Off to Prison for 82 Year Old German for Distribution of Historical Facts

Arnold Höfs innocent of any crime!


Any German truth seeker, any patriot, any nationalist who exposes facts that go against the WW2 LIES hammered into the Germans to indoctrinate and ruin them, in the Jew-run U.S. war occupation Federal Republic of Germany government, will be not only harassed, but will have a home invasion by the SWAT Team, have his computer system confiscated, called to court, prosecuted (truth is not a valid defense is what the JUDGE ACTUALLY SAYS TO THE DEFENDANTS. THEY ACTUALLY SAY THIS!!!), fined, and often imprisoned. Since 1945, Germany has been taken over by foreign evil, dark pedophiles, rapists, robbers, thieves, liars, deceivers, man-haters, pure SATANS.


Interview of Mr. Arnold Höfs by Mr. Henry Hafenmayer

December 2017

Mr. Arnold Höfs received a 6 Mos. prison term for a „Thought Crime“in the German “Democracy.”

[* I have translated excerpts from the video and paraphrased them.]

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Mr. Höfs, born in 1936, has been convicted in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) for the third time and is ordered to be present in prison on January 3, 2018. The “crime” of this 82-year-old gentleman is not murder or robbery or attacks on the streets but collection and distribution of factual, historical documentation on WW2.

Article 5 of the German Constitution guarantees him to inform himself of any generally available data and to make known his knowledge. He has put this information together in documentations and has tried to distribute what he has discovered. In reality he has not committed a crime at all but has passed on the facts as found in official documents. He has collected massive information, evaluated and compared it. And for this he has been prosecuted and sentenced.

He was 9 years old when the Russians marched into his hometown, and he experienced all the horrors of that time, the rapes and the plunder; though he has not seen the murders himself, he has heard much of them. He says he heard so much in German papers over the years about the supposed “crimes” of the Germans that were so contradictory and impossible to have been committed, that this prompted him to do is own research to find out what the facts are. So in retirement he started to do his research.

To do his research is also a right under the International Juman Rights Laws. He learned among many other things that during WW2 about 3 Million Jews [almost all of them in the East countries] were under German control. The German Finance Ministry writes time and time again over the decades that at least 4.5 Million Jews requested reparations after the war. So Mr. Höfs asked himself,

‘How could the Germans kill 6 Million Jews out of 4 Million and 4.5 Million of the murdered Jews survive their murder?’

He wanted to have this question answered, but the answer came in legal prosecution and times in jails.

And the FRG keeps writing in the newspapers that freedom of opinion is a priority in Germany. The German repression violates many laws, including International Law. Not only the German Constitution guarantees the right of expression of opinion, also Article 19 [*of International Law for citizens’ rights] states:


Just alone an indictment for his documentation is already such a forbidden state intervention. And still, he got a judgement. The FRG media points the finger everyday at China, Russia, North Korea, etc. for tyrannizing its peoples for their opinions, yet in the FRG people are abused in the same way. Mr. Höfs states,

“In the FRG every year about 2,000 people receive a conviction for their opinion contrary to what the Germans are told, and even for just expressing DOUBT about the indoctrination. This is pure hypocrisy and oppression of opinions. Now that is a crime! I have only quoted facts, official documents, and passed them on to others. Nothing else. I rarely expressed my opinion.”

On 8:38 minutes of the video, Mr. Höfs expresses the following on Cyclone-B [*an insecticide used by all the countries engaged in war against lice to treat skin, clothing, bedding, housing, etc. as Typhoid is a war disease, and lice are known to pass on the deadly illness]:

“In regard to the gas that the Germans supposedly used to kill the Jews with. In a booklet ‘Zyklon B’ it states that since March 1944 there was no more Cyclone-B available because the factory that made this insecticide was bombed and destroyed. In 1944 there was no more gas in Germany. [*I think Germany had to import it from the east and its source was blocked by the Allies.] Spiegel editor Friedjof Meyer says there were no mass interments.”

Mr. Höfs has compared this booklet with the official statements of the FRG and the publications of Auschwitz, and there was a 100% accordance. He further states:

“So how can you have a mass gassing without delivering masses of people into the camps and without gassing material?”

Mr. Höfs’ documentations are called ‘Faktenspiegel’, issues 1-9, available on the internet.

Article 100 gives the defendant the right to issue an objection to the judgement caused by Paragraph 130 [*a Jewish law put above the German Constitution], but this objection has always been denied. He has received a renewed demand to show up in prison on January 3, 2018, otherwise, he is threatened, force will be applied.

Mr. Henry Hafenmayer states that there is no will of the people in charge to make use of Article 100 to put off the judgement. Mr. Höfs states,

“No this will is obviously not present. It’s about brute force to silence people. That is the goal.”

Mr. Arnold Höfs states further:

“Our ancestors have accomplished great things, and they have suffered terribly. I was there as a 9 year old boy. I feel that the things that I have collected should be made known to millions. No one should any longer crawl into a mouse hole and whisper the truth behind a hand held over his mouth. The truth should be trumpeted out into  the world and millions upon millions of people should know it.”

In response to Henry Hafenmayer’s question, Arnold Höfs states his wish for the future of the German people, Europe and the rest of the world:

“May we have freedom again. Freedom of opinion. Freedom to research, and so on, and no oppression because this is against any democracy. “

Henry Hafenmayer in closing:

“Everyone is called to no longer look at these injustices without any action. You can fax, telephone, and write letters to the courts, to the prosecuting attorneys, to the Bundesverfassungsgericht (highest court?), to the representatives of the press, media, TV, the Radio. Everyone can do something. And with every little action that you take just from your home it will be more likely possible that one day a new order will come to this situation again.”

An seinem 82′ Geburtstag im BRD Kerker

Herbert Hoff-Faktenspiegel VI, Die Ausloesung des 2.Weltkriegs-48S.

Faktenspiegel VII ist zu gross um es in meine Heimseite zu importieren, deshalb verweise ich auf Jedoch, scheint die Nummer VII blockiert zu sein zum Herunterladen. Man kann es dort lesen aber ich habe schon mehrere male versucht auf meinen Desktop herunterzuladen aber es geht nicht mehr. Frueher gings. Vielleicht haben Sie mehr Glueck. Nebenbeibemerkt, Dinge werden bei immer merkwuerdiger.

Faktenspiegel VII A Ergaenzung Thema Holocaust-19S.

Faktenspiegel VIII Ende der Auschwitz Legende-61S

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