J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI and The Enemy Within-Piper

…The purpose of this editorial is not to bemoan the saddening loss of status of the FBI so much as it is to warn patriots and “conservatives” that we have unwittingly allowed the FBI to grow into a dangerous Frankenstein…


Edgar Hoover. Look at the face expression! Would you have trusted this man to become the head of the FBI? There is something eerie about him. Also, To me he looks rather stupid. I bet you that he was fed all he was to do and say. Edgar Hoover most likely had black blood in him; or at least Latino.


Excerpt from

“The Judas Goats – The Enemy Within”

by Michael Collins Piper

Chapter 3

Does he look like a confident man? He looks like a moron.

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Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, the raid on the Indianapolis Baptist Temple under the direction of Attorney General John Ashcroft in the opening days of the Bush administration, and then the events of Sept. 11 all combined to cause many patriots who had been longtime admirers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to ask whether the FBI really is “on our side.”

The truth is that for more than half a century, the FBI, in many respects, has been working, behind the scenes, against the interests of American patriots. The amazing thing is that it took so long for many American patriots to begin to realize that the FBI has—more often than not—been on what might be loosely be termed “the wrong side” and has effectively functioned as a domestic police state apparatus doing the bidding of the plutocratic powers-that-be.

Notably, one former high-ranking FBI official, Ted Gunderson, has added his own voice to the cacophony of critics who have raised serious questions about the propriety of the FBI’s modus operandi.

With all of this in mind, it is appropriate to recall a thought-provoking editorial first published in the May 1959 issue of a long-defunct newsletter, Right, that even then—almost half a century ago—reflected on ominous signs the FBI was not necessarily all it was cracked up to be. The editorial was written by Willis Carto, who was associated with Right some years before he founded Liberty Lobby, the Washington- based populist Institution that published The Spotlight and which was, itself, crucified and destroyed by a federal judge who was a former high- ranking Justice Department official (more about which later in these pages). About the Right editorial, Carto said, in reflection in 2006, “I wouldn’t change a line.” Here is what Carto wrote in 1959.


Many forward-thinking nationalists have wondered with apprehension what might become of the FBI should its present director, J. Edgar Hoover, retire.

It has long been recognized by intelligent people that the FBI is potentially very dangerous. Mr. Hoover himself has shown an acute awareness of this. The fact that it is totally subservient to the President and to the Attorney General makes it so in the nature of things, for both these men are, in turn, subservient to the ruthless pressure groups which elect politicians.

We must thank our lucky stars that Hoover has shown an unusual degree of public responsibility, and that he has fought off most attempts to use the FBI as a political weapon.The fact that he has been unable to fight off all such attempts should make every conscientious American soberly ponder what the future holds, however.

The history of Europe is abundant with examples of the way governments use secret police. The now-non-existent Gestapo of the Nazis [*The Gestapo was fighting the Jewish undertow and Communists and is not to be compared at all with the KGB! Americans tend to lack many facts about Germany because they do not know the German language and do not read a variety of documents from National Socialist Germany in German language.] and the very-much alive KGB (once called OGPU) of the Soviet Union are two examples of the way that callous men use force to snuff out liberty, using methods so brutal and vile that it takes a strong stomach to even read about them.

It must be admitted by all honest men that the FBI gives signs of drifting into the greatly-feared category of a State secret police without even the departure of Mr. Hoover.The gratuitous laudations he gave to the subversive Anti-Defamation League and the Communist front NAACP in his highly-touted book, Masters of Deceit, gave one warning of this process.Then, the shameful conduct of the FBI in the despicable attempt in Atlanta to frame and murder five innocent patriots, as a warning to all who might be too frank about the forces behind American-style communism, is a black mark which cannot be soon forgotten.

Now, however, that an honest jury has acquitted one of the lads involved, and the others appear to have been freed, the FBI seems to have suddenly lost all interest in the identity of the real bombers. Could this be because its own paid agent—L. E. Rogers—is the real criminal?

