destroy all other peoples – with the exception of his chosen people – because he thinks they are idols, competing gods that threaten him, and he wants to get rid of this competition with the help of the chosen people.

9:33 And therefore, these chosen people have been elected to enslave all the other peoples, in other words to make them powerless, or if that cannot be done, to kill them. This is the explicit order how it is written in the Torah, the Old Testament.

#16. You will consume all peoples that God your Lord will give you. You shall not spare them and not serve their gods because that would be a tether for you;

#17. But if you say in your heart, ‘There are more of these people than me; how am I going to drive them out?’

#18. Be not afraid of them. Remember what your Lord, your God, has done to Pharaoh and all the Egyptians.

#19. So your Lord, your God, will do to all peoples whom you are afraid of.

#20. For that your Lord, your God, will send hornets among them until those that are left and hide from you are killed…

#22. He the Lord, your God, will exterminate these people before you, one after the other. You cannot quickly exterminate them so that the animals [*gentiles] do not increase against you.

#23. The Lord, your God, will put them before you and will beat them to death in a big battle, until he has exterminated them.

#24 And he will deliver their kings into your hands, and you are to murder their names under the sky. No one will stand up to you until you have destroyed them.

  1. Moses

#1. And when you will listen to the voice of the Lord, your God, keeping and executing all his laws that I command you today, so that your Lord, God, will make you the highest above all the peoples on the earth.

  1. Moses


#7. And they led their army against the Medianites in the way that the Lord commanded Moses and strangled everything that was masculine

#14. And Moses was angry over the main leaders of the army, the main leaders who came from the battle and the army, and who were more than hundred and more than a thousand,

#15. And he said to them: Why did you let all the women live?

#17. So now go and strangle everything that is male among the children, and all females that have known men and laid with them.

#18 but all children that are female and have not been with men [*laid with men] let live for yourselves.

4. Moses

11:17 One does not want to believe that this is the holy book of a unit of people still existing today and operate in this world appealing and call it their actual substance for thousands of years that keeps them alive and keep it alive in themselves and act according to this, to clarify a misunderstanding, right from the beginning.

11:41 We who come from a very different understanding of God and do not pray to this jealous, murdering, and people destroying God but to a loving God, we think that the existence of this one-sided, people-murdering God, namely the Jews, through their behavior according to the laws of their God are bad people, morally inferior, or immoral, without morals at all. That is a big mistake. And this mistake hinders us in our battle for liberation against this spiritual figure. The Jews are in the highest measure moral creatures, when one understands in this, that they accept a godly will as real and want to incarnate it, and want to do all that their God to whom they pray demands of them. That is their understanding of morality, and in that sense the Jews are a moral people. They rob all other peoples to collect the treasures of the world to lay them before the feet of their God [admin*only this god will be human] so that the cities at the feet of this God, as it says in Isaiah, by the prophet, will glorify Jerusalem. All riches of the world shall become treasures of the chosen people who then as owners will be active in this world as stewards for this God. [admin*Of course, once the ancient German scriptures of their history were stolen by the invading Jews and then amended by the Jews into a strategy to destroy other peoples, their children and children’s children did not know this and believed it was a holy order from God. Of course the Rabbis stand above God as they say that God does what the Rabbis want him to do.]

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Is this a reflection of the depopulation genocide plan in the next few years, or is this a fraudulent website?

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