The purpose of this editorial is not to bemoan the saddening loss of status of the FBI so much as it is to warn patriots and “conservatives” that we have unwittingly allowed the FBI to grow into a dangerous Frankenstein which—in hands far worse than those of Mr. Hoover—could be—and unquestionably will be—used to enforce the totalitarian dictatorship that is now in the final stages of preparation by the invisible world conspiracy.

Nationalists must begin to shed their awe of the once- respected FBI. And they should begin to wonder what is in store for the country and the Constitution after Mr. Hoover retires and the President appoints a successor. For the successor almost certainly will be far worse.

[End of Right’s editorial]

In fact, as we have seen, the ADL-FBI nexus went as far back as the years prior to World War II.And at this juncture it seems appropriate to raise a disturbing question. Did the ADL blackmail former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover? Stories about organized crime having a hold over Hoover have been bandied about in the national press, but the central role of the ADL in the Hoover blackmail caper was carefully ignored.

Noted author Anthony Summers created a media sensation when he alleged in a new book and on the PBS series “Frontline” that organized crime boss Meyer Lansky blackmailed FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover with supposed photos of Hoover engaged in homosexual activity. Although such rumors about Hoover had been commonplace for years, no well-known author had affixed his own name to the charge.

Citing numerous sources—some suspect and virtually all of them unsavory—Summers has claimed that not only Lansky, but also several others had access to similar photos (which Summers is apparently unable to produce). Summers reports that none other than former CIA counterintelligence chief, James Jesus Angleton also had control of the Hoover photos.

That both Lansky and Angleton were in possession of such evi- dence is quite interesting for one particular reason:

Lansky was a long-time devotee of Israel and a financial angel of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, an illegally unregistered foreign agent for Israel. In his later years Lansky even settled in Israel.

Angleton, who, while in charge of covert activities at the CIA, had been directly involved with the Lansky crime syndicate through the CIA’s dealings with Lansky’s drug-smuggling allies in the Corsican and Sicilian Mafias, was also Israel’s patron at the CIA. Angleton, who headed the Israeli desk at the CIA, was the individual at the CIA who was cloest to Israel, so much so that he was often accused by critics of being a “co-opted agent of Israel.”

In fact, Angleton is so revered in Israel that upon his death several monuments were established in Israel in his memory—the only known such public memorials to any American intelligence officer anywhere in the world. (He truly was a devoted friend of Israel.)

The relevance of this is quite provocative when one considers the strange relationship between J. Edgar Hoover and the ADL—a relationship which has been the subject of controversy among anti-communists for many years. Hoover’s coziness with the ADL became apparent when the aforementioned book entitled Masters of Deceit, a critique of communism, written by a Hoover ghost-writer,  and published under Hoover’s name, appeared.

In Masters of Deceit, Hoover’s ghost-writer wrote, “Some of the most effective opposition to communism in the United States has come from Jewish organizations such as B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish League against Communism, the Anti- Defamation League, and a host of other Jewish groups.”

This, for obvious reasons, created a stir among Hoover’s many anti-communist admirers who knew full well that the ADL, in particular, was rife with long-time communists, socialists and Communist Party-liners. Hoover himself, whatever his failings, was not stupid and certainly no communist, by any means.

When Hoover’s book was released, singling out the ADL for praise, many patriots recalled that Dr. Bella Dodd (now deceased) had told associates that during her days in the Communist Party USA that when the party was short of funds or needed direction, the leaders of the ADL, ensconced in a luxurious suite at the Waldorf-Astoria, could always be relied upon for assistance. In short, the ADL, in league with the Soviet Kremlin, was propping up the American Communist movement.

(One volume, written by Robert Williams, a former army intelligence officer entitled, The Anti-Defamation League and Its Use in the World Communist Offensive, explained—in detail—the ADL’s communist and leftist antics.)

Hoover’s own connections to the Lansky Crime Syndicate and its allies in the ADL had been the subject of rumors for many years, well before Anthony Summers came along, since it was the ADL that was largely responsible for the establishment of the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation in 1947. The Hoover Foundation’s first president was none other than Rabbi Paul Richman,Washington director of the ADL.

Hoover’s long-time associate, Louis B. Nichols, the FBI’s Assistant Director in charge of the Records and Communications Division of the Bureau, was the FBI’s key contact with the ADL when the ADL helped orchestrate mass sedition trials against key critics of President Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policy.

Nichols went on to serve as president of the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation, but only after he left the FBI. Upon retirement from the bureau he signed on as Executive Vice President of Schenley Industries, a major liquor firm run by ex-bootlegger and Lansky associate Lewis R. Rosenstiel, about whom we will learn more later in this volume.

In any case, the origins of the ADL are quite interesting. The organization’s initial impetus came not so much from a desire to defend members of the Jewish faith, generally, bur rather Jewish mobsters. In the early part of the 20th Century New York City Police Commissioner Thomas Bingham had begun a intensive investigation of organized crime in his city. By 1908 Bingham was under fire and accused of being “anti-Semitic” for pointing out the role of certain Jewish gangsters in organized crime.

Ultimately, Bingham was forced out of office and organized crime took hold in New York City. One of the immediate beneficiaries of Bingham’s departure was none other than mobster Arnold Rothstein, Lansky’s mentor and the undisputed Jewish underworld leader prior to the younger Lansky’s rise to power.

The source of the attacks on Bingham was a public relations committee formed by a corporate attorney named Sigmund Livingston. By 1913 Livingston’s committee had formally incorporated as the Anti- Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

So it was that Hoover was himself a beneficiary of ADL largesse — a large portion of which came from the coffers of Lansky and his criminal syndicate. Hoover was also apparently a victim of its unsavory blackmail tactics, evidently through its financial angel, Meyer Lansky, and his organized crime associates.

That author Anthony Summers would choose to ignore any role by the ADL in such a monstrous conspiracy is no surprise. In his own memoirs, Gary Wean, a former intelligence officer for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, has revealed that Summers chose not to publish information that Wean provided him when Summers was writing a book, later published, on the life and death of actress Marilyn Monroe.

What Wean told Summers was this: it was none other than Mickey Cohen, Lansky’s West Coast henchman, who had arranged for Miss Monroe to be introduced to John F. Kennedy. Cohen hoped to obtain information about the then-President elect’s intentions regarding Israel. Cohen had been close to the Israelis for many years, having run  guns to the Jewish underground in Palestine, maintaining an intimate relationship  with  terrorist-turned-diplomat, Menachem  Begin  (later Israeli prime minister).

Wean charged that Miss Monroe was murdered on Cohen’s orders to prevent her from revealing the truth about how the Israelis were attempting to manipulate her relationship with President Kennedy. Miss Monroe, apparently, rebelled against Cohen and refused to play his spy game. In any case, Summers chose not to use this information and instead laid the death of Miss Monroe at the hands of President Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Clearly, Summers had no desire to upset the Israelis or their adherents at the ADL.As a consequence if Summers had any knowledge of the ADL blackmailing Hoover, it is not likely he would have mentioned it for fear of becoming an ADL victim himself.

The bottom line is this: the incestuous relationship between the FBI and the ADL is a prime example of how The Enemy Within has achieved a special status in American intelligence and law enforcement, manipulating federal agencies (and private spy organizations) to advance its own agenda.

Although, to this day, there are undoubtedly good, solid patriotic elements inside the FBI (and the Justice Department of which it is the investigative arm)—as evidenced by recent (2005-2006) criminal indictments of a variety of hard-line pro-Israel elements—the historical record shows, sadly, that the FBI, on the whole, has been manipulated and used to a great degree by The Enemy Within.

In our next chapter we shall review the sordid career of one man—largely forgotten today—who perhaps exemplifies, from a historic standpoint, one of the worst of The Judas Goats.

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